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I fucked Ann Coulter in the ass, hard

Sunday, April 24, 2005 The Farmers Market on Fairfax and 3rd is a Los Angeles landmark, attracting tourists and everyday Angelinos alike, as well as many famous faces. Among the celebrities I have seen there are Muhammad Ali, Terri Garr, Tyra Banks, Laura Linney, Keenan Ivory Wayans, the guitarist f... read more

Take The Redneck Challenge

Think you're a redneck? Got hillbilly sense? Then take our redneck challenge and prove your worth! 1. Calculate the smallest limb diameter on a persimmon tree that will support a 10 pound possum. 2. Which of these cars will rust out the quickest when placed on blocks in your front yard? (A) '65 Fo... read more

Small infractions...

Today, I discovered my yard rakes were missing from the side of the house were I hung them....Yesterday, a man rang my doorbell, asking if he could rake my yard for a small price. I turned him down politely, and told him that I rake my own yard. Today, when I discovered the rakes missing, I first c... read more

Offshore Fishing the Texas Coast

The wife and I operater an offshore fishing charter service along the mid coast of Texas. Between Houston and Corpus. We offer lifestyle friendly private charters to groups of up to six people. We firnish all bait and tackle and clean the fish at the end of the day. All you need to bring is your... read more

When you turn 50, or 60...

...So you are 40 something, and have had the frequent and funny discussions about staying in the Lifestyle beyond a certain age, what's attractive to you at this time, etc., etc... So we decided this...we will most definitely stay in as long as possible! But what will it require? I decided tha... read more

Erotic Intent Birthday Party ** Tonight **

The Erotic Intent birthday party is being held tonight (30th April) in London very close to Liverpool Street Station. This is at an exclusive venue which is closed to the public. Two main bar areas, one social and one for play. Event is for couples, single girls and a limited number of single guys. ... read more

Harley Riders

Really would like to arrange rides, the motorcycle kind, at first for couples who are in the lifestyle and like their bikes too.  Please lets get a group together and then see what happens from there Contact Latinabi1 or answer with your interest and we'll set a time and place.  ... read more

Practice what you Preach

                                      Practice What You Preach By Katha Pollitt [From the May 16, 2005 issue of T... read more

PuttyNSweet Birthday & Swing4ever Going Away Party

postamble(); PuttyNSweet Birthday & Swing4ever Going Away Party at The Sans Souci on Saturday, May 7th. postamble(); postamble(); ... read more

MAUI Hawaii June 30-Aug3

If anyone will be on the island during this time please contact us if you would like to meet.... read more

Is it in Your Blood?

I am sitting on the patio a few weeks ago and talking to a neighbor somehow the conversation turned to sex (is it just me) and she mentioned how much she enjoyed going to gentlemen's clubs, then I mentioned a couple of swingers bars and she just kinda said "yea I been there too" giving me that knowi... read more

Aspiring Physhiatrists

Aspiring Irish psychiatrists were attending their first class on emotional extremes at UCC. "Just to establish some parameters", said the professor to the first girl from Cork, "What is the opposite of joy?". "Sadness", said the student. "And the opposite of depression?" he asked the girl from Dubli... read more

paignton devon bike festival.

Hi any of you swinging bikers off to the Paignton bike festival this weekend? Nice to meet for a drink and chat....... Thats at least two hobbies in common........ read more

Brussels in May

Hi all, We will be in Belgium in the mid.of May 2005 for one week. Any couple or bi-female interested pls write us. Hope to see u there  ... read more

Wll worth a look :-)

http://media.ebaumsworld.com/bushlip.mpg... read more



swingers clubs majorca

Hello allCan anyone help with information of any swingers clubs in Majorca we are there from 4th to 11th of may... read more

Are you a Super Hero?

See inside for details.... read more

Is there anyone out there that can help !!!!!

