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Movie Theather Sex

My wife gave me a handjob while we watched TED in our local cinema, ( god I love that woman ). Any way we have been fantasizing (ok me ) about fucking in the back of the theater during a movie. Any one have any good stories or tips on sex with your pop corn.... read more

Syrian civl war and it's effects on all its neighbors

At the request of a some friends from across the pond, there seemed to be a need to post a blog about Syria and the civil, (or not so civil), war taking place at the moment. With 10's of thousands dead, escalation apparent and now the revelation that the Assad regime has WMD ready to be fired, the... read more

Lifestlye Friendly Places In Key West

Restaurants, bars, etc.  Any suggestions? Thanks!... read more

First Time (Thats been a few years lol)

Hi All, well getting ready to open our bar in Benal very hot and sticky today looking forward to going to see Chic on Friday night in Marbella and staying over at Senator Spa ....Still hoping to find some playmates for the night ..?? Posted a couple of photos from Monday on the beach @ Cabo...Take c... read more

Want to play Swing Poker?

Wife and I host a couples poker games with some fun twist. Instead of play where you can re-buy chips in various ways. 1. You can sell articles of your clothes 2. You can offer "services" to other players for poker chip tips To keep things interesting we ask that each couple put&nb... read more

Iniquity Changes

Iniquity as a nightclub has ceased operations and is now well on it's way to planning some of the best parties in the Southwest! Why did we change from the club biz to the event biz you ask - it was an easy transition, it was due to current economic conditions and a huge case of burn out coming from... read more

Your Dream Swingers Club

We've been to a handful of swingers clubs, and have liked certain parts (but not all parts) of all of them, but the other night we were discussing what our dream swingers club would be like, how it would be run, what facilities it would have etc. So, here are the bits we came up with... Open o... read more

to show or not

  would single women and couples who agree to play with a guy from this site rather see him nude and erect on his pics. or wait and be surprised?... read more

Fantasy Football

Looking for about 4 more cpls to join my fantasy league. Do not respond here. Just send me an email. M... read more

Sharm el Sheikh in August

Hello fellow Beauties!!! We will be holidaying in Sharm el Sheikh from August 13th for a week nd would love to meet up with fellow sun (and fun) lovers!!! A few drins, maybe a meal and where-ever it leads is all good, even if it's just to hang out an have a few laughs with!! How-ever, please, plea... read more


A quick update of the result's of April's recent adventures... On 7/15, Tony hosted a Gang Bang of April with a BDSM theme... Besides being fucked repeatedly in all her holes by 14 guys and swallowing loads of cum for 4 and a 1/2 hours, she was a sub to two Doms who spanked and whipped her ass and ... read more


Am I the only one who doesn't particularly care for this new feature where you can see everyone who has recently viewed your profile (including date and time)?  I don't mind so much seeing who has viewed my profile, but I'm not sure I care for everyone I view (and my husband views) seeing when ... read more

Life Style Clubs in Toronto

Hi, We are visiting Toronto in AUG and plan to go to a life style club on Friday. Can anyone recommend a popular/fun life style club in Toronto? I have read the comments made under the parties tab but I need a first hand experience....:) We look forward to your comments..... Ciao, R &... read more

Age is more then a number

 Do you think sites like this should be for 25 and OLDER ?? Do you have an age that is TOO YOUNG or TOO OLD for you to play with?  Have you turned people down based solely on their age?   Just curious if anyone else feels this way about 18-24year olds in this very GROWN UP Lifes... read more

50 Shades Of Gray???

My wife just finished the book "50 Shades Of Gray" trilogy and said I should read the book as well.She hints of the use of ropes/ties(I guess)in the book and it might be fun,but when pressed for answeres regarding the book she says I'll have to read them.Okay I'll play along......I think?.... read more

If a man can't get laid in a vanilla bar, can he get laid in a Swinger's Club?

I was chatting with a gentleman recently who is planning his very first visit to an area LS club and has a TON of questions.  He told me what he looks like (average), his physique (average), what he was going to wear including shoes, and cologne.  And asked if he really need ... read more

The heat is on!

Walking around in a thong at home whilst husband works is extremely frustrating.  Wishing every day if as gorgeous as it has been in UK this week.   Whilst on our simply gorgeous holiday really wished to meet another exciting classy professional couple, to no evail!   Now home, I ... read more

Background noise

Can a GREAT photo of a person be RUINED by the background?   example - dirty rooms, cheap hotel room with LOUD blankets, yes the SOCKS lol, trash around the room, litter of bottles and glasses everywhere, crumbs on the floor, mattresses on floors, GB photo and only ONE man is touching t... read more

Swingers are in a better mood, more social and are generally happier people!

Those who swing are in a better mood, more social and are generally happier people! We just returned from another fantastic trip to the surreal Cap d'Agde. And what a vacation! We are relatively fresh in the swinger community and are not hyperactive. Our children, jobs, house, etc. takes a lot... read more

Caliente nearby hotels etc.

