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Favoriting Pictures in Profiles

What happened to the ability to favorite pictures in profiles?  We liked using this feature when viewing other profiles and always found it fun to see which pics others liked best in our profile.  Maybe it was necessary to remove this functionality to speed to site up? Curious..... read more

420 friendly dating website )

I noticed there are many 420 friendly people out there. Saw on yahoo news there is a new dating web site out there just for people who partake. I also have known different swingers who use dating websites as a different avenue for fun. Just thought I would share, anyone joining ?   http://my420mat... read more

Sex with a Stranger

I am&nbspso surprised at how quickly I am once again posting.  Yesterday - some hours after writing my latest blog - I went to the drug store, and out of the blue ran into a man, who is considerably younger than myself, who I have known for approx. five years.  We originally met from a Craigsl... read more


Friday August 7th, 201512th Anniversary Party For Mea &amp WesCome on out this Friday night and help make it special for us. We have been together for twenty year . This Friday will mark our 12th wedding anniversary! What better way for us to spend it than doing what we love, Partying with all ... read more

Workouts with an extra edge

I notice a lot of profiles mention that frequent visits to the gym are usual for them. Us, too. When I`m there and see a nice looking couple or woman I always wonder if they are swingers. It seems to me that meeting another SDC couple at the gym would be a good, non pressure way to meet and get to k... read more

Fired up and really to roll.

I have the goods , you just have to fire it up . Name the newest hotel in the Naturist quarter of Cap d Agde ?... read more


Maybe I should stay out of the chat room. This morning in the chat room we get another single guy and I quote  `Any white women want a big black cock`. I cringed again. This also goes to those guys&nbspwho have screen names BBCinDFW or Hungblackmale. Blah Blah.  I freaking hate this term. Over... read more

Sex with a Stranger

Hi everyone, to me it's been a long time no write.  It's time for me to catch you all up with the diversions that  have been occurring in my life.  First of all, the fellow I met a few months back has continued to play with me. The problem is that I am a very sexual person, and his visits (due to... read more


While we prefer SDC we were also lifetime members on Swappernet from way back. The site is gone. Does anyone know what happened? Did they go the way of Playful Swingers and disappear? Just curious.... read more

Fun Night at the Opera (not quite Marx Brothers: 217 to 26/7/15

21/7 Woke at 7.30 and later went upstairs to have a coffee and print out some stuff for meeting this morning. Got ready to leave for just before 10.30. Rita just stirring as not 100 with a sinusitis. Sunny day and boarded us to Knightsbridge. Good meeting and around 12.30 headed up to The Arch at Ma... read more


Hello everyone, we are fairly new and  have gone back a little ways in the previous blogs to see if these topics have been covered. We are sure they have but was unable to find it right off the bat. Please, accept our apologies beforehand, if they are redundant. Realizing, that our  individual poi... read more

Electo Sex Seminar & Book

We just got back from the Lifestyle Fantasy Expo in Florida USA. &nbspWe put on some seminars on electro sex and had about 200 people watch over the weekend. &nbspWe also did some private sessions in our room. &nbspEverybody was intrigued and we provided a lot of orgasmic pleasure to lot... read more

The big question.....`What to wear`

Mrs M and I have been invited to our first `Greedy Girls Orgy` later in the year (15 couples and 30 guys). We are not inexperienced in MFM but this will be our first such party and as always the big question from Mrs M is what do I wear?Any tips and suggestions regarding wardrobe and anything else f... read more

Smoking in Lifestyle Clubs

How do you feel about smoking in lifestyle clubs?There are several clubs in our area (Fort Lauderdale). Of them, only one is completely non-smoking. It is also the most popular, in spite of being more expensive than most of the others. There are a number of reasons for this, but I tend to believe th... read more

Visiting Amsterdam or Begium

We are planning a little adventure in the autumn. We plan to spend a weekend in probably Amsterdam or maybe Brussels or Antwerp where we hope to meet people and go to sexy clubs. So, we’re looking for some suggestions of places to go in either of the cities. I thought of describing what we ... read more

First threesome with 2 women

I have always fantasized about pleasing 2 women at once but the occasion never presented itself . I`m fairly new to the lifestyle but I got lots of success quickly and met a lot of couples. I had a few one on one and MFM sessions but never had the chance to experience FMF .. So 2 weeks ago , I was... read more

First Timers

We have been together for almost 25 years and we are considering the lifestyle.  My husband seems more interested than I am but I am very curious about the lifestyle as well.  I was wondering how it has changed your relationship, good or bad?  I`m very self conscious of my body, having two kids, ... read more

Private photo album password

Does anyone know how to add/send a password for a private photo album?  We`d like to send people the password to give them access to our unedited pics.  Thanks in advance.... read more


do clubs in paris close in august? ... read more

Have I got something wrong?

