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Good party Couple -Male- Female ratio

What do you think is a good&nbspCouple -Male- Female ratio when you go to a private or house party?... read more

So You’re Going to the Swinger Club: Tips for First Timers

Check out our blog at theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/And follow us on Twitter @swingerdiary     When couples first become interested in swinging, they start exploring their options. Most seek information from the Internet, with many of them landing on their local swinger club’s website. ... read more


Hi guys and gals, has anyone been out in t Cancun? We are heading over in July to a regular resort, are tempted to pop out to one of the more playful ones for a night if we get good recommendations. &nbspBut of course also interested in and clubs that people have had a good experience at. And t... read more


Does anyone have house rules to share?  1. I (MrsH) am not allowed to leave the house in wrinkled clothing. MrH doesn`t like the way I iron, so he does it for me. Daily.2. Kissing..... if there`s kissing on tv, there must be kissing in the room (room location matters not). To follow that...3. If th... read more

Swinger clubs Copa Campana

Hi guys,We are in Copa for a few days and we want to visit a swinger club in the area of copa campana. Any suggestions?We can also meet with couples and go &nbsptogether.ThanksJohn Anna... read more


Other than the extraordinary Deek and I (not extraordinary) there any other females  (wife/gf/so) who routinely blog/comment? I assume Bouncy is the female half, but you know what happens when one assumes.... read more

FEAR FACTOR In Looking At Profiles

Having a difficult understanding why some on SDC prefer to stealth view profiles. It is like they hide behind some wall for fear you just might `see` who they are.Isn`t better to just be out in the open?  We do not contact anyone that has viewed our profile unless they match our criteria.  Some ar... read more

How to Get Laid for Reals or What is a Speed Date?

The blogs are for arguing about politics and slamming each other for how we choose to swing. This is for all the newbs and the people looking to hook up.On the left side of the screen, when using the regular website, not the cel phone app, you will see a list of items. Click the one that says SPEED ... read more

Looking for a couple to realise this fantasy

Hello,I am Salva from Brugge, 25 years old, tall (193 cm) and athletic.I like to play, realise my fantasies, i may be dominant but with respect to my partner, i do not do extreme things. I like to play with tits, nipples, pussy, clitoris and so on... Also, i like to go out, travelling, sleeping with... read more

Looking to have some fun now! Can host!

Northville couple looking for some fun! Not sure how this all works yet, but are ready!... read more

My man needs a sexually attractive woman

I love to pleasure my man in more ways than ever imaginable. Sexually charged sophisticat ladies at the ready please. Sunday 1 May London or close by. If that suits you, champagne and toys will be flowing. We will treat you well.I am a genuine bi-fem who has immense pleasure pleasing the ladies bu... read more

Would anyone like to play with F/ on video

So, short story long, I was asked to shoot my first video. I realized that while I have now done a number of photo shoots with various degrees of kink and fun, I have never been in front of a video camera while playing. (webcam doesn`t count in my mind, I don`t know why lol) I got really n... read more

Are there any other couples going on the Bahama paradise June 5th 6 and 7

We will be on the Cruise leaving from West Palm on June 5th 6th and 7th heading to the Bahamas if any couples would like to meet us on the cruise it would be amazing tickets can be bought on Groupon 4 under 300 couple... read more

First Impressions

I realize that everyone is different, and likely there is no right or wrong answer here...  Over my nearly four years as a SDC member, I think I have probably seen just about every type of initial and follow-up contact in the hundreds of SDC emails I have received. It is pretty astonishing how vari... read more

is there a `zone` for multiorgasmic women?

Is there a time during a swingers party &nbspthat the wife has gotten into a short of  `the zone` where she is the centre of attention with action going on orgasm after orgasm? ... read more

Norwegian Getaway, May 8-15

Anyone else will be on the Norwegian Getaway? 7-Days Western Caribbean Cruise from Miami. May 8 - May 15, 2016... read more

Abuses you get as a newcomer on these sites

IT FEELS LIKE A FRESHER IN A COLLEGE, BEING RAGGED FOR BEING NEW, MOST OF IT HAS BEEN GRATIFYING, SOME DISAPPOINTING!We complete 30 days on AdultFriendFinder on the 17th April and to this date we haven’t mated with anyone! Yeah we are virgins in that sense. But we never started this with a ticking... read more

Quiet Week - Fab Torture Garden Party: 18/4 to 24/4

18/4 We didn`t wake till gone 10am. Rita made some tea, toast and marmite and after she got ready as she was meeting MsL at lunchtime. I went to the gym and after picked up a prescription. Rita brought back some sushi/ sashimi and both of us got caught out with a large lump of washabi! Rita then wen... read more

Preemptive Blocking

I`ve taken notice in the past few months of an odd phenomenon regarding members that have viewed my profile which is&nbsppreemptively `blocking` my profile before I`ve even had a change to view theirs. I`m no creeper or stalker rarely will I visit a members page more than once twice, maybe, if i... read more

Blog Advertising!

