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what the best way to get my validation up

... read more

las vegas

We are thinking about going to Vegas any nice hotels to have some weekend fun?... read more

Out of Line

We received this letter from a single male and think it is out of line.. What do you all think? Our profile plainly says looking for an extra so hubby can watch. I guess the key part is dynamic duo when we are a couple.Seeking a male playmate? I am looking for an easy-going, adventurous, drama-free,... read more

An Engagement & SDC Party in Cadiz: 16/5- 28/5

16/5 Woke at 5.30 am - groan. Back to sleep and woke again after 8am. Rita woke up and we made love and ducked till I came. Then collapsed asleep again and we didn`t wake up till home 11am. I felt completely out of it. Somehow managed to do what work I had to do and then after Rita went out to have ... read more

Soft Swap, What`s the point

I am hoping someone will help me understand the whole idea behind soft swap. I truly want to understand why someone would want to dabble with kissing, touching, stroking, etc, but then not want to go through completion?... read more

Fumble at the 1yd line

Hello allI`m sure this applies to everybody, but you ever meet a couple or another single at a lifestyle club or event and think DAMN we want to fuck them. Attraction and conversation is there, but you don`t want to seem to eager so you back off a little to give them some space. Maybe take a lap or ... read more

Italy- At seaside

Italian swinging couple. Looking for couples like us, transgressive and elegant. NO SINGLE MALES.Ciao Alice &amp RobertoOn JulyAugust 2016: happily we host foreign couples in southern Italy, in a wonderful place at sea... read more

Memorial day

Freedom is not free. Take time to HONOR our service men and women as well as prayers for the fallen this weekend. Keep in our thoughts how great our nation is. ... read more

Club- Mallorca????

Hello from Austria, we spend 1 week in Mallorca, has anybody experience with swinger clubs in Mallorca ????? &nbspThanks!!!! Kiss I&ampJ ... read more


We need to change the nudge to a different term. Nudge is what you do when the person in front of you at the dmv has their face embedded in their phone and their number is being called and they aren`t paying attention. `Yo, [nudge], you`re next bro.` Or when the jazzy chair people of walmart stop in... read more

swimming pool sexy games

can you provide us sexy ideas for sexy swimming pool games for couples ?... read more

Vacation games

Mona and I will be taking a driving vacation across the Western U.S. in July/August, and I`m looking for some sexy, fun travel games to keep things interesting on the drive. My first thought was to play a sexy scavenger hunt game, and I googled that only to discover nobody knows what a scavenger hun... read more

Indianapolis 500

Have two of the best seats at IMS for the last 30+ years, 100th anniversary of the race, but have to be in Florida tomorrow for an appointment. Hopefully Saturday night at the Trap will take away some of the pain of not being in Indianapolis.Used to be a pro photographer covering F1, NASCAR, IndyCar... read more


We are wondering if anyone has done one and what the experience was like. It is a current debate on if we should do it or not. The only thing really holding us back is being able to trust a small group of guys or not. If anyone has a story or experience they could share to maybe guide us in deciding... read more


Is er iemand in Marbella , afsp maken??... read more

Just askin`, why so many flakes?

We used to be on another site for a few years and were looking for, first, soft swap and then eventually full swap. &nbspWe met some very nice and very hot people, however, they were few and far between. &nbspAt first I blamed it on me, obviously it wasn`t my wife. &nbspThen a few of the... read more

Carnival Valor - May 26 to May 30

We will be cruising from tomorrow thru Monday and would love to meet other sexy couples. He is 5`11 and fit - I am 5`8 shapely and redheaded. Anyone else traveling with us?... read more

Being Gratfeful And Happy On Here

I wanted to take my time and explain why this topic,, because I had saw something that was replied to me earlier today on another swing site I be on. I am a type of person that is happy about being able to be on a network on here and learn from others. Some people complain about this and that, wh... read more

Vanished profile no history in inbox

Hi everybody we have been contacted by a profile(not verified) and conitnued with exchanging messages. This profile has recently dissappeared from sdc. However the messages and all trace and history of messages we had also dissappeared. Is it a bug , is it scam ? ... read more

High End parties read more


I don`t know how it goes in the lifestyle but I see symbols of `black spades` and the word `spade` being used when there`s a preference for BBC/black me old fashioned but I`ve been raised on the word being an offensive term for black people. Is that something that just accepted in the LS?... read more

Couplicious. Is it fun? Any advice playing it?

