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Meet & Greet - Houston

After being introduced into thel lifestyle over a year ago, I feel I just scratched the surface.  My "playdate" partner is no longer available so I am wanting to get out to a meet and greet.  I see the TMZ has one coming up on Aug. 22nd.  Can anyone give me some idea if this would be ... read more

Couples profiles that only have pictures of the female half.

We see a lot of couples profile pictures that don't have any photos of the male half of the couple.  We're new to the site and find this confusing, maybe someone can shed some light onto this practice.Cheers, E&L... read more

Need personal training advise

Ooook... I finally got myself in a gym to try to loose some extra pounds specially on the tummy area... (well, not that much... im just 193lbs) BUT... when i got there, feel like "i have no idea what to do"... any advise on what machines should i use? weights? max or min time?...I am willing to trad... read more

Dear SDC

Not able to send message to HELPDESK, can not send a suggestion, can not delete all checked mail, too many issues still on this new site to prevent members from using the old site. Which now I can not. Also many profiles that can not be scrolled down. Trying to be supportive, but new site needs ... read more

Melbourne Oz Swingers House

I'm at Cap d'Agde in the south of France, a Swinger capital of the World. Amazing adventures! Read about them in book just published iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id903334535?utm_medium=email&utm_source=application-ebook&utm_campaign=distribution-ibook_available&utm_conten... read more

Smooth, fluff or hairy?

When meeting up with couples or single males, how do you like your grooming?... read more

Comments 10 Views Yahoo Fantasy Football League

The wife and I started our own league last season. Thought we would give out the invite here. We could have a get together on draft day. Let us know if interested. 10-20 team league. PPR. Payment via Leaguesafe.com. $100 per team. Draft day is Aug 22nd, 2014. link to join: http://y.ahoo.it/4mnFJG... read more

Meet up in Sturgis 2014

Heading to Sturgis 7/31 through 8/7... there is a swingers meet n greet at Full Throttle upstairs facing the stage on Sunday 8/3 starting at 6 pm ... read more

Vanilla Femme Porn

I have posted on 50 Shades before, but thought some of you'd enjoy Dave Barry's review because it's definitely the best-written and most entertaining discussion of the book I've come across. http://time.com/3030375/dave-barry-50-shades-of-grey/Unless we are as funny as Dave Barry, posting on th... read more

A normal week - I think?:20/7 to 27/7

20/7 Woke at 9.30 after a long nights sleep. Had a late breakfast in bed with Rita and then we made love. After I went for a run and Rita went shopping and found a dress for the wedding we are going to in Istanbul in September. I came back and showered and dealt with office stuff as it came along. W... read more

Cancun playa de carmen!

We are going to be in Cancun playa de Carmen this week..we are looking to meet other couples or single woman!!love sailing or get together for drinks or dinner..we both are runners and in good shape..... read more


Will be in the pensacola area in August,  any recommendations for events or activities aug,, 8,9,10th... read more

Anyone go to Anchorena SW?

I'm a single man in BA. Foreigner. Asian. Anyone/couple go to Anchorena SW. Message me 11-3292-7219. Jack.... read more


I am now and will be at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood if anybody is up for some fun text/call  me at 954.504.3636...SNAKE... read more

In Mazatlan.........

.........anyone else here??... read more

To all those George Clooney's and Vin Diesel's Out there

I am I the only person who thinks about the demographics of these blogs compared to the demographics on SDC in general?1) Maybe I'm biased because I only read the English-language posts, however, I am I the one who finds it ironic that despite all the bashing of Americans, America in general and WAS... read more

FETISHCON Clothing Crises

What would a 'vanilla' swinger couple wear to Fetishcon?  Yes, lots of condoms and a sense of humor.  Besides that!    We're going to Fetishcon and, unless you count swinging and nudism, we have no particular fetishes.   We're going as voyeurs, see the red car... read more

SDC 3.1

       What does everyone else think of this new version of SDC ?It deleted my private picture groups and albums. I don't see a way to correct the problem without re downloading all my pictures. I have contacted the Webmaster twice and only got a commercial telling me about the ... read more

Dreamland Swingers Club in Budapest

Hoping that someone can suggest what the best night to visit Dreamland Swingers club in Budapest is,We visited in 2011 and loved it, and we'll be back in August 2014.Also, if anyone can recommend a good strip club where couples would be welcome. We've been told Marilyn's is good, any others?... read more