Hi guys A quick question for you all, Does anyone know where Mrs Essex can purchase either from a shop or from a UK website shop, White Fencenet Hold ups. An example of what were looking for can be seen on philbetty profile (pic 5).LOL If anyone can steer us in the right ... read more

Ft. Lauderdale 29 Apr - 1 May

We will be in Ft. Lauderdale for the weekend. If you are interested in meeting please contact us! We plan on going to Trapeze on Sat. night.... read more

Mr 101

Happy Anniversary Baby!!!! I love you!!!! The past 3 years have been the best!!!!!!     Mrs 101... read more

St Lucia 5th-15th June

Anyone in St Lucia 5th-15th June?  Please get in touch- would be nice to meet up with fun people!!! xx Beth and Mark... read more

Fata-Morgana or Fun4two???

Can anyone help??? We have visited Fun4two on several occasions now and have always had a brilliat time, we really want to try Fata-Morgana now, which is nearer to Amsterdam. Can we have your views? Is it worth a trip? and can anyone persuade us that it is as good as F4Two? We are going to Amsterdam... read more

ooooo the business takes a step forward

Forget all that previous piece-meal software I mentioned in the other topic (and for the Velvet topic, fuck all y'all locals for not contributing), I found the perfect "business in a box" software for idiots like me that can't be bothered learning how to build my own model. Mail-Order-Manager, by D... read more

the Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday Apr.29th is ~ Wet T Shirt Contest/ Finger Painting Nite!~ Grab your sexiest, skimpiest T shirt and come out to The Erotic Zone! Get ready to have a WET AND WILD nite of FUN! Watch our sexy ladies parade in those HOT lil Wet T shirts and pick out your favorite for the winner! THEN......... read more

Fata-Morgana or Fun4two???

Can anyone help??? We have visited Fun4two on several occasions now and have always had a brilliat time, we really want to try Fata-Morgana now, which is nearer to Amsterdam. Can we have your views? Is it worth a trip? and can anyone persuade us that it is as good as F4Two? We are going to Amsterdam... read more

here's a trick

Inside... read more

Rude Girls 1 May London

Any girls interested in joining a few friends and myself for fun girly night out this sunday?We will meet up before hand and friends are organising an all girl after party in a nice apartment. Costs will be split evenly, this is for fun not profit. So far there are 20 of us, after party places limit... read more

Velvet update?

When a company I used to work for was a sponsor of Miami Velvet, I used to go there three times a week. This was during the Velvet renaissance, made possible by a hands-on new owner and a very grassroots manager. The food always sucked, but the place was transformed into one of the hottest swingin... read more

Amsterdam 7th-10th May

Hi We shall be in Amsterdam 7th-10th May, plan to be at Fata's on the saturday, any couples over there fancy meeting up for a drink/social ,drop us a line. Tammy & Martin... read more

Dishonor Roll

By David Corn Published on the May 9 Issue of The Nation April 13, 2005, was a dark day for Democrats. As House Republicans gleefully passed legislation to repeal the estate tax permanently, 42 Democrats--about one-fifth of the party's caucus in the House--went along for the limo ride. It's true t... read more

young classy couple looking for same to travel with

we plan a trip in may or june;we re looking for couples ;love nude beaches sun and fun and love to go at the same hotel or place with couples from sdc;any idea write us kisses xxxxxxxx... read more


Visting Reno April 29th -May 2nd.  Any advise for some extra fun?... read more

Breast Implants

This is something that I have wanted to post for some time now but hung back less I offend someone! I am curious as to how others feel about these implants? We have now played with two couples where the lady has had implants and I found one or two anomalies that may be worth debating. It wou... read more

Friday night? What is everyone doing? or where did u go

Hi, just remember all the fun topics and picture bombs. I haven't been around much and could use some excitement on a friday night at home with the kids. Share your stories and your pictures Red... read more

Fine line

Seems strange that people posting their where-abouts or advertising a party get a severe slating 'BUT' post a topic advertising a party in the guise of asking for advice on the subject there of and you get a much more positive response. We hope this is due to being duped into thinking you are giving... read more

starting a business - help pleez.