New to the lifestyle. Been playing with a few ladies with my wife. Any thoughts on Couplicious? It`s a board game that is sponsored by SDC. No review on it online to speak of. Is it really any good? Any advice on getting the most out of the game? Looking forward to trying it out.... read more


We will be in Dallas 13-18 July.  I want to dress to impress.  Go to where the beautiful people are and hopefully get picked up.  We do not know Dallas but are told that the place to try this is the Dragonfly at the Hotel ZAZA.  What do you think?  Is it the place for this or is there a better ... read more

Negative profiles

Anyone else turned off by profiles that list 5000 things they do not want as opposed to what they want?... read more

What happened to my Warriors????

Damn...that was a beatdown...what happened???... read more

Butt plug

My wife has been communicating with a guy in his 30s through a local site and at some point decided that we should meet him.Last night we invited him for dinner at a very cosy bar restaurant.My wife wore a short leather skirt,fishnet stockings,spiky hels and a low cut sweater revealing her big breas... read more


When reading blogs, I am usually on my phone. And when I attempt to scroll down to read comments, my device tends to end up on the profile of either the OP or that of someone who has commented. So my aologies if you think me/us a stalker.MrsH ... read more

C/O Key West

Anyone know of a clothing optional/topless pool anymore in key west?   Shame PH and Marrereo`s stopped ..... they were fav stops of ours...  Any thoughts?... read more

Disturbing Others Private Space

I went to a swing club Thursday night in Atlanta called ` The Loft ` It was a couple came up stairs, and decide to go in a private room with the door shut. About four or five single men try to open they door and they have it locked. Then they went in to the other private room right next to where... read more


Good morning! My South Beach blog sparked quite a reaction last week. I got a lot of private messages agreeing with my points and observations, and saying I should keep it up. I also had a few negative reactions, from people who exhibit some of the behaviors I called out. This morning I want to disc... read more

loking for hotwife

Im frome usa california im 28 years old ..personal training for women. Im going where u are... read more

Private vs public pics

Any way to move private pics to public and the reverse? &nbspHelp line did not understand the question... read more

The site needs picture police!

We are so sick of seeing profiles from single men that have 10 pictures of women (usually not the same woman), and one vague partial body photo of the guy. &nbspSometimes the guy isn`t visible at all! &nbspI`m sure the women in the photos wouldn`t be happy being used as `bait` by this single... read more

Cap d`Agde end of May

Anyone out in Cap at the moment? Is it busy? Has it all kicked off yet ? Out there next week.... read more

Rita`s Trip to Cologne! Just! : 9-15/5/16

9/5 Monday morning and woke at 9am. Rita woke a bit later and feeling better after yesterday. We got up and mid morning had brunch on the balcony as it was a beautiful hot day. Booked Rita flights to Cologne for the weekend. A little later I headed to the gym for a short session - it was hot! Around... read more

Outstanding Profiles

What are some elements of a profile that make it a great profile? One that catches your eye and makes you immediately click that message button? One that makes you want to meet up and get to know them? What makes a description thorough but to the point? What types of pics? How many? Nude or vanilla ... read more

Cell Phones in Clubs/Resorts?!

What have your experiences been with cellphones and/or picture taking in clubs and/or resorts? Do you find the policy different between pure swingerc clubs (Miami Velvet, Trapeze) vs swinger resorts/hotels (Rooftop Inn, Desire, Hedonism)?We`ve only been to two swinger clubs so far in south Florida a... read more


I`m writing this from the corner booth of a cafe in South Beach, watching beautiful people of every skin tone from all over the world pass by. I`m getting ready to head back to the ATL after another incredible weekend of hedonism in my favorite domestic getaway spot. I had lifestyle dates and a coup... read more

Looking for a way to make my hubby`s fantasies come true, please advise

Hey, I`m looking for a really nice birthday present for my husband during our next vacation, i wanna fullfil two fantasies for him: - being with another guy - preferably a pretty trans.- being in a 3/4some with more women. Now, we`re not new to the scene, and already seen some stuff, yet for the mos... read more

Agde or Paris Swinger club

Hi guys, we are planing to visit France this September and we are thinking of 2 places Paris (less chandelles) or Cap d`agde (le gloumar), last time we have been in less chandelles in Paris, and we have spent a wonderful night and its really special swinger club, and we heard also about Le Gloumar i... read more

soo many fanciful profiles

Indeed ... we have the feeling that so many profiles on SDC are totaly fanciful with non honest indications, especially in South America and tipicaly in latin countries. These gave the feeling that people fantasize about this LS without very low interest on it, could be mainly due to the fact that m... read more

On behalf of the Single Male...I apologize...

