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couldn't have put it any better - and certainly wouldn't have been as nice.

Got this from MSNBC... pretty much sums up how I feel about the deal.   The Mona Lisa should hang in a museum, not a subway platform. The Statue of Liberty should stand unvarnished in New York Harbor, not draped with corporate logos. And The Wall Street Journal should be owned by a company ded... read more

Club visit in the Amsterdam area September /October.

We are planning a weekend trip to the Amsterdam area in September or October.  We will as usual spend some time at fun4two or Fata.  This time it would be great to go together with a couple that we know in advance. If you are a couple in the age between 28 and 40, and are willing to go to... read more

meet and greet

our home is done and would love to start meeting and having fun. who's up for us?... read more

sex,drinks, food

ok our new home is ready who is up for fun with us for the month of aug.?... read more

surrey house party

Surrey 'Swingers' House Party Saturday 18th August 8pm till late LUXURY HOUSE IN SLEEPY SURREY VILLAGE.. ..HEATED POOL..HOT-TUB(NEW)..BAR AREA..DANCE AREA WITH POLE..5 PLAYROOMS PLUS  SECLUDED GROUNDS.. private ,discreet and relaxed fun.. THIS PARTY IS INVITATION ONLY  AND ONLY O... read more

The Paradise Spa Anniversary & Opening of our new dance floor area Bash

The Paradise Spa is officially 1 year old. On top of this we are opening our new dance floor area complete with 2 poles & DJ Booth. All playrooms lockable & air conditioned. Spa facilities available all night ( our Spa facilities are the absolute nuts). Ladies dress sexy as you dare (g... read more

Fantasy Politics (A Feel Good Post for Sunshiney)

Here's a shot at fantasy politics...but..... What would happen if the Republicans got behind Ron Paul? The question being something along the lines of, which Republican candidate would have the greatest chance of taking some of the Democrat vote? Ron Paul is not a neocon, he's got the purest voting... read more


After getting some sleep and having some time to reflect, we would like to congratulate PLAYPALS for hosting a superb event in Vegas!!! You guys are great friends and we know how much, blood, sweat and tears you put into this project. Putting together any event is challenging, but producing a large ... read more

Hush Parties 27th July 2007, Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol, Spain

 Just to let you all know that our Next Hush Parties Party will be on Friday  27th July    2007.  As we have to make Catering  arrangements at least 48 hours in advance.  Please try and book by Wednesday  Evening if possible.    We ask for a D... read more

st topez 23 till the 29th of july

we will be in st tropez the above dates........ read more

house party surrey sat 21st eve

holding a party in thorpe,surrey sat eve 21st...... very secluded  luxury house with heated 95 degree pool,various themed rooms inc cinema. couples and single females only..... sorry guys ..xx £20 per couple entry... females £10 entry opening night of new club night and memberships may b... read more


Hi is ony one visiting CYPRUS and would love to have fun ,we are sexy cpl... read more

Friday and Saturday at The Silver Minx

  We have to behave all week at work, so lets get a little or ALOT Naughty this Friday.. Sexy attire, Sexy attitude is all that Youll need tonight!! And yes the theme calls for Nautical wear! Cute shorts, bathing suits, well, you know all that!Cum join us for a fun , high energy weeken... read more


We were very alarmed to find that profiles and photos from this site were splashed all over a northern ireland newspaper today.(The Sunday World july 15th).we have been members of this site for many years and were led to beleive that our profile photos were secure in that they couldnt be downloaded,... read more

Going to Mykonos

We are going to be in Mykonos on the 27th of July until the 31st of July, any couples or singles that maight be there the same time are welcomed  for a drink and............... read more

The Weekend Is Here ;¬)

The Weekend Events @ The Paradise Spa Birthday Girl Donna This Saturday Friday: Come join Donna & JD for some Friday night partying at our         "Anything Goes" Party night @ The Spa. This night is for all you players out there that know what u wan... read more

