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4/20-21 Hotel GB, 4/29 BBC GB and 5/2 Private GB

We have been trying to party our brains out and get April fucked as much as possible before our 6-8 week hiatus... We hosted a hotel GB on 4/20-21 and April was fucked repeatedly by 17 guys from 8 PM Friday until around 1 AM in her pussy, ass and mouth... Most guys fucked her two or three times and... read more

Experience level????

Does a persons experience level within the lifestyle, play a part in your decision to play, or not to play with someone?... read more

Making statements in your profile info...

Something we have both noticed over the years, reading profiles. Yes, we do read the ones we may be interested in. What do you think, if anything, of those who make "statements" in their profile like: - "We are very much in love." - "We are very secure." - "We... read more

An afternoon

We went to the local club one Sunday afternoon. It's a small club, more "chummy" than whatnot, especially Sundays. Saturday nights are wild, but Sunday afternoons are laid-back, a time to take a sauna or soak in the jacuzzi. It's not the usual sw scene by a long shot. We'd been to the c... read more

Now we are not such newbies-- ;-)

Last weekend end we had tons of fun. Normally I would write details but the wife keeps saying I shouldn't kiss and tell. WTF!!? What is the fun in that... lol Only 2 months in the LS and I feel like we have checked off 7 of 10 of our fantasies. Time for an updated list and a most of those need to... read more


 EVENTFUL TIMES   OMG i literally did my most outrageous sex story at the weekend and i know how much you lot like to hear these.... In a previous blog i mentioned that i was considering starting to date, I was asked to a masked pool party in Chelsea, London, I declined the 1st offer t... read more


It's a rainy day in South FLA so me and Dick decided to do a lazy day nekid at home, rent some movies and venture out to the Adult Toy Store for a few new toys to complete our lazy, rainy day indoors. WELL...........I decided to try Ben Wa Balls and they are in me and seem to have made a home t... read more

Soft Swap-

We are a Full swap complety open couple. We are finding  more and more couples here are soft swap couples.  I guess as a women I find that so much more personal.  I cannot understand how having oral sex for hours on end is fun?  What is the hang up of just going for it?  Its... read more

Holidays in California - June 2012

Hi Guys, we are a german couples who is going to spend their holidays in the US! We will do a round trip - classical westcost including Las Vegas and so on. Sooo, are there some beautiful couples who can show us the beautiful cities LA, San Diego, Las Vegas or San francisco? :-) and.... w... read more

Lake Allatoona (Georgia)Party Coves Wink Wink!

Hi All, We are new to Lake Allatoona and wanted to see if anyone could tell us of some fun party spots on Lake Allatoona? Thanks... read more

YouMight Just Be A Swinger If....

  You might just be a swinger if.... Your co-... read more


I just had the best multiple orgasms ever! Plus I squirted all over my man..... He absolutely loved it! Any body else is a squirte squirter?... read more

Wanting to Convert a Inquity Membership to ....

The Velvet Curtain is allowing Inquity members with time on their membership to convert to the Velvet Curtain.  For more information contact . www.velvetcurtain.net ... read more

SDC Azamara Cruise - Visiting Mykonos

we are thinking of renting ATV while on port in Mykonos to visit some of the local and secluded beaches.  It may be fun for a group of swingers on ATV to go together... let us know what you think!   ... read more

How do I get my husband to become my Cuckold?

I am interested in transforming my husband into a Cuckold. How do I go about starting the process? What are the pros and cons in the future relationship? PLEASE HELP, THANKS... read more

November 2012 Takeover Cruise

We would love to chat to others who will be on the cruise in November, is there a Blog or Forum somwhere where we could look?... read more

Rome, Italy: SwingersClub

Any Swingerclubs to recommend i Rome, Italy? S&H... read more

Rome, Italy: SwingersClub

Any Swingerclubs to recommend i Rome, Italy? S&H... read more


Who luvs DVP besides ne..it feels amazing... read more

travel to Barcelona

hola, we will be for a few days (1-6th may) in Barcelona, we never came there  .. we hope a lot of good surprise we use to do outdodor/ flashing shoot.. we will try it  there too.. and in our hotel we will post the result here certainely and.. we would like to enjoy the barcelona swi... read more

Classy vs Sassy!

