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Liberal is as liberal does.

That's what Forest's Mother should have said.... read more

Friends inside and outside the bedroom! Is it possible?

We have been in the lifestyle for few years.  We always tell people upfront that we are looking for friends  inside and outside the bedroom.  We have noticed most couples we meet are usually wondering how long will it take before we hit the sheets. But these are the same people who sa... read more

Longhair fetish

My husband has a longhair fetish he loves long hair on all women I have long hair and he loves to rub his cock through it and jerk off with it he also rubs it on his balls and anus.I like it when he makes me get down on my knees and he jerks off and cum's all over my hair it's kinda strange but rece... read more

Purrfect Touch Free Party @ Hard Rock Hotel & Discounted Rooms

Be Creative! Dress Sexy!As many of you know last week was crazy busy at the Hard Rock Hotel inside the Ainsworth Lounge with over 290 guests and all tables were sold out. What does that mean? STANDING ROOM ONLY NO SEATING WITH OUT THE VIP PACKAGE.If you value seating our VIP package includes FR... read more

Fakes in the LS; with stolen Pictures

Normally I take the high ground on things but this really pissed me off. There is a couple on here posting photos on their profile and in the blogs that do not belong to themThe blog is title:Let's talk about men. The black men are the best sex partners.I know all these pictures are not of them... read more


Hello to the community!!I think it is important for all of us to know about undesirable persons.I received a message from a single guy who did not accept a No, Thank You for response even though I was very polite declining his request.He was pretty bad mannered and rude.It's a real shame that we hav... read more

BBC4FL exclusive interracial BBC party Miami

*****BBC4FL PARTY TIME***** BBC4FL parties are pleased to announce that we are hosting an exclusive Interracial BBC PARTY ON SATURDAY 10th August 2013, located in NW Miami. This party is invitation only and only those on the guest list will be allowed entry....so read below and send us a mes... read more

Strip Clubs

Looking for strip club recommendations in the Pasco county area around Hudson, Port Richey, or Holiday. ... read more

spanish scene

hi allme and my better half are heading to Orihuela in spain 31st aug for a week this is close to torriveijaand we sooo want to get upto some naughty fun but don't have any contacts or info on clubs etc we are big fans of nudist beaches were anything goes any info would be well received thanks xxxxx... read more

Blind Dates with Erotica: Videos, Poems, Songs, etc.

    We are promiscuous lovers of erotica, with many favorite erotic poems and videos and songs, and in this blog we try to fix up readers with blind dates with the erotica we love in hopes that you too will be seduced and sexed up by it.     We also encourage all f... read more

Gardening up a storm

She is elbow deep and preping for the fall garden. She's totally in love with nature. She has recently started canning everything.lol  Hey if your into gardeing and having a beer look us up.... read more

Hotter Than Hell Burlesque Got Me Hot ‘n Bothered

Repost from my blog indiscrectionsblog.comOnce again, La Divina Productions offered up a great evening of entertainment with their “Hotter Than Hell” Burlesque show last Friday evening (7/26). We were really looking forward to the show, as thedancer I have become obsessed with, Mi... read more

Lets talk about women. The white women are the best sex partners

I am a  man white, I like playing with different sex partners.  I see and I think that increasingly, more white men like me, and other races, such as playmate prefer, party and especially for sex, white women. I myself, despite having shapely black friends, in general, both for their ... read more

Sex Toys

We have questions, burning, probing questions about...TOYS!!! We recently purchased a two headed dildo for use when we party with other ladies. It was about 15" long, red, kind of clear, sparkly. It felt firm and flexible and seemed to be just about the right size, perfect in every way except o... read more

Moscow Trip - Family and Fun! :15 to 27th July

15/7 Woke at 7.30 - Rita slept through till 10.30 and woke, complaining all her body felt like she had been run over by a train -all those weekend exertions! I got a nasty attack of indigestion that soon past- god knows why. After lunch I did some weights and we took the car to do some shopping, pic... read more