I'm starting up an e-tailing business - do any of you out there have software reccomendations? I'm getting a new computer, Dreamweaver (web design), Photoshop/Illustrator (graphics), Quickbooks (Accounting), but I need a shopping cart program and an automater that does all the order processing and ... read more

San Francisco

Going to San Francisco for a wedding in May. Only have one night of free fun. Any thoughts or suggestions for a memorable night? ... read more

Jigsaw Puzzle

A blonde calls her boyfriend and says, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get it started." Her boyfriend asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?" The blonde says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a tiger." Her... read more

Her Diary

HER DIARY Sunday night - I thought he was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a bar to have a drink. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment. Conversation wasn't flowing so I suggested that we go somewh... read more

Two Great Parties this weekend in Dallas at the 13th Floor

Youre invited to join the 13th floor  for a double header weekend! Two great parties this Friday and Saturday  in Dallas at the 13th Floor... read more

We've moved

We are sorry to all our friends, but we have moved to Florida. Moving to TX was not a good move on our part. Our careers are back to what they were and we are loving it here in our new HOME and at our jobs. We have put the lifestyle on hold until our financial means are back to the way they were b... read more

Heddo 2

Hi everyone, We are heading to Hedo 2 June 3-10, anyone else going to be there?... read more

Does anyone have MCDST?

I wanted to know if anyone else has gotten this? Otherwise I was thinking getting CSS or HDA.... read more

The Stud Rooster

A farmer goes out one day and buys a brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop. The new rooster struts over to the old rooster and says, "OK old fart, time for you to retire." The old rooster replies, "Come on, surely you cannot handle ALL of these chickens. Look what it has done to me. Can't... read more

A sex topic!!!

What's your favorite sex toy? And no, other people don't count. Descriptions are great, pictures are better.... read more

The Sans Souci

Upcoming events: Fri. Apr 29:  1st TGIF Party Finish your work week at The Sans Souci in Fantasy Work GearLet your fantasies begin with our Workin It theme. Be the sexiest construction worker on the site, the sexatary every boss wants, the nurse or doctor that cares for his or her needs! Wear... read more

Laughlin River run in nevada

Anyone headed here for the Riverrun this week? Where are all the bikers?... read more

Texas couple will be in the UK May 11th -20th

We will be in the UK next month and would love some advise on places to go and things to do. It would also be great to meet up with a couple that would like to go out and have some fun... read more

the Erotic Zone



was just curious how many people continue to play while there pregnant... read more

The Phone call

  (((RING)))), ((((RING)))) > >**Pick Up** > >"Hello?" > >"Hi honey, this is Daddy.  Is Mommy near the phone?" > >"No Daddy.  She's upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Mike." > >After a brief pause, Daddy says, "But honey, you haven't got an Uncle >... read more

LondonSwingers Clubs

We are staying in central London the night of 23 April, can anyone recommend a good swingers club to visit?... read more

A story that was lived :) Just a couple of minor changes, but for the most part real :)

This story is about a couple that had been together for 4 years, they had an incredible sex life but the husband just couldn't keep up with her raging appetite for cock. He approved of her picking up strangers and loved it when she did. She would bring them home from her local hangout, a Country ba... read more

Lifestyles convention

Feedback I got from the Lifestyles convention - it SUCKED. We sponsored it a while back when I was working for my suntan lotion company and it was an absolute BUH-LAST, but it has declined sharply over the years, as is evidenced by absolutely no local support from the rather sizeable South Florida ... read more

Fetish Party This Friday.......

Hi Gang, Ok I know we are not a fetish site....but there must be quite alot of you out there who like dressing the part even if you dont like taking part!! So I am here inviting a select few to join me and Mandy this week Friday 22nd April at Club Wickeds, Life Is A Caberet event which will be held ... read more

first anniversary

YAAAY!!its our 1st anniversary today (i know,who whould have thought it!!) just think,this time last year,we was in vegas!! we know its been a while since we posted on here with our own topic but we thought we'd share this happy day with you all anyway,please feel free to leave you messages of c... read more

Couple coming to Melbourne/Palm Bay area April 22 - 27

Black couple, upper 40s, traveling to Melbourne/Palm Bay, Florida, Friday, April 22 leaving Wednesday, April 27, 2005, interested in meeting couples, single men, and single women, ages 19 - 55 for sensual evenings. Guys you must be at least 7, and females need not be bi. If youre serious about mee... read more

Grand Opening of ClubSparx

Hi there sexies, Firstly a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us by putting their names on the guest list and are attending the grand opening of ClubSparx.Dave and I have decided due to the huge number of our friends who did not manage to get in to the first 50 places on the Free member... read more

Traveling through Spain and portugal july on motorbike

hi.. heading down to Algarve and southern spain in july on motorbike, any other swingin bikers out there.Nice to meet up for a drink............ read more

Arcadia Carribean jan 2006.