Too many (Both single males and couples) using the blogs for advertising recently. Yawn!... read more

Total madd ess

Wtfvsdc...togal madness .... read more

Wtf sdc

Blogs jump.around..Go postal asdo sites wtf sdc... read more

What is `black`?

I`ve noticed a few couples say `no black guys` and I don`t take offense because we all have preferences. For instance, I prefer curves and legs. But on some of these profiles, they say this but then they play with black men that are light skin. This isn`t a black or white issue... I see this on some... read more

New place to play!

Bliss adult theater off regal and 35 the old New fine arts has a big two part theater room that`s really nice for couples , leather couches TVs sheer curtains and beds and its byob . I`m looking for a date for tomorrow and Saturday ! ... read more

RIP Prince

I can not believe he is gone. I grew up listening to him. &nbspAll time great. Lots of sex on Prince music. RIP... read more

Dick picks

Couples complain about dick pics but validations of guys revolve around dicks...wtf???... read more

Well I did not finish last...

In the most recent "buns" contest...last page but I finished ahead of 2 guys.  Midpack on the guys.  Chalking it up as a win 😊 fun stuff folks, let's not go william faulkner on the comments :)... read more

Free trip SDC takeover Andalusia

Miss Monaco2 can´t come with me, so Mister monaco2  needs a travel companion for this trip, because there is no cancellation at this time anymore :-(So we offer a free trip for a single girl, without any commitments, just for a fun party&nbsptrip.Mr Monaco speaks german and english, so please ... read more

Let`s have some fun

We will stay in San Juan for a week any couple or single &nbspfemale &nbspwould like to join us to have some fun. Prefer to you couple thanks ... read more

Nude Beaches in Negril, Jamaica

We`re traveling to Jamaica, and wondering were to go to take a nude sunbath. &nbspAny advice?... read more

Party Week: 11/4 to 17/4/16

11/4 Woke at 8 and read paper and then took a conference call at 9. We got up and had breakfast and I worked through till after midday and went to the gym. After I got back Rita was ready and she left to meet Ar and then later rang to say MsA was coming to the flat later for a drink. At 6.30 I left ... read more

You may be a swinger if ....

•You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos.•Half of the numbers on your cellphone are listed only by screen names.•You are running out of reasons to tell your coworkers why you can`t go out with them this weekend.•You know most of your friends` nam... read more

What`s the secret to selecting guests for you house party?

So we had a house party last night. 15 couples. Overall, a lot of fun. But some guests did not have a good time (as in: did not play). How can you make sure everyone plays and everyone has a good time? It`s not just looks. What is it?... read more

What is Poly-amorous, versus just fun?

Ok, stupid question from a non-rookie, but I feel kinda `rookiesh` asking, lol. &nbspSo don`t judge me too hashly!I`ve been in and out of the LS as a single male for a number of years now, and have generally been into it because I love being with couples, and the excitement of chasing fantasies ... read more


travelling to Isle Of wight 27TH MAY - 30TH MAY , looking for lots of sexy fun, are there many IOW memberd... read more


Sleep nude in the bed and have a skin to skin contact with your partner after you have sex because There is NO replacement for skin to skin contact — it delivers the good stuff, Oxytocin, and bonds you together, benefits of Oxytocin including elevated happiness, lower stress, reduced blood pressur... read more

Soft Swap looking for Full Swap

Ok...I`m, sometimes, confused. There are some folks that list themselves as soft swap but are looking for full swap...WTF? If you`re looking for full swap, aren`t you, well...full swap?... read more


I`ve seen the word used on many profiles.  Usually the profiles using it is a single female or a couple trying to attract a single female.  I/we are not new to swinging and I/we understand the hierarchy of things.  Traditionally, in both the vanilla and swing world, if I/we ask you out on a date ... read more

MrH wants to know...

Why do only men get hall passes?I said it was a shitstorm question, but...Just cheating married men? (IMO)... read more

Reply or Delete

Recently we were talking with some friends and the subject came up about getting emails from people where there was not a `four-way` match. There was some disagreement about whether or not to respond and if you should say something or simply hit the delete button. What are other peoples` thoughts on... read more

Watch or be watched?

We`ve been messing with the voyouer cam...not sure how expert we are, lol! It`s really a turn on to know people are eat watching us fuck, oral, 69...multiple positions and yet, try to keep anonymous...which can be a challenge. What is your video/exhibition favorites?... read more

Lifestyle n Nudists

You guys are at a party or a club or any lifestyle event?Will u guys be attracted more to the couple/single,A- walking around naked even though they are not playing.B-Those that dressed sexy,and if they were to play, only then go nude or partially clothed.C- Doesn't Matter attracted to bothWe find t... read more

New to Swingers Resorts

So, we are wanting to go to our first resort together some time next year. We have looked everywhere and there are so many options that we have no idea which to go with. Preferably the location would be tropical, so that narrows it down a bit. But having some recommendations would greatly help at th... read more

