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Holiday in corfu

Going to Agios Georgios for a holiday 12-24 July. Nice deserted&nbspbeachs for that all over tan and fun in the sun. Anyone out there at the same time fancy a meet up.... read more

Fort Myers Beach - LS-friendly venues

Curious - are there any `Lifestyle-friendly venues` in Fort Myers Beach?By that, I mean places where LS folks might be more prone to hang out. I don`t mean clubs like Trapeze, etc. Just normal bars, restaurants which, for whatever reason, seem to be popular with LS people.Also, are there any good pl... read more

Cap from 17-24 july

First time Cap. We look forward to it, and want to see, what we read about it, thats trough -)Cann someone give us more tips or advice, what to see, or what we must hide. We have a kinky mind, so tell us what to see, or we cu!Gr and hugs... read more

Key West Clothing optional.

Just a heads up. I followed up on a rumor about a Clothing optional B&B in KW. As of late June 2016, there are no clothing optional hotels or B&Bs in KW, unless you qualify to stay at a gay resort. FYI there is a new hotel opening soon called H2O suites at the corner of Simonton and United. ... read more

What the heck just happened to the home page, and how do we change it back????

Wow. Just logged in and saw the new home page - FULL of stuff I don`t want to see, and hard to find the stuff I DO want to see.WHY would you do this????? At least, we used to have some options for configuring the home page the way we liked it, but I can`t find those options anymore. Are they still t... read more

LipstickElle`s Tumblr page

http://lipstickelle.tumblr.com... read more

Las Vegas Lifestyle Spots

We are headed to Vegas next week! &nbspWhat lifestyle spots should we check out? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!... read more

I realize I am a hippo) yet interesting finding

Ok give me a few shots and I crawl all over guys using the blogs to promote themselves...not proud that I do that...and I am a hippo...guilty..I do it all the time...that said..I went to a single friendly club Friday and got to play with the only single woman and the hottest single friendly couple..... read more

Nude beach / outdoors Netherlands

If you are visiting the netherlands during summer time and are looking to have some outdoors fun or simple go to a nude beach, drop me an email I`ll be very happy to join you. ... read more

Nudist beaches

Hi, I`m looks big for advice about the best nudist beaches along the Costa Del Sol, preferably close to Calahonda xxx... read more

First Week of Summer?: 20/6 to 26/6

20/6 First day of Summer - pouring with rain. Feeling slightly better. Woke at 7.30 and started to get ready as had to catch 10 o`clock from Liverpool St to Ipswich for a client meeting. There was a delay in the tube and so journey to Liverpool St was packed. Journey to Ipswich in 1st class was comf... read more

Secrets Hideway

Hello! We are heading to Secrets Hideaway July 12-16. Will be staying in their Villa. The renovations look great according to pics. Curious to know/find all sorts of XXXtra fun happenings while there. Ever been? Cum say hi! ... read more


Looking out for an Italian couple for company on July 9th and 10th &nbspnight. Let`s meet for a dinner date. ... read more


Looking out for an Italian couple for company on July 9th and 10th &nbspnight. Let`s meet for a dinner date. ... read more

Scarlet Ranch?

If you have been to the Scarlet Ranch outside Denver, your thoughts would be very much appreciated...planning a possible trip! Any special suggestions are welcome!Thanks...Frankly... read more


who wants to watch my wife squirt?... read more

Travel .friends to Cap d agde

Looking for travel friends to Cap d agde by car &nbspfrom Denmark , any one interested mail us , from 4 juli to 15 juli... read more

SDC members better deals then anyone else for years

Hey all you SDC members in fort lauderdale area, get down to the BoobyTrap/ Love Stuff store and get yourself or your lover some new toys. Let the store know that you are&nbsppart of the SDC community,( a paid membership) for a 20 discount. They are a great shop and have been offering SDC member... read more

Help from all of you in Dallas

We have a special weekend planed for mid July. We are just visiting Dallas.  I want to look my absolute best when we go out for the evening.  Does anyone know a great make up artist?  We will be staying in Irving if that helps. It would be great if they came to me.... read more

