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Private parties

Greetings,I'm rather new to SDC and I was wondering from those of you that have been around a while, particularly those that organize parties... how do you do the invitations and party donations? If you have a request from someone you haven't met but seems to be OK from their profile what steps do y... read more

Video time coming soon

Full on 2 hour sensual following on to hard sex, extreme and thoroughly enjoyed as always with the love of my life for 29 years now!We had spent a wonderful time with our close friends 28 and 32, can't wait for 3 weeks time.  Such a shame they're not in the scene (yet) ha ha.We got so excited w... read more

Hot Wife Cards

We are getting ready to do some extensive traveling. Good single guys have been very hard for us to find on our trips.  We are looking for examples of the wording for a business card that I could use to "break the ice" so to speak when I find a single gentlemen I am intere... read more

say yes or no to breast implants

say yes or no to breast implants and what kind, Gel or Saline?... read more

Favourite places to play?

Hey,I am just wondering what other people's preferences are about where to meet and play with people for the first time?Rather than inviting complete strangers to our house initially, we prefer to meet in a club. But it seems from the site that many people prefer a private or hotel meet. Is this the... read more

Sex Songs - what's your list?

I'm trying to compile a list of "sex songs" (not to be confused with "love songs").  Songs to get the party started and songs to fuck by... Preferably 80s and newer with a fast pace.Here's my short list so far, in no particular order (some choices are better than others):- Buckcherry - Crazy Bi... read more

Pre - Birthday Week: 19/4 to 27/4/14

19/4 Saturday morning - woke feeling refreshed and so we made love and mooched in bed. Around lunchtime I went for a run and after I came back I showered and had lunch. Rita popped out shopping. Left home before 6 and headed for St Martins Lane Hotel for a cocktail before Anna Karenina ballet a Coli... read more


One thing that really frustrates me about looking for people online is travel.Specifically, I am always asked "When are you coming here?" or "Do you travel to our area"So far I have only found one person who said they were willing to travel or even meet somewhere in the middle.... read more


One thing that really frustrates me about looking for people online is travel.Specifically, I am always asked "When are you coming here?" or "Do you travel to our area"So far I have only found one person who said they were willing to travel or even meet somewhere in the middle.... read more

Cap D,Adge

We would like to go this summer, any info on best times/accomodation would be nice.... read more

Cap vs. Lanzarote in May

Any experiences?  Any opinions?  We realize it is the "low" season, but any comparisons or experience of either would be useful.Thanks... read more


How is Spice Lanzarote in mid may?  Any experiences?  Thanks... read more

Define A Swinger?

What If all of the couples left SDC and never come back? Would it still be a swinger site?   What would be left...99% single males and < 1% females. What would you call it then?   Were is the diversity?     OK now what if all the single males left?  Ju... read more

Majorca magaluf

HiyaWe are planning a trip to Majorca in May and does anyone know or recommend a good swingers clubs.  Also is it ok get fetish in other night clubs(when mode kicks-in)?Cheers xx  ... read more

Thailand: Bangkok and Phuket

 can anyone recommend some quality ' guest friendly ' hotels in Bangkok and Phuket. We have done the web search thing and know what's on offer but a personal recommendation is always best! :-)... read more

IF you could clone yourself...

Would you..... read more

Fitness training with erotic sports stretch session book now NYC

Any one like fitness. Do you like cuckold? Are you soft core submissive. Respond to my blog and feel different in one day!  ... read more


Our Mid Week parties are 2nd to none! Lots of SeXXXy SDC Couples and The SDC Gents are having a smorgasbord!Don't forget to sign up every Weds for the hottest,sexiest party on Hump Day in South Florida.... read more


Going to Colette on May 10th, CUM join the FUN...... read more


Any hotties want to say hi and meet up at TG's Birthday Bash? xxx... read more

I don't get it~~men masturbating on webcam

What am I missing here? To each his own and in certain settings it's great but I'm miffed by the solo monkey spanking on webcam.WhatW... read more

only one per ticket

We were having a great time....he was with my wife and I with his....after play we have a drink and a small talk when i start to feel the urge for a second round.....when I try to "restart the fire" the husband stop me saying that I'm allowed to only one cum.....is this a new kind of policy of what ... read more

