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No guy shots - insecurity or ignorance?

We've been contacted by quite a few couples lately where there's not a single shot of the male half of a couple in the photos and it has to make you wonder.Now we're not naive, we know that the female is the draw, especially in bi-fem couples. However we are recently finding ourselves increasingly a... read more

Good swinger places to retire?

We are thinking about retirement and are thinking about where. It would be a bonus if where we went had a good number, or at least some, swingers. We are thinking of Hawaii, St. Martin, or really close, The Villages in central Florida. So, all over the place. Does anybody have any ideas of  a goo... read more

Party preference

What type of partys do you prefer to attend couples only party's, gang bang PARTYS, chocolate partys, BBC ect....... read more

Pay partys


Monthly Poker night

We would like to start up a monthly poker night if anyone close to use would be interested.  This would be more of a nonswing event as we have kids.  We have a 13 year old son that is home most the time so if you have teens that like to play xbox it would be cool to bring them too.  I work in res... read more

New and Curious

Hello all!!! I have always been curious and wanting to dabble a little and have some fun. I find myself fantasizing about oral sex with women. Random finger sessions in the movie theatre with a man, and maybe a three some. How did someone of you get your feet wet? Any advice?... read more

How would you make out with your own clone?

Answer: I tie her up because deep down I know she is a greedy little  slut. I know just where to lick and bite and suck to get her writhing against her restraints and giving me that pleading look that she uses when she wants to cum and is at someone’s mercy.  I know she has been longing for a... read more

Tell me have u 👀 her?

New her and looking for the unicorns to come out and play... read more

No offense

Is it just us? The area we live in are filled with beautiful women who are paired with older men. I am far from shallow but there needs to be somewhat of a physical attraction. My hubby at times salivates, jk, at the women in the profiles who contact us yet I try but cant find a physical attraction ... read more

Lifestyle Club Declares It Is A Church

Hope this link works, club in Nashville.........Seriously, this hobby is not a religion, it is......a hobby.http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/this-swingers-sex-club-has-rebranded-itself-as-a-church-is-that-all-it-takes/ar-AAbAMJr... read more

padua sensation

attended padua sensation yesterday. was the best i have ever seen. coupleitalian organized the party very well.  luv to attend more of their parties. wish i could talk to more people there.... read more

New Swinger Jewelry

Check out PartnersID.com!  They finally have beautiful jewelry for swingers!  Nobody  would ever guess but we will all know!!... read more

Odd Fetish Party: 13/4 to 19/4

13/4 Woke at 8.30 and started work after a poor nights sleep. The day never stopped and didn't finish till around 7ish. Rita didn't wake till 1pm - made me lunch and then after supper we watched Transformers Age of Extinction  - it was a blast. Headed to bed around midnight and fucked Rita fro... read more

Mayweather Fight May 2nd

Any couples in the Atlanta area having a fight watch party? ... read more

Lifestyle Club in Vegas

Can anyone give us some advice on which Lifestyle Club we should visit while in Vegas? It is SIN CITY isn't it?Thank you.Eric and Nina... read more

Bahamas Cruise

We are taking a crusie from Port Canavral on May 3rd - May 7th sailing to the Bahamas on Sensation.  Looking for fun, wild, and sexy people to party and mingle with.  Drop us line if you are traveling and would like some fun. ... read more

Lets Go RV ing

whos up to meet and have fun at a rv camp... read more

About labels and definitions

Sexual labels and definitions are social constructs which unfortunately have a deep impact in our human sexuality. The existing moral divide implanted in our brain between different so called sexual orientations is a clear example of the subject being manipulated by these artificial constructs, amon... read more


Hi members,In this blog we are asking for your opinion regarding our speed dating function.Currently you can only post a speed dating post for up to 2 weeks in advance. Would you guys like to remove this restriction and allow post for a much later timeframe.Please give your opinion in our poll. Tha... read more

Podcast with a Unicorn

On our new podcast episode (#16), we have a unicorn from the Dallas area join us.  She gives everyone a glimpse into what it's really like for these mystical creatures. :)  She talks about her dating style, her wild times, and she doesn't hold back.  Check it out on iTunes or our website below.th... read more

Easing a sexy vanilla lady into the lifestyle...

