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28th May 2010 - Peaches & Cream Party

This was a Couples and Single Ladies Only Party newly hosted by James & Penny (James18 on SDC) Amongst other features, we had a human buffet table by the sexy, gorgeous and delectable Serena with some very delicious strawberry, peaches & other exotic fruits with fresh cream. We also fe... read more

What Really Turns You On

Maybe we should discuss what really turns us on so that it might open it up for other Couples, Males, Females. What really turns us on is male partner having 69 with other female while partner watches. He really loves it and loves to lick while he is being sucked. This is a turn on for him... read more

Palma de Maiorca

Hey guys, We are off to Palma de Maiorca 1th-8th June. Was wondering if anyone will be there and would like to meet up for sun and fun. C&J... read more

Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia

We travel for one year (starting in October 2010) to Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia. In this time we would like to meet other swingers... Does anyone know good clubs in that region? Do you live there or do you travel to one of those countrys and would lik... read more


Any one working out at Planet Fitness in Pembroke Pines, fl.... read more

North Carolina

Hello, We are planning on visiting non-swinging friends in Wilmington North Carolina for the 4th of July weekend and needed some assistance with information regarding swinging clubs around that area.  If anyone can assist we would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance for the help ;-) ... read more

In Austin Friday night 5/29!

We will be in Austin Friday night! Would love to meet someone some where laid back. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Feeling really naughty ;)... read more

Just returned from a great weekend at this spectacular All inclusive resort, it was class All the way from the moment we where met at reception, where you book in sitting down on a comfortable sofa with a glass of bubbly in hand through to having your suitcases waiting in your room, a great first im... read more

Gran Canaries 6th-16 June

Hey guys, We are off to Gran Canaries 6th-16th June. Was wondering if anyone will be there and would like to meet up for sun and fun. C&J xxx... read more

We also

Yes  we are into the same after a long friendship and a trusting partner.. usually our married friends... read more

Heading to SC/Ga

We are heading down SC/GA between 5/28-6/3. While in the area we are hoping to find a female or cpl to play with. Email us if interested. ... read more

s/m host of house party

Is it unusual for a single male to host a house party ? I am into small house gatherings  for pleasure not business. I sended out invitations and only one person replied. I thought it to be rude not to at least reply when a invite is sent directly but that might just be my own standard of ... read more

anyone traveling to Honduras, central america..

Hi, just wanted to let you know that we are lonely on the beach in Tela, honduras, central america, if you like to have some exitment this summer on the beach, come and visit us, it is really hard to find people in our life style here, we can host,  take care and be well..... read more


We would like to hear from members about UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCES in the LIFESTYLE and how you managed the situation. What are the causes of UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCES ? Is it jealous husbands or pushy single guys?... read more

Carnival Crusie Cozumel this weekend

People say there isn't a single cruise these days that does not have swingers on board. Well we are going to Cozumel and looking for them. Say hi if you are too!... read more

Bamboo Beach Tiki

My husband and I went to this meet & greet May 21st at Bamboo Beach Tiki and it was NOT what we or any other SDC members expected. First of all the guest list was bogus. I received emails of couples that were "suppose" to be attending and several of them aren't even members any longer.... read more

Norway 9-12 june

 we will visit oslo  9 - 12 of june... bye ... call for us if you want... read more

Ibiza Swingers Private Village

We have been visiting Ibiza Swinger Private Village for a few times; time to do a report/   The hosting couple is not only a good looking couple, but their hospitality is enormous! Our first visit to the Village was during nighttime and the entrance is already stunning. The road up to the re... read more

New Orleans this weekend

Looking for the best swing club in New Orleans. We'll be there this weekend--Thursday through Sunday.... read more


HELP CLEAN UP THE OIL SPILL:  BUSCH WILDLIFE SANCTUARY DONATION DRIVE Items sought: Dawn dish soap, towels, toothbrushes, Pepto Bismol, pet carriers and latex gloves Collection locations Southern Eagle Distribution, 5300 Glades Cut Off Road, Fort Pierce, weekdays, 9 a.m. to noon Sunrise ... read more

Come to SeaGate for the Weekend

Start out by comming to our nude beach. Seagate is a no pressure hotel/pool. You can rent rooms for $50.00. You need to call and see if they have dayrooms available. If you have a place to stay in Fort Lauderdale you can get in for $30.00 a couple. This includes a BBQ and towels. It is BYOB and mixe... read more