Visiting Amsterdam end of June

Hi there,We are visiting Amsterdam for the last weekend in June and are hoping for some information on what clubs are worth visiting.We have heard quite a bit of Fun4Two and are looking to go there but are wondering if there are other interesting venues we need to take into consideration before plan... read more

First Time in Cap dAgde

First time in Cap dAgde and we need a couple who went there several times to make som questions and maybe set the date there. Anyone who is willing to help us feel free to writte. We will be there in 23 of AUGUST.... read more

Swinging is not about diversity and differences

Unable to comment on the blog of a certain fool, I will present my arguments here.First of all diversity or being accepting of diversity is understanding that we are all different and that the difference is in fact a strength to society and organizations as well as to each of us as individuals if we... read more


ciao noi dal 01-08 al 25.08 saremo a Ibiza ! ci sono belle coppie in zona che desiderano conoscerci???... read more

Cap d' Agde in May

How is the scene there? Is it recommended for a fun time?Thanks... read more

Nervous Meeting New Couple

Well at last, we finally have met a cpl online that we "click" with.  I, wife, talked with the other wife and come to find out; we have a lot in common as couples.  We all like to go boating, camping, hang out and listent to live bands, etc.  We all about the same age, live in the sam... read more

Fantasy Week in Key West

Admittedly our first time to this festival, we're looking for direction and possibly couples to meet for drinks. Those that have attended we've love to hear from you about costumes and events happening that week.... read more

Here is another story

Lisa, she was “on fire” My wife, Lisa and I were going to a wedding in our college town.  One of my college roommates, Mike, was going to be there that I have not seen for at least five years.  A few days earlier, Mike had called me and was unable to find a room.  Lisa sugges... read more

Looking for filmshoot location in the Netherlands

HiWe are looking for a nice location for a short test shoot with a nude model. Erotic shoot, no hardcore!Non commercial, just testing.Looking for a space with a lot of natural light, classic looks, etc. The shoot will take four hours or so.Central Holland would be nice but we can travel also.We want... read more

Sexy game

Hello you have read in the blog of our home page to our imagination ?A very hot game a different way to get to know it would be very very hot ... read more

Good clubs in Prague, please give us tips

We are going to visit Prague this thursday and there seem to be a lot of clubs there,  but probably not all very likeable,We love the fun4two and Fata Morgana to give you an idea of what we are looking for.Please help :)hugs and kissesDesires ... read more

Advise for newbies

We're new to all this but want to enjoy the company of some great people. The question is, how do you do it safely? We thought about testing but how offten? Before every encounter? That could be an average of $120 and up per encounter. Do you just use a condom and dental dams...? It can be nerverack... read more

swingers app for i phone

is there such a thing???, if not why not???, why can't we have a tinder type thing, be in rome a couple of clicks and anyone in rome looking for fun would pop up, maybe a space for a profile pic and what we like ……..... read more

This would be a great SDC Feature... if Facebook can do it, why not here?

http://www.wthr.com/story/25293531/2014/04/20/facebook-rolls-out-location-sharing-featureFacebook users in the U.S. will soon be able to see which of their friends are nearby using a new feature the company is launching on Thursday.The "Nearby Friends" feature must be turned on by the user, so peopl... read more

hi this is susan

Sitting in back yard with a glass of wine want some? Hmmmm... read more

The Lost Art of Seduction

Perhaps it is generational, a sense of entitlement amongst men today... after all it is a "sex site" as I have seen it described.  Some seem to believe they need only show up to get their fair share of the booty... Unfortunately, frequently lost in it all is the art of seduction... you know tha... read more

wedding night/honeymoon

My fiancee and I have been engaged for a couple of years, but not planned anything. We are going out of town this upcoming weekend and I am going to propose we set a date for marriage. When we first met, she would do what she wanted, basically a hotwife, then we settled down to swinging.  We ha... read more

