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date night

You always did enjoy date night..going out with the man you loved. And as he liked to make things spicy, it was always an adventure. He set out the remote control vibrating egg, placing it on the panties you picked out to wear, while you were in the shower. You couldn't help but smile when you saw i... read more

a little story

     The email said to go to the hotel, room 224, and knock. That all. You step out of the elevator on rubber legs, and walk slowly down the hall. You find the room, and hanging from the doorknob is a plastic bag, with a slip of paper taped to it. On the paper is your first initi... read more

The Wedding Buffet

A swinging party is very much like a wedding buffet. Everyone standing around hungry and wanting some but nobody wants to be first. As soon as someone goes for it there is a queue within seconds. Why are we always first in the queue? Isn't there other people out there just as hungry. We had to st... read more

8 day October Cruise on Carnival Freedom

Oct. 2010 Cruise 4/3/2010 11:45:00 AM,   Comments (5)    [ Delete ] We have booked an 8 day cruise (Sat.-Sun.) on the Carnival Freedom for Oct. 23rd.  The cruise visits Cozumel, Panama, and Costa Rica.  Having never been to Panama and Costa Rica we are... read more

last minut swingersholidays spain

The most luxery resort in spain www.eroticxholidays.com we have for august some place extra discount last minut bookings  Helen 34 679610313... read more

We wil be in January 4/2001

Colombianos visitando esas hermosas playas,rumba,relax,sexo,party and friends.Anyone going???... read more

Early to Mid September travel to the Caribbean...

Soo... we are looking to have couples over at our beach house in Culebra Island, PR. Any takers? We are also planning to head to either Punta Cana or Puerto Plata, RD and definitely St. Marteen. Any ideas, suggestions? Send us a note! Hablamos español! Sue and Dan ... read more

The great British shyness

We visited X-Tasia is the midlands recently as we were in that area. Not a single couple played with each other. The palce was just dotted with each couple sitting in separate areas. Everyone just seemed shy. We figure it might be the fear of rejection which causes people not to ask. There seems to ... read more

Online rules for a proper profile. You'll laugh your ass off!

Karen Alloy Silly as hell, super hot and this video had me thinking about how similar singles dating site profiles are compared to swingers profiles. Not much of a difference if you ask me!! Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_XKWjQzNqA&NR=1... read more

A play Mate

Hi Guys, Your thoughts on this? We have been swinging for at least 3 years, but just after chrismas a local lad was sniffing round the Mrs, well he lives 3 doors away, we have known since he was about 10 years old, he is now 19, Anyway got him round and he was up for a 3 some, but after that... read more

Full lips = better bj's...Myth or fact?

In a recent conversation the topic of full lips = better bj's came up. I asked if this was true and got mixed reviews. General comments are that women with full lips (ej. Angelina Jolie) give best oral sex, is this true? Is it more technique or is it the lips? What do you think? Please comment ... read more

come over drinks, maybe more

lookin for single black male to come over chill for drinks and if we hit it off more... read more

What is or would be the swingers color?

What is or would be the swingers color? ... read more

Erotic Movies Club

I've created this blog for those lovers of quality erotic cinema, not softcore or porn. Let us know the movies that you recommend and/or discuss those suggested by others. For starters, some of my favorites are: Histoire d'O (Story of O) by Just Jaeckin 1975 Ai no corrida (In th... read more

South Florida Clubs

I am coming to the Ft Lauderdale are with my friend the first Sat in Aug and wanted some opinons on the swinger's clubs in that area.  I have never been to one but I am very excited to experience the full sensations they can offer and wanted people's opinons on which one to try.  I am defi... read more

anyone sailing from barcalona spain on the 25th of july

We are sailing from barcalona on the 25th of July to Rome Naples and a few other country's anyone else sailing the same time let us know   ... read more

Take it easy folks

It saddens me to see all our sisters and brothers of this happy website fussing back and forth about left wing this? and right wing that? and all the crap that's in between. You must understand that this is an election year and both political sides are pulling out the punches and digging holes to tr... read more

Swingers, good business for opticians

Would I ever consider a career change, I would become an optician or a reading teacher :)  How big does the letters in profiles need to be before they get noticed? It's amazing how many guys (and some couples too) have poor vision or can't read. Profile text(... read more

1st time meeting

When you meet another couple for the first time, is it ok to invite another couple too? We always make sure everyone is aware of who's "coming", but never sure if it's the right thing to do?... read more

Ongoing problems with this website

We have just cancelled our recurring billing for our membership of this site.....why?.....not because of the members, who have been great, or the timewasters ...haven't had any on here......but because of the endless difficulties we have getting the site to load. We have changed our web browsers, tr... read more

Ongoing problems with this website

We have just cancelled our recurring billing for our membership of this site.....why?.....not because of the members, who have been great, or the timewasters ...haven't had any on here......but because of the endless difficulties we have getting the site to load. We have changed our web browsers, tr... read more

The evolution of a bi-couple

She's bi, I'm str8. She's been in gay relationships, jumped the fence twice. I don't jumy any fences...lol. Now we on a hunt to find new friends. How much better can it get. We both like hot women and we love to share. We're also very open and we don't mind a fling our own every now and then. As lon... read more

Disire and Scuba

We are thinking about doing a private scuba diving session at our next visit to Desire at the end of the month (we are thinking about booking the scuba trip on July 31st or so). We don't want to do any of the bigger dive boat trips. But if another couple wanted to join us for the trip, that would be... read more

Single guys

 Why is it no one really contacts or even replies to single guys? I know I'm not a bad looking guy, but what is it that makes couples or single females not want to atleast get to know a single guy before the just automatically decide no?... read more

