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san juan PR

Hi: We are interesting in knowing about the lifestyle in San Juan PR - any lifestyle clubs or bars or hotels you can suggest? thank you... read more

The Dreaded, the horrible, Single Male!!!

I know this topic has been done to death, but I'm doing some more.  I'm a single guy.  I started swinging almost 20 years ago with my wife at the time.  We went at it hot and heavy. We mostly played with couples and single females, but a few times she would find a single guy who got h... read more

"BBC only" vs. "No Black men"

Now this is an interesting one my friend and I recently debated: Big Black Cock versus No Black Men  A single straight (caucasion) male friend of mine in the lifestyle told me he was tired of running into BBC only women and told me it was "unfair" that he was out of the race before... read more

Cum Too Soon, PE & You

PE (Premature Ejaculation) is a distressing sexual condition for many men throughout the world. Causes of the syndrome vary from individual to individual. However, help is on the way, IF you live in Finland or Sweden. Experts in PE from the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM) define t... read more

LAC Anniversary Celebration begins 8/1 through 9/30


Happy National Orgasm Day

Get Jiggy People! Find a friend, grab a partner or two, three or four. Join the millions globally who are celebrating this day in randy style. OH HAPPPY DAY! Make me moan for love Baby! Shout out to the Universe with verbal harmonic bombilation! Actually this orgasmic holiday follows National Fo... read more

San Francisco

Traveling to San Francisco.  Can snyone recommend a good swing club or group there.  Please post or PM me if you have any good recommendations.  Mid-week preferred due to travel schedule  Hoping there is something equivalent to Trapeze Wednesday or thursday nights.... read more

Not about left or right, its about being right!

I agree we need to fix things, but as an owner of several small companies that provides health care to its employees, I know first hand that 3 out of 10 employees just flat out take advantage!!  Their spouse has insurance, but since we offer it for free, then let the employer pay all they can..... read more

France & Belgium

We will be on vacation between from Paris and North France to Brusells and Brujas, on mid Octuber, we would like to have some adult fun too during this trip. Hope hear from something interesting ;-) J & O... read more

Fooled Again my friends

I lived in this Country for the last 10 years, and let me tell you something: We are pretty close to the edge of the "3rd World". Endless wars Unemployment (10%?) Did anyone measure the level of poverty yet? Torture Censure Media silence No criticism at all Promises. BLABLABLA P... read more

Fooled Again my friends

I lived in this Country for the last 10 years, and let me tell you something: We are pretty close to the edge of the "3rd World". Endless wars Unemployment (10%?) Did anyone measure the level of poverty yet? Torture Censure Media silence No criticism at all Promises. BLABLABLA P... read more

It's Summer, Roast My Wennie

Every mangrill deserves one! The universal stainless steel man extends his rod for you to keep your dogs up and sizzlin'. You may have your manbase custom cut to your own design. Or perhaps you might prefer Marsha Mello's, no stick needed for the fire.Check out the latest grill stick culture. Use i... read more

segate hotel

Can anyone tell us how the Sea Gate Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale is and how it compares to the Roof Top in Hollywood.... read more

The Elusive Single Female

I have heard the term "elusive single female" quite a bit on this site and was wondering if some can shed some light on what THEY mean by it.   Now, before you state the obvious, I do now that there are a lot less single females on the site than couples or single males. ... read more


We are in vacation closed to Barcelona starting 29th and for all month of August. Please let us know if you have some swinger meeting places as beaches, sauna, cinemas, hotels or other closed to Barcelona. If you would like to spend time with us, please send us message adding phone number.... read more

PolyAmory Goes Mainstream

In media anyway. The current issue of Newsweek Magazine has a feature article on Poly families who believe in "ethical nonmonogamy." They state they are not swingers nor polygamists. They live the lifestyle of multi-partner families.Poly families have been kept in the closet too long. Rese... read more

