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returning to the rooftop in florida

We are returning to the rooftop resort in florida for a week July13-20.It will be our 3rd trip there.anyone else going.... read more

Thanks For The Nudge

We get a nudge from a couple with ZERO profile information at all.  All  answers were prefer not to say and no pics....... I said we like your profile and possibly we could meet up someday.      Have you ever got one like this?... read more

No sex in the bathrooms please...SDC outing at vanilla restaurant

This was one of the funnier emails I have read lately, showing some of the less-appreciated work that goes into being an SDC host: aka bringing more frisky LS members (who were also having sex on couch and in the parking lot) to order and asking them to behave themselves in a matter that would not o... read more

In Atlanta, Trapeze, Trap Diamond Room or Loft?

In conversation with other SDC members, Loft seems to be the least appreciated. It definitely has fewer of the amenities of Trapeze and depending on the night (and the time) you go, it can be very hit or miss. However, I actually like the space in Loft better.  Even though, it is smaller, ... read more

Any Suggestions?

Headed to New Orleans for the 4th of July. We know there is a Collette out there but are there any other clubs and parties that are worth checking out?... read more

To Fake Or Not To Fake, This Is The Question!

Okay ladies. I was at the club and the ladies were discussing this...so I said I would get more opinions on this. Here is the scenario: You are playing with a man, and he is not good. There is no attraction, or he sucks in bed, etc. etc. and etc. So you being a lady that doesn't want to ruin everyon... read more

Krystal Club Prive in Italy

Hi! We are going to Krystal Club Prive in Italy for July 18 and 19th. Is anybody interesting in meeting there. Look at our profile.... read more

Best swinging club in Majorca

We will be travelling to Majorca in the next few weeks - can anyone recommend a good club near Palma ?... read more


Could anyone recommend a good swingers club near Marbella Spain ? ... read more

Naughty in N'awlins Convention

Is anyone else on SDC going to the Naughty in N'awlins convention August 6-10? We didn't see anything about it on the home page or in the Parties/Clubs section of this site.Let us know if you're going and would like to meet there.... read more

Vacation in Crete

Hello i m living in the area of Heraklion...Anyone visiting Crete for holiday and is looking for a special meet feel free to contact me :) ... read more

Fucking the wife of a jealous cuckold P/T 1 of 2

Sometimes you never can tell who is genuine and who is a time waster. Late last year I was contacted by a couple through twitter. As usual it was the husband that contacted me first. He expressed his desire to see his wife fucked by a black man for the very first time.He liked the sound of me and sa... read more

Cancun ! Playa de Carmen area

fun experiences in the cancun area?... read more

Cancun playa de Carmen

We are planning a trip at the end of July until August 5thAny advice or suggestions to consider  of fun and erotic  adventures are appreciated!... read more

Attire, Attire, Attire where art thou?

We live in Florida, and obviously it's hot and humid here a good part of the time.  We know this and accept it.  During the hottest parts of the year, like now; we usually try to meet people at an air conditioned place.But why, oh why, do people want to show up to a first date/meeting look... read more

Sexy Vacation

We are looking to have a weekend getaway for the 4th of July but want to make sure we have some sexy fun while we are gone. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any great parties going on during that weekend???... read more

What women like...

I'm sure I'm in no way the majority here (especially since I'm a woman), but definitely old-school. In the words of Sofia Loren: Sex appeal is 50% what you've got; 50% what people think you've got. http://news.distractify.com/people/old-school-cool/?v=1... read more

My bride's Birthday! saturday night at trapeze atlanta

Celebrating my beautiful wife's birthday this Saturday night @ trapeze Atlanta, would love to meet a couple to party with, let us know if you would like to meet.... read more

Cancun playa de mayo paradisus la perla resort

We flying on July 30 until August 3rd and would love to meet other couples...any tips of fun and erotics things to do  Marcelo and Julie... read more

USA vs Belgium

Who do you think will win?... read more

SDC Profiles - LS Communication

Actual point of my previous post on Profiles was not to bait men or say everybody on SDC is lying about their appearance. It was just a point about marketing. In the clubs you can immediately see what people look like. However, online, wondering how people differentiate or themselves when everybody ... read more