Moving Swingfest to Caliente

We are down to just a few condos for the Swingfest weekend at Caliente. I also have a house that might be perfect for three couples traveling together. Let us know. JC... read more


Like many of you, we had already made travel plans for Swingfest.  We are still planning on going to Orlando or Tampa Thursday - Sunday.  Any recommendations on the best clubs to go to, parties, etc.?  Also, would it be better to stay in Orlando or Tampa?... read more

Moving Swingfest to Caliente

It is confirmed that Swingfest is cancelled or "postponed", (great way to fight with a credit card company when people dispute the charges), HOWEVER, I have been working with Arnold of Swingfest and we have moved several coupes to Caliente for the weekend and made them a very good deal... read more

SwingFest Cancellation Offer

SAPPHIRE LOUNGE in Jupiter, FL wishes to extend an invitation to any members who had planned to attend SwingFest.  Bring proof of your registration or cancellation email to SAPPHIRE LOUNGE on Friday, July 23rd and Saturday, July 24th and we will wave all entrance and membership fees. ... read more

swingers clubs and hygiene

hi all, we were wondering what the global concensus was on hygiene within swinging clubs. We've been to a couple of places in the Netherlands and also 1 in Spain and we were wondering how owners go about keeping their establishment as clean as possible. A tough task for sure, especially in the mo... read more

Where to stay in Key West?

Does anyone have a recommendation for lifestyle friendly accomodations in Key West, Florida? Thanks!!!... read more

From Jaws

The scene of the missing tattoo of the Indianapolis!... read more

What are the rules, if there are any?

What are the rules, if there are any? This question was posed to me recently.  It gave me reason to pause, and in that moment,  I realized that this requires some serious consideration.  What are the rules when it comes to meeting and greeting in this particular forum?  As... read more

Austin Riders

Most Saturdays there's a group that meets in Luckenbach Texas(yes THAT Luckenbach). It's a good central point to both Austin and San Antonio. The hill country is a great ride and there's usually a band playing. If you are at all perceptive it won't be that hard to figure out who the "lifestyle... read more

Who wants to have fun in South Beach?

Hello!!! Would like to have fun in South Beach?? Let me know!!!... read more

Malaga and Marbella

We are in Malaga / Marbella area until 22nd July - looking for some fun - give us a shout!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx... read more


... read more

Nudist beaches Malaga and Marbella

We are here until 23rd july - looking for some nudist beaches, and people to meet to enjoy them with!!... read more


Ramakien-resort is the best resort life style in ASIA,Me and -Nina was there often,the best love is Mr.Ton,Manager is kind and funny,we can nude swim and talk to each other couple with friendly ship, the sex is option the fun is main thing when we join there, We love this place... read more


Why do women love some BBC? If so, whats turns you on length or width?... read more

Public Fun

I have a lady friend that recently discovered she likes a little public sex from time to time. On the advice of a friend in here, I checked out the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood. They have private viewing booths which are perfect for an intro into this sort of play. Clearly this isn't for everyo... read more

Public Fun

I have a lady friend that recently discovered she likes a little public sex from time to time. On the advice of a friend in here, I checked out the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood. They have private viewing booths which are perfect for an intro into this sort of play. Clearly this isn't for everyo... read more

convencer amigas para trios

 como creen que seria la mejor manera de lograr convencer a una bel amiga a relizar un trio??... read more

For the Ladies and a few men

We started to "bud" in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find that anything that came in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurt so bad it brought us to tears. So then came the ridiculously uncomfortable training bra. Next, we get our periods in our ea... read more

Suggestion for Site

regarding the options/filters search function to members who are "online". i would like the search option to filter members online who are "members looking for me/us" just like it is the the Speed Dating section where you can choose the drop down option. the &qu... read more

Swingins not for Mel

I guess we can assume that (much to Mrs Nippys dismay) swinging would not be a good idea for Mr Gibson... read more

Swinger Cruise departing Tampa Nov 13th

Where is everybody staying the night before the boat departs?  Is there a meet and greet set up already?... read more

A Slut's Rant....

Let me preface this by saying I love men.   I believe that fun comes in all shapes, sizes, and skin colors.  Single men have been and will probably continue to be my favorite playmates.  I have defended the “Dreaded Single Male (DSM)” both in particular and in general... read more

Fantasyfest 2010

Will be there 10/29 to 10/31 Any suggestions to have fun !... read more

Paradise Lakes

We will be at Paradise 7/29-8/1. Hope to meet you there.... read more

Columbus 2010 Raft-up Weekend

Would like to join a funny pleasant raft-up. If any room, just let us know Warm regards. Migral ... read more

Orchard Trails

Was wondering if and when there's a good time for single (true single) males to go to OTR.  Any thoughts?... read more

Swingers Warning about Marrero's in Key West

Just thought I would post this blog in general since I had a strange experience and wanted to warn others visiting Key West to avoid the same problem.  My wife and I visit Key West on occasion and this time were planning to stay at a place called Marrero's, a B&B that advertises as being cl... read more

La Chew Toy

Hi Rachel   My name is Alex and i am not ashamed to mention that. I am so new to this that I havn't even been with another person yet. My Wife and I have been talking about this for a long time and have desided to go forword with our quest to see what is behind the curtin. I must say I am so s... read more

Desire - End of July/ Early August

We are heading to Desire at the end of July/early August for some relaxation, fun, and a birthday celebration. Who else is heading to Desire Cancun at the same time?... read more






Hi there... We're in western Norway for a fortnight from Monday... any interest?... read more

Viset to Egypt sea sun sex

We heard from so many friends about it and we are planning to visit Egypt some sea sun at red sea sharm elshike , hurgadah , marsa alem and then going north to Cairo and alx, any one will be there ... read more