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cut and paste

can you cut and paste with this new format. been trying to send screen shots to help and they say i have to upload to private pics wait on apporval then enter them in blog or e-mail.... read more

cut and paste

can you cut and paste with this new format. been trying to send screen shots to help and they say i have to upload to private pics wait on apporval then enter them in blog or e-mail.... read more

SDC Full Halloween Take Over in Desire suggestions for theme nights!

 Alex and Martha "Alesssandro" in SDC are planning lots of cool games for the Halloween Take over, we are planning on the Theme nights besides the Halloween Night, so if you want to give us some suggestions please don't hesitate to let them or us know. Thanks, Claudia and Pepe... read more

China Postpones Green Dam

Due to protests from Chinese Web surfers and U.S. trade officials, China has postponed their July 1st deadline, just hours before it was to go into effect. The Green Dam filtering software was to be installed in every personal computer in China to protect Chinese citizens from Government deemed &qu... read more

India Bans Adult Cartoon

Just as India had slowly begun to step out into the 21 Century with their first adult themed cartoon, the powers that be have shut down the site. Porn is banned in India and the Government deemed the site "unacceptable." The cartoon depicted Savita Bhabhi, a bored housewife whose seduct... read more

Lifestyle clubs around Panama City Beach, FL???

We are looking for a lifestyle club(s) around Panama City Beach, FL. If anyone knows of any or anything else lifestyle related let us know!!!... read more

Michael Jackson

After Michael Jacksons death Gary Glitter has offered to cover some of his dates . Henry aged 10, William aged 12 and Peter aged 13 !... read more


lol.......... is it just my sign in page screwed up. i go to page and can't find sign...... close and open..... same thing. scroll down and omg,,,,,,,,,, there is sign in. are they screwing things up just to piss my off? is your sign in page same....... was much better when you go to sit... read more

China's Green Dam

As of July 1 all personal computers sold in China must include new software that can filter out adult material and other “unhealthy information” from the Internet. The rules were issued last month in a government directive. The government-mandated software, called “Green Dam”... read more

Study Addressing Menopause and Sexuality

What are some of the issues that affect sexuality during menopause? African American and Caucasian women are needed for a study addressing questions about menopause. Participants must be women between the ages of 40 and 60, experiencing menopause, English speaking, currently not taking hormone repla... read more


Hello...we make Holidays in Spain ( Salou near Tarragona ) from 22.08 - 10.09...we are looking for a nice couple......kisses Hola hacemos en Agosto vacaciones en Espana ( Salou ) del dia 22.08- 10.09 tiene una pareja  deportista ;) interess muchos besos... read more

Spain (Costa Blanca) 07.-26. August 2009

Hello ! We are a german couple und we will spend our holidays in Spain (near Calpe / Denia / Moraira) from 07. to 26. August. You speak german and like to meet us for a drink (for example at a nice beach-bar in Javea ?) See you !... read more

The Jackson blog

Its been reported that when authorities looked round Jacksons Neverland ranch, they found Class A drugs in the toilet, Class B drugs in the living room and most of Class 4C in the bedroom ... read more

hiya sue and gary here from lancaster xx

hiya all x... read more

Phallic Thumbs

Here's a question - has anyone ever noticed the similarities between thumbs and cocks? Look at the guy's thumb and hey presto!  Same shape and size cock. Maybe it's just my experience. Anyone with big thumbs out there?    xx... read more

The Retreat

Don't pass up the opportunity to visit The Retreat in Lake Worth. It is hosted by sexy Samanthalynn who made a fantasic host and are the most genuine and warm people you will ever meet. The bar is well done, great drinks and service with a great DJ that kept the dancing going. However, the best part... read more

Cap D'Agde in August

We are going to visit Cap D'Agde between 15th and 22nd of August. We've been there couple of times and now we are quite excited to go back after 4 years. It will be interesting to see how the place changed (if it did) and how we've changed since our last visit, are we going to enjoy it as we did las... read more

Pregunta !!!!!!!!!

