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Last Week In L.A - A Cougar's Tale

Even after more than 20 years of marriage my husband, Steve, still loves to pamper and spoil me in every way…and sharing me with other men, watching me live out my kinkiest fantasies (which often center around much-younger, super-fit hunks), is just one of those ways. Last week, during one of ... read more

we are newbies

what the hell is polyamory, we need a sex dictionary ( probably did it ) lol... read more


Hey there everyone,,, got a lead on a new SLS hotel on Miami's south beach so Allie n I got on the bikes and decided to check it out, After a stop at our favorite spot the Clevelander, where we had 2 app's and 4 drinks and scooted out,,$40 or less. Cool. Then we found this SLS place on 17th and &nb... read more

Les Chandelles

Has anyone been to Les Chandelles in Paris?  We are thinking of going on a Saturday night.  Any advice would be welcome. Thanks ... read more

No shows :(

 We want to know if this is a common occurence or not. We posted a social get together for couples and select singles. So we get alot of people interested and asking to join the party, only to have most of all not show up or even respond to the original emails. Is this common pratice? ... read more

Is It Appropriate To Mention STDs On An SDC Blog?

Curious, there is a blog with a poll that asks if anyone else had the fantasy of "swapping on first site". We replied that in another SDC blog concerning a couple with an STD problem, most people stated that with the concern of STDs, they would not swap with another couple they did no... read more

Web cam events

As some out there may now, we love to start the party and put on the show for our friends,, oh yes it's for us too. Problem cums up when we are really getting into what we're doing and about a dozen IM's requests start BLOWING up our laptop.... HEY don't ya see wer're a little busy???? Furtherm... read more

CALIENTE RESORT-Dominican Republic

Has anyone been to Caliente resort in the Dominican Republic?  How does it compare to Hedonism, Desire and Temptations?... read more

Swap On Sight?

One of our fanticies is a sexual encounter where we find a couple online, exchange pics and mail, then meet. This fantacy revolves around stripping, swapping and having sex on sight. Perhaps not even exchanging names till after sex. We have met couples at parties and after thirty minutes or so o... read more


First, let me update all about our experience last friday night at the Xdreams porn theatre in W Babylon.... It was a blast... We arrived around 9:30 PM and April walked from our car and around the book store wearing a peekaboo red see through knit dress, with a red half... read more

Thank you, President Obama. Here are some more requests

This blog is to express my appreciation for President Obama's actions so far in his first term. In addition to acknowledging the achievements, i would also submit some requests to the President for the next term. Am sure in search of swing votes, he is perusing these boards frequently. As... read more


Looking for a photograher in the Atlanta area offering TFP (time for pictures) Boudoir photo shoots? Ather reading the 50 Shades books I really want to get hot pictures taken.... read more

Introducing New People to the Lifestyle

Have you ever had a person(s) you wanted to introduce to the lifestyle but were afraid of how they would react upon mentioning the subject?... read more

How to do the first step?

Hello. If you are a new couple in swinging and the girl afraid to do the first step. Please, write for us. We have the same problem. And we think, that it will be better, if the girls can speak about it.... read more

How to search couples?

We are going to the Netherlands in august. We try to connect with netherlanders, but no one of them didn't reply. How do you search couples here? ... read more

Fantasies Evolved

For the most part you could say I’ve lived somewhat of a porn stars lifestyle when I met my ex 13 years ago; he introduced me to mfm and fmf threesomes and orgies.  From there was the voyeurism, exhibitionism, light bondage (which I only did with him as far as letting him tie me up), and ... read more

Do you like sport?

Are there sportsmans here? What kind of disciplines do you like?... read more

swinging , can you define it ?

