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Flirts Review

Fuimos al Grand Opening de Flirts y estos son algunos de nuestros comentarios:Llegamos temprano y el acceso fue bastante ordenado y rapido pensando en la cantidad de gente que estaba registrada. El Grand Space donde esta la pista de baile y la barra principal estan bastante bien. Los murales son es... read more

Sex with a Stranger

Hey Everyone - I wrote a blog about three weeks ago, then after about 6 days I deleted it.  I now realize that I want to blog on this site regularly.  The title will never change - because that's how it often works in this lifestyle.About 18 months ago, a man sent me an email from this site.  We'... read more

golden shower

Hi friendI just want to know or would like to know is any couple here are into golden shower or into drinking patrners peeAs we are into same since longIf any one is here would like to hear your experiancethanxs... read more

Real Riders

Looking for people in the North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen area that love to ride motorcycles and are open-minded, non-judgmental and truly enjoy riding motorcycles.  We don't care what you ride, only that you are a serious rider.  If your bike can't pass a bar without stopping you're ... read more

Milf hunting

I have been in the lifestyle a few years. I have played with a few couples and created some awesome memories and developed good friendships. In conversating with my couples . The most common fantasy, is for the wife  to go out to a vanilla bar and get hit on by a guy as the hubbie watches. Without ... read more


I am looking for more girls that like girls. Does any ladies out there want to have some experience with another ladies? Lets talk about the experiences, good or bad.... read more

And the drama award goes to..

Well Cannes is finished and much artistic work was recognized, but we had to give our drama award to an episode that could only take place in the LS.  A couple we are close friends with attended a LS get together at a hotel, where 5 couples rented a large suite, some knew each other and some were ... read more

marbella Elviria2015

hello to all nice couples at the costa del Sol!we are interested in meeting real swinger in real life, you can reach us by email at wife2share {at} read more

Blogs or speed dates.....

Good day to all,I think that we are not using the blogs correctly as they used to be points for debating OR some story telling OR some questions or whatever, and produced some great chats and debates and laughs. Now we seem to be reduced to simple one liners askeing to meet up, but SURELY the Speed ... read more

for bibi

Looking for something HOT & Fun for bi bi... read more

Cougars wanted for photo shoots

Hello We are looking cougars that are intrigued with the adult industry. Ever wanted to be in adult videos but you didn't know where to look. Check this out if your over the age of 40 years old ... read more

Washington D.C. area?

Anyone know any lifestyle stuff in the Washington D.C. area?... read more

In Cap d'agde July 2015

Ciao!   We are two classy active couples (Texita and Sensualswing), who will be traveling in the Cap d’agde area from July 11 – 18 and would love to put together a small private party (5 couples max) at a villa we will be renting together. It is a nice place about a... read more

Cyprus Limasol 28, 29-5-2015

Cyprus Limasol 28, 29-5-2015We are there! would like to swing & party.... read more

Party Weekend! 18/5 to 24/5/15

18/5 Monday morning. Slept through till 9 and while Rita slept through to 11, I worked on my iPad beside her. Carried on working through till around 4 by which time Rita had already gone out shopping I headed to a meeting with H and H to get introduced and see if we were comfortable working together... read more

Sunny beach bulgaria

We are going on holiday Friday the 29th of May 2015, to Bulgaria, does anyone know of any swinging there? Or if your going meet us, couples females only please. Xx... read more

New to the lifestyle . . ..

Hi All,   We are new to the lifestyle and are interested in learning about it from people who have been involved longer.   I'm sure we aren't the only ones with these questions so your thoughts would be very helpful to many.    Specifically, we are interested in meeting people.   We went to an ... read more

Indian BBC

Hello visiting couples/ladies taste of incredible India waiting....Cheers... read more

swinging road trips

I am going to plan a swinger road trip in the US and im looking for some suggestions.... Places to go, times of year etc. Anyone have any good suggestions? Im also always happy to offer advice on Asia.Let me know your ideas please! ... read more

Happy ending!

Wife's birthday is June 1. Would like to arrange a sensual massage for her on Sunday morning or afternoon, May 31. Male or female. We live in ATL. Anyone interested?... read more

Ozz Inn CapAdge France

Hihas anyone stayed there? Whats the place like? ... read more

New Podcast: Holli & Michael from Swing join us

Hey Guys,Episode 20 of "The Curious Couple" Podcast is live!  We sit down with Holli and Michael from Playboy TV's Swing reality show.  They also have their very own radio show on Playboyradio and travel the world promoting the lifestyle.  We chat with them about everything they have going on, th... read more

Haulover Beach & swingers

Where do the swingers on SDC, SLS, AFF etc. hangout at Haulover? Is their a specific lifeguard stand they tend to congregate at? We always seem to be around the disproportionate, mature naturists, or weird single guys. We go to be naked, but also to chat up some open-minded sexxxy people! Please let... read more