Do you like my story

Lisa, the woman of my dreams My wife, Lisa and I go to dinner and dancing every week for our “hot date night”.  She is exceptionally sexy petite and feminine woman.  She is the total package….her beautiful brown eyes, body, legs and feet…..Her light brown skin is silky smooth ... read more

Busy Work Fortnight but Still Lots of Fun!: 7/4 to18/4

7/4 We slept like logs and I woke at 9 and went downstairs and started on office stuff. Rita slept through till 10.30 and after she made breakfast which we had in bed. Mid-afternoon I took a break, did some weights and showered whilst Rita popped out shopping. Postponed H&S as we needed a bit of... read more

E.D.! OMG!!

"well this has never happened to me before"  WE men hope to never have to utter those ungodly words ,though some won't admit it i'm sure it has happened to every guy at one time or another,yes i'm talking about the ever unpopular E.D.,when it couldn't have picked a worse time to happen,when if ... read more

Lifestyle Cruise on Royal Caribbean in November

We are seriously considering booking a lifestyle cruise in November.  We were just wondering about other people's experiences on this type of cruise and any recommendations.  Also the dynamic of the crowd as far as age etc.  We also really want to know if there is a way to find out wh... read more

I'm new shes not

We have been married 4 years now.  Before we were married she was a single female swinger on this site and one other.  The subject of swinging came up one night about a month ago.  I have to say it worries me a bit.  My questions are will this help our marriage?  The first t... read more

wife fucking bbcs

hi just a quick post to see who enjoys this . Lets see those hot pics heres one to get started ... read more

Private Party Ideas?

Just wondering those who host private parties, what games and ideas do you use to keep people socializing and having fun.  We have attended a few, and they were done quite well and everyone (for the most part) was into it.  Just wondering if the group here had ideas that have worked (and n... read more

Munich swinger club / parties

I'm triying to find a good place to be near Munich this weekend (18th / 19th). There seem to be some fun parties at the swingerclubs Kinky Lifestyle and Club Karibe, but I have not seen any reviews and dont know about the quality of their parties and atmosphere.Any recommendation between these two, ... read more

summers just around the corner

hey friends, summer is just around the corner.I hope everyone is having a great spring.We took a year break but we are glad to get back in the swing of things.Looking forward to alot of fun events, meet n greets and yes poker too, or was that poke her lol... read more

What do you call a female cuckhold?

Recently we met with some LS friends that were visiting from up north.  They are almost ten years older than us; but both are in very good physical shape.  As the evening came to a close, the husband informed me that he is having a lot of issues in the penile area and just isn't into the p... read more

Miami Velvet

We were staying in Miami south beach a couple of weeks ago and decided to check out Miami Velvet.  To our surprise, it was much less than we expected.  We expected an upscale, nice, clean club.  This is not what we found.  We had some friends with us who also have never been ther... read more

Cpls or single females that surf

Looking for a cpl or single females that surf waves. Living on a caribbean island of panama. Looking for cpls that we can spend time in the water surfing and enjoying ourselves afterwards. Anyone?... read more


After a couple of drinks this nice couple inviting us over to play.....when in the room the guy disappeared for about 5 minutes....when He came back he was dressed like a Roman Gladiator !! and when we asked WTF ? the guy insisted in have sex with dressed like that......we left that night without kn... read more

our first real cuckold experience

I am writting this blog in order to vent off some adrenaline steam:) we are not hardened swingers nor do we see the lifestyle as anything more of a pleasant break in our daily routine. In fact our experiences are very very limited for a variety of reasons. For quite some time we have been inactive a... read more

Apartment rental Frankfurt Germany

I am looking for an apartment to move into in June, i need one for during the week, since i already have one in Stuttgart,My budget is a maximum of 400 euros.I am also interested in doing a WG with some very attractive ladies.Thanks in advance... read more

