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Costa Del Sol Fun

We are in Benalmadena from july 30th to Aug 6th looking to hook up with exceptional singles or similar N/S cpls or advice on what clubs to attend. Mail us here or at hereus2@hotmail.com... read more


just a quick post to let people know that a new swing club will be opening up in the southernmost city.   It will be on Duval st. and should be open in september, so if anyone is cumming to key west, and wants more info, just shoot me a email.   thanks... read more


LOOKING FOR FUN IN AUGUSTlove to meet couples during our vacations;any idea? we re a young classy couple,good level ,not a lot of experiences....love to meet couples during our vacations:ibiza,palma,greece,france,italy....;we plan a trip this summer in luxury hotel;we re looking for couples ;lov... read more

Welcome to Whispers Private Forum

Hello Gang, Please enjoy our new private forum and feel free to post here anytime you would like... Enjoy Whispers... read more

How well do you know your friends REBIRTH

OK, let's say you are at _______ place for dinner, and drinks as usual.. You go to the bathroom and have to go through their bedroom to get to it... You stop and have a peek in their dresser drawers and then you have a peek in the medicine cabinet... Put a name to the person you are visiting&n... read more

12-30 July (Temmuz) Coasts of Mediterranean/Akdeniz

  We will be in Medditerranean begginig from Kemer to Izmir between 12/30 july with stay Kemer Bodrum and Fethiye Olüdeniz...If you have some idea about meeting or wish drink someting together write us please... Yalan yanlis ingilizcemizden de anlasilacagi üzere 18 Temmuzda Kemerden basl... read more



New feature !!

We have this Pop-up inside the webpage on the who is online page. This means, when you click on a picture it creates a window inside the page showing the profile and blurs the background, this way you can add members to your favorites, write notes or emails without loosing track of the Whos Onl... read more


What are you afraid of? What keeps you awake at night? Makes you chew your fingernails off?... read more

Top 3 Turn-Offs

Anyone know what their top 3 Turn Offs would be for both men & women?You know the kinda things like bad teeth,bad hair,selfishness,arrogance,image obsessiveness,weight,facial hair,hairy armpits,bad language,bad hygene,smoking,bad taste ete etc etc...  Whats your top 3? ...and just for the ... read more

the Erotic Zone

Join in on all the SEXY, Erotic FUN with some of the hottest, sexiest swingers around! This is another 3 day weekend with lots of FUN, FROLIC and EROTIC adventures! Please RSVP soon, this will likely to fill up soon! Call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 to be added to The Erotic Zone's guest list... read more

4th of July weekend 3 great parties

                                            CumonIwannaleiya   You’re invited... read more

D.C. Dick

Is it just me, or is Vice President Cheney, who repeated Thursday that the Iraq insurgency is in its final throes, starting to sound like former Saddam spokesman "Baghdad Bob"? Is it time to start calling him "D.C. Dick"? ... read more


Hello and welcome to the Player's Club Forum! Here you can post topics about anything you want. Travel plans, conventions, party theme ideas, suggestions, introductions and yes, even complaints. (We already know the club is cliquish, too hot and the music sucks) The only thing we ask is that you be ... read more

Chat room night

We also have available for our private use a chat room where we can discuss anything we wish even utilizing web cams for you exhibitionists. If anyone has a specific night in mind let's set that up. Sunday or Wedensday nights sound good. Let us know, T & B... read more

sailing swingers

4 of july to 10 of july looking for couples and females for the mediterreneans best swinger sailing trip in turkey You are still not late to book it.6 cabins 28 meter traditional gullet... read more

Mallorca - mid July - contact us if you'd like to meet

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

Anyone know any ibiza swinging sites at all?

anyone able to help pls guys?   c&jxxx... read more

portugal on motorbike

Touring Spain and Portugal for the next  couple of weeks, by motorbike.  Whos there  and  where  to go ?  Be  nice to meet up  with  local or other members. ... read more

Would like some help with referrals on Travel

We would appreciate some help from people who may have traveled to clothing optional resorts in Mexico. We are 46 and 50, full figured and average body types. Never been to any clothing optional resort and are looking to travel to someplace in Mexico. We would prefer to find a resort where the... read more

Stem Cells

This is not a political discussion per se, although it has become one in Washington, but it's just a topic to see how you feel about stem cell research.  Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with religion and everything to do with trying to save lives. I am totally for it a... read more

For those that are actually here to get laid....

What is Swinging? Swinging is a form of recreational social sex between consenting adults, most commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting other male/female couples for sex and/or ongoing intimate friendships. Anybody besides US, actually getting any strange?  How do any of you an... read more

the Erotic Zone

The TGIF July 1st ~Stars and Stripes~ Friday Party will be in honor of the 4th of July Weekend Blowout! Wear something to show your PRIDE in America! You have free reign here! Stars or Stripes or Red, White and Blue or even Military! It's all GOOD for the great US of A!!!! This is another 3 day wee... read more


anyone else going to guilfest music festival next month?... read more

The Grove

Just wanted to post this for the people who don't know about Pleasure Grove here in GA, it's a lifestyle friendly nudist resort in the North GA mountians. Adults only, they're not a part of any of the nudist assoc. and cater more to the swingers lifestyles. They have a  motel, cabins. camping, ... read more

Time to articulate

I have heard and even stated myself that ST is no longer the ST of old. At least on this side of the pond anyway and has not been the "Old St" for a very long time now. Everyone (well almost everyone) has stated what "they" thought had gone wrong with everything from boring topics to too many a... read more

membership question

Can someone please explain the difference between a free membership and a paid membership here. We've looked and looked but can't find anything listed other than in chat. thanks.... read more


Men who proclaim that a dog is a man's best friend, have evidently never played with a pussy!... read more


postamble(); hi everyone... this is the male half of randy2some, and i need your advice... on saturday 9th of july i have to be away from my sexy wife for the night as i have to go on a depot piss up to torquay and no partners are allowed ... now the problem is who can i ask to look after her an... read more

holiday in turkey

we wouldlike to invate anyone who wants come to turkey and meet with us.We are living in turkey in Fethiye running our own hotel which is on the mediterrenean coast of turkey.All swingers welcome ... read more


Intelligence - intellectual skill or knowledge: mental brightness. Intelligent - having intellect : endowed with the faculty of reason: alert , bright , quick of mind : well informed: cognisant: bringing intelligence : communicative. That's the dictionary version , what's yours ?... read more

How would one answer this?

While talking to a couple that is just getting into the lifestyle, and enjoying it I might add. I was asked a question that I could not answer.  She asked if her husband let another man give him a BJ would it make him a bi male?  Hell I don't know, but I  told them I know how to find ... read more

How unique are you ?

