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Hush Parties Fuengirola, Spain, May 17th 2008

  Community Members!!! I am considering organising a HushParties reunion on May 17th 2008.  I have recieved many many emails and telephone calls asking and pleading with me too start Hosting again. I just out of interest would be interested in the response from the Hush Community.  M... read more

This Weekend Is a a Very Special Weekend!!!

                Sinful Friday and Salsa Saturday                               ... read more

Found a club in Tenerife

Just back from Tenerife and we found a new club (maybe only club) its called Playpen Lounge and its in Las Americas, its situated in Veronicas Strip under the discos nightclubs, Take a look at the website all info on there. We think its worth a visit, its clean, well run and the staff are friendly w... read more

Blue Martini, Tampa Fl, Fri 4/25 4p-7p

We will be hanging out on the patio for happy hour tomorrow from 4-7, let us know if you want to meet up so we can save you a chair.The Minx... read more

Hell Explained By a Chemistry Student

The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term.The answer was so profound that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the internet, which is, of course why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well:Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off ... read more

Overside Club Paris

We will be in Paris 26- 28 April and are thinking of visiting the Overside Club. Has anyone been there? If so some feedback would be appreciated.... read more


We will be traveling trough Austria and Germany between 26 April-04 May with a pretty open schedule. Write to us if you are interested and we can show up.... read more

Hedo 2 June 16th

Our first visit to Hedo 2 we would love to meet some fun people to hang out with and have hedonistic times with Send us email if you are going ... read more


Hi any suggestions for good meeting places - bars, hotels, clubs or parties in downtown Vancouver? Here for another week and looking for anythign downtown - Yaletown, Gastown etc.Suggestions welcomeMax and Gaine... read more

Fetish Fun at The Silver Minx

This weekend at The Silver Minx   April 18thFriday Night is our First night of our Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade BallFetish weekend. Cloaks, masks and sexy partners. What more could youask for? Well how about hottubbing, dancing and playtime all night andawesome friendships? We offer a hot and co... read more

Grand Re-Opening... the countdown is on Sat 26 April 10-4am COUPLES ONLY South London

Grand Re-Opening... the countdown is on Saturday 26 April 10pm - 4am w w w  southlondonswingers  c o  u k   We cater for all levels of experience, First timers or experienced Couples & Single ladies welcome. All ages mixed, and people of all ethnic origins. >>>>... read more

Party 19 April Derbyshire UK

hi folks... We've booked a luxurious (we hope) cottage in Derbyshire U.K. for a couples/singles party next Saturday (April 19th.) This is the latest of a series of parties going back some years and they are usually very hot...we think there are a few spaces for couples (maybe two or three)...so plea... read more

Which Hotel?

Hi there, hope someone can help,which hotel would be better to stay at when visiting xtasia?Park inn or Premier...?ThanksNical  xxx... read more

Club Lick News

Hello Party People !!!What a wicked party last weekend was !! Elliot (ELLDIVINO) and Chris (SEXYSURRE1) would like to thank everyone who attented their birthday party on friday  and made the party rocking all night !! Also a big thanks to Andy and Trish (2RUDE2) who had the after party round th... read more

Club Lick News

Hello Party People !!!What a wicked party last weekend was !! Elliot (ELLDIVINO) and Chris (SEXYSURRE1) would like to thank everyone who attented their birthday party on friday  and made the party rocking all night !! Also a big thanks to Andy and Trish (2RUDE2) who had the after party round th... read more

West Central Florida

Anna Maria Island April 18 thru April 24. Any club suggestions? ... read more

Nudist Beaches - Greek Islands

We are planning to island hop around a few Greek Islands for three weeks this summer. We haven't finalised out itinerary yet. We were wondering which islands have the best nudist beaches. Thanks, Annie x... read more

Club advice

Hi all,In need of a bit of advice about clubs in UK. Going to London last weekend in April - which is better Club Lick or the F club?Also is there more action on an SDC night?London won out over West Bromich (Xstasia) due to shopping considerations by herself!Any advice from the experienced welcome... read more

This weekend at The Silver Minx

Join us at The Silver Minx tonight and Saturday night. Dance in our new cage or just show off on the dance pole.So many things things to choose from. For reservations please call us at 972-225-6792 or 972-754-8768              &nb... read more

