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Naked friends, make Better friends...

Is it just me? Or it is easier to become close friends with somebody after seeing them naked?Most of Those who i consider my friends either i have sleep with them or just have seen the totally naked...I guess that after the clothes are off, there is nothing else to hide, there is no shame in talking... read more


Well I have been making mistakes, and learning from them- as to NOT make the same error again, and or adjusting and improving.  A couple of things that I have learned the hard(no pun) way.    Do not plan to be a sex machine after a full days' work, and driving 125 miles...  ... read more


hiwe plan to travel from berlin-amsterdam.Looking for recommendations for interesting ways of trip which includes a spa and generally interesting places for swingersany recommendations....???... read more


I am looking for someone that wants to partner with me on opening a LS Hotel in Dallas.  Honestly partner is probably a little white lie.  I am finacially incapable of doing this so I need someone to bankroll it and I will do all the hard work in running it and making it happen.  I ha... read more

Burning Man

Is anyone planning on going to Burning Man this year?  We are virgins....thought it would be fun to meet some new friends to party with!  And if anyone has been and has any suggestions for us??  ... read more

A Unicorn poses a question to couples...

As someone completely new to this lifestyle and entering it as a single female, I am trying to navigate my way through.  With that being said, what is the best way to let a couple know that it is not a "match"?  Whether it be from a nudge, an email, an actual meeting, what is the best... read more


We are headed to Desire Cancun for 7 wonderful days and nights !  our 9th time ... read more

Love the Lake Life

I met up with my friends at the Lake who promised me a great time. It did not disappoint. House boat and Yacht, one after another tied up together and it was like going from club to club each time you walked onto another boat. Rob and McC were the leaders of our little crew rounded out with Kimber, ... read more

Cape d'Adge

Hi We are looking to go to Cap d’Adge for 3 nights from the 22/08/2013 to 24/08/2013 and wondering if anyone has accommodation that we can rent Also, would really welcome any tips for things to do while. Party invites, naughty suggestions and plans to meet up while there are a... read more

naked men

who thinks that naked men are exited?? that will turn on woman?? really??... read more

Tips Alicante/Valencia anyone?

In a couple of weeks we're of to our holiday in Morayra (Spain), but to enjoy our stay even more we where wondering whether anyone had any tips of places to party in the area of Alicante - Valencia?We know of some clubs, but these look more like former brothels than real swingerclubs.Anyone any tips... read more

Clothing Optional Beach Club for cruisers

Hi All you cruise lovers. I am opening several clothing optional beach clubs to cater mainly to cruise guests who want an adult clothing optional day on the beach while on their cruise. Especially for some of the cruise ports that have limited activities.My question is would you visit an all inclusi... read more

Looking for a little help with something...

My loving husband bought me a sexy ref costume which we are doing some minor modifications on to make me a "biased" ref toward my beloved Dallas Cowboys. My dream would be to do a mini photo shoot at Cowboys stadium. No nude shots exactly (unless there's a way to do that without offending any potent... read more

Sex and Orgams

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being very important and 1 being not important at all... How important is it for you to cum during each sexual encounter?... read more

Do you like enlarged breasts

I personally love women natural breast, I never got excited seeing enlarged breast, they become too circular, atrifical and with tensioned skin..I more love nautral breast no matter what size, it's more soft and it seems more sensational for the woman, also the lady doesn't feel pain when ... read more


we look for a young couple to share our vacation in greek islands or in spain - france   for 5-6 nights   any suggestions :)... read more

150 ways you know you’re a Swinger!

150 ways you know you’re a Swinger! 1.  You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos. 2.  Half of the numbers on your cell phone are listed only by screen names. 3.  You are running out of reasons to tell your coworkers why you can’t go out with the... read more

A good conversation is an aphrodisiac

I just got turn on by having a non teasing, non explicit conversation... Even that the topic was sex, but in any way provocative.I guess i had a taste of my own medicine... ... read more

What a pain - Cap D'agde booking restrictions!