Nekkid Profile Pics

From what we`ve gathered, the best couple profiles have pictures of her and him equally as well as them both together. Our question is, does it help to include nudes as well or is that counterproductive? Or does it not make a difference to get another couple/single interested? We`ve kept our nudes p... read more

First date or meet at a persons home

Ok bloggers.. I have been contacted by a few members from SDC wanting instant dates... I can understand a quick date at a public place to chat and connect to see if we connect!! But, what up with you wanting me to come to your home after a few text exchanges??? I have never talked to you nor &nb... read more

Just an update

I suppose I am sort of picky since in fact my wife is 30 years younger than me. &nbspIts pretty easy to find guys interested in her but not so easy to find women that like me or that I feel attracted to. &nbspYeah, I know, no need to say it. No problem actually, I am not as sexually active a... read more

Resuls of Swinger Lifestyle Survey

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/06/results-of-swinger-lifestyle-survey.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @swingerdiary@astridswings----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to the 82 respondents who answered our survey blog post, tha... read more

Stripper para mujeres DF

Hola!Visitaremos pronto la Ciudad de Mexico, nuestra ciudad natal. Ella muere de ganas de ir a un buen bar stripper no tipo chip and dale, sino donde bailen mujeres.Podrían recomendar algún lugar que sea amigable con mujeres bisexuales?Gracias!REH... read more

Best lifestyle clubs in NYC

We are visiting NYC for a couple weeks and wanted to know what everybody thought was their favorite lifestyle club.... read more

Topless bar

Anyone can suggest me some topless bar  (waitress serves topless) in European n Usa!!!... read more

Adult Theatres (United States Only)

Where are some of the best adult theaters in the United States. We`ve been to Lido in Dallas, but want to discover more... Thanks in advance..... read more

Both of us `Under the Weather: 13/6 to 19/6/16

13/6 Alarm went off at 8 as Rita had to go off to St Mary`s for a breast scan. Her period started. After` she headed to HH to pick up my card that I had left behind bar on Saturday and then on to the jewellers to pick up a ring she had had altered. Around lunchtime I went to the gym and organised a ... read more

week end vacation ayia napa

week end vacation ayia napaWill be at the so White boutiques suites in ayia napa june 25th to 30th, would like to meet with like minded females, hope seeing you soon... read more

Las Vegas lounges/clubs

Heading to Vegas in early July for clubs, Couples Oasis sounds the best, but what about casino/hotel lounges or bars? Surely some have developed a following or reputation for `LS friendly`. The clubs at Cosmopolitan casino have been mentioned elsewhere. Info?... read more

Coaching Newbies

How many people reach out to help newbies understand what the lifestyle is REALLY about and how to have a great time?... read more

Fantasy Fest 2016

We are headed to Fantasy Fest 2016 10/27-10/30. Is there anyone else going?We would love to meet some other couples or even singles there.... read more

Full bladder aids female orgasms?

This may seem odd. It`s something that, prior to knowing Mrs. JBP, I`ve never encountered (or at least never knew about it).Mrs. JBP tends to be hornier and orgasms more easily and better if her bladder is reasonably full.Is this common? I`d love to hear from the ladies on this one.She really does c... read more

Key West

We`ve been living in Florida for over a decade and yet have never been to the Keys as a couple. &nbspMrs Doc has been there twice as a chaperone &nbspbut this trip (July 23-26) should be of an adult nature. &nbspSo, all you Keys veterans, please point us toward some good restaurants, any... read more

Hedo II in July

Anyone else heading to Hedo Jamaica for the Fluffs week in July?... read more

Notes from Atlanta Poly Weekend

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/06/notes-from-atlanta-poly-weekend-2016.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @swingerdiary@astridswings------------------------------------------Having experienced and written about the communication challenges couples can face, Claire and I decid... read more


Is it just us or do all the communities seem to be dead?... read more


16-20 June will be in Bodrum. We want to meet new friends and have fun:) &nbspWe expecting messages. Cheers:)... read more


My condolences to everyone who lost someone in that atrocity in Orlando. 💖... read more

Looks, Intelligence or Both?

SDC provides this great question for us to fill in... How important are the looks and intelligence! I am sure everyone has their scale ... But again I am sure most of us will agree that at one point we have to give up one for the other.... Have you come in this situation before? If yes, how did you ... read more

Cap D Agde for beginners....