How Much Ass Is Average

Trojan condoms published their Average American Ass Data survey earlier this month. Of the 1,000 respondents who answered the survey found they believe sex is very important and want to get more! UH, HELLO!The sample rated their sexual satisfaction as only just above average and reported having sex ... read more

brussels Swingers clubs

hi there, Who knows the brussels swingers scene? Where would you recommend in terms of clubs. We will be a couple (M&F) and we're looking for bi tolerant clubs (where both M&F are Bi).. Can anyone recommend a good club for this weekend? thanks! j&s xxx... read more


Hello everyone! We will be in CAP D'AGDE 8 to 15 August. we will stay in Port Hill Nature 5. Fun and glamor is what we want! What about you?... read more

Experience #1: 14 Hours of MFM ( A new experience)

 So this all began as my wife and I were on our way to a wedding. As some of you may know, we had been "shopping" for another guy to join us. Jokingly, on our way to the Wedding, I told her "I bet we find some guy that fits the bill at the wedding this afternoon, and we wind up t... read more

Sex Talk for Sale

Madonna's erotic voice mails and faxes to her former lover back in the day, Jim Albright, are being auctioned off Aug 5. The sale is being held by Gotta Have It auction house. The winning bid is expected to reach $40,000.... read more

Stiletto Stealer Stopped

Western German police have arrested a suspect in the latest rash of street shoe fetish crimes. His M.O.was simple. High heeled women were knocked down on the street, their shoes were snached and off he dashed down the street, high heels in hand. Police commented that this arrest is likely to brin... read more

Don't Vote for This German Porn Star

Well known German porn star legend, Dolly Buster is appearing on the Obringhoven-Lackhausen district city council ballot. Buster, aka Nora Baumberger and her husband Dino, both appear on the online candidate list, which is run by an independent voting alliance. The "accidental" placeme... read more

From internet to real meet, how does it work out?

We've been swinging for quite some time now but have never met anyone in person that we have connected with on the internet. Generally we meet people at straight clubs, have a party at our place after the bar closes, and work on finding sex partners from there. We have been very successful to this p... read more

I am looking, reaching out and getting no replies...Help?!?

I am one of those wives who love to watch their husband have sex with other women.  I do enjoy being with women as well but get very very very turned on by watching my husband and another women connect and be intimate.  Sooooo the problem?  Where are the other women who want to partic... read more

South Beach - August 14th through 16th

We will be staying in South Beach Miami for the weekend of August 15th and plan to attend the Back to School Bliss party.  We would love to find some sexy hosts to show us around and introduce us to the Miami scene.  Give us a shout if you are interested.... read more

Swing On Baby

Old Swingers never die, they just swing a little slower, according to a recent Canadian survey of 500 individuals over the age of 50. Sexually adventurous (41%) Frisky (40%) and Ferocious (16%) was how they described themselves.Retirement frees up a lot of time for sexual activity, says David Mc K... read more

Mayor Defends Firing

Update-Mayor Kiker's unique excuse for firing Ft. Myers Beach FL, town manager, Scott Janke, was that it was necessary to avoid any "disruption and interruption." Janke was fired earlier this week for being married to a woman in the adult film industry. According to ABC, Kiker has recei... read more



Female for Desire!

I would like to visit Desire in Cancun, but as a male only it's not possible to visit. I am looking for a nice and warm female who will join me to make this possible. Just step into writing and rest w'll see! Johan X... read more

long and large clits

We would love to see photos of the largest clits? are there any?... read more

Ibiza and Barcelona

HI  all. we will come to Barcelona in 30 august. also have plans to Go to Ibiza. Want to find pretty couples... The most interesting pics will be posted in  this blog... ... read more

Mighty Wind Blows Down

Artist Paul McCarthy currently is displaying his huge inflatable sculptures of " anti-symbols" of American culture at the Botanical Gardens in Utrecht, Netherlands. The instillation "Air Pressure" features Santa, Big Daddies Ketchup and Butt Plug, Nixon and Piggies. This is certa... read more

Turbulence Please!