Glamour Le Cap D'Agde

Hot News We all know the action gets very hot in Glamour/Villa Romaine but I have it on good authority that perhaps during the day yesterday things got a little to hot............................................and the place burnt down. It looks like Le Juls may have to build an extension   &nb... read more

poker night's

thinking of having a strip poker night? starting bet's 5 cent's max bet's top's and bottem's mounds oklahoma area looking for thought?... read more

Hello all from Trapeze Florida new manager

Hello to all. I just wanted to put myself out there. I am the new manager of Trapeze Ft. Lauderdale. I am brand new in town and I'm very excited  to be working for all of you at the club. I am still trying to figure out all of the features on this site so please bare with me. I will soon be tak... read more

Deenies Hideaway

we would like to know if anybody has ever gone to Deenies Hideaway in south florida, and what are your opinions  on it.... read more

Deenies Hideaway

we would like to know if anybody has ever gone to Deenies Hideaway in south florida, and what are your opinions  on it.... read more

Hot Legs!

I'm a serious lover of hold-ups...fishnet, whale net, silkies, etc and probably own close to a squillion pairs.  I love that gap of flesh in between the lacy tops and knickers..it makes me sooo damn hot when I'm stroked there or if a fingertip is slipped just beneath the lace! T... read more

The next time you think you had a bad day...

Think again.... Once you see this, you'll be able to put things in perspective.. http://www.crazyshit.com/cnt/medias/16057  ... read more

Friday Night Host's!!

Hello Everyone;   My boyfriend and I have the pleasure of hosting a swingers party at the new nightclub called Hotel/Rock Lobby located in City Place, West Palm Beach, Fl. We will be hosting it this Friday from 8pm until whenever.......We look forward seeing eveyone there and without a doubt... read more

Afraid of sex

My wife has been afraid of sex since my baby was born, but he's 3 now and even after trying "scheduled" sex, my wife won't release herself to behave as she did before the birth.  I've been patient but lately I had some "urges".  Last on the list is to cheat on her but at this point I reall... read more

Hotel Question

Any advise about hotel to stay in Key west?... read more

Caliente Resorts Clothing Optional Luxury

Caliente Resorts Clothing Optional Luxury have u heard of this place and what is it like i am a sinlge lack male, looking for a hot vacation... read more

KubriX ("Eyes Wide Shut" party in XClube - Lisbon)

Was it a plain night? The bodies, initially, molded by black mantles and the faces bunkered by plastic artifacts, colorful, with feathers, absent of expression, with imagination.   A feast of chameleons, smoothly transmutating into a flesh and lingerie ending, in white and black for the men.... read more

What does your wallet/bank statement say about you?

1. Need a hug 2. Need a job 3. Need a better job 4. Just passin through, nothing to look at 5. Can make ends meet 6. Paycheck to paycheck 7. Workin two jobs to support lifestyle, but can survive on one 8. Comfy 9. Portfolio looking good 10. I'm rich, BITCH!! ... read more

PureCandy Fantasy Event

premise is simple – Hand select only 200 of the SEXIEST COUPLES in the COUNTRY and privately invite each one to attend this weekend affair. With complete focus on VIP treatment for every single guest in atten... read more

Oh now this is just too rich...roflmao

I don't know how many of you got spammed by this member but the reply made me laugh so hard I got a headache.. Mind you.I simply declined to join at the bottom of the email and they stated we were selected to join because we were the type couple they were looking for.. HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHH...  Oh... read more

If this offends you, GET OVER IT...... IT'S STILL HAPPENING.

The third grade teacher is reviewing the history lesson from the day before. "All right class, in yesterdays history lesson we looked at an American Patriot." Who said "Give me liberty or give me death?" Of the enitire class only one hand went up. Little Gonzles, the exchange s... read more

Bliss Party... 1st timers.

Hello all. Just blogging here for the sake of blogging. Mrs. Fn2night and I attended our 1st Bliss Party this past weekend, after the Exxxotica conf. in Miami.  We had planned attendance of a few others but something always came up. For those that have never been to a Bliss Party, highly rec... read more

Ass Play for Males

The wife and I have been wondering how many men enjoy their other half/partner playing with their ass, and what do you like to be used on you?  Is it just the bisexual men that enjoy ass play? I personally love my wife to lick, finger, use the butt plug, and until the puppy chewed it up....th... read more

Le 'Naked City'

We've heard and read a lot about the famous 'Naked City' of Le Cap d'Agde and are looking forward to our holiday there this summer. With a reported 40,000 Europeans attending every summer, it's clearly gaining popularity from the swinging community alone...but is this ... read more

my white wife and bbc - uncensored

Seeing as 'you've got issues' got us blocked from the other blog with a similar title we thought we'd address 'cuteitalian's' querry here... When living in Italy I held down a week-end bar job in central Firenze in a very popular Irish bar (I was the only Irish person there, natch) and every night ... read more

Most Exsiting Sex Place!!!

