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Sex on the public place in Florida

Hello guys,simple question, what happen if I have sex on the public place (beach, isolated car parking, in my car) in Florida? Is sex in public a crime? And what's the charge? Thanks in advance for the answers. ... read more

4 hands tantric massage for wife?

Hello all,We are trying to organize 4 hands tantric massage for wife. Of course two of those 4 hands would be hubby's. We are looking for somebody very experienced (female) to support us with this. What are your suggestions, somebody from the ads? Massage places? Any ideas, we need this one to be ab... read more

Beaumont TX Area

Anybody know of a swinger club/venue in or near Beaumont, TX?  Also, looking for bi lady to join me and girlfriend at the Holiday Inn & Suites on I-10.... read more

New Podcast is out!

Episode 24 of The Curious Couple Podcast is live!  We sit down with colettecouple to talk about their experiences in the lifestyle, their business in the lifestyle, and much more.  Listen at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id895679186 or thecuriouscouple.comT & A... read more

What will turn you on?

What will turn you on as her husband? - Your wife has a lover - Your cock size compered to your wife's lover cock size - Your wife's lover has more cum - Your wife's lover is fucking her much harder - Your wife's lover lasts longer until her first multi clima... read more

Best Lifestyle Clubs

everyone  has different ideal of the "ideal" club. We all have our favorites----whether we all enjoy Florida clubs--like Trap--or European clubs---Krystal---Glamor--Fun 4 Two--OOPS--some universal qualities-----music--ambient lighting---play rooms, smoking or non----but what is THE main criteria th... read more

Swingfields 2015

I know this is not the sponsor site for Swingfields 2015 in the UK but are any SDC memebers going? Let us know!... read more

Any body goes to Blind Creek Beach?

I just saw on the new that is a nude beach I'm curious how it is compare to Haulover beach... read more

Ibiza lifestyle

We are looking for hot thing in Ibiza this week. ... read more

SM difficulty in meeting same race.

(This post is not for single males that have racial preferences. This post can be attributed to other races but I'm speaking on mine, specifically.)I seem to get a lot of emails or chat responses from random black single males asking "How do you meet black women/couples on the site?" and at ... read more

Latest catfish profile on Sdc

FITPROGUY136.  Says they are a female and emails pictures of big breast blonde .... I figure I would play along to see what happens (bored at work ) .. Fast forward it's an x rated chat for her... Paid... Usually I just delete this crap because it's so obvious it's fake.. So by outing them maybe th... read more

BDSM Couples in Florida

We are a mature experienced bdsm swing couple that will be taking 3 and 4 day trips throghout Florida over the next 4 months. Can anyone suggest clubs, conventions,  events, or private parties where we can meet male dom-female submissve couples? We also like to meet female dommes that play with cou... read more

Misc letters

Apparently with the new blog format come extraneous characters. Webmaster,  please fix this... There are well written responses littered with nslpvspdshrhdhhrhsht.Rant over.... read more

Lifestyle Jewelry what you need to know...

Prior to beginning this journey, my partner and I searched and searched to find something that existed for people to wear to indicate to others that we too, are in the lifestyle. What we discovered, is that yes, there are products and symbols that people say "means" they are in the lifestyle but we ... read more

baby mamas

We talked to this couple at a club: guy was 69 years old, looking terrible. girl was a paid baby mama: she was making a few thousand bucks per month in exchange for regular but not that frequent sex with him. Good deal for him, good deal for her. But should they really go to swingers clubs? Should t... read more

Home Orgy: 15/6 to 21/6/15

15/6 Another Monday. Average sort of day - mainly work. Broke day up with visit to gym. Rita did a little shopping. Trying to arrange a small party at our place for a few friends - proving to be quite a challenge - people lead such busy lives. Early evening we watched 50 Shades of Grey. I can only ... read more

Validations: Helpful or Not?