Thinking of going to Caliente in September, but not sure we're going to stay on property as it doesnt look like we are going to get a 3 day vacation. My question is does anyone know of any nearby hotels/motels etc. that are fairly close to come and go from .... Any help would be appreciated...... read more

City Slickers Party 26th August

Dear All, Unfortunately we are unable to go tomorrow night, completely gutted! :(   To all those who have nudged or emailed us with regard to this, have a great night and hopefully we will be able to meet at another City Slickers party.... Love Caroline and Andy xxx... read more

Desire Los Cabos

Has anyone got experience or info about the above ........ its not as popular (or expensive) as the two at Cancun..........why?... read more

G spot is it real???

Hi, you all nutty gals and guys... I been reading about the topic but still not sure if the G spot exist or how to locate it and believe me I tried for many years. The women I had the pleasure and honor to be with experience their orgasm through the clit never the G spot. So to make this blog s... read more

Good luck London and the United Kingdom with the 2012 Summer Olympics...

As a person that lived in Atlanta during the 1996 Summer Olympics and survived to tell about it..I want to wish our friends in London and the United Kingdom..Good Luck with the opening of your upcoming Summer Olympics Friday..Its funny..when your city or region is award... read more

Hurry Home Baby!

It has only been a day and my honey will be away for business for a month.  As I am open to meeting people online for the time being I will be waiting for him to come back before any actual meetings take place. We are so eagered to begin the lifestyle together and I am looking into ou... read more

Has this ever happen to anyone before?

So here it goes.... This is our first time with a couple we are very new at this LS. We meet this couple; felt so comfortable with them. Shortly after meeting we take them home. Had a great FIRST night. We continue to be friends with them to the point where we introduce our fam... read more

Help.......Hotel Takeovers

I use to attend a lot of hotel party takeovers. Any suggestions on how to do one here in Houston? Anyone with experience? We are trying this for the first time. M... read more

Swinger friendly States?

Which would you say are the most LF/swinger friendly States or cities in the US ? I am not talking policies or politics but rather how frequent and close parties or clubs are to your location. Our guess is that FL would rank high in the list. We've also been to a few places where we could barely... read more

Are you trying to live out ALL your fantasies?

Are you trying to live out ALL your fantasies?  Should they all be acted out? This question came to mind recently as I was talking with a couple about the movie "Magic Mike" and the actor Joe Manganiello.  He is incredibly attractive - definitely fantasy materi... read more

Lifestyle Clubs Dallas

 This summer has been long for us, and most likely we will get our only chance for going out to play next weekend. Our favorite club by far both here and in Mexico is the 13 floor. We still need to go to the new Dreams in the Men's Club in Mexico which we think must be awesome. We are won... read more

Invitation from India

Dear Freinds Let me welcome you to India, Kolkata If you are visiting to kolkata do let me know send me email or ur contact number Rahul ... read more

Dick v. Cock

Ladies... How do you perfer to call it: a dick or a cock? Is there a distinction that determines what name is given?... read more

Bogus Guestlists

We have just noticed probably the most bogus guestlist we have ever seen. This Thursday.......92 profiles  claim that they are going along for a party................ This brings us to the conclusion, that quite a few people dont work on a Friday, are off work because of the school holida... read more

A Fantasy for the ladies............

I want to be laying in my bed in a deep sleep. Then be woken up by you crawling up from the foot of my bed and kiss me vigorously while you pull my already erect penis out of briefs and stroke it. Then you kiss and bite my body from my lips to my neck, lick and suck my nipples, then down to my c... read more

Caliente Tampa - Avoid at all Costs

 Ok ... here is the whole story.  It is actually still so mind boggling, we still cannot wrap our heads around it.   This little adventure started almost a year ago at a Trapeze party where Caliente set up a booth.  We left out info, then got several calls about their package. ... read more

Temptations Cancun

Who has been and how was it. Looking for recent experiences. Thinking of going in September. Thanks for the imput Don & Julie... read more

50 shades of grey book

I just finished reading the book -- and I felt more erotic -after wards ! Any other ladies felt the same??... read more

German Watersports Piss Party (Part 2)

Some of you, who enjoyed our East German Piss Party blog post a few days ago, have been in touch. You have pointed out that the floor I referred to is actually 'mesh flooring'. Thank you for that. While writing, I was actually struggling to find a fitting descriptive for that wonderfully appropr... read more

German Watersports Piss Party (Part 1)

As many of you will know, we LOVE watersports, we have a big piss fetish. Here's a little story about one of our recent adventures for you: We ended up at this East Berlin venue on a rather cold December evening. The place itself was located in a former East German Electricity Company contro... read more

Our Gang Bang Fantasy...