We are flying to the Cap D'agde region on Tuesday 27th August but are having all sorts of problems trying to book accommodation.The french agencies like Resid and Genevieve only seem to rent in set week blocks that HAVE to start on a Saturday as if they were a timeshare company.We thought we might g... read more

Don't nudge if you won't budge

This is my first blog ever.  I'll probably start writing more because, as Jack Nicholson said, "Even a bad writer can get laid" and I consider myself a pretty good writer" :-) who is not adverse to getting laid....a lot. Anyway, several times over the past few weeks, we have received a "N... read more

St Tropez Long Weekend & Madame O Party: 22-26/5/13

22/5 Woke early  and we finished packing as taxi due at 11 for airport. Uneventful journey to Nice and Rita drove our Fiat 500 - a dinky toy hire car from Nice to St Tropez! Hotel de Paris very nice but quiet and after a drink and shower walked the 5 minutes down to the harbour to have a... read more

Not discussion... Just writing

The pleasure of the australian kiss....I saw once in a shirt that expression and loved it... An australian kiss is just like the french kiss but "down under"....I am a great fan of spending long time in there exploring the clitoris, the lips, the labia... Feel the warm feeling when your friend comes... read more

it happened

We were so happy ! at least had caught the elusive unicorn.....we got ready ourselves with nice clothes , fine lingerie all the gear in action after all we were invite to her house....then we arrived, it was all excitement and happiness ...after a couple of drinks we tough the moment was arrived ..a... read more

Temptation Spa and Resort Cancun

Anyone going to Temptation Spa and  Resort in Cancun during the time period of July 6 to the 12th?Always looking to make new friends. If you have been to Temptation, what your best story there?  ... read more

Cap d' Agde

Who knows the phone number of the airport transfer service that hangs at the balony on the 4th floor,colline 5, building Port Nature?Whow... read more

Wow .. The Cruise was out of site

This was our first event and boy was it grand.  Too much too soon. Will need to come down from the cloud for a week and get our feet on the ground. We met a lot of real nice people on the trip. Some of which will be friends for a long time. Nice to be in a crowd where everyone &n... read more


Is there anyone that lives in the Dallas area that does waxing at a resonable price?  I am no fan of body hair at all and I am tired of shaving but I also dont want to pay over $500 for it.  By the way this is the male half asking.... read more

caliente resort

caliente resort in tampa , As anyone been there ? Me and my hubby were thinking about going this weekend. Anyone have reviews and Also me n my husband are a young couple. ... read more

Swingers in Mallorca

We are going to Palmanova, Mallorca in August and wanted to know if there was any good swingersclubs and nude beaches we couldvisit. we are open to all, and also meeting couples there.... read more

Alex and Michael

With all of the touching, kissing and watching going on, I was wet and ready for some harder action. Alex said I was on the hunt and Laura knew it too. She sat back on the couch as Michael came towards me. I prowled across the floor to meet him and felt my hair being pulled back. The second my mouth... read more

Send Money Not Prayers

“@MTVNews: Beyoncé,Rihanna & Katy Perry send prayers to #Oklahoma #PrayForOklahoma Ricky Gervais@rickygervais” I feel like an idiot now...I only sent money._________________________________________________________________________I agree, Ricky.Why do they make themselves and their god ... read more

surprise !!!!

In the middle of the rumble....someone grab you dick...and is not her or can you handle the situation without ruin the night?.....( assuming of course you don't want your dick grabed by him") ... read more

Club Hedo GRAND RE-OPENING 5-22-2013

FYI...SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of swinger club plays the sports channel...Every guy in the place was glued to the T.V.'s...DUMB ASS MOVE FOR AN RE-OPENING KICKOFF OF A SWINGERS CLUB!!! Not to mention there were SO many creepy loosers knocking and trying to turn the doorknobs on the private... read more

Of To London Tonight...

Well have all the bags packed and my list of sites and tips. Now just ready to enjoy the sites and make soe memories!!! ... read more

places to stay in ireland with baths or hot tubs for couples

 hi i hve tried google but to no avail i am looking for a hotelwith a bath or hot tub which is private enough for a couple to have fun in any help... read more

About damn time.

i have been looking for a partner in crime. I was starting to think that the myth of a ton a single male men in the LS was BS. Turns out all I has to do was look closer to home. I got introduced to "Alexander" though friends and the sparks flew immediately. He had a bit of Latino in him and a touch ... read more


Wir hoffen es geht bald los, schöne stunden auf dem Zürichsee. Die letzte Freiheit, unser Boot. Wer teilt dieses Hobby und verbringt seine Freizeit auch auf dem See? Liebe Grüsse und bis bald... read more

Paris -So Much Fun

Looking forward to the views, food and sites. Between the very nice locals and perhaps some club  time in Paris this should be an amazing experience. BTW thanks for all the advice!... read more


 A Male single or part of a couple couldn't perform.....that him/them deserve another opportunity ?... read more

Célia,Célia, Célia ...