Wij zitten vanaf maandag 28 juli in toremolinos. Iemand leuke ideetjes of plaatsjes om naartoe te gaan?..hot kisses... read more


I wanted to tell others about a great little place we discovered in Frisco.   It is called 'The Spot Boutique."  This place has class and carries all of the high end toys, not the $5 crap you find online, but the good stuff.  They have a nice and inviting set up with helpful frie... read more

MH17 Plane Crash

We wish to express to all couples from the Netherlands our horror and sorrow.If Russia is found to be responsible we think all Russian citizens should be exluded from visiting the European Union until they elect a humane Governement.... read more


I have seen a lot of hate and love posts on single males.. who I now call Meerkats!  We love going to Studland beach as it is a nudist beach and allows us that full body tan.   Studland bay is beautiful as part of it is a nature reserve and I love the lagoon and surrounding area. &nbs... read more

Flakes, Phonies, and Time Wasters.

So, I just got back from another amazing weekend in South Beach, where I met and played with several amazing young ladies I hope to see again very soon. While planning my trip, I was contacted by a few couples that I chatted with and spoke to after exchanging numbers, and we made plans to meet while... read more

upcoming fuun Splash Party !

only a couple days now until the fun Splash Party starts here on Thursday ! Please stop and see us in the vending room !  www.nipsizzle.com  We carry a line of affordable sexy club wear and hand made non pierced nipple jewelry ! We have many show specials and we ar... read more

Struggling to like the new blog layout

Who else thinks the new blog layout needs a little improvement?  Here are the two big things bugging me.1) The site is now showing the entire original poster's message, which would be fine if OPs only wrote one or two sentence posts, but when they write several paragraphs, the system shoul... read more

Back to Normal Week after Cap?: 13/7 to 19/7

13/7 We slept like logs till late morning, then made love till Rita came a couple of times, and then got up to get ready to lunch in London and to The Coliseum to see The Ballet Russes show on Diaghilev. The show was probably the best they had put on with the highlight for me, a leading Marinski bal... read more

Fantasy Football

I am doing the fantasy football league again this year. If anyone wants to play, send me an email. It is always fun to involve couples and singles. You do not have to be from Texas to join the league. ... read more

Squirt Action

I am interested in squirting. How does it work. I have never squatted before, that I know of. However, I am multi-orgasmic. Please tell me the squatting secrets….... read more

What have you learned?

Mrs sexflight and I were talking recently about things we have realized about ourselves or each other during our time in the lifestyle. I realized my wife has a thing for bald men early on, which she initially denied and then had to admit that she was picking out a lot of men with no hair.  She... read more

Club Hermione

Anyone know anything about Club Hermione? Google found it but nothing found on here so far.... read more

A male grooming question from a guy

I have a question - mostly for the ladies - about male grooming "down there".I have noticed that most guys I've seen while swinging shave their entire pubic region including that "triangle" area on top regardless of how much other hair they naturally have.  While that works for some guys who ha... read more

Anal in private

Mrs Horny is a big fan of a Shlong up her tiny little butt, but only in private (so far) any others out there who enjoy it, but only with their SO?  ... read more

Will a quality massage table take a pounding?

We're thinking about picking up a massage table, and while the one we're looking at says it''s rated for over 500 lbs, I suspect that rating is for "static weight" of someone laying on it and a masseuse applying normal pressure.  Has anyone used a massage table for sexy fun?  Will they tak... read more

what to expect for our first time please comment

We are new to this and have been to a swinger club before. So we are just trying to feel our way through this with each and try to decide about soft swing or full swing or can soft swing lead to full swing and what to expect for our first time.we are ... read more

Cosmetic surgeon in South Florida

OK, there is no doubt some of the beautiful women on here has been under the knife.  Can anybody recommend a cosmetic surgeon for breast implants and tummy tuck here in South Florida (Miami/Ft.. Lauderdale/ Palm Beach area)?  Thanks in advance.  Also any experiences you want to share ... read more


 A female friend has expressed interest in a BBC group party in the Ft Myers, FL area. Does anyone have any information on such a group Thanks, Mike ... read more

29: Rope bondage, Kink, Art and kittens with Midori

Play Midori is a sexuality author, speaker and educator who teaches about alternative and adventurous sexual practices, including the sensual art of bondage and BDSM. She grew up in Tokyo until her teenage years and was raised with feminist values. Midori has a degree in Psychology from Berkele... read more

Out of my mind

I was wondering, how many bloggers post erotica here ? taking in account most people in SDC are quite in tune with their sexuality, and they are quite open mind being in the lifestyle, seems like a perfect venue for this kind of thing.... read more

false status

i'm starting to think that all the bi couple,bi male swing status that being put out there that it's a sneaky way for couples to stop the single guys from bothering them so much,lol.... read more

LS Vanilla Cross-over experiences??

