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Why not just be honest!

My husband and have been on this site for about a year now and it seems that some people can't make up their minds if they are straight or bi.  We are both totally straight and are clear in our profile about that and everything else we want to find.  I'm not homophobic, but I'm also not in... read more

Recognizing swingers playing.....

Hi all, what do you find is the best way to recognize or to be recognized as a swinging couple in a cruise ship... read more

Les Chandelles, Paris

Has anyone here been to Les Chandelles in Paris I am thinking about taking my wife there for our wedding anniversary and want to find out more about Les Chandelles, Paris. We would also like to meet and get to know sexy couples from Paris who go to Les Chandelles. Thanks Rob... read more

fun in the sun

We shall be in Le Cap on July 3 for 12 days,anyone there at the same time ... read more

The role of the single male

I met a lovely Dutch couple last evening and we had a wonderful chat as well as some great fun and games in their hotel room. We discussed the role of the single guy. They generally play with couples but they were on holiday here in Roma and found no couple they wanted to meet. The role that they... read more

New Orleans Mardi Gras 2012 & Cruise

 We will be attending our 6th straight Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year followed by a Cruise. We are interested in trying to get a good group of people together to enjoy this season with and maybe the cruise too if planned early enough. We already have the cruise departing New Orleans Feb 19... read more

Looking for a cute girl to hang with tonight:)

We are looking for a single female who wants to have a fun night with us tomorrow night (Saturday) in NYC.  We would love to go out for a few drinks and see if we all have chemistry.  We like to hit a few hotspots and see where the night might takes us.  We love adventure and meeting ... read more

Why are their so many cliques and haters with single Black men?

Lets see< I know swinging is for open-minded individuals and couples with No drama. Supposed to be right. Me being a Black guy, single, educated, and self-employed. I dont follow the " wolf pack " I dont mind small groups. Disliking other guys especially black men among t... read more

Another "Brilliant Email" ...

It's been a while since we have posted anything in/on the blogs. This seemed a perfect opportunity. As a bonus to us, it has been almost 21 months since we have received an email of this type... Didn't realize how much we missed them ... ________________________________ Subject Line: ... read more

Whos the best

I need your help San Antonio which is better tonight Players SA or Club Mystique??????????????????... read more


Is anyone going to swingfest this year in Miami Fl... read more

ibiza tips

On top of the 2 clubs swingersvillage ad libertyloft - who has ideas on the best beaches, places and so for libertine couples? kisses ...and more    ... read more

Is it okay just to start grabbing?

Do you think it's okay for a women to just randomly grab a guy penis and fondle it without his or his significant other permission? I mean with us women, we would be furious if some random guy just came up to us and did the same thing. So why does some women think it's okay to do so without askin... read more

Facebook Etiquette

 This is fun... read more

Nudist beach near Vancouver

We will be in Vancouver, Canada around July 1, 2011.  Can anyone recommend a nice nude beach in the area?  What is the weather like that time of the year? Any public transportation to the beach?  It will be great to meet up with couples with the same interest.   J&S... read more

Top Marks to SDC for a great cruise

A huge thanks to the SDC travel team and others for all the work they put into the Mediterranean cruise a few weeks back.  We know it takes a huge amount of work to put this event together and wanted to let you know we really appreciate your efforts in making sure we all had such a wonderful t... read more

Tips for Single Men on HOTWIFING and CUCKOLDING

The proportion of "potential" bulls to couples is one hundred to one. Any self-assured, attractive, guy can be turned into a bull by the right wife. So don't full yourself; all these "bull rules," are but a fantasy whose only result is that you self-select yourself out. You hook ... read more

Party Hunting For Monday 30th

Hi We are looking for a party/club to visit this Bank Holiday Monday (30th May), does anyone know of anything thats going on.  We don't mind if we have to travel. Many Thanks... read more


"They may not be able to suck, lick, fuck or make you cum but they can blog with the best of 'em." Here we are approaching June, seems the Rapture was postponed again, so it's time to give some props to excellence in writing while we still have time. If there was a blog that you thou... read more

Safe sex

We love swinging, been doing it for some months, but we're still worried about DSTs. We use condoms (obviousy), but unprotected oral sex seems the norm and we worry about the possibility of catching a disease by doing it. No one likes to lick rubber, but is that the sensible thing to do? What ... read more

In Town

We are in Houston tonight, any suggestions.... Staying around The Galleria area....... read more

Any bukkake/cumbath experience?