Quelques photos comme ça, en passant, l'air de rien, en sifflotant :) ... read more

happy endings

 why is it that guys can go anywhere and get a happy endings and they dont have any places for women to go ?... read more

All Packed for Paris & Rome -Euro's R Sexy

Want to thank you all for your many tips, suggestions and sexy comments. I LOVE the EURO spirit!! Very friendly and sexy people!!!! See you May 22-June 7... read more

Where, when, and how often

Just curious to see where, when and how often do you pleasure yourself? Our male half would probably be four or five times a week and he has no special place if the mood hits he just pulls it out and goes to town, her maybe once a month and in the shower.... read more

Fun in Kuta-bali-indonesia

Looking to form a group of couples or single women for a party in kuta. could hire a private pool villa and have some  fun. Adult Games etc. Let me know if its workable..even if get 3 - 4 couples its good enough... read more

Rita & Chips: Mass Pleasures Party: 12-18/5

12/5 I woke at 9 - tired but not sleepy so read ST. Rita woke at 11ish and we laughed and reminisced about TG party night before. Rita made breakfast and around 2pm got up and tried garden but too cool so came into lounge and listed to TG cd we bought last night- great music for a naught... read more

Paris & Rome Swing Clubs

What clubs do you recommend to have a drink and enjoy the vibe, the scenes and perhaps a little play if the chemisty is right? Are they close to downtown..which is where will be in Paris and Rome.? Thanks for your advice.. xxooxx... read more

Why does it feel as if certain parts of the country are underrepresented on SDC

We are far from experienced in the lifestyle our largest exposure to the lifestyle is by participating here on SDC. With that said, we have noticed that it feels as if many parts of the country do not participate on SDC. Given the large population concentrations in New York City and California, it w... read more

Clubs in Los Angeles

 hi we are heading to LA at the end of June for a long weekend, any recommendations? C&E... read more

Key West

We are going to Key West in October and wondering if anyone knows of any swinger hotels down there.  Also looking for Glory Holes.  Let us know if you can help, thanks!... read more


"Tu verras au Printemps je serai de retour, Le Printemps c'est joli pour se parler d'amour Nous irons voir ensemble les jardins refleuris Et déambulerons dans les rues de Paris." Barbara, Dis quand reviendras-tu ? Chers toutes et tous. Les participants à nos soiré... read more

guy or girl wanted

 i am looking for a guy or girl to help my girlfriend fill her fantasy of 2 people lavish all there attention on her we are going to dublin on the 2nd of july you must be into big girls ... read more

Mapped Out

Have all our planes, trains and cab routes mapped out....packing and getting ready for London, Paris, Nice and sailing down the Italian coast then onto Rome! Get ready here we come!! ... read more

Paris - Best Outdoor Cafe?

Based on your experience what are some of the best places to people watch, enjoy a wonderful glass of wine and have wonderful food? ... read more

UK Chat room is almost dead

 We wonder why the UK chat room which used to be lively and exciting is now dull and slow, any ideas on why and what can be done about it folks?... read more

Fun times at RV resorts

 We recently purchased an RV so we can travel with our older dog. We are finding the campsites are either older crowd(much older) or lots of young families. Are there ANY places that cater to a more adult fun crowd?... read more

Contacting us

Hi If you like our profile and want to contact us, our E-mail: Skype name: Rad Abi You are welcome to Join our Skype Cap lovers group, just E-mail your Skype name to us... read more

Paris - Top 5 Must See & Experience

Best places to see an esxperience. Getting input from peole who have been in Paris, and enjoyed the people, wine, sights is invaluable. So...if you could only go back and experience 5 of the sites Paris has to offer what would they be? Thank you!... read more

Vacation spouse swap

Ok so we were wondering if anyone has ever thought about doing a vacation spouse swap? See the wifey likes to go places like NY, Boston,Washington blah blah boring! The hubby only wants to go to beach swinger or nude friendly places out of the states. So has anyone ever done it or would like to?... read more


Coming to Paris late May and looking to meet a sexy couple... read more


Coming to Paris late May and looking to meet a sexy couple... read more

Will be working in southwest WV for couple years

I will be working in charleston/huntington area for couple years off and on.... read more

All inclusives in the D.R.

