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Finding My Niche

I was welcomed into the LS about 6 weeks ago as a unicorn and I`ve been asked several times how I came to be in the LS or what makes me think it`s where I should be. &nbspI spent 15 years with a narcissist, sexually repressed alcoholic husband. &nbspHe destroyed my self esteem, told me I was... read more

Profile comments....gone!

Another website revision....now the profile comments section is gone. Not sure why the same was removed from the profile pics. Seems to be going in the wrong direction for encouraging member interaction. Members could always remove any comment they didn`t like.... read more

The Curious Couple Podcast

Hey guys,Have you listened to our latest adventures at Naughty in Nawlins, episode 48?&nbspWe attend Naughty in Nawlins, the largest lifestyle party in the world. It`s a party, it`s a convention, it`s all crazy. We are there for 4 nights hanging out with old friends and new. We finally meet and ... read more

Exxxtra Curricular Lovers...

Have to love them...Especially when you find those rare gems that will stick around for more than just one playdate.The ones that satisfy and are satisfied equally.Friends that you can chat and get together with on a regular basis and not just for pillow talk.But if time lapses in between, we can al... read more

Best party place to stay

We have asked several questions on Miami area and have stayed in Ft Lauderdale area several times but would you stay in South Beach, Hollywood or Ft Lauderdale if looking for a good sex filled time? &nbspShe is wanting a good BBC week ... read more

Key West

Best place to stay in Key West... read more

Hot London and Nice Break in Lithuania: 14/7 to 29/7

14/7 Woke at 6am for some reason and apart from a trip to doctor I spent it getting up to speed at work, dropping a line to people we had met at Cap and sorting euros and details for next week`s trip to Lithuania. Quiet afternoon. Helped Rita to try to contact MsA and where we were staying to try to... read more

Gasping Gag

`A Bet ? How so ?`, he asked her.She knew with that, she got his interest, and carefully, she tried in a nonchalant way, to describe without going into details.`Yes, you know, if you win, I will let you do something you want to me` she continued and added slowly and with a wicked voice `aaanyyyt... read more

Tantric Tease

She was waking up, and when she opened her eyes, she couldn`t see anything, she just felt she was laying on her left side, in a bed.After trying to raise her hands to her eyes, she noticed also she was tied, her hands, behind her back.Quite not sure how she got there, she noticed she was most li... read more

Sands of Ipanema

She was laying in the sand, her bikini, bought the day before, in one of these quaint little Ipanema beach stores. It was not a thong, but was quite provocative. Seems women here had no problems showing their attributes.The sun was hot, and the water, a little warm, but she got a small kids sand toy... read more

Tale: Restroom Revenge

Is a nightclub, with the typical tech music, repeated beats, and people dancing by themselves, in the dance floor. I`m seated by a corner, by myself, didn`t went there to hit on anyone, just wanted to chill a bit, family is out of town, and I had a heck of a week.You are in a table, with your girlf... read more

Please contact if interested

My bf and I are new to the `scene` and new to the website. We`re looking for an attractive female in our area to spend time with and share our bed with. Maybe a date with all 3 of us, go out for drinks and accompany us home. Please let me know if you`re interested! ... read more

Couple looking for great place for exhibitionism

We are new on here and honestly not swingers but rather exhibitionist or wanna be exhibitionist as we have only done it one time before. We are looking for a place that encourages that without the pressure of swapping. Also, we prefer to find a place that has hotel rooms on site or really close by. ... read more


We are just home from Barcelona, first time visit and we absolutely loved staying there, stayed in a hotel called Barceló Atene Mar which is just 300 meters from Playa de la marbella beach. We mostly hanged out on the gay/naturist beach, what a beautiful place it is to hang out on, naked with Cava ... read more

Best hotels near Haulover beach and bars and clubs?