New toys

Come on into the store, get the new 50 shades of grey pleasure collection. ... read more

swing in philippines?

can anyone help us? we been looking for any swinging place or any swing group in the Philippines.... read more


When and what time limit should you give someone who cannot make it happen?? I have had more than a few situations where the guy has a hard time, so some females stop go to their mate and get them going, thats cool, but my problem is with the ones that dont and know that their mate cant do anything ... read more

Letting others know you swing

How do you discreetly let others know you like swapping or you are interested. In a situation like sitting at a bar having drinks or socializing in any environment. Any advice would be very welcomed!... read more

10% off

Come in anytime and get 10% percent off. Just mention you are our friends on here. ... read more

Facebook swingers

I must admit this one caught me off guard. I posted a comment on my Facebook  page about Hollywood young teens being weird and getting into trouble. At the time I did not know this but one of my friends (who is apart of a couple) made a comment.  40 minutes later  I get an email from ... read more

Opinion nudist camp

We have decided to go to a nudist camping trip for the weekend anyone ever been on one ?? What to except they said it is not a lifestyle camp any experiences  any one had ... read more

Playa del ingles

Hi  Everyone were in Playa del ingles from 10th september to 21st sep and would love to meet up with any couples that out there on those dates,  if interested drop us a line .A&P  ... read more


Very appropriate symbol, i like it. Francis... read more

Avoiding STD's in the lifestyle

Hello to all! As a newbie in this lifestyle we still have some concerns and unanswered questions that perhaps some of you can assist us with.  We want to go all in (full swap, oral, touching, kissing, etc) but have concerns about STD's. Common sense say's we can wear condoms but, what about whe... read more


Hi , wie are Looking for some informations about  swinger  Clubs on Ibiza .Wie heard about the Beverly , Liberty Loft and privat village .... read more

Oh, Sir; How Clearly I Saw After You Blindfolded Me

Reposted from my blog indiscrectionsblog.com A girlfriend of mine asked recently if I’d ever had sex blindfolded or while tied up, and I was surprised to hear myself saying, “I don’t think so. I’ve kind of had a thing about having my hands tied. And it’s not a good thing. ”After she... read more

Wifes Birthday

My birthday is fast approaching and we really want to get out and have a really fun weekend. I love the Gulf Coast which we will be going Saturday and Sunday but for the Friday before we want to hit up a club in San Antonio or somewhere South on the way to Port Aransas. Any recommendations for clubs... read more

who signed up to SDC

Hello guys,This blog is for our members that have the couples status only.In a recent interview we were asked the question who was responsible for the signup process to SDC.com. Was it the Male, Female or Both. Your input and answers are highly appreciated.SDC Helpdesk... read more

A blog on sex not politics - bucket list

Been so tired of all the political blogs on here, had to post a sex blog since that's what this site is. Creating political blogs seems to make half of us hate the other half and therefore limit our possible sex partner choices. Can't fuck who you can't stand or at least we won't. So along those lin... read more

Fun Times in Austin and Houston!

Learning to Mingle at the club… fun times in Austin and Houston! Had another great weekend visiting swing clubs in Austin and Houston this past weekend.  After attending the Naughty in N’Awlins convention last week, we decided that we needed to work on mingling and reaching out to ot... read more

Greedy Girls Gang Bang

Greedy Girls gang bang Wednesday 7th August 8 till late message to get on guest list or leave phone number :-). We are already are advertising on another well known site, we have 10 couples, 3 single ladies and 40 guys this, party is gonna be epic. More couple, ladies are more than welcome to attend... read more

Berlin this weekend

BERLIN 25/7-29/7 we would love to meet nice couple for good time....... read more

Carnival Magic Sept 8 - 15 Bahamas

anyone else going?  i would love to meat ;o) you.  especially if you want a "sub" on the sea.anyone going you y ... read more


