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Another lingerie set

Some of you took the trouble to email and ask to see the other lingerie set I purchased .. well this is it. More of a classic black with the retro 8 strap suspender belt and probably my favourite set. Dx ... read more

So You Finish Playing, What Next?

You and your spouse hit it off with another couple, so you get naked and proceed to play. For this first example, assume it is same room. No problems, so everyone enjoys their time, usually when the male reaches orgasm, the play ends. So when the action reduces, what is your norm, and what is ... read more

Dirty mind with mic

So we looked for a girl to webcam with but had no success. Any guy with an actual dirty mind who would like to webcam with us? A guy with a cam and a mic Not a guy who just says open your legs turn around and cums in a second Also not a guy who cannot direct in English Is it so difficult to fin... read more

Getting Duped

Although we have been members of SDC for almost a year, we are still learning new things. Unfortunately our latest lesson was not a very fun one. We scanned the new members directory in our area and found an attractive young lady there. We made sure that she had more than one picture, actually had a... read more

Rita & Chips: Fun filled Birthday Week : 24/4 -28/4

24/4 Rita slept through till midday. Warm - fairly sunny day and so spent afternoon in garden sunbathing naked. We shared an M and feeling horny made love to Rita in garden on sunbed / roll on Spice! Early evening Rita decided she wanted to go to cinema to see Evil Dead. Took taxi there and back. ... read more


There are few things, like these two things that kill a buzz, vibe, happy-happy time  -  a hard on, like RELIGION and POLITICS.   I mean how romantic, sexy, wet, erotic, enticing are those two subjects.  Sooo.., I was surprised the few times when I saw these topics come up, ... read more

Players San Antonio...Thanks!

Thanks to Roger, Tabitha, and the rest of the Players SA crew.  We had a great time on Friday night dancing and enjoying the view.  Can't wait to cum back!  S&S ... read more


 Hi we are going to las vegas in september we are looking to no best swingers club to go to can anyone help thanks mark pam xxx... read more

A walk to the tip of the water

So I live in thins secret undisclosed area in Cutler Bay.  I..., often take a casual walk down a secret locaction that just happens to be across from some place called Black pointe Marina or something like that..., but don't quote me.  What I do is- dress pretty comfortable/loose(not stupi... read more

Need help to get April lots of BIG HARD COCKS

After my hosting so many GB parties and all the efforts and disappointments, as we are trying to figure out a better way of getting April, my love and my slut, as much big hard cock as possible, we decided to reach out for help...  We are seeking well hung Dom males to set up Gang Bangs of A... read more

Looking for some pointers...

 Okay, we're new to this so I (female) decided that we could probably use some input and tips from more "seasoned" members (preferably married couples) ... We have been married for 10 years... and we have a great sex life... and are looking to expand our horizons yet don't want to jus... read more

Speed Date : Saturday 27th April

CANCELLED – to car trouble. Full service resuming asap! Alex&Rena... read more

Visiting Singapore

 We are on buisness in Singapore from 30th April to 3 rd May.  Interetsed in having lots of fun in the evenings.  Swingers who are intrested in having fun with us please write to us.  Cheers... read more

New lingerie

As I posted yesterday , I did indeed go to Debenhams to buy some more Dita Von Teese underwear and it was on sale ! woohoo ! 2 new sets for less than 350 dhs - bargain :) ... read more


We would like to webcam with a girl for a change tonight. Anyone interested ?... read more

Webcam voice

Last night we were looking for singles or couple to webcam with us. Our only request was to have the other side with the mic on. How come we couldn't find anybody? ... read more

What is Speed Dating in this LS?