I have been around for a while, done everything, been every where. I am in Belo Horizonte now and my lady is really something. OK? Nuff background? &nbspHahahahah..Ok. &nbspIf we make contact with another couple and we show up at the agreed place for drinks and a get to know each other sessi... read more

New Podcast Episode - The Curious Couple #27

George (the single guy) and Sam (the Dallas unicorn) want to tell their version of the the Dallas pool party podcast from last week. We revisit some of the things we talked about from the last episode but from our guests` perspective, as well as some of the things that we didn`t catch while we were... read more

Do Speed Dates actually work

Put up yet another speed date with plenty of notice and clarity around what we are seeking and as it draws ever nearer, yet again not one single response...Do speed dates actually work for people and if they do, what are we doing wrong?... read more


Does anyone know of a club for swingers in Amsterdam that is open between Monday to Thursday?... read more

Las Vegas ........

Going soon to las Vegas ...Any recommendation for Couple swinger club ? .. (first to watch .... )... read more

STD`s and swing clubs

I was looking through CL when I came upon this post, and since i know alot ppl frequent this sofla club, I thought I`d post the add here, as you think that if they go one place, they probably have been to other clubs toofrom the CL post............... Posted: about 2 hours ago ◀ prev ▲ next ... read more

a night of cards

The Strip Poker Game! My name is Bill. Then there is my wife Margaret. She is 5 feet 7inches tall and 53 years old. She weighs 121 and has long brown hair. She has 34c tits and a nice looking body. We have been married for 1 year &nbspWe never thought about having sex with... read more

A Beautiful Weekend in Umbria: 16/7 to 20/7/15

16/7 Woke at 9 and dealt with some calls and at lunchtime popped into Portobello Rd to pick up some tea shirts for R, some dry cleaning and a prescription. Then home and we started to pack for the weekend and had an early supper before getting in the car to Stansted where we were staying at The Radi... read more

first time swap

Hi there my name is Margaret and my Husband`s name is Bill. First I should tell you that we have been into soft swinging for nearly a year, after considering it for quite a while, and in that time we have taken it very very slowly. On our first couple of meeting we did not even p... read more

best place for sex holiday

hi we travel a lot and we like to go to countries where we can have a nice holiday and have sex dates with local people. We have been at Hedo in Jamaica, St Marteen, Miami. Ve are thinking to travel to Cuba or to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. She likes big black boys😄😄 All your comments, info... read more

Barcelona clubs

we are visiting Barcelona for some nights this week, any recommendations for good clubs there? ... read more


Does anyone know where to find sexy, elegant yet racy, yet comfortable clubwear for 40+ that is not made from all polyester or rayon? Cache has closed, Bebe is a bit young. I don't really like to shop, and it has become a chore to find clothes. Am I asking for the unicorn of clothing? "-)... read more

Clubs in Orlando

Will will be in Orlando this coming August and looking to have fun. Any recomendations on lifestyle clubs in or around Orlando. We would love to meet sexy couples for full swap.... read more

Clueless in SwingersVille

I stumbled across this quote today, and it screamed at me."If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."----Nickola Tesla    he could've said the secrets of a woman.  thus the reason for my urge to expel these thoughts.I have been separated ... read more

Oh Webmaster.....

Is anyone at the helm?   Seems as if the Blogs are all goofed unless this is a new format improvement that I should acclimate to for the sake of website speed.... read more

Naturist Beach in Greece

Hello to all. Nudism is not free but tolerated in some areas in Greece. It is difficult to find a real naturist beach in Greece. We had been to Kalamiti beach in Greece which was full of naturist people. It is difficult to reach the beach, you have to climb a hill, which makes the place hidden. For ... read more

Looking to skype with a couple or bi make tonight

hi there folks!! I am going to a fabulous wine tasting!!! I love wine😜. Anyways when I get a good amount of wine in me I tend to get a little horny... Party will be going till about 8 tonight and then I will be home to have a little fun with you and maybe your friend or partner as well.. I am bi ... read more


We went last wed to trapeze. It was wet t-shirt competition. It was ok, but a bit tacky. At around 12:00 we went to the back room. We got a space in the large bed the one close to the ladies restroom. Just M and me. After a couple of minutes three people went to our left side, but a bit over arms re... read more

Back from Cap!

After vacationing in Cap I am back in the gym on the treadmill, listening to Pharrell Williams: ”This one goes out to all the lovers…” I remember the last crazy weeks in Cap, meeting new friends, reconnecting. The first hot night, finally sliding down on him, after a day on the beach, dinner... read more

What happened to several blogs?