Hey My SDC Gang, I finally pulled down my old blog (whewww!) and I was thinking for starting a new topic... Here it goes; Why is it the LS geared more towards the "CLASSY" and mature types of guys and gals than the "SASSY" and younger Cosmo magazine pin-up wanna be's... read more

Exhibitionist or Voyeur

Ok, So I've been in this amazing LS for close to two years now, albeit still a bit shy and little green in some experiences, I am very thoroughly enjoying myself. I especially enjoy the ambiance of the LS clubs, the music, dancing, mingling, flirting etc...But I have to say, once things ... read more

Whats in a Kiss

There is something in a kiss, a melting of space, a fusion of desire, a testing of the waters, a moment of truth, it is a threshold, an ignition of the desire to experience all, to embrace, to close our eyes and jump in. I would welcome your thoughts and participation in the poll.... read more

got to love ebay

ran across this ad for enlarger on ebay but trying to figure out what is getting enlarged :) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-2-x-ABGYMNIC-Toning-ABS-Belt-Sexy-Lose-Weight-/350146082651?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Dieting_Slimming_ET&hash=item518655375b   it is nice that items are "All belts... read more


We'll be in Paris between 4-7 May. Any adult club and quality retaurant advices?... read more


We'll be in Paris between 4-7 May. Any adult club and quality retaurant advices?... read more

Caliente Tampa??

Having a hard time finding any recent reviews of this place. has anyone been there in the past 18 months? what was your experience there for lifestylers?... read more


It's almost like a national holiday today. just wondering who is celebrating 4/20 with some xxx fun today/tonight. What will YOU be doing tonight? ... read more

Webers 4/19

From Toddamber...went to webers on 4/1912 we thought ther would only be a few people from. The life style... To our delight, it was a closed event...we having only one other event..being a cruise ..and now going to this gathering..to our surprise not only did we win the 1st vacation but we were ho... read more

Con dos mujeres si! Y con dos hombres NO???

Solo es una duda, que he visto en algunos clubs, que pasa cuando en pareja el hombre desea disfrutar con dos mujeres y ella dice claro lo hacemos, pero cuando ella dice quiero sentir a dos hombres el dice NO, al fin que es un mundo de fantasías donde ellas deciden al igual a quien invitar para co... read more

New Orleans Jazz fest

There are to many of you guys to meet individually during the jazz fest. Lets all get together for our own fests. Drop us a line if your interested in having a great something. Sandy & Sheldon will organize it, or see you around the fest. ... read more

Austin TV Casting Call

Hello Everyone, We are in contact with a TV production company looking for swing lifestyle couples to become cast members for a new sex positive TV show to appear on a major network. Cast members will receive a starting pay of around $2000 per episode. No nudity and just everyday couples. So if you... read more

Dine and Swing

Th Take a look at my photo album (Bikini) is is an old one but a good one. We have been to Rude Food dinner parties and had a great time. Good food, company and good swinging. There is plenty of time to share an icebreaking drink and connect with fellow guests some new friends some old. After a good... read more

The Couple You Have Met !

I bcs the male half has always felt thst lgs is so much better looking than myself and at time have stopped some couples we have met from taking it to the next level,so my question to you is??? What percentage of the couples you meet are composed of two people who are equally attractive? 10% .... read more

The apparently lost art of seduction

My partner Lee (F) is becoming increasingly disappointed with the lack of skill and/or effort put into the very fun art of Flirtation and Seduction by the male half of the couples we meet. Often times they do little or none of the following (excerpted from our profile): GUY'S...THIS IS IMPORT... read more

Sins4two in Punta Cana

We like to know if someone has traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and visited this swingers nightclub, it looks interesting in the website but is another country and we would like to know from someone who has gone there in the last year or so if it is a safe and good place to hang out,... read more

Spring Cleaning Favs and Who Likes Us

As Spring is sprung in the Northern half of the world, we find ourselves ready to return to London. A move is always a good time to throw out anything that you haven't used, touched, or thought about since the last time you moved.  So, it's time to shift out the list of our fav's and who likes ... read more

Miami Beach - May 15th-21st!