Fill in the blanks..    I believe that the one thing about me that makes me UNIQUE, is____________ I believe that the one thing about my spouse that makes he/she UNIQUE, is____________ I believe that the one thing about ________ that makes him/her/them UN... read more


To ever this may concern, I would just like to say, Please as many people as possible come into the chatrooms,lay dormant,say nothing, so that everyone else can't get into the room and actually do what it is designed for, 80% of it is full of non chatters, Many thanks to all who actually do it, YO... read more

Swinging virgins/newbies

Last night we had an experience with some long standing friends which ended in them losing their swinging virginity. We had previously discussed their curiosity about the lifestyle at dinner parties and the female's burgeoning bi-curiosity. I had been a little tentative at first and hadn't been sure... read more

3 Day Party at the 13th Floor 4th. of July weekend

June 24-25 JUNE 24-25: No Themes this weekend. Fridays are always great at the 13th Floor. We’ll be celebrating a very special birthday this Friday night. Jul’s our bartender will be having her birthday party so if you’d Like to join another Bare as you dare Friday party and help celebrate... read more

Well, I finally did it!

I finally did it! I got my hood pierced! OMG I just had to tell someone. And I chose you guys! I had wanted to go for the vertical piercing, but was told that my bits are too neat!!! So in the end went for the horizontal with a titanium ring. I can honestly say it did not hurt as much as I expect... read more


We keep hearing whispers on the grapevine that we are still closed this is just to dispel any rumours we are OPEN for business as usual. This evening we host our couples night, fri is couples/singles and sunday afternoon couples only. Our membership is free and admission is £20 per couple tonight. ... read more


SWINGERS PARTY TONITE OURPLACE4FUN LONDONS Finest swingers party place we are open from 9pm til 5am Bring your own alcohol new members welcome fantastic purpose built venue play rooms grope box glory holes n more call LISA FOR DETAILS 07906 903262 SINGLE GUYS OF COURSE IN MODERATION GIRLS FREE... read more

holiday in cuba

In here the text, description, location etc hi cpl here going to cuba for 10 nights staying at valadaro going on the 21st of sep would love to hear from cpls that are going or have been thanks from lisa and piers in the uk... read more

Commencement Address

This is a Commencement Address delivered by Mark Danner, a longtime New Yorker staff writer, to English majors at Berkeley.  It's long, but rather poignant, and engaging.   The New York Review of Books What Are You Going To Do With That? by Mark Danner published June 23, 2005 [Th... read more

The Chatroom has gone to shit

I now know why I don't come in here anymore.  This is nothing but a advertising place now... ( wer'e going here,  or we are having a party there)  geeeezz      I MISS the good debates of the pass.  Will we EVER get the "old" ST back??? Just my two c... read more

Chat Rules!

We need to set the rules for our clubxcite chat room we just ask for everyone to respect each other.This private chat room is to avoid attacks from the general public so everyone can enjoy this room the way it was intended.We want ClubXcite Chat to be a fun place please help us make i... read more

A Rant about the ST server............

Am I the only one (I think not) who notices that the god-darn SDC ST database is running slow as SH*T and keeps hanging up on requests? Like, when there are a few pages of answers, half the time it takes over a minute for it to respond, and then a lot of times it just doesn't go to the next page. ... read more

the Erotic Zone

Come join us 6-25-05 Saturday Nite for our Sexy Party Nite !  AND...... we have Ross James of Illusions Photography here starting at 6 pm! He will have his backdrops, you just bring your sexies! The sitting fee will be $40.00 . We have one of his photographs already hanging ... read more

the Erotic Zone

JUNE 24TH!!This TGIF Friday party will be HOT and Sizzling with all those sexy bathing beauties!! Wear you favotite beach attire and come out to party with all those Erotic swingers at The Erotic Zone!!!Join us and find out why we are the FUN place to party and meet others in the lifestyle! Others... read more

This weekend and the 4th. of July at the 13th Floor

June 24-25 JUNE 24-25: No Themes this weekend. Fridays are always great at the 13th Floor. we be celebrating a very special birthday this Friday night. Jul’s our bartender will be having her birthday party so if you Like to join another Bare as you dare Friday party and help celebrate. Or jus... read more

Traveling to Italy July 12 -Aug 4

We will be vacationing in Italy In mid July . Will start off in Milan then head to Venice. Will work our way down to end in Sicily. Will be traveling with family as well but would love to get together on some days or nights with others . Also welcome any and all nfo on hot spots (clubs and beaches )... read more


Tonite we have Couples and Single Party.. COUPLES FREE BEFORE MIDNITE Saturday we have a FETISH theme nite.. COUPLES £15 BEFORE MIDNITE.... £25 AFTER MIDNIGHT Cum join us for the best party nites in London at clublick ... read more

You gotta check this party out.

SECRETS party in south devon. Been several times, Great location and people. Any one going sat, drop us a line Nice to meet other SE people.If your interested give them a ring 07767 875060... read more

Cool places to go in Houston

Will be in Houston on Business Monday the 27th...and was wondering if anyone could recommend a cool place to grab a drink and talk to sexy, openminded people? I appreciate any info you can share!... read more

Friday night...June24

If you''re in the mood to see 7, count''em, 7 super hot female porn stars in person in one place at one time, then come to the Appaloosa Friday night. Shane, from Shane''s World and Shane.tv fame, along with Brooke Haven, Austin Kincaid, Shy Love, Tory Lane, Trina Michaels and Jasmine Byrne. Never ... read more

Friday night...June24

If you're in the mood to see 7, count'em, 7 super hot female porn stars in person in one place at one time, then come to the Appaloosa Friday night. Shane, from Shane's World and Shane.tv fame, along with Brooke Haven, Austin Kincaid, Shy Love, Tory Lane, Trina Michaels and Jasmine Byrne. Never b... read more

How about them Spur's!!

Your 2005 NBA Champs....... read more

Karl Rove and the Democrats

 Dems Want Retraction From Rove on Sept. 11 Remarks  Thursday, June 23, 2005  WASHINGTON — Democrats said Thursday that White House adviser Karl Rove should either apologize or resign for accusing liberals of wanting "therapy and understanding" for the Sept. 11 ... read more


We will be out on lake texoma    DINISON, SHERMAN, POTTSBORO this weekend.....Let us know if you will be in the area  The power boat club is having a huge Island party Sat!!... read more

New Orleans July 27-31

Headed to party in New Orleans. Anyone going to be there with us or have must places to see or do?... read more

Spend some time with us! Dordogne & Lot region / South-West France

We would like to be contacted by couples aged between 25/40 who would be interested in coming over to our place in France for a sexy weekend. We have accommodation available and can collect from Toulouse or Bergerac Airport. During the day we will be your tour guides for the area and during the ni... read more

why tell me why?

Why are 17 year old children of members not allowed to have a look at this site? But adult men are allowed to glare and stare at my brothers daughters of 12 and 14 when they go to school?  ... read more

Thank you for your support during our sad time.