O.M.G!!!As I occasionally do (maybe less so in the future now), I went to a nice, friendly LS club last night to get out, possibly meet a few new people, and of course POLITELY people watch.  I mean the same kind of people watching you`d do at McDonald`s or while seated waiting on your SO to ... read more

Alternative cell/text numbers?

We don`t want to use our real cellphone numbers. We however to want to text and chat from our cell phones. What services have the rest of you used to keep your privacy? &nbspWhat were the pro`s and con`s?Vonage? &nbspGchat? &nbspKik?  ... read more

Put your dick away

The dick pic. &nbspOne must be fairly into themselves to assume that the first thing I wanna see is their average penis. In prison (I worked there) they call it `burning` for its nothing anyone cares to see. I`m an admirer of the human body, especially my own penis BUT that doesn`t mean I want t... read more

Piercing the HooHa

Mrs. Ego is considering having her HooHa pierced--specifically, a Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing. &nbspWe`d like to hear from women that have them and men that have encountered them. &nbspI posted a quick poll to take a survey, but we would love to hear from the live studio audience.... read more

Lifestyle Survey

We want to know more about you and the LS community. Claire and I have put together a survey of 24 questions from the basic: `How long have you been in the lifestyle` to more intriguing such as `How the LS has affected your relationship with your partner.` The greater the number of people who... read more


any suggestions for a good vlub in brussels please or any private party..... read more


we are in paris tuesday wednesday next week..can anyone suggest a good club which allows couples only on weekdays..thanks... read more

Recent site

Hi,Android n windows user, noticed web site been little glitchy.To navigate 2 icon left upper corner sdc flower n 3 bars &nbspclick to reveil hidden menu bar to left, then can tab to area to get your naughty on )I use chrome works best, tried all junk n maintenances cleared but still acting same... read more

Roma swingers club

I have frequently been asked by visitors where can they have some fun in Roma, as I have lived here for many years and I know the city quite well. I have always answered that there is a wonderful place NEAR Roma called the Flirt Club, of which I hear excellent reports, but it is about an hour to the... read more

Advice for Swinger Couples: Reconciling Differing Expectations

Visit our blog at: us on Twitter: `Advice for Swinger Couples: Reconciling Differing Expectations`One misconception about swinging is that both partners always go into it being on the same page. Couples who have a hard ti... read more

Nice week with Rita: 2/5 to 8/5/16

2/5 Got woken at 11 by D&ampS who had to leave to be home by lunchtime. We were all wiped out but sad to see them go - it was a great weekend. We then went back to sleep till after lunch and the rest if the day was spent tidying up and mooching / dozing in front of the TV. During the evening we ... read more

Desire Costa Rica?

We are looking at taking a lifestyle trip this summer to one of the resorts in Central or South America.   The Desire Costa Rica on Jaco Beach looks a little interesting, but we can`t get very good info on it that we feel is reliable.   Has anyone ever gone or is there one better in Costa Rica, Ar... read more

Weekend getaway

Looking for LS oriented weekend getaway for Ms birthday weekend May 20-22nd near Houston/Austin/S.A.. Would love to have a combination of daytime activities/ shopping/ evening LS fun with sexy group.... read more

Swing Party in NCR

Looking for like minded couples to plan swingers bash / orgy periodically in NCR. NSA ... random new venue .. all share the tab ... lets connectcheers... read more


hi do you know unlimited swinger club in Athens where they do not accept single men?... read more


This is something we have done before with various permutations but am interested to know what people think will make things flow best from the beginning?Us and another couple are having a little MMFFMM hotel party in a few weeks. I guess that technically makes it a `greedy girl` party?Just thinking... read more


Anyone going to TMZ tonight? 05-07-16... read more

NBA predictions?