I will be in South Beach next month and looking to have tons of xxx fun. would be great to organize a hot xxx party with all bi couples & singles. As i've mentioned in another blog, it seems Florida has many more bi swingers than here in California. so, looking forward to organizing some xx... read more

Kent party

Hi all. We've just got back from a party in Heathrow which we have to say was brilliant. Lovely people, lovely hotel suite and lovely fucking! We're now considering organising our own party down here in Kent (where nobody ever seems to organise parties!) The plan would be to have around 10-15... read more

Semi-Annual Forbidden Fruits" Swingers Fest

“Forbidden Fruits” Swingers Fest  Event is promoted semi-annually and has found its way here to Dallas Tx. Due to the provided upscale locations, seductive activities, provocative contests, xxx vendors & the vast representation of Swingers in this NON –PRESSURE ENVIORMENT ... read more


Our friend Dado hosted a private GB of April at his friends John's place in NYC.  The apartment was beautiful and the host was great.  He scheduled two shifts of guys, 7:30-9:00 and 9:00-10:30. This made sure that April got fucked hard in all her holes by fresh guys for over three hours s... read more

rooftop resort

We are going to the rooftop resort in hollywood florida , July29 to aug5. Anyone going at that time . Anyone been there can tell us how it is Thanks Luisa... read more

people should write back when you eu mail them

I find that so rude that when you write people they dont write you back. Just have common courtesy thats all. And why do people write in there blog that looks are not important and then when you go to there screen name they write something different you people that do that are fake not down to eart... read more

The Elusive Single Lady

Todays question is for those couples who have had the opportunity to meet and share time with the ever elusive single lady. Was it something you searched for or did it just sort of fall in your lap?... read more

I love when my partner______________

Fill in the blank, let your partner know how much you love it when they do____________________________ I will start:I love when BCS calls just to tell me he loves me. I love when he opens our bed to an added partner without jealousy and stands back excited to see my expressions of orgasm. I simpl... read more

Cap D'Agde

Hi, can anyone recomend a hotel in Cap D'agde for a visit in June, maybe 4 days, like to be close to the good spots and the action but maybe not pushing furniture against hotel door to keep swinging mobs at bay! first time visitors, suggestions?... read more

do people think they are all that?

Hello all,   Just wanted to post a blog to see what others thought about who people may think they are and having a little consideration.   We are one of those couples that have a family and unfortunately have to plan in advance to go out and have some fun.  We set up wh... read more

do people think they are all that?

Hello all,   Just wanted to post a blog to see what others thought about who people may think they are and having a little consideration.   We are one of those couples that have a family and unfortunately have to plan in advance to go out and have some fun.  We set up wh... read more

New Orleans Saints

Who thinks the punishment is too harsh, just enough or nor harsh enough for bounty gate?... read more

Erotic Photographer

Hi Y'all We are meeting friends from Calgary in NOLA in a couple of weeks for the jazz fest. We would love to surprise them by hiring an erotic photographer/ video photographer,  in the area, come to our hotel or in there studio and record our hot and steamy fun. anyone know of one. S&am... read more

Syrens April Party

We are 2 weeks away from our first party of the year. We are very excited and have a stunning set of guests so far. There are still places for 2 couples. If you are interested in attending please visit our site www.syrens.net or contact us via our profile. Syrens xxx... read more

letmeet at cap de' adge

we would love to meet any one at south france on 18 may 2012 till 29th of may 2012. fell free to email us and hope to have hell time as we have best apartment book. thanks. x... read more

meet at barcelona

we be in barcelona, from 4 april 2012 till 11 april. we have pent house on 12 flour, and hope to meet fur fun, thanks natdave.... read more

Are you on the Lifestyle down low

 Do your everyday vanilla friends know you participate in this lifestyle? How open are you with your family even coworkers if they asked you about your feeings or if ever you would consider swinging.... read more

Love & Sex that's life, but I love my wife

 For those who may doubt it, the lifestyle saves your couple. Greek philospher Aristophanes' theory on love is that humans were created double faced: man-man, man-woman, and woman-woman. When the gods got angry, they splis them in two, and for him love is the search for the other missing half,... read more

Are you that girl?