Guys Who Think That Lasting Forever Is A Good Thing

We have been with our share of single men and couples, and a few of the males  has taken forever to cum. I love a good fuck and giving a nice BJ but why do guys think a lady wants to be pounded forever, because they cant cum or just take a very long time to climax. They all brag about it in the... read more

Ladies What Do You Look For In A Guy When Looking to Swap

Talking about physical attraction here....what turns you on girls in regard to guys. Do you have a specific look, how do you like him to be dressed, smell, etc. For me, I'm a sucker for white guys with dark hair and dark eyes.....I go GAGA over That type of man. I like white collar looks...a polo sh... read more


Seems first kisses can be more memorable than any other part of the sexual exchange. We have seen many couples who say kissing is off limits. Is is too personal and intimate? Or is it a fear of getting oral herpes or some other imbalance? Or are there some of you that just don't like kissing?And for... read more

World Sex Tour

I am from the South. The American South. Bill Clinton's South, which means I have a soft spot for redneck Rhodes Scholars and I can relate to how our whole Puritan heritage makes us MORE, not less deviant that Europeans or South Americans, who have a more practical, every-day attitude towards sex. I... read more

Live Oak Resort

Have you been to Live Oak and if so can you tell us if you had fun and was there lots of sex. We are going on Hedo weekend and want to know if its gonna be a fun filled weekend of sex.... read more

any one visiting las Vegas on coming 4th july week-nd

Hi All,Please let us know if any one going to Vegas on 4th july.We are going first time their and want to meet some new ppl.... read more

Club Campo Alegre in Curacao

or Le Mirage? Anyone been there?... read more

Woman Wanted

Hello beautiful people.For my hubby's birthday I have planned a few things this coming Saturday including a nice hotel stay where I promised him I will have him till he drops ... Was looking for a single woman to join us at some point in the evening. I might play passively if  the chemistry is ... read more

My beautiful and submissive wife is not allowed to cum until Saturday

I have instructed my beautiful and submissive wife that she is not allowed to cum until Saturday because I want her to be very horny for our playmate.  Has anyone else ever made their submissive spouse wait to cum until they were given permission?  ... read more

Adriatic Swinger Cruise from August 9th to August 16th 2014

We are planning to book a cabin on a gulet for the Couple-only Adriatic Swinger Cruise from August 9th to August 16th 2014, found on swingercruise.org; it seems to be organized by a member couple of SDC (swinger69fun), they also have a Group  here (AdriaticSwingers).Any... read more

Long Weekend in Moscow: 17/6-23/6/14.

17/6 I woke at 8 and went downstairs to make some calls to Spain and sort out office stuff. Rita woke and was up by 9. We had tea and mid morning I popped to office to pick up some documents. Then helped Rita start car and after, went to cafe for bacon/egg bap and coffee. Then home to start insuranc... read more

Why do couples post their age as MUCH older?

Looking through profiles, we frequently see couples who are clearly in their 30's or 40's, posting their ages as late 60's or 70's.I understand why people post their ages as YOUNGER, even though I don't like it, but why would anyone post an age 20 or 30 years older than their actual age?Is it as a j... read more

Beans Taste Fine

Since a conversation with someone recently, the Shel Silverstein song "Beans Taste Fine" (http://lyrics.wikia.com/Shel_Silverstein:Beans_Taste_Fine) has been running through my head, and in some ways, it is an apt description of why we, when we are married or coupled with someone we adore, thin... read more

Cocks are always unattractive...true?

Whilst we're all familiar with the slight(!) overuse of cock shots and associated cams, some say that this is worsened by the fact the cocks are unattractive by nature - all of them. If you will indulge us, we were curious to find out the consensus on this. We both think mine's pretty by the way (in... read more

Ah Rejection!!

I think people come into the LS with the fantasy of what it is going to be like - insert favorite porn script, which is not to say that it doesn't work out that way sometimes. Or, if you are lucky, lots of times. However, many of us experience a progression from: Oh great, here's this group of "resp... read more

Who's the driving force behind the profile: Him, Her, or Both?