To those of you who know us this is the best way we can think of to say.... Thank you for your amazing support over the last few weeks after the death of our son. We are still pretty numb and its going to take us years to come to terms with what has happened to us and our family.  You hav... read more

Flag burning debate begins again

Here we go again - now there''s a new push to ban flag-burning. Anyone care to sound off?  I''m for allowing burning of the flag, but do not feel the need to do so - but if they ban it, I''m going to want to burn it more, and more often.... read more

Good place for pictures?

Can anyone tell me a good place to get erotic pictures taken in Dallas area?    ... read more

Caliente Resort ...Tampa

Anyone going to be at Caliente or Paradise Lake July 4th weekend? Would love to hear from you.... read more

Breast Implants Ok-vs-TX

Mrs Smiles is wanting to know if anyone knows a doctor in Oklahoma. We heard that breast augmentation is done cheaper there vs: here. If anyone has any recommendation on where to go please advise.. KIsses Smiles1 ... read more

Going to New Orleans on Saturday June 25

Does anyone have any suggestions on swing clubs, events or "fun" things to do that night?... read more

I so love being Italian

Berlusconi rubs salt in Finnish wound at food body Tue Jun 21, 2005 2:24 PM BST By Clara Ferreira-Marques PARMA, Italy (Reuters) - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi repeated one of his most famous diplomatic gaffes on Tuesday by insulting the cuisine of Finland which Italy beat to ... read more


Seeing that word on almost every profile we view on this or any other site, got me to thinking about what "quality" really means to different folks.. 1.) Can you define "quality" as it applies to you and swinging? 2.) If you've written one of these couples or singles that are seeking qua... read more


Going to Long Beach doesn't sound like any lifestyle clubs there. I know there must be a good one in LA. Any suggestions?... read more

the Erotic Zone

JUNE 24TH!!This TGIF Friday party will be HOT and Sizzling with all those sexy bathing beauties!! Wear you favotite beach attire and come out to party with all those Erotic swingers at The Erotic Zone!!!Join us and find out why we are the FUN place to party and meet others in the lifestyle! Others... read more

I Do Like........

 ... read more

Protest at WTC 9/11 Memorial

  9/11 families protest cultural plans at Ground Zero From Phil HirschkornCNN NEW YORK (CNN) -- Dozens of relatives who lost loved ones in the September 11, 2001, attacks are protesting plans for cultural institutions on the World Trade Center site, particularly the International Freedo... read more

portugal, touring on bike early july

Touring on motorbike down west coast of spain and portugal to Algarve and back. be nice to meet up with other members from uk or locals.... read more

In Our Lifetime?

We are jaded.  We are so jaded that we do not even remember what it is like to have unprotected sex without worry that it might threaten your life.  I can recall a time when the biggest fear was getting pregnant, or some relatively obscure v.d. that was totally treatable and not all that... read more

Who was worst at Yale?!

I really try not to "cut and paste" as much as possible but this cracked me up!!!! R (located at QuickDFW dot com) Gordon Keith: Who was worst at Yale? 09:51 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 8, 2005 It comes out that John "Donkey Face" Kerry was just as poor of a college student as George "Eleph... read more

Turkey the 22nd to the 29th of June

Hi we are a fun loving couple, looking for other couples to play. We will be staying in Beldibi, near Antalya, let us know if you are interested.... read more

Why should Bush give Bolton Documents?

 "WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave no indication on Sunday that the Bush administration would accede to Democrats' demands for more information about John R. Bolton's  requests for classified intelligence" And if you really like some spin with your respons... read more

My sister looking for Au-pair-job!

Hi guys, My sister, Swedish female age 21, is looking for au-pair.job or other kind of job abroad (she is like me living in Sweden). Do anyone has any good au-pair-sites? Or are you looking for one? Please, let me know! Alexa... read more

Club Champagne 2

I would just like to thank everyone who I met at the Party on Saturday night and mostly catpeople for loaning me the pair of shorts.I had a great time there and felt very welcome, chatted to some great people and had a great time, which carried on back at my place. Many thanks and look forward to th... read more

Long Beach

Be in Long Beach June 24 thru June 27, 2005. Looking for hot spots and/ or local lifestyle clubs in the area. Thanks for the help!! J&C... read more

Smashing duo party

Just wanted to say a big shout out to Smashing Duo for a great party at Club Champagne last night. The sun shone, the weather was beautiful, the people were sexy and a great time was had by all. The food was exquisite, the beer plentiful and we had a thoroughly fab time. Thanks again guys book us in... read more

Who is happier?

Generally speaking, are men happier, or are women? We already know that women enjoy sex a lot more than men, but are they any more content?  ... read more

Visiting Lisbon

We are visiting 25 of june lisbon just for a few days.Any information about an interesting swinger club in lisbon? Any couple to meet there? Thanks in advance... read more

Good News

Good News ! Mr. Way is on his way home safe and sound and not venturing off into Iraq. So thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. Looks like I dont have to be without him for a year after all. YEAHHHHH Just wanted to tell all of you who wished him well. He will be home by tomorrow and surel... read more

Grand Canaria

We are in Maspalomas, Grand Canaria from 21 - 27 June if anyone would care to meet up, drop us a line here before 1200 20 June xx... read more

My Dad

My Dad taught me what family love was, and what it was to be a Dad. Back in the 50''sand early 60''s he raised 3 boys on max $4.75 an hour + overtime, and he worked a lot of overtime to make ends meet. I never heard him complain, or gripe about the hours he had to put in to provide for the family.... read more

Going to Cap D'Agde? Ever Been? -- August 13-20 ...yes we are Cap virgins

If you are going around the same time we'd love to meet up. If you've been, we'd love to receive any and all advice, stories etc. Thanks! M&G... read more


  Has anyone else noticed how quiet ST is these days ?   Ya know what Rodney,  All those plonkers that kept telling the euros how to post have gone...   given up ...    got themselves a 'gatekeeper' and buried themselves some dark rooms deep in... read more


SWINGERS PARTIES TONITE & TOMORROW NITE OURPLACE4FUN LONDONS finest swingers party place we are open from 9pm til 5am bring your own alcohol new members welcome fantastic purpose built venue play rooms grope box glory holes n more call LISA FOR DETAILS 07906 903262SINGLE GUYS OF COURSE IN MODERATIO... read more

the Erotic Zone

Crazy Tie Nite, tonight at the Zone. Come party with some of the sexiest people in the DFW area. By reservation only, so make yours now. Mary and the Zoners... read more



Florida sept 23 till oct8

Hi we will be in Florida late september early october and we are looking for some fun would any couples like to meet up??or even a bi male will be considered to play with both Cath and Rick... read more

