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Paris 19th to 22nd August

We are going to be in Paris from 19th to 22nd august, and would like to visit the best clubs there. Last time we visited the "Loverside" and really enjoyed it. Can you help us with any advice and/or tips on other clubs that we should visit. We would also like to hear from any other cpls who are in P... read more

AT LAST!!!!!!

I didn't even know about STNC until it mysteriously appeared on the ST home page, and a quick check of my mail explained it. Thanks, guys...I'll always do my best to be a credit to the group!! (the rest is inside)... read more

Male rape...

Males can also be raped (more commonly by other males, but also by females)... Males are commonly victims of anal rape.... There are also cases of men being forced to penetrate others, in spite of common belief that this is not possible.... Men are just as traumatized by rape as female victims.... ... read more

Slightly twisted..

Apotemnophilia or amputation fetish, is the overwhelming desire to amputate one or more healthy limbs... Some authorities hold that the condition is often sexual in origin... Ever met a person with apotemnophilia who wants his or her own limbs cut off? In contrast, a person suffering from acrotomop... read more

Would You Do It?

Astronomers Claim Discovery of 10th Planet ... read more

Would You Do It?

In here the text, description, location etc... read more


ok, this is not new news, but this fight for freedom is crossing over into the surreal.   i live in key west and am not active in swing talk, as i am way too busy working, but i would be extreemly greatful if any of you could give me feedback as to your hometown struggle to keep us ...swin... read more

Holidays in Stockholm in September

We would like  to visit Stockholm in september and would try to go to a swingers club.Anyone can give us any information about swingers clubs in Stockholm and tips.Thanks in advance... read more

First SDC night @ CLUB LICK

The first SDC couples only night on Saturday @ CLUB LICK was fun and literally shook the attic! Friday was a great night too, very relaxed friendly [with many couples] and single guys were no hassle either. We're happy to meet up at those club nights in the future and recom... read more


For fear of repeating ourselves and as most threads from Europe now get swamped by threads from the USA..(BTW..Thanks to all those that have written so far!!) Next Tuesday night T & I will be staying in London overnight.. it is her birthday and she wants a REAL bi experience..she has dabbled be... read more

Special Chicago Sale

We have had a lot of couples from SDC vote for this site (kep voting until Sunday!), so, we are giving you a special deal to attend the Chicago Adventure. Anyone tat puts "SDC Discount" in the comments block when you register we will give you 1/2 off your convention package when you reserve a room (... read more


SWINGERS PARTY TONITE OURPLACE4FUNSWINGERS PARTY TONITE OURPLACE4FUN LONDON Tonite couples single girls n guys 9pm til 5am Londons  Finest and Most Luxurious PURPOSE BUILT Swingers Party CLUBA purpose built venue with play rooms grope box lockable play areas fully ventilated hea... read more

Cyber Sex

As true exhibitionists we like being watched, lately we have been showing all with our web cam in the SDC chat rooms and must admit that we enjoyed it (yes, yes the real thing is 200% better but eh…).   We would like to get in touch with COUPLES (HELLO WHY ARE ALL THESE SINGLE BLOKES SENDING ... read more

Here Kitty Kitty!!!

I need some Initiation....I think LOL!... read more

Back to School Night

Hello everyone, We hope your summers going good we have been keeping very busy with upcoming plans with everything.. For the Back to School Night.. It will Not be at the club location..We are having plumbing worked on and will not have any running water, it was suppose to be done before then but we ... read more

Mallorca in September

Hi guys.   We are off to Mallorca in September and are looking for a little full swap fun in the sun. We cannot accommodate due to our place being part of a house near Andratx but have a car and can travel. Please take a look at our profile and contact us if interested in same. Lin & Mick... read more

Paris August 19th to 22nd

we are presently planning our 2nd trip to Paris for a nice romantic weekend from 19th to the 22nd of August. Last time we really enjoyed our visit to the "L'overside Club". If you are visiting at this time please let us know and maybe we can meet up for a drink. M&K  ... read more

On a personal note....

OK, I'm in a room with six women, one particularly dominant and she's forcing me to worship the pussy and asses of all the others.. They are all standing in a circle bending over for me to see their asses...I am on the floor crawling from ass to ass licking the assholes and pussies of them all from ... read more

More on profiling

 I came across this one on another site and just had to share it on here Posted Inside ... read more


Next Tuesday night T & I will be staying in London overnight.. it is her birthday and she wants a REAL bi experience..she has dabbled before but wants the full monty (probably including the dance knowing her!) We would prefer to meet a couple(s), have dinner, a few beers and a laff before seein... read more

Kaynie's 21st Birthday Party

      KAYNIE    I am organising a 21st Birthday Party for Kaynie on Tuesday the 11th October 2005     It will be held at Utopia and will have exclusive use of the club and all it's facilities on the night, these include, Private and Group Playrooms Swi... read more

SERIOUSLY When is the PC a problem??