 If someone sends you an invitation to a private party or sends you a nudge or email isn't it polite to respond? A simple "No thank you, or not interested, or go screw yourself " any type of response is better than none at all. Just seems VERY rude. What do you think?... read more

From Sexy to Sleezy

My girl and I had our first club experience. We were excited about meeting sexy new people. At first things went well, I try to be open minded and non judge mental. We were having a nice day, when the topic of squirting came about. Its something that obviously peeks our curiosity. When my girl was a... read more


Hi!I recently read:"When you do not give a compliment you keep something that does not belong to you"It draws my attention, without wanting to generalize, how it can be so hard to praise others as much as outside and inside the bedroom.Like most women, I love when people sweetens my soull!When I pla... read more

Swingfest is canceled again

so disappointed Swingfest South Beach Miami 2013 canceled again. as vendors we ordered and made extra product  so we would have a lot of new inventory to show everyone. hope refunds work out for all.... read more

Shoes only travel cruises

Hi, has anyone any experience of these cruises......we are very tempted to give the Asia 2014 cruise a go. Any info, feedback or warnings would be appreciated. Xx... read more

Should I really ask you to put away your pet?

Is it rude for me to ask you to put away your pet? Don't get me wrong I own a pet, however to me my pet is like having a child, I make sure he is out of sight when having company. People are here to see me not my Pet!! But why is it that people with cats, dogs seem to think its okay for the pet to b... read more

swing status

i've  noticed more couples in the speed date section looking for bisexual males though their profile says str8.female and str8.male,are people checking the wrong boxes or did i miss something?thanks str8 male here... read more

Looking for a lady to join trip to Cap d'Agde...

Hi, looking for a lady to join me for a one week trip to Cap d'Agde, sun and fun, beginning of August... ... read more

Coming to Florida July 25

We are coming to look at houses and relocate to the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral. We are coming in July 25. Really new to the life style. Anyone want to meet us?R & S... read more

Cap 24 Jul - 4 Aug

Hi All, anyone can give me a suggestion where to book an apartment  in Cap ?hugs and kissesalex... read more

Room Service (A fantasy story)

Photo credit: A Lady That Kneels“Look at her,” Nicole said as she turned her laptop screen toward her husband. “She’s hot. Let’s email them.”Aidan agreed. “She has a great rack,” he added. Nicole had been planning a getaway to celebrate Aidan’s recent job promotion. She booked... read more

Mon Chalet in Denver

We are headed to the Denver area July 27 - 29 and are planning to stay at the Mon Chalet (www.mon-chalet.com).  Has anyone been recently and can anyone comment on the experience?  Thanks in advance . . .   :-)... read more

Lust of the body VS Non-Lust

I have been looking at some profiles/speed dates and have been noticing that people say that they are always looking for fit people/HWP couples. I wonder sometimes why some people say this but when I look at their profile they are not in shape whatsoever. So why would you think someone that is in sh... read more

Is it time to play separately?

Last weekend Rick and I went to a house party. It was fun; a house jam-packed with people. There was a pre-party meet & greet at a local restaurant that was just as much as the party itself (a great way to kick off the evening, IMHO). But sadly, we didn’t play with anyone, because we’ve foun... read more

sharm el sheikh

hello, any couples or females going sharm el sheikh 25th july - 1st aug. would love to meet, message me for face pics and more :) ... read more


Dear Friends....Today we are going to ask you something and hopefully that our friends have that much guts to reply true.... WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO WIFE SWAP... read more

New Orleans FUN!

We will be visiting New Orleans for a week in t-minus 10 days! Looking for fun people who might wanna meet up or maybe some suggestions on places we should visit! :-)... read more

Nude voyage in turkey

We are looking for nude/swinger sailing in Turkey/Marmaris. Any recommendations???... read more


I have always been fascinated with the change that takes place in a person's mind when they no longer feel jealousy about their partner being intimate with another person.  It is as if though one learns to channel jealousy in a different direction.  The sights, sounds and thoughts tha... read more

Naughty in N'Awlins Rocks!

