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Party networking its business contacts as well

stay in contact through email, cell phone whatever. I always have a surprise for couples when they come through.3 couples in the past month would have had a nice time very great networking unfortunately and having great sex as well. I have friends in the Entertainment & Sports. Living in Las Veg... read more

Corfu for some fun in the sun

Will be in Corfu for 3 weeks 23 Aug - 13 sept I have booked a 2 bedroom villa just out side Pelekas wth l a private pool from the 2nd sept 9th great for some fun in the sun. The rest of time in Corfu will be in St George south great beachs for nude sun bathing. Anyone interested please get i... read more

BGS Parties in Louisville?

Does anyone have any info on the BGS parties in Louisville, KY?We are brand new to the area, and so far we are underwhelmed by the choices. It seems that most folks drive up to Cincinnati... read more

Cap d`Agde vs Desire

Who prefers which one and why?... read more

Caliente Resort-Florida

Hi folks...apologies if this has been covered before but we'd like to hear opinions about Caliente Resort in Florida. We've never been there, and are thinking we'd like to check it out. Is it lifestyle friendly through the week, or mainly on weekends? Is it enough fun to merit a fly in from Texas or... read more


We go to Cancun and/or Mazatlan almost every year, and not just to the lifestyle resorts. Time for reenergizing. So when we got notice about this event, SUPER SEXPERIENCE 2019,  starting May 19, 2019, we thought OK, still a good time for Cancun, we RSVP'd. Now over 500 RSVP'd. Internationa... read more

Best clubs and bars

We will be in Austin the weekend of the 13th.  What swingers club is the best and why?  Also where, what bars or restaurants, would you recommend to dress sexy and get on by hot guys?... read more

Atlanta area clubs

We just moved to Georgia from Tampa, FL and are adjusting to basically leaving the swinger capital to come here :) We'd love to get some input on LS hotspots in the Atlanta area. So far we've come across Trapeze and The Loft. We've been to Trapeze in FL (they're basically the same setup) but haven't... read more

A singles path :)

Hello all, we all know that the swingers world is a couples world. however  single people need/want to give love too lol. Some would love to connect with another like-minded singles and who knows what xan happen. so for all the singles out there and experiences couples alike, please elaborate a... read more

RCCL from Miami, FL - Dept. 07/16/2018

Anyone Traveling on Royal Caribbean International Cruises (RCCL) from Miami, FL  Dept. 07/16/2018... read more

World Cup, Hotel and Fetish Parties!: 18/6-24/6/18

18/6 Slept well and and woke just after 6.30am. So read paper, reviewed some trades and cleared emails and made some tea and toast. Rita surfaced around 10. Got a text from MsS inviting us tonight to a World Cup England party with friends in Finchley - confirmed we’d come. I worked through till 2... read more

Clothing Optional (not Desire)

Let’s try this again...Can anyone recommend any adults only, clothing optional resorts other than Desire resorts (we’ve been to both many times)?Thank you in advance!... read more

Allure of the seas July 15th to the 22nd

LOOKING FOR CRUISE BUDDIES IR CRUISE TIPS!!!!We're going on our first cruise on Royal Caribbean Allure of the seas july 15th - 22nd out of ft. Lauderdale.If you are going to be on the cruise send us a message. Maybe we can get together and be cruise buddies. If you have any cruise tips from do'... read more

Clothing Optional (not Desire)

Can anyone recommend any adults only, clothing optional resorts other than Desire resorts (we’ve been to both many times)?Thank you in advance!... read more

Best lifestyle reading

We love to read, and we are looking for the best lifestyle stories fictional or non-fictional. Online or on kindle. Have read a few of the blogs here. Recommendations?... read more

Angry 3 Stooges: Can you name them?