Have any of you experienced the your other half jeleous of the computer??  "you spend more time on the computer than you do with me!!"  BLA BLA BLA.. " All you care about is, is the stupid computer" We have seen it several times.. But when is the computer a problem??? How much time sh... read more

Friday night 2 for 1 night

Hiya Everyone, Well another weekend is upon us.  Join us this Friday night for 2 for 1 night.Thats right you heard it, ANY two couples and it's the donation for 1. With only a few months before we leave for good we thought what betterway to get to see all of our friends then to make an attracti... read more

Travel Dates

Hey there! We just wanted to post our travel dates in case someone else is also traveling at the same time.  If you're not already booked, but have been thinking about it, now is as good a time as ever, don't you think?  We'll be there from Oct. 7th thru Oct. 13th.  Come and say hel... read more

Erotica weekend party at ClubSparx

Hello, hope this posting finds you all well. This weekend is SDC weekend at ClubSparx, we kick off tomorrow eve (FRI) with our couples and singles eve, followed by an Erotica party on sat eve, this weekend the NEC hosts the Erotica trade show (please dont ask me for tickets as its a trade only show... read more

We are going to the Sturgis Rally in SD. any others going August 6-11th

We will be at the Sturgis Motorcycle rally in August 6-11th  any one else going to be there?  WOuld love to find couple(s) to ride with and see what else happens.  Let us know if you plan to be there around the same time. B & B... read more

In the event of no network call 112 for satalite direction to the emergency services.

Full details of the hoax are at the bbc site:   http://   news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4724101.stm     Importance: High If you travel to work on the tube please note the following information: If your mobile phone has no signal (if you are in a tunnel) you can dial ... read more

the Erotic Zone

TGIF July 29th, 2005 ~ WET T-SHIRT NITE!!! ~ Get the visual? HOT and WET women shaking and grinding on the dance floor! Each trying to impress the judges that THEY are the best!!! It gets HOT, It gets WET! It gets WILD!!!! Come join us for all teh FUN! Call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 to get ... read more


In here the text, description, location etc... read more

arcadia carribean jan

Hi  off on the  Arcadia in  jan round the  Carib.,  any of you folk on board at the  same time.  Be nice to  meet up and have a drink,  There are a few  player couples on board already.  ... read more


23 year old girl desparately wanted to be rich... read more

Cap d'Agde villa for sale

Hi all, Had our place in Heliovillage for 3 years now and are cashing it in and doing a runner with the profits. Aim to pay off our mortgage and get out of the rat race of work for a while. It is a Heliovillage 2 bedroom villa with parking space. All recently modernised and has been used by a ... read more

Erotica in Birmingham

So, can anyone tell me where I can get tickets for this "erotica" event that is supposedly going on at the NEC this weekend??? I only live down the road, and London is always just a little bit far away. Sparx are holding an entire weekend party in its honour! The only thing that seems to be going on... read more


STRESS STRESS STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering what some of you do when you are stressed out, from work, money, kids ECT.....Besides SEX We are starting our own business and if its not one thing its another!! HELP  LOL What ever I am doing to relax isnt working..So maybe you can help ... read more

Had a great time at Players

It really is one of our most favorite places to go!!! Thanks to everybody that made it such a great time!... read more

birmingham 30th & 31st july

hi folks we are going to camelons in Birmingham on sat nite if anyone is going drop us a line we could meet 4 a chat!!!! Also in birmingham city on sunday nite B&J... read more

Orlando Strip Clubs or Revues?

I am planning a Bachelorette Party for my best friend and need to know if there are any male strip clubs or revues going on in Orlando on Thursday August 4th.  Even if anyone has any recommendations for private strippers would be great! Thanks for any suggestions!... read more

free michael sheilds

hello. today,a 18 year old man from liverpool got jailed in bulgaria for a crime he did not commit. all we ask is that you take a look at the links below to see that he is truely innocent and please lend as much support to michael as you can. thankyou very much. redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php/t... read more


GOOD MORNING VIETNAM.... It appears that "Hanoi Jane" Fonda, will be on the road again in March, spewing her anti-war sentiment... Opinions?  ... read more

Sex in Saunas

We plan to visit Germany and Holland in autumn.We are planning to visit mixed saunas for sex.Please advise us of decent names and address and is it true that we can have sex in these saunas.Thanks.... read more

Pole Dancing Lessons local preferred

Mrs Horny is looking to take up pole dancing lessons, having had the odd "swing" round the pole at Xtasia, is keen to do the job properly. Has anyone any idea of where to go, or would anybody else be interested in joining up to see if maybe we can get some discount?  Having looked on the websi... read more

Amsterdam - Friday & Saturday 29 & 30 July

Hi...........we are an Irish couple travelling to Amsterdam on Friday 29/07 for the weekend and would love to meet up with another couple(s) while we are there. We plan to visit some clubs and have been told that fata-Morgana and Fun4Two are the better clubs to visit..........it will be our first ti... read more

Loungeparties Salsa Social, London 28 July

We will be taking over a salsa club this Thursday. Dancing is not compulsory but a way to impress new friends and make social more interestingSo far have 41 confirmed including 4 single girls.   Cliff  ... read more

How to avoid having your kids killed by the police......

