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(UK) Brighton Fetish Weekend

Less than a month to go! See for all the juice, this is going to be EPIC! ... read more

Porn during a party?

Question for all the party goers out there. Lots of venues put porn on the TV's during events and sometimes the stuff that's on I find REALLY trashy but I'd like some other opinions about it. I've got a rather large collection of fetish, FemDom & BDSM shoots from friends and stuff I've shot over... read more


WHY IS HOTWIFING SO “HOT?”By David J. Ley, Ph.D. Many couples I encounter ask this question, trying to understand what it is about the hotwife/cuckold phenomenon that makes it so exciting and irresistible for them. To answer this question, and many others that you might share, I published t... read more

Good season for Desire

Hello all, aside from the SDC sponsored events at Desire, are there any times of year that are better or worse to visit? We really want to go but the SDC events are just not in the cards for the next year and a half.  Thanks for any input!... read more

Swingers Club in Rhodes ( Greece )

Hi, we are going visit Rhodes Island ( Greece ) this summer ? Please, advice is there any swingers club there?  Many thankd in advance. Bestlovers.... read more

Room to rent.

Hey, I (Lucy) am looking for a room to rent temporary in London, Birminham, or anywhere in the southeast with good transport links. Only for 6 to 8 weeks while Nick continues studying up North. I am messaging on here because of like minded people. My job in the adult industry includes me webcaming f... read more


Heading to Desire tomorrow morning for 7 wonderful days and nights !... read more


What is it about hotel lounges that make them such a great place to meet people for "no-strings-attached-sex"?... read more

Slap me NOT!!

I write this with a lot of respect for those who have different sexual boundaries and perhaps a greater sense of adventure!I love testing my personal limitations and believe that if tolerable, I should at least try new things before voicing my opinion about it. With that in mind, awhile back, my bel... read more

Favorite theme nights

As a party planner I'm always interested in hearing what others think of theme nights, what really excites them and what they enjoy most. Having said that what's everyone's favorite themed parties?!?!?!I'm particularly interested in fetish themes since I operate a BDSM studio in Dallas, Texas. Milit... read more

Caliente Caribe Dominican

Just curious if anyone has visited Caliente Caribe in the Dominican and had any thoughts or reviews to share about it? I've done my research and gotten about as far as I can get on Google and other websites, it's not frequented as much as Hedo so there isn't as much out there.I'm looking for more in... read more

Is Wax Man's Best Friend?

CAUTION: Be prepared to laugh out loud... My  wife and I had were discussing about men and pubic hair and how some men have so much hair it's some what a real turn off for her when performing oral sex on men or women in this lifestyle. We talked about various methods.All hair rem... read more


Hi everyone,    We are fairly new to this lifestyle, and are very interested in it and making some new connections. We have had one encounter from being on here and have visited one club, and about to visit another tonight. We have viewed profiles, sent emails, sent nudges, etc, but have h... read more

Who Really is XXX Truth or Dare

Original interview in 2013 for Penthouse.So I get asked regularly now on Twitter (@xxxtruthordare) and other places if the pictures on our sites: " and " are of me. To answer, they mainly are, but not all. We believe first and foremos... read more

How much do YOU need to drink to "get busy" in this lifestyle?

We've encountered several couples since getting started, where they seem to need to get pretty drunk before "getting busy". We are not drinkers, don't smoke pot or do other drugs, and we really enjoy the flirting, foreplay, teasing, etc., We just don't need to get drunk to do it.We met a couple... read more

Nude Beaches Review

As self proclaimed veterans of Miami's Haulover Beach, we decided to pose a simple question to the members here.What's your favorite nude beach in the world that you've actually experienced and why?... read more


Any couples out there that like to jake or see creampies ?... read more

A Jewish State

I was wondering what people think about Israel deciding it no longer just want to be recognized as a sovereign nation but a secular Jewish nation.  It would mean an already limited democracy would become a nation of and for only Jews.  In a nation where non Jews have already limited rights... read more

3sum and beer :)

İ like it very much. sex and beer and together (html adress in my old blog was deleted) read more

"Not Homophobic" - What does that really mean?