Does anybody have any good stories to share about this? I have seen previous posts about the "Are they or aren't they guessing game" regarding couples LS people know from their vanilla lives. I think couples who are happy in the LS or in their own sex lives do give off a certain vibe that intrigues ... read more

True cuckold couples. A Bulls perspective

The mind is a funny thing. Odd how it works, when you are calm and listen your true inner self is revealed. In this context I'm talking about the little pointers and situations that tell me I'm a Bull. It really is a state of mind and in some senses no more, no less.Once upon a time in my youthful e... read more

So are you one or the other or both?

Billy(bcs) loves (I mean loves) to have sex in front of an audience. In front of another couple, in front of a group, on our balcony at on the cruise.He is truly an exhibitionist. Lucky me, I(lgs) indulge him but my play preference is to play with a door closed or at least not be able to see the p... read more

Hot? Really?

We fully understand, that everyone has likes, dislikes, and "preferences." If you are looking for "hot" people, thats fine. But what do you think, of those who proclaim their own hotness? Even going as far as stating it in their profile. Shouldn't the judgement of "hotness," be best determined by o... read more

South Florida Fun?

So my wife and I are a young couple (in our early 30's) that are professional, educated, successful, and attractive.  We are starting to dabble in "lifestyle" types of experiences, but can't seem to find the right place.We started off about 3 years ago going to Miami Velvet with another couple ... read more

Hubby's birthday

Dear Fellow swingers,My hubby's birthday is around the corner..would love to get some naughty ideas from the community for a party for him. Please help, not to mention, participation is welcome ... read more

Christian and swinging

Looking at some off beat news venue we saw mention of Christians that also swing. Made us think that maybe there are others out there that see the two as a possibility. ... read more

Risky Exhibitionism???

The fun of daring for daring itself, not to be seen or to get caught. How far have you gone, how far are you willing to go under the right circumstances? What dares would you never ever do? What dares do you want to put out there hoping someone is watching. A little room for us that like to do more ... read more


Married or single women kik westcoast567 for fun ;)... read more

Palm Springs Hotels/Resorts

We'll be visiting Palm Springs for the first time this fall.  What's the best lifestyle friendly hotel/resort there?Thanks for your help and recommendations...... read more

Party Till We dropped in Cap D'Agde

4/7 Got woken by the gardener coming to mow the lawn. Quiet day on office stuff and packing for trip to Cap D'Agde tomorrow. Rita popped to shops and late afternoon watched the Wimbledon quarter finals and the Germany / France match. Didn't see much of Rita during evening as she was continually goin... read more

Club in Canne!

Hi, We just new in Canne ,and would like to know some fun night club to go!  in Canne!... read more

Looking to buy sybian

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but we are looking to buy a sybian any one have any ideas of where to get a decent used one? ... read more

Looking for Club Exchangiste in Paris

My husband and I are vacationing in Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands.  We have found clubs in Cap d' Agde & Amsterdam.  We are looking for suggestions on an upscale club exchangiste or club libertin in Paris.  I found websites for several but pictures can be deceiving.... read more

jardin d'eden Cap d'agde

Could somebody please help us. we are trying to book jardin d'eden in Cap D'agde for next week. mother of god, it would appear to be much simpler to cure the common cold than get a booking at this place. Any help would be appreciated.... read more

movies over swinger theme

what are the movies over swinger theme....like Dos más dos (2012)... read more

All Time

LeBron gets beat as a Cavalier by the Spurs, he goes to Miami. LeBron gets beat by the Spurs as one of the Heat, he goes back to Cleveland. Anyone want to argue that even Kobe has a place above LeBron on the all time list...behind Tim Duncan, that is....... read more

Kamelback chairs Dallas/Ft. Worth

Www.kamelbackchairs.comContact me for more information. Dallas Ft. Worth and surrounding cities. ... read more

