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More Pirates..AAArrrgghhh!!

“And an 8-year-old girl in Ottawa, Illinois, opened up her McDonald’s Happy Meal, found a bag of marijuana, a lighter and pipe in it. Yeah. Turns out it was just the Keith Richards action figure from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’” - Jay Leno... read more

This weekend at The Silver Minx

Cum Join us at The Silver Minx foran awesome weekend of playing, mixing  and mingling. For reservations  call us at 972-225-6792 or 972-754-8768                        &n... read more

How About them Spur's!!

 2007 Western Conference Champions... read more

Getting started

We are so excited to see how many people have asked to be a part of the Polyamorous community. We are trying to spend a bit more time developing the community. We would like to eventually have some kind of get together/weekend etc for the community. Please give us your suggestions, advise, and suppo... read more

Come To Paradise This Weekend @ The Top Swingers Venue In Essex

Come To Paradise This Weekend Great Facilites, Multiple Play Areas, Party Nights on Friday Saturday & Sunday Nights Too. We always give you a night to remember every time. If you've never been to the Spa, you don't know what you're missing. This Sunday we'll be partying on into the Bank Holida... read more

Memorial Day Weekend - Three Fantastic Parties - Wet T-shirt Contest

COME AND SEE WHOSE BOOBS ARE BEST                                             ... read more

Memorial Day

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

Memorial Day Weekend - Three Fantastic Parties - Wet T-shirt contest

COME AND SEE WHOSE BOOBS ARE BEST                                             ... read more

Don't insult me, David..How's your children?

Despite President Bush's attempt yesterday to win back support for the war in Iraq by reminding people of the dangers posed by al-Qaeda, today's coverage is full of skepticism and distrust. And given the chance to address his lack of credibility at a hastily scheduled press conference this morning, ... read more

Folic Acid

Following on from the "Smoking Ban" post, what is your take on the rehashed proposal for all UK bread products to be laced with Folic Acid? Folic Acid is proposed to be put into bread products to possibly save a maximum 170 children being born with a disability in the UK. Now that really is "Fa... read more

Three Day and Nighgt Bash at Th Silver Minx

Come join us in our THREE DAY MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATIONFriday through Sunday! Friday night, join us in your sexiest summer wear, and, dance to your favorite tunes and take a dip in our pool. Bring your PJ's, pillows and blankets and plan on spending a wild weekend at the Minx.Saturday, anyone that ... read more

Three DAy and nights at The Silver Minx, Don't miss out!!!

Come join us in our THREE DAY MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATIONFriday through Sunday! Friday night, join us in your sexiest summer wear, and, dance to your favorite tunes and take a dip in our pool. Bring your PJ's, pillows and blankets and plan on spending a wild weekend at the Minx.Saturday, anyone that ... read more

Amsterdam fun

Fun4two on the 26 of may and Fata on the 27h of May. Maybe chat in advance and meet at the club  ? e&k... read more

Borrowed topic from another site, funny!!

You ever been at the party getting your groove on, open doors all around and people are in the room watching you like they are cast offs from The People Under the Stairs.   Even worse it’s more people watching than actually doing something.  Following you around.......just to see……... read more

Anti-illegal-immigrant law OK'd in Texas

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas - Voters in this Dallas suburb became the first in the nation Saturday to prohibit landlords from renting to most illegal immigrants.  The ban was approved by a vote of 68 percent to 32 percent in final, unofficial returns. The balloting marked the first public vote on a... read more

Do you remember ?

Do you remember your first pair of long trousers, wearing shorts for school ? your first bra or pair of tights? Above all...   spangles, jubbly's and black jacks? what else was lost down memory lane ?  ... read more


HI there anybody going to Majorca or in Majorca (Palma) over next two weeks? Love to meet up or get advice on places to go to meet lifestylers! ... read more


Hello, all you Forum Floggers

I'm new here (*snicker!*) and I need some expert guidance. I heard somewhere that SDC has a killer forum filled with the greatest peeps anywhere, but I haven't yet been able to find it despite an extensive search. Can someone kindly point me in the direction of this fabled superforum that keeps jum... read more


We are planning a new visit to fun4two . The dates are not set – but hopefully in the near future. We have been to the club several times – but we are now looking for a couple that can accompany us. What we are seeking is a couple that is fits our age, interest and who we can chat with in advan... read more

any tips for travelling across USA?