We frequently, while browsing profiles, see profiles where (usually) the man states "straight, but not homophobic".What does that really mean?We've been at parties where a theoretically straight guy has grabbed my cock. To me, he is bi, not straight, and I politely declined, although I was not pleas... read more

Hotwife for upscale gentleman in Europe for summer

My gorgeous Hotwife will be in Europe for summer from 1st July onwards.Well educated handsome and rich upscale gentleman can enjoy her. She will travel to Paris or London or Greece islands for the right gentleman to spend time with himPlease email me here on SDC or on with face picsXXX... read more


Normally I combine two parties on the same day (you only live once right?)...usually one is a gangbang and the other a couples/females orgy.However I tend to do things more for my enjoyment and this time I'm going to two superb why not make my life easy?So here's the alternative plan...... read more

Pre Cadiz Week: 19/5 to 25/5/13.

19/5 I woke at 8 and read Times and caught up with blog. Rita got me a tuna salad and we chatted in bed until Rita had to get ready to me E at The Arch for lunch. I popped downstairs to do some office stuff and soon after she left I went for a rum. Then back, showered and reheated some cottage pie f... read more

Getting started

We're new to swinging.  I'd like to say we're open minded and easy going.  When the kids we're off to college  we began to fuck like we did when we first met.  Intense, frequent and for the first time this intensity led to open and honest conversations about sex. We told each oth... read more


We're headed to Hedo the first week of June...Anyone else going to be there?... read more

Is Cunt a dirty word?

From my blog on www.TheSexySwinger.comAs you no doubt guessed, we are swingers. So sometimes we have stories that we would like to share and get your opinions on. Let me tell you about this one!We were at a promotions party last Saturday for our "XXX Truth or Dare Games (at a swingers even... read more

Way to SDC Andalucia

Any one staying on 26/5 at the Hilton Madrid on their way to SDC Andalucia? Anyone on the Iberia flight #8022 from Madrid to Jerez on the 27/5 at 12pm?Drop us a line...... read more

Single lady or Female half of a couple for Cap d'Agde trip this summer

Really want to visit Cap d'Agde this summer and would love to tag along with a single lady, female half of a couple or even couple for an enjoyable experience. ... read more

Hot wives and husbands who are not!

My husband and I are approached by many couples where the wife is hot as hell but in many cases we decline to play, or even meet, because the male half just doesn't meet my standards - which by the way are very reasonable. This is exacerbated by the fact that my husband just loves hot, mature women.... read more

Romp In Peace, Mark Brendon

A few weeks ago, I suddenly and tragically lost my best friend, swinging partner and real life partner. Many of you will know Mark from parties and meets over the years. Many of you will have read or at least heard of his book on the lifestyle, 'Swinging, the Games Your Neighbours Play', which ... read more

So excited!

My best friend is heading my way for the weekend! When we're together it's always an interesting yet exciting time... She's already hinting she need some good dick in her life and curious as to how much bigger my boobs have gotten.  ... read more

What's your favorite part in a woman's body?

Mine are the legs when they are wrapped around my head, the lips... when they are vertical.... and the butt,  when i can bite it and feel it in my face... The boobs when i can grab them but specially... a great smile... right when you finish...... read more

Party Time

Any one hosting pvt party in Lafayette area soon.  we would love to host, but have house full of kids. ... read more

I like you, but????

One of the big questions we've always had, is how to tell someone that you enjoy their company, but you are not interested (at least for the moment)  in direct sexual contact?  We've met a number of people that we enjoy being with, but are not drawn to sexually.   What's the best... read more

Splash Party

only 63 more days until the fun Spash Party here in Coral Springs !  July 24th - 26th. We will be there again this year with our non pierced nipple jewelry and hot sexy clubwear ,   It was the Dixie Spash party last year,  the Hotel is the Marriott , a really nice place. sto... read more

Swingers private tourism

Hi Guys,Do anybody know about a site where swinger couples may visit each other country (private tourism), or should we start one :)... read more

Cruise departing Rome

We will be on a cruise ship departing Rome on May 29th 2014. Holland America is the cruise line. If anybody wants to meet on the ship then let us know. =) We are ready to have some fun as it has been a while.... read more

Straight to bi in the blink of an eye!