"Satin sheets, champagne, strawberries, flowers and even a certificate to show their friends." This was the motto of Erotic Airways, Brisbane, Australia's sexists travel venue. More than 100 couples joined and were certified as bona-fide "mile high club members." Couples, threeso... read more

Desires in September

Is anyone one attending Desires Sept 4-10th We will be there for our third trip and would love to meet SDC members.... read more

Cap Agde for singles

Hi! Am gonna be heading to Cap Adge on August 15th for two weeks alone! would love to hear about ur experience there as singles and are there good changes to stay company with other singles or couples? thanks for the advise!... read more

Le Ran Du Chabrier Naturist/Swingers Camping France

Has anyone visited Le Ran Du Chabrier at Berjac in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France this year? It was a swinger friendly camping site in the south of France, we have heard it has changed hands/ownership this year. We would like to know if it's still a place for swingers or has now becom... read more

Innocent Balls Attacked

Police in Duluth, MI have issued an APB- all points bulletin- to be on the lookout for a suspect who has a self-proclaimed fetish for slashing exercise balls. Appearing on surveillance cameras at a local gym, the suspect is seen slashing rubber exercise balls. Police felt confident they know the su... read more

Fired for Wife's Porn Job

Ft. Myers Beach, Fl. Town Manager, Scott Janke was fired this week after officials got wind that his wife is involved in the adult entertainment industry. An "emergency" meeting with the council members was called and the board voted 5-0 to terminate his employment immediately. He was give... read more

When all plans fail, what do you do? Go watch a movie. LOL

I guess I must be getting old. Though I know that we have all had such evenings before. Here in Austin we had the great BBB gathering where hundreds of people descended upon Austin for a weekend of time on the lake, and time out in local places here in Austin. So, what am I talking about here? Wel... read more

strip club in panama city, panama?

any recommendations for strip clubs in panama city, panama?... read more

Unsafe Sex Surcharge

The House Energy and Commerce committee discussed last week proposed federal legislation to be added to President Obama's proposed healthcare plan...Rep. Steve Buyer of Indiana, wants to tax American's who engage in unsafe sexual practices. As to who will be doing "the monitoring" has yet ... read more

Sri Lanka - 24 August 09

Hi, We are in Sri Lanka for 10 day from 24 August 2009,,,,,,  Staying at Blue Water Hotel but happy to travel to meet couples, singles, groups........ read more


Is there anybody who knows if there are any Swingers clubs in Thailand, and if there are: Do you know where we could find them ?... read more

Swinger's Rehab?

Criminal charges were dropped earlier this month against four people arrested after police busted a swinger's party last year in CT. The remaining two opted for "accelerated rehab." ?? Swinger's Rehab??? "Today's dismissal was a victory for all those charged, but more so for the Co... read more

Starting a New Club

We recently went to Club Risquie and one of the most dissapointing things for us was the turn out, i know money is tight and also other clubs happeing as well but guys if we don't support these places they will close.  Sussex has not had a club since Skinnies and that was packed out every week... read more

Saint Martin

Anyone going to St. Martin, July 25-29?... read more

SDC Desire in December

Do you still have rooms available?  Can 2 couples share a room?... read more


Sharkey is right.  Ibiza is HOT!!!! and not just the fantastic sunshine!! Look at paradise-lovers, check them out  on SDC. They run a marvelous swingers hotel in Ibiza, we will be there for the 3rd year running in August. Then there's Beverleys.... Google -Beverleys Ibiza, a sup... read more

World Outgames 2009

According to their website: "You will find it all at the 2nd World Outgames in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 25 July to 2 August 2009. Nine days and nights when the world will be coming out in Copenhagen for pure joy and love." There will be tournaments in 38 different sports disciplines, from... read more

Frisky Germans and Then Some

British academic journal "The Archives of Sexual Behaviour" said 80 per cent of Austrian men and 63 per cent of Austrian women "enjoy their sex life very much."Austrians topped the study in which 27,000 people aged between 40 and 80 in 29 countries on all continents were intervie... read more

Antique Fetish Comicbooks

Recently found at an estate sale or used book store, (different sources vary) by comic archivist Craig Yoe, fetish art comicbooks penned by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster has now been published as "Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's co-creator Joe Shuster." The Gotham Group h... read more

Does size really matter?