Dr.quisiera saber que metodo puedo usar o si viene algun aparato o algo para el problemita que estoy teniendo,hace ya bastante tiempo que cuando tengo relaciones se me kubrica demasiado la vagina por lo que no siento el miembro ajustado y no me da placer supongo que le pasa lo mismo a mi pareja no m... read more

Everyone Wants to Do Their Neighbor

While porn is illegal in India,the first porn star in India has emerged in the form of a cartoon.“India is a country which is still sexually repressed and I feel that for it to break the shackles, it is the women of India who are going to have to come out first” states “Deshmukh&rd... read more

looking for fun couples thailand,holland.miami,new york

hi we are an extremely attractive couple (of course beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder)we love partyin and all kinds of excitement.we are fitness freaks and love romantic dinners and wild parties alike........... we are travelling frm june 27th to30th june we are in phuket ,we rtn to ... read more

Pussy Is A Powerful Thang

Tango Sista Girl has one POWERFUL Argentinean pussy.The call of the pampas was loud and clear as Gov. Sanford flung his responsibilities to run (not hike) to his bootilicious mistress. Casting incumbencies to the wind, off he flew. Takes a mighty powerful pussy to make a high profile man leave the ... read more

Porn App Comes to iTunes

Apple just announced its 3.0 iPhone software update now allows age restrictions for applications as long as you confirm you are older than 17. Long awaited Porn has officially arrived. Reviews at Gadget Lab were not kind, however it’s a start on what is sure to be a long and winding Porn App ... read more


Would loike to find other couples and singles to meet up in Miami. Anyone have any ideas? Would love to make it south of downtown, South Miami, Kendall, Gables. Lets put it together to meet on Friday or Saturday evenings at a nice place for drinks and some food. Any places or times would be apprecia... read more

Obama sells smoke

So far, and maybe is too early to make a judgement, Obama is not doing well. Please take a look of the economy, Guantanamo, the health system, the baylouts, the unnemployed people etc. He's doing make up, not the deeper changes that he promissed to us. He's doing what the lobbies wants him to do... read more

test '

testing...you can email me at test@sdc.com more .. ....... read more

First French Openly Gay Cabinet Member

Congrats to Frederic Mitterrand, nephew of former French president François Mitterrand. He is the first openly gay individual to be appointed to high office in France as the new Minister of Culture. As of June 24, he will oversee "national museums and monuments; promotes and protects the... read more

Call for contributions: 20Up SM Project

Would you like to help me educate new generations of BDSMers and straight folks too about long-term, real-life kink relationships? You are all invited to contribute personal essays or autobiographical reflections for the 20 Up SM Project.I selected Cleo Dubois to debut this on-going series and she w... read more

oh well i guess it grows on you

... read more

this seems to work...

 Since (at least what we've encountered) it seems to almost always be the males that reach out to us, try having the male half respond to the email or IM.  That usually ends things.  Politely of course.  The ladies will always be coveted.   :-)... read more

Kid in the Closet

On One Afternoon a wife decides to have her lover over for "fun in the afternoon".  Just as they engage, the husband comes up the driveway and the lover grabs his clothes to dress in the closet and escape later.  As the lover is dressing he hears a small voice in the end of the c... read more

Falta de deseo

Hace un año le extirparon los ovarios a mi mujer y desde entonces no desea tener relaciones sexuales y no disfruta con ellas cuando las tenemos, ya que no alcanza el orgasmo. Antes teniamos una vida sexual intensa y nos relacionabamos con otras parejas, pero ahora todo ha terminado. ¿ ... read more

Salt Lake City Saves Residents from Themselves

Once again, those industrious hard working government employees are putting your tax dollars to work! The UTA (Utah Transit Authority) Board of Trustees approved a new ordinance that bans viewing “inappropriate content” web sites while on board. Pornographic, gambling and gaming website ... read more