Just curious how speed dating works in the LS? I have heard of speed dating where you get 5 mins a a table with someone then rotate to the next one. Not sure how it works here?... read more

Hi Dubai

Hi all, So it's Friday 26th April, a cool cloudy morning in the Marina. Just had our morning walk round the yachts moored up whilst supping a Caribou coffee. Have only recently stumbled across the SDC website and very pleased to have made contact with new friends already. So .. whats in store for... read more

Sharenation keeps harassing us

 We went to a sharenation event around Christmas time in New Jersey. Before going, we reviewed the website to get more details. The photos and description were both really slick with hot people. The event was neither slick nor hot. The hosts were rude, paranoid and tacky. We were outside of the... read more

Springtime in the Mountains

It's hard to chose a favorite season when you live in an area as wonderful as this...but I think the spring is my favorite.  The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the trees are full of new leaves, and bare-ass moons are shining on blankets in the sun!   This week we took our fir... read more

There finally together......

She married and had 13 children. Her husband died.  She married again and had 7 more children. Again, her husband died.  But, she remarried and this time had 5 more children.  She finally died after having 25 children.  Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed ... read more

Ireland swings too!

Hey there swingers from North America,Europe and further afield! We were recently checking out the travel feature and very few of the worlds wonderful swingers seem to visit Ireland. There are many reasons to come here and here are a few.... - Our economy is in the tank and we need your cash! - ... read more

Keys trip

I am considering a slow drive down the Keys (alone) in a couple of weeks, any suggestions for stops From Key Largo down to Key West? Fun bars, restaurants, etc. Have been to Key West before. Primrily looking at stops before I get there. Thanks for any input.  Mike... read more

"Expecting But Still Feeling Freaky"

Hey guys! I would like to get your thoughts and opinions on this subject that's been on my mind as of late. Chime in with your thoughts if you have any on this subject. The wife is expecting and has been couped up in the house for a couple of months. She said that she would like to get out and h... read more

I'm New To This :-)

Hi,   I'm new to all of this :-) I just went to my first meet and greet the other day, I meet a lot of great people. They all told me that it would be hard for me to get into the parties and clubs as a single guy. They all said to look for a single girl and become friends and go to the parties... read more

just don't feel like it ...

 You meet with a couple , they dont look like the pics or simple you don't feel attracted ...what is the right/polite way to handle the situation?....how can you avoid and akward and /or agressive moment ? experiences ? ... read more

Fashion club Milano, Italy

The club is very fashionable but more like a bar/disco than a swinger club. People that go there are mostly going to expose themselves rather than to have fun. The bar area is nice although not much space to sit and chat still just a few Italians speak English so it's not easy to talk to somebody, t... read more


Anyone here a fan of The Smiths or Morrissey... read more

meeting in worcs

Hi im looking for a fun meet on sat night 27th message me or whats app me 07939671689 xx... read more

Rita & Chips - Just a Great week! 13/4 - 20/4

13/4 Woke at 10 and picked up text from the P's that tickets for Bolshoi's Swan Lake selling out fast. After some tooing and froing we got 4 seats for 30/7.  I was tired so fell back to sleep and woke refreshed at lunchtime. Made appointments for some apartment viewings on Monday as now ... read more

Moving to Singapore

 Hi, we are moving to Singapore. Appreciate any guidance on the scene there...websites, clubs, parties etc..how to get plugged in to the scene?  Thanks in advance. M&A... read more

Does a clean shaved pussy enhance orgasm more than hairy pussy..

I noticed that clean shaved pussy is in fashion in our todays world and i am curious to know what folks in SDC think about clean shaved pussy and hairy pussy, does a clean shaved pussy enhance orgasm more than hairy pussy or do people shave because it's hygienical I love to feel a hairy wet pu... read more

INDIANAPOLIS 500 Tickets - Need 2!

The Mrs has been after me to take her to the Indianapolis 500 or the F1 race in Austin iin November. So, last minute decision to go to Indianapolis.  Have family to visit nearby. Anyone have two tickets to sell, preferably in one of the Penthouse sections? Thanks!!... read more

Barcelona Swinger Clubs

We are taking a cruise out of Barcelona on Sunday, Sept. 1.  We will be in Barcelona the Friday and Saturday night before the cruise.  What is the best swinger club in Barcelona?  Which night is better, Friday or Saturday?? Any other suggestions for places to see or restaurants to ... read more

Chat chat

Previous blog entry should have read "we would love to natter." Point being that there are not that many people online with IM enabled.Its surely good to talk...lets get chatting. ... read more

Allure of the Seas

Anyone on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas leaving this Sunday, April 21?... read more

Michelle's Toy Box (http://Indiscretionsblog.com)

 “So, who do you find ‘fuckable’ in here?” my husband Rick asked me. We were enjoying our drinks in a local swingers’ club and people-watching on a Saturday night. The club was packed with couples and single women, dancing, flirting, some were fucking in various &l... read more

Sex toy??