Dear SDC bloggers,I would like to ask you some advice please. I have booked a week in Cap at the end of June, having heard about the place for ever. I will take my lovely girlfriend who loves nude beaches but is so far vanilla, she is fascinated by the idea of watching and perhaps being watched. I h... read more

Aborted Shakespeare and Heathriw Swingers Party: 5/6 to 12/6/16

6/6 Monday morning. Rita slept in till gone 11am and I did some work upstairs. It was a hot day and so after lunch we spent some time on the balcony drinking mimosas. Heat always makes us horny and so the sunbathing got adjourned while Rita sucked my cock and then I fucked her from behind while she ... read more


Any suggestions for a smooth shave without the burn and bumps???  Methods?  Products?... read more

Headed to Desires in August

Anyone else been to the Sexy Young &amp Wild month at Desire? Planning a trip there but have no idea about the event and it states quite a bit but no details... lots of promises but no schedule. Is it just too early for the schedule of events and details to be published or am I missing something... read more

Generic Ed pills

Sdc is promoting generic Sdc pills. &nbspUnfortunattely both Cialis and Viagra are still under patent so the generic version of these drugs does not exist...proceed with extreme caution.... read more

Email Etiquettes

This has been quite an amazing experience for us... You are in correspondence with someone and then suddenly the email trail stops...and you sit and wonder what happened... As adults we understand that not everyone is going to like the way we look, but shouldn`t we have a courtesy to respond with a ... read more

Sankt-Peterburg, Saint Petersburg

We are Planning a visit to the city of St. Petersburg   19.07.2016 -   24.07.2016 Looking for a swing club in Saint Petersburg didnt find any yet !Love to plan a sexy night With you ... :) Kisses Gil and Maya.... read more

Interview with Swinger Author & Blogger Astrid

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/06/interview-with-swinger-diaries-author.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @swingerdiary@astridswingsNote: Claire interviewed me so I can practice PR skills for three books. SIN-A-RAMA, the expanded edition was just released. I also have two up... read more

First TIme Full Swap

Time for a little on line fun, too many politics. When talking with some lifestyle participants and clubs and events, one fun and popular subject that always came up was their experiences the first time they went full swap.  Actually, many were simply funny.  From lack of ererctions to `damn, I di... read more

Swinger Personality: Results from Myers-Briggs Survey

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/06/swinger-personalities-results-from.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @swingerdiary@astridswings--------Claire and I conducted an informal Myers-Briggs survey of our local swinger Lifestyle community, in a major metropolitan hub of the So... read more

Cap D`Adge meet & Greets

We are in Cap from the 22nd June and wondered if anyone knew of any organised meet &amp greet events. Thanks in advance... read more

uncircumcised / circumcised

Question to all Ladies/Couples.What is the best for you guys in a couple or a single male?uncircumcised / circumcised And why??... read more

Spice Lanzarote closing - back up plans?

Hello Spice fans..... By now you have heard the bad news.... &nbspAny idea on where to go on the island &nbspsuch that we can have the opportunity of meeting fellow life-style couples and heaving some fun? For sure noting comparable with the dedicated resort but... better than nothing! We su... read more

Best thing one MUST do...

We all have read through the numerous profiles here and especially a section where we are required to write about our fantasies or desires... After reading all those profiles, I could see some in common and some were totally different! I am sure that each has its own merit (Pun Intended..LOL).. But ... read more

SDC APP for android is now available

Hi All,If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can now download the SDC APP from the google playstore. Just search for SDC. Iphone version will be released soon as well.Unfortunately the store version does not show pictures due to Google adult content restrictions. PG rated pictures will soon be... read more

Damn sdc makes it difficult to post

That aside...are we weirdos? &nbspWe all have a very high sex drive but nothing unhealthy...how did we end up here and the rest of the world end up there? &nbspSex is sex...not always fun seldom true love...but damn it is sex...we do not meet a hollywood movie...so what?... read more


How do you feel when you read glorifying validations for people you are interested in only to be letdown when you actually meet them? Or when someone you`ve met is given a validation that you know is a crock of shit? Lol... read more