The Day The Penis Asked For A Raise

The Day The Penis Asked For A RaiseI, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge headfirst into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. ... read more

Swinging as a career

I started swinging in 1985.  My ex and I went to lots of parties and swing clubs in NYC and upstate NY.  You paid to enter Le Trapeze and Plato's Retreat but all the private parties we went to cost nothing.  I never dreamed of charging guys and couples to have sex with my lady.  ... read more

Your Thoughts On The Next Swingers Fantasy Party

Swingers Fantasywelcomes you toTHE SINGLE GIRL GRABBAG PARTY!!Friday April 18th,2014!!Single Girls Cum andDrink Free All Night!Already 8 SingleHotties in Attendance!AND WE’RE CELEBRATINGWILLOW’S BIRTHDAY!WE'RE ALL GOING TO BE SEXY AS HELL!WAIT UNITL YOU SEE OURHOT NEW BARTENDING GIRL!Single Girl... read more

Tablet, Computer, or What?

We are preparing to do a lot of traveling in the next few months.  We both have I Phones but are looking for something compact to travel with to check emails, do typical searches like restaurant and tourist activities and maybe read a book pool side.  What should we buy?  A brand and ... read more

I just cannot stop once I start - Girls come on.

It's been a full on party time recently and we love it.Awesome time with scene friends at The Landmark hosted with gent Antoine, a few weeks ago and fulfilling another fantasy with Mrs R & Mr J.When R and I get together there's just is no stopping us!!  We do have a tendancy to ta... read more

New to the Netherlands

There's always a first for everything and now it is ours ;)We will be traveling to the Netherlands (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) and we were wondering what we could do over there? A must is Fun4Two which we will definitely visit on the 16th & 17th. Any tips on the best places to stay, parties... read more

Who Viewed My Profile = Not interested List

Anyone else view this as their, "They are not interested list"?  I mean when I look at it after viewing my e-mail and nudges, if a couple is on their that we haven't had any communications with, and they didn't bother to nudge or send an e-mail, my thought is they are not interested.  Yes,... read more

Indian Cpl visiting Miami in May 2014. Looking for cpls/singles

Hi Everybody, we are a fun loving indian cpl visiting Miami in may2014.  We are looking for like minded fun loving cplswho are interested in having some fun with us during out visit.  We would like to move around with cpls/singles who could suggestand take us around all the fun places, ero... read more

26: Swinging in Europe at the Brussels Sexclub

Play After playing the vanilla tourist in Europe, we decide to revisited a swingers club in the historical heart of Brussels: Val d'Amour (right next to the hotel Floris Arlequin) After an introductory chat with our hostess, we enter this cozy sex club.  The rules are a little bit different than... read more

27: Swing Train, Gang-bangs and voicemail

Play We talk about "Ladies Choice" gang-bangs and the infamous "Swing train" with Brian and Tange from "Tangerines Dream".  They explain the secrets of running a fun sex party for everyone, for the newbies by making them feel comfortable.  , and we debate exactly how many people are needed for ... read more

Travel advice requested

We have a week to go somewhere the week of July 4 and I need some suggestions. We are not confident that we can get beach ready to the point of desire or hedo, and will save those till next year. What we are looking for is someplace in the US that is a good destination for swingers to hang out and h... read more


Just had the funniest thing happen.  We received a nudge from a couple.  Tried to email them back and they have us blocked.  Too funny!  We hope they weren't expecting a response!... read more

Black women's fan club

Im tired of all these black mans fan club and stuff, wheres the womens one? would you come to a black womens fan club night ? ... read more

We are a couple now

Looking for an openminded couple to meet us... read more

Escorts and FFM Threesomes?