Progress, Progress, Progress till Jan. 20, 2009

What part of too little, too late doesn't the president understand? How much longer does he think he can stonewall Congress and ignore the reality on the ground in Iraq, where neither our allies nor our enemies seem to be paying much heed to George W. Bush's hopes and plans? . . . "Everything that c... read more

Club Recommendations in Mallorca

We are staying in Palma for a long weekend 19th to 23rd July and see from the club list on here that there are 4 or 5 clubs listed. Has anyone any personal recommendations as to which is worth visiting or equally important not visiting! If anyone else is holidaying at the same time feel free to get ... read more

24 Hours to Live...

Barry returned from a doctor's visit one day and told his wife Carolyn that the doctor said he only had 24 hours to live.Wiping away her tears, he asked her to make love with him. Of course she agreed and they made passionate love.Six hours later, Barry went to her again, and said, "Darling, now I o... read more

Hush-Parties, 10pm Friday 13th July, Fuengirola Spain.

Just to let you all know that there is just a few places left for this Fridays Party!!  Going to be a great Party with many Couples from all over Europe attending. Please email or call to book your place now. Vicki 0034 600743917... read more


only a week and a half to go, cant wait, roll on 22nd july, cos Cap here we come lol, anyone else ??... read more

CRETE 24/7 to 01/08

We are enjoying the sun in Crete on the above dates..any other sexy couples gonna be there then and fancy a drink or two then get in touch. Also anyone know of any good clubs to visit on the island? ... read more

Hush-Parties Friday 13th July ,Fuengirola, Spain

 Just to let you all know that our Next Hush Parties Party will be on Friday  13th July    2007.  As we have to make Catering  arrangements at least 48 hours in advance.  Please try and book by Wednesday  Evening if possible.    We ask for a D... read more

Hush- Parties Fiesta 13 de julio fuengirola spain

Hola, esto es para informar que la siguiente fiesta sera el Vernes 13 de julio  2007.  Pedimos un donativo para la fiesta. Parejas 75 euros, hombres solos 125 euros (maximo 5 por fiesta), mujeres solas 40 euros. Esto cubre bebidas, comida, y también una fuente de chocolate en todas las f... read more

Swingers clubs in Ibiza ?????????

Anyone know of  any good swingers clubs on the  Island of  Ibiza ???... read more

Ibiza Es Cana 14th/ 21st

Hi  off to  Ibiza  Es Cana  Marine Panarama hotel  14th to 21st.  Fancy a drink,, drop us a line ....... read more

Anyone but a Democrat or Republican for president

Both political parties deserve to die on the vine! It is time for some reasonable politics is someone like Bloomberg the answer? The Libby case followed the same pattern of hype and hypocrisy established during Clinton's impeachment scandal. It's as if we're all sentenced to relive the same sad scen... read more


Ok be honest, WHO DOES YOUR SWINGER COMPUTER WORK? Here, Ms Nash is on computer all day at work and always make Mr Nash work the SDC site on the computer.  With her approval I have always loaded the pictures, pick favorites, write the e-mails, plan the parties and work the meetings, L... read more

Very Bi?

What exactly does very bi mean. Surely one is either bisexual or not. They are no gradations to bisexuality, or are there?... read more

After outting Snacks...

Okay, the Mrs likes to have Taco Bell after the drinking and dancing and etc etc etc is all done and over with.  Does anyone else out there have a snack craving after the events have wound down?  And if so - what's your favorite?... read more


dss... read more

Who wants to PARTY????

We will be at Iniquity on the 28th of July...this SATURDAY!!!  I, Faith, will be taking pictures with Dallasphotog...and you!!!... read more

Erotic Books on Tape

Is there a source or recommendation you have for locating erotic books on tape as my wife prefers the written and audio (talk) versus the visual?... read more


how do you give a girl a lick out with out catching any std's ( if she was unfortunate to have one)? is there any sort of skill to it or is there anything that can be used to protect myself?... read more

Anyone Else ?