Theres a few swinging couples book for this cruise, long time ahead but would be interesting to get to know other couples who will be on it. Cabin party could be fun. Be nice to get to know people before hand. Are you on it ??... read more

A fantasy to be lived :)

Being shy for the most part she wasn't overly adventurous unless her husband or a GOOD friend were around. She was separated from her husband for a few months and had the itch to do something different and wild. She had heard about a new adult movie and toy store and wanted to check it out but did... read more

Free Tickets Kylie Birmingham

We have 2 Tickets for Kylie Wednesday 20th  also 2 Tickets for Thursaday 21st of April All are good seats  and the venue is Birmingham NEC starting at 7.30pm   ... read more

More on moron Tom DeLay - where's the moral outrage?

As the rhetoric of the radical right turns shrill and even violent, the stunning moral emptiness of its leadership can no longer be ignored. Pious politicians and political preachers may hope to divert attention from their disgrace by threatening judges or denouncing the media. But what has emerged ... read more

Madrid 12-15 May

We will be flying in from USA and will be in Madrid between 12-16 May. Couples interested to meet us over drinks please drop a note. Kisses, A-A... read more

Anne Summers but CHEEPER

Hiya guys well here''s something for you to think about. We are now holding parties and depending on your area we will come to you or you and your guests can come to us.It is basically Anne Summers with a BIG difference. The Prices.FOR MORE INFO AND A LINK TO THE WEB SITE SO YOU CAN HAVE A LOOK ROUN... read more

Question for the Ladies...

Recently Mrs Boston has enjoyed kissing me after giving me a blowjob, so I was curious if other women out there enjoy giving their man a little taste of his own after a BJ? Is it erotic, sexy, or another emotion for you? Mr B.... read more

Majorca in May

we are having a break in Magaluf middle of May and are looking to meet up with anyone who may be there at that time.... read more

Essex News...

The Ferrari Formula 1 Team fired their entire pit crew yesterday.The announcement followed Ferrari's decision to take advantage of the UK Government's Youth Opportunity scheme and employ people from Canvey & Basildon.The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent documentary on how unempl... read more

Cute joke....

All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was the one in charge. "I should be in charge," said the brain , "because I run all the body's systems, so without me nothing would happen". "I should be in charge," said the blood, "because I circulate oxygen all over so w... read more

just found speed dating

We just found speed dating and love it! Its so good to have another place to go now that this form has turned into an advertizing for world wide clubs.  Looks like the across the pond people have proved their dominance to clog a message board! Don't get me wrong I personally think ST died A lon... read more

The Secret world of Swingers

Did anyone happen to catch "The Secret world of Swingers" last night on VH1?  It may have been on before, but we caught it while flippin through channels. All but one couple they had in the spot light seemed (to us at least) to be more of the hard core swinger type.&nb... read more

Filling Holes (not what it appears)

The grass is never greener on the other side, it''s miles of astroturf laid down by temptation to lure us over the fence. As I walk across the pseudo-turf the blades crunch underfoot much like real grass does not. I wonder why happiness runs faster than me and give up the chase...it occurs to be t... read more

Minneapolis - Come Celebrate Success at Club H 17th Birthday Party, Saturday, April 16, 2005

Come Celebrate Success! Club H's Sexy 17th Birthday Party, Saturday, April 16, 2005 ORIENTATION 7 p.m. Social Hour/Hors D'oeuvres 8 p.m. Dance 9 p.m. Near Downtown Minneapolis, MN The cost is only $20 per member single female* $30 per member couple* $30 per non-member single female* $50 per ... read more

Club H and SwingStock are featured in the May 2005 Playgirl magazine

Guys and gals, go out and get the May 2005 issue of Playgirl magazine. Club H along with SwingStock are one of the few clubs and events nationwide that are featured in the magazine. In fact, we are the only swinger''s organization that featured from Minnesota.Thanks everyone, YOU made it happen.www.... read more