Swinging and diving

We have just returned from a diving liveaboard in the Red Sea and thought it would be fun to organise a swinging version...... so any divers out there fancy it???... read more

Air Sex World Championships

There‘s still time to purchase your tickets and get your “air groove” on. The latest safe sex craze wave, imported from Japan of course, is.... Air Sex World Championships. Solo Sexual Performance Art Pantomime “Imaginary Lover” has taken over and is sweeping the US and... read more

Vacation in Cuba

Hi we are planed some vacations on september in cuba 2 weeks...Anyone know some good place ...We will be in Varadero ...Yes and I am looking to offer 2 black mens for her...... read more

oral while driving.

is it i only that loves to wtach a cpl preform oral sex while driving. see i live in hollywood ft but drives up to boca to go to school and work.  many times i've seen cpls preform oral while driving. while me and my ex girlfriend use to do it all the time. but as of recently i see more and mor... read more

looking for a fun place to go

hello-we are wanting to go to the carribean for a week very soon-we are not for sure where to go-we are in our early 50's and looking to have great time-any suggestions... read more

Baseball with Bob & Bill

Bill & Bob are Life long Baseball fanatics.  Little league, Pony League,etc growing up and of course then coaching, softball as adults.  Watching the Dodgers (Los Angeles) all their life just filled their life.  On one day, as they reached the ripe age of 85, Bill dies sudden... read more

Next steep cuba

hi we planning to go to Cuba do some one have some suggestions ...thank you...... read more


hi we live in italy near rome .are there any ewing clubs you can recommend?... read more

It's Grace's Biz.... So...

The Desire resort in Cabo was always a political 'football'.  San Jose del Cabo is a pretty uptight community, not at all like Cabo San Lucas.  An outside investment firm put up a tall building next door to the Desire property.  So, no more full on nudity.  But wait!  Now th... read more

same here

yes love creampies as well... read more


 Carol: My fantasy is to meet a guy at a bar, flirt, have a drink , have some PDA and or some under the table fun . I love to get off in a public place and no one else knows what's actually happening. After I'm fully aroused and ready for more , my new boyfriend and I will have Jay drive us ar... read more

huge clite

 Any ladies out there with huge clit can i see... read more

Penis Prosthesis and the 55 Hour Erection

King Priapism is in the House or actually in the cell, prison cell that is. A former ex-con in upstate NY is suing a former prison nurse, for not “appropriately” attending to his 55 hour erection. This erection was apparently caused by an increase in his anti-psychotic meds. Mr. Y. claim... read more

Hidden Beach Resort

We will be at Hidden Beach Resort sept. 20- sept 28. This is a all nude all enclusive all the time resort. fully stocked bars great food lobster served 24 hours a day if you like. 5 star service on the Rivera Maya south of Cancun.... read more

hey fellow SDC members !

We realize that this is supposed to be a blog and not an AD posting....   Since joining the lifestyle, we have noticed that many swinging couples are scared by, freaked out, or turned off by fetishy and /or kinky people.   Posting here, specifically about this issue wil... read more

screw it

If you cant beat it screw it... read more

Pure Pleasure

LIMITED EDITION! Holland as you’ve never seen it before Pure Pleasure The naughtiest book for couples  The subjects that you’ll find in Pure Pleasure vary from a visit to a private sauna and an exclusive erotic party up to ordering an escort service and a visit to a swinge... read more

STD testing via mail?

