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swing boat cruize- CROATIA

 Hello , dear friend, we have baot for 6 couple and if you are interesting for swing cruizing in Croatia- yust infomr us- We try some black boys for gigolo party on boat.- for detail contact us with photo and personal information. We offer speciall weekend yust for lady- on the boat waith ... read more

Amelia Island 7-12 Sept

Hi All! We will be in the Amelia Island, Jacksonville and Saint Augustine area 7-12 September. We are looking for good vanilla bars, clubs and restaurants to dress sexy and get hit on by hot guys. Any suggestions? Also what's the best beach bar in the area? Has anyone ever identified other ... read more

Promiscuity in mating behaviour of Birds

Promiscuity in mating  behaviour  of Birds Nick Davies, a British ecologist observed a pair of Dunnocks. They had been feeding together, hopping gently towards a bush. The male proceeded to one side, the female to the other. Once out of the male's field of vision, the female instantly f... read more

Motorcycles and Swingers

We've noticed a lot of swingers with motorcycles, looking to ride more than just motorcycles.  In fact, we can't seem to think of anyone we know (key phrase here...that "we know") who ride motorcycles and aren't swingers.  Let's try a little survey to see how many, of those peopl... read more

hummm... joke?

We don't really have a swingers joke, just had to get rid of super-roid-rage's picture shinging up at us like a discarded cover of Attitdue magazine.. so here's an ordinary sex joke or 3... Dear Deidre I was watching my next door neighbour's daughter sunbathing topless from my bedroom window. A... read more

Tampa and St Pete???

Hello, I am looking for some input, I will be traveling to Tampa and St Pete and I am looking for places to go and enjoy my time there. I am planning a trip to Caliente, but I need some help finding other lifestyle friendly places to go. Let me know where you have been and if it was a poitive o... read more

Lifestyle Clubs, Music, Ambiance

Seems like the best ambiance at a lifestlye club would be at some point in the evening, the loud music would be minimized, and quiet romantic music would start. You meet another couple, slow dancing seems to us to be the best way to create a mood. Touching, kissing, can't do that with loud music. ... read more

My wife transforms into a Whore

  ... read more

Seeking an answer

 I was when Palm Dessert this pass weekend, and I saw a few women with a thumb ring and a belly bracelet. I was wondering if those had any meaning to them on women. I have heard somethings, but I wonder what is true. Anyone have any insight on this matter?... read more

Massage parlor for couples

After partying on a Friday night we passed a local massage parlor. We decided to stop in at 1AM and figured that any massage would be good. The place was a bit busy but we got seperate rooms next to each other with female therapists. It was all fine towards the end my female therapist began some lig... read more

Funny Jokes!

A teacher asks an Alabama redneck girl to use "handsome" in a sentence. she says, "When I'm giving head and my jaw gets sore I use my handsome." You got to love an Alabama girl!... read more


So help desk is picking on me. Why? I dont care. Apparently its cool to have picture of your wrinkly cock and balls, but not a professionaly taken and edited photo from your personal photo shoots. Than they shunn you for thieving photos. And never mind sharing a link to your personal blog or your mo... read more

The new SDC Travel Planner

Who has tried out the new travel planner on this site? It seems to me that the previous version worked a little better. Also it deleted our previous travel plan and I had to repost.... read more

Twitter's for Twats?

I'm just curious but how many of you out there Tweet? ... read more

Straight Talk

The old addage goes "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" I was looking at the Straight Talk phone in Walmart the other day. According to the clerk working there, They are great phones and for $45 a month I can get unlimited Talk/Text/Web & they will work in Afgan. ... read more

Merritt Island High Class of 81 Reunion

Just went to the Merritt Island High Class of 81 Reunion - did anyone else go? We get to MI quite often and would like to make meet people in the area. Rick & Rae... read more

Masturbation 24/7

Masturbation.  I find myself fantisizing and masterbating a LOT here lately. It's as if I just cannot get enough! I would say I masterbate about 7-10 times a day. Let's just say I don't wear out so easily. My poor boyfriend gets abused and used every day at my every ertoic and sexual whim! I... read more

Would like to see if we need to make a Reservations

Does anyone have the number to make a reservations? E-mail ... read more

good ole cry-babies

so people who delete your posts from blogs get admin to delete your blogs.. but still get to write whatever nonsense they want about you in their blogs.. while emailing you offensive unsolicited messags full of swearing and profanity?... read more

Cap d'agde summer time

We will be on Cap d'agde from 30 july till 16 agosut. Hope meet sexy hot beatifull couples!!!!!... read more


The wife and I have a little difference of opinion on what constitutes foreplay. Now before you get started ladies lets be clear, warm wet slow kisses and tender loving touches aside. I (Mr ) am of the opinion that eating pussy qualifies as foreplay. The Mrs. On the other hand claims its on the main... read more

Which Orlando Swingers club is best?