We are thinking of attending an all inclusive resort in the D.R. and are wondering if Caribe is worth the extra money. There are some very nice vanilla all inclusives there for a much lower price. We won't be going till next spring and were curious to know if any others have simply got together... read more


Hoping to find a sexy little club to enjoy and people watch. Any suggestions for Paris?... read more

Bahrain Trip

We are visiting Bahrain May 20 to May 22 looking decent like mined couple in Bahrain for fun.... read more

Need a hotel recommendation for Miami

 We're heading to Miami in about 3 weeks and we desperately need a hotel recommendation. We don't want to spend a fortune, so we're looking at Ft. Laud and North Miami area. Something near Haulover or just north of it. If you have stayed somewhere and it was worth going back to, please let us k... read more


Estamos en el Hotel Princesa Sofía de Barcelona .. Nos gustaría conocer a parejas en la ciudad.... read more

Cap d'agde

We are on the campingsite Rene Oltra from 20 May  til   30 may.   We invite you for a bottle of wine and join us for fun and visit the swingersbeach !  Just drop s a line !   xxx... read more

La Mirage Swingers Complex Gran Caneria

We have booked a holiday in GC and staying at the La Mirage Swingers Complex just wanting to know if anyone else has visited and there views of the place... read more

London & Paris May22

We will be in London May 22- Sat and Paris after that... The sites look amazing the the locals very attractive...... read more

Share our Paradise

 We adore our piece of paradise here in Islamorada, the Florida Keys. We'd love to help you plan your next trip - where to stay, what to do, the best places to fish, play, rest and party. We can even offer you luxury transportation from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale airports. Or, if you are planning a r... read more

Carnival Imagination 24 June 2013 - anyone else going?

Hi, We are booked on the 24 June Imagination Cruise. Hoping that we might get lucky and find another SDC member going as well.... read more

Rome Tour 'Guides'

Would love to experience all thst Rome has to offer. Looking for that special set of guides to sip wine and take in the sites and sexiness of your wonderful city!!... read more

Rita & Chips: Holdup Heroines & Torture Garden Party: 5-11/5

5/5 We were a little tired next day but left at lunchtime to check in at Home House. Had nice barbecue in garden and then went to bed and slept for a couple of hours. Met up with P and S for drinks at 8 and after they left we got ready for HH party with a fun boost. Party not as busy as last one b... read more

Hints for our Paris visit in July

 Hi all, We are good looking, fun loving &easy going couple looking,for like-minded friends. We are going to be in Paris for few days early July, the off to the Cap for 10 Days (Will stay at both the Helliopolis & Garden D' Eden Hotels), any hints about visiting Paris. Our E-mail: &... read more

Euro YTrip

Euro is going to be wonderful. Spending May 22-24 in London and then off to Paris. Rome from June 4-7. Hope to meeting some sexy couples or select singles...... read more

Validations in my part of the world

While reviewing profiles, comments relating to a person or couple after a meet allows others to may a decision on how serious they should take the intentions of that person or couple to turn up or even be the same sex of the person in the profile. Too many times have I taken validations as a wor... read more

Gang Bang

Is a gang bang part of the swinger world ?... ... read more

Holiday in Greece

Hey, We are really excited about our upcoming break to Greece. 18th to 20th of May in Athens. 20th to 24th in Santorini and then again 24th to 29th in Athens. Would really welcome any tips for things to do while there both of the naughty kind and the vanilla kind. Also any party invites, naughty... read more

Upcoming holiday

Hey everyone, We are planning a holiday in the next 2 weeks for some fun somewhere where there is sun! We were thinking Cap d'Agde? But if any one has any other recommendations for a long weekend for a 30yr old couple looking for couples of similar ages in Europe please let us know. Also if you h... read more

Aprils Cock Search for May and June 2013

Our search for multiple cocks fucking April continues. We are going to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in S FL by giving Steve his Birthday wish, the total conversion of April into a slut from noon Friday 5/24 through Monday afternoon 5/27. We will go to Trapeze, The Rooftop, Pleasure Emporium Holl... read more

The Quiet Zone

Quiet zone, why does it always seem that everyone is having fun somewwhere other than where you are?? Are some places just so vailla that the only thing that swings is the pendulum in the grandfather clock? May be its just hard to find because everyone is so uptight they might meet some one they kno... read more

Playing in Mauritius....