Schiavo Case continues

Probe Sought in Terri Schiavo 911 Call Florida Governor Questions Husband's Response to Collapse By JACKIE HALLIFAX, AP   TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (June 17) -- Gov. Jeb Bush said Friday that a prosecutor has agreed to investigate why Terri Schiavo collapsed 15 years ago, citing an alleged time g... read more

Fun4two next weekend 24th & 25th June

Hi, we are going to Fun4two next weekend for the first time and would love to be "taken in hand" by a couple who have been before !! So, if you fancy meeting and joining us on this little adventure, then please drop us an email or catch us in the UK chatroom. Hugs, L & M xxxxxxxx... read more

Bill Gates talks to students

Love him or hate him, he sure hits the nail on the head with this! To  anyone with kids of any age, here's some advice.Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11 things they did not and will not learn in school. He talks about how feel-good,  politically correct teach... read more

cap d,agde

will be in cap d,agde from 5th to 12th july staying in les estivales just outside main entrance of naturisme 5min walk,would be interested in letting apartment from 12th july to the end of august.... read more

Remember when?

All the girls had ugly gym uniforms? It took five minutes for the TV warm up? ... read more

Come On You SOB's

There are a lot of you Biker types, (fulltime or weekenders) who are on this site.  In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we rarely if ever get together for a house party/hotel party or a ride, when we do have a ride scheduled not many people show up.  Let's get off our butts DFW and participate.... read more

Remember when?

When you knew your neighbors well enough that your mother sent you next door to borrow a cup of sugar, milk, a couple of eggs ? When your music all came off of vinyl either 33 or 45 speed ? When there was inscense, black lights and posters, couple skating ? When you had to choose between regular or ... read more

Dick Durbin on Gitmo

 Among the descriptions, the report noted one case in which a detainee was held in such cold temperatures that he shivered, another in which a prisoner was held in heat passing 100 degrees, one in which prisoners were left in isolation so long they fouled themselves and one where a prisoner was... read more

How men think

How Men Think... A woman was in a coma. She had been in it for months. Nurses were in her room giving her a sponge bath. One of them was washing her private area and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor when she touched her. They tried it again and sure enough ther... read more

Who Has had a Breast enlargement in South africa

Hi Wanted to know whos had a boob job in south africa as i going (fingers crossed) to have one done on the 10th august. iam having mine done in cape town with a guy called Dr .paul j.skoll has anyone had theres done with this guy. I decided to go aboard and have them done as the price differe... read more


Who planning to go turkiye's mediterranian coasts for summer holiday..we can meet for fun.... read more

10th anniversary and a question

Good morning everyone, ten years ago today we got married in the town hall (as you have to do in a lot of parts of Europe, the church wedding was in September) - wow! I can only say we're still happy and still just about as horny as back then (we just don't get as much sleep nowadays). No jealousy, ... read more

I Don't Like...

This is a topic to vent about society and pop culture and whatever.  Actors, musicians, sports stars, movies, products or anything that you don't like, think is overrated, just don't see what others see in it.  These are all just opinions and since there's no accounting for ... read more


After 10 years of being a Stay at Home Mom, I am now employed!  The kids are school age and not home during the day.....so I decided to bring home the bacon!  Well.....it is only part time, so it is more like bringing home some low-fat ham, but still!!!  I HAVE A JOB!... read more

Posting Pics or Not Posting Pics

Here's a question for those of you who choose to show your faces and for those who don't or show just body parts.  Is fear of retribution the reason for not showing your face? Or is there some other reason? Relatives or Co-workers finding out your a freaky couple, Only one computer at... read more

To Post Pictures or Not

Here's a question for those of you who choose to show your faces and for those who don't or show just body parts.  Is fear of retribution the reason for the showing your face? Or is there some other reason? Relatives finding out your a freaky couple, Only one computer at home and the ... read more

Doubleactuk I thought this was important.....

As I was going thru all my emails, tossing out spam, telling single mails to fuck off, etc.. I found this one blind copied to me and thought it warranted posting for all to peruse. I've forwarded a copy to Larry King but no word back yet..... From: Bin Laden, Osama [mailto:osama@taliban.com] Sent:... read more

Foot Fetish in Florida

Looking to chat with others about the lifestyle in florida and any other fetishes... read more

Swingers Talk

Hi Folks, Are we the only ones who thinks Swingers Talk is posted back to front? A topic is posted, the replies are added, each reply tends to stream from the ones posted before it, SO... having the most recent posting listed first, means you tend to have to either link to the last page a... read more

kids and backstabbing friends

Okay how do I put this...   Im driving down the street one day... And my 8 year old daughter pops out of her little mouth....MOM WHAT IS SWINGIN101???   I said gulping...Umm Its just a name why??? She said no its not..its when you and daddy have sex with other people! GOD i almost w... read more


THE WEBMASTER.                            when is it going to penitrate his mind that us albeit a small minority are never going to meet with the couples from the o... read more

Is it possible to be too kinky?

Have you ever had someone describe a certain fantasy that involved you performing a certain act, or just watching them do something so weird, that you had to collect yourself before either busting out in laughter, or throwing up? Care to share?... read more

the Erotic Zone

June 18th, 2005 ~~~It's A Birthday Bash for our friend TODD!!!(whaaaat?)And here is a present for YOU!!!Bring a birthday card to the Birthday Bash for Todd that we are having during our Saturday Sexy Party Nite , and get into the party for $40.00. That saves each couple attending THAT special nite... read more


hi everyone, we are going to salou ,at the end of july , we were hoping to visit some clubs,nudist beaches,bars, where swingers frequent, can anybody help us out with some names of places ,thanks a million for your help ....hugs and licks xxxxxx... read more

Hats & Heels; Saturday June 18, Trapeze

http://images.inhouse-secure.com/www.luxuriaatlanta.com/images/img-dynamic/hat.jpg Ladies bring your man to Trapeze Saturday night and show him just how special he is this Father's Day weekend. In honor of his special day wear your favorite dress shirt of his, spice it up with a tie, stockings a... read more

Terri Schiavo autopsy is in....

Now what do you say? Should she have been kept alive as the parents, congress and the President wanted or was the husband correct in demanding she be allowed to die? Jun 15, 2:49 PM EDT Schiavo autopsy shows massive brain damage By MITCH STACY Associated Press Writer LARGO, Fla. (AP) -- An aut... read more

Wow... We must have some redeeming values...