Hello I'm comming in summer from Europe to States to cross from New York to Los Angeles. Do you have any tips for a single male who would like to taste the xxx side of USA (clubs, private parties)?   Thanks Fly  ... read more


Hi We are a couple from Ireland. Travelling to Amsterdam in early June for 5 days. Never been there before and would love some advice or tips on where to visit (not museums!). We enjoy full swinging but not into s&m or fetish scene. Any suggestions for good venues would be much appreciated... read more

Thoughts on Natural Erotica

Hello to all yee who read this..... I am a semi-pro photographer living in Dublin, Ireland To date I have concentrated mostly on model fashion shoots and nude artwork along with a little product work. But one thing I was always interested in was doing some more erotic shoots. I do personally enjoy e... read more

France & Conservatives in the USA

Conservatives have to stop rolling their eyes every time they hear the word, "France." Like just calling something "French" is the ultimate argument winner. As if to say, "What can you say about a country that was too stupid to get on board with our wonderfully-conceived and brilliantly-executed war... read more

A Great Friday followed by our SDC party

Friday is Go Go girls night and Saturday is our SDC party!!! come join us for a sexy great time!!! Discounts for signing  on our  SDC event page!! We are BYOB  and by reservation only.For reservations call us at 972-225-6792 or 972-754-8768      &nbs... read more

Four More Months?

After four years of perpetually kicking the can down the road, President Bush may finally be facing a deadline in Iraq that he can't ignore. This one is from his own party. It would force him to either show signs of success in Iraq in four months -- or admit failure. And unlike so many of the previ... read more

CAP D'Agde

Hi We are in Cap D'Agde from June 12th to 18th. Any cpls interetsted in meeting up for a drink etc just drop us a line on SDC.... read more

Orlando Limo Services

We are looking for a qaulity Orlando area limo service.Can anyone recommend one.... read more


Hi,We will be travelling to Madrid for weekend of 18th - 20th May and are lookingfor a good club (couples only) for the Saturday night. Any suggestions.D&B... read more



Who needs FRIENDS ??????

Who needs friends ? Over recent recent weeks we have concluded that there are rather a lot of 'Billy no mates' out there desperate to appear popular. We have recieved so many requests from people we have never even spoken to let alone met to be added to the 'friends list'. Do you add ... read more

Mykonos in June!

                                        Mykonos 21st - 28th June We are going to Mykonos for a fun filled... read more

Heading to Desire July 29 to August 3, 2007

Hello all, we are heading to Desire in Cancun on July 29, 2007.  Any one else going to be there at that time.  Would like to meet some online friends before we travel.  ... read more

This Weekend at The Silver Minx

 Friday Black lights, glowing bodies and skimpy little outfits!Were having a paint yourself till you glow night. Choose your favorite markers or glo paints and let yourself be seen. Purple, Green and more, make it fun, make it sexy, but by all means you gotta make this party! Do we have a volun... read more

This Weekend at The Silver Minx

 Friday Black lights, glowing bodies and skimpy little outfits!Were having a paint yourself till you glow night. Choose your favorite markers or glo paints and let yourself be seen. Purple, Green and more, make it fun, make it sexy, but by all means you gotta make this party! Do we have a volun... read more


The Paradise Spa Invites all you sexy people to our "Anything Goes" Friday Party Night @ the Spa. Our Friday nights are always busy sexy fun filled events. Start the bank holiday off with a bang @ the best swingers club in Essex. We give you excellent Spa facilities with 6 lockable double pla... read more

5/5/07 rumors club in tulsa

hay every one mrs navy wants to party this sat. so we will be at club rumors in tulsa.... read more

Four Years After 'Mission Accomplished'

There may be no more vivid illustration of the collapse of President Bush's public image than the changing perceptions of his "Mission Accomplished" moment. Four years ago today, Bush flew aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier in "Top Gun" style, stood under a banner proclaiming "Mission A... read more

Your most Hedonistic Experience !!!

So tell me what is the most Hedonistic experience you have... I'd love to hear the stories and hey if you have the pictures to prove it ... we'd more than love to see them...     Peterina Hedonism III... read more

Hedo or desire

Hi, We visited Desire, Cancun last Labor day and had a blast. We are considering Hedo this Fall. What are the differences of the two hedos and is there a significant defference between Hedo and Desire. Also are there any takeovers in the fall. Thanks, Mike & Deb ... read more

Soft Swing / Oral sex ?????????????