A recent comment in another blog got us wondering about the ratios. Who was the driving force in posting a couples profile here: Him, Her or Both? While we're expecting to see the male being the higher ratio, we're also thinking there may be more Her and Both than people may think.... read more

The Old "Bait and Switch" technique

I will probably regret writing this but perhaps others have fallen victim to this sort of scam.  It seems lately we have been running into an influx of couples in which it later became apparent that the only intent was for a wife to get her husband laid.  Now we are a full swap couple and ... read more

Tech Savvy Ppl? Crappy SDC Interface.

Anybody know how to get handle on this site to accept capital letters or "-"? Self-affirming moment when we realize what we thought was a clever inside joke is understood by exactly two people, and that instead of Tessier-Ashpool, handle reads as Tessie Rashpool. Lovely. Sounds like an STD, definite... read more

Couples Only Fridays?

This one is mostly for UK folk really. Are there any clubs in the UK that host couples only nights on a Friday? Quite often we can't play on a Saturday, but, when we go to a club on a Friday we get harassed (albeit politely we must add) by the band of ever hopeful single guys. Looking at t... read more

fuerteventura holiday looking for fun with males and couples

hi guys going to fuerteventuta next week and looking to no if anyone interested in some fun there or if theres any fun to be had there ... read more

Recommendations for San Fransisco

We are going for a week in San Fransisco early August. Apart from the typical tourist stuff, wineries, scenic drives, etc... we would also enjoy some more adult fun a night or two. We did a search for swingers clubs in San Fransisco and all recommendations seem to go to club Kink which apparently is... read more

Anyone going to be on the Carnival Liberty on 6/28

out of Cape Canaveral? If you are hit us up...... read more

Online Porn

Doing a poll to advice a friend.  He is a webmaster and has a group of porn sites of mostly amateurs.  He is not doing so well lately and is looking to add content to increase the traffic.  He has a uploaded video and dvd scene page and glamour and sex photo section.  He is looki... read more

shy and in need of help

My wife and I have been on this site for sometime , but she is extremely shy. Next weekend we will be heading out on the majesty of the sea for our anniversary and she would like to meet a lady on the boat to help us celebrate. She is very shy and has never been one to be the active seeker in relati... read more

Desire Cpls Massage

Anyone had the Cpls Erotic Massage at Desire?  What is it all about?... read more

Profiles: What people say/possible translation?

Reading all these profiles filled with people who are  "hot, love to work out and fuck like porn stars," being in the LIfestyle sounds more competitive and like it requires more gym work-outs than a 40-yr old gay man trying to get some action on Grindr. I am a great lover!Doesn't the Lifes... read more

Looking for LS couples cruising on Vision of the Seas

We're cruising on 7/7/14 & looking for friends to party with!... read more

BJ Question

For those of you who suggested I am using SDC to do my thesis dissertation research or the next Rolling Stone undercover story on modern Swingers, would you mind interrupting your busy and productive SDC browsing schedule to answer the following question? Women only, please, not the 80% of men that ... read more

April the Slut Update 6/14

April the Slut - UPDATE 6/17/14It has been a while since I have written in our blog and/or down-loaded any new pictures. I promise to rectify the writing part now and will post some hot pics of April and the hundreds of guys she has fucked many hundreds of times since our wedding in October 2013.It ... read more


Desire, Desire Pearl or Temptation. Which one do you suggest for a four days vacation (the days before Hallowen we)?... read more

Wonderful Life Party, Rome, 27-29 June 2014

We will be at the Wonderful Life Party in Rome at the end of June!... read more

There are some images you cannot forget

Once somebody writes something or posts a picture on the Internet, you can never remove it. IT security pros tell me the only way you can keep something secure on your computer is to NEVER connect to the Internet. So the other day, as I was opening SDC and dealing with the inevitable unwanted pop-up... read more

mauritius island

hello any couple visting mauritius... read more

Bi and Bi Curious Men - To Bi or not to be Bi ??