Hey all: Since, over the next few days, many of us who enjoy reading the news and watching TV will be told over and over again how horrible it is that a man was racially profiled in the London subway last week and killed, even though he had nothing to do with the terror and was in fact, a Brazilian... read more

QE2 AUGUST 25th - 30th

We will be on QE2 August 25th - 30th are you if so get in touch.... read more

holland Fata and Fun

we're going to Fata Morgana in amsterdam on 5 aug (Fri) and to Fun4two on 6 aug. Like to meet?... read more

las vegas

can anyone help with good club and party info for las vegas..we are going for a wek over christmas, also would love to meet up with some nice couples while we are there..traveling to las vegas on 20th dec till 27th then on to yosemite for new year, million to one shot...is anyone going to the ahwann... read more

Sooo....where are our "Host's"....

...Todd & Jennifer?? Anyone else here in SDC land go to Bar Nun??... read more

something different

We’re looking for a fit single guy (20-38, bi not a problem) or couple (fem bi) who would like to spend some time with us here in France. The idea is to holiday during the day and have great sex every evening and night for the duration of the stay (you won’t have to sleep in the spare bed if yo... read more

Swinging and Kink

Audrey commented in Mac’s “What’s kinky?” topic that I have, in the past, posted topics that some folks found to be a little edgy. What made her comments so timely in our eyes is that we recently were asked by a local swingers group to give a series of classes on various types of BDSM play ... read more

Nice August

Hi We are travelling to Nice for the first week of August. Looking through the travel queries I notice that there aren't many responses to people looking for places to go (I promise I will always respond to questions about Dublin!!). Can anyone recommend anywhere in/close to Nice where we might find... read more

Saturday, July 30

Lets welcome JC & Syn of The Dallas Interlude to Texas!  Get ready for  our Sexy Texas Theme Saturday Night Fun Party and Search for Ms Sans Souci Monthly Contest on Sat. Jul. 30th. Come dressed in your TEXAS BEST! They'll be giving away FREE packages all night to The Dallas Interlude ... read more

Weekend in Holland

Hi, We're going for a weekend in Holland (staying in Amsterdam) 12th - 15th August, going to two of our favourite clubs - Fata Morgana's on Friday 12th and Fun4Two on Sunday 14th. We'd love to hear from any other couples who might be there at the same time. P & G xxx... read more


SWINGERS PARTY TONITE OURPLACE4FUNSWINGERS PARTY TONITE OURPLACE4FUN LONDONS Tonite couples single girls n guys 9pm til 5am bring your own alcohol to Londons best Swingers Party CLUBA purpose built venue with play rooms grope box lockable play areas fully ventilated heated air cond luxury facil... read more

11 Years

Things I have learned in eleven years: I am seldom right, even when I am blatanly right. That every soul has a start and end point,  Dee completes me. That I may be one of the guys, who was truely, put here to be a " daddy." That "love makes the world go around," grit, puts beans on the table. ... read more

Beat the heat

Cum on out to the 13th floor and beat the heat, The air is cranked up  so come on in and cool off.  We'd love to see all of you before we leave forever. Norm and Trish 469-621-2468 for info and reservations... read more

the Erotic Zone

 TGIF!!!! Go Hawaiian party at the EZ! Come casual or dressed to impress, or, as in the islands, no clothes at all, but do come to where the fun is! Come to the Erotic Zone, where swinging's made EZ!... read more

Anyone coming to Lanzarote this year

Hi there, we would love to hear from anyone who is coming to Lanzarote this year. We enjoy meeting couples, single girls and single guys. Can also give you ideas on the best places to go on the Island. We look forward to hearing from you soon Enjoy your holidays, Best wishes xxx, Lanz3some... read more

trip to las vegas

we are traveling to las vegas for christmas and then on to yosemit for new year...anyone like to meet up...... read more

What is Kinky?

We all have boundaries, and we all have preferences. One of the problems in communcating those boundaries and preferences is terminology. If we don't agree on the terminology we can't really communicate. There have been long discussions about bi-curious, bi-tease, bisexual, bi-furious, etc. But do w... read more

Say that again!

Inside, this is long.... read more

Party on 30th

Who's going to the party on the 30th? We'll be there.... read more

Riddle Take a guess

Luke had it before,Paul had it behind.Doctor Lowell had it before and behind,And twice as bad as before.Miss Gallager had it twice in the middle,Before she was married.Girls have it,Boys do not.It is in life, But not in death. What is it?... read more

Weird Weather?

While it usually gets hot in Las Vegas during the summer, July has been off the charts!  Yesterday, the official temperature was 117f/47.2c for a high and a low of 95f/35c (the official temp is usually lower than what many residents experience)!!We have been breaking heat records... read more

need some assistance on destinations

ST'ers, Here's the scoop.  I'm contemplating taking a very open-minded and frisky lady friend to one of the following resorts:  Hedo II, Hedo III or Desire.  I've been to Hedo II and found it to be a bit dated and old feeling.  As this would be her first time in this environment;... read more

Looking for a room or flat in London for 3 months, can you help?