Gang-banging - for us it's the ultimate fantasy! We both like to fuck with as many people as possible (our profession is our vocation). And preferably we like to fuck as many people as possible all at the same time. In fact, we think it's worthwhile to let you in on a little 'secret' fantasy ... read more

Group Sex, Orgies, 3-somes & Moresomes

The more the merrier - definitely true as far as we two are concerned... Sex with others (as opposed to 'on your own') is always great; you get to share your most intimate, most powerful, most intense emotions and passions with others. Having good sex with multiple partners in the same room,... read more

Luck Fetishists

We are very lucky indeed - we are lucky because we are Fetishists! And we are lucky because, in our profession, we get to meet and play with other Fetishists every day. The people we get to 'work' with are probably the most socially intelligent, respecful and interesting people one could ever ... read more

Sex in an all 50 states

Anybody else have the goal of having sex in all 50 states?... read more

Sex in an all 50 states

Anybody else have the goal of having sex in all 50 states?... read more

Do you play with people that lives near by???

Does it worry you/bother you to play with people who live in the same town as you? Would you be willing to fool around with someone who has children that goes to the same school as your children go to. We have, but just curious what others thinks about it.... read more

Staying home tonight, YEAH!

After 3 weekends in a row and last night... I must say staying home tonight is a welcomed change. I will get more sleep tonight than I did each weekend before... it starts to hurt... lol... read more

Sexy Indin wife story

I had different sexual experiences in india, with foreign girls (arab,Turkish,Latin) and some indian women this incident was one of them on a Monday Morning it was around 1:30 pm and casually dressed in red v-neck T-shit and blue Jeans and I'm 5'11, Muscular and I'm in a clean diet and I workout reg... read more

My sexy vacation....

I checked into my hotel at around 2pm, I was extremely cranky from the jet lag, the lost luggage, the cranky airline staff and the bitchy passengers. I made it to my room where I noticed that the king bed that I requested, was magically 2 full size beds, ugg nothing more annoying than getting what y... read more

From Intrigue to Inspiration...... Sweet

I am an educated professional woman who has enjoyed much independence and freedom throughout life. Single again at 50, I found myself searching online. It's like a candy store and these days if you don't like someone, it is so easy to just go back to the store. Now, my beautiful man, presented ... read more

Tied up right now

The kids were spending the night at some friend’s house tonight. This doesn’t happen that often, so since it was, my husband told me to get ready to go out and have some well over due, Mommy and Daddy fun! My husband is very creative, so I knew whatever he had planned would be exciting to me! I... read more

My dream last night...

My dream last night... I was tied to a 4post bed and blind folded... You walked into the room and I said your name! You didn't speak, you started kissing me from my toes up, licking, kissing, sucking every inch of me... You stopped at my sweet little peach n kissed it just above my clit and slowly y... read more

Does his love of giving oral mask an issue with his erection?

so I receive lots of emails with gentlemen telling me how they LOVE oral ... and that they can do it for hours and are quite accomplished. They go on and on and on about giving oral.  And here is what I am thinking "he has erection issues!" ... read more

Submission To An Anonymous Fuck

Everyone at the party knew what was going to happen. The group had all met online on SDC and planned out the evening in detail. They had 5 couples together and they had never met in person before. They arrived at their guest’s home right on time as requested. They each gave their names to t... read more

Dinsdagen saai?

Dinsdag, de saaiste dag van de week. Een dag met uitzicht op niks. Na het weekend begin je op maandag weer fris aan de week, woensdagmiddag zijn we vrij en op donderdag begint jouw weekend alweer. Maar op dinsdag….helemaal niks. Maar deze dinsdag moet er eentje worden om voorlopig niet meer te ver... read more

Fun For the Whole Family

It wasn't too far in our adventures when Hubby accidentally spilled the beans to one of his brothers concerning our activities. Brother's initial reaction was one of shock followed immediately by, "Does the club allow single males?" So Saturday night we all met in the parking lot of the club, ... read more


Salimos de fin de semana mi pareja y yo, junto con otra pareja de amigos para Santo Domingo es una ciudad hermosa y con mucho movimiento, algo mas cosmopolita que a nuestra, como es de costumbre al llegar es ir a conocer lo mas que se puede, por lo que resumiré mi historia a los hechos important... read more

Donkere ogenblikken..

Met een druk op de knop bevestigde ik de laatste stap om dan eindelijk een weekend naar Rome te kunnen gaan. Heerlijk er een aantal dagen alleen tussenuit. Het waren drukke tijden geweest en ik was toe om eens even te relaxen maar ook te genieten van al dat Italiaanse eten. Een paar dagen later ston... read more

Knock Knock, its Pussy and Cock

“This should be a very interesting night” Kris thought as she exited the shower. She stood in her small, steamy bathroom with her slender, petite body wrapped in her favorite plush robe and her black locks of hair tucked under a towel. She used her hand to clear a small space in the steam that h... read more

She surprised me!