Waddya think about this one please sexies????? I have always been a dreaded single fellow on SDC but as I always try to be a gent and as I love ladies, my reputation on here is good. Now I am in a relationship with a truly lovely sexy lady, she know about my er murky past and she is intrigued but at... read more

La Mirage swingersresort Gran Canaria

Hello,We have been 2 times to Spice Resort Lanzarote and we had 2 times a great week but we like to discover something else next year.  Because it's only for a week we would like to stay in Europe.  By surfing the internet we are interested to go to La Mirage swingersresort Gran Canaria.  Are the... read more

How do women feel if the guy doesn't cum easily?

Context: not being 18 years old any more, I need to abstain for 48 hours if I want to come inside a woman. But I am horney, so waiting 48 hours is a lot to ask from me. But since some women in the lifestyle have given me the feedback that they want me to cum inside of them, because it makes them fee... read more


It appears there really is a new club in south Florida, great news, and the best of good fortune to the promoters.  Someone needs to slap the Velvet in the face.... read more


OK,so you go to a club,you drink and socialize maybe even hit the dance floor,you're happy, the owners of the club is happy and all is right with the world. But now it's a new night,same club,same drinks,same dancefloor,only difference is thats it's a meetNgreet nite and now there's a need to jack u... read more

Review of Saturday night at Le Boudoir

The Boudoir is a new club in London. Centrally and very conveniently located, charming staff, great facilities, we’re really impressed.   It’s in zone 1. For us, this is a big deal, it’s by far the easiest club to get to. Our next favourite club is the VA in Bedfordshire which for non-... read more

Appealing to couples, as a couple

As the female half of the couple, I've noticed that a lot of profiles include tonnes of pictures of the 'her' and very little of the 'him'. While it's lovely that you're proud of your partner, and that she's willing to share of herself on a forum, why aren't you guys doing the same?I have to be hone... read more

Las Vegas fun may 27- june 02 2015

We will be staying at the Red Rock resort in Vegas between may 27 to june 02 2015 for a bowling tournament and will be looking for some extra fun. We had a blast last year and we are hoping for a repeat, so cum meets us   ... read more

Double penetration fetish, but don't like anal?

Ok, this really confuses us. Many couples female half or single women have DP as a fetish, yet their profile states they do not enjoy or have comfort with anal. At first we thought this was a fluke error in couple of profiles but it is actually very common. What gives? Why have a fetish listed that ... read more

Green Door Las Vegas during the week

Does anyone know how the Green Door in Las Vegas is on Wednesday or Thursday nights. I am thinking about attending. Is it good, great, ok, or terrible. Just curious if it is worth my time. Thanks for the help.... read more

stolen pics

So my pics are being stolen and used to scam women...I should be outraged but oddly I am not...on the one hand it is offensive...on the other it is flattering that my pics are good enough for a scam...on the flip side I get nowhere with the same pics...so very confusing :)... read more

Temptation trip in June

We´ll be at Temptation in Cancún June 6-13 anyone here going those same dates? Would love to meet you there.... read more

So many bi-males hidden in the closet..

One thing that I love about a Single Female or a couple's profile is that when the Female is Bi, they clearly post that in their profile and go in details about their experiences and the likes. But when it comes to the males, holly shit, I did not realize how many poor souls are still in the closet.... read more

your pussy looks delicious

I’d love to tie you up and tease you, I’d start playing with your nipples and rubbing my hands up and down your legs, gently kissing your neck, then I’d flick your nipples with my tounge and gently bite it.I’m still rubbing my hands up and down your beautiful legs but now I’m gently brushi... read more

San Diego swing clubs

I'll be in SD this Sat with a female fiend and we want to experience SDs best swing club. Anybody have any experience to share, which ones are good classy clubs vs which clubs to avoid??any help would be much appreciated.... read more

Cruise on fiord and Cape Nord on next July

We Will be in our honey moon on the Costa cruise leaving Kiel harbor on next 25th July. We wuold love to meet some couples on the boat during the cruise to play between us. Is anybody interested.? Kriss es.... read more

Ups & Downs@ 7/4 ro 12/4/15

7/4 Felt like a Monday but in fact a Tuesday after the Easter break. Had to be up earlyish as Waitrose were doing a home delivery. Spent all day on office related stuff and trading. Rita popped out to shops. I also had to go out and met up with Rita for a mooch around the shops in Portobello Rd. Wat... read more

Neighbors with Benefits on our Podcast!

So Neighbors with Benefits has been canceled, yet was receiving high ratings.  We had Tony and Diana from the show on our podcast, The Curious Couple for the Curious Ear, this week to talk about it and much more.  Check it out at thecuriouscouple.com or https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id89567... read more

Do more bi women swing than straight women?