 Any cpls into bukkake fun? Did you try it?How happened and any good or bad moments?How many guys did you have? or did you dream any?... read more

How to expalin to your grown children why you have condoms.

Recently one of our sons went in search of a band-aid in our bathroom and returned wondering why we had condoms in our medicine cabinet. I came up with the excuse that when we travelled we used them to avoid soiling the sheets and that they were convenient for the lube. That lube container always ... read more

How Often Do You Play?

This subject has come up a couple times and It got me a wonderin. What is the average amount of play? It seems like there are factions that play at clubs every week and others who occasionally , every few months, indulge. Has your MO changed over time? What factors are involved,ie. f... read more

Possible Nude Beach in Delray Beach, FL :)

Hi All   Saw in the news that some residents of Delray Beach are trying to have a clothing opt beach in Delray. Looks like they need some help to get the issue on the ballot. Is there any Delary members that like to help? Enjoying lifes pleasures ************************************** Fol... read more

Privacy on swinger cruise

We are seriously considering being part of the 2012 Europe swinger cruise advertized here but we have a question for those who have attended previous cruises or activities. How do you keep your uncensored photos having "fun" on the ship from being published on the net? We are regulars ... read more

Race in swinging.

Curious what makes race so important to people in swinging. I just went through a search online and the first 2 couples that I had an interest in that were allowing singles males had on their profile no black men/no bbcs. Also I have met ladies that arent into white men. Even my current girlfriend d... read more

Monaco Grand Prix

We're heading down to Monaco next week and staying at Le Meridien Beach Plaza. Is anyone else heading down?... read more

It sucks!

We went and it sucked. Not worth the money at all.... read more

Caliente Tampa

Has anyone been there? How is it? Is it worth our time? Is it worth the money? The prices are equivilent to a 5 star resort, are the prices justified? Is it a swingers place or more of a traditional nudist resort?... read more

Are we done yet?

 The US has succeeded in finally eliminating Osama Bin Laden and effectively beheading, at least temporarily, his organization. With that mission accomplished, I find myself wondering if we should now simply get out of Afghanistan. As we have proven in Iraq, it is unlikely that we'll ever estab... read more

Woo Hoo

Come Party With James at His 3rd Annual Wild Wild West Party....... May 21st.... & If Doc & Kristi are their..... Woo Hoo Ask Me Upstairs.... read more

stalkers and old men

 How many of you hate when a male or old fart from another couple stalks your wife?  There are guys on this site that do not work and all they do is stalk females all day long.  Guys be cautious of certain members on here.  I have had to contact the police on two of them in the l... read more

28 May 2011 keep date open open

Just to Let everyone know we are finally getting married.  It will be on May28, 2011 on the beach near Mulligans in Vero Beach, FL. at 7:00p.m. Located at 1025 Beachland Drive.  Reception will be at Shadowbrook Apartments located on 4141 16th St. Vero Beach, FL(you can Google or Mapquest i... read more

Swinger Cruise

We have never been on a Swinger Cruise but booked for 2012. Does anybody has a report how it is on such a cruise. Dress code?  Nude area? Is it like  a resort Hotel  for example Desire Cancun which we like a lot? Where can we find some more information ecxept those from... read more

Visiting Haulover Memorial Day weekend

Back in Miami for the weekend. Taking a break from actively seeking action but would like the option of going to a club that's lifestyle-friendly. Any suggestions? Also, Any suggestions for adult store toys and DVDs would be most appreciated. Who knows we may see you on the beach and rethink the br... read more

A book dedicated to Swingers

Hi All dear couples, my name is Pietro and I am, as you can see from my profile, a journalist and a writer. I am writing my first book about the swingers and I would like to meet you in order to interview you. You are not the first couple I meet/interview for my book, I have already spoken with 18 ... read more

What is your experience of swingers cruise??