We will be in Orlando next weekend and wanted to visit the local swingers clubs Friday and Saturday and were wanting help on which one to visit - can anyone shed a little light on their favorites? Any help would be great.... read more

Ft Myers Clubs

Just trying to figure out what is open in Ft Myers now.. is the TOS (evans ave) still open for partying on Saturday nights? Does the after party still go on?  Has anyone been to the place on Tamiami Trail (Cigar Bar)? Do they party there every Saturday night? Do they have an after party? Are th... read more

A Bush v. A Shaved Pussy

People ask why I won’t, like most swingers, shave my pussy. So I feel compelled to list my reasons: 1 Children that are 5 or 6 years old, have no pubic hair and their pussies look like a swinger’s pussy after she shaved. Little kids are not at all sexy. Unless someone has a fetish for ... read more

Cap d'Adge

We shall be in the Cap from Sept 11 to 22nd,be great to have some fun in the sun with fellow Capdagians!!... read more

Couples Wanted to review clubs in Europe and the USA

Hi everyone, In addition to be swingers on the scene for a number of years, we are now also publishing a series of books about the adult clubbing scene. We already have a team of four couples who have reviewed clubs for us in the UK, now we need couples to review clubs for us on mainland Europe a... read more

Couch surfing and Face book

Hi Do u have couch sufering and Facebook ID ? Lets post hear http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/rajvj/ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000980394659#!/profile.php?id=100000768979550... read more

come here

 sheck out our profile!!!!!... read more

Perfect Length?

What is a perfect cock length for a women/ for you? ... read more

Any ideas for nice clubs in Germany and Italy?

We'll be off to Germany and Italy in the coming holidays and are considering to visit a nice club in Germany and/or Italy. Any of you have any good suggestions? Some of our criteria: - Good atmosphere for couples (not too many single men) - Chique sounds great - Location: middle-south Germany ... read more

They almost pulled it off!

Wisconsin Election Results: Fake Democratic Candidates Go Down In Recall Races MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- All six fake Democrats lost to Democrats supported by the party in primaries Tuesday that are the first in a series of recall elections targeting nine Wisconsin state senators for their positions ... read more

Any good swingers clubs in Cali, Colombia

Travelling there to visit a girlfriend and she wants to be introduced to the lifestyle?  Any good suggestions for places that are decent/nice atmosphere? Thanks... read more

Should parents lose custody of super obese kids?

Should parents of extremely obese children lose custody for not controlling their kids' weight? A provocative commentary in one of the nation's most distinguished medical journals argues yes, and its authors are joining a quiet chorus of advocates who say the government should be allowed to interven... read more

No responses? What Gives?

Is it me/our profile or what?  We have not received ANY responses on sdc whatsoever.  I find this strange as other sites seem to be a lot more responsive.  Any hints?... read more

A message to the Blurred Faced People

Say What's up with the blurred faces? R U hoping to disguise urself from the perv U seen down the hall from U. Maybe it's from ur boss or coworker who been having a boner every since he saw ur wife @ the company picnic. Oh I got it from the neighbor who keep trying to get his voyeurism on when U and... read more

Clubs in Tel Aviv

We will be in Israel at the end of this month. Is there any club to go to in Tel Aviv/Jaffa  on a Saturday night? We don't expect an on premises place but we can't find anything from our searches online  ... read more

Ibiza Lifestyle Clubs?

 We will be in Ibiza for the first week of August and were wondering if there are any lifestyle clubs on the island that anyone could recommend? Or is it just all vanilla clubs? This will be our first time there and we haven't been able to find much so far. Any help would be appreciated.... read more

Rooftop SDC Zodiac party

Rooftop was alot of fun last night!! Had a great time with all of the birthday men and woman!! Love the new club Eden there they did a great job with the new furniture and the dance floor. As always everyone there was awesome from the staff to the party goers!!!! We love Rooftop and plan to be back ... read more

We live in Austin

 The center of entertainment in Austin is of coarse the famous sixth street. That said Austin is far more than just sixth street.There's the Warehouse district, SOCO, The Drag and more. Live music and fun is what Austin is all about. There is a large "swing" community here. There's Hi... read more