She surprised me. My wife Bridget and I have a wonderful relationship. We've been married for 6 years now and we've always been very open about sex. We often lay in bed and as we have sex, she tells me stories about what she's like to do, and who she wants to have sex with. I return the favor and... read more

The beginning of a wonderful friendship

Gerry and I were on a kind of second honeymoon. The first one had been pretty minimal; at the time, both Gerry and I had almost no vacation coming to us, so we simply went to a resort near where we lived, stayed for a weekend, screwed non-stop, and reported to work the next Monday. Things had go... read more

The Lady in The Chair

Tentatively I knocked on the front door. This is the first time I’ve been in this situation. Usually I’ve always accommodated for my swingers meets. The door opened to reveal a stocky man in a towel slightly perspiring. His eyes passed over me then a smile broke out “Andrew?” “...Yes, yes... read more


OCCHI Strava iniziando la lunga notte di capo d’anno in quello sperduto alberghetto di montagna dove avevamo deciso di trascorrere tranquilli le agogniate festività. La notai subito quando entrò nella stanza, si diresse verso di me, rimasi quasi di sale quando arrivò proprio al mio fianco... read more

Hot Anniversary

My husband and I were on a cruise for our 25th anniversary. One night while we were enjoying drinks in a dark lounge I spotted a really, really hot man watching us. I mentioned it to my husband but he thought I was over reacting. As I slipped out of my chair I told my husband I could... read more

The Sex Toy

Underneath my full-length fur coat I am wearing a black strapless sweater dress, slit to hip and graciously clinging to my every curve. I can feel my rigid nipples rubbing against the cashmere of the dress. Under it I am wearing an expensive pair of French-cut panties, lacy, widening over my pubic... read more

Your Date

We had spent hours the past few weeks, checking out profiles on the dating page, All we found was losers after losers. We expanded the search to include people in Austin, San Antonio and Houston and kept on searching, “This is not going to work” you told me, “This is the wrong approach... read more

un amigo mi esposa y yo

van ha ser dos años, visitamos a un amigo, conversamos de todo memos de sexo, copitas van copitas vienen, ya nos dieron las diez y las once las doce y la una también, el amigo se ofreció en llevarnos a casa, su auto era un Volswagen, así que nos sentamos alado del conductor nuestro amigo, en e... read more

Club SW

La cita en el club swinger era a las 20:PM. asi que pase por ti a las 19:30. Entre a tu casa para esperar mientras terminabas de vestirte para ir a disfrutar de una noche de sexo, alcohol y placer. Casi me voy de espalda cuando te vi bajar la escalera. Te mirabas simplemente impresionante: U... read more


LA NOCHE INOLVIDABLE. PARTE I De a poco, el sonido tan familiar, que tanto me gustaba iba ganado volumen. Comencé a sonreír con mi cara dentro del círculo de la camilla para masajes. Sabía que la tendrían que callar porque si no, se enteraba todo el edificio. El shhh bajito, susurrado del ma... read more

The Seven Year Itch

So everyone talks about when the “seven year itch” comes around and one or both parties in a relationship begin to feel the need to possibly “explore” other things. Other things…hmm, a new car, a new hairstyle, a new body – no, those are more mid-life crisis things. The “seven year itc... read more

Anniversary Day

> > > >     A buddy and I met up at our local hangout spot. Cold beers, hot wings, pool tables, and fine ladies! > >    He said to me " Man, tonight is me and my girlfriends first year anniversary ". I asked him, What are you doing here then?  "Well, she told me to stay out so she can fini... read more

Lights Out!

It was first day starting my shift as a guard at the Erotic Fantasy Prison. This prison was known through out the state of Texas by the erotic underground network for housing the worst of the worst in erotic pleasure prisoner. They had such wild and erotic prisoners as (Suck it Sadie) who was given ... read more


SOLO You're lying at the end of the bed staring intently at me and casually, nonchalantly stroking yourself. I'm propped up on two pillows with a third under my bottom, raising it. I've put a towel under me to save the pillowcase. I put the little bell shaped cup attachment that fits so n... read more

Split 'em!

I go to Vegas a couple times a year, just for fun. It's one of my favorite vacation spots. I get to meet all kinds of people and it's always a fun atmosphere. This was just another one of those trips. The first two days were pretty normal; went to see a show each night, played blackjack througho... read more

Role Play Got Serious...... oh my

We were not in the "lifestyle" at the time but certainly tried to keep things interesting in our own way every now and again. We were in our mid 30's and one evening I challenged my sexy wife to wear something very revealing and to go into a classy hotel bar an hour before me and flirt and let herse... read more

Going back home

Yesterday something wonderful happened on my way home after work. I was on the train, sitting by the carriage’s doors. Minding my business, I was lazily reading the newspaper. This boy comes in at a stop and, although there’s still some place to sit, decides to stand by the doors as well. ... read more

Nacht aan zee

De wind jaagt de zee tegen de rotsen en hoog spat het water op om vervolgens terug te vallen in de diepte. De lucht is helder, de maan verlicht de omgeving en geeft een duister schouwspel aan de rotsen waarop wij staan. We kijken ademloos naar het steeds weer terugkerende schouwspel. De warme lucht... read more