Well, Helpdesk suggested this was the best place to ask you lot! Hope you don't mind us wasting this space ;) From Aug, we need a room or flat/apartment in London for 3months. Cheap as poss of course :) ... then we can really enjoy the freedom of the scene in town mmm... Location needs to be good fo... read more

Look out world, here we come...

Ebonics suggested for district By Irma Lemus Staff Writer SAN BERNARDINO Incorporating Ebonics into a new school policy that targets black students, the lowest-achieving group in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, may provide students a more well-rounded curriculum, said a local sociol... read more

Traveling to Eygpt on 2nd Auguest

Hi All, Us again, we advertised that we would be in greece if anyone read it, Sorry change of plan, had a last minute cancelation... were of to Eygpt 2nd Auguest Hugarda, if anyone is in the area let us now maybe meet up for dinner one night. Regards Gary & Sue ... read more


GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! www. (delete space)  big-boys.com/articles/mikehawk.html R... read more

Norm and Trish retiring In October

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

the Erotic Zone

TGIF FRIDAY July 22 ~ Go Hawaiian! Dress like the islanders! It's a Hot Summer and get Hotter in your tropical attire! Join in the FUN! Wear as little as ya can cos in the islands, who needs clothes! lol! Call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 to be added to our guest list and receive directions ... read more


Hi there sexies, Just trying to dispel yet another rumour that ClubSparx is closed, not really sure which small minded people are spreading these malicious rumours but we are OPEN for business every Friday and Saturday evening! Our next SDC event will be in conjunction with the Erotica trade show a... read more

hols in Kos

We are on hols in Kos from 20 - 28 july. Any sexy cpls out that way and fancy some fun in the sun get in touch.... read more

Online Pharmacies

Has anyone had any experience with an online pharmacy, good or bad?  Know any reliable and inexpensive ones, perhaps Canadian in origin?  Ones that may not require a doc's Rx?  (not that I would ever order products without a Rx, of course)Anyone used the SDC pharmacy?  Looks... read more

Costa Del Sol Fun

In Benalmadena from July 30th for a week. Would love to meet a sexy couple for some fun. Heading to El Eden on July 30th to see what it's like. If your interested contact us, would love to chat.... read more

Fone Sex and Phake Ones

I recently had a single bi-female contact me; she and I have been chatting for a while now.  She lives in Florida, but she said she is self-employed as a real estate developer and travels to Dallas, Atlanta and a couple of other major cities.  (continued inside)... read more

Weekend Update - July 16

Sat Night we went to a club called "Funky Town". This was an interesting vanilla club. It was built around a theme of the 1970's and 1980's disco. It had a lot of black lights, spinning disco balls, and a really big dance floor. The place was pretty crowded, took us about an hour to find a place to ... read more

Knowing where you live in the USA

This is to the folks in the USA, Anne and I were looking at a number of USA profiles this evening and were very surprised that most of them contain the couples home addresses. in a few cases all we were missing was the house number. We would be very concerned if this was our profile and our home de... read more

Oh no....Who'd a thunk that would have ever happened!!

French terrorist alert The AP and UPI reported that the French Government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from Run to Hide... The only two higher levels in France are Surrender and Collaborate... The raise was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France's... read more


So far I've found people in every personal/professional venue I dabble in, so why not look here as well?  Anybody else here play World of Warcraft (aka WoW?)  Anybody else given up their social lives to the point where any day now I'm expecting a character called "Sir Litigious" to run up ... read more


(Apologies for the double post.  We weren't sure this was getting any views in the other topic category.) We are scheduled to go to Desire July 25-31.  We've made all the arrangements, paid all the fares, and we are ready to go! But...recent news reports are showing that Hurricane Em... read more

Portugal fun days

Hi ya We are holidaying in Portugal ( Algarve) from the 26th July. We are looking for fun in the sun, If anyone knows of any clubs etc please let us know. If you are there as well please get in touch maybe we can organise an evening out. looking forward to hearing from you Kind Regards M and J xx... read more

Pic resolution

In my request for pics from you I got a few responses, took my time to do a postcard size pic for Comegetme, got it approved by helpdesk (thank god) but now they have downscaled it to a creditcard size, all the detail is gone. I understand that they don't want 2mb size pics but why don't they offer ... read more

If it weren't so damn funny.....

Enumclaw-area animal-sex case investigated By Jennifer Sullivan Seattle Times staff reporter King County sheriff's detectives are investigating the owners of an Enumclaw-area farm after a Seattle man died from injuries sustained while having sex with a horse boarded on the property. Investigators fi... read more


We are scheduled to go to Desire July 25-31.  We've made all the arrangements, paid all the fares, and we are ready to go! But...recent news reports are showing that Hurricane Emily is also scheduled to visit Cancun about the same time we wanted to. This is our first experience with Desire... read more

Ecstasy cruise out of Galveston July 21st

Hey any body going to be on our cruise(Ecstasy July 21st)? Mark & Anna ... read more

London the 21st to the 24th July 2005 staing in Islington

We will be in London from the 21st to the 24th July (NEXT WEEKEND) and would love to meet a nice sexy couple or Bi-Female for some fun... We will be staying in a hotel in Islington and can of course travel around the London area...Hope someone is up for it!????... read more

Film processing- for non digital cameras

Might be an old question for many but we are new and trying to get pictures for sharing.  (I know get a digital camera-we ordered one but couldn't wait. Now have 2 rolls of GREAT shots on regular film.) Does anyone know the "guidelines" for getting erotic pictures processed at commercial stores... read more

Madd should extend to MACD...

