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South FL Bisexuals Meet & Greet For May

The monthly meet and greet is back! We will be meeting on the first Friday of each month and all are welcome to stop by. This is a public venue and there is no cost outside of what you buy to eat or drink. The meet and greet will be 8pm till ?? at the Bu... read more


Hi all We're off to Ibiza for sun, sea and lashings of super sizzling sex.  Anyone got any recommendations of clubs to visit and top nudist beaches too?  Time to get some sun on my new boobs!!! Thanks y'all and here's to a right, royal randy weekend xxx... read more

Driving from Clapham

 Hey everybody - Is there anyone driving from Clapham who can get us a ride back in the morning? XXX... read more

Sell your home add 3.5% for health care

Well...looking at the health care bill starting soon will be a clause that when you sell your home you will have to pay a health care tax of 3.5%.  What this means is a home selling for $200,000.00 will mean an addition $7,000.00 to the closing costs and real estate fees. I already... read more

Is it so difficult to say: " no thanks"?

I travel quite often for work, and no matter where i go i always try to save some time for myself and walk around the city hosting me. But of course, if i am not busy working early in the following morning, i'd also like to see how the city lives at night. So, as i am a happy SDC member, i like to s... read more




We go to NYC from 25/08 to 01/09/2011. We would like to meet a couple that we would find a swingers club. If this feeling, why not consider more. Kisses K and S... read more

Paradise Lakes Condo Rentals

Anyone looking for a place to stay at Paradise Lakes Short term or long term, or holiday weekends. We have 15 units available. Please contact us on this site or at 813-361-1280 for further info.  ( we are very swinger friendly)   Nancy & Joe... read more

size ?

 Does size really matter? I have heard some people talking in the chat room about "awefully large women" and fat chicks etc. but does size really matter, if someone is an attractive and sexual person, does their dress size really matter ? i have been with both smaller and larger... read more

how do you get your spouse to swing

I have been told by her she would would like it but morally wrong!... read more

North Dallas Riders

Just wondering if there would be any interest in creating a group, similar to AM Riders for those of us who live in the North Dallas/Frisco/Plano/Allen/McKinney area?  I see a very large number of people who love to ride but may not want to spend an hour going to Euless, then riding south or we... read more

Not That I'm Complaining

I was wondering when me and my wife start playing with a couple (usually it starts off with oral sex and when the environment heats up) the female half always says the phrase "I want to feel it inside me" of course meaning my cock inside there pussy... Not that I'm complaining cause my wif... read more

Eroticxholidays resort costa blanca Spain

This year we give all the member of SDC 200 euro discount p.cpl for parties eating drinking or massage treatment in our big sauna look at www.eroticxholidays.com  or call helen 34.679610313  5 star resort in spain.... read more

Party under moon & sun

Thinking of a weekend party. Large house, hot tub, pool. Area private enough to swim nude. This is in the Warner Robins area. Will not set this up unless enough are interested. Please contact me so I can get an idea if enough are interested.... read more

Underhanded antics...

Recently I have been contacted over my yahoo IM, by someone that claims to have been on SDC in the past out of the blue. They go on and on about how I sent them a message while they were on the site and somehow they cannot remember their screen name. In my head red flag after red flag is going up. T... read more

Recommendations in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris

Recommendations in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris My lovely bride surprised me with a trip to Europe for my birthday...along with tickets to see Elton John, Les Miserables, Journey, Styx and Foreigner(who goes t... read more

hello folks, how long will the marriage of Kate and Williams last

 hello folks, how long will the marriage of Kate and Williams last... read more

Heavy cummers

Why not ask Peter North! (lol!)... read more


we went there in April and there was NO BODY! when we called to make a reservation, we were not informed that there were no other guests however the owner was helpful and did not mind that we went to another hotel. ... read more

Sheraton River Walk

 on the cruise ?,,,wear Mardi Gras beads,,,, let's party! Harris and Pamela,,,, newadventure 101... read more