Our first swinging blog entry!  This one being written by Suzy, AKA Mighty Mouse.  Just arrived home from  Naughty in N’Awlins and haven’t stopped smiling and laughing since we left.  What a great, hot, sexy fun convention.  Met so many great people in the lifes... read more


We are sailing in Swedish Westcoast in 5-19 of August. Will meet single men, single women and couple during our sailingtime!... read more

Mooch-oyurer: a therapeutical diatribe.

As opposed to using this forum as an advice column I’m going to blog a therapeutical diatribe. This last Saturday I met, and offended, what I thought was the strangest couple, in this, my third generation of swinging, and did it not realizing this is a growing trend in the LS. I’ll let someon... read more

Follow Thru

Why is it so hard to meet men that follow thru?They set up dates...then don't show...is it only men that do this or do women do the same?In the past year I have had over a dozen men blow me off at the last minute.If your really not interested, why drag it out and make it sound like you're interested... read more

Swing fest 2013

  We'll be at Swingfest 2013 at the rooftop pool on Saturday July 27th at the Catalina Hotel in South Beach ... read more

Party Weekend: 8-14/7

9/7 I woke near 10am after a good night’s sleep but still feeling rough with cold. Rita slept through to midday and in afternoon went shopping. Spent most of day on letters, emails and general stuff and organising a new home printer. Watched TV early evening and had early bed, made love and slept.... read more

Discrete or Sneaky

Is there a difference in being Discrete and being Sneaky?Should I assume that when "seeing a man" that never wants to take you in public he is hiding you from something or someone?Is th... read more


We are going to Temptations or Desire August 14th-18th. We were wondering if anyone else was planning on being there? Please let us know if anyone has plans to be there or would like to meet us there. We look forward to hearing from you.ThanksJ&C... read more

My Angel

You are my angelCome from way aboveTo bring me loveHer eyes, she's on the dark sideTo neutralize every man insideLove youLove youLove youLove youClick here to watch my video... read more

Florida suggestions

We will be staying in Fort Lauderdale and traveling around Miami and whatnot for a few days next week and would love for you hot, sexy, Floridians to suggest to us what a visitor to your part of the world should not miss out on.  Ideas from the best, don't miss places to eat, sites to see, club... read more

Laugh At Life

I may not be your  Mrs. Right but I can F.. you until she gets out of Jail...!!!... read more


I hope all my friends will be safe during these rains and wacky weather. God Bless You. ... read more


Recently we spotted a profile using the term "bi-furious". We've never seen that term before so we thought maybe it was a typo but they repeated it more than once. Googling it we didn't find much so I don't think it's a legit or well known term but I found a couple of things- a photo of a lady looki... read more

Punta Cana/Bavaro July 12 - 14

Hey everybody, we will be in Punta Cana this weekend with a few couples and are looking for 'fun' places to go.  Any clubs that cater to SW?  If anyone is in the area, send us an email.  We will be in Mangu Disco saturday night.... read more

Studland Beach

Okay, so it's not Cap d'Agde but two days ago we took a trip to Studland Naturist Beach at Sandbanks, Poole. Weather was touching 30c with a cool breeze coming off the sea. The beach itself is beautiful. Golden sand stretching for miles, relaxed vibe, warm sea...warmer actually than the Med was in C... read more

woman an strap-ons condoms

I have a real big issue with this I been to a cpl of parties where I see woman playing with a strap-on with more them one woman not once changing or even putting one on now let me ask you this what is the different from a mans penis to a strap-on common ladies change it every time you put it in an o... read more


After two horrible episodes of Trueblood, I cancelled HBO and Skinemax. From unnamed sources, I watched the third episode and it totally rocked. OMG, finally an episode worthy enough for me to watch lol. I know from the beginning who Warlow was (I never read the books) and the scene with Jessica kil... read more