Been having a chat with many people both on the swing and fetish scenes. Many men seem to be bi or bi curious and many are afraid of their partner knowing. For many it just remains a fantasy.Probably 95% of the profiles on here state that women are either bi or bi curious but men who maybe bi or cur... read more

Travel Insurance for Lifestyle Vacations

Has anyone else experienced difficulties when buying Travel Insurance and having to file a claim. We purchased a lifestyle trip to Austria for a week of skiing. Six months prior to the trip my wife broke 4 bones in her foot which required surgery and placement of 3 pins to hold her foot together. Fo... read more

For the women - how do YOU like to be approached in clubs?

To the ladies.  I read a lot of comments and profiles here. Some say "we're here to make friends", some say "no friends, we just want to fuck", and there are many perspectives in between.I (male half of the couple) am curious as to what ladies look for when they're at a club or party.  Do ... read more

L'Xtasia in August

Hi All- going out to L'Xtasia for the weekend of 1st to the 4th of August. Will be staying on site and not going to Cap D'Agde village so get in touch if you are there.... read more

Waddya think?????

Good day fellow bloggers and blog followers, please have a look at these blogs http://amalfi.aurora-hotel.it/ and tell me what you think. I have been helping with the English as the hotel owner is an Italian lady (very tasty too, and the hotel is lovely, right on the beach). Kisses Simon... read more

rough play

we have been with some single and couples where they guy is on a mission to last longer and pound harder. after they leave my wife tells me she is sore. I told her you should tell him to slow down and not be so rough but she always feels like she does not want to put a damper on things. I told here ... read more

Another Fun Week in Spain: 9/6 to 16/6/14

9/6 Woke at 8 and gently got ready to head to Stansted to catch flight to Murcia. In duty free bought some Bodyshop vanilla essence (beauty sex tip from Rita - put it on with your favourite perfume to create an enhanced pheromone effect! - the girls that is - though these days? ). I bought a Monster... read more

What's the last thing you licked???

Just to lighten up the mood in here.... Give em to me.. lol.. Mine would have to be that HARD ice cream cone that I just finished giving a tongue bath... ;)... read more

Desire - Cancun Advice Needed

Thinking of going to Desire at the end of August. Is this a good time to go? How is the weather and well populated at this time? Also are there many Mosquitos and the like at this time of year? Thanks in advance for any advices.... read more

Why no male pictures in couple's profile?

To the guys of profiles with pictures of the woman, but no pictures of the man, are we missing out on something good?We review profiles as a couple.  While we appreciate recent photos of the female half, we are in this as a team.  What the male half looks like and the fact that t... read more

how is it for you?

So guys... enjoying the madness that is the soccer world cup thus far? There have been some crazy results ( 5-1 to the orange machine??!!!) but our favourite moment has to be the English physio dislocating his ankle celebrating a goal!Utter madness... let's see how team USA does in a really tough gr... read more

50 Shades of I don't Give a Shit

No I did not come up with that reference, it  figured in an article en El Pais Weekly last summer, featuring feminist pornographers.  Like many women, I was curious about "50 Shades of Grey" when it first came out since it was toted as "Mommy porn." I had just turned 40 and had children. M... read more

Birthday Celebration

Headed to crush wine bar tonight for birthday celebration!... read more

Rooftop Parties When Raining?

We occasionally like to go to Rooftop for nighttime parties, but wonder how it is when it's raining out?We know they have a cover for the party area on the second floor, but does it leak? Is the party area all wet?Does anyone show up if it's raining?... read more

How Do I Prepare for Anal Sex?

How Do I Prepare for Anal Sex?Anal sex can be a scary proposition. You're putting what in where? If you're curious about anal sex, chances are you've experimented with fingers or tongues (or you have a partner who won't stop broaching the topic). Hopefully you're approaching anal sex ... read more


Any body in riu playa Blanca this weekend?... read more

Pool Party ?