Thanks for inviting us into the "Inner Sanctum" We'll try and live up to the standards embodied by ST and not post Goat Pictures, Pictures of dicks, hairy bushes or anything else that might be considered a faux pas! Now... who's going to invite JK1? ... read more

June Parties

JUNE 17-18 FATHERS DAY WEEKEND CELEBRATION. Ladies what a greatway to show how much you appreciate your man. We will be having ourAnnual  “HUES YOUR DADDY PARTY"!!!!! It will be a celebration,Hue Hefner Style. Imagine all the beautiful sexy ladies in theirPlayboy Bunny type Outfits and the gu... read more

Hold-up Heroines Party 15th June London

We are having a little social at the hold-ups and highwaymen party tonight. If you see us say hi.... read more

I love my job

I love My Job!!!!! This is even funnier when you realize it's real! The next time you have a bad day at work... think of this guy. Rob is a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers in Louisiana. He performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Below is an e-mail he sent to his ... read more

Thought this was funny :)

ORGASMS WITH A TWIST   Sex in a boat - oar-gasms. Sex with a nerd - dork-gasms. Sex at the entrance to your house - door-gasms. Sex on carpet or linoleum - floor-gasms. Sex at the supermarket - store-gasms. Sex at a Steven King Movie - horror-gasms. Sex with a prostitute - whore-gasms. ... read more

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

I've been a fan of TP's since 1979. I was 13 and Damn The Torpedoes came out. Just bought my first electric guitar and Refugee was the first song I ever learned... Anyway, a hobby of mine is gonegator.com. It's done pretty well for itself and because of it, I've done work for TP and Fleetwood Mac... read more

Classroon project gone wrong

CLASS PROJECT GONE WRONG     An elementary school class started a class project to make planters to take home to their parents.   They wanted to have a plant in it that was easy to take care of, so they decided to use cactus plants.   The students were given green-ware pottery pl... read more

Does the Lifestyle Get Boring?

For those of you who have been"playing" for three years or more, do you find that swinging gets boring or dull?  ... read more


Can we belittle and make fun of people who annoy us in here? Seriously......my patience for people is rock bottom today.  lol!... read more


Yes its true a couple looking for single guys !!!   If youre a single guy and live in the Northeast UK (or prepared to travel to the NE) we want to hear from you.   We are looking for a group of GENUINE guys to get together with.   Young/Old, Short/Tall Thin/Stocky is not import... read more

Portugal July Touring on motorbike.

Getting closer and thanks for the contacts through swing travel. Leaving Santandare across to west coast and down to Algarve,, So any of you nice SE people who are going, or locals please get in touch. ... read more

As life dishes it out...

Yes, this is kind of strange, but true... About a year ago, my husband heard strange cries from within the walls of his workplace...took him a couple of days to "get it", but he sure did! He called me and asked if he could bring home a kitten...and I said yes! He knocked a hole in the wall, and pr... read more

Parts wanted or for sale

Created this topic for all who have parts for sale, need, or even comments about a part they bought new or used. Good place to put a good deal or two as well. With that said, PLEASE delete your ad if you have sold or bought the part. Ads over 1 month will be deleted, and you can re-post it if nessas... read more

SDC/SOB Web Site Suggestions:

Please add all your suggestions to this category. I will try to incorporate as many as SDC allows, so be patent and send any photos you care to add to us. Currently, they will be seen by all, so keep that in mind........ read more

Taking one for the team

Ok...think this may have been posted in recent history...but I am going to post it again....(What the hell - you know us liberals have to repeat things over and over!!!!!!) If your partner was to come to you and request that you engage in a sexually activity that has never really appealed to you - ... read more

Todd's Birthday Bash

June 18th, 2005 ~~~It's A Birthday Bash for our friend TODD!!!(whaaaat?)And here is a present for YOU!!!Bring a birthday card to the Birthday Bash for Todd that we are having during our Saturday Sexy Party Nite , and get into the party for 10.00 off the regular suggested donation.  Our weekends... read more

Welcome to the Alterego club

To those of you that have joined the Alterego club....um, WELCOME! Couple of things.  First, I expect (read: am going to beat him until he says yes) that Glenn personally will eventually set up a profile and be the community groupmaster. In the meantime I'll be happy to handle anything th... read more

Is not answering note rude/Follow up topic

Wow, what great responses, both pro and con, some people get a lot of emails, and can't answer, others think it's rude, to point out rudeness, some think this is suppose to be about being laid back and no pressure so it's OK not to respond, some people agree with us that not... read more


A man took his wife to the rodeo and one of the first  exhibits they stopped at was the breeding bulls. They went up to the first pen and there was a sign  attached that said:  This bull mated 50 times last year. "  The wife playfully nudged her husband in the... read more


Just wondering how everyone feels about the new SDC watermarks on all new photos being uploaded.  I know other sites have been doing this for a while, but I still think it's a terrible idea.  No website is totally secure; I know for fact (because I've seen them) that some peoples' profile ... read more

the Erotic Zone

Get ready for this weeks TGIF Friday theme party! 6-17-05It's our tribute to all those dads out there that we love to love on!!! Come on Men and Women! Wear your ties, wear it well , wear it zany or  JUST wear the TIE!!! It's all in good FUN ! Get a lil crazy, let loose and join in on the fun!C... read more

Marbella, Spain 18-25 June

We will be in Marbella, Spain from 18 to 25 June.  We like to meet like minded peops living there and/or traveling to the area.  ... read more



Questions about "Secrets" Club in Fort Worth

If anybody has been to "Secrets", could you please tell us what you think. What's it like. We've been to "Iniquity" in Dallas. How does it compare to that. We're thinking about going Saturday for the first time. What would be a good time to arrive to get decent seats. What's the crowd like? L... read more

Liberty Fest Weekend Campout, July 1 - 4, 2005

Liberty Fest - Red, White and Screw Weekend Bon Fire, Dance and Campout (Ooops, Meant Red, White and Blue), Friday - Monday, July 1 - 4, 2005 - near Sandstone, MN. Come celebrate your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with Minnesota's sexiest hedonists. There will be a dance/karaok... read more


I'm finally getting boobies!!! I'm so excited. I had my consultation(dr was voted one of the best plastic surgeons, esp for breasts,inthe WORLD by W magazine). Surgery in September!! Getting new boobs and he's going to lipo the Taco Bell out of my theighs and stomach. So I'll be skinny with big t... read more

sparx club, wolverhampton

We visited the sparx club on the 11th of june and found it to be the best well planned and cared for club we have ever attended.  As you walk in you are greated by friendly staff, both male and female and there signing in process makes you feel secure.  The club is on the second floor of t... read more

Cap D'Agde building works

Just for anyone who gets a shock on arriving at Helliopolis and seeing a great big crane looming on the horizon. Villa Romaine are currently building two story apartments in front of their swimming pool. The building site and noise are not too intrusive, although we did get a couple of 9AM alarm cal... read more

Blow Me!!!!...

  i have a serious question with no disrespect intended to my dearly treasured bride... "do you women (or your wives, guys...) blow your hubbies as much as you used to?"...it seems to be a lost art at my household except for birthdays and the occasional "Guilt Suck" after she''s been particul... read more