That's right...Mothers Against Cell-use Driving!!! I just heard a new statistic put out by a research company (insurance, that is). It said that cell phone users whilst driving are FOUR times more likely to cause a severe accident than others! ...But who didn't know this, already? Haven't we all be... read more


love to meet couples during our vacations;any idea? we re a young classy couple,good level ,not a lot of experiences....BUT SOMElove to meet couples during our vacations:;we plan a trip this summer in luxury hotel;we re looking for couples ;love nude beaches sun and fun and love to go at the same ho... read more

Fun in Albufeira

We are visiting Albufeira the 20 of July for two weeks. Any information about an interesting swinger club in Albufeira? Any couple to meet there?... read more


Where will I be partying tonight? BARNES AND NOBLE! Harry Potter's Midnight Magic Party!  Be there or be square! ... read more

I need some input....

Ok... every parents nightmare! I allowed my five-year old son to sleep over with his playmate of the past 2 weeks.  Another five-year old boy that lives one block up in our addition.  Mostly the boys have played at our house or outside.  From the get go I felt he was a 'unsual' little... read more

Songs for swingers

Can you think of any songs that make you think about swinging. Artist ....... Title....... Lyric that makes you think mmmmmmm..................... read more


now we are into the holiday season, it seems pointless to post anything serious. we can all take a rest from posting any topics because everyone who are going somewhere wants us know it. there is one thing I would like to know? does anyone ever meet other couples on their holidays and are they 'FUN'... read more

Another single male topic

OK, now that I am a single guy, and I am not use to being single, I am just curious as to what turns most couples off or on about single guys. I am asking so that I don't burden couples with emails and just want to know th right way (if there is one) to approach couples or to email them. Hammer... read more

Karl Rove

Love him or hate him, most agree that Karl Rove is effective. He's a slime-sucking pig, but he's effective.  When you've got the Congress and the media in your pocket, I guess you get a little arrogant.  Then again, Rove has always been that way.  Bush too.  Are there... read more

This is the first Topic from the WEBMASTER

Hello guys, in here you can post anything concerning your Community. Have fun and play nice ........ read more


hi there... we think this question has not been asked before... so here goes.. if a single male turned up with a female blow up doll as a partner.. would he be let into a couples only party... we ask this as some parties we have been to a blow up doll could be classed as more fun and... read more

going to fatamorgana this weekend anyone like to meet up

we will be going to fatamorgana this weekend if anyone is interested in meeting up dave sue  xxxx... read more

travelling to Canada

Hi All, I'm taking a trip to Canada next week (arrive in Toronto on the 20th of july) to travel around and explore untill the end of august/1st week in sept.  I will be travelling around the country (will have a better Idea of where and when, when I get there as I prefer spontaneity over plann... read more


The stats on this are fairly astonishing. In a recent study of young women, every time they had a new sexual partner, their chances of catching HPV shot up dramatically. At some point in the study, 93% of the women showed signs of being infected with HPV. Of course, we can assume that an equal... read more

cap d agde

 hi ,we like to ask anyone how the drinks work in Le Glamour in cap d agde, can we buy a  bottle of Smirnoff or Gordon's or Jack Daniels , if so is the cost include in enter fee ... read more

Photoshop wall of fame

Now Waywardtexans and I have become overnight buddies I have a bit of spare time on my hands. Since I boosted that I'm a master with Photoshop I would really like to have a go on some of your pics, so if you want me to do something funny and creative with your pics just send them to me.Maybe a... read more


We will be in Cap d' Agde 25-26-27 July... read more


www.chilloutzone.de/files/05062803.html... read more


We are going to Cancun 31.8.05 - 7.9.05 and we will be staying near the Desire resort, sooooooo, if there is anyone else going at the same time and would like to meet up, please email us and let us know.Thank you hugsdebs and paulxx... read more

Travel to Crete end of this month

Hi we will be travelling to Crete Greece at the end of the month, will anyone be around ? we will be on the west coast near Hania (Xania) Keep swinging Gary & Sue ... read more

A funny one for the women :)

The Seven Most Important Men in a Woman's Life1. The Doctor - who tells her to "take off all her clothes."2. The Dentist - who tells her to "open wide."3. The Milkman - who asks her "do you want it in the front or the back?"4. The Hairdresser - who asks her "do you want it teased or blown?"5. The I... read more

Tip for single guys who have had the snip and want a shag

We watched a programme about how a mans sperm count increased if he thought his partner had been shagging someone else.Taking into account that vaginal fluids are designed to kill sperm and that seminal fluid is designed to neutralise this effect , here's the ploy. Any couples trying to concieve wou... read more