New York swinging

Heading to New York next weekend with a girlfriend anyone know of a swingers club or hosts / promoters of any swinger parties that would be worth attending? Any advice please let me know, thanks xx... read more

Your Profile Videos Can Be Downloaded

We all know there is a risk posting pics and vids on the internet but felt we should share something we found out. If someone is using Opera or Opera Mini on their mobile device they can download and save your video(s) to that device. Just FYI so you can make an even more informed decision when it c... read more

House Parties

Who has the best house parties? What makes theirs the best?... read more

Best swinger club in South Florida

Hello to you all!!Which swinger club you think is best? Which has the best crowd, best music, best food and best facilities? Your feedback will be much appreciated!!!... read more

Never heard of Online Clubs

I am amazed at the number of couples that I play with at swing clubs that are not members of any online clubs like SDC. More amazing are the number that never heard of them. Have others on here found that to be the case? ... read more

Fri & Or Sat May 22nd & 23rd

Looking for something HOT & Fun to do this cumming week-End???? House Parties, Another Couple(s) We can host...... Have Pool, Hot-Tub, Outdoor Bar, Good Music & READY for ADULT Play time!!... read more

average number of playdates

What is the average number of playdates you have with one person/couple before you want to move on to new people and whats your most.common reason?... read more

couples and single guys

Been on this site for a couple of years. I have ran into some great couples and also ran into some not so great. But was curious why do some couples get so upset if the single guy is not free to meet or not available like we don't have things going on too outside of the LS.  Just curious why some c... read more

Woke up at end of the week! 11/5 to 17/5/15

11/5 Monday morning and Rita was meeting A for lunch at Bluebird in Chelsea. I spent all day on work and trades and eventually Rita rolled in around 5pm having had a boozy lunch with A. He said he would pop in later. In fact around 8 he did and the rest of the night up to 3am was spent chatting. A... read more

Sleepover night

As parents finding the time for adventures depends on arranging sleepovers for our daughter and as these happen perhaps monthly those night are pretty valued. Occasionally they are a disappointment.Last night was not. We arranged to see FS, a French male with whom I'd shared A several times. He's en... read more


I am a teacher of mathematics (H writing) and numbers are almost important to me as sex so I'm thinking about counting the number of sexual partners I've had. So, I had to think about what I mean by sex and I think this comes down to any sexual touching or kissing. I've decide to include the men wit... read more

Peanut island

Peanut island tomorrow any one ... read more


We're going to Temptation June 23 for a week and then moving to Desire for week.  is anyon planning on being thee then. If so we would love to meet here first... read more

cap this july --advice

heading to Cap this summer 5-14 july anyone going same time or those who have been any tips where to go thanking you ... read more

Looking to meet couple tonight at Fredericksted, VA

Looking to meet couple for fun tonight at Fredericksted, VA. My partner and I are staying at City Studios Hotel, Welcome Way Dr., exit 104. If interested please send text to (787)608-8254... read more

The untouchable men

Adult hook up sites are one of those few places where it is not a man's world. Men are discriminated here like women are in the real world. Ladies, I understand and empathise with your pain and sense of victimhood. Being discriminated just for the sake of being a woman (a man in this case) definit... read more


Cap D'Agde summer with hotwifeWe’ll be in Cap between 03-20 august and we are very excited about that We are hoping to fulfill our cuckold desire and to find for my princess wife a gentleman well educated and good looking, tall at least 180cm, well endowed, dominant with the cuck husband and ready... read more

My Travels

One of the great things about my work is that I get to travel to so many different places.Many times it is the old in and out without time to visit or see the sights. However there are times when I can steal an evening, afternoon, entire day or even a weekend for the sights sounds and pleasures of t... read more

Cap d'adge in August

Heading to cap d'adge on my own mid August 2015. Any couples, singles heading over around that time ? :- ... read more

Motor home fun

New motor home sluts Any others in here ? Start meeting , take overs... read more

What happens when 1 spouse wants out?

Recently we ran into some old friends that we'd known through the lifestyle...and were surprised to find out that The mrs wasn't sure she wanted to stay in the LS...mostly for fear of getting caught, and because she felt that they were devoting too much time to it.  I had the opportunity to speak p... read more

New Podcast: Cuckold / Hotwife Fantasy

Hey Guys,Episode 19 is now available of the 'The Curious Couple' Podcast.   We sit down with a good friend (male) whom we'd introduced him and his wife to the LS.  He would really like to see his wife with another man or a woman, and finds both scenarios equally a turn on.  We tell the story of h... read more

I know what I'm here to do...