OBX Kitty Hawk Memorial week...seeking playmates

Mr. Travler69 will be in Kitty Hawk/Nags Head during this week with complete and total hall Seeking couples and singles to hang out with and have some fun. Get in touch. My condo fell throguh  ut cannot cxl plane or car if anyone knows of a decent rental please let ... read more


2 questions, is there high speed internet on board the ship and being anm sdc cruise, what attire will be worn, at night etc, are there any theme nights, wouldn't want o come unprepared ... read more

BP's Rules If you're an aficionado of ironic justice, try this morsel: On the day that BP's Gulf oil rig blew up, seven of the corporation's executive muckety-mucks happened to be on the platform, having gathered there for a ceremony to tout the project's safe... read more

Our German Fetish Ball weekend, May 2010

"Fuck you, you better do what I tell ya!"   Hamburg. At first sight not your regular holiday destination. But when it was decided to change places for the German Fetish Ball, from Berlin to Hamburg, it was an easy decision to go to Hamburg for a long weekend. For months we loo... read more

BMW National Rally July 13-17 Redmond OR

 Anybody will be there????... read more

Temptations vs. Desire vs. Ceriba

Hi we are taking a vacation to Mexico this summer but would like to try something other then Desire.  We have heard good and bad reports on Temptations and see that there is a trip planned to the new resort "Ceriba"????? or whatever the name is.  Has anyone been to Temptations?&n... read more

Loving ourselves.

And thats not just playing with our bits ,, lol At times sites like this can make you feel all sorts  from I 'm not good enough to mail that couple .... as not size 4/6/10/  from looking at a persons feed back thay have loads and you feel wow why  not me, What do thay have that i dont... read more

temptations Highly recommended

We have been going there since '05 (when it was called Blue Bay getaway). We have been there several times.... read more

old pics

hi all, just wondering about people posting old pics of themselves, should they be named and shamed. we have had two recent situations where the person that turned up seemed to be very old compared to the pic they have posted. "ballysgirl" t & b... read more

any one for pattaya

hi guys we are a yng cpl planning a vacation in pattaya thailand, we would be happy if we can meet other couples who are also visiting thailand for fun, get in touch with us so we can plan something together.... read more

*420* Smoking & Swinging

So after swinging for so many years, and smoking for so many years, we've developed a fantasy where we'd love to meet another couple for an intense and fun smoke-out session.   Then once everybody's happy and the juices are flowing, we get into some hot, passionate sex. In our vanilla life, ... read more

Bisexual Men and swinging.

We were wondering the thoughts about Bi men and swinging.  It has been our experience that stating in our profile that we are both Bi-Curious has limited our contacts.  That is fine as it is to each is own here.  What we do not quite understand is why. No ALWAYS means no in this li... read more

Wiesbaden fun

Male from this partnership in Wiesbaden for the weekend looking for some fun .... nice meal and drinks and then see what happens. Of coarse all will be shared with my partner and hopefully we can all et together as well when it suits. Drop me a line on 00447980697171.... read more


We are in Corfu in July and were wondering whether there were any places of specific interest to swingers... read more

Already Did! sort of

 Halloween party near Hershey PA, as we were driving back to NY from FL; we stopped over as the timing was perfect.  We met a couple and she was an absolute dead ringer for Sarah Palin.   Luckily we had incredible chemistry with them, so I got my Sarah Palin fantasy accomplished; it w... read more

What's the secret to healthy swinging?

What is it about a man/woman wanting to see his/her spouse/partner enjoy sex with others?     While I was married, during the time we ventured into the lifestyle, I never understood it as my own marriage was a dysfunctional relationship due to our own mismatch and both of our goals were... read more


 anymore softies like us on this cruise? kiss... read more

420 Blog Questions

Hello Everybody, We moderate the 420 group and for those who don't know this is for people who either enjoy 420 participation OR don't mind being with people who do even if they do not. So many people like Drug Free but really mean hard drugs like coke, pills etc.... So we thought rather than ... read more

Is it true?

I was told this week that theres loads here who are not real swingers but on the game? Escorts  for me swinging sex is fun ,,, when money comes into it the funs all gone ....... its then a job and jobs are boring its not swinging  ?? Weird thing after i had this chat  next person im m... read more

Why MFM play?