Conoci a esta pareja por internet y de verdad fue fabuloso.. hubo una conexión inmediata que no puedo describir como sucedio. Nos conocimos una noche, salimos a un lugar donde tomar algo y bailar. La verdad estaba nervioso, pero la sensualidad de esta pareja era evidente y me ponia a pensar bastant... read more

My fantasy

It all started as a fantasy of mine to see my wife enjoy herself while I looked on. To make this fantasy come true, I decided to make it happen at a regular swing club in South Florida that we love to go to. The occasion was to celebrate my birthday and as a gift to myself I wanted my fantasy to c... read more


Are Validations important to you? How much weight do you put into them? Wouldn't a 'RATING' system be more effective then validations? or in combination with.... answering key questions that would interest other people.   To me it's important to see who others have had sex with, sorry t... read more

Dominada por una fantasia / Dominated by a Fantasy (English text too)

ENGLISH BELOW Dominada por una fantasía en la expo del hotel Nikko Hace unos años cuando apenas empezaba mi maestría, fui a una serie de conferencias en el hotel Nikko de la ciudad de México sobre Pedagogía, antes de entrar a una de ellas en el pequeño vestíbulo fuera del salón, vi u... read more

Do You Want a Side of Kink to go with that Sexy?

A night on the town I’m in a low-cut top and a push up bra with a flared, very short skirt and a thong. Wearing my high-heeled, black patent leather pumps I spread my legs slightly and you get a view of my crotch in the reflection. Going deep into the city we have to ride the subway to get only pa... read more


Ya eran las 11:30 pm y tenía unos minutos para leer antes de que mi esposo terminaba sus rituales de antes de dormir, revisar sus emails, ir al baño y lavarse los dientes. Así que preparé las condiciones para leer en la cama. Me quité toda la ropa, ya que mi pijama favorita soy yo, acomodé mis... read more

cap d'agde

we will be in cap from August 3 through 19. We rented a chalet Heliosvillage. It would be ideal for four people and we are only two! some couples want to join us?... read more


Hot Wife Our life was really nice. We met as childhood sweethearts, married in our early twenties, had two great kids who were now almost independent, and money was fine. I ran my own real estate business and my husband, Steve, had a great job doing what he loved, working in football. He trave... read more

My "Sweet Paolo"...

Te vi llegar corriendo, en medio de la gente que iba de fiesta. Llegabas tarde (pueblo pequeño, grandes fiestas, pocos aparcamientos) pero con una sonrisa en la cara. Me encantó cómo me abrazaste, cómo me diste un par de besos… Como si hiciera siglos que nos conociéramos. No era normal tener... read more

Clubs in the North!?

We are looking to dip our toes in the lifestyle for the first time on saturday 28th July and at a club, but which one? Does anyone know of any clubs preferably in the north/midlands that attract a reasonably young and attractive crowd that could suit 2 first timers? x... read more


Oteldeki dükkanlar, daha yeni yeni açılmaya başlamıştı. Ayla, ne yapacağını tam bilemeden, dolaşıp duruyordu. Murat, yani kocası, yedinci kattaki odalarında hala uyuyordu. Çok uğraşmış, ama onu kalkmaya razı edememişti. Bir bakıma anlıyordu kocasını, Gece binbir türlü mace... read more


Do men use Viagra pills before they go to a swingers party ore orgy? Day after: Do Viagra make a headache, hangover or increased heart rate?  Freemann... read more


It happened during our summer vacation in a peaceful tourist areas of our country.  It was a Friday just after 5: PM, happened to pick up my wife to work. In only imagine with this spectacular dress, I began to feel an excitement volcanic diverted my concentration of what was happening at the mome... read more

Bluetooth for searching members

If everybody who wants connection with other members, activate their Bluetooth function on their cell, with the  Bluetooth ID like this: SDC + SDC member name(and email). Members may search for other members near by, and send them a message here or email them. It's possible to chat over Blue... read more

Mummy porn? Hell no.....

I can understand why so many women are ready 50 shades of grey. What I can't understand is why not many men are? Surely this is book is beneficial to men and women alike. Whilst in Cancun, many ladies have commented on the book whilst I was reading it. Hey guys, good way to meet women and an exc... read more

April's 7/10 Gang Bang and Upcoming 7/15 Gang Bang W/BDSM Theme in NYC

Once again our host Dado did a great job... The venue was once again a beautiful apartment on E 50th Street in Manhattan... There were two shifts of guys, the first at 8pm and the second at 9:30pm and a total of fourteen guys fucked April in her pussy, ass and mouth for three straight hours, includ... read more

Dark Deeds

I knew the minute she introduced maxwell to the family two years ago,the look in his eyes told me he was a freak. A freak knows a freak. My pussy instantly got wet and I excused myself to the restroom while my family went on and on about how excited they were to finally meet the man that has swept m... read more

The Encounter

The thoughts of you, of our last encounter, I carry with me… lingering like the sweet taste of honey on my lips. I long for the day when I again will have you in my arms to do with as I will, to feel myself melt into you and you into me. The yearning is strong; it haunts me, teases me and compel... read more

MIAMI: Miami Velvet Is Closing Sundays?