We will be in Haulover beach area Aug 9-13th needing advice on best hotels and clubs/ bars in the area? &nbspWe have stayed in Ft Lauderdale at the W and Hilton and lime that area but trying to stay closer to Haulover beach area?  ... read more

Poker Run To Key West

Anyone doing the Poker Run to Key West leaving Miami in September?... read more


BAL ÉROTIQUE : TEMPLE OF EROSMonde Osé has celebrated love &amp sensuality for 11 years now, and will rehonor these particular values at its NEXT EVENT ON FRIDAY AUGUST 26TH 2016,&nbspIN THE CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL ASSISTANCE (Paradoxe Theatre, MONTREAL.)http://balerotique.com/ ... read more


My Thunder bday is coming up soon... And I`m looking for a Sexy lady that help me spoiled him. On 8/12 - 8/13 or both 😈😈 If you are open mind n love to have a wild Naughty time 😜 Please get in touch with me. XoXo 😘Yaneisy 💋... read more

BDSM-Couple is looking

Holidays: 28 October - 12 November: We are looking for other open minded people for a common vacation in spain,  canaries, greece.. sea, sex, maybe bdsm, sports, diner, culture, fun.... Looking also für locals, who have ideas, maybe can host, have special locations (garden, bdsm-rooms or something... read more

NYC and friends outside the lifestyle

at the moment we are just enjoying NYC the normal, clothed, more touristy way.After a couple drinks we told our friends what we usually do during our unplanned weekends. And now they want to join us to a club, we are not sure this is something we would like to do.any good recommendation of what club... read more


Just seeking a little clarification.For the profiles that say `No BBC` on your profile: do you mean no Black men in general? or are you referring to Black men who call themselves BBC?I ask because my wife, a Black woman, is attracted most to Black men.  She hates seeing Black men call themselves BB... read more

Gran Canaria

Another fantastic evening with a couple I met on holiday. Sadly they are not in this website, but I did try on here. I think I need to some photo updating and put the ones where I am completely shaved, as I know that puts a lot of people off.Those of you couples who are still in Gran Canaria, I wish... read more

Penis too big

Interesting article on size. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-love/is-his-penis-too-big... read more

USA, San Francisco & LA

We are in early September for 3 weeks in California. Would meet like Nice swinger couples in the United States. Are up to 20.09 in LA.Meet in clubs, but also private possible. Couples should like&nbspnice and modern group sex and horny games.ONLY  Couples......!!!!!!!!We are looking forward to ... read more

tough times.....yea right

so times are tough,having a hard time finding a job? well why not do the hot trend going on,sex parties.I`m here to tell you business is booming,couples$,single males$,females$. with a little thought and effort you can`t lose,i have a friend here on sdc who`s parties are always a sucess,the problem ... read more

Let`s get this party started...........

Regardless of how experienced and fantastic the party attendees are, we`ve noticed that sometimes, at private parties, there needs to be an `ice breaker` moment that kick starts the play.We`ve got a fantastic country house party in the planning for around 20-25 couples and we want to ensure that eve... read more

The Mind-Fuck why personality matters:)

Sex is not just a physical experience, it is also a sensual one stemming in part from the art of conversation, be it erotic, cultural or simply interesting small talk. When it comes to sex, looks are important, however as sapiosexuals we prefer couples/women we meet to ha... read more

Cap from 29 july to 15 august

Hi everyone I will be in Cap from29 j to 15 au . Does anyone need a place to stay please contact me. I would like to share&nbspmy pitch with some good serious mates.... read more

The Traveling Swinger: Las Vegas

Follow us on Twitter @astridswings &amp @swingerdiaryFind out blog directly at:http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-traveling-swinger-las-vegas.html Claire and I are curious about other people’s experiences swinging in other cities, countries, or on swinger destination vacati... read more

Vegas this weekend!

Hey any sexy couples gonna be in Vegas this weekend for a meet and greet??? &nbspWe are all in for the jackpot...just saying!!... read more

Desire Sexy Young & Wild

Has anyone attended `Sexy young &amp wild` at Desire before? I`m noticing on their website that they have theme weeks all through August but both emails I`ve sent have gone unanswered trying to get more info about the events, the hosts, what all is going on etc....I`m interested in attended the ... read more


Where is the best place to stay in Key West?... read more

why does anyone swing?