I have cavs over spurs in 5...opinions?... read more

Some Single Males Blame Others For Ruining It For Them

I sure hear this a lot when I go through some forum comments. Only thing some `SM`s` need to do is look at some other successful single males profile. Read what they have on their page, and come up with your own great ideas of what you need to do with your profile. No guarantee that you might ge... read more


We will travel the west coast of Mexico June 29 through July 12, 2016. We would like info about any clubs in Cancun down to Talum. Any couples intersted in meeting...please contact us. Read our profile to see our interests.... read more

I will be in Budapest this weekend.

I will be in Budapest this weekend. I would like to visit swinger club there. Any recommendation ?Thx... read more

Amsterdam massage

We will be for a week in Amsterdam snd looking for an erotic massage for Ms. Koen. Can anybody advise us something???... read more

Texting instead of calling

OK I have no problem with my wife talking to single guy's on the phone long as they are single amd respectfully to her and our marriage at all time and yes sex talk is ok. So when a single guy write and if she find interest in the guy. So I give both of our number to him because she like to talk to ... read more

If you don`t like BBC...

For some reason, I have people who say the don`t like BBC keep looking at my profile. You can see from the pics and videos I have a BBC. So why waste time looking at the profile? Just saying and wondering...... read more

`Like` button for photos - yes or no?

In conversation with site admins, I asked when they planned to bring back the `Like` button so members could indicate that they `like` a picture. &nbspThis feature used to be present on the site, but disappeared in an update a while ago.Admin indicated that they don`t think there`s enough intere... read more


I understand that your intentions change...but if you are `looking for` MFM or FMF, would you likely be Soft Swap?Certainly our expections/comfort level has evolved, but we have also updated our profile...... read more

After Eight

We`re thinking about checking out the After Eight club in Edinburgh (Scotland) on Wednesday. Is &nbspit worth the trouble? We`d probably have to pick up appropriate shoes/dress, since this was originally a hiking vacation.... read more

Advice needed

We are looking to party for a week end of July 2016 can anyone recommend Desire, Hedo or any others. Need something with theme nights and organised fun in the sun.... read more

Fun young couple

We are in San Juan for couple weeks. Would like to meet some nice young couple to have fun with . Anybody interested &nbspstart with drink ... read more

Rio De Janeiro CopaCabana

Hi guys,We are in Copacabana for a few days and we would like to go to a swinger club. Any suggestions?We would also like to meet a couple or a lady to play as well.... read more

Trapeze Atlanta and Ft Lauderdale

It has been quite a while since we have been to either club and we are thinking about going this summer. &nbspI assume that the Ft Lauderdale club is still the place to be on an SDC Party night? &nbspAny other places in SE Florida promising?  We have not been to the Atlanta club since befor... read more

Thailand Travel

We have a group of&nbspSexy friends traveling to Thailand February 2017.  We already have our standard sights and tours on our agenda.  Can anyone tell us if there are Swinger Clubs in Bangkok or Chiang Mai?  We are not looking for bars with `girls` but an actual couples swinger clubs or priv... read more

What a Party Week - Wow! 25/4 to 1/5

25/4 Woke at 8.30 and read Times. Then got up for telephone engineer who came to move router for new TV which also arrived. Set up new curved TV. Awesome picture! Moved old TV into bedroom - nice to have a large one in bedroom. Then went to gym for an hour. Rita`s eldest arrived for a couple of hour... read more

Why there is NO DRAMA written on profiles....

Ok I’ve got a question that I need opinions on...What would you do in this situation?I was ill and without sitter this weekend and had to cancel a few plans as well as a meet up. I met this couple on another well-known lifestyle sites about 2 months ago and honestly felt something strange with the... read more

New kind of scam?

A message appeared in our inbox recently, `Hi, you`re so sexy. If you send me your mail message, I`ll send you our hot pix.` (paraphrased, since the message dissappered).Instantly getting on our bad side (we take exception to someone not adressing both parts of our profile),&nbspwe took a look a... read more

2 Ladies to host in Brugge

I have a fantasy to have sex with 2 ladies, while one lady sucks me, i`d like to kiss another lady and so on...It may be in a week or weekend, any ladies interested in and to benefit max from this fantasy there has to be a compatibility between two ladies so feel free to bring your friend...Ladies o... read more

Uk Swingers club or resort

Ok guys and Galswe have concluded that due to time constraints we will be staying in the UK, most probably London area. From 10th July to 14th July so any suggestions on good clubs or hotel/resorts would be welcomed and appreciated xxJ &amp E xx... read more