Watch our live interview on ITV at 11.30am TODAY! ... read more

Stripper pole for a boat

Does anyone have one? What kind, How much, Where to get?  I am thinking of using the same built in hole in the rear cockpit seating area that the leg of the removable table uses. Thoughts? ... read more

Kid Rock Cruise - March 2014

We're in on the March 2014 Kid Rock Cruise out of Florida.  Anybody else Kid Rock fans and fortunate enough to get in on this cruise?... read more

Need Community Help Please

At KinkyPeeps headquarters in Charlotte NC -- We are seeking help, suggestions, advice on local venue spots, and advice on getting sponsored host, and entertainment for our events. I BlakkReignn am a part of a Poly-family run Kinkster' Organization - KinkyPeeps -- which is for those interested in al... read more

Sexy week at Spice Lifestyle - Lanzarote (2-7/7/13)

2/7 I woke at 8 and Rita woke with a bad cough so I gave her some antibiotics. Poor Rita limped through the day feeling unwell. We popped into local town for some bits and pieces and when we got back I packed for trip to Spice tomorrow. Early evening we sank some nice Chianti and Rhone and then dose... read more


We are waiting anxiously as every year our journey in Cap D'Agde from 27th July up to 5th August. We would like to know couples to live great moments togheter. We like erotic photografy with elegance and glamour. Also we look for a couple that likes to share a bungalow inside camping.KissesRosana-Ig... read more

It's a long shot but we're looking for.....

A couple that we would like to chat with that we saw at Trapeze this Saturday June 6. It was the end of the night and my wife and I made our way to the breakfast buffet (it was 3:30am). As I was standing waiting in line, a couple came up behind me and she began raving about the biscuits and gravy. H... read more

house parties in dfw

does anyone know of any parties this friday nite?and question for yall  do you prefer house parties or ls clubs  and why  just curious... read more

Different levels of bi - why?

I've seen many different terms used on this site. Bisexual, bi-curious, bi-friendly, passively-bi, bi-selective, bi-tolerant, etc... I wonder why you don't see that same thing when talking about hetero (i.e. you don't see hetero-curious or hetero-tolerant). I know what the terms mean so that is not ... read more


I am sure many people must have spent their holidays in Thailand, but i have not seen many posts by the people visiting Bangkok etc, like good places to hang out(There is one but very old), places where are likely to meet Lifestyle people etc. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks... read more

Trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wife & I are traveling to Dubrovnik this weekend. Any tips for us about the place as in how are the beaches(sandy or stones), any nude beaches around, any swinger clubs or events in the vicinity, any local couples who would like to meet. Just about anything. ... read more

The Mystical Unicorn Existing For Every Lifestyle

That girl that you can't catch. Everything about her is so perfect (divine, if you will) getting with her is unfathomable. She is truly a blessing from God. Bumping into her on the sidewalk is a good day. Holding a conversation with her... you were probably dreaming. Anything beyond that - Good Luck... read more

Vacation spot

Hello, we are planning on going on vacation sometime in August. Can anyone give us any ideas where to go?HelloHello... read more

Cutting Edge Sex, Part 1

Female Orgasms, The Male Role [The SDC Blog has recently been carpet-bombed by a self-styled Sexpert. In her first post about female orgasms, I asked a sincere question about urethral orgasms and was treated to being painted as a pain-inflicting sadist, a label which absolutely doesn’t fit. ... read more

Cutting Edge Sex, Part 2

Preparing a Woman Orgasmically Women vary all over the place, and learning the sexual signature of a woman and her orgasmic possibilities provides endless interest. I’ve known women who, for example, needed a little firm pressure on their belly just above the pelvic bone in order to come. To... read more

Cutting Edge Sex, Part 3

The Cardinal Skill -- The Art of Licking Pussy I’ve known few women who didn’t adore the sensation of a good hard-dicking, that pelvic-hollowing feeling that there was a lot of activity downstairs. Also few though are the women for whom that is enough. A good pelvic pounding may be earth a... read more