I find it amazingly funny, how people turn bi during an email.. Lmao.. Latest one has me having to tell this story.Sooo... I get an email from a 40's couple.. No pics.. No validations.. BOTH STRAIGHT..  Any who... The email reads simply, " I would make my wife do you like you have never been do... read more

Young swingers

Why is it so hard to find young swingers? We are mortified about the idea of approaching young couples in regular clubs/ social place to see if they might be interested in the lifestyle. Please adviseEmabs... read more

Anyone live close to Sebring Fl

I have a question does anyone live close to Sebring Florida?  I have a possible job promotion there and was wondering what the town is like.  Also if I take it that will mean I will most likely be living there for a cpl years without my family.  We have a daughter that for reason I wo... read more

Making friends via SDC

Hi guys, from your personal experience, did you manage to get friends via SDC site, that you had realy met and have fun with?... read more

Reporters at 'secret' party

Went to an 'exclusive' etc. etc. party on Saturday in a secret country house location... was shocked to walk in and find members of the press there, asking questions of the guests. Seemed completely inappropriate (for obvious reasons)!  At the very least it would have been polite to tell guests... read more

Private pics

Who knows where the hell the 'private pics' are now on someone's profile??? We've looked - can't find them on our own or on anyone else's. Thanks.... read more

Gobal Warming, Asbestos and Tobacco

The situation surround Climate Change or Global Warming is beginning to remind me of what happened years ago, like the denial that Asbestos was dangerous or Tobacco was making people sick.  In the 1930's scientist linked lung illnesses and cancer to exposure to asbestos.  To many scientist... read more

Week of Gorgeous Weather: 13/5 - 19/514

13/5 Woke at 8. I read Times and as Rita was still sleeping I went downstairs to catch up on office stuff and banking. Got an email from estate agent in Spain with contract details for sale which was good news. So we had to cancel August visit and rebooked flights to head out on 9/6 for a week to or... read more

Fantasy Fest 2014

Anyone else looking to go to Fantasy Fest this year.  We are thinking about renting a house again and looking for a few sexy couples to join in on renting a nice house near Duval.  Email  / post if interested... read more

Memorial fun

Hi, we will be in silver spring MD for the memorial weekend holiday, would like to meet a female or a couple to chat with and more. ... read more

black women white men

How often do we hear about black men with hot white wives? Let's hear from hot black wives that love white men... read more

Cheating or not Cheating???

looking for peoples opinion. If your significant other sends naked pictures of herself to another person behind their partners back and they exchange naked pictures. would you consider that Cheating? or NOT??? ... read more

Sex sabbatical

Is it common to stop having a sex a few days before a meet/greet or an eventful night? ... read more

no going back

Ok everybody is yapping about. "I hate the new site, change it back"Here is why Ronald ain't gonna do that. When the old site was the "new" site, everybody yammer on about "change it back to the old old site". When the old old site was the "new" site everybody yammer on about"change it back to the o... read more

A little help for my friend..

Does anyone know of organizations or charities who helps young people with disabilities into work or gap year kind of stuff?... read more

Swingers Clubs and Parties in PAris

Hey beautiful people, we will be in Paris in a couple of days and would be grateful for any tips on which are the hottest swingers clubs in town and also if there are any specific days of the week that any of them are famous for and are a must visit. After the long drought in Asia we are lookin... read more


We will be dancing, drinking & playing sat 5/17 at Club Taboo. We are only into girl/girl play with guys watching.....get there before 11pm and its only $25...great music and its always a great mix crowd...don't be concerned if you arrive early and it looks empty it gets packed by midnight....... read more