Tampa Bays Hottest New Swingers Complex

Tampa Bay's Hottest Swingers Night Club - Night Moves II Introduces CLUB TANTRA Tampa's Bay's newest Upscale European-style On-premise club is finally here!Join the rest of Playful Swingers every Thursday,Friday and Saturday @ Night Moves II starting at 9pm. Let our bartenders will mix your favorite... read more


Ok, here goes...most profiles we read (single males & couples) list, "safe sex only", yet when you view their very explicit photos, you'll see the woman with sometimes many different men, and it's obvious that none them are wearing condoms. What gives? Any input will be appreciated! Makes us a b... read more

Free to Air

Anyone have or know how good "Free to Air works"?!  I've looked up quite a bit about it on line but I don't know anyone that has used it or anyone that knows anyone that has.  R... read more


Hi  We are in Salzburg from Friday and wondered if anyone knew of any good clubs that we can visit. lol Chris and Sylvia  ... read more

Welcome to Miami Velvet's Community

 ... read more

Calogen lips

Who the hell decided these over inflated to 80psi lips looked sexy? Or am I alone in thinking this way?... read more


We are going to Kemer-Oludeniz-Bodrum-Kusadasi between 17-30 july... if you  want to meet with us for friendship or more write please..... read more

Paris Clubs

We are visiting Paris this coming weekend and are interested in advice/recommendations regarding the Paris clubs. From the websites, it seems most charge fairly high prices for drinks etc. a bit like the peep show type places. Anyone had any good experiences and somewhere they'd like to recommend. A... read more


Hi folks, we are in Benalmadena from July 30th for a week, would love to meet some sexy people for fun and go to a club. If our profile interests you drop us a line.... read more

Vickinbarry farewell party Skinnydippers 16th July 2005

Goodbye to you all To all our friends past and present this is a short note to let you all know that we will not be attending our farewell party at Skinnys on Saturday.   We have enjoyed many excellant parties with you all over the years.  Unfortunately due to a change of plans ... read more

Birmingham 30th-31st July

Hi there,   We are traveling over to Birmingham the last weekend in July and going to chameleons on sat 30th.... If anyone would like to join us drop us a line.   Baz+Jaz xxx... read more

majorca october

we are on the island in october and looking to meet up with members whoe may be there at that time for fun in the sun.... read more

how many swingers????

An interesting question? does any one know approx how many swingers (couples) there are in the UK. a frind is having trouble posting on here and asked us to try for them...can any one help..ps we dont want guesses please... read more

Whats up with the Mail?

Are we so overwhelmed by all the mail that we get that we must now must organize and save it in folders! What happened to the K.I.S.S. method??... read more

Toronto Aug 8th

Hi y'all. Anyone going to Toronto in Aug? Looking for a couple to hit the hot spots with. Drop us a line. R and S... read more

The recipe for V

I knew they would finally release the ingredients in Viagra: ... read more

We miss our friends at Sans

Well, just a note to tell all about life in Kansas. Since leaving the great state of Texas we have been working hard and hardly playing.  You know us though, we somehow found time to get out and try and make new friends (read that to say" try and get laid by strangers".... read more

Berlin bound amongst others

We are heading to Berlin in 2 weeks has anyone any updates on clubs there or recommendations?... read more

weight loss......

Hi guys: Now that I am safely aboard with all you intelligent (and HOT) folks, I want to ask you a little question.   This is MR Lorrie speaking.   Thanks, first of all to our hosts for the invite, I feel so special!! I am going to be 32 years old next week, and the time has co... read more


SWINGERS PARTY TONITE OURPLACE4FUN LONDONS Tonite couples single girls n guys 9pm til 5am bring your own alcohol to Londons best Swingers Party CLUBA purpose built venue with play rooms grope box locable play areas fully ventilated heated air cond luxury facilites for absolute FunnnnnnnnnnnCALL lis... read more

Amasing how simplistic people can get sometimes ...

We are refering to the answers we have got on our previous topic "Terrorism is bad but governments are worse" . It is remarquable how simplistic,basic and arrogant some people can get when someone suggests them to go astray from the typical unidimensional and "McDonaldised" thinking. It is... read more

Terrorism is bad but governments are worse ...

We are a bit sick and tired about this kind of simplistic, unidimensional and staborn "one way thinking" saying that terrorists are evil and thus must all be eliminated. We certainly always feel sad anytime innocent people pay with their lives any government's financial imperial... read more

Poor Floridians

Man, I feel for you Floridians!!!!  Yall got it handed to you last year and it’s starting even earlier this year.  Batten down the hatches and get the F*** out of Dodge!!!!! Yall be safe!!!!  Good luck to you all!!!!! R... read more

the Erotic Zone

Come close... i gotta whisper this one to you...Now, don't tell but uh...IT'S FRIDAY!!! AND ALL THE SCHOOL GIRLZ ARE PACKING UP AND CATCHING THE FASTEST BUS TO THE EROTIC ZONE CAMP!!!!Get ready, get set.... CUM!!!See everyone here tonite!smooches,The Zoners!... read more

fuck the terrorists

Nobody is safe till this bustards are all dead .As TURKS we hate them all,fuck the terorists... read more

house party game

We went to a small after party late one night in a hotel room. All the girls (6 of them) were giving blindfolds at the door, They all put them on as they entered the room. The room only had one big king size bed in it. The girls climbed on the bed together and undressed and played with each other, ... read more