Hi everyone,  we currently live in the Kissimmee Fl area and was thinking of throwing a pool party at our house to make new friends and meet some of you. We will have food, drinks and music with plenty of parking......we just want to know who would actually think of coming if we decide to sched... read more


Why not have a photo competition with a theme taken from the world cup.For example the wife painted with the colors of the flag. what do you think? ... read more

London clubs

Dear all, Gong to London next week...and looking for nice clubs or parties accepting single guys...Any hint ?Thanks !J... read more

The Grove in Georgia June 14th

We will be heading to The Grove this Saturday... If you would like to meet us or if you will be visiting The Grove this weekend we are looking to meet some new friends and adult fun :-)... read more



SDC Meet & Greet @ Cap d'Agde

This year, SDC Meet & Greets will take place every week in Cap d'Agde. Please contact us for further information. Jana & Peter... read more

Do People read the Profile or Do They Think They are Above It?

Question for others in the blog title.  Has anyone else had this problem on here?  Some people think what we have to say in our profile is not really how we roll in the lifestyle.  Anyone else had problems with people thinking the profile is not really how the people are and they are ... read more

Dancing an effective form of foreplay!!

We are relatively young and active couple who love to dance...we don't drink but we know how to get high to good music. looking for suggestion and guidance for a lifestyle resort vs lifestyle cruise with good accessible night club and music...especially those that lend themselves to erotic dancing!!... read more


I'm new to SDC and I found base.. I've seen so many beautiful woman  to last me a life time.. What really works magic for me are the eyes.. and aura.. and of course the full package.. I'am a BB man.. Breasts and bottom.... read more

Antalya 2014

We will be in Antalya between 27 june.. and 11 july.. if any ''nice'' couples around town wanne meet up for some fun times... let us know! If anyone can recommend us a nice swingersplace in Antalya... we would really like to know! We could not find one with ''normal resources'' xxx... read more

Latest search matches

How useful do you find the Latest Search Matches email?... read more

Burning Man 2014

we're coming all the way from Australia for burning man this year! We'd love to know if anyone else on here is going. x... read more

Which partner is on here the most? Him, or Her?

While I suspect I know the answer to this, I'm curious.I am the male half of the couple.  She never comes on here, unless I want her to see something specific. She much prefers that I do the correspondence, etc.What about you?Clearly, this topic is only for couples, although if you WERE part of... read more

Club Noir Glasgow 2nd August

Hey, just wondering if anyone is going to Club Noir in Glasgow 2nd August? My husband and I have tickets and are excited at the prospect of maybe meeting up with a lady there for the evening. x... read more


hi were in the netherlands on the 18 19 20 july and were thinking of trying the kastle waterloo club can anyone give us any suggestions aswould this be a good club to visit or we were thinking of club mystique at rucphen... read more


Eeeekkk well heading to school after not having classes since 91. Let's see how this works now.... read more

The etiquette of nudging

I always wonder about this: - you nudge someone- sometime later you notice they looked at your profile- you give it some time, see that they have been online regularly thereafter, but you never hear back from themWhat do you do? Wait it out? Let it go? Does it mean not interested, or is it time to s... read more

Hedo 2

We are going to Hedo 2 August 13th-17th. We were wondering if anyone else was planning on being there? Please let us know if anyone has plans to be there or would like to meet us there. We look forward to hearing from you.ThanksJ&C... read more

First time at Trapeze (or any LS club)- what can we expect?

Hey Guys,We're brand new to all of this and are planning to go to Trapeze (Ft Lauderdale) in July. We'll goon a Sat to avoid the single guy thing. So, what can we expect to experience there. We have viewed their website and we think we have a clue, but... Is there smoking in the club? I ho... read more

Lifestyle Resort

We have some vacation time in July and looking to take a trip to a lifestyle resort.  So far we have been looking at Hedonism and Desire.  We are looking for suggestions related to these two and possibly others.  We welcome the input on pros, cons, good, bad and other things to consid... read more

Recovery Week from Cadiz. Ha!Ha!: 3/6 to 8/6

3/6 Woke just before 9 and immediately got thrown into office stuff that took me through till early afternoon. Rita's P had begun overnight. Rita popped out to shops and got back mid afternoon. Then BT Infinity went down and was then told by their support desk it was a problem at Exchange and could ... read more

Ultimate Timewasters!!

