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General Question

Rather than diving in head first, is there a local bar in the San Antonio area were we can just meet people without the pressure of going to swinger club? My GF is extremely nervous and worried, but I'm more adventurous.  ... read more


I will be attending 2018  NAWTY IN NAWLINS/July 25th-29th! Who else is attending? I am part of The Plus 1 single male group for this event.Looking forward to partying and making some new friends.See ya there!... read more

Gunnison - Part 2 The”almost” money shot

Back to "Wow!" and the happiness I feel from coming here today. I liked this place a LOT and want to do it again. Maybe tomorrow? Really?? Can I be that secretive and that naughty??? Answer: Yes and yes!Walking from the beach to the pavilion I caught up with a muscular, dark-skinned black man. Ou... read more

Fake profile

Is there a place where we can report fake profiles? I've recently run into this and wanted to warn others. ... read more

Constructive opinions.

O.K. several things. Why do people say in their profile "NICE AND SLIM" , then say as for their weight "PREFER NOT TO SAY" ? If they are Nice and slim, then what is the problem of their weight ?Most profiles say "EROTIC E-MAILS".  Are there any ladies out there who enjoy erotic e-mails? My... read more

Cap d`agde in August

Hi, we will be in Cap d'agde for the first two weeks of August and we are looking for some nice couples who'd be there during the same period. Preferably speaking English or Dutch but we are ok with french too :-). xxSweetandcurious.... read more

Day at the beach part one

Wow, I thought. I did it. I just spent the day at Gunnison Beach completely nude for any and all passersby to see. I slipped out of my sundress and bikini without hesitation and let the warm sun flush my skin with goosebumps. I'd sunbathed topless before in Europe but this was different. This was A... read more

9 June 2018 opening Flirt Village , Pool and Garden

... read more

Erotic photography

Hi!We are looking for a Washington, DC area photographer who takes erotic/fetish photographs.  We are looking, at a minimum, a sexy boudoir shoot for her and a kinky photo shoot as a couple, to include full penetration.  We are not necessarily looking for a professional photographer b... read more

Season 1, Episode 5: Lessons from this past Sunday

A friend suggested I start writing a blog since we are pretty active in the lifestyle and seem to have fun stories to tell. Ok, here it is. This is the fifth attempt to tell a funny story and at the same time draw lessons from it that can benefit other couples. Rule #1 (again): if you don'... read more

no means no...well of course it does.

I'm no fool,am i'm not desperate.i understand when a woman's not interested in me then it's time to move on. but as a man i feel it's my purpose to pursue and find out how she feels,and if i don't how will i know.but nowadays if you look at a woman more than 2 seconds at your workplace you'll b... read more

Personal musings - Introversion and the lifestyle: Do they mix?

Hello,I'm an introvert by nature, but love good conversation, and am not shy at all. Sound like a contradiction? Nope, not really. You can say that I'm a "sapiosexual," That is, I'm aroused by a person's mind before their body. Introverts, like extroverts, come in many varieties. Some fall into the ... read more

Key West Clothing optional Bed and Breakfast

Years ago we loved Marrero's and Pier House.....We understand they are no longer CO. Are there any CO places down there these days??... read more

Bank Holiday Weekend: 21/5 to 26/5/18

(Start of a party evening with O and later MsD - see 25/5)21/5 Well that was a long nights sleep! Got up just after 8.30 and slowly started to pack. Darius the apartment owner came at 11am to pick us up and take us to Larnaca airport. He had a lot of places to rent and sent me links to the var... read more

A Ride

We would love to put a ride together. Start somewhere like at Secrets and go to the beach playlinda and back to Secrets. Don't know the time or how to start this . Is there anyone that would like to help us put this together? We don't drink while riding on the bike. ... read more

Lessons from... this past Thursday (4)

A friend suggested I start writing a blog since we are pretty active in the lifestyle and seem to have fun stories to tell. Ok, here it is. This is the fourth attempt to tell a funny story and at the same time draw lessons from it that can benefit other couples. Rule #1 (again): if you don't like th... read more


I intend to have my nipples and pussy lips a matter of fact multiple piercings for my pussy lips.I would like to hear from women with similar experience..I need their advice on how to proceed about this... read more