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem... I'm and my husband is gone quit a lot 3-4 months at a time...  I put myself up on the speed dating with my husbands full knowledge but yet I get no responses  so this is my question am I not aloud to look while hubby is gone evern though i... read more


Hi Guys, We took a break due to work commitments from SDC but now we were wondering if you have a short list for SDC in the Sol in Malaga, We visited Desire in Cancun Last year and had a blast, Both Ann and I are eager to go and will gladly take a place should a vacancy arise in Malaga. Am ... read more

question for anni

dear anni iam a very strong beliver in the one with the pussy makes the rules,recently me and my partner have been havin disagreement on parties to attend or couples to meet,we have attended many parties and have played before,when we fight she then says she only does this to make me happy ,but i kn... read more

Tattoo Parties

Hubby and I were thinking about doing a Tattoo Party at a really great Tattoo Shop. We were just curious if there was any interest for this. Basically the shop shuts down to the Public for the day and we hang out have a great time and get inked. Is there any interest for this?   I know for m... read more

Proper etiquette when you meet member occasionally

Hi,   I work in the hospitality industry and occasionally I see couple , memeber of SDC in my workplace what I should do if I wish to meet them? A couple of days a go I saw 2 members of SDC , and i adress one of them , do you know that we share SDC and they say  we don't know what it is... read more

Who likes to see their lady in hot panties?

I always find myself waiting to see what type of panties my wife is going to put on next under her cloths,and she always tells me it's a surprize  Anyway how many men love to see and fuck their lady with the panties or G-strings on?   ... read more

What are the rules

Hello, If we are playing as a couple (in a private party or club) and the female half of another couple asks to join, is it ok to accept her even if we don't want to play with the male half or are we obligated to play with him if we want her to join.?  Right now we are not a full swap cou... read more

Pic of the Guys

Ladies.......When looking at the guys pics, what do you like to see? Hard cock,butt,arms....what is it you like to see. No one likes just cock pics...so let us know what you like to see.... read more

L`Anonyme Cannes

Hallo Leute,   ich war kürzlich in Cannes und hatte dort schon öfter mal nach einem guten Club Ausschau gehalten und hatte bislang immer vergebens danach gesucht, bis mir ein Einheimischer das L`Anonym empfohlen hat.   Ein netter Club, der Abends so gegen 22 Uhr 30 seine Pforten öff... read more

Why do couples post as single women?

Why do couples post as single females?  As a single female I think it's crap!  Total false advertising!... read more

Motion in the ocean!!!!

WE have all read the blog blog about cock size in here and a large number say it is the motion in the ocean that matters so ladies lets here how you like to get fucked what is the best motion in the ocean.... read more

I am a little confused

My husband and I have been in the lifestyle for about 4 years now, we have never swapped as of yet, because for me it takes time to feel really comfortable, anyway I have now gone from being afraid of taking off my clothes in front of others to now being a complete nudist, feeling very com... read more

Who would you NOT want to run into?

Is there anyone you would truly be embarrassed to run into at a swing club.  I can think of a few: 1. My gynecologist 2. My patient (if I was the gynecologist!) 3. My minister/priest/rabbi 4. My kid!... read more


We love House Parties!  We have hosted some great House & Pools Parties. We also have been to some great House Parties in FL and GA.  What do you think?  Do you find it better to have Sex at House Parties or Clubs? We have success at both, but the House Parties are comfo... read more

Swingers meeting points NYC, San Francisco, L.A, San Diego...........

 We begin in NYC from 12/21, arriving California 1/3,picking up a car and from Sausalito till San Diego go and return in a 12 days trip. Pls let us know as many places you consider interesting for an energetic couple. Have you a list of swinger clubs you recomend around this mentioned trip???Tk... read more

My Pic is here

http://profiles.yahoo.com/joannehum25 my photo is here... read more


OK Hotties, Show us your best Action Picture of a 3some with MFM or FMF.  ... read more

Swingers Nudist Resort

We are looking for a swingers nudist resort in texas. Preferrably somewhere around the DFW metroplex, or within 100 miles of.  We are swingers and have become nudist also. Can anyone help?... read more