Is there any consensus as to the favorite toy? The rabbit seems to be most popular.... read more

4 handed threesome (http://indiscretionsblog.com)

 When my hubby, Rick, and I were dating, he asked me if I’d ever been to a strip club. I had, but only one time. As it happens, Rick knows the owners of a few strip clubs in the area, and was a regular at one or two before I came along. One night we went to one of his favorites. The girl ... read more

The Pin Up Girl (http://indiscretionsblog.com

Deanna boarded the train after a long shift at the hospital one chilly Chicago day. She sat down and pulled the ponytail holder out of her hair, her long, golden-brown locks falling softly around her shoulders. The chill from the air gave her cheeks a flushed glow, and even her hospital scrubs and... read more

Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone

 Ok all.  I need some advice.  I have been an iphone user for the last 4 years or so.  Looking to step away from my Apple addiction (2 iphones, ipad, MacBook Pro Air) and try something new. What is everyone's thoughts on the Galaxy 3 or 4? Should I stay with the iPhone Thanks,... read more

Free thinkers needed!

OK the latest attempt at gun control just crashed and burned. I myself didn't think what they came up with would have done the job of keeping guns out of the wrong hands. So I ask "What would?". My idea: Put a big "G" on every ID if that person who may have guns. Put a BIG R... read more

How to lower cholesterol naturally and get off medication

After 2 years of putting clients on 2 TBS a day of macadamia nut oil. This is what we've seen 90% end up coming off there cholesterol meds and a balanced HDL and LDL level.weve also experienced 80% get off their blood pressure meds as well For more diet and training info email us. ... read more

EUrope Erotic Photoset.

Hi! We are going to visit Paris, Amsterdam and Cap d'Agde 18/06-30/06 Really want to find a professional photographer for organization erotic photoset in one of the cities! We will be happy to consider your suggestions! Dear members of the community, if you have contacts would be grateful if y... read more


what makes you take real interest in a members profile? does it have to be 10 pages long with a person's life story,or can it be short and sweet,or is it the pics.,what really catches your eye?... read more

Trapeze Atlanta during the week???

Does anyone know how Trapeze club in Atlanta is on a Wednesday night. I am thinking about attending on 4/24. Is it good, great, ok, or terrible. Just curious if it is anything like the one in Ft.Lauderdale. Thanks for the help.... read more

Advise about NYC off premis swing club

Soon (end of july this year) we will visit New York City. We would like to visit an off premis swing club there. We are very gratefull when someone would be so kind as to advise us with name and internetsite about the right club. Thanx in advance. ... read more

Items to Take w/You to Lifesytle Club? Do you have a checklist?

Does anyone have a list of key items you take with you to a Lifestyle club?  Note, we have a latex allergy as well.... read more

Which club in SA is better...Players or Club Desire?

All...trying to get a sense for which Club in San Antonio is better for newbies?  Players or Desire?  Let us know what you think.... read more

Carnival Breeze May 19th

 We'll be leaving Miami on May 19th on the Carnival Breeze.  Anyone else going?... read more

hair away

 i need to ask i like my bits and bobs clean and shaved but what is the best waay to keep the hair away... read more

fun for everyone

Im planning a trip for me and hubby. He is more reserved than I am. I would love to attend on of the trips here but I feel it may be a to much for him. Can someone recommend a fun place for us to travel. ... read more

How hard is it for a guy to swing with couples in Oklahoma?