To anyone who knows us xxxxxxxxxx

Hi all Not sure what to say...but to anyone who knows us....just so you know....our eldest son died Wednesday 8th June..while we were away in St Lucia.  It is a very sad time for us.  I (Beth) need to pop in the chatroom now and again to keep sane and escape the reality of it all.  W... read more

the Erotic Zone

Dress to Impress!! Come on out this Weekend and enjoy all the wonderful sexy people and Erotic Fun!!!! Wear more or wear less and LESS is always best! :P Remember, over nite guests are welcome and wake up to a great Texas style breakfast in the morning!!! Come see that all places are NOT created equ... read more


I've just perused through the first two pages of new members (UK) Now out of 40 new profiles 50 percent of them are single males.   Now I ask....   What chances do these single guys have of actually playing ?  Now if we take into consideration that most couples profiles a... read more


Tonite we have a school uniform party theme nite at club lick.... Couples only 15 pounds on the door !! Walthamstow E17 For more info please check our website www.clublick.co.uk or ring 07786425701 See you tonite for the best party nites in London !!... read more

Antalya we cum

We are from 8july -20 july in antalya and near places arround antalya,would be great to knows some nice attractive couples,from there.... read more

Secrets party Devon.

Off to the Secrets party 25th in Devon. Had some really good night there, nice people very relaxed. Any other SE members going / drop us a line........ read more

End of the line

Mrs. Ruff finally got a job offer this week, and started on State pay Thursday.  I have hocked the last bit of equipment I had, and still don't think we will make it to the end of June with everything turned on.  Might be the last night I am on here for a while.  If so, hold down the ... read more

Desert Island Movies

Ok,time to lighten things a little in here. Let's have your best 5 for those long evenings alone. Free popcorn for your entire stay but you must limit it to just 5  or there will be trouble   more inside...... read more


OURPLACE4FUN LONDONS finest swingers party place we are open from 9pm til 5am bring your own alcohol new members welcome fantastic purpose built venue play rooms grope box glory holes n more call LISA FOR DETAILS 07906 903262SINGLE GUYSIN MODERATION GIRLS FREE COUPLES 20.00 ... read more

the Erotic Zone

Wet T-Shirt Nite at the EZ! Cum for the Party, Stay for the Memories!... read more

New Home Page!!

Great job on the new home page!!! I have been enjoying the videos ;) Way to go SDC! xxxmrsfunstel... read more

Estaponia Marbella

Hi we are taking a few days away in the sun, and looking for some fun   We are in Sapin from 11th July until 21st, we have heard about a club in Estaponia ?? anyone got more details?   And we will be looking for playmates too............Interested drop us a line   P&K... read more

Big Brother in America....

Neighbors spying on neighbors? Mothers forced to turn in their sons or daughters? These are images straight out of George Orwell's 1984, or a remote totalitarian state. We don't associate them with the land of the free and the home of the brave, but that doesn't mean they couldn't happen here. A se... read more

whats your pool problem?

ask mr. fix it lmao... read more


Just answer the question, then post one for someone else to answer... I'm looking to have some fun, who wants to play?... read more

St. Martin & Orient Beach...July 6 thru July 11

We will there on vacation during this time. Anyone else from the site visting at that time? Love to meet for some drinks etc.... read more

OK......Might as well start things off!

We can''t have a forum without a version of the contorversial topics below! Why Does Everyone Hate Single Men? What''s The Point Of Soft Swappers? Shaving Or Waxing?  What is Better? We Are Planning A Vacation.....should we choose Hedo 2 or Hedo 3? Vailidations......Are They A Good Or Bad ... read more

SCAM !!!!

Okay it is bad enough that my yahoo email is flooded with crap like this but here???? Others, please be aware that this is a SCAM and do not give any personal information to anyone!!! xxxmrsfunstel From Peace Ezekiel Please Email me at : peace_ezekiel007@yahoo.fr Dearest One, in christ How are ... read more

Cap Dagde 25 June -2 July

We will be in Cap Dagde 25 June to 2 July. Love to meet couples who would like fun evenings. EmmaTom... read more


Can anyone help? Our 19 year old daughter has discovered our liberated lifestyle, and would like to talk to other teenagers in a similar situation. Are there any couples out there whoes offspring know about their activities, and who would be prepared to offer some moral support?... read more

What is wrong with my membership ?

The other day I posted replies to 2 threads in the "swingers talk" section, neither where breaking the rules, I wasn''t obscene, I didm''t insult anyone, I merely answered the thread questions with my own point of view as the thread asked for opinions. Why then have both my replies been deleted ???... read more

the Erotic Zone

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^> ~Friday, June 10th ~Wet T Shirt Contest Night!!!~> > This is our TGIF Wet T Shirt Contest Party Night!> Every time we have > this event it is WET AND WILD!!!> > A definite DO NOT MISS party! Women, > bring that *special* custo... read more

Tonight: Champagne Charlie @ Our PLace 4 Fun

Lost for something to do this evening? We are looking for couples to join us at OurPlace4Fun tonight. EI have joined up with OurPlace4Fun to bring you Champagne Charlie! Guys who bring along a couple get in for half price and the couple gets in for free! This party is for couples/singles girls and ... read more

Brazilian Waxes and Where to get them done properly

This is mostly for the girls to answer I suppose. Where can a girl get a proper Brazilian Wax done. I have tried several different salons and have specifically asked how much they will remove, the answer is invariably "as much as you want". However, once you get there its a different story... read more


hallo, we zijn een belgisch koppel en bezochten de laatste jaren 'ran du chabrier' in frankrijk, waar nogal wat swingers kwamen. Ondertussen zijn we op zoek naar een andere naturistencamping met een gelijkaardige reputatie, liefst in frankrijk. Iemand nuttige informatie ? Hallo, nous sommes un coup... read more

Hidden Beach Resort, Mexico

Hi - we will be there between 17-31st July. Anyone else gonna be there or in the vicinity?... read more

Desire Cancun

We will be at the Desire hotel from june 16 till june 21, Anyone going? let us know, Thank you... read more

Off to the Desert!!!

Ok kids... I''m off to sunny Iraq for a year or so, leaving next week.  Now I expect all of you to play nicely and no name calling!  I want all of you to get along.  See yall in a year! (unless I find a way to get on SDC while I''m over there.  I don''t think DOD w... read more

And the band played on.......

OK, lets say someone asked you to handle the music at their wedding, but really didn't give you too much to work with... The guest list will be varied, so it's not a given, one way or another, what the majority of them would like... Now, my question "should" be, what songs do you recommend from y... read more

Secret IM's

HI I wonder how many of the male members of a couple or the female members when you get instant messenger from a single guy and and not talking about all just some, who try to make out with your partner without your  knowledge.For instance I have answered messenger and when ask who I was I said... read more

You just might be a swinger if.................