How do people typically get tested? Do most people typically just go to their general doctor to get tested. What if you don't want to tell your family doctor why a a married person is wanting to get tested regularly? We were at a convention recently and piucked up flyers about testing via mailing. I... read more

cap or hedo

Cap d'Agde OR Hedonism?? We have been to Cap d'Agde (in France) 5 times and think the place is absolutely fantastic...it is like nowhere else on earth.....EQUALLY we have met some friends who say that Hedonism I/II/III is fantastic BUT we have never met anybody who has been to both to give us a c... read more

Employees Must Wear Underwear

A small Florida town has mandated its employee’s must wear underwear to work , according to The Tampa Tribune. The Brooksville city council recently approved a revised dress code. The revision instructs employees to observe "strict personal hygiene," including the use of deodorant. ... read more


Please sometimes you try to do things better but just gets worst...... read more

sexy lingerers and SEX


Hedo III June 27 to July 4th

SFLBLONDEDIVER1 and BAD are going to Hedo III June 27 to July 4th.  Anyone else???... read more

Courtesy goes both ways !!!

Hotcpllkn.. I couldnt agree more with both of your postings!!!! As I put it in my profile, I realize I am not everyone's cup of tea, but if I pay someone a compliment by writing to them, and no reply is sent, I consider it very rude.. I will even take a "delete" as that couple or person's ... read more

Leather Leadership

The Leather Leadership Conference is pleased to announce the results of its annual election of Board Officers. Effective July 1, 2009 Warren Williams of Raleigh, NC was elected to the position of Board Chair.  Lee Asplund of Chicago, IL was elected to the position of Vice-Chair.  Stepha... read more

Minute Men

Help has arrived for those rapid releasers in the form of spray on erectile enhancers. Premature ejaculators- you know if you are one- who are known to last 30 SECONDS to ONE MINUTE after penetration or prior to insertion. Scientists and researchers at Plethora Solutions in Belfast have developed... read more

Bill Gates Gives $50 Million to Circumcise Men

Microsoft founder Bill Gates last week injected $50 million into a programme to circumcise up to 650,000 men in Swaziland and Zambia.The goal of the project is to curb the transmission of HIV in two of the AIDS hotspots of the world, as circumcision has been shown to more than halve the risk of men ... read more

5th night free is back!

 Hi All: Desire has put in place the 5th night free again for any reservations during August 1st to September 30th, 2009. plus the promo rate of $344.00 in Garden view rooms! Take advantage of these excellent deal. Feel free to contact us at 1800 574 4265 or visit www.travelsdc.c... read more

Speed Dating: Distinction in Service

 Now I think I have heard everything. Recently I went into speed dating to set up the days that I have free, only to find that I am only able so select one day at a time. Of course I thought this was a bug and reported it to the helpdesk, only to get a response back saying, "Single men may... read more

Adult Toy Design Contest

The Sinclair Institute and their retail website BetterSex are offering you the possibility of winning 100k, for the newest homemade adult toy design. We-Vibe inventors share their personal story and inspiration regarding the competition, winners of the BESTSEX TOY of the year award last year, both p... read more

swinger resort in cuba

We are planing to spend some vacation in cuba ... do you have any tips for a resort hotel ...cool...thank you...... read more

terrible- bad Deenies Hideaway


Had a great time at Blondenblack's Beach party last night

We had the pleasure of going to blondenblacks beach party at zone D erotica last night.  We met a lot of cool and hot couples there and hopefully we will get the opportunity to hang out with some of them in the near future.  For our first party experience in Texas it was a great time and g... read more

Britney Spears... real Lipstick lesbian or a Marketing genius?

BRITNEY SPEARS... is she a genuine complete Bi babe? Everyones Favourite troubled star? Or a music companys prized marketing tool and money generator?... read more

Responding to E-mails

Hi! I am baffled by the lack of courtesy of so many on this site that do not respond to polite e-mails.   To me that is so rude.  It only takes a moment to answer someone, even if just to say no thanks.  In fact, there are standard response that you can just click on so you don'... read more

bi sex cpl

it is fucn  to have  a  man sucking  your hot cock as  you suck the hot pussy of his wife !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the visa-versa alex... read more


testing... read more

cap d'agde

hi, we have never been to agde so we are going to go this summer a few times hopefully as we now live not too far away. We just wanted to stay a few days at first. Can anyone recommend any places to stay that arent too expensive there. the more sociable the better as we'd like to meet people and get... read more

Hurghada/El Gouna

Hurghada/El Gouna from 1st of July until 12th july... Love to meet up...x... read more

Politicians have to lie to get elected !