Seems like several are missing beginning this afternoon.   There are generally a couple each day, but there are several gaps.  One for July 16th, then one for July 10th, then the 9th........ read more

SDC photo Album

Does anyone know how to see who we have given our photo album password to. We are on other sites that shows this, but can't figure it out on this site.... read more

Planning a golden jubilee party..

Planning a golden jubilee party on the 22nd of July for my wet ass horny bee, any suggestion on what would be the best surprise for a get together party of about 7 persons. More cocks the better.I had in mind to provide her with at least 5 solid cocks of different sizes and colors but haven't figure... read more

Lovemaking Music

So you want to spend a little time between the sheets and have slipped in your favorite CD. What are you playing?... read more

New Podcast Episode 26: The Curious Couple

George "the single guy" and Sam "the Dallas Unicorn" invite us to their pool party they are throwing in Dallas. We are told it's a select guest list and we're guaranteed to have a good time. We recall the night driving home the next morning. We have an honest talk about our miscommunication that ... read more


From MrsH...I read blogs for fun, and appreciate opinions and banter. I occasionally find the animosity humorous (X, please unblock Y, even of you feel disdain for our event another).I find myself critical of grammar and verb tense errors. Please note I  am fluent in typoese (misspellings due to k... read more

Bi-sexuality .. is it only a woman topic ?

isn't surprising to see that in these pages quite a lot of women appear as bi-sexual meanwhile only a small fraction of men are figuring strictly hetero ??? .. ... read more

Hedo - January 2016

We are Desire veterans but are seriously considering trying out Hedo. We understand that the third week of January has been historically the best time for swingers to attend. I did go on the Hedo website and must admit there are two issues that give us pause for concern (a) at Hedo they only give yo... read more

How to put travel plan in?

Been trying to put a travel plan in, and it keeps telling me the zip/ city box is blank, which it is not? Can you help?... read more


I'm a lucky guy. I get to travel the world for my job but I have always struggled to meet folks in the lifestyle when I'm on my travels.You can see from my profile where I'm based and I guess that in the context of what people think in the places that I do visit that it must carry the feeling that I... read more

Tomorrowland 2015 Brussels

Shout out if you are going to the one and only Tomorrowland, 2015... read more

Find swingers and sex partners on vacation

we are going to st Martan in the Carib on vacation in November 2015. it is an adult only vanilla resort. how do we approach or hint to another couple to see if they want to swap partners?thank you... read more

My Husband And His Priject

My Husband And His Priject I am a housewife around 35 years old and happily married to my loving husband. It is not a big story that how I became a hot wife..It was quite simple. It was purely a business deal. My husband was a bit worried for two weeks as one of his projects w... read more

Sometimes I wonder if SDC just hates their members....

What is up with all the changes that you feel are improvements?   Now you have the private folders all messed up.   You cannot advance to the next pic without closing the one you are in then you are required to enter the password again.   You have made several changes that you feel are improvemen... read more

Party in Kristiansand?

Summer in Norway, why nobady try to organise some xxx party :) ... read more

New Day For You Everyday

Great evening sexy readers, never have I wrote a blog here but wrote english on my profile, you see a person from another place can also talk english. Was wondering around and never had a day like one two day. You see people enter another chat for the language first then the people. Now I want to k... read more

SDC Takover in Cap: 29/6 to 8/7

29/6 Monday morning - how different on holiday. Woke at 10 feeling better after a disaster day yesterday, what with an allergic reaction to God know what and then acute food poisoning! We got up slowly and showered; got the concierge to book a table at La Note Bleue on the Mirage beach in Monaco and... read more


My wife and I had a couples massage recently - of course it was just relaxing but it does put you in the mood for great sex.We wondered if there are any places that does erotic massages or any couples who are interested.... read more

Eye Catchers

When you meet new "friends" what is it about them that catches your eye? Obviously personality will play a large role in moving forward but what initially attracts you to them?... read more

Best NYC Club??

G'Day from Melbourne Australia. My wife and I are headed to NYC July 30 and were wondering what is the best swingers club to attend? Some of the reviews on Swingers Club List are a little dated, so hoping for some up to date suggestions from New Yorkers. Based on reviews, seems like Bowery Bliss, Ca... read more

Are You Sure?

There are so many people here who u meet and they are not on on the real deal mode. Many are into a fantasy, or lying to the world, Sexual sickos..etc. Please b careful on who you meet here or in any sex site. It cud be dangerous.... read more

New Episode: The Curious Couple Podcast

Hey guys,Episode 25 - We are vacationing with friends in Key West for a long weekend. We talk about the nightlife we experienced and share with you fun surprises that happened along the way. Clothing optional bars, body painting, and drag queens were involved. Also ‘A’ answers an email about ... read more

Squirting. How Many Women Squirt?