B & B In Key West Friendly To Swingers

We're heading down to Key West over the 4th. Looking for a B&B in KW that is lifestyle friendly. Any suggestions from you guys would be appreciated ! ... read more

Cap D'Agde

We will be first time in Cap d'Agde, mid August, in the jardin Eden. Any recommendations for the evening ? Which dresses and where to go. J&J... read more


is it just me or is this new format horrible..???   maybe its just change,,,i dont know but damn,,,,cant even find the mail..!! way harder too navigate ,,,,i like the old format way better,,!!!... read more

REVIEW: Celebrity Century LS Cruise May 3-11

Just wanted to give a quick review of how the LS cruise from LA went!  My only comparison is the Freedom of the Seas from last November.  So generally that was the bar to reach.PEOPLEI'll start with the people.  Overall it was a much older cruise than the Freedom of the Seas but still... read more

MandameO Weekend in Rome: 6/5-12/5/14

7/5 Woke at normal time and cleared up work stuff. Then slowly started to pack and eventually left around 2pm for Gatwick. Motorway was very slow to start with but after road works it started to speed up. Got to Gatwick and checked in at Sofitel. We were so hungry we had to eat almost straightaway a... read more

Who said only boys can have toys.....

The single male.  Seems everyone is looking for the unicorn.  Why is that?  Us girls share our men, but then the men don't want another rooster in the hen house?   It takes a pretty secure guy to welcome the single male.   Just Saying....... read more

The differences between men and women

Wife and I were once told that the if you wanted to sum up what the differences between what men and women wanted you could narrow it down to two things. For men it is about:1. Phyical attention2. Being revered, appreciated.For Woman it is about:1. Financial security2. Emotional security. ... read more

Visiting Boston

The Mr. here is currently in Boston, MA at the Omni Hotel until Friday for a conference and is in search of females or couples interested in meeting up. Contact if interested.... read more


Any girl?xxx Kate ... read more

Hosting Parties.

Hey everybody we were just looking for input from other people in the Lifestyle about hosting parties or events.  We haven't hosted anything more than a one couple at any given time.  We were just wondering how people go about organizing a party and any themes or games you use to get the p... read more

Swinging and the Pope.......

This is not about religion, the title was just to grab your attention. I have lived in Roma for many years and in general have always played only when I travel, so outside Italy. My theory is that the Italian swingers are very heavily influenced by their schooling etc and guilt hangs over them and i... read more

pregnancy and swinging

I don't know if it is a taboo or not , but I would like to know your opinions or experiences on the matter of swinging while pregnant. ... read more

UK War against swingers

First the Tories banned 'rape' porn without properly defining it, meaning that people who are engaged in consensual acts can be prosecuted, now there is a concerted attack on sex clubs:**Fantasy Video / Mr B's** (depending on when you're talking about) is on Islington's hit list: [Fantasy Video][htt... read more

Hotwife convention in July( in FL, who's going?  Looks like fun ... read more

Happy To Be A Mother Fucker!

Today is Mother's Day in Mexico, the Mrs. is Mexican. Tomorrow is M'sD in the USA. So Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers! I gave my greeting in private to the Mrs.   And once again on Sunday.... read more

T users

This is not BS but the truth. I've been on T for 3 years now and my cock has grown from 6.5 to 8 inches since I started the T. The good part is I'm now the owner of a BWC!! The bad side is it's getting too big for my wife and she is having some discomfort during sex. Have any of you other men u... read more

Ribs and Dots Condoms

new to me anyone tried them and any good... read more

Foursomes, who else is a big fan?