For me (HIM) we MFM: 1. For her to enhance her playtime to a whole new level. 2. To see her enjoy sex from a different view that can’t be seen from one on one. 3. Our sex life is so much better since we started this. 4. To give her the ability to have no hang-ups on sex, with herself... read more

Excellent place!

 We have select this property for the following reasons to make an SDC Takeover: 1. It is located in a secluded beach area with a very wide white sandy beach. 2. All rooms and Suites are facing the Ocean  3. Plenty of Suites available ideal for entertaining from 1 or 2 couples to 20 co... read more

Hedo or Desire?

J is doing the P90X to get in shape for a fun adult vaction. She is wanting to go to either Hedo or Desire in Sept.. Which is better and why?  Thanks Jenbar... read more

too too much

having been swingers for longer (almost) than some of you have been born and having met some of the nicest people that you can imagine,we ran into a problem this weekend and perhaps someone can help start with we just love threesomes.this weekend we hooked up with a  young man that we wer... read more

Plans for Ramakien resort in Dec 2010

 We are planning a trip to Ramakien resort form the 24th to the 30th of December 2010. Drop us a mail if anyone is planning to trip to Thailand around then Cheers... read more

Couples party in Singapore 29th May - for Friends visiting from overseas!

Hi All, I wiill be hosting a couple who have been close swinging friends for several years now in Singapore at the end of this month. They have been great fun over the years and when I'm in Singapore I'll be organising a small couples only party for them on the 29th of May. If you are a couple... read more

Goodbye Hellfire

 We have now left the Hellfire club after 3 years working with Mr Hellfire we have decide to part company this does not mean we will not be interested in running other parties in the future. We have enjoyed helping to build the club Ed doing all the building work and me the interior design and ... read more

Caliente Resort Tampa July 29 - August 01

We have planned our first vacation to the Caiente in Tampa since we decided to try the lifestyle. We are new to this and hope to meet some real fun people to party with. If you can be there and would like to show us the ropes then let us know. We look forward to meeting some other attractive co... read more


If its Saturday and you are a couple or single lady and you are in Mexico City the place to be is the DREAMS bar, ask us for details. meet you there!!!... read more

Is mastering the art of Voluntary Ejaculation appealing to swingers?

Voluntary ejaculation is a Toaist/tantric practice where the orgasming male consciously avoids ejaculating, thus preserving his recently stimulated homones and sexual energy,not to mention his hard-on,eventaully becoming a multi-orgasmic "sex machine".   The storin... read more

favourite videos

While doing a spot of perving last night I came across a wonderful (serioysly hot) profile video and I started to wonder who has the best profile video on the site? So my nomination for the May award goes to; CHARDONNAY... read more

Fulfilling a Fantasy--for BBC Lovers only!

Help fulfill my Fantasy? I am currently looking for an out of town wife to have a LTR with. I want to fly her into Houston once a month or as our time allows. I would take care of her hotel and flight arrangements..she would come into town one day and be back home to hubby all used up the next ... read more

Cap d' Agde

Please, can anyone recommend a hotel for us, we have never been to Cap d' Adge before and we are unsure of where to stay? However, we do not want to be naked all day! and we are thinking of going 2nd week of August. Thank you Mr and Mrs Smith... read more

Theme Ideas

 We are always looking for new themes to try! If you have an idea let us know. Thanks... read more

new site rule-change your profile pics yearly

 We have been off the site for a few years starting a family and recently rejoined. Looking through many profiles since we have returned its like taking a step back in time as so many people have kept the same photos up that they had on here 3 years ago and maybe have had on even longer than th... read more

Sensuality and Sand aka Horny @ Haulover

     I dont know if its the fragrance of coconut oil, the warmth of the sun bathing the most intimate crevices of my body, the smell of sea salt, the breeze washing over my body, the sparkles created by the sunlight as it bounces over naked bodies or simply the rum in my coke in ... read more

temptation cancun mexico

Anyone going in may to temptation we are there 4th -25th for some sexy fun xxx M & P... read more

Caliente: Not as Open as you think...

So we were hanging out at Trapeze one night and the wife filled out the card to win a trip. As such, we ended up on a marketing list for Caliente. They had this 4 night stay for $299. The lady pitching me on it said that they were converting from nudist to Lifestyle. So my wife and I got our hop... read more