In an era of HIV and chastity rings, teenagers and young adults – roughly 75% of them – have turned to oral sex as a “less risky” option. But it’s not safe sex. And while it won’t get you pregnant, it can still get you into big trouble. For the first time ever, researchers at Johns Hopki... read more


Hola Anni Me gustaria ver si nos puedes ayudar, llevamos ya varios años buscando una experiencia nueva en nuestra vida de casados, la cual no hemos realizado por temor, miedo y el que pasara despues, la realidad es que al principio el fanasear conque la podriamos tener nos ayudo muchisimo algun ti... read more

letter to santa

Please, Santa, send me my soul mate, who looks at me lovingly and says.... I'll swallow it all. I love the taste Are you sure you've had enough to drink? I'm bored. Let's shave my P*&&%. Shouldn't you go down to the bar with your buddies? That was a great fart! Can you do it again? I've deci... read more

Going to Rot?

  Going to Rot Rally? We are meeting at for breakfast at IHOP in Waxahachie on 77 and 35 at 9 am on Thursday the 31st. Interested in riding along? Shoot us an email so we know to look for you. We are pulling out of IHOP no later then 10:30 am and taking a nice scenic route down to Austin. We w... read more

Desire or Hedo?

We have been to Desire and it was fantastic. Now we are planning our next trip for the fall. We are considering one of the Hedo resorts. We are looking for feedback to help us decide..... read more

Central Florida Resorts

Can Anyone recommend a nice Adult Resort in Central Florida Tampa area? Thank you in advance... read more

yes we agree

It would be nice to see if there are negative things about a person and/or persons so you know what to expect!  ... read more

Single and Bi sexual women only

Over the years we have noticed that couples have in their profile that they are looking for a single bi sexual women. In looking at the validations of other couples and everyone does how many couples actually have this come true. Just think before you write. Every couple on here is entitled to th... read more


Post pictures of the type of women / men you like. ... read more

La otra mujer!

Pues bien, que puedo hacer tu otro amor me ha vencido   pero solo quisiera saber si como yo te he querido  ella te podra querer   no la odio la admiro. Ella tiene tu amor mientras yo tengo tu olvido. Cuando te llega a querer como yo te he querida aprendera a ser mujer y... read more


Saludos ... read more


Be sweet and wild, meet & except all.  You can have more of a wild time when you know exactly what you want.... read more

Swingers at San Diego

Hola:   Vamos a viajar este sábado a San Diego y queríamos saber si puedes darme informes de clubs swingers en esta ciudad. Gracias... read more

R U multi-orgasmic?

We read somewhere that only 14 percent of all women can cum even once every time they fuck.  If true, that's a sad number.  Our guess is that a lot more women who swing know how to cum and have also figured out how to be multi-orgasmic.  We would like to know the real answers from y... read more


¿Cual es mas divertido, Hedonism II o Hedonism III? ¿En cual hay mas fiesta y sexo?... read more

First Swinging Experience

We are a new couple looking to get into it but wed like to hear how you went about getting into the lifestyle. ... read more

Negative Validatilons

Since we have the ability to reject validations, nobody ever sees the negative validations.  Wouldn't you want to know if a couple was rude, agressive or not clean.  Shouldn't SDC have a place for negative validations so couples can be warned before meeting?... read more

Condoms a MUST

I notice that a couple on here has a topic on bareback sex and telling others that they have and enjoy bare back sex.  What about the ones that lie and say safe sex always or condoms a must? I've notice is that a lot of people on here have condoms a must / safe sex always and they don't us... read more

Visiting the US

I'm planning a trip state side as I can't seem to meet couples for fun in the Emerald Isle and was hopeing that SDC members might guide me in the direction of a club that permit single guys.I haven't experienced the club scene as here single guys are 10 a penny but have had the enjoyment of 3some fu... read more

Orlando Limo

Can anyone recommend a stretch limo company in Orlaando?... read more

Picking out swingers at events!

How do you decide who the swingers are? We are going the Republic of Texas Bike Rally and we know there have got to be a lot of swingers there. We are having a hard time trying to figure out how we are going to tell who the swingers are. We would really like to met some swinger friends there but are... read more

Hedo II, Hedo III or Desire?

Which resort is the best for swinging? We have been to Hedo II and had a blast...we are trying to make a choice on which club to attend next. We really want to try Hedo III if its anything like Hedo II then we would like to try Desire. But we dont want to waste out money if its not at least as good ... read more