My husband and I have been involved in scene activities for some time (albeit not frequently).  We have attended several clubs and either played with other couples or occasionally single men.  As yet we have never had an FFM threesome, but would like to.  We realise the whole "how do ... read more

photo editing

Due to our professions, the wife and I choose not to show our faces in our public photos.  We would like to post full body pictures but have no idea what to use to block out our faces or distinguishing features. We use our mobile phones and tablets to look and post on SDC so to those that ... read more

All Natural

Am I the only guy that does not like breast augmentation? I prefer all natural women. No make-up, T-shirts and sweats to high fashion or yoga pants, beautiful women are more attractive when they are confident enough to go without cover-up or physical augmentation. And yes we can tell most if not all... read more

Independent films

Did anyone see the new independent films NYMPH()MANIAC? It had plenty of good actors like.. Shia LeBeouf, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, Stellan Skarsgard, Christian Slater, Williem Dafoe, and more.I highly recommend it. The actors there actually had sex with each other. It's pretty cool.... read more

Looking for Women's opinion about Men with long hair

I've been growing my hair long for about three years now and it is currently is to my mid back but I've been thinking about cutting it and donating it to locks of love. It's long enough now to donate but I was thinking about growing it for another year before donating it. I keep it clean and brushed... read more

Carnival Victory April 24th - April 28th

We are a latin couple she is 39, he is 40 sailing on the Carnival Victory on April 24th. We are looking to meet another couple or a bi female who is sailing on this cruise as well. If you would like to know more about us, send us an email.... read more

Partying with New Friends

This couple contacted me through one of the sites because they thought about me as a possible addition to a small gangbang for the wife, Tess the following weekend. Though not a fan of gangbangs myself, I decided I would make decision to participate if it wasn't a large group of males and after taki... read more

Cap D'agde

We’ve booked for Cap and we are going to be there late August to Early September. Give us a shout if you will be there then.... read more

Looking for a good swinger club in Venice, Italy or area or MFM mini GB private party :)

Any good swinger clubs anyone can recommend in Venice or Milan, Italy for the weekend of April 11-14 or any private parties MFM or mini GB :)let us know... read more

House Party

How do you start to build a list of 'regular' folks to include for house parties. We think there should be a nice middle ground between the 'fitness models' and people that would scare a Russian sailor...thoughts...... read more

Has liberal intolerance gone amok?

Brandan Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla because of a contribution he made to pro proposition 8 supporters in 2008.  Back then even the messiah was against gay marriage. So, when it came out about Eich's donation he was forced to resign.  There are other instances of liberal intolerance, es... read more

Swingers clubs in London

What is your recommendation for this Friday/Saturday nights?... read more

Miami Beach

Hi, can anyone recommend hotel in Miami Beach with topless pool and sexy atmosphere? We read about the Standard hotel but it seems to be fully booked during our planned trip.Any other hot and sexy suggestion for SoBe are most welcome.... read more

Fabulous Party Weekend in Vienna: 31/3 -6/6/14

31/3 Woke just after 8.30 and started to go through emails and scan Times. Just after 9 Rita woken by neighbour next door screaming during an orgasmic peak! Postponed lunch with JJandG. Went downstairs to carry on office stuff and at lunchtime went for a run and then went for a haircut. Had a quiet ... read more

Early Inexpensive Cancer Detection

Haven't any of you asked yourselves if we could treat cancer much earlier if much less expensive tests were to be available.  For example, Science Daily tells us that the Stanford University Medical Center is experimenting with a new kind of blood test that would allow your physician to take a ... read more

Where to go in Nassau Bahamas ?

Where do all the swingers hang out in the NASSAU Bahamas ?... read more

Bangkok Chapter 3: the Aussie threesome

Following the our crazy adventure the night before at the strip club, and the private sex marathon that followed, we woke up late the next day. We talked about the events of the previous night, and we remembered the Aussie guy who wanted to "bar fine" my wife from the night before. Having been fondl... read more


If you are a perv with fantasy, send me a message. Write your dirty fantasy you would like to see on webcam, if it clicks we webcam. Kate ... read more

Double Penetration DP

Hi Everyone,It was Double Penetration (DP) experience that has made me to get into the Swinging World: I was a single male at that time and fancy with a girl. I slept only once with her and she didn't call me afterwards. After two months I met her and she told me that she had already had a boyf... read more

Istanbul, May 1-4

Ciao, we are an italian couple, in Istanbul from 1 to 4 May and we'd like to meet a wonderful turkish couple. ... read more

Cap D'Agde for a single male?

