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looking for sexy secrets about Mykonos

Hi SDC people, we have decided to head for Mykonos this year for a short summer break while in Europe.  We have heard that there is a lot of nude sunbathing to be had and wild parties both on the beaches and in clubs. Also that there's a massive gay scene, however we haven't heard anything abou... read more

New Format

We don't like it at all!!!! Very hard to navigate............  Like the old setup for connections - hate the new!!!!!!... read more

I'm not a fan so far but...

The "My Connections" page was by far my favorite because it was so efficient. You could find out what's going on that is "directly" related to yourself immediately. Now the connections page has so much crap on it that I really don't care about. I don't care if XYZ becomes AB... read more

new look........ less members

we are not fans of the change to the site, especially the new option to copy photos, and will not be renewing our membership if it stays.  why fix it when it wasnt broke??... read more


party at Ft Lauderdale By 8:30 Pm. 954-540-8907... read more

New Site

We've been navigating on this new format and for the most part we're enjoying it. It gives you all the new information upfront which is why most of us come to the site in the first place, and then if that's not what you're looking for you can move on to your friends etc. Some of the old feautures th... read more

Looking for Apartment in Cap Dagde

Hi we are looking to spend 3 days in Cap Dagde from Mon 27th July until Thursday 30th July. We are looking for a studio/apartment. Anyone who can help us, let us know. Cheers Sara and Steve... read more

Why Change if its not Broken.....

I agree this format adds a few steps that are unessary it takes some time adjusting . Why fix something thats not broken........ M&D... read more

Key West

We will be in Key West the first of July. Read about us and let us know wht you think,.( or maybe not!). We sre social educated fun and love to be part of a sharing caring group. She has a petite frame with piercing Green Eyes. He is an athletic man that gives great conversation. Look us up!!! M ... read more

new SDC

What in THE.... I'm with everyone... this is brutal and WE (JTR4FUN) DO NOT LIKE IT...I DONT NEED TO KNOW THAT BAH BAH BAH AND JOE DIPSH@T Are NOW FRIENDS...Please return it to the way it was so we can USE IT.....better yet just keep all of the Good things that everyone is talking about like..... read more


The Mrs. has never been on a cruise.  We will not have the kids for 5 days in June. Which of the major Cruise Lines out of Florida would be the most adult fun? Thanks ... read more

new format

The new format is a BIG step backwards in stead of a step forward. Please change it back. It takes too many time to understand it...!!!... read more

new pics check them out- xtina171

Just added new pics to my profile... would love to hear some hopes to find new playmates... read more

Big Mistake!!

Why oh why change the format? I know it might be an old saying but "if it aint broke dont mend it!!" Its terrible...what have you done. How to go from best to worst in one easy go.  Get it back quick or you'll start loosing you money!... read more

New format

Really don't like the new format...............change it back .............please!!!!!... read more

change back

what was wrong with the way it was???? my vote ... put it back.....please... read more

new format

hate it. give an option for old format.... read more

New Format

Change for change sake is never good.  I agree, the new format isn't an improvement over the older format.  This is a great site, but don't get caught up in technology.  Was there any focus group or testing done where members could voice their opinions? ... read more

Any communication expert out there?

Hi. What can a single man do, to be appear attractive in SDC? First impresion is the most important  ... read more

New SDC - Love It or Hate It ?

ok, here we go..i hate it... read more

Utter Rubbish

did the developers of this site ever here of the old adage "if it ain't broke, why fix it", the new interface makes it difficult to find information Where is the function gone where you could see who was validated on the day you log on and then narrow it down to see who was validated in y... read more

The New SDC Format betrays my privacy!

I love SDC and the friends that I have met from the site. I also LOVE my privacy.  I think that most lifestylers are discreet and respect people's private life.  It is upsetting to me to have ADMIN make a decision across the board to "Facebook" the homepage. It now tells all of m... read more

Wondering if this site actually works

Hi to all who may read this.  We have been on this site for a couple of months now and are starting to wonder if it actually works.  We have been swinging for nearly a year now so we know a little about it but cant seem to get of the ground with this site.  Maybe its the pics or maybe... read more

Models and Actors and Actresses needed

HOT NEW TALENT NEEDEDI am trying to find Fresh new Faces in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. I am a talent agent for Access World Talent agency. You can check out our Website. I need anyone willing to be a model, actress or actor to contact me! This is a real paying gigs and final decisions are made a... read more