 Swinging , i've come to realize , is the most difficult term to define. If you were to google ' definition of swinging' the first thing that comes out is , 1. Lively , exciting , fashionable  2. Sexually liberated or promiscuous.. My question is , are you really sexually liberated i... read more


So we hit Caliente just outside of Tampa a couple times & really liked it but we found that the 'parties' start about 2am, pretty late.  We were hoping to find fun a bit earlier in the evening, say maybe midnight or so but had no luck.  Can anyone help us figure out if there are partie... read more

Request sincere opinion from regularly active members

Hello, I am a new member to this site and the lifestyle in general, so forgive me if I am not following any expected protocols, or seem out of place. But I would like to ask for opinions from any members that are true regulars in the lifestyle. Please keep in mind I am asking certain things as humb... read more

Desire Los Cabos

Since we just decide to explore this lifestyle, we belive start on Desire Los Cabos this experience as expectators and maybe meet a couple that help us to understand codes, dress codes, sex on public areas (as many other we wanna try sex on the beach and swimming pool, can we do this?) We had a l... read more

We're looking for a new screen name. Any suggestions?

 We're looking for a new screen name. Any suggestions? When we started on SDC we just wanted something basic. If you have a suggestion we would love to hear it. If you just want to be a funny smart ass that is cool too. Not taking this REAL serious but it would be nice to get some ideas from... read more

What are the worst lines you have ever heard a guy or gal utter?

 I just got blocked off a certain blog by this inmature wannabee swinger who thinks that a ridiculous line like "Where Are The Horny Women At" is somehow gonna magically land him the top of the cream in women and couples in the LS. I guess he can't handle criticism LOL. So share wi... read more

Food Play

I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to my sexual tastes. I can be very Dom, or I can be very tender and gentle depending on my partner though I admit I lean more towards my Dom side. In other words, I adapt well to my partner's desires. One of my favorite sexual things to do with a partner or partn... read more

two face ppl

Hi ya'll its me again I need to know why do ppl feel the need to act like they ur friends but in reality they going around bashing ur name if had about 5 calls that someone's doing this.all I can say is don't believe what ppl tell u cause a lot of the ppl that has met us love us cause we love to hav... read more

why do certain men feel the need to hit women.

Hi!!! I've recently encounter in two Seperate occasion when I the woman in this relationship have been giving head n been careful that I don't bite or the male don't feel any teeth but yet they find the urge to slap me. I'm sorry but no male nor women has the right to put there hands on any one ppl... read more

Need Help Managing my wife's alcohol level

We have been married for many years and are about a year into the Lifestyle. We are really having a lot of fun. It has been an overall positive experience to an already great marriage. We are not Big Drinkers, however, my wife seems to need "some alcohol (small to medium Buzz)" to h... read more

Sex and Salsa

Hello everyone. I am a huge fan of salsa, and dance it very well. One thing I've noticed from all salsa dancers, is that everyone stilo is different. They each offer something unique to the art form. I equate that to sex. I have not been with one women(s) or couple who were exactly the same e... read more


Quieren conocer patagonia exotica salvaje te gustan las motos y la aventura, pues planeamos un magico paseo recorriendo los lugares mas naturales del fin del mundo, veamos el interes besos a todos Carla y Marcelo They want to know exotic wild patagonia you enjoy motorcycles and adventure, as we... read more


Why is it that people don't like to have other couples in the LS as friends? Now granted some couples don't know how to act as friends but the ones that really want to be friends in and out of the LS you shy away from.... read more

No Sex vs Bad Sex

I have been told that no sex is better than bad sex. I don't agree with this philosophy. Way are your thoughts?... read more

Member Services

We are curious. How many folk have received commissions from the MemberServices feature? We are thinking of adding services but thought some research was appropriate. I've looked a time or two and most of the services we would use are supplied by folk who are too damned far away.... read more

how to post a pic on our profile...

 instead that "#$%& question mark?; we only upload one pic to test but always appears the "?" again...... read more

tempeloase-berlin worth a visit or not

Has anyone tried that place?   By googling,   few places came up for Berlin.  Would love to hear stories about them.  The pros and the cons. Thanks xxx... read more

Watching Hubby Play

I see a lot of profiles that say the husband likes to watch his wife being fucked, but I don't come across ones that say the wife likes to watch her husband fucking another woman. I love that but, as you know, it's hard to find the elusive single female to play with and I don't necessarily want to p... read more

FFM Swap?

