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Mykonos fino al 7 giugno

siamo a Mykonos fino al 7 giugno. cerchiamo coppie e singoli con cui poter trasgredire in questa vacanza... read more

Desire RM Or Hedonism 2

SEND ME YOUR VOTES, My preference is Hedo!... read more

Key west

Looking for a place to crash for 2 days . Will pay ... read more

Myth or reality

Looking around and in this site in particular seems that size does matter in a dating circles I recently come across to an article that would like to share some clips of it.Size and height A 2015 review of the literature found two studies finding height and stretched or flaccid length to be mod... read more

pregnant sex

what you think about making sex in pregnant?is there pregnant couples now?... read more

Bisexual Females

It seems that younger couples in the lifestyle have more bisexual or bi-curious females than older couples. &nbspDo you think that it is a generational thing, or is it a `been there, done that, not crazy about it` thing?... read more

to swallow or not to swallow

According to some research women that like to swallow sperm are less depressed?https://www.feelguide.com/2015/07/24/researchers-discover-the-powerful-physiological-effects-of-semen-on-womens-bodies-brains-dna/... read more

Thirsty Thursday Meet and Greet 6/29/17

Cum one cum all... We`re hosting a Bi-Weekly Thursday night meet and greet for the West side. Starting this week 6/29/17, starting at 7 o`clock, at Q Bar on S. Mason Rd. in Katy, Tx. We are the approximate half way point between Sugar Land and Cypress. Management is very Swinger friendly. They are o... read more

Fun Week: 21/6 to 25/6

21/6 We woke at 9am, looking forward to the hottest day in London for 40 years - I don`t think. We had a little caviar on toast for breakfast and then I worked through till lunchtime while Rita headed to the agency to get her International Russian passport renewed. The flat was starting to steam and... read more

Stay in the Know & Continue the Fun!

A special thanks to everyone who came to our Naughty Midsummer Nights Dream Party! Hope everyone had a blast and our pesky mischevious Puck didn`t cause to many problems. As promised it was an elegant night of surprises and AMAZING food! If you attended this party or any other of our events please l... read more

Paris clubs

I am Single in paris looking to visit a swingers club ... any recommemdations please?... read more

The preamble

I I made friends with this guy on OKCupid, he is a 26 year old graduate student in Austin. Should you ever come across my profile on that site you would see that I make it clear that I am married and my husband is part of the game.We arranged to meet at a restaurant close to the hotel where we were... read more


HT. and Wt. we prefer not to say. &nbspwell if someone decides to meet you,don`t you think they`ll see you then? why not be upfront and cut out the mystery,it may save an akward situation later.... read more

Advice for newbies

New the the life style and although sexually adventurous with each other,We have not explored our own acceptable and comfortable activities with others as yet..would you suggest we hit the club scene before personal meet and greets?I experienced a club my self many years ago and i loved how comforta... read more

Connecting...Social Media...Technology

We have been in the lifestyle awhile and we continue to enjoy it. Since we have a few years under our belt we have used many different sites and methods for connecting with others we have a few questions for the SDC community. We have been and will continue to be fans of SDC. not only the website bu... read more

Berlins Pornceptual party

I just met with a friend earlier who said she had recently been to a sex party that I had not heard off before - I thought I would share reference to it here because it is about sex. Swinging, non-swinging, fetish, you name it, it has it.News article below - but I am wondering if anyone here has bee... read more

Poll: Should SDC bring back features?

As many of you know SDC has removed crucial features that many of SDC members use daily. Should SDC bring back `last time online` and `join date`?... read more

Playful couples club

Has anyone been to this club in Largo FL. Any feed back on the type of people that go there. ... read more

Still check for `last time online` and `join date`?

SDC says members don`t need or want these features, or claim the inability to make them compatible with their app. We strongly disagree, and consider this a real negative in site use.... read more

Pride gathering in SanFran Sunday June 25?

HEY I would really like to just have a Meet And Greet in SF Sunday June 25th during pride. I will be working at pride but would love to meet new people. Maybe you could WEAR your  SDC BRACELET&nbspso we know each other and can  MINGLE... read more

Verifying with Singles and Couples

This is Mrs Naughty writing on this blog topic.....Recently we have noticed an influx of people who are VERY eager to get together with us and meet. We see some pics on their profile and notice that they have no validations and some friends here and there but we don`t know if they have actually met ... read more

Single guy pics?