SCAM WARNING - Check your mail

We have just had a message in our mail box which is set out on the exact same lines as a very well known scam to obtain money from individuals. The member who sent us this message is: DWILLIAMS This has been reported to Helpdesk but some other members may already have had the message sent to them.... read more

looking for fun in vegas /california in august

Hi we are holidaying in vegas /and california and are looking for clubs and /or possible friends :}... read more


Mrs Essex and I are going to have a gander at Clublick Friday. Who else is going ?  Any one want to share a bag of chips with us hehehe   must be a chippy somewhere close by...  ... read more

okay, this one's just wierd

has anyone else, upon flipping through the spotlight photo album, found some of the thumbnail pics replaced by ads for online prescriptions?... read more

Carnival cruise May 19 - 22, out of miami, poc Key West and Cozemel

Would love to hook with a few SDC couples on this cruise for a dirty swim or two. Its our 25th wedding anniversary cruise and would love to share it with a like minded couple for some erotic fun. ... read more

Carnival cruise May 19 - 22, out of miami, poc Key West and Cozemel

In here the text, description, location etc Would love to hook up with a like minded couple for a dirty swim or two. Ann and I will be on our 25th wedding Aniv. and would love to share it with another couple or two! Kcplinlove... read more

The Bush family does not know this guy do they?

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) - Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, who last month relinquished his posts as chairman and chief executive of American International Group Inc. ( AIG) amid intense regulatory scrutiny, reported Tuesday a gift of 41.4 million company shares to his wife, Corinne P. Greenberg. Accordi... read more

Man or Mouse

Well it looks as though our little free speech fanatic has blocked big bad nasty old Slofut again.....this is very funny and it speaks volumes. I just wanted to point this out, so that the next time he goes on one of his "moderated" rants you will know that he is in favor of blocking certain indiv... read more

Just wondering...

Just where is the line between being sexually uninhibited and being a sex addict? -G... read more

Tax Break Weekend, April 15th and

Join us tonight for our Tax break party, $40 donation for couples byob.... read more

Be careful with your pictures in your profile

Thought I would share what happened to us,and why we have decided to leave the lifestyle.  Our children were at a friends house one night,and somehow,they were able to pull up the sdc account that the parents had. OR was left on by accident.  Anyway, the kids saw our pics and knew it was o... read more

advice please

Hi there, i was hoping that some of you could give me some advice. My husband and I have been on honeymoon for six months and just got back last weekend, last night we went to see some friends for dinner. I have known the female of the couple for 8 years and have known them as a couple for 5 years. ... read more

Benalmadena / Fuengirola

Hi People...Know this is very short notice...However we will be there yet again this weekend...We r staying at an all inclusive venue between both sites...Anyhow any couples interested to meet up please get in contact...Best Regards Dave and Mrie... read more

18 Hours?????

So I am sitting here watching The Today Show and a commercial for the Playtex 18 Hour Bra comes on.  What happens after 18 hours?  Do your breasts just flop back down?   After 18 hours, does the bra lose it's magic breast holding powers?... read more

She's finally here!!!

WE ARE GRANDPARENTS!!!! Cassidy arrived Monday, April 4th, and weighed in at 6lbs 15ozs. I didn't realize they made babies so beautiful!! You should have seen the tears flow down Bruce's face the minute he saw her. It was priceless! Hope everyone has been having fun........ Kisses to all..... read more



Strange things happenin

Inside... read more

Las Vegas Baby~

We are going to be in Vegas April 19-23, is there anything going on there at that time? Or can we make something happen????... read more

The 5 secrets to a fulfilling relationship

The 5 secrets to a fulfilling relationship:   Its important to find a woman that has a good job, cooks, cleans and helps out in the garden   Its important to find a woman you can have a drink with and that makes you laugh   Its important to find a woman you can cou... read more

nudist beaches

We are travelling to Tenerife in may. We would like to know if there are nudist beaches on the island. We are staying in Puerto de Santiago. B&D... read more

Fun in Tenerife

We will be in Tenerife from the 6th to the 14th of May. We would be delighted to meet and have some sextra fun there. A long shot we know but then again nothing ventured nothing gained. B&D  ... read more

Casey is leaving me.....