 Hello to all!We have been in the lifestyle for some quite time now. During the time, we have share nice and great experiences and some not too nice too. We always like to meet and get to know each couple, female or male in the website by looking at their profile, seeing their information a... read more

Jewelry for Swingers

Summer is here and as you head out to the beach or on vacation you might want to remember to wear your lifestyle jewelry.  We created custom pieces so that when you see the jewelry you know for sure!  Nobody wears it by accident or doesn't know it means they swing!  We sell here on SDC, on our we... read more

Glory Hole Florida

Hello Guys, kindly could you suggest me some nice glory hole or adult theater in Florida? Thanks in advance... read more

Sex with a Stranger

Just to catch u up, this is my third blog and it's kind of an ongoing story about the saga of my life as a woman with sexual needs and wants.  Last time I wrote, I had sex with a stranger and he forgot his watch.  The next day I sorta overwhelmed him.  Told him about the blog, he was in it too, ... read more

Help Desk....please take a vacation

and quit messing with stuff that is working just fine.   Who felt the need to change the format in Chat on the profile pages?   It was working just fine and you could read more details about someone to see if you may be compatible.   Now you have to search them on the home page to read about them... read more

Turkey coast swinger cruise - 15/22 August 2015

We are planning a swinger cruise on a turkish SDC couple boat from August 15th to August 22nd 2015. The boat has four cabins and also a lebanese couple will join us; so there is still one cabin available. Is there any sexy, horny couple interested in joining us? We are 43-39, 46-35 and 41-36. ... read more

`She prefers average-sized cocks...`

That one just kills me every time. How convenient for you that must be. I get it that guys write a lot of these profile (and handle exchanges on here for the most part). That statement just reeks of too much control if you ask me. Sexual chemistry is always different between any two people. To dism... read more

Swing Clubs

We have attended a variety of these clubs and always find the dynamics interesting. In every club there is a group of "friends" who have obviously met before and congregate together. We have always been a little intimidated by those types unless we are invited into their discussion. When visiting th... read more

Nude or Clothing Optional Beaches

We are going on vacation to Amsterdam (Jun 26 -29), Frankfurt (Jun 29 - Jul 2), Paris (Jul 2 - Jul 5) and London (Jul 5 - Jul7); are there any Nude or Clothing Optional Beaches or clubs we can visit?  I have three beautiful women that want to get naked on vacation and we do not know where to go i... read more

The Mathematics of Swinging

Okay, well, sexy topic isn’t it? So, we’ve realised that we tend to have the most successful relationships with singles; men or women. It doesn’t seem to work that often for us with couples and I reckon the reason is the number of relationships (too many, too complicated) and I wondered ... read more

Electrical for ED

Hi,Has anyone tried using electrical stimulation to cure ED?Best,Tric... read more

NBA Championship

Warriors win for 1st time in 40 years. Do you:... read more

Throwback to swinger's talk...move along if you are a newbie

Back in ST days we could post fun topics like "yeah me...my ass did not finish dead last in the profile pics contest"...good for hilarity and good natured insults...now everything is so.serious...... read more

Costa Rica

Ideas for a single professional guy on business?? i am travelling to Costa Rica and keen to know best lifestyle places to stay for the weekend at the end of June and also keen to know best party/swinger/naturist spots aroud this time of year. all advice, intros and ideas would be most appreciated. T... read more

How do you like the new Blogger?

We hope you enjoy the new blogger. Let us know your thoughts.Best,Webmaster... read more

New/Updated Blogger

Hello guysWe have a cleaned up the blogger format for you. To create new blogs is simpler, the way to create your poll is simpler, and most of all, it is much faster. Additional you now also have categories if you want to place it into a category, but seeing all , will show all, so it will n... read more

Favorite Party Spots

Where do you prefer to play? ... read more

MFM weekend at the lake

Sometimes you meet people in the lifestyle that remind you what you truly love about it.I had an amazing weekend with a great couple i was introduced to through mutual friends some months ago. I finally decided to take them up on there offer to come up and see them, and after a 2 hour early morning ... read more

Information about SDC profiles coming to Desire Resort?

Hi dear friends, maybe some of you remember that in previous years we had chance to see which are SDC profiles that booked in particular dates in Desire Resorts, however now we can not find such option. Anybody knows how can we get such information, here the goal is try to start to interact with ot... read more

moving to Colorado from Florida

We are looking to move to Colorado in the next couple years. We are looking for to find a affordable home on some acreage (5) near a town or city. My husband is a nurse and me a county employee. We want to vacation in the fall and really not sure what city to is best to visit for our move. Any info ... read more

Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun

At Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun, We had a great time and will defiantly go back. Wife and I walked 9 miles into Cancun to do some shopping and we stopped at a Money Exchange location to get $20 in Pesos. The girl wanted To see our FUCKING passports for 20 Dollars. Who carries their passport wh... read more