-------------(makes sense at the end)-------------- Well while the great debate still stands and most likely always shall, as this is most often determined by personal preference and not by a direct physical reaction, there is one aspect that can yet be decided. The condom. Everyman has hi... read more

looking for a nice hilday from 15 august to 30 august

we would like to enjoy a swinger holiday either in france or spain any suggestions guys any offers????? thx... read more

sea gate hotel

Can anyone tell us how the Sea Gate Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale is and how it compares to the Roof Top in Hollywood.... read more

Condom Culture

Indigenous rainforest tribes tap latex trees-straight from the source-to provide you with "green" condoms. Prefer scotch flavored, huge, micro,custom, fashion, Pope, canine???? The list goes on & on checkout the latest selection of condom innovations. Can't say I would personally b... read more

SPAM??? On HERE??? - The sadness continues

Evidently the spammers have started attacking SDC now. How often have you seen a message that reads a little something like this: "hi sexy, how are u? my name is <so and so>. Im 23 yrs old. Just joined this site. Saw ur profile and thought id say hi. I tried loading my pics up but havent wo... read more

Women.......Do you fantasize about watching/participating with bi guys?

 There are a lot of couples here on SDC who self-identify as Bi, and many more who say they are "straight", but are in search of Bi couples and men. What women love to see their man with another man, enjoy being part of, or fantasizing about a Bi MMF, or MMFF? ... read more

LoveHoney Wants Your Design

LoveHoney invites you to their "Design A Sex Toy Competition" and win £1,000 ($1,631.) and perpetual royalties when the product is manufactured and sold worldwide. "We are looking for the Dyson of sex toys: and the revolutionary idea that's going to sell around the world and ... read more

Gingerly Up My Ass

Figging. I know it it goes way back to Victorian times. Has anyone got their burn on with these natural butt plugs? Is organic better? ... read more

Peddle Discount for Sex

Every industry has been effected by the worldwide economic downturn...... Creative promos are abundant to get consumers to part with their currency across the board. A German brothel, Maison d'envie in Berlin where prostitution is legal, is offering bicyclists a discount if they peddle to their bro... read more

cap d agde, france

Hi, we want to visit cap d agde from july 25 - aug 2, but we have no idea how to do it. We cannot spend a lot of money for luxury hotels, but maybe you have an entrance where we can book an appartment or something like that. thanks in advance, chrisenpetra... read more

Gush... Gush... Gush...

Hi, we are a portuguese couple from cascais. We have at home in her what is called squiter, or female ejaculation. We wan to meet more couples  tha the women have that particularity. We look also for documentation or pics or movies about that... Kisses.... read more

A Portrait of Great Sex

On the role of lust, desire, chemistry and attraction, the study said "some identified the desire and attraction they felt for their partners and the strong mutual lust or chemistry within the relationship as common elements across their greatest experiences."The largest group was couples ... read more

Laptop Fertility Warning

Laptops are becoming increasingly common among young men wired into to the latest technology," said DR.Kavic. "However, the heat generated from laptops can impact sperm production and development making it difficult to conceive down the road." Research indicates elevated scrotal tempe... read more

Viagra v Cialis v Levitra

 Hi Dr Ziggy, My partner and I have fantastic sex and have been together for ever....we are however in our fifties, but really love to play....no problem for me, but he would like to be more confidant when using a condom with a new partner (which obviously we have never needed to use)...our ... read more

Earth Angel Vibe

Earth Angel Vibrator is the first totally green sex toy. Technology has brought sustainable pleasure from Ireland. After more than two years in development, Camden Enterprises in Dublin have introduced a vibrator that powers up from a UBS connector or wind up key. The entire product is Green. From i... read more

A Poem

The Modern Sadomasochist I know... Where to cut you, where to pierce you, all your body's pressure points, And how to tie and how to bind and still protect your tender joints, And with a whip I'm good enough that it's as nice as being kissed. I am the very model of a modern sadomasochist. ... read more


This is an endless story which all of us will participate. Most basic fact of this story that it never finishes and goes all the way long. I will start with an introduction and the next person will continue the story with their own crativity. And the next person take over where it's left and continu... read more

merak etti─čimiz bir konu var...