Old time member of Friends, New website for everyone

We were memembers of Friends from just about the time the club started, yes even before the fire.  We have started a new website and would luv for all Friends members to join.  The site is free and much like a naughty Facebook site.  Post what you dare, chat and have fun. www.bares... read more


There have been a few blogs written about how to tell LS people in public. Should you wear anything in particular, say anything that might allude to the LS , etc. The purpose of this blog is to start a movement/ trend and to come up with some kind of agreed upon Statement and/or gesture and/or w... read more

interacial cuckhold

 hi we are a couple who live in the west of ireland. recently my wife who has han many lovers with my approval text me at work and asked was up for some fun. of course i said yes she told me she had a date with one of her lovers at ten and had to travel bout an hour to his place. i had no idea ... read more


 Hi Guys and Gals, This is my first blog ( Phoebe - fem part of couple), im interested to head about peoples views on peircings in this scene, as i know in the vanilla world they are looked down on alot.  I  have just had my lip peirced and in a couple of weeks when i get my bar... read more

Las Vegas Bound

We are headed to LV in May. This will be our first trip there and we like to know what’s the best ways to have a ton of fun. You know, the kind of fun that we will not be able to share with our families :-) Where are the best places to party?... read more



So anyone else have a fantasy like this one???

YES!!!!!! I have a rape fantasy!!! Btw...this is a very rough draft!!!  But I mean as in a whole scenario... As in me being somewhere, let's say walking to my car. And someone just comes up and snatches me. Kidnaps me and takes me to an isolated place, where no one can hear me. I'm bl... read more


I squirted for the first time the other night. My hubby started playing with me, touching me and before we knew it I had flooded the bed sheets!!! I was so elated. I have been dying to do this for a long time. At first, it just started out as something I was fascinated by. Later on, I learned th... read more

Forgotten foreplay

Yep- the poor, forgotten foreplay. You know, in the lifestyle, I have noticed it has almost become expected that the girls play for the guys enjoyment...now I am not one of those girls, just to get the record straight.  I like women but I play with them when I want to, not as the pre show. ... read more

Berlin swinger clubs

Hi! Any recomendations for nice clubs with sexy people in Berlin? Which is the best to be next days? I will be in Berlin for holidays and fun from 21 April - 26 April. Any sexy people that want to have un together?... read more

Be Real !

 Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!........... I'm really loving it !... read more

Key West May 4-9

Any other fun people going to be in Key West May 4-9th?  Love to meet some fun people while we are there!... read more


http://youporn.com/watch/482985/redhead-works-that-black-dick looking for IT ... read more

Vegas hot time

We are going to Vegas 16-20 June.  We have not been in a long time.  I want to get hit on and picked up by a hot singel guy and yes my husband will be present.  Where are the places to go for couples are age?  Please serious advice from those who know the town well.... read more

the best swingers club in Milano

hi to all...ciao a tutti We just came back from a swinger club in Milano, where we spent 110 euro but I was very desapointed. the club is ok, quitebigbut only about 30 couple inside, and about 30 single men. Nt one very interesting, mature age inthe couple and males not so handsome or f... read more

DC and Baltimore Swing Clubs

Does anyone have recommendations on swing clubs in the DC/Baltimore area? Will be there in mid-June.... read more


Hi everyone, As so many of you asked for a blog on what to wear … Here it is This blog is not only for those going to The Daisy Duke Party, you are all invited to post your favourite Daisy Duke style or sexy cowboy pictures. Hope this gives you some sexy ideas of what to wear...Don... read more

Do you think it's ok...