A week of plans neer quite happening! 8/6 to 14/6

8/6 Monday morning and after getting up drove to the office for a meeting with N and H. Got home around 4ish and had a quiet evening. Rita in quiet mood until she eventually came out with the fact she had had a run in with the landlord! I think too she was still readjusting to her youngest being bac... read more

Barcelona bars

Were spending a few nights in Barcelona.Does anyone have any advice on great (cool and sensual, rather than loud and noisy) bars to visit.Our daughter is travelling with us so swing clubs will be a step too far this time.... read more

Relocation to NYC

So we have finally relocated to NYC and are trying to get a sense of the LS scene in the city. Looking for recommended clubs or bars/meet&greet spots, parties/groups of note and what/where to avoid.  Also, SDC seems to have limited market share from what we can tell.  Thanks for any feedback a... read more

Sex with a Stranger

Yesterday afternoon I went on speed dating for the first time.I just have to interrupt and comment that I don't understand why there are not more single women on this site.  So, okay, I had sex with a stranger.  Of course, I wanted it to be all that I know I can feel.  It wasn't - big surprise. ... read more

Shopping while at Desire

A question for those who have already been to Desire RM. I understand that the resort has shops that sell outfits for the various themed nights.Can anyone tell us if their prices are fair or are they jacked up? Maybe other shops close by?  Thanks... read more

Oral or missionary

Question For all Ladies if you could have only 20 minutes with the man of your choice, would you prefer you spend the time having him eating you or screwing you, or if a little of bothhow many minutes each. ... read more

Oral Sex: Do or Do Not?

Hello everyone!Sex is a delicious world and of course very diverse. In the lifestyle there is so many fantasies that couples, females and males can do based on the common sense of swinging.But a topic we always wanted to know about, how swingers (couples, females and males) deal when it comes to ora... read more

Travel plans

Am I missing something simple???We're about to go travelling but how do you post your plans?We've done it before but since the changes......... read more

No babysitter? We may be able to help

Hey guys! We've dealt with the issue of not having a babysitter or having a babysitter flake out on us in the last minute. It can be disappointing when you're looking forward to a special event. So we and another couple thought of a way to help out.Check out Pajama Party: http://pajamaparty.coIt's l... read more

A Quiet Week!: 1/6 to 7/6/15

1/6 Woke at 7am but dropped back to sleep till 8. Rita woke soon after and after tea in bed and quick flick through Times I got up and got ready for a meeting at 1 at The Athaneum with Se. Rita went to doctors to get results of blood test and still had enlarged red blood cells. Going to try a month ... read more


Couples, what are you looking for? ... read more


There are two places in Tampa called fantasyland, they have adult theaters and private rooms and store for adult toys and stuff. My question is has anyone been there before we were invited by a friend but have never been before. Just from the web site I'm not sure how good of a place it could be. An... read more

Having fun on Desire Resort

We are ready for a wonderful stay in Desire Resort 9-13 July! It will be fantastic meet another couples there and for having fun and erotic days. Dont doubt in contact us to be in touch previously. We have skype and whatsapp options.Cheers friends!... read more

New Podcast Episode #23

e.23 - A's Best Night in the LifestyleWe are off to Dallas for a rendezvous at a sex club with a couple we have met before, but haven't played with. This couple was hand picked by 'A' because it was a man she was really interested in, and the female partner is knockout to boot. Going into the nigh... read more


Hi Guys,I would like to visit this nudist beach, the people said that  Haulover Beach is one of the best clothing-optional beaches in the world. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.... read more

Best Sex After Being With Swingers

We have found that we have incredible sex with each other after we have been with other swingers and watched others play.we have been to multiple house parties and Swinger clubs where we have watched others have sex and then have intense sex together.  We we have met several couples that requested ... read more

Lifestyles changing for the good ?

Having been in the lifestyle for a number of years ,we have seen how mainstream or trendy it's seems to be coming in the uk,but trendy we feel isn't and shouldn't be what this about.What made swinging so good was it was full of life people with great energies ,deep trusts and partner swapping was no... read more

10 things to look forward to in Cap

This summer we return to Cap, for the fourth time, drawn there either by the same sort of inevitable suction that the hot tub filter uses to pull those slimy slivers of deadskin in or driven there by the sheer banality of normal life. Whatever the centra or contrafugal forces involved,  one thing i... read more

couples belgium /holland

hi we are in belgium/holland 3 4 5 6 july looking for couples for fun at our hotel... read more