Happy Blog

Too often blogs turn nasty. Ruins the mood.  We are here for recreational sex, not for recreational bickering.So, let's have a happy blog, and talk about some our best experiences in this hobby. Mention someone that you really enjoyed, and why.  Where is the best place (city, state, countr... read more

Fantasy One - Part One

You are sitting in the couch with your cup of coffee and enjoying your game. I came in wearing my little silver dress and a recently bought stiletto silver shoes. My hair is tied up in a bun and I'm wearing a light makeup with red lipstick. You looked me over asking where I was planning to go and... read more


Did you ever have a really nice individual or couple, with whom you had socialized previously and determined there wasn't a good chemistry, continue to flirt with you and you would like it to stop,without hurting feelings. If so, how did you handle it? Did your technique preserve the friendship,or ... read more

"Oh...Did I Say That" ????

This had me thinking, have you ever said something in the middle of having sex and thought "OH...Did I said that?" Now we all have said things that we wish we haven't and sometimes things comes out when we are over whelmed with emotions. I have heard everything from "Your The best" to "That was the ... read more

The Swinger Livestyle And Your Real Life

Do you keep your swinger lifestyle and your real life separate? Or are you open with being in the swinger lifestyle and don't care if others know? ... read more

What is swinging??

What is swinging?? Everyone seems to define it differently. Recently someone picked up an argument with another couple who only chats and does cam sex and never meets saying u're not swingers! Another couple feels anyone who doesn't 'fuck' another couple is not a swinger! Our view? Don't let anyone ... read more

What is your biggest inner fear when you're deciding to meet a couple for coffee/drinks for the first time?

What is your biggest inner fear when you're deciding to meet a couple for coffee/drinks for the first time?For us Will they be very pushy and rude? Will they be fat and scary and had shown fake pics? Are they a genuine couple or is she a hired slut... read more

Legal disclaimer

Ok...I get a bit of a kick out of seeing the 'legal disclaimer' people have on their profiles. Seriously...tell me one time you, or anyone you know, has ever used legal means to go after 'Sydney University' or whoever else may use their profile. I understand why people may want to put this on here, ... read more

Has swinging helped your relationship? Or made it more stressful and confusing ?

Has swinging helped your relationship? Or made it more stressful and confusing ?... read more

Over Posting A Blog

How many times do you click the send button to post a blog........Me only 1 time and then I wait,     So the DELETE must not work ... read more

playing separate

what do you think of that whole scenario?my husband and I have been married for 21 years And 19 of those years have been spent in the LS. we went through different phases and now we have  come to the point where we think it's kind of cool to have an extra person on this side. we love each other... read more

Adge 24th July to 8th august

If any couples are in Cap D'adge between 24th July and 8th august then drop us a line... read more

American swingers

Is ther any of you American couples visiting Ireland soon. We find ourselves indulging in your sexy profiles more so than anyone els and we are just so eager to hook up with you guys. It all seems to be happening over there. Ah well hopefully we will get there next year. Definatly on our to do list.... read more

vocation in Albania.

Anyone in vocation in South of Albania, Vlore, Sarande or Ksamil? we will be around drop us a message... read more

Cruising - out of Miami - August 17-24

We are going on the Carnival Conquest out of Miami during the week of August 17-24. We will be in Miami the night before as well. If anyone else is going on this, let us know! ... read more

Paris club

What is the sexiest club in Paris?... read more

Cap D'Adge advise please

Planning a trip to Cap D'Adge mid Sepetmber with another couple and are looking for suitable accommodation for the 4 of us on the site. Can anyone offer any advise please ? Also keen to know if the foam parties go on into mid September.Thanks in advance ... read more

Cap d Agde accommodation

We have 2 "up market" apartments which we rent. We are NOT on the naturist quarter - 5 mins away. We will rent for 1 night - even in PEAK Season - subject to availability. To see photos of them - just add dot com to our username (swingatcapdagde).... read more

Event Promoters Masquerading as Regular Lifestylers.

Lately I have had a handful of couples contact me saying they liked my profile and wanted to get together. I replied to 2 and instead of suggesting a meeting somewhere where we could talk and see if we want to go further, I was sent flyers inviting me to parties that they hosted for a fee, of course... read more

First real visit to Cap!