We never admit it, but the same vice in our brains that makes us fear the person in our face that we met only seconds ago(but have talked to online) is the same vice that gives us euphoria. We secretly like that fear. Should I act civilized, smile and shake hands or should I grab his bulge... read more

Profile pictures and single guys

Whats the point in having women in your profile picture if they are not part of the package?Perhaps I misread this, but it looks dodgy to me... I have noticed a few profiles that have a beautiful lady as the main profile picture - when I click on it, the profile goes to a single guy.  One example i... read more

A Quieter Week: 5/5 to 10/5/15

4/5 Well we didn't come too till around midday and had a quiet afternoon till we went to meet my youngest son T and new girlfriend M at Ladbroke Grove station before heading to an Italian restaurant just off Portobello. M was an intelligent, bright and Italian looking East coast American. She remind... read more

"New Community Wall Post" - suggestion

I'm not sure if this is a new feature introduced by SDC, but i've recently been getting a lot of emails of all the activity within my communities. The emails however do not say which community they are from - just the person who posts it, and this gets pretty confusing and time consuming cos you hav... read more

Happy Mothers day all

off to  see celtic woman here on mothers day.... read more


What is it with profiles where the ages are listed as 99 and NO text as far as who they are or what they are looking for? Do they really expect a response? ... read more

I am sorry but I must; Ladies if everything on your body is paid for by a man who could be your dad..... you might be a gold digger... 

I am sorry but I must; Ladies if everything on your body is paid for by a man who could be your dad..... you might be a gold digger... ... read more

The p-spot and its role in orgasm

Just as women have a g-spot - a bundle of nerves located in their pelvic walls - so also men have a sensitive location in their lower pelvis.  The lower part of the prostate contain a bunch of nerves that trigger some smooth muscle tissue that spasms during orgasm.   Those nerves are sometimes cal... read more

curious in Swinging

Hi friends, We've never experienced a swinging life style, though, we are interested BUT up to a level and safe see. It's hard in Nepal to find such a like minded people and communities like what we read here and experience through others lifestyle looking and watching from a far distance. As we bo... read more

Sexy beautiful Russan's first GB

Looking for a few good men,ages 21 to 4 5 to  give my beautiful young girlfriend her first multiple partner experience.Must be respectful and well hung.She has a perfect body and beautiful face.She loves oral giving and receiving.This could happen may 29th or30th .Get in touch... read more

Swinger Club Roma

Dear All,We want to visit a swingerclub in Roma between June, 18-25. We only want to watch other couples, thats why we prefer can join only couples. We dont want many single men. If you sugest a club, please contact with us.Thank you.... read more

SDC Party Crete:24/4/to 3/5

20/4 The first part of this week's is an abbreviated report as I stupidly deleted my diary on the 25/4. Got woken up by a business call. Spent most of the day working and trading and we did have an early night as we were both tired.21/4 Had to go to Harley Street for a review which was good. Walked ... read more

Why don't you go on a SDC holiday?

Whilst having the good fortune to enjoy another epic SDC holiday (in Crete), a few of us were commenting on that only a very small percentage of SDC members appear to go on these holidays. We have always had the most mindblowing times ever, and met some of the happiest, lovely people on the planet. ... read more

New Curious Couple Podcast Episode

Hey Guys,The latest podcast is out, #18.  We are joined by relationship coach, Luis Congdon. He  brings his therapist's perspective on relationships and what makes them work. Luis brings an open-minded perspective on relationships of all kinds ... including those in the lifestyle. He was done in d... read more

Test results

People hook up for drinks and conversation  to see how compatible they are in person versus online. Now let's say everything goes well and you guys plan on going back to play how many of you actually  ask to see test results for HIV OR STD before playing or that really doesn't matter to you? See m... read more

What fictional characters would you swing with? :)

I've always drooled over fictional characters (mostly for the personality of the character itself, and not limited to the looks of the actor portraying him); when I was a teenager, I used to have fictional crushes that lasted for years... *blush* My affection targets mostly real people these days, b... read more

Temptation & Desire Resort ????

Hi all,We have been to Hedo II and loved it now we want to try some other resort same like Hedo II so we found Temptation & Desire Resort but we dont know and want some input from the group. Please share your experience.Thank you  ... read more


how many of  you only play within your race ? If anyone chooses to answer  please explain why? We jus curious cause we pay attention to a lot... read more


are you intimidated by anyone in the lifestyle... read more


Who normally sets up the play dates for you if you are a couple?... read more

Another question

what is the general feeling about unmarried couples? Should we shy away? What if they are a long term committed couple? Kids/living together ect?... read more

Thumbs Down

What does the 'thumbs down' button do - aside from change color?... read more

North Texas Young Hung Stud MFM

I can't seem to find the right couples that is looking for a mfm but doesn't mind the age difference (I'm 24). If you want an outstanding threesome with a sensational young hung college dude, I promise to not disappoint. ... read more

Question of the day from a newbie

How many experiences until a couple is no longer considered new to the "lifestyle"? It's just a question and I am excited to hear everyone's opinion.... read more

London Clubs

Can someone recommend a great club in London?  Will be there in June and looking for something along the lines of a Fun4Two if possible.  Cheers!... read more