Do you feel it's ok to announce to people NOT in the lifestyle that people you know are?? Recently heard (as you know things always come back to you) that "I heard you are a swinger" Well I was completely floored this coming from someone whom I've only met twice and doesn't really know me.... read more


CRUISE PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE FORM. We have travel a few times to lifestyle resorts with SDC Travel. For the first time we have asked to sign a form authorizing them to print or reproducing any digital material taken material during our Mediterranean Cruise. We are concern that films and photos taken ... read more


CRUISE PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE FORM. We have travel a few times to lifestyle resorts with SDC Travel. For the first time we have asked to sign a form authorizing them to print or reproducing any digital material taken material during our Mediterranean Cruise. We are concern that films and photos taken ... read more

Other cuckold couples to chat with and maybe meet

Hello everyone, We have gotten more and more into MFM and cuckold husband role playing and find that we both really like it.  Are there other couples like us, we seem to be in the minority when we go out to swinger clubs or parties.  Would like to exchange blogs and more about this type... read more

Norwegian Sky April 22- 25

Is anyone going to the Bahamas?... read more

erotic touch classes

 Hi all! Cheryl and I will be leading erotic touch classes on this cruise. There will be three classes, not sure of the times yet. What follows is a brief description of each of the classes. CARESSIVE CIRCLE: This is a new concept in erotic touch we are trying this year. The way it wil... read more

Desire Resort Cancun next July

Hi to everybody, we are an italian couple planning our fourth escape to Desire Resort Cancun Mexico paradise. We'll be there on the last week of July.........seeking couple for sharing holiday. Love Ciao a tutti, siamo una coppia italiana e stiamo organizzando il nostro quarto soggiorno al fav... read more

Cougars vs. MILFs...which is sexier?

 On the outside there doesn't seem like much of a difference...but oh will you be proven wrong if youre ever trapped in an elevator with one of each. It's been a long day...it's summer time, so skin is being shown in the most tempting of places...they can see that you are slightly erect from th... read more

Alt Members?

Any couples on this cruise also listed on alt?... read more

Say what you really mean!!!

Say what you really mean…Just my opinion.   This is purely just my opinion and has nothing to do with the Club or even Rick's point of view. As a club owner I find myself in situations from time to time that I really just want to scream..."Are you fucking kidding me...just say ... read more

Bold to be bald?

 Or just plain good manners? I'm talking about pubic hair.  Even on this site I am amazed at the mount of men who parade their bushes.  Are these same men going to ask (if they haven't oggled photos) if the female of the couple is smooth?  Do these same men not think that we f... read more

Finding a single bi girl to join us.

As you can see from our verifications we have had lots of meets, but trying to find a single bi girl to join in the fun seems impossible. We use fabswingers under a different name and thats just the same xx ... read more

Party Central Georgia

I would like to host a party in the Warner Robins area of Georgia. I live on 6 secluded acres, with a hot tub, heated pool and large enough house to have 20 or more people with enough room for plenty of fun. Would prefer couples age 50 and over. If they have single male or female friends to bring w... read more

Swingers Club in Dubai

Hello everybody. Me and my hasband are going to visit Dubai in begining of may. Does anybody can tell us , if there is some Swingers Data club  in Dubai or if anybody is going there for the same period of time? We'd love to meet nice couple to spend evening together. I am former Ballet dancer a... read more

Clitoral piercings - a question

Clitoral hood piercings look pretty but all I can thin of is owwwwwwwww.  Firstly to the ladies Did it hurt like hell?  How long did it take to heal?  In respect to pain and healing how did it compare to nipple piercing? My nipple piercing was a right so-n-so for healing and it... read more


I agree here with many of the posts. Trapeze has gotten way too crowded and loud and now prefer Deenies. It ismuch easier to communicate with folks there and they have done a nce job remodeling. The food there is not same level as Trap but dining is not the main priority here. That being said, the f... read more

Fellow Swingers Wanted

Hi!  I'm a grad student in the area and am doing research on the Swinger Lifestyle (and participate as well!)  for a human sexuality class.  Am looking for volunteers to complete a very quick and easy survey on Survey Monkey.  All responses are anonomous.  Should take about ... read more