Family Relations

Hi Anni For years I had a secret from my husband. Since I was a young girl of about 16 years old my auntie, my mothers sister, has made very passionate love to me. At first ,all those years ago, I was shocked, especially we altogther are a close knitted family. No one else in the family knew anythin... read more


hemos observado que casi todos los socios el 99% de las fotos son de las chicas y los chicos solo aparecn en una foto o en ninguna, porque??? no deberia de ser asi verdad?' que opinais de esto, y tb es una pregunta para todos los socios, un saludo... read more

Lets Get Naughty

http://tinatheminx.blogspot.com ... read more

How to spoil me

Someone asked me the other day what being spoiled meant to me. That is an interesting question. To me, being spoiled doesn’t always mean financial. Yes, like all women, I enjoy it when men spend money on me. However, there are other ways that a man can spoil me. One is to touch me. I don’t mea... read more

Dubai couples

hey all, we are a horny couple who have moved to dubai and seen the lifestyle go up in smoke any ideas were we go for fun round here?... read more

sex partners

Ok, here is a tough questions.  How many different sex partners have you had? Men, how many? Women, how many?... read more

Condom dilemma...

OMG, I'm totally freaking out...after 5 years of successfully Soft-swapping, my hubby & I were both ready to take it to the next level & have since had a few (good) Full-swap experiences over the past year.  EXCEPT for last weekend == BOTH of our guys put their ... read more

Cock ring

My wife really wants me to get my cock peirced...I want to know what most of you women think about this and I also want to hear from any men that have had this done. Does it hurt, what has your sex life been like since you had it done and where is the best place on your cock to get it done? Let me k... read more

Fake boobs

My wife is thinking about getting her boobs done...What do yall think would be the perfect size and what are the risk in this. Is it worth doing it or are real boobs better? What do you think?????   Jason & Jacqui... read more

Well hung men

My wife really loves dick...she could fuck all night long. We have been trying to find a single male in our area that is really well hung and I mean REALLY well hung to cum over and just give her the fucking of a lifetime.  We have not been able to find anyone yet that can just fuck her until s... read more

What do we do?

Why is it that us as a couple have a hard time connecting with other couples. We have found several patterns happening alot lately. One the patterns is that we are parents and we feel most couples get turned off that we have a commitment in life and that it's not always easy to go out without having... read more

What do we do?

Why is it that us as a couple have a hard time connecting with other couples. We have found several patterns happening alot lately. One the patterns is that we are parents and we feel most couples get turned off that we have a commitment in life and that its not always easy to go out with a properly... read more

Boob jobs

We have seem some gnarly boob jobs. We are often amazed that these "victims" dont try corrective surgery. What have your experiences been?... read more

Available on Weekends again

We are available on weekends as long as we can arrange child care.   We are available some late nights after 11:30pm during the week, and some weekends.  Thank you for your time.  ... read more

Swinging resorts

Are there any other resorts out there other than the Hedos and Desire? If so what are they and which one of all the resorts is your favorite? We have been to Hedo II and loved it...let us know what you think.... read more

Liar's, blockers, and people judging you without even knowing you

We have been in this life style for about 3 years.  We have met some really great couples here. We have built up friendships with some couples and have even had several experiences that have opened our eyes.  However, some of the people judge a couple without even getting to know them.&nbs... read more

Pre Op transexual interesting in meeting you?

Let me tell you about a fun little session I had the other day. Hi my name is Katrina. I am Fourty Seven years old, I am five foot eleven Light Brown/blonde hair with a thirty eight B breasts. I work at the mall in a small store which is where the fun took place. The shop sells womens clothing and o... read more

Al agua patos! como pasarla bien siendo novato

Una semana después de nuestro registro. Calentados por la fantasia durante toda la semana, ella con sueños humedos, él con la ansiedad de revisar este sitio diariamente, llegamos al primer desafío: Nuestra primer experiencia swinger con una pareja. ¿Nos tiramos al agua? oh,si! y lo d... read more

cyber sex

Dear Elvis Me and my partner have been on the swinging scene for a few years now and have met lots of wonderful couples, single men and a couple of tv's. We always agreed that we be totally honest with each other and tell each other everything,  however ive since found that my partne... read more