Is this just temporary? I can understand the cost of doing business, but sometimes, as a business owner you have to cover certain things that are losses for the sake of customer relations. MV has alwas been the benficiary of being the only club in Miami, so they could get away with mediocre service.... read more


It is amazing how so many people are full of shit... Why do you people join a site where the objective is for people in the lifestyle to meet and enjoy each other in the lifestyle that we have chosen... I guess I really know the answer to my own question, there are a lot of people who are just AS... read more

Single Men - Is a GB not a Group?

I have heard single men say they are 'group' friendly however won't come if it's a gang-bang!? When I ask them why 'group friendly' if they won't do a GB, it's a group and they reply "I do couples and clubs but no GB's, just not my thing". So I ask the Single men as a whole instead o... read more

Desire Pearl vs. Desire vs. Spice

Has anyone been to Desire Pearl? What are your impressions? If you've also been to the first Desire in the Rivera Maya, how does Pearl compare? What about Spice in Lazarote? How does it compare to either Desire? Thanks for your feedback!... read more

thanks and sorry

thanks to those who did'nt mind answering my question and sorry to those who felt it was to much trouble to simply be nice,i have'nt read the blog lately and did'nt know the question had been "beaten to death"  jeez... read more

Shades of Grey....

So I just finished the " Fifty Shades" trilogy and knowing that I am not the only one that has read it I wanted to get some oppinion on a few things..... 1. Do you think Ana was trying to change Christian, or just get him to see what she and all the others see i... read more

Your Type of Party

 So.... after hosting a couple parties in the Dallas area I was just wondering, What's your type of party? Do you like to socialize a bit first? Do you like to come in and fuck? Do you respect people's entry time if there is one?  (meaning come between x and x time no later type thing... read more

Tongue-wrestling My Girlfriend for Cum

My new girlfriend decided to introduce me to some swingers she knew. She knew some swingers from out of town and invited them for a weekend. They arrived and spent the day with us. We were all fit and trim and while I was admiring his hot wife, I noticed the two of them admiring us. He was fixat... read more

straight male/single

can anyone clear this up for me,when a couples profile says straight males does that mean single guys or straight men within a couple,because i've seen profiles for straight males that also says no single men. help straighten me out please,thanks.... read more

Wanting nice professional photos

We have admired so many of you who have such classy sexy photos using great lighting effects. Would appreciate some contact info for photographers in the Orlando / Tampa area that you would personally recommend.... read more

Frankfurtfurt and surrounds

 Hi Folks we will be in Frankfurt mid August and look for advise which clubs are nice to visit. Looking for couples or nice singles to play with... read more

Excellent clubs in Berlin and Edinburgh!!! anyone???

Hi everyone,   we just arrived home after an excellent weekend in Holland.  Lots af fun play and action to remember after that weekend.  ;)   not so new to this lifestyle anymore to say the least.  hahahaha Just got home and already planning our next adventure.&nb... read more

An evening

An Evening Together The room is warm, almost too warm. I am slightly damp from perspiration, and the occasional draft makes me shiver. The room is filled with a warm, diffuse light, sunlight through heavy lace curtains, giving the place an antique feel. The air smells of potpourri, mingled with... read more

Favorite in South of France

 When you think of South France, nudism,swingers,we all think of Cap D'Agde--THE nudist-Lifestyle city on the Mediterranean that swells to hundreds of thousands of people in August. In Cap,there are 3-4 Lifestyle clubs on site, Glamour being the premier one--with it's huge dance flo... read more


A warm summers night at St. Catherine’s dock, what better way to have dinner with two strangers and my wife. The Strangers were now friends, and after a couple of hours getting to know each other over a 3 course meal we were all deemed “compatible”. The bill was paid and after a few strange ... read more

Creative Writing (MFM 3Some)

   I can still smell them on my skin; a heady mix of sweat and saliva. Even the subtlest of movements wafts their scent to me and makes me purr – I feel owned; in a way still held by the beautiful boys I took into me last night. I can smell Matt on my wrists, on my thighs, on the we... read more

A sorry tale

An extreme example of jealousy and bad press for commercial swinging parties http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2171424/Male-model-thottled-Thai-girlfriend-Killing-Kittens-swingers-party-row-having-sex-man-toilet-cubicle.html ... read more

"You're cute when you beg."