Travel to Korea August, 27

I travel to Korea August, 27 and i want to make sw friends, searching for a club.... read more


So I am very new in the LS and attended my first party Saturday night...It was a nice time meeting new people, but I have to say I don't think it's an event for a Straight Single Woman to go to. What I noticed immediately was that when asked if I was turned on by watching women kiss and my response ... read more

I want to go to a Bed and Breakfast and Fisting

http://www.vice.com/read/bed-and-breakfast-and-fisting-v18n8... read more

New Miami Club

Was mentioned here a few months ago, a new club opening in Miami.  Any updates?... read more


http://apartment512.wordpress.com/... read more


http://apartment512.wordpress.com/... read more

Why is it a bad thing to be friends?

We moved to the big City of Dallas about a year ago and with both of us being from different areas we do not have any friends, (swingers or vanilla) in the area.  I am a restarrant manager and while I have a lot of ppl that work for me most of them are between 16 and 24 and of course I do not c... read more

In Celebration of Texan

While our political views may differ vastly and our taste in  shirts definitely do, one thing we value about TEXAN is that he is not a moral coward who insults you in blogs and then blocks / deletes. He also has a sense of humour and manages to write in solid paragraphs and not like a spastic c... read more

Wounded Warriors

My wounded warrior (an amputee from an IED blast in Iraq), was successful last weekend. He tagged an awesome cull axis stag, more than 10 years old with hooves so long that they crossed over each other.He's making the legs into a lamp. He was so grateful, you cannot imagine the thrill that he had. W... read more

He who puts his trust in goverment (any government) is a fool.

I realize that there are certain things that we must leave to government. I am not talking about the few legitimate functions of government. When we started depending on the government to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves, we started down the path to ruin.... read more

Communications on SDC

Just curious about who the major communicator is when it comes to setting up meetings on SDC.  In our case, my wife pretty much leaves all the initial communications to me.  She never logs in to the site on her own, (I wish she would) but I share my communications with her, and always shar... read more

Etiquette Questions

Hi. We are fairly new to SDC but not to the lifestyle. We have some questions or awkward moments we hope you can help us navigate thru.Our first question is how do you handle requests from couples that you have just met online who request your phone # ?. On another site I made the mistake ... read more

Florida, we needyour suggestions

We will be traveling to Florida mid-month and all though we have a required event in Orlando for a day we are looking into renting a car and just beach hopping.  Having only been to the Keys we would love some input from all you beautiful Floridians.  Suggested beaches and why you would re... read more

Trapeze 4th-6th

Will Trapeze have a crowd on the 4th of July Holidays.....has anyone been before doing that time?... read more


Come on folks...... who is going to share with us what great fun you are having (without us!!!):-)(See you all on Thursday!!)... read more

Who's going to Haulover on July 4th?

We're going to Haulover for the day/afternoon and would love to hang out with some couples.  Who else was planning to go?... read more

Wonderful Life Party in Treviso (Italy): 17/6-1/7

17/6 Woke and after Rita woke up we made love - both fingering Rita to orgasm and then fucked her from behind. She ached fromweekend exertions so were hobbling around! We booked to see After Earth with Will Smith and left to see it at 5. Good film and after headed for TGI Fridays where I had some de... read more

Adult Theater Sex Couples Only Friday and Saturday

Xposed Adult Theater and DVD Megastore 910 W. Mockingbird Ln. Dallas, TX 75247 214-819-0571 (not far from the Lido if you know where that is)This is a typical adult store with one exception, The exception is a pretty nice (straight movie) theater which is couples only Fri. and Sat. night.  Admi... read more

Had a blast at Collette's last night!!!

I had soooo much fun at Collette's one year anniversary party last night! I love the Voyeur couch! I think I have a new fetish!... read more