 A girl who can stick her perfect lil ass up in the air doggy style, arch her back, and let me lick and tonguefuck her sexy asshole before I slide my cock deep deep deep up inside her, hitting the back of her soaking wet pussy, make her moan and shake as I pound her raw. She reaches back a... read more

Meet the family and close friends, or not?

Meet the family and close friends, or not? Recently, we were chatting with this couple, who by what they wrote in their profile, we thought a nice candidate to meet in person.  For some reason the conversation run out of a north and a misunderstanding cause this couple to get intimidated by us... read more


hey all i am back in full force..so to speak. i am looking for new friends to hang with it is so lonely in dallas wo friends and people to go outwith. i know this site has helped me before and people were so responsive before so i am hopeing to get a good responce. well wish me luck :)... read more

Energy Prices and Regulations

Although I believe that some regulations are in order such as safety, cleanup etc, I think that the government is over regulating the energy companies producing fossil fuels and coal with the intention of forcing the price of energy so high as to force consumers to use other more expensive alternat... read more

Sunday night is naughty night

Like most of you we reckon, we have family around this weekend to celebrate Easter. But we are getting really horny and need to escape for some sexy fun. So on Sunday night we are off to have some adventures. So far we have acuple of offers - an older guy in south London and a MMMF in Bromley, but w... read more

Carnival Breeze

Just looking to see if anyone is on the Carnival Breese Mediterranean cruise with us on June 3rd?... read more

6/10/2012 - 8/10/2012 SEXY TRIP TO MILAN0 (Italy)!!

We are going on a short SEXY/KINKY trip to Milano (ITALY)...... Looking for sexy stockings/high heels/pumps/stockings BI-woman for hotelfun,etc..... with us!!!! xxxxxxxx Valerie & patrick... read more

Vail Colorado April 9-15

We are headed to Vail Colorado, April 9th - 15th. We will be staying at the Hotel Arrabelle. Any suggestions for the town ?... read more

Lifestyle Clubs

As we reflect over our past 35 years in the lifestyle, we were thinking of some of the clubs, meet-n-greets and parties that we have been to.  Some of the clubs have included: Rendezvous - Pompano Beach, FL Playhouse South - South Miami, FL Club Casablanca - Carol City, FL ... read more

Our naughty encounters @ F.Club

 Hi there,  We hosted a party with a twist a F,Club on Saturday ( the twist was selected single guys could attend) and we think it went down very well. We have been asked to host another one but would like to know what our previous guests thought of it... Is there anything you would... read more

4/1 Gang Bang in NYC @ the Carousel Club

We arrived at 8:15pm, there were only 5 guys there and we were worried that the Gang Bang was going to be a dud.... No worries, by 8:20 April had a cock in her mouth, one in each hand and the other two guys were playing with her tits and pussy. The party was on.... Slowly but surely more single gu... read more

Who have seen or used a clit or pussy pump? Who would?

We have witnessed a couple playing with first a pussy pump, then a clit pump with a vibrator! We were a bit shocked at first, however, watching her reaction of pleasure, was a real turn on. The women said, it made increased her sensitivity tremendously. Are we too perverted?... read more

Change of Subject

 I am getting a little bored with a few posters hijacking blogs. Texan started a couple of them which have degenerated into a fight about who is the biggest racist. With all of the problems facing our country, including but not limited to the upcoming election, the price of gas, the continuing ... read more

rent room libertin carcassonne

carcassonne ,closer canal du midi... room and  table d hote dinner...libertin...let message if you want go in our room...eve... read more

Our naughty encounters @ F.Club

Hi Thanks to everyone who came to our party at F.Club last night... We hope you all had fun... We are in talks with F.club to host another Saturday night with a twist in July and thought it would be good to get your feedback on our previous parties... We want everyone to have a great tim... read more

What Excites You Most About Your Wifes Sexual Past???

1.Finding Out She Had A Lover With A Larger Penis 2.Finding Out The Number Of Guys She Had Sex With 3.Finding Out How Many Guys Got To Cum Inside Of Her 4.Hearing A Slutty Story Of A One Night Stand 5.Hearing That She Was In A Threeway with 2 guys 6.Hearing She Had Sex With another fe... read more