We've been on the swinging scene now for about 10 years and think that we have acquired a bit of experience in that time - we're hardly newcomers. But in that 10 years, FFM experiences have been somewhat rare; single females have been both hard to find and our experience is that they can be a bit... read more

April's At It Again Friday Night 6/22

After last friday night at the Carousel Club where April was fucked from 10:30 pm-2:30 am, by 20-25 guys, she's on fire and ready to go again... We decided to do something different, at the suggestion of one of the guys we met at Carousel, that April, the slut, is really turned on to... We are goi... read more


We are organizing private partys in PortugalWe have glamour, seduction and erotic sensations.If you  are interested send us a message for our profile and ask for the next party. ... read more

Las Vegas

We are planning on going to Las Vegas in a few weeks. Anybody have any suggestions on what to do, such as strip clubs that are couple friendly as well as price friendly, swingers clubs, the Green Door looks fun. Dance clubs, that 40 somethings can have a good time at and sho... read more

spice lanzarote

hi guys my wife and i just booked week in spice for august we were just wondering any of u guys been and whats it like? all comments welcom k and g... read more

Excellent clubs in Europe

Hi we are new to this fab lifestyle and need to do our research about good clubs worth visiting.  It would be good for us newlys to read a review on clubs in big cities. We have been to Amsterdam:  Sameplace, but didnt like it, too many desperate men following us everywhere, waiting for... read more

International drive florida

Hi we're staying in international drive in Florida for a while and was wondering if there's any swinger clubs in or around for us to go ... read more

first timers

 Thank you to all the beautifull couples that are encouraging us to go out with them and start our swinger life and a true experience.  We are taking our time to decide wich couple will be the one that will help us, guide us, and make us cross that bridge to wild sex and passion.  M... read more

We are pretty sure every swinger has their share of lessons learned...

We thought it would be nice to share them with others just joining the lifestyle the ones we call newbies. I can only imagine it would very valuable info and insights for those who are just starting out..So lets here what you have to share.!!!!... read more

Swinging Partner

Hi all I love the swinging scene and I was initiated when I was working in a contract in UK but now I am back in my native Greece. Things show that greek girls are not that open to the scene and it is very difficult to find a swinging partner! Any ideas where or how I can find a girl who will... read more

Friends -- favorites -

We like to know why people post they want to meet you you send e mails to meet and never hear from them again ... read more

HIV in Central Kansas

Story about air force sergeant in Kansas http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2011/01/20/disgraced-air-force-sergeant-david-gutierrez-sentenced-exposing-sexual-partners/ ... read more

this weekend

we are very new to this and have been to the Fclub once so far. We are looking for somewhere to go this Saturday 23rd. We are into watching and exhibitionism but we are not sure about involving others yet. Any ideas on suitable locations in London and Southeast would be welcome. Many thanks ... read more

Waxing Ouch!

Wow I just let my girl at the spa convince me to get a waxing. I usually just shave that area but she told me how smooth it would be so I did it It hurt! I mean I like the look but damnnnnnnnnnnn So now I have a Brazilian wax lol I wil say I like how smooth my ass is lol... read more


So we found out,while us boys where having a few beers at a family picnic, that I (Mr) have a male cousin and his wife that are not in the lifestyle but do have 3sums with girls and are open to new things? So we invited them to come with us to a house party ths past weekend and all was, fine an... read more


Man it has been awhile. We just finished a CRAZY CRAZY weekend. Wow, went to velet for the first time. I think we had 6 hours of sleep in 48 hours... yikes. Not only was it amazing sex BUT the people are the best. I/we, really thought the LS was going to be about 100% sex and not really ... read more

swingfest is it worth it ?