Gercekten merak ediyoruz,kimseyi yargilamak ,gibi bir niyetimiz yok sadece merak ediyoruz.... Agirlikla Türk çiftlerde rastladigimiz bir durum,neden validationlarini gizler insanlar... burasi bir lifestyle sitesi,burda bulunma amaci belli insanlarin,nicelik elbette önemli degil,ama ... read more

Why Meet Elsewhere?

Lots of guys ask to meet you ‘somewhere’ like a bar, for drinks etc. before getting together for a great night of sex. But why not make that ‘somewhere’ a swingers club? The reason we like to meet new people at a swingers club is:   If you meet someone new at a bar, r... read more

Turkey,Kemer we are on vacation and looking for other couples until 25.07.2009

 ... read more

Swinging and Edward R. Murrow

Excellence in journalism is hard to come by these days in the land of hype and melt-down-who-cares celeb's. It was therefore quite a shock, when the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards honored outstanding achievements in electronic journalism went to April Zesbaugh for her report on swingers in Denv... read more

Improve Your Sex Life

BERLIN -  In Berlin couples can visit an exhibition to increase their sex-techniques.Couples can practice playing the erotic zones of naked "models" at an Interactive exhibit.The "Amora Sex Academie" welcomes visitors by yelling: "FINALLY!"Over 50 interactive displ... read more

Olympian Brothel Fundraiser

Cash strapped Olympian opens brothel in New Zealand to raise funds.Logan Cambell, 23, competed in Beijing in 2008, as he also wants to compete in London in 2012, he needs to raise cash. Training cost are expensive and his parents were tired of footing the bill, so, Mr. Cambell has opened a 14 room &... read more

The Mistress

A husband and wife were having dinner at a very fine restaurant when this absolutely stunning young woman comes over to their table, gives the husband a big french kiss, then says she'll see him later and walks away. The wife glares at her husband and says, "Who the hell was that?" &q... read more

How many Indian couples are here on sdc.com

 we are sdc member since long. we are just curious to know that how many Indian cpls like us are members on sdc.com please share your views. Thanks.... read more

PR in El Palacete

El Palacete. 5 stories of luxury, a collection of rooms, almost a maze. I'm in a suit, I'm working - helping out as a 3rd PR person, meeting and greeting couples, giving them the tour. It's a new place, I've been hired to get it known in the community. At first the tours are easy enough. Eleva... read more

PR in El Palacete

El Palacete. 5 stories of luxury, a collection of rooms, almost a maze. I'm in a suit, I'm working - helping out as a 3rd PR person, meeting and greeting couples, giving them the tour. It's a new place, I've been hired to get it known in the community. At first the tours are easy enough. Eleva... read more

Anniversary/Birthday Lifestyle surprise gift ideas, anyone?

I would like to ask you to share your best (most imaginative yet feasible) birthday or anniversary gift or surprise ideas ... [I probably should also say within reasonable budget] A few years ago (even before we were involved in the LS) I (the husband) decided to surprise my wife for her birthda... read more

Anniversary/Birthday Lifstyle gift/party/surprise ideas

I would like to ask you to share your best (most imaginative yet feasible) birthday or anniversary gift or surprise ideas ... [I probably should also say within reasonable budget] A few years ago (even before we were involved in the LS) I (the husband) decide to surprise my wife for her birthday... read more

Body Paint Air New Zeland

Air New Zeland has Nothing to Hide To prove that what you see is what you pay, the staff at Air New Zeland volunteered to make their saftey video wearing nothing more than body paint. Tired of flyers not paying attention to pre flight saftey demos, the crew decieded to bare all in their up front ... read more

BDSM Community Education

CENA - The BDSM Community Educational Needs AssessmentCARAS is currently working on an Educational Needs Assement, inspired and requested by a number of BDSM/leather/kink community members who are teachers and producers of BDSM educational events.  The project will gather information in three w... read more

Gay Sex Now Legal in India

Advocate Tripti of the Naz foundation, which had filed the petition, said, "It is very clear now that sex between consenting adults would no longer be an offence." In a landmark decision, the Delhi High Court decriminalised gay sex and guaranteed homosexuals equal rights. The repeal of A... read more

Sneeze Anyone ??