Austin, Texas, Recommendations

Making plans for Austin in June, 2012. Staying downtown, or San Marcos, depending on where the nightime action is centered. The City will be full as this will be the weekend of the USGP F1 race. Please, anyone with recommendations?  Are their any on premises clubs? Thanks in advance.... read more

Voyage ti Ibiza

We are going to go to Spain from 10 till 16 on July, and 15-16 shall on Ibiza. If you like to enjoy by Nymph - Welcom! BK S&N... read more

Cancun Trip / Day 3

Day 3: Kate woke me the next morning with a big kiss. The glow from last night was still in her eyes. She grabbed my cock and asked me if I wanted a blow job. Hell yes I said! As she went down on me, I told her how disappointed I was that I didn’t fine that guy for her last night. She didn&rs... read more

Glory Hole

Has anyone done a glory Hole? I (Kelly) am VERY oral (some would say I have a cock sucking fettish...Lol) and was intrigued by the thought of this. I have been doing some reading and it sounds like a turn on. Are there any place in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area that have these? Just curious ... read more


Hi every one, not really know what to write, i new with this stuff, and like to get in to comunicaty. I pretty interested with having sex between many cute\hot\sexi girls :), love them all, i prefer with age 18-30+ but not over 40. I young and with lots energy, open minded, and up for learning new t... read more

sucking cock at glory holes

It is something that we do ones a month more or less. turns us on to take a strangers cock from a hole and to suck it until he cums. then we do cum swapping and kissing. 5 or 7 cock sucking is enough for us and we go to a motel to fuck each other most of the times we fuck at the booth as other p... read more

Spice Lanzarote

Spice  used to have a community, wonder why it disappeared. we are visiting Spice for the Spanish Heat 1-8 October and would like to have some news from members who may have visited this year! also if anyone else planning to be there, would love to hook up in advance take care ... read more


The following is my opinion; please refrain from crucifying me for having it…    ;-)   It was a bitter/sweet day for our Justice System.   On one hand, it is my personal belief that a person suspiciously guilty of murder (either directly or by negligent circumst... read more

Bachelor Party Strippers? Anyone know where to find em?

We are throwing a bachelor party for my friend at my house this Friday July 8th in Dallas Tx area . I have been looking online at strippers and they are outrageously expensive? Would love to have some girls topless in the pool, haning out with us, and maybe a few lap dance for the bachelor, but noth... read more


Hi all just back from a great week in spice this is our 2nd visit food great rooms great company from all europe and fun with out flying half way round the world give it a go  Hugs Jolo xx  ... read more

European Lottery at £154M

In Europe we have a weekly lottery and for the last thirteen weeks no-one has won and so the amount gets higher each week. Tonights lottery is a staggering £154 Million pounds, which if won by one person, would put them at around 450th position on the worlds richest people! My question i... read more

Scientists discover why redheads are sluttier

British scientists noted up to 14 "encounters" per day, for some red-haired females. Told you so!... read more


 Anyone in Naples interested in getting together to form a group to get together for meet and  greets,meeting on a regular basis,bars,house parties,dinners etc etc?...we need a group of like minded people for fun etc etc etc... read more


 Anyone in Naples interested in getting together to form a group to get together for meet and  greets,meeting on a regular basis,bars,house parties,dinners etc etc?...we need a group of like minded people for fun etc etc etc... read more

Shaved or Hairy

 This question is for the ladies.... We all want to please you and look good for you.  So, how do you prefer your mans (or other mens) pubic hair?  Au Natural, neatly shaved or completely bald.  Would also love to hear comments about chest/belly hair etc. ... read more

Handsome french guy looking for a girl to join him to the club

Hey there, i'm a good looking 37 years old french guy and i just moved here. So don't don't know many people yet and i'm looking for a girl to join me to the swingers club Trapeze for example. Are you interested ? Just drop me an email, you will have good times for sure ;-) Love.... read more

Is Squirting impossible?

Hi everyone,  I am a squirt hunter.  Some of my friends really surprised that girls can squirt.  I have made and seen girl’s doin it. So, it’s not uncommon to me.  When I tell my experience with other girls to friend. They say its not possible. I understand someo... read more

No cam in open chat room

Jennifer & Ed: Very happily married 20 years!! Hello to all those single men in chat room: When we are on the webcam in the open chat room, we do not reveal or expose any flesh. Strictly in private IM only. Therefore, please do not send me a chat message stating: "can I ... read more