Just curious - it seems that most women on here are bi - which is not a bad thing - but it seems to me that - I wonder if fewer women swing if they are not bi - It appears that a woman who is bi is more apt to swing with a man and or woman than a woman who is straight - any opinions on this topic - ... read more


Why?  Maybe it makes sense for a single, but for a couple, our spouse can not take your photo?... read more

clubs and couples

we are traveling to Vancouver, British Columbia beginning the summer and we would like to go to a nice club and meet adventurous couples. Does anyone know of any clubs? Thank you in advance.... read more

Playboy TV: Swing series

I recently stumbled across the TV series "Swing" which is now in its fourth series... http://www.playboytv.com/show/swing/I'm wondering what folk here think about it. Do you think everyone within the show is a paid model/porn star, or no? It looks natural, unscripted, but 1) most/all of the folk who... read more

Summer together in Bangkok

Hello! We are a young married couple from Russia. As you can see from the map, Siberia - not the most favorable place for erotic escapades, so we love to travel. We plan to visit Bangkok in the last month of summer. As we thought it would be great  to rent an apartment or house together with a ... read more

Trip to Cap d'Agde ` 2015

Hey, we're going to cap from June 7 to 11 , Some More ??... read more

Hot time in Hollywood FL.

Thinking of visiting Hollwood FL. On theAprip 18th any bbc looking for a night of sexual pleasure?????? any hot bbc looking for sone fu hit me up and let's play!!!... read more

Orlando area club suggestions

My wife and I are new to all of this and are not intending on swapping.  We enjoy the voyeuristic aspect of things.  To that end, we recently visited Colette in New Orleans and were completely blown away!  Our only other experiences were at Trapeze in Atlanta and, put simply, it doesn't come clos... read more

Vancouver...May 9th-11th

Would love to meet a sexy female or couple during our stay in Vanouver :) please get in touch after reading our profile if you would like to meet :)... read more

swing house location

We can not afford it but there is a property for sale near us with a castle, yes a castle for sale and it would make a wonderful swing house.  If anyone is interested in buying we would be more than happy to help run it.  contact me for more information.  It is in the Rockwall Texas area... read more

Looking for Friday night fun

My bf and i want to go to our first club and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on where to go for our first time! We are a young couple ( 25 & 26 ) and looking to have a great night.  Open to all suggestions. Thanks in Advance :)... read more

Almost had......

Dear Friends, Perves and er everyone,Well I almost fell for a new one today. A new single female member of SDC emailed me, she is 25 and sooooo keen to chat with me. So firstly emails on SDC, then emails at her own email address and then we moved to a chat site where she started to chat to me to mee... read more

Paris End Of May

going to Paris for a short break looking at hitting a club, any recommendations ? stopping Mercure Paris Eiffel Tower Grenelle Hotelat the Mercure Paris Eiffel Tower Grenelle Hotel... read more


We are visitins STOCKHOLM next Monday...If anyone wants to have fun with us we are waiting for messages....kisses...... read more

Easter Partying!: 30/3 to 6/4/15

30/3 Woke and made love only to be interrupted by a delivery of a Morph suit for Rita. We then got up and after lunch we headed down to Shepherds Bush to go to Bank, solicitors, PO and Rita to do some shopping. Then home and in evening watched "Interstellar" - long film but intellectually stimul... read more

Doing it for My Husband

I am happily married to a beautiful lady who has been a bundle of sexual pleasure and has given me more than i could give in return. As a result I would like to gift her the pleasure of being the center of attention in a mfm, mfmf experience, which she has eventually agreed to do after much delibera... read more

The Curious Couple Podcast

This week we are joined by "the single guy" once again.  We get to hear some of his wild adventures as a single guy in the lifestyle including his very own lifestyle birthday party.  Check it out, episode 14.thecuriouscouple.comorhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id895679186We appreciate all of ... read more

Gangbang/Slut party tonight

Gangbang/Slut party tonight near Albany around 12:30 am. Let me know if anyone can make it... read more

Area oeste

Nos gustaria saber a donde en el area oeste jangean los swinger? Fuimos este fin de semana para esa area con esperanzas de encontrar algun lugar para fantasear un rato pero nada encontramos, alguna sugerencia?... read more

Is she more beautiful in black or dark brown or light brown hair -please check our photos and get back to us :)

Is she more beautiful in black or dark brown or light brown hair -please check our photos and get back to us :)... read more