So we hear over and over that people do not want to see the junk...but dudes that get validations have junk pics and validations about the junk...discuss and dissect...😅😅😅... read more

Moscow trip: 12/6 to 29/6/17

12/6Rita woke with a very sore knee and so took it easy. Worked through the morning and went to the gym at lunchtime. Then got ready and took car to client at Kensington Council for a meeting. Then home and we had a quiet evening watching TV.13/6 Woke feeling horny and so started to fuck Rita as she... read more

Do you LOVE eating pussy? :)

In light of recent experiences, I (male half of the couple) am curious as to just how many people actually like eating pussy.Personally, if I don`t get to eat pussy during an intimate encounter, I am severely disappointed. Not kidding. It`s one of my favorite things in the world to do. That sense of... read more

Secrets Orlando Friday and Saturday nights

Anyone have any information on how Friday and Saturday nights are at Secrets? We would like to go but want to get a read on the crowd and the vibe? Are single guys allowed and do any attend?... read more

Bringing Up Swinging To Spouse or S/O

How did you all do have that first conversation? I have a girlfriend that is mildly kinky but may be taken back by such a proposal initially. I have been in this world in some of sort capacity for nearly a decade and it`s in my DNA to like group sex, nudism, etc. I don`t want to continue a double l... read more

The Toothy BJ

Has giving head with a little toothiness become a thing? &nbspI find it to be distasteful to complain about pizza and women putting their mouths on my cock, but my 2 most recent sex partners both used some amount of teeth. I count myself fortunate that any woman would put Mr. Ego, jr in their mo... read more

Why do profiles no longer say `last time online`

This was always a useful feature.  It seems to have been removed.  Did the community as a whole dislike this feature?... read more

Missed connections

I wish this site had a missed connections page, I`m horrible at names, but pretty good with faces.&nbspI promise you we aren`t weird, but my wife and I are searching for a missed connection or so we think, we were at The Lost Weekend(bar) &nbspon 6/11 NBA finals last game in Miami,Fl and it... read more

FB groups

Are there any good lifestyle Facebook groups ?... read more

Budapest swingers club - any recommendations?

... read more

What is the matter with men in the lifestyle? (Rant!)

We went to a local club last night. We don`t go often, so we were looking forward to it.We ended up playing with a couple we liked. As soon as Mrs. JBP touched him, he came. OK, that happens. But, then, he sat there with a smile, as if the world was wonderful, while she watched me with his wife, all... read more

Hi leuke leden,

Hi wij zijn in Marbella van 21-6 tot 10-7. Wie treffen we daar voor een leuke party?Gr.Tom... read more


Am I missing something? Downloaded the app today, in light of the revelations on other blog posts that eventually, the desktop version of SDC is going away.Right away, I noticed that I could not find a way to access blogs, parties, or find `Help`.Are those things there somewhere, and I just didn`t ... read more

Fun @ Pokhara Valley

Hi Pokhara, a valley from where you can see a range of beautiful Mountains and we suggest a beautiful place to spend some time with the local culture and nature`s beauty...., Please write us if any body interested.... read more

Bisexual Ladies?

I`m sure this topic has been done to death, but couldn`t find the blogs I was looking for, so cut me a little slack for rehashing the subject. :)In looking through profiles of couples, it seems to be more and more rare to see a profile in which the lady is described as `Straight`. Most (not a scient... read more

Logging Into SDC

When you log in to SDC, do you ever do  it through one of four featured members on the front page?Or do just go direct to `Log In`?... read more

Which one to choose?

We are looking to try the club scene again. We were thinking between Club Velvet Miami or Club Trapeze. &nbspAny pros or cons anyone can think of or ideas please let us know. ... read more

Is Secrets still a frat party on the weekends?

To those in Central Florida who go to Secrets in Kissimmee, has the atmosphere on the weekend pool parties changed from a year ago when we went? At that time most of the crowd were college age kids who were obviously not swingers or even nudist as they kept their swimsuits on and just acted their ag... read more

What happened to the........