I can still smell them on my skin; a heady mix of sweat and saliva. Even the subtlest of movements wafts their scent to me and makes me purr – I feel owned; in a way still held by the beautiful boys I took into me last night. I can smell Matt on my wrists, on my thighs, on the wetness still left... read more

Trapeze on Wednesday nights

We've been to Trap many times before, always on Saturday nights (Couples only) but once on a Friday night. It's always been fun with a nice crowd. We were wondering how Wednesday nights compare, we are thinking about going tomorrow night (July 11). ... read more

Lifestyle resorts

We would like to try a LS resort in early August such as Desire, Hedo or ?   Have never been to one, anyone have suggestions on best one to try in early August?... read more

'Male model throttled his Thai girlfriend after Killing Kittens swingers party in row over her having sex with another man in toilet cubicle'

'Male model throttled his Thai girlfriend after Killing Kittens swingers party in row over her having sex with another man in toilet cubicle'     By Emma Reynolds PUBLISHED: 13:20 GMT, 10 July 2012 | UPDATED: 17:14 GMT, 10 July 2012 Share ... read more

MarkandSuzette Memorial Run, Winston-Salem NC July 28, 2012

Mark and Suzette Memorial Run, Saturday July 28, 2012, Winston-Salem NC If you cannot attend, please forward this off to anyone you know that would like to attend! MarkandSuzette on SLS RAIN DATE JULY 29, 2012   Anyone who has met Mark & Suzette knew the type of friend they were. Even ... read more

Why so many people afraid to put photos into the web?

If anybody of your friends, family or anybody else see it. They don't know is it true. Maybe anybody use your photos for their profiles. We think that it is a great problem of a dating sites. If we don't see people, how can we understand that we want to meet them? Every time we must ask peoples for ... read more

Clothing optional resorts

 What is your favorite clothing optional resorts?... read more

Just freakin weird

We met a couple who we clicked with in a lot of ways and thought... great our kind of friends until we ended up in the bedroom... what a freakin strange situation.  Ok so we proceed to the bedroom (at their house).  And we werent even kissing or anything but hey we figured it will all happ... read more

Political Correctness is Offensive.

What do you think?... read more

Update April's July Gang Bang Results and Scheduled GB's

The Private Gang Bang set up for April on Sunday,  July 1st, was a total success.  Our host, Tony, provided a great venue in NYC where we started at 5 pm and the Gang Bang went until 10:30 pm with 23 guys fucking April almost non-stop in her pussy, ass and mouth, with her having at least 2... read more

What happens in Vegas

We had been in the lifestyle for a little over a year and had gotten to the point where we get a little more adventurous. This happened on a trip we took to Las Vegas. We had enjoyed Vegas for a couple of days together and decided that since we were in sin city we should be naughty. So my wife start... read more

Alicante - Torrevieja

Hi There, staying in the Alicante - Torrevieja area this week 07 July - 13 July. If there is a nice couple woth bi- or bi-curious lady send us a note. We're open for meeting for drinks and possibly more. ... read more

help explore swingerin/ echangistes club

 Hello dear friends in Paris and Berlin. Am 49-year old Jordanian man trying to enjoy life and please my partner/s. Have tried playing in Cairo, Dublin and Beirut. People I mingle with say I am caring and not pushy. My fantasy is to visit a swinging club with friend/s. Planning a visit to Par... read more

Face pictures -- thoughts?

We where wondering why couples don't post face pictures - we are all discreet and professional - we think unless you are in the witness program face pictures go with the body- that is our opinion - and these comments because of our job-- and our profession--blah - blah we don't think that one couple... read more

Colette Dallas

 Wondering if anyone has been to the "new" Colette Dallas and how it compares with IQ? Before it closed, IQ had become so inconsistent ... just wondering if the new place is taking off and what the crowd is like.... read more


Headed out to see fireworks at pk lake tonight, maybe meet some locals, maybe get a little drink on, maybe get a little friendly, maybe friendly-er. ... read more

Latin Bars in Houston

We are in Houston tonight and plan on going out.  We are looking for a latin bar/club that plays live latin rock music.  We dont want to go to some dive bar.  We prefer nicer places.  If anyone knows of a place in the Houston area please let us know ; ) Send us an email.... read more

Party Erotique Dallas

Does anyone know if they are going to have the Party Erotique in Dallas again this year?  I can not find anything about it yet.  We were not able to go last year and do not want to miss it again.... read more

weed smoking men...

Ok so I am probably going to get a lot of shit for this post but to tell you the truth I am so not into smoking pot if that means you not being able to keep it up.  ' My hubby and I don't smoke weed but don't disciminate either.  If you like to smoke then by all means go ahead. BUT wh... read more

Liquid Plumber "Double Action"

Have any of you see this TV commercial for Liquid Plumber? The innuendo is hilarious.  Will not tell you the obvious deep meaning of this commecial, but will say, it is absolutely obvious.... read more

The questions about Fun4Two

We understand that our blogs are continuous questions. But we have some new. We bought the tickets already. Tomorrow we are going to resolve a question with our accomodation. And now we have some questions about the "Europe's leading swingers club". 1. Is there can ... read more


  Halloween Bash - Costumes Optional - There will be sexy Costume Contests with great prizes Doors open at 8 pm and close at 1 am. If you would like to bring other couples from the lifestyle that are not signed up you may do so. Single ladies free.    This event will be held in the... read more

Galveston Tx wk end of 7/20/2012

Hi, we will be in Galveston the 20th of July thru the week end. Just Wondering where to hang out in the evenings? Any suggestions? It would be great to find a "lifestyle" friendly spot! Thanks for any help... read more

Going to EWS for our first time.....