The First Experience

This is a story about the time we went in to a swinger club for the first time. We had a pleasant evening before the club while preparing in a hotel and enjoying each others company. We didn`t talk too much about what was going to happen or anything like that but some jokes were made by me. When we ... read more

Updated - A bit fantasy

I am Salva, 25 years old, tall (193 cm) and 87 kg young guy.By nature, i always like mature and sexy women : )Therefore, i have an idea to share.I am super free this month so I can even travel to other countries.However, i am not into salt sex... I am into fantasies which will make her and me happy ... read more

Photoshop Help

I have Elements 9, use it for cropping and enhancing photos.  Sadly I have not taken the tutorials.So, can anyone tell me how you add the images that are used to cover faces on profile photos?  I also see little stars covering nipples and genitals.  Please?Thanks... read more

4/4 to 10/4: Son leaves for Uni - the party begins again!

4/4 Woke at 9 to find we had a problem with a client install that will now be done tomorrow. Worked through till lunch. Rita left to go to Westfield and I went to gym. After I showered and then ordered some wine and drinks to be delivered. Started to watch a Danish series - Follow the Money. Early e... read more


&nbspI understand the need for discretion. But if you don`t show who you are hiding face/body, how do we ladies know if we want to meet you/your man? If we already ask in our headline, in our essay, why do we have to ask again in an email?If you don`t show your face/body in the email when you w... read more

An early experience

I step into the shower, looking forward to a long, hot shower after a very busy day   As the hot water ran down my back, I began to relax, I took a soapy sponge, begin to rub my neck, my arms, my shoulders, relaxing, the tension subsiding. I sponge my chest, my belly, oops, what is this! ... read more

Age Honesty

We`ve seen a lot of profiles lately where the ages are so obviously mis-stated that it is almost comical.  (And yes, the women seem more guilty of this.) &nbspThere are some that say 36, and when you look at the photos, the person is obviously on the plus side of 50. &nbspDo people really f... read more

ABC of Swingers

This is just a whimsical post, if one wanted to categorize the types of Swingers. And for the life of me, just couldn`t come up with one for X! Any ideas?A - Accidental SwingersB - Bubbly SwingersC - Chatty SwingersD - Daring SwingersE - Exquisite SwingersF - Fabulous SwingersG - Grumbling SwingersH... read more

exploring amsterdam

We will be in Amsterdam on 25/26th of april, 27/28th in Brussel 29th/30th &amp 1st may in Rotterdam &amp Amsterdam. Will appreciate if somebody tell us about some hot swinger clubs. Also looking for couples to play with. ... read more


So, you get a nudge, typically the note says this member likes your profile....what next?Obviously it`s flattering, but if they are across the globe, what do you do?Or, if a conversation starts, who would you expect to travel since they initiated? Or, as I often do, thank them for checking in and le... read more

New blog free form

Blogs aint what they used to be...have at it...good stuff...bad stuff...what say you???... read more

Miami Velvet

Have not been to Velvet for a while. the last time about 18 months ago it was nothing special. We have been there many times over the years. Wondering how it is today? ... read more

not in public

Me and my girl don`t understand for the life of us why a very high percentage of &nbspour Caucasian &nbspand Latin friends from this website will talk us to death through the inbox but totally ignore or act as if they don`t know us when we see them in public. I`m just wondering if anyone els... read more

Mingler’s Club Merritt Island, FL

Is Minglers club gone for good?... read more

Where My Sistas At?

I`m going to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while now. I`ve been thinking of the right way to word it as it has the potential to open up a can of worms but if you read my stuff then you know that`s what I do, so here we go.I notice that there are very few Black women in the life... read more

Fun with Old Friends: 28/3 to 3/4/16

28/3 Well - Bank Holiday Monday - a long lie in and then we ordered a Thai meal. During the afternoon I watched Bridge of Spies and Black Sabbath. Early evening we munched, watched some TV and then early bed and watched Netflix before we dropped asleep. 29/3 Woke at 8.30 and got stuck into work and ... read more

HEDO II Jamaica

I will be in at Hedo II from April 9-17. Please contact me if you will be there or in Negril and would like to meet. If anyone has any good dance clubs or other things to do in Negril of the resort torecommend other than the usual tourist spots please do. ... read more

san suci Jamaica

We are planning to go there, anyone been there, or planning to go there /... read more

Little or Nothing??

So, for those that enjoy lingerie...both the guy buying or the woman wearing...Years ago, my wife thought it was a negative that I enjoyed her wearing outfits, bikinis, lingerie etc...but has realized it`s just my `fetish`, and now enjoys them. Other couples, do you appreciate little or Nothing?... read more

Whiney DSM blog :)

OK I read all the time about guys with bad "hygiene" and guys that do not show up...who the fuck are you talking to???? I am a normal white single guy and not alone..guys  like us cannot even get a sniff...and there are plenty of guys that are validated and show up...what do I need to do to become ... read more