We love foursomes where the girls start off playing with each other and then allow the guys to join in. I love watching my wife be pleased while she watches me. Having her pleased from both ends is the best of  all. Ok, now that we are all horny, we need to find a sexy couple to jump on...... read more

Your favorite idea

If you had 50,000 to spend on a swing party tell me how you would spend it?... read more


We are in a really hot, sexy, spicy and fun location in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica, we will love to have you here, keep us in mind for your next vacation. We have the best food and the best prices in any Lifestyle Hotel. We Are adult, open mind people, clothing is optional, nude pool, all inclusive... read more

PURE Coconut Oil / Massage and Lubricant

Want a great all natural massage / lubricant? Go to and order the Coconut Wonder. It is by far the best Virgin Organic Coconut Oil I have ever used and anyone that I have used it on loves the product as well.... read more

Swing/Fuck Party

Recently I went to a fuck party. I am a lovely black woman that loves to fuck. I love to explore myself with other. I was able to fuck two beautiful men. I love anal and I got what I wanted which was to have my ass fucked hard. The last guy that I was with gave me multiply organism. I have 36DD and ... read more

alternatives to the Roof Top hotel?

I've decided NOT to book a room in June due to the construction, high rise, bldg for sale, etc.  Is there any alternative hotels a swinger couple might want to stay?  As far as clubs the Trapeze and Miami Velvet are out too.  They want to charge out-of-towners a membership fee o... read more

Love it here.

We're in the FL Keys having a BLAST.  Wishing this trip didn't have to end.Five more days . . . what to do ? ? ?  LOL... read more


I have this thing about rubbing my pussy with another I can't get enough it feels so dam good and makesme so horny and wet until I explode with pleasure.It is my favorite position when having G/G sex.I also love to rub myself on her leg/inner thigh while playing with her with my fingers this is so h... read more


We are going to Ibiza for 2 weeks half of August 2014. Does anyone know a nice place there where we can have sex with others or ourselves withuot being fined by the police? Anyone else going aswell during the time we are there?... read more

Roof Top

Best day to go?... read more


Wondering if there are any Swing golfers interested in joining us in a round of golf?... read more

Manhattan Dogging Meet up Role Rlay Groups NY Based

Looking for voyeurs exhibitionist massage enthusiasts touch minded people who can get past their own need... read more

New Mobile Beta

I am not very impressed by the new mobile app. If anything it is less friendly than the old one. It still does not convey the essential information and is even more difficult to use. Did the owners consult the users? Doesn't look like it.... read more


Hi everyone,Does anyone have any information on swingers resorts in Portugal, particularly the Algarve area?I am having trouble finding anything on the internet, there seems to be plenty in Spain but none here in Portugal.Any info would be gratefully received.Thanks,G & M... read more

Birthday Party Week:28/4 to 5/6/14

28/4. We'll here is Birthday Boy coming slowly too after previous night’s fun. Spent morning in bed with Rita. Had breakfast in bed and thanked all the SDC friends and others who had sent good wishes. Did some office stuff but not too much and had a pleasant quiet day with Rita for the start of wh... read more

Swingin' Mallorca

Vacation season is here, which means million of tourists on the island of beautiful Mallorca. Nudity is allowed on beaches in Spain, but clothing optional is mostly practised on the fantastic Es Trenc, the largest beach here with emerald colored and shallow water. Nudists also prefer small secluded ... read more

What the hell happened?

What happend to the swingers I used to know?  The folks that voiced their opinions, regardless of social outcome.  The people that weren't afraid to actually stand up and say what they felt, deep inside.  Where are those people?  Is that why "blogs" suck as much as they do now? &... read more

Swing Poker is back

Hi Swing Poker fans,We are back in Florida for the summer and again helping couples set up swing poker games. Happy to share more about the game for those that are not community members but want to know more. ... read more

Looking for football loving couples for play!

Draft day is coming and the season is around the corner.  If any couple out there is interested in hanging out for Dolphin Away games or tailgating at home games and then win or lose we all win at our hot tub for some after action action. Reply back here or email if interested.... read more

Scuba Divers Wanted

We are both avid Scuba Divers and find ourselves traveling a lot usually having extra space in the House, Villa or Condo we rent. Such is the case for an upcoming trip to Cozumel. We did have a full 4 bedroom Condo with friends that like to go down in more then one way (Lifestyle friendly scuba dive... read more

Erotic Writing - Which piece do you prefer?