1.  What percentage of women in the lifestyle squirt during intercourse?2.  At what age did you learn to squirt?3.  Do you think that women can learn to squirt?4.  What is the best sex position to make you squirt?5.  Are your orgasims more intense when you squirt?6.  How can women learn to squ... read more

Bi-curious. & Bi-sexual Women

We are curious about why so many women on the SDC site are Bi-curious or Bi-sexual.A Few Questions 1.  Are the majority of the women bi-sexual before entering the lifestyle?2.  Did the women first try Bi after entering the lifestyle?3.  Do the husbands or boyfriends encourage the women to try Bi... read more

Question For Couples: How Do You Rank Intimacy?

The meaning of this question, is how do you rank sexual acts when with another couple in this lifestyle.Example, bareback penetrative sex for us is the most intimate act one can have with another couple's spouse.  For us, very very unlikely.Second, oral sex, whether male to female, female to male. ... read more

friends are better lovers

Hello there my name is Kim and I have been married to my husband Bill for 4 years. Every Saturday we meet up with some friends of ours, Kerrie and Bob for a few drinks and a chat. We take it in turns to visit each other, and last weekend they came to our house. As usual, we all en... read more

hedo or desire

were thinking of hedo or desire in february next year can anyone give us advice on which would be the better to visit... read more

Cap hotel recommendations?

Hello Beautiful People!!Husband and I will be travelling to Cap D'agde this month 23-25th and hoping you lovelies can recommend accommodation for couples/swingers.  We have stayed at Jardine hotels where there is constant action but we are looking for slightly more subtle sexy vibes and not so blat... read more

Open thread

In my continuing quest to live in the past and turn the blogs into swingers talk...post anything...cmon savcpl you can do this ... read more

St maarteen

We are spending vacation in st maarteen , does anyone know of swinger club etc we can play at.  Thanks... read more

hello all you beautiful woman

my name is joe . I was a swinger for30+ years and now I lost my partner . I found it very hard to hook up with couples or single woman. I didn't know how hard it is to find somebody being single .can you guys help me with how to approach couples... read more

blue categories column to the left

Anyone else having a problem with this column?  It scrolls too fast...can't see all categories... read more

Las Vegas

Hello.  Im traveling to LV in august for business, but will also be there for my birthday.  I will be extending my trip one night, and i was curious if anyone had contacts at any of the mega strip hotels for a room hookup.  Its who ya know, not what ya know.  Any help would be appreciated.  ... read more

thanks and we try again!

Thank you all for your time, suggestions and edits. Most were followed by us.We did edit our profile.We did add more pics of him alone (oh oh)WEe did add pics of us as a couple.We did take out and added pics.Think we will now find a 'like couple' and get laid!... read more

Cap d Agde 19 th to 26 th July

Back from my last visit and returning July 19 th to 26 th . Regular visitor to Sauna Hamman .Pictures on profile if you want some action . Mobile is 0044 7833 156352 ... read more


Cap D'Agde summer with hotwifeWe’ll be in Cap between 03-20 august and we are very excited about that We are hoping to fulfill our cuckold desire and to find for my princess wife a gentleman well educated and good looking, tall at least 180cm, well endowed, dominant with the cuck husband a... read more

women`s mind

Most males will agree that the thought of a beautiful strange woman wanting to have sex with you is just simply arousing but does it work the same with women?I would like to know how women thing on the matter of sex.... read more

Cannes Party & Monaco: 22/6 to 28/6

22/6 Woke and read Times and got up a little later. At lunchtime Rita went for a massage and around 3 she had met up with Ox and her son V, who is joining my business for 3 months work experience, and I joined them at the Tapas bar for a late lunch. Chatted to V about what he would be doing next wee... read more

hey look at me,i`m on cam.

from time to time i'll watch couples on cam,and sometimes a female all alone but usually not for long.but i was wondering,do you ladies enjoy watching men stroking off on cam? there must be an audience for it cause there 's a lot of guys stroking it on cam.... read more

your opinion

what are we doing wrong. we get MINIMUM emails from comparable couples....single men, couples who do not fit our requests, bi women looking for her....etc. your feedback would be helpful. Is it the profile, her or his looks or age.thanks.... read more


So for couples that play with DSMs - who makes the call?  The husband vettes the replies and presents the wife with options?  The wife looks at all 5 billion replies? They huddle together over a good bottle of wine and do a yes / no? ... read more

SDC 4.1

Hello guysAs some will have noticed there is now a chance to check out the new 4.1 (currently we are 4.0). The reason for the little change is mainly speed. We increased the loading speed by 200% and paging and loading pages are much faster (in some cases 300%)This was done by getting away of overhe... read more