I was wondering how hard is it for a clean cut d&d, discreet professional male toeet swinging couples in Oklahoma?... read more

Rita & Chips: Night out at Ballet: 9 - 13/4

9/4 Woke and had a flat out day - didn't seem to stop and got back from office around 6. Decided to have a naughty night. Had a great night fucking and licking - double fucking with toys and eventually collapsed into bed early in the morning. 10/4 Woke at 10 and mooched all day in bed on the comp... read more

Sharing her with a couple

This is one of our fantasies is for him to just watch her in a threesome with a nice couple. He will just watch and have crazy sex when we get home!... read more

actividad abril 13 el ci

Wow. Tremenda actividad.... Nos encanto la pasamos super bn......... read more

Medical Tourism

I am headed to San Jose, Costa Rica for oral surgery in June. The procedure that I am having is significantly less costly than here in the U.S. Does any body have any experience with medical tourism and can you offer any advise?... read more

Cap D'Agde in May

Any sexys' going to be in Cap D'Agde 3rd of May for the weekend? Drop us a line if you are... read more

swinge clubs

Are there any Swinger clubs located near dongducheon?... read more

To swing or not to swing?

I'm not sure whether it's wise or stupid to post this question in one of the largest swinger communities, but I really hope you could help me out (really counting on your experience here:) Anyway, here is my "problem". I've known my husband since we were teens, after 9 years we got marr... read more

camp casey korea

just got to camp casey korea which is near or in dongducheon tring to find out if their is anyone close to this area.... read more

sailing in greek islands

hi all, we would like to have a 4-5 night sailing vacation and visit some greek islands...Any suggestion ? thx all... read more



browsing profiles

 Is someone is watching your profile one or twice every single week ,never writte to you .....is that a thing to worry about?...can be consider stalking?....you just have to let it go?....or is a compliment ? help please!... read more


do you think the lifeguards who work at haulover are in the lifestyle and request that post or are just regular people who are told what post to work and then consider themselves lucky? lol... read more

4 days Berlin

 We are in Berlin from the 27st untill the 30thr of april. We would like too meet swingers over there. Who would like too meet us. Mail us on or on sdc. Who can show us Berlin and a special in the evening.... read more


MY FATTASY- never done anything like this before. I am interested in stripping and being total nude at all male party.   I am shy but have a fantasy of stripping and party with a group of men.    I can send photos.  I am 105lbs 5 2" 34c . I am 46  .  MILF Shel... read more

Rita & Chips: Weekend in Istanbul: 31/3-7/4

31/3 Woke at 10 ish and read ST and then after Rita picked up Y from tutors she came back to bed. Made. love and then mooched in bed exchanging emails and texts. Decided to go out for late lunch and then through an email from M&G discovered a masked Holdup Heroines Easter Ball at Hom... read more

4 dyas Berlin

WHich swingers we can meet in Berlin. We are in a hotel from 27th untill the 30th off april. WE would like too 3 great evenings or nights at Berlin. WHo lead us into the Berlin swingers world. HOtcouplw from Holland... read more

private out door area in ireland

does anyone know of any places in ireland that i could go to take naked out door photos im looking for somewhere private with a nice view thanks... read more

Couples pics

Is it just me? Am I the only fem, single or from a cpl, who thinks its always fishy when a cpls profile only shows pics of the fem, or 99.9% of them are just the fem. Then the odd percentage of the male doesn't even have a good shot of his Dick. Most couples want to attract either other cou... read more

Are we practicing freedom of speech as members of the same community..?

(1) Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.  John Milton (1608-1674)  (2) I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.   Voltaire (1694-1778)   (3) A people which... read more

rv camps in florida lifestyle friendlly

 We have a new RV, live in florida any hot sujestions thanks... read more

Swingfields 2013

Does anyone on SDC know about this event in the UK. Called Swingfields it is between July 5th and 7th but cant find any reference to it on SDC  but looks to be sponsored by FabSwingers. Anyone going?... read more

New blog and podcast: Bliss Bringers

It finally had to happen. We have started our own podcasts (together with some sexy Canadian friends), and we will be focusing our attention there.  Do check it out: Bliss Bringers: Pleasure Podcast We’re four kooky (and kinky) fun-lovers who have found our bliss. Each of us ... read more

Nerdy swingers? :)

Yes. :) We're going too supercon this summer. Both our first time and it's gonna be an amazing weekend long event. We're only going one day, but just wondering if there are any other couples that will be attending. Not to many ppl we've met are into this, maybe just one other couple we know. ... read more

kindly read my short story & leave your comments or advice on what must have gone wrong with my fucking date.!!