... read more

Single Payer

Everything candidate Obama said had to be in place for single payer health care is. Now it's not even on the table. Is this the change we can believe in?... read more

Singles on SDC

Hi! Just wondering what your advice to single guys on here is.  I am a bit frustrated by the treatment singles guys get.  I understand that many single guys may be total jerks but I don't appreciate being judged by how someone else behaves.  There are many couples that are equally as... read more

1 st time on ibiza

hi going to ibiza for 1st time. ll not go as a couple. just me fem.  looking for some fun just not sure of beverly club. may be some sex parties in there? .x... read more


  We are absolutely astonished by the large number of (supposedly single) guys who send hot emails saying they love our profile and ask to meet us. They usually describe in detail the hot sexy things they will do to Marie, if we agree to meet!    Then, after we say Okay lets meet a... read more


visiting goa from 4th june to 6th june ,... any hot cpls there... read more

The truth or something else?

Here is an interesting question? Or I should say something that I feel happens more often than not. The question: If you have plans with someone from another city, and you have a chance to meet someone that is just as nice in the same city, do you make an excuse to the person that is traveling, tel... read more

Bedford Uk 15th to 19th June

I'll be in the Bedford for 5 nights and would love some fun and company while there.Will be able to accom should anyone wish to stay over. Simon... read more

Info on Hedonism

Hello!   We are thinking about taking a trip to Hedonism in late july or early August. We heard Hedo2 is the best. Any advice? Thanks!!... read more

times i wish there was a way to......

Search Blogs...   My wife and I have wounded how many people have talked about topic A or B and there are so many posts that without a search options it gets kind of daunting.... read more

Love Land Torn Down

Torn down before opening, Love Land, was to have opened in Chongqing, in the southwest of China, in October. Deemed “evil” by senior officials who conducted an emergency tour, Love Land the sex theme park to be, was dismantled. "The investigation determined the park's content... read more

With Democrates like these.......

Who needs Rebublicans! What is it about Democrats in Washington that makes them clang a slam dunk? They have the greedheaded, boneheaded Wall Street bankers back on their heels, exposed as frauds and finaglers. They also have the broad public shouting that those being ripped off by the bankers... read more

"Sex Park" Closed before it opened

Print src=" read more

informacion hoteles

Buenas Tardes, quisieramos si es posible nos dieran informacion de hoteles nudistas en el caribe, tenemos idea de ir a st.maarten, pero si hay otras opciones perfecto. Gracias ccs69... read more

Travel to Desire Cancun May 27th

Hi,  Does anyone know if Desire Cancun actually has people staying there?  With the lifting of travel restrictions, flights from the UK are stating again, the question is, is there anyone actually at the resort? We are due to fly there on May 27th, any help is appriciated... Regards ... read more

Anybody coming to The Netherlands..???

Hello everybody... If anybody (Couples) is planning to visit The Netherlands and would like to have warm and friendly hosts, just send us a message... We love to meet people from everywhere... and go out for drinks, have fun and........... the sky is the limit.... Kisses for all.... Alex... read more

Smokin' in the Boy's Room

A couple of weeks ago I wrote of the forced closing of Casbar, a well-known swing club in Brooklyn, by the New York City Health Department. The head of that department is Dr. Thomas Frieden, who has just been named by President Obama to be the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Pr... read more

Masturbation Fundraiser

Masturbation has had a colorful history. By far the most universally practiced sexual behavior around the world; masturbation has gone from being aligned with mental illness to a tool of women’s empowerment to relationship woes. It is celebrated with its very own month of the year. Despite gre... read more

Free Hotel Room in High Wycombe this Sunday

HI Guys We booked the Devere Uplands hotel in High Wycombe this Sunday 17th for one night. Unfortunately our plans have gone to SH** so the room is now available for anyone who wants it - No charge, we're hoping some of you will fancy some play time and put it to good use. Send us a mess... read more

Moving to Las Vegas

Can folks outhere clue us into better communities to live in, school district, and life style ?? ... read more

Germany Hot Spots.....?