You receive a message from a supposed couple who say they like the look of your profile and would love to chat. We reply - always happy to chat with nice like minded people.They have no validations and the next message we receive is can we see face pictures as Mrs is rather picky and of course they ... read more

Wife setting up FUn night for Hubby while in Houston,TX June 13th & 14th

Hi there.  My hubby and I are swingers.  I am trying to set up a night or two of fun for him when he goes to Houston by himself next weekend. He can host at a hotel in Pearland Friday, June 13th starting around 8:30 or 9 p.m. and maybe Saturday night again if things work out.&nbs... read more

Charlotte NC Travel Alert

Hi I will be in Charlotte NC on evening of June 12Th looking for evening of pleasure with a BBC???... read more

Hosting our first party

We're thinking about hosting our first party.  We want it to be hot, sexy and fun.  We had a few ideas but since it's our first time we would love to get some feedback on what has been the best parties you have been to?First, lots of great refreshments, music and candles.  Then some s... read more

28: Valentines in Niagara: Swinger hotel takeover

Play The entire Bliss Bringer team descends upon Niagara falls, Ontario for a weekend of swinger fun at the  Valentines in Niagara event.  We demonstrate the "15 minute orgasm" to a packed room of rowdy swingers and train timid (sorta) wives in the art of "female dominance". Professor Tea works... read more

Worth a read

http://nicoledaedone.com/how-to-show-up-to-my-house-to-fuck-me/There's a fair portion of it that's just babbling, but parts of it come fairly close to describing what the ever elusive zipless fuck might just be like... read more


We are Latin and Ballroom dancers. She has been for much longer than me, and is a much better dancer. I'm improving all the time (I take a lot of lessons, lol).Just curious - We see on a number of profiles that people like to dance, and frankly, we can't think of a more fun way to get a head of stea... read more

Stateside Swinger Resort??

Anyone have suggestions/recommendations for swinger resort in the US?... read more


Looking for a slave, man or female. Anybody ??... read more

4th of July Weekend in Puerto Rico

Wife and I will be heading to Puerto Rico (Metropolitan Area) for vacation, fun and some good eating.  Are there are good parties happening the 4th of July weekend?____Nosotros vamos a estar en la isla (Area Metropolitana) durante la semana del 4 de Julio.  Alguien sabe de alguna fiesta qu... read more

eerste keer

welk leuk vol slankstel of een gewoon leuk stel  ,wil eens  kennismaken met ons ,wij zijn een gezellig koppel die houden van  lekker eten drinken , Dit is voor ons de  eerste keer dat wij zo iets doen  ,,En zitten ook  pas een goed week hierop deze site,,... read more

The Erotic Ball in Montreal

Every year MondeOse throws one off the biggest partys in Montreal. This year is no exception, we have attended the last 5 and let me tell you, there sexy , everyone is dressed up in theme and the music s to die for..So if anyone is intreated in attending the event, heres there websight www.mond... read more

Party Time at SDC Takeover in Cadiz: 27/5to 2/6

26/5 We didn't wake till 10 and then made love till I came. We then had a brunch in bed and after we got up and packed for trip to Cadiz and SDC takeover. Mid afternoon we watched TV with some red wine. Went to bed at 9 and Rita soon fell asleep and I followed quite a bit later.27/5 Alarm went off a... read more

Protecting yourself

I just want to throw something out there.  We have a LOT of questions that we would like some advice on.  A MAJOR one is protection. cleanliness, and after sex wash ups from being with another.  (Female condoms, dental dams, regular condoms?)  I was looking on the blogs and ... read more

Arlington Va, Washington DC area

Looking for a bar in the Arlington, VA area where a beautiful white woman can meet some BBC for an evening of hot sex???... read more

Valalta, Croatia

HelloAnyone going to Valalta this summer? As I, ms Jamstef is looking for  accommodation.  Naturally , more than happy to cover any costsThanksPatti... read more

New name for inbetween soft and fullswap

We had a most wonderful playtime last night and we still love soft playing for its super dirty sensuality, during the night we chatted about the fact there isn't  a name or should be a name for real naughty dirty soft play. Between us we came up with Extreme softies or Filthy soft, an... read more

Finding love in the lifestyle

Hello everyone.. Finding love and a relationship in lifestyle. Could this relationship work? Looking for feedback... read more