A week of late nights partying: 29/5 to 5/6/16

29/5 Woke at 10am just before alarm and so got up and started to pack and shower. We were ready by 11 and went for a late breakfast just before things were closing down. Then picked up our bags and checked out and said goodbye to C&ampL and a few other friends we spotted. We left just after 12.3... read more

Rhodes Greece

Hi all, we will be in Rhodes in first week of June. Looking for hot couples. Any one else there?xxx... read more

Travel advice

Hey sexy people, we`ll be in Europe in August and have August 5-14 free to travel anywhere. We`re thinking about Ibiza or Canary Islands. Any tips on where to go to meet young sexy swingers? We went to Cap d`Agde last summer and loved it. ... read more

Skiathos Greece

Hey Sexies :-)We are going to the fantastic island of Skiathos on the 14th of June for 10 nights :-)Anyone else going?xxx... read more

Erotic Movie

hey guys...if anyone is interested in making erotic movie from female perspective, please inbox me...we can discuss it further...... read more

Swingers TV Plot

A dear friend is casting a swinger tv pilot for a major cable network. For more infoPlease email: swingerscasting@gmail.com... read more

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest of All Time.

RIP to Muhammad Ali, a legendary fighter in the ring and an even greater fighter for justice. Respect.... read more

Public party Portugal

Hi, we are visiting south Portugal end of July..can anyone suggest any public party or public party organisers over there?... read more

Temptation Resort & Spa

We will be going back to Temptation Resort in Cancun on 26th August 2016 until 9th September 2016, would love to know who else will be there at the same time as us!... read more

RIP Muhammad Ali

Another legend gone....I was at the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta in 1996..when he came out to light the torch....people were in tears...perhaps one of the largest world figures in the last century...RIP the Greatest...indeed... read more

Over 60

OK, we have to ask the question. What happened to all the swingers our age. We are in our 60s and would love to meet other couples our age or close to it. We have been in the Lifestyle for a long time and are just wondering what happened to all those people we had sex with in our 40s. Do they not ha... read more

Spice, Lanzarote closure

Sad news this week receiving an email from the proprietors of Spice announcing it`s closure this month. Would love to hear some alternative European suggestions for naked fun in the sun.... read more

Playalinda or Apollo

We are planning to go to the Playalinda Beach tomorrow morning but I am reading nudity is illegal there but not at Apollo Beach. Which beach is better and can you be nude on either on? &nbspThanks. PS what about sex on either beach?... read more

Pictures in profiles

I guess this is a question for all the ladies out there. On our profile we have pictures of the female half and the male half however we have left out any dick pics. Is that something we should add for the ladies or just leave it out because nobody really wants to look at that anyways!!!! &nbspW... read more

1st Trip to Italy

We`re planning a trip to Italy from 8/21-8/29. It`s our first time there and we haven`t yet made hotel or tour reservations and were hopeful we might get some helpful info from locals or someone who really knows their way around. We plan on visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice. We know it`s not enoug... read more

3 days in vegas

Point us in the right direction, where do we go to swing in Vegas? ... read more


I`ll be in Charlotte North Carolina 6/2 till 6/4 let`s meet up for some fun ... read more

We AreTraveling: Where are the best Lifestyle clubs ?

Hi Friends:We have an enormous amount of `Frequent Flyer Miles` that we want to utilize by traveling not only across the US, but also across other countries for the purpose of visiting Lifestyle friendly clubs, hotels, parties, resorts, etc. For this idea, we prefer `on-premise`, but not mandatory. ... read more

Cocktails at the Club.

The club is on fire tonight, girls on glowing boxes gyrating to the music their bodies slick with moisture, the dj is playing every hit his face is so intense, I glance around and watch the bartenders move so swiftly pouring that liquid courage. My husband nudges me and we make our way around the cl... read more

We like to have a good time and other trite profile statements

We get it, advertising for sex is a delicate issue. Pictures speak louder than words, but sometimes the words need some love, too. Please use this space to post things you repetitively see in profiles that say nothing. ... read more

Cap d`Agde

planing to go Cap d`Agde  this summer  anyone know a travel agent can do all your bookings or they are specialize in swingers holidays in UK ? ... read more