It will be our first time going to swingfest in miami.... is it worth it or not?....please give us advice... read more

'Deep down all girls want to be like me': The woman who's slept with 200 men, but insists she's not a slut

'Deep down all girls want to be like me': The woman who's slept with 200 men, but insists she's not a slut   By Pamela Owen PUBLISHED: 10:27 GMT, 17 June 2012 | UPDATED: 14:16 GMT, 17 June 2012 Comments (103) Share ... read more

Heres a loaded Question. Answer if you dare.

Who do you think of when you pleasure Yourself? Is it your partner or someone else?... read more

Cap de Agde accomodation

We would like to go to Cap de Agde in August ,but not sure were to stay.Hotels are fully booked and some of them range from 200 euro per day,which is a bit pricy we think. Does anybody know any other places were to look for accomodation? Than you P.S.Not interested in camping.... read more

Circle of Love at Desire?

Hi Swingers, did we meet you at Desire last weekend. Do you you remember the Aussie couple and The Circle of Love. Well, we really enjoyed your company and our first, but not last, time at Desire. We'd love to hear from you if you were there... read more

SATURDAYS JUNE,JULY,AUG,SEPT 2012 10pm-2am Swingers party couples, single Ladies, single men welcome- 7 Bed house in Sutton,Surrey

Luxury Swingers party Set in the heart of Sutton, South London this fantastic 1905 Edwardian home is full of character, with its beautiful chandeliers, picture framed contoured walls, it’s beautiful staircase and the huge mirror that drapes the entrance of the large hallway.  7 Bedroom h... read more


We have never been on a lifestyle cruise. We were on a nude cruise and found it frustrating. We have been to clubs and events, but find that we are very shy in large groups and don't want to be perceived as aggressive or hardcore. Any experiences or tips you can give us for our upcuming cruise?... read more

Let's Get Healthy

Sex Is Healthy http://www.womansday.com/sex-relationships/sex-tips/8-surprising-health-benefits-of-sex-102017?link=rel&dom=yah_life&src=syn&con=blog_wd&mag=wdy... read more

Wow you foolish single fellow.....

Goodness me so now I understand why you couples all rant about single fellows......... I very good friend of mine lives here in Roma and her hubby allows her to play away. She was recently in contact with a good looking single guy based in Vienna. Well after the usual correspondence they agreed a w... read more


I love hot wife statistics, some people say lie's dam lie's and statistic. But think there could be some truth in them. ... read more


THE SCIENCE OF CUCKOLD MARRIAGES Susan Gower L.T.   The Science of Cuckold Marriages - by Susan Grower   THE SCIENCE OF CUCKOLD MARRIAGES By sex therapist & relationships counselor Susan Gower   After studying human sexuality for many years it has become inarguabl... read more

SDC Pictures

In this age of digital photography, where a digital camera costs less than some dinners do; where one is able to take a hundred pictures of themselves without having to pay for film processing; where people can see immediately what their snapshots look like; where people can simply delete ... read more


Want to get pierced in Kissimmee Florida. Does any one know of a good one? Lori... read more

Why accept friend request ?

We have a question? Why do so many people on this site accept friend request or ask for friend request and accept but not talk to dose accepted , is it to build or to have the more amount of friends?... read more


I was just looking at the web site for the Desire Resort in Cancun which many people have recommended but I see that there are actually 3 Desire resorts in Mexico.  Does anyone know the differences between these 3 resorts.... read more

Email us maybe?