We have been looking around for a good while to see if it is possible to find some fun playmates, but it seems like that the "smaller" communities like Mauritius is not overwhelmed with these adventurous couples and even men :)   Even though knowing that Mauritius is a small place w... read more

Looking for travel companions

We are looking for a couple or a small group to go to Desire with. We were thinking about November if we can find arrangement for the kids. We do not want to go during a takeover since were are premier members and can not use any of our benifits with a takeover. We have gone a few times and do h... read more

Saturday May 11 - the Champagne Club in Ft. Wayne

We're getting ready to attend the Kinko de Mayo night at the Champagne Club in Fort Wayne this Saturday, May 11. If you're planning to go, too, give us a shout. We plan to be making and handing out festive balloon hats, so we should be easy to spot.... read more

Dag damentjes

Hi met Nico, Zoek nog een gezelschap om mee tegaan naar tamptacion.lijkt je dat wat schrijf me dan aan. Fijne morgen.groetjssss... read more

Is Cap D'Agde losing its sparkle

We've just got back from spending the weekend at Cap. We've been going for over 8 years now and have had some great times. We've even bought a place down there.This time though we came back a bit dissapointed. First of all, we love the French. So before I get a load of our cousins slanging back a... read more

obligation- do you feel obligated?

Do you have regular play parteners? Do you play with them when you see them at a party?  Or do you tend to meet new people saving your special time with your "already friends" for later on? ;) I love saving my special friends for later on and I never want to come off clickish either t... read more

Not good enough?

 Hi, I'm a single guy I been a member for a couple of years now. When I first found this site it was awesome because I was in a relationship with a woman who was open minded and she live by the phrase "Y.O.L.O" Meaning "You only live once" and we shared alot of good times to... read more

Rita & Chips:An Unexpected Meeting and Fun Party: 2-5/5

2/5 Woke early and after Rita came back to bed we had a very fast and furious fuck till we both came. Then fell asleep till 9.30. Up and showered as taking Rita to osteopath for her shoulder, which seemed to help a lot. Headed for shops and then home.  Rita got stuck into some cooking and I d... read more

Your favorite 1 on 1 Position

                  What is your Favorite one on one sex position- and "Why".   O.k., I will start..-   Mine is Cowgirl(regular and reversed).  I don't think technically that is two.  ... read more

hottest video of all time?

 Ok guys and gals, since all but a few of us remember when mtv actually played music videos, we want to hear your favorites! Which videos get your loins a' burnin' for some lovin'?   ... read more

Update Your Settings

My Wife and I have been members of the site for just over 9 years at the time of this writing. The site has made a few enhancements that might eliminate some of the things that irritate you most. Let's start with "No single guys." There are many couples, men and women that are not looking for... read more

SDC Spice Take Over Nov

Hi everyone, we have just booked our flights to go to the spice take over in November, who's thinking of going? We're excited about trying somewhere new together and getting some winter fun in the sun ;-) S&S xx... read more

Swingers clubs in Vera Spain

Can anyone recommend any of the swingers clubs in Vera (we think there are four)? What sort of croud do they get? International? Age? Quality? Friendly or pushy? Also, how welcoming are they if (like most Brits) your Spanish is not really up to scratch? Thanks... read more

Desire Resort - Cabo

Anybody been there?  Opinions, good and bad please. Thanks!... read more

how many is to many?

i read a profile the other day that said,"single guys,enough with the emails,you're driving me to drink" i thought it was funny.but how many on average do couples and single females recieve from single guys in a week? and how many would it take to make you hit the sauce? if it's that bad i... read more

Paris swingers club

We are going to Paris on thursday and wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a swinger/fetish club? We live i n Montmartre and are looking for a fun friday night. A and F... read more

Dixie Splash Party

 Day one yesterday at Dixie Splash Party here in Fort Lauderdale was awesome !   We met alot of nice people ,  there were 20 of us vendors, the theme last night was beach party, tonite's theme is naughty nurses and Dirty Doctors.  and we actually had some good Florida sunshine ar... read more

Alleen naar amourette ,en morgen naar kinkyparadise

Lees je dit ik ben nog op zoek naar een gezellige meid,dus voel je aan gesproken.mail me dan maar is. Alle maal een fijn weekend,... read more

Let's start outing FAKE profiles!

So recently we became victims of some twisted pic collector. Now today we get contacted via PM's in the Chat room. I guess the incident last week has made me more suspicious, and luckily i avoided another idiots time wasting efforts. VEGASBOUND Thats the profile he created. Very plain for a co... read more

Foreign Tongues for Swingers

Many of us will be traveling in the coming months, some to foreign locales. We wonder what key phrases swingers need command of. Here are our initial thoughts - please add yours. Some key phrases for women and men: - Would you like a drink? - Do you have a condom? - Mind if I insert? For Ladies... read more


where is all video on profile gone? ... read more

Erotic fiction??

 Didn't there used to be a place on sdc where people wrote erotic stories, etc. to share?  Whatever happened to it?... read more