 Do you really believe that politicians mean what they say, they are in the business of getting elected and therefore they say what they need to say to get elected... About the health care system, they could easily cut the cost by two-third and universal pay will work, but they never will and t... read more

Where's your BEST PUBLIC PLACE to have SEX?

Do you have fantasies to have sex on public? Or have you done it before? So, where is you best public place that you've sex before? or where would you like to..? ... read more

Chat Room Problems

Hi can anyone help with this. Whenever I try and log into the chat room my browser shuts down.  This happens just after the chatroom window opens, it loads the screen and some of the tile (the ones with people's profile pictures).  That window then shuts down. I am running Windows Vi... read more

Brittany June

Hi everyone, we're off to Brittany on the 26th,staying near Vannes oon the South Coast. If anyone knows a good nude beach or other "interesting" places please let us know. If your there at the same time let us know too! S and A xx... read more

All Tied Up

Naked women in black toe peep stiletto high heels ...Black garterbelt, black thigh high seamed stockings nipple clamps and whips. Top or Bottom? Sex- positive BDSM. The Dom Speaks.... read more

Class Distinction

As I was bonding with my venus razor the other day, my mons venus wondered as to the history of pube shaving...  shaving the world one beaver at a time. Since the dawn of civilization, women have been removing their body hair. Sources date back to prehistoric times when Wilma’s woolly ... read more


TRY AGAIN........ would for the heck of it make a poll.... read more


 Thoughts on Hedonism II or III.  Thinking of a visit, whats the best time to go, can you go any time?  We primarily enjoy MMF and some MFMF play....single guy experiences good?  What, if I may ask, did it cost all said and done.  Any info would be appreciated, Thanks!... read more

Happy Belated Penis Day

How could we have missed it? March 15 was Penis Day in Japan. Here are the photos. The actual festival is called Honen Matsuri.Celebrated every March 15 in Komaki, a town about 45 minutes north of Nagoya, Japan. This is the time of year where folks haul out a large wooden penis to give three cheers ... read more

What an idiot!!!!

Just because you tell someone NO, they're to young for you, he tells you, no wonder you're single.....!!! Does anyone see why I won't play with young guys?? YOU ARE AN IDIOT............!!! You don't belong on this site!!! Classy... read more


tell about your frist time.... read more

Racism ?

Browsing through profiles, we have noticed that SDC members are predominately caucasian. While this is normal. considering the fact that SDC members in Europe come from countries with a caucasian majority and even in the US, main membership is from states with a caucasian majorit... read more



The new format stinks!

The new format is HORRIBLE.  I have a small laptop for convenience and this new format entails loads of scrolling and searching which the old one didnt.  With the old one you simply clicked on the menu bar and hey-presto you could get to the page that you wanted... easy.. You say that new ... read more


Hi, we will be in Mykonos for some day of vacation. Any suggestions? Thanks... read more

camming for money - what do you think?

Hi often thought about it but have never done it yet - does anyone know anything about it, good sites etc? S+N xxx... read more

test poll

trying to create a poll....... not working. says you can after you submit post but you can't. anyone know how?... read more


poll... read more

New Website

 This new website is horrible.  We are considering dropping our membership because of this change.  Please go back to the old site.... read more


I know that it may noy change anything but i'd like to know if i am alone.... read more

HEY WEBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Since everybody should have gotten the clue by now that you NOT gonna change back to the old format, How about modifying this format so it more pleasing to your customers. Such as 1. Fix the damn email 2. get rid of "Beevis & Butthead are now friends" notices on... read more

Bacon Flavored Lube

Bacon Flavored Lube Has anyone tried the new bacon- flavored lube? Brought to you by Justin & Dave of J&D's finger licking good bacon products, where their motto is "everything should taste like bacon... read more