Hello folks,  kindly read my short story and leave your comments or advice on what must have gone wrong with my fucking date.!! I have a couple that i met and played in the guy's apartment, i invited the same couple to my apartment on a date after about 6 months of ... read more

clean and fresh

i believe that a lady should recieve from me the same oral pleasure that she has given me,i'm not selfish,so when i attend the club the first thing i do is hit the shower so potential playmates can see me showering and if i get lucky i'm fresh and clean for them,some how ever come in drop there draw... read more

Really, How Many Find Genital Photos The Reason To Contact

We look at what appears to be a nice profile, but then, the ONLY photos are close-ups of the genitals of both the male and the female.  No torso photos, and face photos not expected at this point. So, do the couples in these profiles really expect interest?  And if youas a looker f... read more

military RV camp sites in florida

has anyone stayed at a military RV campsite in florida. ... read more


I, Spurt am a great lover of female ass, hooked like a junkie since my adolescence. When in a disagreement with Squirt if she catches herself in real time and shows me that ass of hers...conversation immediately over and I declare her the winner. Recently a woman here in Florida was jailed for im... read more

Same-sex Marriage

Since so many of us have sexual expereince with the same sex, do you think you are more likely to approve of same-sex marriage?  ... read more


Hi I am new to this site and the area. I am looking to find places where I can find friendly couples and singles with whom I can connect with. I have seen Ab Fab parties on here, is this a good place to go and if so has anyone got any advise (i.e. bring your own drinks parking ) and are there a goo... read more

thanks to all

thanks everyone for your comments,the nice ones and the not so nice ones.I don't mean to rub people on this site the wrong way when i comment or question,perhaps i don't express myself as clearly as i should,i promise to work on that. I think "bullsfight" got more responses than me LOL,any... read more

looking for a date

Want to go to and SDC party and looking for a female date?... read more

Classy London Sexy Party Meets with Music & Dance

Michelle (Michelle writing) really loves to dress up, we are chatty, sociable, not used to people just sitting around, waiting for the room to become available for everyone to jump on and have group sex without no conversation like a recent event in London. So thought I'd write and enquire if any... read more

taking chances

 I'v noticed that being one of the hated single males on this site that sending emails to couples and single ladies hardly ever gets me anywhere,BUT! when i meet some of those same people at sdc meet and greets,parties or swing clubs we seem to hit it off great.does it take meeting a single guy... read more

Key West Early May

We are going to Key West in Early May any one got any suggestions on where any other swingers may be hanging out?... read more

A little help, please.

Could use some help and directions from someone familiar with the nude beach at playalinda. Drove there one time just as a storm came in so we didn't get to lay out at all. My question is: Is there another nude beach north of the Canaveral National Seashore that is also called Apollo Beach or is the... read more

looking for night work

i live in san antonio,tx  just was wondering . i am looking for work at night from 9 pm to 6am i am a driver i have a cdl class a dont drive 18 wheels just looking for in town work. san antonio, austin and towns in texas as long as i am home with my kids in the day time. i am work right now bee... read more

south beach miami

Hi everybody I will be in south beach miami florida enjoying the ocean. Looking for some cool people to hang out with and have a good time... read more

OMG Feeling sooooo Horny!

 Chelsea are playing and I am feeling yes you can guess, but I have had so much sex today, totally satisfied 'yes' but always wanting more, G and I chuckle all the time because whatever it is I ALWAYS WANT MORE! The spanking as G is behind me I love...I love my pert bum being touched, just one... read more