I've been on this site for about 3 years and I've been invited to numerous BBC parties only to politely deny the requests. People STILL continue to invite me so I thought that I should write this blog in hopes that those that continuously send me invitations and those that have plans on inviting me ... read more

The Chair

There is a chair in our house--well, it is more like a shorter and slightly wider chaise lounge. It is covered in fabric and has a fixed reclined angle (about 100-110 degrees). When we needed room for the Christmas Tree, we had to shuffle some furniture around and it ended up in our bedroom. To look... read more

meeting swingers at Fantasy Fest

We have signed up with a small group to go to Fantasy Fest this October and rent a house. Most are swingers, but we were wondering how to meet others in the lifestyle there. We attended FF for 2 nights several years ago during a nude cruise (it docked for 2 days/nights) and was fun, but we did not r... read more

New Podcast Episode is out!

We have a previous guest back on, Cuckold Dave!  He returns, but this time to interview us. He wants to know the goods on the stuff we breeze over.  It's a fun episode.  Listen at thecuriouscouple.com or https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id895679186 Episode 22T & A... read more

Pegging and role reversal

The role reversal is very exciting. We’re steeped in a culture of prescribed sexual roles for men and women, so it’s a thrill to break the “rules” and experience things that most people don’t dream of trying. Letting you girlfriend fuck you in the ass should’t make you feel any less masc... read more

Texas man sued over alleged swinger parties .... Why didn't this guy just get a house where there was no HOA

PARKER COUNTY, Texas (KDAF) -A man is accused of running an illegal swingers club out of his lavish home in the small town of Cresson in rural Parker County, Texas Now, the Homeowner's Association is swinging back with a lawsuit.The HOA is seeking an injunction claiming the owner, Randy Carter, is r... read more

Just fucked the neighbors

Is that bad? Should they have gone home after a bottle of wine? What's the etiquette when vanilla neighbors agree to get naked in your hot tub? Are they fair game?... read more

Blind Creek Beach in Port St Lucie

We were fortunate enough to catch a great afternoon weather wise and on another SDC couples advice got a chance to experience this wonderful nude beach that was previously unknown to us.Primitive, no bathrooms, trash cans, concessions, life guards or showers.Gorgeous, clean, large waves, 95% couples... read more

Ass or Pussy fuking

As a single str8 male i never had ass fucking experience and i like pussy eating and fucking. I would like to know what woman really likes?... read more

Soft Swing, but Condoms Required

I'm posting this more as a source of my amusement as opposed to a super serious question, although I AM curious about it.In perusing profiles, I frequently see profiles of couples who categorize themselves as "Soft Swing", yet, in the details of the profile, in spite of their protestations of being ... read more

Vicki's Official Blog

If you have not ever checkout out our official Blog we do have one.  Let us know what you think.http://tabulife.com/blog/ ... read more

Birthday celebration

Off on Friday. Late night soccer game Thursday, then off to a bar to celebrate my birthday. Who wants to join us?... read more

Agde in June

Hi Arrive Agde Tuesday 9th for ten days any one to say hi or invite for fun most welcome On board Dolly Day Dream 1st pontoon 2nd boat give us a wave Hugs Jo & Lo xx... read more

All Women Can Squirt

Female ejaculation isn’t a myth, but it may be an elusive phenomenon for some women because it is not widely or often discussed. In fact, many women feel embarrassed when it happens and think they’ve urinated on their partner or the bed. Until relatively recently, the medical community wasn’t ... read more

Which UK club?

Lots of people post speed dates saying they are going to AbFabs or, more recently, Le Boudoir but hardly anyone seems to go to the Hellfire. What is it that makes people choose the first two and not Hellfire? More generally: What influences couples choice of club?... read more

Why are there so many fake profiles lol

lately I have been contacted by supposed couples and single females who are really men, Anyone else been running into this problem?... read more

Pay to play .. Cheap seats

 As I mentioned in a previous post. I like vanilla Milf hunting... I prefer this over attending over priced lifestyle parties and clubs.. IMO its makes for more fun. Because there is no pressure for sex..  I know a lot of guys...  I was one of them. When you spend 75 to to over a 100 bucks to att... read more

A Week of Extremes: 25/5 to 31/5/15

25/5 Monday morning but a Bank Holiday!! We mooched in bed till lunchtime reading, making love, drinking tea and chilling. Eventually got up and chilled through the afternoon and evening and watched some great movies together including "Return to Sender". Headed to bed at 11pm and wasn't long before... read more