Hi,peeps! We just want to hear your opinion about swingers cruise?What kind of people usually go there:real couples or just rich daddies with hired models? Thank you... read more

Viagra Condom

 Anyone else here heard about this? Made in the UK for worldwide release later this year. Seems to us like a very good idea for condom-phobes and may even help with population explosion in under privileged parts of the world. The company name is Futura Medical and there has been quite a lot of ... read more

If They Build It?

Funny you should ask. Being from Iowa, 20 minutes from the Ballpark in Dyersville where the movie was shot, we had the opportunity to be IN the movie as drive by's at the end. (All the cars lined up for miles with their headlights on) That's us. The small truck, white. lol Also, a lot of movie ... read more

Hvorfor er det så få nordmenn på SDC?

Sorry, this post is in Norwegian only (nothing of interest for people that aren't from Norway anyway) Er det fordi folk ikke vet om SDC, fordi de synes Cupido fuker bedre, eller er det fordi det bare er en håndfull ekte swingere i dette landet og et nettsted som dette blir for drøyt ... read more

Another wasted night!

Ok, we would love to get some peoples opinions on this matter. We have just arrived home from another meet from hell and are beginning to question if there are actually any swingers left out there that have a little bit of respect for themselves, for others and in general the whole swinging scene? N... read more

Stringmen on the beach so sexy!!!

I think it's very sexy to see beautiful bodies on the beach or pool wearing a thong. I believe this is not just the privilege of women and that men are very sexy in a thong. I am a handsome bi guy who likes to wear thongs and I would like to meet women and couples who like it. I would also like to... read more

What male body part(s) do you find the most sensual? is a question for you....what body part(s) do you find the sexiest in a man's body? Feel free to comment why....... read more

What body parts do you find the most sensual?

Guys, what body part(s) of a female do you find the sexiest?... read more

Apollo Beach??

Apollo Beach??  Who has been to Apollo Beach recently?  What is the beach quality? How does it compare to Haulover?  Just looking for some info, I will be in the area next week........ read more

Traveling from Texas

Coming to WA (5/24-5/31) from Texas and looking to touch base with some locals.  Maybe you share your thoughts on best and must see locations.  We like music, hiking, beach, trees, etc.....SEX too.  Give us a shout if you have any ideas for us or just want to say "Hello".&nb... read more

My Kevin's Dream

In my dream, we have befriended several couples and a couple of single women here in Austin. After flirting and dirty dancing and skinny dipping in the pool, you went over quietly asked a couple of your new friends to take seats on the chaise lounges with their drinks. You walked over to you... read more


Hi! We are new to the lifestyle and are interested in going to CHECKMATE in NYC this Saturday can anyone share the experiences they have had there?  Good Bad? Erotic?  Anything would be helpful!!!! ... read more

Berlin June

Hey there. Any hints on good parties or places or people in Berlin in June? best, S&D ... read more

Berlin June

Hey there. Any hints on good parties or places or people in Berlin in June? best, S&D ... read more

Watching you wife get banged...

I was wondering if you are in a committed the male half... do you enjoy watching your wife get banged? If so, what about it turns you on? Did you expect it to turn you on? For me it was quite unexpected, but I do enjoy watching my wife get fucked properly by someone new. Its e... read more



Interracial Couples meeting None interracial couples

We have a question is it really that bad for a none interracial couple to have fun with an interracial couple? When you both fine each other nice looking and sexy and you all get alone great. We lived in Europe for many years and we did not run into this until we moved back to the USA... read more

WTF is up with Texas

I thought Texas is suppose to be slam pack with horny ho's I drove thru Texas this week... There wasn't any hotties showing me hooters...No hotties offer to bounce on my penis like it was a pogo-stick...None offer to wrap their left leg around my right ear while I hum the Wagner's Flight of the V... read more

Man Law

Really now what's up with single straight males validating each other :). Does this behaviour violate the man law ? ... read more

Did Herman Cain win the debate in Greenville, S.C.?