In the “Raise your hand if” blog  JAYINARL refers to the ‘angry 3 stooges’. That makes us wonder! Who would you nominate for these roles on the SDC blogs?... read more

Swing lifestyle

Hello swingers... read more

Lessons learned from this past Friday (Season 1 Ep 7)

So this Friend-from-out-of-town needed to pick his kids up in Dallas for the summer. He asked to spend the night at our house. Him and his Girlfriend are our best friends in the lifestyle so we said of course. We looked online what are the best sex positions for MFM. We planned. We looked forward to... read more

something fishy

i've noticed that a lot of new members, especially single women seem to come from the same area,plantation fl..they also seem to have a list of friends from all around the country and out.for new members they seem to be doing very well,surely they must all be friends since they all come fr... read more

Raise your hand if

you're tired of people thinking that the blogs are for hooking up.  The moderators need to take action or the blogs will die off.... read more

meet at chameleons

going to Chameleons Wednesbury on 30/06/18 if anyone wants to meetxxx... read more

Cap d`Agde 12 - 15 July

We are going, anyone else? Would love to hear your tips for clubs, bars, parties and other must do-activities? ... read more

Two Party Nights in a Row - Ouch!: 11/6 - 17/6/18

(White Party and Cocktail Masterclass on Friday and fun on Saturday!)11/6 Woke and after some necessary work headed out to Westfield Boots for a hearing and then eye test. Hearing was abandoned as still had some wax in my right ear. Technician thought my “hollow” hearing was probabl... read more

Bordeaux France

Hi sexy people, we are looking for swinger accommodation in Bordeaux any suggestions?xxx... read more

Marfreless M

About 50 couples attended the M&G at Marfreless, tonight.Would anyone care to comment how good it was?... read more

Saturday 16th June, out and about in Rawai Phuket

We are a good natured, happy, fun bisexual couple. We are looking for a bisexual man to come and join us for a few drinks around the Rawai area on Saturday 16th June.3some +fun time. If you are a gentleman, non pushy and willing to have good fun come and meet us in a local bar for a couple of drinks... read more

Glorious pussy

To look at a well-groomed pussy is to love it. It's texture invite your fingers to caress it, in and out. The gloriously intoxicating scent of pussy forces you to lick it with abandon. Your cock throbs as you lick all of it's delicious juice, licking and sucking her clit while feeling your lady's bo... read more


Hi, how are you, I am a very shy young man but I loose myself easy. I am a virgin and I am a curiosity and I want to learn and participate with fun people and make friendshipsAnd mainly I want to have a different first time of the norm and I would like it to be with very open minded people and that'... read more

Visiting California/Florida in Sept

Looking to meet couples, groups and wives for fun times... read more

Austria, Vien, 17-24 of July

We plan to visit Vien from 17 to 24 of July. Looking for couples to meet with and groups of men to have a GB.... read more

Picture collectors and catfishers

In the past few weeks I've encountered some real clowns.Why are you asking for more pictures when the only ones you are offering up are the same ones on your profile?  Why do you want nudes when you the closest thing you send is of a woman you happen to catch changing clothes? Why do you need t... read more

lessons learned from this past Sunday

Unexpectedly, we became kid-free at 5pm on Sunday night, after a weekend spent with family. One of our friends had just texted me. We texted back to invite them. They said “on our way”. Yeah!Lesson #1: cultivating good relationships with friends who live nearby is key! One hour later they w... read more

Swinging in Dubai

Hi folkX,Does anybody know of a club or place in Dubai where like minded people can be found? I spent few hours on search but couldn't find enough information. Thanks in advance. Cheers XX ... read more

Magic end to week: 4/6 to 10/6/18

4/6 Love Mondays! Had a mid morning conference call and spent rest of the day on work and arranging weeks holiday in Ibiza in September and spend a few days with CandF at their villa. Picked up my latest PSA test , which was .45 - around the same as 18 months ago and so looks god. Rita popped to doc... read more

Heading to temptations in Cancun in June

Ok this will be our first time to a swingers resort. Looking to connect with fun down to earth couples and singles that we might be able to meet up in temptations in June. If you will be planning a trip there let us know. We are going June 22nd to June 24th It will be  just a weekend getaway an... read more