Lifestyle Friendly Bar

Does anyone know of any “Lifestyle” friendly bars in the DFW area? We are looking for a place to hang out with “Like Minded” people, have a few drinks, shoot some pool or play some shuffle board in a bar where the ladies can ware there shortest skits, see through shirt’s and dresse... read more

La Petite Mort

I have been fascinated with this phrase lately.  I learned it from a Lupe Fiasco song entitled "Little Death."  It talks about how Le Petite Mort is a phrase used by Lupe to illustrate the parallels between pleasures and death.  Specifically sexual pleasures and how when you orgasm or cum or even... read more

Fantasies of my Master #4

It's a raging snow storm outside, but we are all nestled in our cabin under a fuzzy blanket, naked, warm and toasty. We've built a fire and are sitting watching the flames lick the logs, sparks flying and snapping as the snow melts off.There is something romantic about low lights, a crackling fire a... read more

Fantasies of my Master #3

Waterfalls are very sensual.You, me, water rushing down over our bodies, touching through our wet suits, holding each other close. You untie my bikini top and push it aside, I know what's coming and my nipples harden in anticipation. You bend your head down to suck on each wet, hard nipple, flicking... read more

Fantasies of my Master #2

I am all dressed up today, wearing a sheer black halter-top, short black mini-skirt, and tall shiny stiletto-heeled boots. My Master escorts me to his playroom and steps aside to allow me to enter ahead of him; as I walk a few steps ahead into the room, he can just see the bottoms of my ass cheeks a... read more

El Dorado Hot Springs, AZ

Can anyone tell us about the El Dorado Hot Springs near Phoenix.  When is the best time to go?Is there action in the public / full nudity area?We're looking to be out that way next winter.Thanks in advance!... read more


Looking for investors in a breastraunt concept in Dallas area.  Please contact me if interested.... read more

Fantasies of my Master #1

I am cleaning the house needing it spotless and shining by the time he gets home. I expect to have the place gleaming, have my shower, and complete my hair and make-up before Master arrives from his long day.Finally when all is done, I walk through to the kitchen to check the marinade on tonight's d... read more

A Party Week: 24/3 - 29/3/15

24/3 Alarm went off at 8.30 as we had to leave at 10.15 to head first to the office to drop me off and then Rita was taking car to visit Y and then on to Colchester to pick up Yu from Uni. In the office I did a couple of staff reviews and had discussions with Ops Manager. Around 4pm Rita returned an... read more

Profile Changes

So I just took a look at our profile to see if it needed any updating and I see that my weight is listed as 180 something odd pounds...I may have weighed that at 9 months pregnant but certainly not now. Has anyone else noticed changes to their stats that they did not make? Thanks for reading! Mrs.... read more

No love for the single dudes???

For some background I used to be on this site as a couple a couple years back and had some great interactions and met with some great couples and singles through the site.  Me and my partner at the time really enjoyed our time using the site and we both still reflect back on it and laugh and smile ... read more

Cypriots are unreliable

Not for the first time we turned up at the agreed meeting place and the Cypriot couple never showed. They gave us no indication or prior warning so we waited like lemons!.  What's really annoying is that they  initiated the contact and bombarded us with texts and E mails ( six in one day!!) saying... read more

Neighbors with Benefits

Hey guys,Have you seen the new swinging reality show on A&E called 'Neighbors with Benefits'?  We did a podcast on our take of the pilot show.   Also on this episode 13, we talk about Ashleymadison.com and magic pills to help a guy out.  Check it out.https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id8956... read more

Paying for sex

How many couples on here have paid for someone to join them in bed or would consider it? We did once, many years ago in Amsterdam, a few days after marrying. The girl was pretty and gentle and we had a very pleasant hour with her and are pretty confident she liked the experience.... read more

Nice place to visit....

See this link http://www.aurora-amalfi.com/ and then click on the blogs, loads of things to do and see and a lovely coastal town. Waddya think???... read more

shy girls

I am not sure how many profiles I run across that say... She's a little shy so you have to make the first move...Does that excuse the girl that is in question from talking or engaging in conversation? Does it mean she needs encouragement to move forward or does it mean she doesn't have a lot of resp... read more

Catching the moments

Coming out of a labor and bringing up 2 children is not easy. We don't have a lot of time any more to travel and meet people as we used too. So when we  met a very nice couple a few days ago  that were from another town and our wives kissed really passionately we wanted to seal the deal let's say.... read more