It's good to see that my nearly 9 month hiatus from the board hasn't seen much action worth worrying about. I have missed those of you who have missed me...you know who you are. lol You guys are like family to me and even though I haven't checked in for awhile I have some bad news! I just wanted to... read more

Cleptocracy at work

The Big Fix By Chris Floyd Published: April 8, 2005   Let's face the facts. The game is over and we -- the "reality-based community," the believers in genuine democracy and law, the heirs of Jefferson and Madison, Emerson and Thoreau, the toilers and dreamers, all those who seek to rise a... read more

Doing my part to clean up this site.... lol

Ok Phil / Sue, the rest of ya..  Show us your soapy shower or bath pics.   ... read more

Off Topic

I have been working 18 hour days this last week, and do not feel like trying to catch up on all the goings on in my S.T. family.  So lets start one I can keep up with somewhat.  Comment on whatever you like, then change the topic of conversation if it gets drab, or the Neo-Cons, Libs, Euro... read more

Speed Dating Button

Has anyone else seen this button? Maybe this will help with all the traffic on the front page for meetings? Help Desk- Is there a special place where you let members know of new features on the site and how they work? xxxmrsfunstel... read more


LOOKING FOR COUPLES GOING TO IBIZA.LOVE NUDE BEACHES ,CLUBS plan a trip end of april and may write us kisses... read more

Dave's bad day

Dave works hard at the plant and spends two nights >each week bowling and plays golf every Saturday. His >wife thinks he's pushing himself too hard, so for >his birthday she takes him to a local strip club. > >The doorman at the club greets them and says, "Hey, >Dave! How ya doin?"... read more

visiting Majorca 4th to 11th may 2005

Hello All We are off to majorca Porto Cristo Hotel Monte Verde on the 4th of may. If any couples will be there at the same time and like to meet up even if only for a social drink drop us a line. we are an average couple looking for the same not pushy & respect others limits as you woul ou... read more

Bush Boooed, Clinton Cheered.

Perhaps, this will bring a tear to your eye. In contrast to the waves of Booooing that hit Bush today at the Pope's funeral, Bill Clinton was Mobbed and greeted with adoring chants of U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!, U.S.A.! As Mr. Clinton went for a walk, ...shoppers, tourists having lunch at outdoor cafes and I... read more

Just Do Me Like That

I'm not the best looking guy in the world, but I've met quite a few people and I know I'm sure as hell not the worst looking one out there. One of my many problems is that I'm really picky when it comes to women. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly respectful and nice to every woman I meet, but I hav... read more

TGIF Friday Is Ladies In Lingerie

TGIF!!!!!! Ladies in lingerie party tonight at the EZ! See Ya There!... read more

On the Move

Going to the kitchen...anyone want anything? ........just thought you'd all want to know exactly where I'm going to be at all times... read more

Vampires Guild Remembering the Glory

The chamber has been silent as the children of the night have scattered to the four corners of the earth. I call them once again to join the orgy of the dead. Come vampires let your lust drip like virgins blood into the silver cup of debauchery. Drink deep from the river of life and tell of your car... read more

hair or bare

Why are all those women shaved? Aren't they more beautifull natural? We lust say that we are fed up with all those shaved girls who want to look like...whom they are not... Please assume your own body. It is funny to that we find more natural swinging girls outside the swinging community. Should we... read more

Travel Update

I''m going to the store. Anybody need anything or if you would like to meet up in the produce aisle, we''ll be hanging around the cucumbers fondling them sugestively!... read more

Cap d'Agde

Friends of our have a nice apartment to rent in the Naturist Quarter of cap d''Agde this summer. Beach towels , mats , parasol and cool-box are provided . A cut-price taxi service to/from airports or trains is available . An entrance card for the Village Naturiste is supplied , on loan , for the ... read more

For God's sake Ronald..give us a bullentin board

Swing talk has become nothing but a place to place an ad about "We are going to..." ! It is no longer a forum it is a freaking bullentin board! Make a separate place OUT of Swing Talk for these people to place these ads... PLEASE!!!!... read more

xtasia this saturday

Hi, We are going to xtasia this saturday 9th for Bevs birthday, would love to meet couple for some girl on girl fun on the night or back at the hotel, we will be booking into the days hotel so get back to us if you would like to meet up Regards Bev&John... read more

Who is going to Lifestyles East?