Can any of my fellow lifestylers recommend swingers clubs/parties in Germany, (Kaiserslauten) or nearby cities... read more

profile pics

I'm curious as to what type of pics the women, (especially the single ones), out there prefer to see on a profile.  I know what men prefer, there's a whole industry built around that.  Feed back would be very appreciated.   ... read more

Little Sins party staff

Hi everyone We're wondering if any of you sexy ladies fancy being a hostess for the upcoming Little Sins party on July 11th? We are also looking for pole dancers, plus lots more, so if you're interested or have something special that could make the party even more exci... read more

shy indian cple ,needing advise

hi we are a sexy attaractive indian cple,just got my wife to go the swinger clubs after many many years,up to know she has been very reluctant but resently she has looked keen and forward going to them,not yet started swinging,as she thinks it is wrong but have noticed a major change,she is now keen... read more

SDC Complete Hotel Takeover in Spain

Over 190 fortunate swinging lifestyle couples participated in the latest SDC Complete Hotel Takeover last week at the 5 star oceanfront resort Melia Sancti Petri in Chiclana de la Frontera Spain. Organizers of the international swinging event were SDC and TravelSDC. This was their fifth complete h... read more

Female ejaculation

 It was wonderful seeing all of you at En Primavera and please feel free to contact us via if you have any questions about Female ejaculation or squirting... read more

Estaré en Boca del Río Veracruz

Que tal,  Estaré visitando la Ciudad de Boca del Río Veracruz de los días 18 a 22 de mayo del 2009 y busco damas que me quieran hacer compañia por las noches.  Gracias y estamos en contacto. Hi, I'll be visiting Boca del Rio Veracruz from 18 to 22 may 2009.&n... read more


david223... read more

nudist group

hi all trying to get a nudist/swinger group together if your interested or have any suggestions let us know xxx wicca... read more

nudist group

hi all wanna get a nudist group together would have to be validated members to protect everyone if your interested write us and if there is enough intrest we will organise a meet when weather picks up or if you have any suggestions they would be welcome  xxx wicca... read more

Need prayers

I know this is a strange place for this, but one of our best frends was put into a wall this past weekend on his Harley by someone who fled the scene and he may never walk again. If you talk to someone each night before you go to sleep, mention him. He is one of the last true handshake is all that i... read more

Leather Leadership Conference Needs Host City

The Leather Leadership Conference (LLC, Inc.) is an organization dedicated to strengthening the SM/Leather/Fetish community by providing the stepping stones of learning and knowledge to assist in the development of the leadership skills of community members, to aid in the growth and success of organ... read more

LLC Wants You! Board Member Applications sought.

Are you looking for a way to get involved and make a difference in how our community grows and connects within our community and to the outside world?   The Leather Leadership Conference wants you!!!!  The Leather Leadership Conference (LLC, Inc.) is an organizati... read more

Suchen Mitarbeiterinnen

Wir suchen nette Mitarbeiterinnen für unseren Massageclub....Anfragen bitte per Privatnachricht oder unter read more

Any swinger in San Miguel Azores?

Hello, We will visit San Miguel Azores at the end of May. There is any swinger couple in San Miguel? We are a couple, open-minded, and would like to find someone else in the island. There is something we can do to find? Thanks a lot Amanda and Miguel Thanks again  ... read more

Trantra and more

Happy hour from 13-16 p.p Tantra massage from 2 girls,come in and find out... ... read more

I like the meetings, which not planned

I like the meetings, which not planned!! When I know that we will fuck, at me not always it turns out to take pleasure or in general to have sex. My husband always tries to arrange, that I not so knew!! what you think about this?... read more

TOP SDC Females and Ass List

Let me know what you think of the list. If you have suggestion send them. Criteria for the ass list is as follows: 1). Contestants must have booty cuff. 2). Apple and onion booties are preferred. 3). No over weight contestants. (Hips must be out of HWP for maximum booty size.) -------... read more

Eyes Wide Sins Party - UK

  Reservations for this party start HERE on WEDNESDAY, April 29th 2009 at MIDNIGHT!   LittleSins brings you at a NEW Castle, a NEW luxury and even more exclusive edition of    THE CAPE and MASK Party in the UK near BRISTOL! Therefore LittleSins is prou... read more

poysinsteel looking for party people

looking to party with a kool couple look no more . We love to party and love to make new friends.  sunpoysin13 at gmail or aol. com w are now in Cape coral Fla... read more


Why do people (mostly men but sometimes women) insist on keeping their watches on when having sex. Hey, it's really NOT sexy, ya know!... read more

Kink In The City

One of my most interesting experiences of late, was attending the 13th annual LLC (Leather Leadership Conference) in Atlanta for SDC. With over 200 attendees from 27 States, DC, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, the BDSM Fetish community was well represented by various community leaders in the ... read more