WHY ? Mr Blair

Why didn't our Man Blair strengthen our borders when he decided to wage war in the Middle East ?  He claimed to be going to war to protect us….  Moved all the troops into the theatre of war and left the fucking front door open!! Why couldn't this omnipotent being foresee that our door ... read more

the Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday ~ SCHOOL GIRLZ GO TO CAMP! ~ JULY 8THIt's a HOT summer and even hotter now that those school girls are packing up and heading to The Erotic Zone for Summer Camp!!!Think of the pigtails flying and all those short shorts, tight T's and of courseeeeee, the UNIFORM! Come and play Friday at ... read more

Good Enough

Am I the only one frustrated and disheartened by,what seems to have become the anthem of people everywhere...."good enough".????? I have not in a while gotten service from anyone, whether it's a contractor I hire, a waiter at a restaurant, or someone I am working with who doesnt do a half-assed job,... read more

What's in their closet....

Take a look around at the folks on this board, and in your best guess, tell us what you think their hidden kink is... Don't be shy, TELL US!! 1.) Look at their pics or lack there of... IYHO what do you see that would back up your claim? 2.) Have they left any hints while posting on th... read more

Welcome Everyone

Hi Everyone, Welcome to TravelSDC's community forum, here you can post your experiences, questions and comments regarding lifestyle vacations. Have Fun Mandy... read more


Who the fuck is this new group killing people? Any ideas, anyone know anything about their origins? You all be safe and stay vigilant.....  ... read more

London our hearts are with you.

Just turned on the news and saw the News alert of the terrorist attacks in London. Please stay strong and know we are thinking of you.   xxxmrsfunstel... read more

Discount Alterego Tickets

Hi gang!  Glenn over at Fetish Factory is making a special offer for this month's AterEgo party: The first 10 couples to email me will get 2-4-1 tickets.  Save $10. You have to pick them up at the store, and they're good for this Saturday night party 7/9 at Club Xit in Hollywo... read more

You're Invited

Your invited to come on out this weekend and join us for a regular Friday and Saturday Party. No Themes Just come on out and unwind from all your 4th of July celebrations and vacations. As always the parties are by reservation only you must either call for info and to be put on the list if you've ne... read more

Thank You everyone

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend and made the 4th of July celebrations absolutely awesome!!! It was a one of the best parties we've celebrated here in a long time and it's thanks to all of you for making it so. Those of you that were here, know about the special surprise we all enjoyed i... read more

really good club and busy too !!!!!!!!

                                          hi there for all the people that want places too go f... read more

Single Males, Love 'em or Leave 'em

When I read or hear about discussions of the single male population, it appears that many people have had bad experiences and therefore it makes it hard for the single male to enjoy the lifestyle.  However, on another lifestyle site I was greeted with this concept which I found interesting. For... read more


Well for a born and bred Brummie here, let me congratulate all of London on getting the Olympics in 2012. The 4th of July was Americas day, the 6th of July is very BRITISH! Well done to all. BTW, any French members here???... read more

Reminder July 9th Event Clubxcite Night

Hello Everyone, We wanted to remind all you couples and single ladies of our red, white and blue event for July 9th. we have some fun planned for the evening.. :) Come in your Red, White and Blue attire for the evening. Our events our sexy, fun and very different then any other club you have visited... read more

The secret chalet

Hey all. Just wanted to let anyone from the New England area know about a little place called the secret chalet. Its located in southern New Hampshire and it is a really good party. Three Saturdays a month and no Pressure. So if you are from this area and looking to meet likeminded swingers, visit t... read more


lmfao Have a break, have a KIT KAT... read more

Kos 9th - 24th July

Well its a long shot but if anyone else is there drop us a line and let us know.... P&S ... read more

Spain 10th July 21July

Hi we are looking for playmates to join us for some fun in Spain. We are staying in Estepona for a few days and looking for fun in either Estepona, Marbella, Puerto Banus etc   Drop us a line if your interested.   P&K... read more

Hi Guys

Welcome to Toga Joe's community...... read more

arguing with a woman?

what I fail to understand with all the men on this site, is that haven't we learned that we can't win an argument with a woman. they are so unprdictable when they disagree with you. they must have something in their tiny brains that is prevalent and something that we can't argue with. maybe the 'lad... read more

Oh my God

I don't believe the news....The USA have fired a missile at a comet.......Who gave them permission to do that? And for what reason? North Korea and poor old Iran are not even allowed to have missiles with a little nuclear warhead........ (I really think that Mr Bush is watching to many DVD's)... read more

Fun in Hawaii!!

We know it's a long shot but just wondered if anyone is booked on the Norweigan Wind ( 3rd  to 14th of August) cruising the Hawaiian Islands, we are also staying in Waikiki for a further week. Would love to have some naughty fun while we are there.... read more

6 Degrees of Separation Swinging Style

Anyone ever wonder how many people you have directly, or indirectly had sex with through this site.  We are semi-active swingers, a few validations and a few not on here.  We are currently in Europe and I am convinced that through contacts we have made we have had sex with most of Europe :... read more

When is it OK?