 So this is the second time we post on the blog and this is crazy but if you're in this video, email us maybe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIfbghHdG1s ... read more

Swinging in a small Town

We have recently moved countries and have moved from the outskirts of London England to a town in Australia with a population of around 30000 where everyone seems to know everyone. Obviously swinging has been our little secret and we never played close enough to home in the past to bump into our ... read more

Carnival Splendor

Leaving Buenos Aires on March 5th and arrive NYC on March 23rd. Please let us know if you are cruising as well... read more

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Will be visiting Buenos Aires from March 1st until March 5th. Please let us know if interested to meet... read more

Carnival Breeze

In November 6 we cruise on Carnival Breeze from Barcelona to Miami. If you are cruising as well, let us know... read more

Barcelona, Spain

Visiting Barcelona from Oct 30 to Nov 6th and then cruising on Carnival Breeze to Miami. Let us know if interested to meet in Barcelona... read more

Carnival Imagination

On Sep 10th we'll cruise on Carnival Imagination. Let us know if you do as well.... read more

Miami Velvet versus Trapeze

Which club is better Miami Velvet or Trapeze and WHY?... read more

Spartacus Workout

Coming off of menicus surgery, I am getting back into shape. Today was my first day on the plan and I am sore. I will stick to this one. I have a party in Destin to go to which gives me additional motivation. I am so looking forward to getting my sexy abs back.... read more

instant message de sdc

this instant message system is the worst in the world it really sucks!este mensaje instantaneo es e peor del mundo.......you can never talk to people you want to.....nunca le puedes hablar a la gente q quieres......allways away ....siempre away y estan ahi hello sdc do something... read more

Good Club

could anyone give us the name of a good club to go to in fayeville NC area... read more

Good Club

could anyone give us the name of a good club to go to in fayeville NC area... read more


April's surgery went well and she is raring to go... Our time off was the perfect time to assess the past 6 months during which April was fucked by around 300 guys and realized our desire for her to truely become a cock and cum slut.  She discovered that she truly loved being fucked for a long ... read more

BDSM Fetish exploration

BDSM fetish clubs Tampa---Just trying to explore and find some new adventures. Is there anything exciting happening this wknd June 8,9, in the Tampa area? Will be in San Antonio Tx. soon---anything erotic, exotic, in Tx.... read more


As everyone should know, one of the option in the "seaching for" list is straight male. Now there seem to be some confusion over what that means.  Most people views it as "straight male" equal "single male" Then there are other people that view as they wan... read more

Smile for sex

I came across some interesting research today whilst looking for something totally unrelated (the title kind of grabbed my attention!!).  The article said that a woman's smile has a magical effect on a man.... Apparently when a woman only establishes eye contact, she's approached 20% of the ... read more

Formentera - thinks and pics

Formentera is a wonderful island , where sensuality and hedonism are part of life. About this' summer will be to Formentera for  and in what period?     ... read more

Formentera - thinks and pics

Formentera is a wonderful island , where sensuality and hedonism are part of life. About this' summer will be to Formentera for  and in what period?     ... read more


why would people hide there validations can anyone answer that one.... read more


Hey everyone only one day to rot rally   any one going an want to meet up for some fun .   Should be a great rally as usual.  ... read more


Hey everyone only one day to rot rally   any one going an want to meet up for some fun .   Should be a great rally as usual.  ... read more

Any opinions about Ibiza Private Village?

 Hi,  We are thinking about visiting the village sometimes around July. Can anybody who has stayed there give us some opinions about the place? Thanks, :-) ... read more

Couples profile, w/the male half as the lead pic.

So, what comes to mind, if anything, when you click on a profile, its a couples profile, but the male half, is the lead photo? And... sometimes, the profile photos are predominantly of the male half. But not always. Either way, does it make one wonder? Make you suspicious, maybe it's a SM posing as ... read more


Hello One of my friends cancelled their order. If anyone needs Cialis let me know. Picasso... read more

Porn and Music

Hi all,     We're going to be hosting a party soon and are lucky enough to be using a hotel suite with two nice big high definition TVs, so wanted to be able to play some decent pornographic videos on them.     The thing is, we don't just want 'ordinary' porn with the crap ... read more