I know it is early, and a lot of the big names were not there, but a lot of people who never heard of him before, are impressed.... read more

New Fla. Sex law

Hi All   It seems that Fla. Legislature had some free time on their hands and passed a new law now waiting for our “challenged” governor to sign (when he is not busy turning away billion dollars worth of jobs and cutting teaching jobs). My first thought when seeing the new law is w... read more

New picture format, am I the only one who is experiencing this?

No photo on the Internet is 100% safe. We do add the no right mouse click on our pages. But it is as simple as opening ANY web page and (Using Windows) press Print Screen then open ANY program, Word, Paint, Photoshop etc.. and paste (CTRL-V) and there you go a screen capture of ANY website - ther... read more




 FOR ME!!!! I have been chosen as one of the Top 20 candidates for the 2012 Miami Velvet Calendar on May 13th.    If you guys are a regular at the club?! Hope to see you there and that I can win your votes!!! MUAHHSSSSS THANK YOU... read more

Nostalgic Foods

Here's a blog to take you back in that past of yours and have some fun here reminiscing our childhood days. Name any food you absolutely craved as a kid. If you pervs start calling each other MF's over this, the apocalypse is upon us.... read more

vanilla or swinger events

My ideal first date!!! dinner drinks dancing fucking...all under the same roof...I love goin to trapeze and other swinger events.... Now i also have vanilla friends who like to dance... dinner.... but it all seems so boring to me if it doesn't end with a bang... the lifestyle has me ... read more

Obama's Ego

A bloggers comment from Wall Street Journal: President Obama has tastefully announced the killing of bin Laden on his watch - something he promised during the campaign and something he's clearly spent many months working on - and some people's comments sound like he just sold Louisiana back to th... read more

Friends of Bill?

I took my last drink on October 15, 1998 and love my life today as a result. I was curious how many of my fellow SDCers had a common story or desire to make a similar change in their lives. I would love to hear from you and understand if you would rather respond by email to protect your an... read more

Legs, Feet, and Toes

I'd like to have a group start up intitled:  "Legs, Feet, and Toes"... read more

Orlando on a Wednesday

Where's a fun place to go on a Wednesday night in Orlando? Something fun ;)... read more

Orlando clubs?

Any suggestions for a Wednesday night in Orlando? Something fun...;) ... read more

fun 5th of may hard rock

 my wife and i will be staying at hardrock in tulsa with 2 beds we would like to know if any single women or a couple would like to join us for the night hot tubbing body rubs drinks and maybe adultfun.... read more

Aftermath of Bin Laden

Posted by a blogger on CNN: Americans need more proof that Osama is dead than simply the word of this president. There are so many mysteries regarding this bizarre episode that no reasonable person can accept this without a confirmed photo such as in the case of Sadam's sons. The body should ... read more

Ceiba del Mar

We just came back from a trip to Hedonism II in Jamaica.  It was an "off-time" so they said, but we still had a fantastic time.  Now we are faced with going back in November for a planned party or going to Ceiba del Mar for the SDC party.  We loved the nude side of Hedo and ... read more


Well pretty much anything goes in Cancun clubs! I think you'd be surprised by all of the "action" in the non-swinger clubs alone. There is some pretty crazy stuff that goes on in those places so maybe just try a few of the nightclubs out and see what you find if you're not having any luc... read more

Non smokers - not allowed

Hi We´ve just returned from a stay at La  Macarena. We had to go home earlier than planned, due to the fact that 7 couples out of 10 were constantly smoking. There were no restrictions whatsoever concerning special non smoking areas (such as in the swinger´s areas - indoors, at the... read more


Thinking about summer holiday in Aug 2011 in Grand Canaria maspalomas any tips on hotels, beaches partys ETC. All information is very much appercaited. Best Hotel. Clubs? Nude beaches Barearseb ... read more