`last online` line on profiles? &nbspThis was a good way to see if a profile was active or not in deciding to make contact. &nbspHate to waste time sending an email to someone who has not been online for several months or years.... read more

Milan clubs

We`re looking to possibly visit Milan at the end of August, and wondered if anyone had advice about clubs out there. Read some reviews about Fashion Club, but not so positive, any suggestions?Thanks!S&ampE xx... read more

Tenerife vacation

Is someone maybe on Tenerife during 21.07-04.08. ?... read more

Saturday Date Night

The Wife and I are going out Saturday Night and she wants to take me to Paradise Valley. We are new to the lifestyle and are taking things slow. Does anyone have experience with the above Clubs/Resorts. A buddy of mine says Paradise Valley is just a nudist resort and is not Lifestyle. Thanks in adva... read more

What to Expect As a New Member

My wife and had wanted to go to a swing club for over 5 years. The membership fee and fear of the unknown always held us back. That and fact we do not look like models. So for my Birthday in April my wife said she would buy a membership and finally go! As we looked at our schedule we realized it wou... read more

Some swell parties! 1/6 to 10/6/17

1/6 The alarm went off at 6am as Rita got up to meet her youngest at Heathrow who was back in UK for 10 days before going back for a further 4 months. I felt horny and ended up watching some porn and masturbating and coming a couple of times. Then got up and made a light breakfast. Rita got back jus... read more

Menages nashville

Looking for any feedback on menages in nashville... read more

placce to selebrate

my friend , als a swinger is gone marrige. We will make a trip with is 5 best friendsWe are lookig to find a place in europe to selebrate.We are looking to a special place to selabrate: something like no hands restaurant ore something spicy.Somebody to give me a sugestion ?... read more

Made By Swingers For Swingers

Why all swingers’ vacations should take place on huge, impersonal hotels, that they don’t have a clue about swingers? A swinger’s vacation is not like a typical “all inclusive beach holiday”. Why we pay lots of money for vacations without offering to us something unique? That’s why my p... read more

Greek Isles Passion Cruise this month

Anyone know of any other pre-cruise parties for the guests now that the SDC party has been canceled?... read more

Sex With A Stranger

This is a short entry and is definitely a `judgement`.  There are lots profiles from single/married men and they aren`t looking for anything but sex.  It`s quite likely they won`t pass paths again.   Is there any guy on here who would have the thought  `GoodTimeCharlie` for a profile name.  Yo... read more


Do any couples use Tinder? &nbspIf so how so? Has it been successful? Any other options?... read more

Pistil`s adventures continue

The concert I went to a concert in Houston last week, I had made plans to attend with a girlfriend but at the last moment she cancelled so I decided to go alone. It was scheduled to start at seven, but the venue was a large bar with open seating so I made plans to arrive very e... read more

Some Key West Fun )

Anyone looking to travel to Key West July 4th? Looking for fun couples to go dancing with and have some fun with!... read more

Pistil`s adventures

I am a happily married woman I am also a very sensual one with a well-developed libido. My husband and I are in the lifestyle, have been so for many years, and have enjoyed some experiences immensely. Lying in bed, chatting with my husband, I confessed that as much fun as... read more

Sybian yes or no

I attended a lifestyle convention years ago and they had a sybian available for guests. It was lined up all weekend and it sure sounded like all the girls enjoyed the toy. Does sybian still have its place in the lifestyle or has everyone got tired of this toy. I do have one and just have not found m... read more

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Going on Royal Caribbean Cruise out of Rome,Italy 6/11 - 6/18anybody else going... read more

Sex with a Stranger

I have gotten out there.  I have responded to men.  I have initiated messages to men.  I contacted old friends, never&nbspmet want to be friends people.  What else can I&nbspdo to say I`m looking for a good fuck  I have answered a `speed dating` request.  I can`t get laid.  I`m not ki... read more

Bristol Gardens Health Spa

I was wondering if any couples had good experiences at BGHS outside the couples night.We have been once on a Saturday afternoon with a male friend and twice during the couples night.It was fun with our friend and after a little soak, the three of us crammed into a play room. We enjoyed the spa on th... read more

S Private Club

This is a nice little club, with good facilities and we shall certainly be visiting again.Our visit was last Saturday afternoon. We were the only visitors! WE couldn`t stay late or attend the party that was to be held that night. However, we did enjoy the facilities.We spent a while in one of the Ja... read more

Quieter Week-Recovery Time!: 23 - 31/5/17

23/5 Set the alarm for 9 as Rita had an appointment in Harley St for 10.45. We both felt a bit groggy. Rita left and a couple of hours later I headed out for a meeting with K at the office. Left the office around 3.30 and started to head home. Home and showered and we then took a taxi to Albert Hall... read more