I just think this is funny and wonder how many other people like to SNEEZE. I for one enjoy it alot. ALlegry season??? Bring it on. Sneezing to me is like a mini orgasm.  Especially the one's that leave you hanging for a little bit ............your right one the edge................your about t... read more

Tenerife in September

We are staying in Playa de las Americas from 4 to 11 September.  Love to meet intersted couples for private fun at our hotel or your place.  Would also like an introduction to local parties/clubs.... read more

Sao Paulo

Hi. We will be in Sao Paulo Brasil from 14-17 August. We like to meet some couples for some fun. XXXXXXXXXXXX ... read more


ON THE WALL... WHO'S THE BIGGEST SQUIRTER OF THEM ALL???? Okay boys and girls... How in the hell is it done??? Directions??? Videos??? Walkthroughs??? We have read the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_ejaculation ... And numerous other sites... But, WHAT THE FUCK, MAN??? No com... read more

Costa Rica swing clubs

 just getting to San Jose, Costa Rica this week.    hoping to have some great xxx fun while we are around.    would love to hear some ratings of any swing clubs in and around San Jose... and the rest of Costa Rica.    there's a few things online .. but mostly re... read more

Too Slutty for Cemetery

Domenica Niehoff, Germany's most famous prostitute, who died earlier this year is in the news once again. Known for her activism in the profession, vocal outrage for social change and her 48 inch bust. Her friend , famous illustrator, Tomi Ungerer's, design for her headstone marker was deemed "... read more

Foreskins enhance pleasure

When someone changed her mind about being with me a few years ago because of my foreskin, I was floored. I had never heard of such a thing. To me, that was like rejectiing somebody because of eye color. It just made no sense to me at all. I now know that some people think it is unhygienic. I can ... read more

Heliopolis 25/7 .- 2/8

Ser att ni också har siktet inställt på Cap och att vi har en del gemensamma vänner, vi kommer troligt att bo i sektion L men är inte helt klart med bokningen än. Lena & Ingemar... read more

Helioplois 25/7 .- 2/8

Ser att ni också har siktet inställt på Cap och att vi har en del gemensamma vänner, vi kommer troligt att bo i sektion L men är inte helt klart med bokningen än. Lena & Ingemar... read more

Maldives Public Lashing for Extra Marital Sex

An 18 year old woman was flogged in public receiving 100 lashes, outside the Justice Building and sentenced to a year of house arrest for having extra marital sex. The alleged men involved denied any action on their part. Public lashings are commonly used as a deterrent in this country of small isla... read more

Gone all quite??

now it's maybe that its sunday morning as i type this and finally the weekend is taking its toil on me and making me all deluisional and lacking in judgement. But has the whole swinging scene gone awfully quite and is there just not an awful lot happening at the moment. I know summer in this part o... read more

Connections List

I think I miss the old connections list. While I do like the idea of being able to filter items, I miss being able to delete/remove items from the list. Does anyone have a similar feeling about that?... read more


Go to   AmericanLowLife .com and you will find good information swinging in Vegas, good Luck. we will be in Vegas July 24,25,26... read more

Penis Firecracker Explosion

 A Russian woman was so pissed off that her boyfriend refused to get married and stated he would rather go back to his first wife, she tied firecrackers to his penis and exploded them. After their "farewell" dinner, and heavy drinking, he fell asleep and the fireworks began. Poor dude... read more

Medical Pornography

It is now illegal to own pornography in the Ukraine according to mosnews. Pornography can only be kept for "medical purposes" according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.The article did not state definitions of either porno nor "medical purposes." Punishment for posession o... read more

Healthy Sperm Requires Frequent Sex

Two studies presented this week at the meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Amsterdam provided evidence on how to make sure your "swimmers" are healthy. Dr. David Greening of Sydney, Australia presented his research consisting of 118 men with damaged sp... read more


So here we are 7 months further into this economic downward spiral. Most hardworking Americans have felt it's effect for some time now.  What ways are you coping with our new found financial slump? While we are by no means losing our shirts, homes, or cars, ... read more


Sex positive Community, Do you have a preference? Thoughts? ... read more