Just wondering who is planning to go next weekend. We are looking forward to hanging out naked and meeting new friends! L and S... read more

Party in West London - 8th April

Friday 8th from 2pm. Couples & Singles party in West London. If you fancy joining us in West London for an afternoon/evening party, drop us line. Party starts @ 2pm until late. Get in touch for more information. 07960-589052 D&A x... read more

London social Friday 8 April

Hi   Friends of ours are organising a social in the city Friday evening. This is a perfect opportunity to meet other couples cutting out the email chase that often amounts to nothing for whatever reason.   23 attractive genuine couples have already confirmed, they are all good looking ... read more

London Social Friday 8th April

Hi Friends of ours are organising a social in the city Friday evening. This is a perfect opportunity to meet other couples cutting out the email chase that often amounts to nothing for whatever reason. 23 attractive genuine couples have already confirmed, they are all good looking in their 20/30s. O... read more

Where do you stay in Las Vegas?

We love the Rio, Big suites, great pools, Free show overhead... read more

Bush said what??

Some comments from Peter Defazio, a Democratic U.S. House member from Oregon, on the House floor today. Mr. DeFAZIO. Mr. Speaker, well, the President was on the road again today with yet another tightly controlled scripted, so-called town hall, before a carefully screened, invitation audience to to... read more

did u swallow or not girls?????/

hi and thanks for stop and reading my post. Like a female i always want to suck and swallow cum, ok ok ok not always sometimes they cum inside me sometimes on my tits,face or on my ass but most guys like it when u get them off in your mouth and swallow there cum. What u girl like or what is yours fa... read more

Costa Del Sol 16th - 23rd April

Hi...We will be in Fuengirola from 16th - 23rd April would like to meet with like minded couples for some fun or visit a local club. If anyone would like to meet us ...give us a mail. Paul and Teresa xxx... read more

the Erotic Zone

TGIF FRIDAY APRIL 8TH ~ LADIES IN LINGERIE! ~ Time to start thinking about APRIL 8th and what YOU are wearing to the TGIF Friday Party!! It is ~Ladies in Lingerie!~ Think SEXY, think SKIN, think..... THE EROTIC ZONE!!! This will be NOTHING like any lingerie show you've EVER seen! *grinz* There... read more

ST is a virtual horn o'plenty!

Doncha think?!? Jules... read more

General Election (UK)

OK, Tony has been to see the Queen this morning and has asked her to dissolve the entire British Government, she agreed and now we have a general election on May 5th. So here is my question, which political party is looking out for the swinger. Not likely to be a hot topic on the BBC... read more

Naakstrand Scheveningen ++

Wij komen weer eventjes over naar NL van 26 Juni tot 17 Juli 2005. Mochten er nog leuke stellen (35+ & non smokers) zijn voor het naakstrand in Scheveningen, laat het dan ons tzt weten. In principe zijn wij daar de eerste 2 weken van Juli te vinden (weather permitted ) BrownEye Kaapstad ... read more


Mrs Essex is getting right moody these days...  why ?  Nuffink to do with living with me lmao   Honest!!!!! She's been sat on regular nights following the progress of Miss Parker and Jarrod in 'The Pretender' on the Sci Fi channel....   well guess what...  ?&n... read more

Help me make this a night to remeber please!!!!

Hi to all that know us and of course the ones that dont!! You may or may not know already that this coming Saturday the 9th is a very special day for my wonderfull woman Mandy as it is her 40th birthday!! She will hate me for making that public...but hey! Due to our present economic situation I a... read more

This coming years ST AWARDS ????

What a mess!   For the last 3 years we've enjoyed having a ST Awards Ceremony. This coming years ST Awards should be interesting!  How do we decide who gets which award, when many of the posters are in Europe, and the Awards have been held in the States? Will this coming years ST Aw... read more

dodgy profile Sarah61

Hello. Just wanted to make everyone aware of Sarah61. Please do not cam with them as they are recording people and then showing the recordings without people's consent. They attempted to do this with us - luckily we were only on for about 20 seconds, before we sussed out what was going on. they the... read more


Ronald, We (Europeans) Keep hearing a lot about these so called 'Time Outs'  Now I can't believe that the American side of the site is any more aggressive than the animals you have this side of the pond...   yet, as far as I'm aware we have never had any time outs imposed on us...&... read more

England vs. U.S. -- Any Bets?