If in the heat of a "debate" here in ST; when is it (or is it at all) ok to loose your temper?!  R... read more


We're going to Berlin 14 to 18 July. Anyone know any good clubs? Maybe like to meet?... read more


ok. I think this may cause some comments? what the hell this is really bugging me. when you read that a couple are BOTH bi-sexual why can't we see the guy giving another guy a B'J'? we see the gal giving another gal one why not the male? also we see the gal playing around with another female and ye... read more

Le Tour

Updates and opinions on Le Tour. put it in travel so it appears on last active, if it gets moved to CE , then it can die there.... read more

South Of France

Hi Does anyone know of good nude venues, beaches and clubs in the South of France outside of "The Cap" closer to the St Tropez area. please let us know. Thanks... read more

to the cap d'agde 19 Aug--???

Hi, we wan't to make our first visit to the Cap on the 19th of August, we are looking of any information on flights, hotels or resorts to stay at.....We would also like to meet other couples interested in four or five days of sexual bliss.... What do we look for in couples?  Those that are comf... read more


We are now in Kemer,all nice looking couples,write to us......we can have hottt time together kisssesssss ... read more

mr landlwmid and mr emmaandsimon

Hi Torie and Dave clubsparx wow what a fab night col had a great birthday time loved getting attention by those sexy ladies well what can we say cant wait for my birthday get spoiled in the same way the party was fab and thanks to everyone that came along to the party you made it really special ... read more

cap d'agde....help!

we're off to cap d'agde at the end of the month...july. we need some where to stay on the 30/31st before our flight home. does anyone know of a  hotel/b&b or couples who could help us out. thanks for your help. mark and jacki... read more

sex in texas full swap and nudests

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

Hi LittleSins

I thought I would be the first to say hello in the forum!!! SO HELLO!!... read more

Freeport Bahamas

Hi we are in Freeport Bahamas, from July 3rd to the 10th, anyone interested or will be on the Island during this time. please Email us and lets meet for drinks.... read more

4th of July Weekend Parties

  CumonIwannaleiya Luau Party  You’re invited to join us at the 13th Floor to celebrate the 4th of July Weekend. 3 Great parties We begin on Friday night, with a regular party To relax and get us ready for the rest of the weekend. Saturday, July 2nd. “It’s our Let Freedom ring par... read more


SWINGERS PARTY TONITE OURPLACE4FUN LONDONS Another good one tonite couples single girls n guys in moderation 9pm til 5am bring your own alcohol to Londons best Swingers Party CLUBA purpose built venue with play rooms grope box locable play areas fully ventilated heated air cond luxury facilites for... read more

Great link if it works..

Not a CE topic, just something sent to me this morning by a friend.. http://patriotfilesannex dot org/General_Patton_Message dot htm... read more

to anywhere in august in turkey

Hi everyone.We ll be on travel in turkey august and wanna see who wanna join us:)... read more

party at clubsparx

This is just to let everyone know our party at ClubSparx is still on this eve, I am trying to find out where the party listing and guest list have disappeared to but just to put you all in the picture we are OPEN for business as usual. If you have any quieries please contact us on 07811443016 thank... read more

Birmingham 30th-31st July

Hi there, We are traveling over to Birmingham the last weekend in July and going to chameleons on sat 30th.... If anyone would like to join us drop us a line. Baz+Jaz xxx... read more

Happy 4th

We wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend. Hope to see some of you next Saturday. Steve and Stacy ... read more

Well Done to HELPDESK

We see quite often members complaining about this and that on the site. Just for once we would like to make public the very efficient work done by Helpdesk yesterday (Friday 1st July) where a trial member (claiming to be a single female in need of love, care and attention) sent us an updated version... read more

New Religious and racial hatred Bill? Threatening freedom of Speech?

Does the new Religious and Racial hatred bill threathen the freedom of speech of comedians and playwrights?  Can comedy and the performing arts incite religious hatered?  Will some jokes on SDC be illegal and if so who will be held responsible?  Comments here please....  ... read more

Decorating Diva or Dumbass?

Have you ever been behind a car with neon lights all the way down the entire length?  What is that about?  Do you like it?  Shake your head in disgust?  What about the girl at the mall wearing fuck-me-pumps?  Like 'em?  Think they are stupid looking? What is it about y... read more

the Erotic Zone

The TGIF July 1st ~Stars and Stripes~ Friday Party will be in honor of the 4th of July Weekend Blowout! Wear something to show your PRIDE in America! You have free reign here! Stars or Stripes or Red, White and Blue or even Military! It's all GOOD for the great US of A!!!! This is another 3 day we... read more

Two Pumps and a Squirt

Am I the only one who has had this problem with the male part of a couple? It seems that this has happened several times to us. You are with a couple and the guy only gives ya two pumps and a squirt and he's done, shower time! What gives? Can you not wank yourself before hand so you last a little lo... read more