Hello All,Haven't seen erotic writing discussed on this site, but given some recent posts about sensuality attracting (and beginning in the mind), wanted to see how people respond to these.  Two questions: which do you like better?  and on a scale of 1 - 10 for sensuality how do you rate t... read more

Just Chillin

Location. Location. Location... read more

Just Chillin

I have to say that our Bedtime Stories event was the best one yet!  Couldn't have done it without you, our sexy guests.  Thank you~ hugs & kisses & licks and more....  Thank You~Stacey ... read more

Wife Dates

Just wondering... How common is it for wives to go out alone on dates without the husband? I was long time friends with a couple and  he would have me take her out ad "show her off". I even hooked her up with other guys. Kinda' hot I thought.... read more

A super sexy Bank Holiday weekend

WOW what a super sexy Bank Holiday weekend with our most adorable M and J in such salubrious surroundings once again. Just how we like to play in London. The night had lots of twists and turns including us meeting the gorgeous C and G, and cannot wait for our sexy trip soon. PLAY-PLAY and more PLAY ... read more

Any Recommendations for Tampa and Miami

Hello to all you sexy swingers out there.x We are visiting Tampa & Miami in August and looking for advice of the best places to visit and those to avoid for some naughty fun. xxx... read more

Couple massage in Tampa

We are looking for a couple massage in tampa. Preferible sensual or eroticAny recommendation... read more

Las Vegas Virgins

We are taking our first trip to Las Vegas! We will be leaving the 31st of May (Which happens to be The Mr.'s birthday) arriving early in the morning. We want to see what those who have been suggest as far as do's and don'ts. We would like to find a nice swingers club but from what we have heard, the... read more

Enabling Racist Behavior In The Lifestyle

Since the topic of race and racist behavior has been in the news and on SDC lately I wanted to simply state my belief.  While I do not care is people are uncomfortable with any particular race or hate them for that matter.  I do not mind if you express you opinion about someones race or se... read more

Thoughts on sdc beta version on smart phone

What are your thoughts? Too difficult? Not convenient? Like it?... read more

Holand & Cap D agde

Hi Guys,We are a married couple , thinking of visiting Holand and France (cap D agde) this July. We are intersted in meeting nice friendly  couples.We usually like to plan our vacation details in advance. We are open to all suggestions and invitations :)Kisses   Rad & Abi... read more

Early Days

Enjoying our first time having a look around the room whilst Mrs Kinkysurrey is squeezing my balls lol ... read more

Brighton Club Spank's kinky kabarett party THIS SAT!

Brighton Club Spank's kinky kabarett party THIS SAT! With amazing house DJ's, entertainment, amazing dress code that ensures everyone is eye candy! Check out the parties tab for Brighton to find out more, you can pay on the door or you can still buy advance tickets which are slightly cheaper. Includ... read more

Las Vegas Clubs

Visiting Las Vegas in September and Wondering what night clubs are worth visiting. Bit if dancing, bit of play, cocktails, that kind of thing would be great. ... read more

A Disrespected BBC...

Yes it's true.I had some sexy fun with this cool White couple who reached out and "nudged" me.  No problem.  We. meet, we greet, we hit the sheets.  It was rather pleasant.  When I mentioned that I would be giving them a validation, they refused.  They said they don't befrie... read more

What a strange encounter...

LMAO!  Just had a couple of emails from someone, and then they blocked us, apparently because we didn't respond to their email within a few hours.  Here it is (I've deleted their username and actual names):5:52pm – from them:"We are A and B. We notice you two have really detailed out you... read more

cam fun

we couple looking for cam fun ... read more

cam fun

we couple looking for cam fun ... read more

Met New CPL - Outcome

This is the update to the other blog, Nervous About Meeting New CPL:Well, we met the new cpl and hit it off!  The guys spent a lot of time talking over dinner as we wives did.  Maybe too much talking......the guys should have been a little more romantic, flirty, touching with us wives.&nbs... read more

Summer vacation suggestions

Hi guys, Since we travel every year many times, we are looking for new destinations for this year vacation.We would like to have suggestions or invitations to your city, or any other destination. Take careRad & Abi... read more