Last year we visited Cap during the day, feeling very brave that we were brave enough to sunbathe naked. Since then we have taken at step that I, the Mrs, never, ever expected. It was not even a remote possibility then. But apparently my husband knew me better than I know myself. The experiences we ... read more

Risky Exhibitionism

The fun of daring for daring itself, not to be seen or to get caught. How far have you gone, how far are you willing to go under the right circumstances? What dares would you never ever do? What dares do you want to put out there hoping someone is watching. A little room for us that like to do ... read more

Going to Barcelona Spain and Athens Greece

Going on a cruise  to Greek Isle and Med and would appreciate some  recommendations of  4/5 Star Hotels, Things to do, nite life , swinger clubs and nude beaches...Can you help....Winn and Max... read more

Saying No Gracefully - And Still Get Rude Responces

So, We have had several single males and couples alike not be able to take rejections very well. We are starting to wonder if its cause they are butt hurt- or is our approach to harsh .. ...this is what we normally send when we are not interested: Thank you. We are flattered that you found us inter... read more

Friendship Vs. Spontaneity?

One of the things we have learned over the last few years is that the "Lifestyle" has different meanings to different people. Some are here to make friends. Some are here to socialize and party. Some are here to cheat. Some are here to make money off us poor horny folk. Some are here to watch. And s... read more

Immortal Orgasm

You nibble on the flesh of my exposed neck,hot breath meets cold skin,making goosebumps of anticipation,And my heart flutters in my chest.Your hands caress up my thigh, finger tips,I look into your twilight eyes.Feeling you between me,Through a layer of fabric.The only thing separating you and I.You... read more

Looking for a Club here in Orlando, Florida.

Hello Everyone. My wife and I are visiting from New Jersey for a few days.  As a result of last minute plans being changed on us we now have an evening open for a visit to a local Club this Sunday July the 6, 2014. Can anyone offer any recommendations?  We are not looking for private ... read more

Week in UK: 24/6 to 3/7/14

24/6 I woke about an hour before Rita at 9 and read Times. I was still feeling horny from night before and so soon had a hard on and proceeded to fuck Rita on her back, front and side . She came about 3 times before I suggested a mug of tea might be a good idea . After a little more fondling she con... read more

The hungry MILF and her cuckold husband

I'm writing this blog the morning after the night before partly to distract myself from having a wank and boy do I want one. But I'm not going to because I'm going to a BMFC swingers party tomorrow and if I am fortunate enough to meet a couple I get on well if I want the wife to benefit from me... read more

Barcelonia July4-6

Visiting, July 4-6, where the best place to party, single straight mail.. Thanks..... read more

Who has been or is going to desire resort Cancun

My wife and I are going to Desire resort and spa Sept 11th-14th and wonder if anyone else has been and can tell us how it was or are you going that weekend. We would love to hear from you.... read more

Why do some single men use a female photo as their main profile pic?

Let me first start by saying that we actually joined SDC in order to meet single men for fun.  However, we find it very odd that some single men that contact us actually use a female photo as their main profile pic.  Is there a reason for this that we may not know about?... read more

Holiday weekend at Caliente

So we haven't been there in a couple of years, staying off premises in a hotel but doing a couple of day passes, meet/greet friday and party saturday.  It's a birthday weekend for us, so were looking forward to some intellectual and mindless fun.... read more


We are headed to Chicago for July 4 looking at the profiles in the area looks kinda bleak.  Any suggestions?... read more

miami swingers club

hi guyswe will be in miami in october, and will be taking joining some friends for a saturday night out. we would love to try a local swingers club, and have found miami velvet, trapeze, and a rooftop swingers hotel, just on initial internet searching. we are hoping that a local, can give us some ad... read more

Who will win the World Cup?

Who do you think will win the World Cup? (Not who do you want to win but who will win)... read more

Fucking the wife of a jealous cuckold P/T 2 of 3

On arrival at the couples home I was invited to the living room. The wife had told me beforehand that she was very nervous so my primary concern at this point was to put everyone at ease. This wasn't a problem for me because socially I am very much a people person. Patient, friendly and always consi... read more

Hi All....

We will be in Cap d' Agde from 19th of July to 2nd of August, and staying in a place called "Chateau Maraval" which is a well known place for open mindet swingercouples.We would like to meet with open mindet couples or maybe as well with single, bisexual women, maybe hot TV or TS...We are not intere... read more

Swingfields UK

only three more days till Swingfields UK gets started and we are really looking forward to meeting old firends and making new ones come and say hi if your going :-)... read more

Algarve and Southern Spain

Travelling through at the moment and would love to meet interesting couples.... read more