12. Your co-workers are convinced that you have no social life because you always change the subject when they ask about your weekend. 11. When your co-workers talk about their sex lives, it takes some real effort not to yawn. 10. Your guy friends invite you to a strip club and you ask if it would... read more


we will be in London since tuesday 14 june. we are looking for a swingers hotel.. any suggestions? thanks and kisses alice... read more

Fun and Games In Lanzarote!!!

Hi all, we live on the sunshine island of Lanzarote and would love to contact any couples, guys or girls who are visiting our island and fancy some fun in the sun! Drop us a line and lets see if we can get together. xxxx... read more

Older women,younger boys.

The other day, I was talking to a male friend of mine. He was telling me about when he was 14 he had an affair with a 30 year old woman who he worked with at a grocery store. He told me how hot this was to him and how it still gets him excited thinking about it. I am 30 and the thought of doing tha... read more

Moderators making work for themselves

We don't see the need for the record of events from the moderators , main reason , we have better things to do with our lives, second reason, for anyone who really wants to know search all topics for subjects containing MODERATOR , if this word is not in the topic then the topic has been moved , edi... read more


Hi all.............. who can give me a site addy for intercourse sponges please. (for the times of the month)...... I did have a site saved but it seems to have disappeared......... boo hoo :0) Thanx Sammi -x-... read more

Who's your Daddy?

Seriously, are any women turned on by this? And guys--ever say it? If so, why?... read more


love to meet couples during our vacations;any idea? we re a young classy couple,good level ,not a lot of experiences.... love to meet couples during our vacations:ibiza,palma,greece,france etc.... ;we plan a trip this summer in luxury hotel;we re looking for couples ;love nude beaches sun and fun ... read more

Female Squirting

Do you like it/or not? Why? Can you do it?/make her do it? Do you even know what I am talking about? lol.. xxxmrsfunstel ... read more

Next SDC Nights at Xtasia

Hi all, Could someone let us know (by mail on here) when couples SDC nights are at Xtasia in June and July please.. Used to be TIGGER (Ang & Don) running them but I can't find their profile on here anymore?? Thanks in advance! P XX ... read more

Does Free Speech Ever Go To Far?

We were in Hawaii last week and were strolling down Waikiki beach with our kids after dinner.  All of the sudden Mr FMTX says "Cover the kids eyes right now!"  I said "Why?"  And he was like "Quickly.....just do it!"  So I covered their eyes and looked up.  There was a big t... read more

Is JK1 a Tellytubbie?

Have you noticed that on the one pic that JK1 has got, he''s standing in the same posture as the Tellytubbies when they recieve a movie in the square box on their tummy...lol... read more


We don’t normally post on here but I am intrigued to know if couples (or singles) read validations before they meet a couple and if you do how do you judge weather or not your there right type of people or visa versa. Should validations be only to say this couple are genuine or should they give an... read more

15th - 29th July ~ Puerto Banus / Marbella

We are taking a break from renovation and having a very well deserved holiday,   spending two weeks   in   Puerto Banus / Marbella   We would be interested to hear from anyone that has been to this resort or possibly will be there during this period   Perhaps w... read more

ROT Experience

Rode to Austin from DFW, it was a great ride, too bad we couldn't stay longer.  We left on Friday morning, as hard as we tried, couldn't find any SOB's to ride down with us.  Then since we didn't have internet access and I didn't remember the name of the clubs we missed all the SOB type ac... read more

Party at ClubSparx

Hi sexies, just to let you know ClubSparx is reopening this Sat 11th June with an SDC theme night of fantasy uniform. You can get accom from the Novatel and get great discount for quoting ClubSparx and the mini bus will be running from 9pm just wait in the bar. You may bring your own alcohol to this... read more

did someone slip me koolaid?

Okay guys, you''ve heard me bitch about what I don''t like about this country, so I''m inviting anyone and everyone to try to help me understand a few things:Considering the fact that we imprison more of our citizens per capita than almost anyone, wouldn''t that make us in fact the LEAST free countr... read more

why do they call it speed dating?

why not just call it available single guys looking to #$%!  ... read more

Uh oh...

Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People By GINA HOLLAND The Associated Press Monday, June 6, 2005; 12:12 PM WASHINGTON -- Federal authorities may prosecute sick people whose doctors prescribe marijuana to ease pain, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, concluding that state laws don't protect users fro... read more

Fun In London..

Hi, we will be in London next week. Any advice for a nice club? Thanks... read more


Cum join us for another fun party nite at Club Lick this saturday... COUPLES ONLY £15 BEFORE MIDNITE!! Book in early to reserve your places. Email info@clublick.co.uk or phone 07786425701 ... read more

Touring Portugal on motorbike july.

Off to portugal early july on the bike. Going down the west coast to the algarve. Be nice to meet up with others, on holiday or live in the area.... read more

The reason I sacked my secretary

The reason I sacked my secretary Two weeks ago was my 45th birthday and I wasn't feeling too good that morning. I went down to breakfast knowing my wife would be pleasant and say, "Happy Birthday!", and probably have a present for me. As it turned out, she didn't even say good morning, ... read more

The EU is in big trouble.....Italy wants to dump the Euro too.

Brooks: In Europe, fear and rejection David Brooks, THE NEW YORK TIMES Advertisement Friday, June 03, 2005 Forgive me for making a blunt and obvious point, but events in Western Europe are slowly discrediting large swaths of American liberalism. Most of the policy ideas advocated by American liber... read more


Hi fellow swingers!!   Bit of a long shot, but We will be holidaying in Costa Calma FUERTEVENTURA from the 13th -27th July this year!  If you are holidaying there also, take a look at our profile and let us know!!   Best wishes  TEA5EME... read more

Manson Concert in Milan on the 7th of June

Have two spare tickets for free if anybody''s around and wants to go. Text +353-86-8114877. No strings attached. Karl. Moderator moved topic to Swing Local.... read more


We love black guys and ladies.we want to meet in turkey and have fun... read more


We are swinger couple and living in antalya and istanbul.we wouldlike to meet any couples or ladies to come antalya ,bodrum, marmaris or istanbul for holiday.... read more

wise mother

Mother and daughter who happen to be feminist cannibals are walking through the forest , not having eaten for days they are on the look out for sustenance. They come to a clearing where a very fit handsome semi naked you man is washing himself in a pool. Daughter " look mother we could eat him " ... read more

Abi Titmus Video

This is a plea on behalf of my wife (honest!)... she is currently hooked on Celebrity Love Island and has asked me if I can get hold of a copy of the infamous Abi Titmus/John Leslie threesome video. I've found a couple of short clips, but would like to show her the whole thing - ideally without hav... read more



Is club Sparx open tonight????