Long intro emails or short intro emails

We were talking the other day about if it’s better to send intro emails that are longer but make mention of aspects of the couples profile that we like or identify with or just keep it to a short hello email. We would love to know what you sexy people think!... read more

Copyright disclaimer

We frequently see the disclaimer specifically saying no person or institution may use pictures from our profiles. Copyright protection is automatic. Permission cannot be assumed and is only granted. The question is is this disclaimer useful or merely a way of making 'us' feel more in control of... read more

Gang Bang

Does anyone know about a group of guys who offer GB service as a group?Color does not matter.  My woman tried GB once and since she has been looking forward to another one.Also interested in Bukaki.Your advise will be appreciated. ... read more

I`m curious...

I've brought a few dates into the lifestyle and we've had our fun. We've never met any couples because my dates were selective and I didn't want to put them through "taking one for the team." We've even looked together online for potential meetup's to no prevail because when we find a profile that w... read more

Facebook Lifestyle

So I have heard of some people using FB to form swing groups. Pretty sure this is not for me since I can’t form a complete sentence using FB and “privacy”. Wanted to hear some opinions, experiences and thoughts. ... read more

People Don`t read !

Apparently, single guys do not read the entire profile because we still get single guys writing us. They just look at the pictures. Another thing. Then there's the bullshit artist that write and say "Oh, my wife can't make it this trip or some other nonsense. They just don't five up. What bullshit. ... read more


Here we go again, the place for predictions ridicule and outrage... read more

Global Indian Swingers

Hi I am creating this group for all Lovely Indians who are into swinging Life style. I understand that swinging Life style is rapidly growing among Indians. This is the group only for Indians who wanted to have ultimate pleasure and experience beautiful swinging life style. ... read more

Granada, English version!

I had planned a two month trip through Spain and my wanderings now led me to Granada. I booked a tour and the last visit was to be at a Flamenco Dance, I don’t know if you know what I am referring to but it is a traditional dance of southern Spain. The show was very good and the star w... read more

Whose Still Active?

Just a wonder. When we are looking through the people here how can anyone tell who is still active and who is not?  Let’s face it, some people have not been active for a while and since they took out the last online notifier no one can tell.  Opinions please. ... read more

While in Spain, do as....

Mis andanzas me llevaron a Granada donde participe en un tour que incluía un Tablao Flamenco. El espectaculo estuvo muy bien preparado y a todas estas el centro de la atencion fue el bailaor, un tipo alto, delgado, quien poseia una fluidez de movimientos y una gracia extraordinarios. Parecia mov... read more

Anal Sex Question

Neither one of us do anal for several reasons. #1 Our LS Doctor we see strongly states all the negative health issues associated with anal and neither one of us have any desire to play around it. Our Doctor also says if you play anal there must be a condom involved......Now the issue is at some part... read more

Week Two Cyprus Holiday: 14/5 to 20/5/18

14/5 We woke about 10am and CandN left around 11am. We went down to the beach for brunch and sunbathed for a few hours. Then the cloud came over and we headed back to the flat. Chilled in the flat through the afternoon watching TV. That evening we walked to Nel’s for a Chinese meal and taxied bac... read more

Week Two Cyprus Holiday: 14/5 to 20/5/18

14/5 We woke about 10am and CandN left around 11am. We went down to the beach for brunch and sunbathed for a few hours. Then the cloud came over and we headed back to the flat. Chilled in the flat through the afternoon watching TV. That evening we walked to Nel’s for a Chinese meal and taxied bac... read more


 ... read more

`the outsider`

what happens when the outside play partner sex is just too good? i have a friend whom i've known for years,he's smart,good looking and the S.O.B. is hung as well,i mean how lucky can he be lol. anyway a couple that he played with, the wife started to see him alone unbeknownst to her husband....... read more

Splash Mocha 2018 Vendors

Greetings from thegoodfellaz and thegoodtj. We are currently seeking theme specific vendors in and around the ft Lauderdale area in the following areas of leisure travel services and tour groups:Lifestyle Travel servicesLifestyle Tour AgenciesIf interested contact Thegoodtj at 321 323 6362 ... read more