Summer fun in the Mediterranean -- Seeking Advice

We are interested in spending the weekend of July 12-15 in a nice beach city/resort in the Mediterranean - e.g., somewhere along the Spanish or the French coast.  We would like to be somewhere where there is nice places to stay, close to beaches, good regular nightlife but also where we ca... read more

Good Health

 It's really funny. I got back in shape for the LS (30 lb loss in 90 days) but now that I eat healthy and work out daily it sucks to eat badly.  I went on vacation and after 2 days of hearing everyone telling me "it's vacation.... don't worry about what you eat.." I finally ca... read more

Pubic hair

Before 1990, the bush had reigned supreme for millenia. Now it seems most people are put off by it, some apparently repulsed! Do we have to admit that people have been subconciously influenced by media/porn, or have millions of people simultaneously changed their mind? RIP Bush:  (200,000... read more

Is it true...

...that Pampas grass is used by swingers to signal their availability to other couples for sexual encounters?  We read this here the other day:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2152652/Hay-Literature-Festivals-Mariella-Frostrup-I-discovered-secret-code-swingers.html#ixzz1wtvhyHgb.... read more

A day at the beach,,,,OUCH!!!!

Okay, we all know what a wonderful place Haulover is and how great it is to meet new friends and socialize with couples you already know but..... here comes the problem as we see it. Haulover was once hailed as one of the top 10 nude beaches in the world for a variety of reasons.  Let's su... read more

My Personality Type

It's been said that I'm an Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver (ENTP) personality commonly referred to as "The Innovator"  You are the inventor, the risk taker, and the developer of new ideas and schemes that can either plummet you into bankruptcy or catapult you to ri... read more

Best Place for FUN Birthday Weekend? Austin or San Antonio?

So Lizzy's Birthday is coming up and we are thinking about getting way and going to either Austin or San Antonio. We have been to SA many times but never with the intent to play. Austin we have never been too so we may need someone to show us around (or to our room lol) Any one have any good ideas o... read more

Just go back from vacation

Went to the keys for a few days and had a blast. We were hoping to get out and play one night but it didn't work out.   It is so funny now that we are in the LS and go on vacations... I notice when guys check out the wife and look away faster than lightning. Where once apon a time I would ha... read more


 10 day in Playa del Carmen ,interestin couple for play by 3 giugno at 13 giugno... read more


 hi we are looking to see nice cpl inn budroom in 10 of june which we can share with them our time... read more

Torn about putting up a face picture

I’m so torn about putting up a face picture even though I have several in my private pictures. My main reason for this is because I’m not sure what my clients would think being that I have clients that are super conservative, then there are some that are border line conservative, and the... read more

Swinging Life After Breast Cancer???

Last month I had surgery for Cancer in One Breast. Chose not to go through the pain of reconstruction. It was a slow growing form and the prognosis is good. How do people generally react to a Bisexual woman with only one breast? Please Be Honest !... read more


 On my return here to SDC I have little more than lurk around in the shadows, reading blogs of interest, and admiring profiles hitting the "favorite" button on many that I thought exceptional. I did not contact any of the profiles as I did this and just assumed it was my own little &q... read more

male whore requires couple to train me

I' in Qld Aust looking for a couple he bisexual ( as i like to give oral and receive it deep inside me ) her (kinky must enjoy giving golden showers & receiving oral useing her fingers on me & any fetishes she can cum up with must be very kinky) I enjoy being a slut for a couple as long as i... read more

Italy for the non Italians

Dear Potential Major Partner, Friend, Sponsor, Visitor or whatever, Many thanks indeed for your interest in Ride x Fun and I am pleased to confirm some information for you as follows:  (    Ride x Fun is a new idea and so far has only the URL’s registered (www.ridexfun.com&n... read more

desires pearl june 3-8 2012 and Freedom cruise nov 11-18

 Anyone who's doing either, please contact us.... read more