Just back from Skiing & had sex with old girlfriend on Beaver Creek Gondola & when house hunting we fucked in two homes we walked thru!. How About U????... read more

Looking for women with strap-on to have fun..

I would like to meet women couples who likes the strap-on games and have fun with them... read more

looking for bisexual females

Hey everybody, we are a Belgian couple (both 49 and both bisexual)....we are wondering why it is so difficult to find a bisexual female....it seems this is like looking for a needle in a mountain of hay.  So if anybody has similar difficulties or experiences to find a bisexual female, we would ... read more

How long is Enough?

We just heard some stats on TV saying that shorter sexual encounters are better than the longer ones, i have 2 questions for you people: Are you agree that shorter encounters are more pleasurable than longer ones? and How long is enough?... read more

Being ugly actually pays off, so some would like to believe!!

  Jeanna Bryner LiveScience Staff Writer LiveScience.com Thu Apr 10, 11:25 AM ET   Women seeking a lifelong mate might do well to choose the guy a notch below them in the looks category. New research reveals couples in which the wife is better looking than her husband are more pos... read more


Ok Hotties, show your strap on pics! ... read more

High heels and hose party in South Florida

We were wondering if a bunch of us high heel, feet , leg and hose lovers would form a party where we can all explore our fetishes and each other.... read more

Pictures please

Are we the only ones here that just don't get it?  What is the stinking deal with all the porno pics on member's profiles or the blocking out of faces?  Now please don't get us wrong.  We are very non-judgemental and realize some are exhibitionist and such and others that like to see ... read more

Group Party Games!

Hi all you sexaholics, i need to know what are the best sex games for a group slumber party. And i don't want anything boring, it has to be fun, energetic, and eveyone can get involve so we can all have fun. Any suggestions?... read more




www.mundofotos.net/laurasexi... read more

privacy and lifestyle

we love lifestyle but cannot afford to be "discovered" by colleagues or customers, so we never go to swingers club - and we never look for couples in a 100miles ray, however, this does not make easy for us to have a frequent enough lifestyle experience - any suggestions on the best things to do to m... read more

What do women prefer?

We have seen the question being asked before about women, but what about the men? Is it better for men to trim or shave the pubic area only or do women like men to shave or at least trim their entire body?... read more

Should we or should we not?

My wife would like to invite our single next door neighbor to join us.  As far as we know he in not in the lifestyle.  We have known him about 8 years and since we have gotten into the lifestyle she has said to me that she would love to get him in bed.  Do we leave it alone or dr... read more

Swingers Soundtrack

If you created a soundtrack for The Lifestyle which songs would you include?  We'll start it off with "Play" by David Banner.  I defy you to keep your panties on whenever that song is played at your favorite club.    :) We admit,... read more

calling all bisexual women ...

I'm a long time member of SDC and currently doing some research on bisexual women based on Sue George's 1993 book 'Women and Bisexuality'. If you are a bisexual woman could you please click the link below to take part in my research survey. It will only take a couple of minutes and is not for commer... read more

3 somes

Why is it so hard to find a woman to be a partner for a threesome?... read more

That had to hurt the old wallet!!

Tuesday, 01 April 2008 16:04 Man loses worldly goods after Craigslist prank  Tuesday, March 25, 2008 The prank offer was posted on Craigslist ... read more

April 12th Event...to have you BOUND!

  Voyeur Events  Presents    All Tied-Up "Experience the Ancient Japanese Rope Art: Shabari"   Saturday, April 12th 2008  Last Month we challenged you to explore your sacrilegious-side and become “born-again,” at our Like a Virgin Event,&rd... read more


a que edad es la edecuada para contraer matrimonio? espero sus consejos, por favor.... read more

Resort for mature couple

Hi , We are a mature couple 57& 54 which of the resorts do you think would be beter for us.                 Nick... read more