Splash Mocha 2018 Vendors

Greetings from thegoodfellaz and thegoodtj. We are currently seeking theme specific vendors in and around the ft Lauderdale area in the following areas of Health and Beauty:Hair stylistManicuristPedicuristAesthetician If interested in being a vendor at Splash Mocha 2018 contact Thegoodtj at 321... read more

Dominican Republic

Want to planning a travel to DR. Any adult only location that we can visit that we will have fun. ... read more

Lessons from this past week-end (3)

A friend suggested I start writing a blog since we are pretty active in the lifestyle and seem to have fun stories to tell. Ok, here it is. This is the third attempt to tell a funny story and at the same time draw lessons from it that can benefit other couples. Rule #1 (again): if you don't like thi... read more

Sleepover Playtime

Opinions:  Do any of you couples have a relationship with another couple that has progressed to sleepovers at either of your homes?  If so, when thesex is done, time to get shuteye, do  you return to your own spouse, or do stay the night with your play partner?  This assumes... read more

Constructive opinions.

Well, my wife and I read the responses to our blog and made some adjustments. We toned down our profile and deleted some of our photos. So, thanks all . It also appears that my age may be a factor which we never considered because both of us are in pretty good shape. I'm going on 59 and she's g... read more

It Is Almost Here!

Summer. Summer. Summer. Just putting that out there. 🙋🏻‍♂️... read more

Pistil’s journey

I became friends with this guy on OK Cupid, he is a 23 year old graduate student. Should you come across my profile on that site you will find that I billed myself as a married woman in an open relationship looking for a friend with benefits and that my husband approves my endeavors. We agreed... read more

Pre Holiday Party Week: 30/4 to 7/5

30/4 Monday morning and after a great nights sleep it was a mainly work day and popped into local shops to pick up a few things. Early night - quick fuck and slept. 1/5 Up for meetings and at lunchtime went to the gym while Rita was out at her youngest’s flat. Had a nice quiet evening - a little... read more


... read more

Thank you all .

Thank you for those who responded to our blog. We appreciate the feed back and will learn from it. We have met some really good people on here and made a connection. I ( Jack ) didn't mean to be negative, it was just some venting towards some very rude people. We never expect anything when meeting o... read more

Like, Friend, Validate

So, the communication functions on SDC have not been strictly defined. Perhaps they should not be, but this leaves room for interpretation, and on occasion, misunderstanding. For instance some people consider likes too trivial, and some are frankly offended by friend requests from those they have no... read more


We are an attractive couple in search of other attractive couples. BUT, it seems that even when we write other couples there is rarely a response. ??? My Asian wife is open , beautiful an now bi-sexual with the right lady. So, what is the problem? Our profile has good photos of both of us and they a... read more

Dating site

We are into "Hotwifing".  We have found the selection of men limited on the traditional swingers sites.  I was thinking of putting a profile on a regular dating site.  It would tactfully and forthrightly explain what we expect and are looking for.What do you think of the Idea?&nb... read more


Afternoon everyone. Needed a little bit of your support, We are launching our new “devils rose “ at the end of June. Those of you who have Instagram please follow us @ devilsroseus . Thank you for your support . ... read more

Cyprus Holiday - Wild Week 1!: 8/5 to 13/5/18

8/5 Alarm went off at 6.50. Spent the next 35 mins getting ready and finish packing and then down to pick up our taxi to Victoria where we were getting the Gatwick Express. Smooth journey to Gatwick - headed to North Terminal and at check in decided to upgrade to business class. Had breakfast in bu... read more

Seems I picked the perfect time to visit Miami.

There's a monsoon outside.... read more

Savannah and/or Richmond Hill Meet

We are looking to see if there is interest in having a monthly Savannah/Richmond Hill Meet & Greet. If you are interested please let us know and suggest a place. We are new to the area and very surprised that this is not already happening here. Let's get together and have some fun!... read more

What do you/we like ?