I understand that this is a fairly basic question, but with complicated answers I supposeWhy does a couple or single swing? Is it about the sex? forbidden fruit? trust, lust? Why does one swing?... read more

Corfu holiday meet

Hi All, anyone fancy time with us on our local nudist beach .north east coast ...connie x ... read more

Early November

We are making some free time in early November.  Anyone know any fun trips/resort vacations/events going on at that time?Ideally it would be with other couples&nbspin their 30`s.Thanks for any advice!... read more

Best swinger club in Warsaw

Hi!Can anyone please give us some recommendations &nbsp- which one is the best swinger club in Warsaw - Euphoria, Lava or Usta. Is there any significant difference?... read more

trapeze ftl hotels

Hi...we are thinking of going to trapeze ftl next saturday night...Any suggestions on where to stay the night? Favorite hotels nearby?...thanks much...xxoo... read more

Weekend Fun

Saints and Sinners in AC this weekend -)... read more

Traveling to Mumbai

We`re in Mumbai on the 19th. Would love to meet up with couple(s) for the evening and more. Inbox us!Karan and Neha... read more


Looking for a nice resort in Belize. Any recommendations ?... read more

summer travel

We are planning to spend summer at Egyptsoma bay sun at red sea , sharm elshike , hurgadah , marsa alam and then going north to Cairo and alx, anyone want to join us ... read more

Vegas baby!

Anyone visited swinger clubs in Vegas? &nbspAny good ones? &nbspWe`ll be there looking to get dirty in November. &nbspBring on the explosions! )... read more

Pokemon Go Sex

Is anybody else playing Pokemon Go and taking nudies? I`m trying to catch a Jigglypuff in my Bellossom. )... read more

The Cap D`Agde Saga: 4/7 to 13/7

4/7 Monday morning. Thought it was going to be a quiet day but as it turned out I spent most of the day on the computer. Broke the day up with a visit to the gym. Rita went shopping and in the evening watched a Woody Allen film. Went to bed and attracted to make love - Rita got quite `boisterous` a... read more

Sex Store/Shop vs Erotic Boutique

More often than not, people associate the purchase of a sex toy (known as Sex Gadgets at Erotic Elation.com) with a feeling that is less than positive. This is likely to be more pronounced in women than in men as there is this belief that the stereo typical person who goes t... read more

Lunch Date (Sorry about the background)

Tim was horny. Yes, he is a guy, so that is not all that unusual, but today, he really felt the need. He had been planning an afternoon liason with a friend, and they always had a blast, but he was not sure if he could be his normal restrained self today. He just hoped she didn`t try and tease him t... read more

Workplace Blues

It is another boring long Thursday. It is my longest day of the week, as I am usually here from 9:00AM- 9:00PM. yeah it is good overtime, but most of the time I spend the final hour or so here by myself. And when I say by myself I mean it. My boss usually leaves around 7 or so, and other co workers ... read more

Perfect Evening?

“Good Evening”, I hear as I call you. I ask if you have beena good girl today, and you say yes. I can hear in your voiceyou are horny as hell. I know you must be dripping wet, asI told you not to masturbate at all till you saw me. That was2 days ago, and I know how horny you are. Just to torture... read more

Trapeze FTL Advice

We are considering going to a swing club for the first time and we`ve looked at Trap, Hedo, and Deenies online and like what we see on the Trap website. &nbspBut they don`t have any pictures of their small playrooms with doors. &nbspAt this time, the group playroom is a little intimidating a... read more

Accidental Party

You have decided that you are a sex addict. Your pussy is always wet, and you are always horny. It`s so bad that even sitting at your desk, you have learned how to clench your legs together and make yourself cum over and over. Sometimes, even that is not enough.This h... read more

Swedes in the big apple!

vacation time again! Like many other years we are spending time in the US, rounding up our trip in NYC. But this year we want some extra sexy experiences. We are looking for either private parties, clubs or the right people to meet up with. We prefer people like us, fun, outgoing and preferably aro... read more


hi can anyone suggest some good clubs in london... read more

The sex is finished, now what???

      As a very new, but very happily married couple starting out in the LS, we constantly have questions that pop up. (No pun intended). &nbspFor example, after the night is over and the sex is done, what happens now? &nbspDoes everyone get dressed and leave? &nbspDoes he/she take a ... read more

Swinging Best experience ever.