Heading to temptations in Cancun in June

Ok this will be our first time to a swingers resort. Looking to connect with fun down to earth couples and singles that we might be able to meet up in temptations in June. If you will be planning a trip there let us know. We are going June 22nd to June 24th It will be  just a weekend getaway an... read more

Help planning Anniversary in July

Hey guys, I could use some advice from you all if you don’t mind. Our 5 year anniversary is July 20th and I want to surprise Bailey (my wife) with an amazing event filled weekend. I have debated hosting an event at the lake but I know hosting often leads to not being able to enjoy the weekend like... read more

Visiting Louisville

We will be visiting Louisville on 16 June.  Any suggestions with regards to restaurants and bars?Thanks!... read more

New Resort coming to Puerta Vallarta

If you have been to a LS resort, or on a LS vacation, you know what a treat they are and can be an irreplaceable bookmark in your yearly travels.  Well good news folks!  There is a new LS resort being built in beautiful Puerta Vallarta and we are excited about that!  We want to share ... read more

NY, NY for the first time

Looking for info on Swingers clubs in NY,NY area.... read more

Cpls only club

Heya.. looking after a high class and strictly cpls only club or sauna in Europe! will appreciate your recommendations and personal experiences ... read more

Bite me!

Bite me! New pussy is such a fun adventure. The touch, the aroma, the taste are just the obvious attractions, but it’s so much more than that for me. Going down on a woman has always been one of my faves. For me it was the first event that made me feel kinky, like I was doing something unusual,... read more

Swingers in Vegas

Is there a particular hotel in Vegas that out of town Swingers seem to favor? We’re not going on any particular party week. Also, we’ve heard the pool at the Hard Rock has the most eye candy. Can anyone vouch for that, or recommend another hotel? We want to stay at a place where there would be m... read more

Full Swap: What Was Your First Experience?

Trying to start a topic for discussion without the possibility of it getting negative, so here is our try:Many here started off as softies, then one day, took that plunge into full swap.Me, (Mr.), started with the ex many years ago, about 15 years, just watching as she played with other bisexual wom... read more

Photo Contests

Anyone ever submitted photos to one of these contests? I see some great photos that never seem to win, is it  a popularity or vote stacking contest? Close ups of a penis and vagina don't do it for me when it comes to winning a contest unless it is done with some type of artistic flair. ... read more

Anyone from Wichita KS

Its a small city. I moved from Austin TX and being lived in austin wierdness for almost 7 years , This is kind of mild to me . I enjoy tantrik and sensual sex . I am a free open minded wild spirit , huge sex drive is lot more different than sexual addict and i like to meet single females and couples... read more

Arginine supplements? Anyone have experience?

Just came across this online: “Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has”Im wondering if anyone has taken this, and if there are any noticeable benefits. ... read more

Anyone looking for tantric Yoni massage

... read more

Key West Time - 2nd week of JUNE

Yahoo All Fun & Play. Its get away Time. We're vacationing in *Key West* MM Zero Jun 13-18. Always looking to make new sexy fun friends, share some drinks & memorable moment's 💕🌠👙💏🎉🎵🍸🍹... read more

Visiting Hedonism Negril

Will be in Negril next weekend, not at Hedo but thinking about get a night pass, wife want to get fucked by good jamaican dicks.Any tips about Hedo? thanks... read more

Mumps Week!: 27/5 to 3/6/18

27/5 Woke at 10ish and started to make love to Rita. Had to interrupt session as Oxana left to catch her flight. We carried on, and after we were sated, Rita did a baked avocado and egg brunch. Then read Sunday Times in bed and got up just before midday. Rita had a long conversation with MsD ... read more


#1 Don't out someone in lifestyle....Kinda like a secret society   We have seen it happen twice now sadly #2 You are always going home with the one who brought you to the party     #3 Don't do something to make your mate feel upset or jealous.....It makes for a long rid... read more