What we like:A good conversationalist, loves kissing, loves giving oral to woman, realizes this is for both of our pleasure and does not take over but wants to share our loving, and finds it fun and exciting to be laying naked in bed with us wife in the middle we are getting very excited with intens... read more


Decided to create this blog to share with you my experiences...My Master was fucking me, then he ordered me to the bathroom and made me lie in the bath tub then starter pissing all over me... this was the first for me and I loved every moment of it. In hindsight I am regretting not plugging the bath... read more

European River Cruise In June

We're going on the Rhine River Cruise June 18-25 out of Amsterdam.  Our first time, and wondering if any other SDC members are also booked?... read more


We have been in the lifestyle for years, on the other hand I am allowed to date guys that I might fancy and I must  confess I am also quite the exhibitionist.I  kept  a diary of my exploits, every so often I read them and every time they bring back good memories.I thought I might shar... read more

Sexy nerds

Hey everyone! I started this group because I have a desire to meet new people in the lifestyle that share common interests. I'm a big sci fi fan, and I'm really into the lifestyle. I would love to make friends that want to play in and out of the bedroom. Let's all do fun nerd stuff like an oral sex ... read more

Bachelor Party!

Three friends are preparing a trip in Europe. one of them gets married , and wants the last night of his freedom to remain unforgettable.  we think about Amsterdam. You have some ideas? you will participate in the last memories of the bachelor... read more

Finding new like minded couples.

Just looking for like minded couples. Let’s start a group chat. And see where that gets us. Having  imessenger is a plus lol! ... read more

Goin on a trip!

So we have decided to go to a LS resort for the first time and was wondering where the best one would be to go! We are considering Riveria Maya Pearl (Cancun), Temptations (Cancun), Hedonism II (Jamacia). Is there somewhere better? Is there a strictly LS resort we don't know about? We want couples o... read more

So Much Clutter On The Blogs About Travel.

On this beautiful site, in the left hand column, there are sections like "travel", "travel calendar", and WOW "parties/clubs".   Travel just may tell you who else will be in your wild vacation spot at the same time as you.  Best to go there, and not on the blogs, making the rest of us... read more


Traveling to Barcelona and Ibiza in June.  Any recommendations for swingers clubs or bars to meet other couples in the lifestyle?... read more

Birthday Fun This Saturday At Le Boudoir

Hello Wonderful Kinksters and Curious Souls...I'm highly fortunate to be the Host and Master at Le Boudoir this Saturday night...and I'm planning to celebrate my birthday with some sumptuous birthday drinks there. If you've never been to a kinky club before, or even if you're a wonderful regular, th... read more

PED in the LS

My wife and I are a little new, but experienced. Before we went full tilt LS, we cranked it up in our own bedroom. I started to notice that stuff we were doing was so exciting that I had issues finishing. Im sure being mid forty’s and full of wine has something to do with it as well. So I went to ... read more

Profile Answers: What Do You Mean?

When we look at a profile, we check out ages, height/weight, and then further down about experience, intelligence, and appearance. We look at their friends list, what clubs or groups of which they are part. Before we look at their photos.We see many profiles that say appearance is "medium ... read more

Couple iso sexy friends in Athens

We will be visiting Athens for 3 weeks (May 14th-June2nd). We are looking for bifems or couples that want to meet. Feel free to send us a note if you want to meet with us. Hugs and kisses... read more

France travel chalet share Euronat

hello... we will be travelling to Euronat late May into June to the naturist centre, and wonder if any friends and people would like to share the experience of travel and chalet with us to add the extra fun to the location. Especially tantric massages x... read more

Clubs in Pensaola Fl

Does anyone know of any LS clubs in or around Pensacola, FL. If so what are their names... read more

Desire Pearl October 18

We have a suite booked at the Pearl (3rd trip) from 10/7-10/14 2018.  Wondered how many other were booked at this time. We love the Pearl. Hope to see you there ... read more

Vritomartis naturist resort Creta

Mai 26th - June 10th 2018We are going to Vritomartis naturist resort Creta and look forward. It would be nice to meet some open minded naturist people.We are long time naturist and open read more

Mountain Creek Grove >> Memorial Day Weekend

I been going to the " Mountain Creek Grove "  ( nudist resorts )   since over the summer in 2016.  It is very upscale and the people who come there are very laid back people. It would be some people who are not swingers there. It would be some people be fully nude there. You don'... read more

Lifestyle going big Market

Well I’ve never written a blog before and not sure this would qualify. But I often see humor in things that other people miss. So here is a pic I took the other day. While my wife and I were doing a little clothes shopping. And I thought to myself. Wow Kohl’s is putting it all out there wi... read more