  We're taking a few days off the week of July 9th and the hubby and I arethinking of venturing out and experiencing EWS (wednesday or thursday night?).  Having never gone before we'd like to hear from our SDC friends about the do's and don't while we're there to make the most of our first... read more

Socks during SEX is this an American thing...

Why do so many black men wear socks during sex? is it a hygiene thing? A dry feet thing? An ugly feet thing?? I asked someone to send me a full body picture and he is standing there butt ass naked in socks on a hard wood floor in his own home - I mean his floor looked clean and shiny ! ... read more

de massage

Zomaar weer een dinsdagavond zoals alle andere. Eindelijk zie ik mijn prinsesje weer. Doordat we niet samen wonen en allebei een kind hebben zien we elkaar niet wanneer we dat graag willen. Gelukkig is dinsdagavond onze vaste avond. Toen jij thuis kwam, lag ik zoals ik had beloofd boven op ... read more

Cap d' Agde

We are planning a trip to Cap d' Agde for a long weekend next April however, we do not want to stay in the Naturists village but we do want the nude beach and to meet sexy couples and play. Does anyone have any suggestions of hotels, night clubs, bars? Thank you... read more

finding the right play couple

My husband and I have been together since high school and despite the sex with each other being great.. we both like to play with others in each others company. However how do you sensibly meet another couple to play with that has all that you are looking for: attractive,emotionally mature, fun lovi... read more

hot date in Cap d'Agde?

Hi There, We stay in Cap first half of September en like too meet hot people like us. Drop a mail and may be we can start a nice contact and see each other there. Kisses and Huggs L & O... read more

Off to La Marina Beach for the rest of July

We will be in Spain now from 6th - 29th of July, and spending our days at La Marina Beach, anyone staying around nearby that cares to meet us there or come to a club come say hola..x p.s. look for the lady with the pink hair.... read more

Off the subject! But anyone want to get a Fantasy Football League together?

I know this is a little off but thought it would be fun to put a little fantasy football league together and like minded couples.....just an idea to inner act find others with same intrests....what do u think?... read more

Apartment rent in Amsterdam

Can anybody give advice about an apartment rent in Amsterdam?... read more

Large Clits

 Another question for all you beautiful swingers. Do you think think that women with large clits are more horney and hot than women with normal size clits? As you can see my partner has a very large clit that you can clearly notice when she is shaved. And yes she is a very horney young lady.... read more

Profile Pictures

We recently had some professional pictures taken to place on our SDC profile.  We had alomost 200 total pictures taken.  Once we had them on disk, we had the task of selecting the best of them to place on our profile.  Then we had to decide which would be our primary photo.  Take... read more

How Do You Deal With Crazy Ass People in This Lifestyle?

Now, I have been in this lifestyle for a decade. For the past 9 yrs on this site and nothing but good times until recently. I lost a good friends. A couple who I respected and was grateful for their company. He told me if I ever want to through a party there to let him know. So I did a bachelor's pa... read more


Can Anyone recommend if they exist B&B for us near Boston east coast and north Sandy & Sheldon ... read more

Magic Mike

Well,now that all the numbers are in Magic Mike debuted a strong No. 2 with $39.2 million,with an audience that was 73 percent female How do all you, the ladies feel about Male Strippers? Who likes them? Do u prefer women strippers? Did you see the movie? How was it??  ... read more


What do you think about piercing, intimate piercing and extreme piercing? What kind of piercing do you have? ... read more


 Hi, ask about true situation !!!!... read more


We had a Gang Bang of April in NYC last night and it was 5 1/2 hours of hard fucking by 23 guys and she sucked every cock, swallowed almost every load and got fucked in her pussy and ass repeatedly and just couldn't stop cummmmming... There were 2 male Black porn stars at the Gang Bang that are th... read more

Single Men's Lead Profile Photo - Why Only A Woman?

So we have been checking out some SMs profiles lately, and have noticed there are quite a few listed as SMs, but the lead profile photo shows a solitary female. Are we missing something, is there some meaning to this?  If not, why do they not just show themselves, ever if they have to hide t... read more

We present Summer of Love

Little Liaison in association with Illicit Touch presents,                          Summer of Love Lord and Lady Blue invite you to their 16th century Bohemian mansion just outsi... read more

Who Wote Your Profile???

I was thinking about the different styles between men and women's writings. Did you make it a combined effort to write your profile or did just one of you do it (him or her??) How often do you change or tweak it?... read more

What type of pussy do you like more?

Hairy or shaved? Maybe you like bikini-design?... read more


Ik heb net lekker liggen fantaseren van mijn bezoek aan de dokter. Ik was daar omdat ik zo heet en gespannen ben de laatste tijd. De dokter wist wel raad! Kleed u zich maar uit, mevrouw en ga maar liggen op de bank. Toen ik daar lag kwam de dokter met zijn koele handen en streelde mijn hele l... read more