What great experience to have a swingers life. I just turned 18 when I had my first three some. It isn`t anything new for me, it is all sound so natural meeting with people having sex, and than realized that they are the best people ever met in my life. Why is that,? Is because we share the most int... read more

Remote control vibrator recommendations

I want to buy my wife a vibrator that she can ware when we are out and that I can control. Need recommendations before spending $$$. Thanks... read more

Secrets in Orlando

My wife and I checked in on May 19th, planned on staying for two nights and paid for two nights with my credit card. We had several issues: 1- We were told that construction would wrap up around 7 that evening and none would be done until after the weekend parties. Construction workers walked throug... read more

Deenie's Hideaway

How is Deenie's Hideaway these days?We haven't been back in ten years and it's just so close! We want to give Deenie's Hideaway another try but hope to have some member input before we go.The last time we went there were too many pushy/pervy single guys during the day,  the place was dirty and th... read more

Cancun day pass?

We will be going to Cancun on a family trip. We would like to slip away and go to some of the lifestyle resorts or clubs. Do they offer day passes? Does anyone have some suggestions? Any advice would be appreciated. )... read more

Visiting Pula Croatia

Hello Friends! &nbspI will be heading to Pula Croatia in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of any swinger club, adult cinema/theater, or good bars in the area to visit during my stay. ... read more

Miami to Scotland

Hello everyone. We will be traveling to Scotland this coming week, and wanted to find some places to hang out at night or possibly find a couple to show us around.... read more

Tan Thru Swimwear

Where is the best place to get tan thru swim wear?... read more

Swingers & Performance Anxiety

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/07/swinges-performance-anxiety.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @swingerdiary@astridswings----------------------------------------------------------------------- Claire and I feel that performance anxiety has become the elephant in the room... read more


What`s the best thing that happened to you today?I`ll start....My husband put my wedding band back on my finger! (It was removed for x-ray purposes, and then hand surgery.... and had to be resized)How about you?... read more


19-22 Temmuz Ölüdeniz`deyiz... read more

So shaved or back to bush...

I noticed that some members are going back to bush, just because they think it is sexier. I do not like the hair between my teeth but otherwise it sometimes looks sexier. Like in many strip clubs they DEMAND that the girls have some hair. So they created the landing strip.What is your opinion?... read more

Any TDF fans out there?

Froome again? &nbspCan an American podium? &nbspI am rooting for Lawson, I raced against him when he was a young teen. &nbspWhat an aggressive little shit:) &nbspHe would attack I would bring him back cuz I had teamates that could sprint...over and over...that kid was a born racer!... read more

Sdc and the homepage,,

When are we going to get some updates that members want? Every time there is an update seems we loose the ability to remove things like parties, and events, things we dont want or care to see,, when are members going to get the ability to have at least the homepage to be what they want.... read more

Bike Night

Does anyone have a good list of bike nights in the DFW area... read more

Totally new to this and don`t understand shit

I`m really new to this but there`s so much I don`t understand right now. One question is if I send an email to someone and I look at my sent messages and it shows deleted does that mean it was deleted without being read? That`s what I assume. Thanks.... read more

Totally new to this and don`t understand shit

I`m really new to this but there`s so much I don`t understand right now. One question is if I send an email to someone and I look at my sent messages and it shows deleted does that mean it was deleted without being read? That`s what I assume. Thanks.... read more

What a Social Week!: 27/6 to 3/7

27/6 Woke at 9. Markets in a mess - no trading at moment until things settle down. I went down to the car to jump start the car as the battery was flat. As it started I rang Rita to say is she wanted to go for a big shop as the car needed a bit of a run. We headed to Sainsbury`s and I got car washed... read more


Being in Mexico, does not feel like the Fourth, looking forward to returning to Florida.  But for those of you in the States, have a great day!... read more

Spots for sexy fun in Los Angeles?

Going to be in Los Angeles next weekend, and need some suggestions. I`m not looking for a swingers club so much, but someplace where I can wear something nice and revealing and flirt. I have a bet with my husband about how many guys I can get to touch me in one evening while we`re out. Every guy who... read more

September 2016 in Berlin

I will be between 20 and 23 september in Berlin.Who can advise me teh best hangout places there?And for the Berliners, i available after working hours, between 20-23 sept 2016.In my hotel or........ read more


My female playmate and I are going to Bimini in the morning looking for another female to join us ... read more

To whom it may concern

Most men can preform sexual penetration, but oral stimulation is a mark of a real sex god. Most women absolutely love oral sex for its immense pleasure, and more likely to guarantee organisms. A man can bang a woman for hours until she`s sore, without giving her a single organism. Perform oral stimu... read more