So the Brits play the Yanks in "football", May 28th in Chicago.  Beckham and some other non-Premier league players won't be there but most of the top English at-home talent will be available for the friendly so it should be a high-powered match. Will the ever-improving Yanks spank some English... read more

Weekend in Amsterdam

Hi We will be in Amsterdam for along weekend May 7th -10th ,Fata Morgana on sat night, any couples there fancy meeting up fpr a drink drop us a line.Tammy & Martin xx... read more

Lost Item at Party

After a Wonderful night at the Spring Fling party (Kennesaw GA) I noticed my lighter was missing.  No big deal most would say.  But...I received it from my brother as a 16th birthday present.  I have had it for 28 years & it has much sentimental value.  It is a heavy Pew... read more

Lost Item at party

After a Wonderful night at the Spring Fling house party (Kennesaw, GA) I noticed my lighter was missing. No big deal most would say. But...I recieved it as a 16th Birthday present from my brother, which gives it much sentimental value. I have had this lighter for 28 years. It is a heavy Pewter c... read more


hi we are going to be in amsterdam on16 17 of april looking for fun , going to fata club on both nights like too meet a nice couple. thank yous kat and paul... read more

"Hall passes"

Just when we thought we knew all the Lifestyle lingo, we met a couple who give each other "hall passes".  For those like us, who had never heard this term, a hall pass is pre-approval for one partner to have sex outside of the relationship without the presence or specific advance... read more

Devon?Cornwall 23-30 april

Hi Sexpots We are in devon for a week 23-30 April, it would be great to make some new friends from a part of the country we do not get to visit too often. If you think you would like to meet us then please get in touch Hope to see you all soon Sara & Phil xx... read more


We are in Venice the week-end of 23 April. Does anyone know of any clubs in Venice. If there are any SDC members in Venice at teh same time maybe we could meet in Harry's Bar for a Bellini or two. Regards Luke3... read more

Whose taking Steroids

Do you think Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong was taking them?  ... read more

Black on White, or Other...

How many swinging couples play with those of other ethnic origin's? If you do not, what are your reasons? ( Not trying to judge, just need some input) Have you ever been "turned down" by another swinging couple because "you have played with those outside of your ethnic origin"? Would you play wit... read more

Bahamas or Carribean cruise from the 6th of June to the 16th of June

I am going on vacations with my husband and my girlfriend. We are at this time looking to charter a catamaran (with a crew open to lifestyle and nudity) on the region of Bahamas or Carribean area. We are looking to share the boat with others women (lesbians couple welcome) wanting to join us or with... read more

suggestion for profiles (unless I'm missing something)

Why isn't there an easy way to just click and report a profile while browsing? I think for a lot of the obvious fakes this would be a good idea. Maybe I just don't see it there?? For instance - I just saw a profile listed as a single male with a picture of a woman on it (the only picture there...... read more

Couples Only Party at Skinnydippers Brighton

Hi there Just like to let everyone know that we are launching our own couples/single Bi fem only party at Skinnydippersuk.com under the title of Mooch! Our first party being Friday 8th April 2005. Our main aim is too have a smaller light hearted party for those who have never attended either any p... read more

The latest on Mrs. Wanna

For all of our friends that we have made through this site, I wanted to thank you for the emails recently received and felt I should update you on the latest regarding my best friend, wife and the greatest mom in the world. Mrs. W has been fighting one hell of a fight since last June.  She has... read more

Help from the UK

We will be staying at the Ranaissance Chancery Court May 12- 14 and need help finding things to do while in London. Places to go out and party.... read more

Happy Birthday to Mr Comegetme ;0)

To Paul Yup today is April fools day........... but it''s also Mr comegetme''s Birthday....... Who would like to say Happy Birthday to him???? It will make his day when I show him this later.......... Thanx to all that do reply xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  ... read more