Hi therejust wondered if anyone knows if club sparx is open tonight??? And if youre going?... read more

Guantanamo Bay

I have a problem here, and I wish for some input from those more educated on the subject. I know that the "press" is always looking for a story, and my thoughts are on the "Koran" issue is that something happened that was out of line, but not necessarily an act of evil forethought. Here's my ... read more

I'll be driving to Bournemouth at One o'clock

Anyone want a lift (large back seat)... read more


HI we have found that a lot of mixed nights where single women go in free and couple charged say 50£ and single male charge say £100 that this is no more than using your wives as free prostitutes in the case of single women or even in the couples sake they even have to pay for there wife''s t... read more

Desert Island Disc Fun

I got to thinking that it's more than likely that many of us,particularly those on the other side of the Atlantic will never meet. Therefore,many of us formulate opinions about other peoples personalities solely by their ideas about the lifestyle or the amount of patriotism that exists in their... read more

ROT Rally

Anybody have a Harley that Ruff can borrow?  He's really having some withdrawals from not having one with all of the rumbling going on in town right now.  Just wondering...the Mrs. p.s.  Here a Harley, there a Harly, everywhere a Harley Harley..... (Sorry honey, I couldn't help it.&... read more


I have been told by a good authority that the ''''moderators'''' are NOT nazis and they are not insisting that anyone who puts a thread on here do not have to have a number on their arms. now isn''''t that just peachy? and not to put a finer point look at whom they are? to me they loo... read more

the Erotic Zone

WoooHooo it's Friday! Time to put those sexy School Girl clothes on and come out to the EZ and party!... read more

First Topic from the Webmaster

Well this is your forum, use it to have fun with, write about the club and new ideas..... webmaster -- Ronald... read more

Can Rev. Al be Limbaugh's air apparent?

Lowdown Could there be any odder couple than Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton? Last week - after Matrix Media announced a deal for Sharpton to host a "Limbaugh of the Left"-type talk radio show - the conservative radio star said he'll think about mentoring the minister in the finer points of the med... read more

The Stigma of a Hung Good Looking Married Man!

You people have no idea of the stigma and pain us good looking hung married males have. It is a tough life on SDC.  Not all of us are looking to be treated like meat.  Oh to be treated with respect and to be wanted for your intelligence and sense of humor.  But no, it is always the s... read more


Man Sues Over Exploding Porta-Potty Posted 6/2/2005 08:20 AM The lawsuit alleges Pennsylvania man was injured when methane gas leaked into the toilet and ignited when he lit a cigarette. A Pennsylvania man injured when a portable toilet exploded is suing a general contractor and a coal company for... read more


www dot e-sheep dot com/rusheats/ Long but fun.  The e-sheep site has a whole buncha really deep ones.... read more

Sutra Thursdays

We will be back at Sutra Lounge in midtown for a Meet & Greet Thursday, June 16th. This will be our third Thursday night gathering and they seem to be getting better and better. (except for those that have to be a work Friday morning - ha) Respond here to be added to the guest list and there is no... read more

Blanco Party

Who's coming to the Blanco party Saturday, June 11?... read more

Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights

Just checked out a few random profiles looking for the new community icons and it won''t be long before everyone has found the click they belong to. We feel this will mark the end for ST as we know it , you know the place where someone may disagree with you .... read more

Looking For A Good Deal On A Hot Tub!!!

Howdy Folks, We are looking for a new Hot Tub to put in our new backyard paradise that we are building and we were thinking that if anyone knows of a good deal on a Hot Tub, it would be the folks in the swinging community.   :)  We are located in the Plano, TX area. We would even co... read more

the Erotic Zone

WOOHOOO!!! One of our favorite theme events! TGIF 6-3-05 is ~School's Out For Summer~ Where all those naughty lil School girls get a chance to break free and get WILD!!! That's what all those BAD BOYZ love!! No one has to participate to attend the parties, but it does raise the ENERGY level a few no... read more

Any One going to the convention in Vegas?

We are going to the convention in Vegas from the 6th to the tenth is anyone else going? What can we expect when we are there? Is there any events or parties that should not be missed when we attend the swingers convention? We would really appreciate any help other members could give us. Any one ... read more

The Swinging Community and Escorting

Hi All,   We read an article the other day that said that Liberally Minded Couples/Singles were becoming more and more involved in the Escorting Industry   Therefore:-   1) what thoughts people had off this site if they had heard or seen if that was the case???  &nbs... read more

Blocked & trial members still getting through!

Posting inside so hopefully trial members cannot read this!... read more


hi cpl here going to cuba on 21st of sept this year looking for some fun any one else going ther if so get hold of us ... read more

spain on hols

Hi we are off to spain on hols 1/30 mins north of Barcelonea can anyone tell us is there clubs in this area. susan... read more

Crusin' Cruises

We are checking out and considering getting into the Lifestyle in a committed way (up to now only 'accidental' experiences but enough to whet appetites) and we have also never contemplated a Cruise holiday (maybe a sign of ageing). Any advice about Cruises where they are NOT explicitly 'Swingers or ... read more

When You Outlaw Knives, Only Outlaws Will Have Knives!

Our tea and biscuit swilling friends across the pond have reached another logical conclusion in crime control.... From The UK Guardian Unlimited Doctors: Ban dagger-type kitchen knives Sarah Left and agencies Friday May 27, 2005 A group of doctors today called on the government to ban long po... read more

Swinging on television

I just noticed (in rerun) yet another depiction of swinging on television. Law and Order Criminal Intent from earlier this year was a take-off on the Jack Ryan campaign. It all starts with the sale of a little black book formerly owned by a Hefner type club owner. Inside the book are names, numbers,... read more

OK, Groupmasters

In here you can speak your mind about the Groups/Communities, only us will see this and you can also give ideas how to improve this system. Having more then 1 thinking of this can brings out great ideas how to improve this system. Have fun and never are afraid asking me questions....even if you t... read more

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Baby!!I love you,Mrs 101... read more

R.O.T and the Oasis

Those of you going to The R.O.T rally and love to eat and watch the sunset at the Oasis are out of luck. It burned down this morning.... read more

Adventure in Cap D'Agde

Dear Friends Thank you for participating in our trip, to exotic Cap D'Agde. For these couples who could only fantasized about going to France with us, thank you for support and your interest. We have a large group from USA traveling to Europe in June. We will spend four days in Barcelona visiting lo... read more

Mallorca beginning of June, Formentera 20 th to end of June

Hi, I will be on the Islands in June and would love to hear from people that will be there too or that have been there and ca ngive me some pointer of where there will be some nice nudist beaches, good swingerclubs etc on the Islands.. Look forward hearing from you Fabs... read more

Brand new customers only

No complaining allowed... read more

Old time Euro posters only

No Americans allowed... read more

Old time American posters only

No Euro's allowed... read more