I will be making my first trip to Cap D'Agde this summer. Am planning to be there at the end of July for a few days, and I really love the beach, relaxing by the pool, meeting people, enjoying the nightlife etc. But being a single guy, I am also a bit skeptical. All the really fun holidays s... read more

new to swinging

we are going to atlantis evo on the 26th we are new to this have anyone got some good advice for us please... read more

Copacabana Desire in Costa Rica

We have decided to give CopacabanaDesire in Costa Rica a try. We will be going in late May. We rarely see any posts regarding it and we are hoping someone might give their opinion if you have been there. We like the idea of seeing a beautiful country with the LS option if that happens to come into p... read more

Missing two days because of child birth?

Ok this is a sports topic lol. How do you criticize a guy for wanting to spend two days with his child. The mets second baseman missed 2 out of 162 games wanting to be around his kid. WTF?... read more

Every once in a blue moon...

...in the swinging life of a man like me, there comes a gift in the shape of a fantastic married couple. I have recently been lucky enough--indeed I can't believe how lucky I am some times--to have met a lovely swinging couple from Yorks. We started off by exchanging emails on the forum of the swing... read more

Starting out on my own

This is more difficult than I thought.I am going through a divorce, and we "dabbled" in the lifestyle when we were together. He would occasionally bring in women or couples for swapping, maybe once a month or so.But now that we are separated, I want to continue that. But boy is it tough to find... read more

Carnival cruise out of New Orleans aug. 10 - 17

Wondering if anyone else on here will be also going. Let us know ... read more

Wanee Music Festival in Florida April 10-13th!

We are headed to the big music festival in Florida next week (April 10-13th)....anyone else going?... read more

Happy Easter

Anyone planning a bit of an intimate orgy with a few attractive couples over the next few weeks in Dublin? Jane quite keen...as am I... read more

Absolutely Athletic

Could someone please set some kind of parameter for what "Absolutely Athletic" on a profile might mean.Please H.B.... read more


we are wondering which of the 2 desire resorts is the best oneplease let us know what you think... read more

Spice Resort Lazarote

Just had a great fantastic time @ Spice Resort LanzaroteWe've met some fantastic people over thereEvery day started with some easy waking up time but  when it was after 3pm it was getting hotter and hotter.Especially the times in the hottub , during the day and nights were sometimes quite amazi... read more

European holiday with naughty fun?

A couple of years ago, we had a holiday in Dubrovnik and really enjoyed the nudist beach on the nearby island of Lokrum. We are trying to come up with ideas for another European holiday that offers the possibility of some nudity and naughtiness without the full-on approach of the usual suspects (Cap... read more

The Good The Bad And the Ugly Profile Pics

We love looking at profile pics and see some that we say are top rated and some that seam to us why did they even post them. So here we go, What do you think of ours?  Your favorite pick and how to improve our profile. We can take it. We know some must hide their faces but we cant be fired so w... read more


Any real perv who would like to write to me and eventually webcam?Be dirty... read more

Bangkok Chapter 2: The strip club

We have been to a nudist/swinger resort in Thailand. The freedom of being naked 24hrs a day; eating, swimming, reading the papers, socializing and partying naked, having sex anywhere n everywhere within the resort, watching n being watched.However, that's a couples only resort, and everyone is naked... read more

Bangkok Chpt 1: The happy ending massage place

Most men do not tell their wives the "male" activities they indulge in. Going to a brothel, flirting with a hot girl, going to a massage with full service or a hj happy ending, etc are all topics best avoided or covered up with lies when talking to the wife.For my wife and myself, as with some swing... read more