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Mens restroom Attendants

Rarely does the Mrs see one but at a lot of LS events there is a men`s room attendant. I Find it creepy and just weird a man is in there to assist me.  And the part I hate is when I finish my business he stops wiping down the sinks and with his dirty hands offers  me a towel. Why did I just wash m... read more

Logging On To SDC

When you log on to SDC, do you just go to the `login` icon, or do you use one of the four featured members to login?... read more

Moscow clubs

Any recommendation for Moscow ... read more

San Antonio fun ??

We are visiting San Antonio again in a couple of months. We have been there several times and we love the Riverwalk, but always in the past we were there with family and/or vanilla friends. This time we will be alone and able to check out a little more ... read more


In Cap till next Thursday Would love to meet couples and get invites for sexy parties Contact us pls on whatsapp +35699637500 ans +35699499100... read more


In Cap till next Thursday Would love to meet couples and get invites for sexy parties Contact us pls on whatsapp +35699637500 ans +35699499100... read more

Secrets Hideaway Resort in FL, Recommendations

Looking to go to Secrets Hideaway Resort in FL. https://www.secretsfl.com/If you`ve gone before, we`d love to know your thoughts. &nbspI made a pole for fun but please write a note in this blog or write directly. &nbspPlanning on a staycation for my b-day Weekend (8-18 to 21).... read more

Week 1 Cap D`Agde: 19/7 to 26/7

19/7 Alarm went off at 3am. Slept like a log since 9pm. Rita asked if the thunderstorm had woken me - that was a no! Apparently the largest electrical storm the south of England had had for a long time! We were away in the car just after 3.30am and parking at Luton around 4.15. Checked in and visite... read more

Guys we met at the old Platos Repeat

Any guys on here ever frequent the old Platos Repeat? Perhaps we met you there. Wanting to connect with some of the guy that met us and played with her there. ... read more

Key west or Miami?

We have 3 days to spend after a cruise from Miami.   Head spinning of where to spent those days. &nbspBooked one night in Ft. Lauderdale for a Trapeze saturday night party, but we also wanna be a tourist around that area. &nbspWe are not really the party animals that would be at South beach... read more

Like minded people needed

We are visiting Vanilla Alternative this Saturday the 28th July. Please contact us. It is always so much to get to know someone beforehand.Also next Monday we may consider charming and very well endowed men. We will be staying away in Hampshire/Dorset borders.looking forward to all`replies!... read more

...and the rain starts to fall

    Ok, so I`m out running errands and stop to grab a quick lunch at Chili`s. As I walk in, the place is somewhat crowded and the hostess tells me that she will be right with me as she takes a soccer mom and a bunch of kids to a table in the dining room. I look into the ba... read more

The new sign in page..

Sex on a beach? Really? OW! Sand gets everywhere!Discuss!... read more

Last Friday

I became friends with this guy on OK Cupid, he is a 23 year old graduate student. Should you come across my profile on that site you will find that I billed myself as a married woman in an open relationship looking for a friend with benefits and that my husband approves my endeavors. We agreed to me... read more

Last night...

I had this man slip into my bedroom last night around 11pm... his 6`3` frame and chiseled body glowed in the candle lit shadows. He lorded over me as I anxiously anticipated what pleasures this man would give me tonight. He cradled my body in his arms as he pulled me to the edge of the bed and dropp... read more


Dal 26 luglio all`11 agosto a Cap.Join our private party in our terrace in Port Nature from 20 till 23.30. Welcome nice couple: bring a bottle )... read more

Being Real

I am going to address something that has bothered me for quite some time. &nbspI guess I finally felt like it was time so here it goes....I have personally been in the lifestyle for several years starting off as a couple with my ex-wife. We went head first into it when we planned a vacation to H... read more

An Idea for Fun, Fantasy and Pleasure

It`s more than 6 months that an idea was revolving into my mind... Getting rid of my current way of living and combine freedom, happiness, eudemonia, vacations in a new way of living.....But I didn`t know what to do, where to start from, how to make it happen. But I wanted it so much....So my partne... read more

a bit of a crude one.....no offence intended!

A man and a woman got naked. The woman looks down, her eyes wide open, a bit scared....`What are you going to do with that??` she asks.`I`ll fuck you` says the man.`Tsk, ah....thank God...I thought you were gonna beat me in the head with it!`... read more

Louise Van Der Velde | The Pleasure Professor

Join us for a FREE workshop hosted by Louise Van Der Velde on how to get the love you want on Saturday 5 August (for couples and singles) in London The UK Media brings her on all the time to talk about how the `Old Model` of Relationship is broken. She is about to launch... read more

President`s Day

President’s Day- Ok so it had been a slow month with the business we own our own independent insurance agency in Winter Springs, just outside of Orlando, Florida. We decided that though all of our brokers and the banks were going to be closed for the Presidents Day holida... read more

Trapeze or Miami?

Hi there, we would love to get some help planing our trip to Miami this fall. &nbspWe are regular visitors in European clubs, so we think Trapeze would be better then Miami Velvet. But then there is hotel and location. &nbspWe are not familiar with that area. Please help us out and point ou... read more


It`s gotten old, it`s time for SDC to start cam verifying couples and single females, &nbspas this is where 90 of fakes join up as. &nbspI hope people voice their concerns on the fake profiles and get SDC to start verifying a real couple and real single females. Since they have taken away jo... read more


Will be in London from July21-7Auglooking for fun at nighttime ... read more

Fantasy Fest 2017 room available

Fantasy Fest 2017, Lifestyle Party House Takeover!We have a private room &amp bathroom available. Send me a message for the details :)October 22 - October 29Oct 22 at 3 PM to Oct 29 at 10 AM EDTKey West Duval StreetKey West, FL(We have only one room available. If you want it, book now!) :)We`re... read more

Horny week and What a Threesome!: 10/7 to 18/7

10/7 Another Monday and a full day of work ahead. Broke day and headed to gym and on way back picked up my last PSA test - now 0.57, down again from April at 0.87 and 5.6 pre procedure - good news! Sent it off to my consultant. Late afternoon we got ready and headed to Soho for the Xanadu soirée at... read more

Just Fuck Me!

This is a great piece from Craigslist, this woman speaks for most of us in the lifestyle ... do you agree?Originally Posted: 2008-02-03 3:29pm print Just fucking fuck me, already. (Seattle) ... read more

Takeovers in Desire Cancun 2018

Now there a no SDC takeovers, what is the best takeover / time to go to Desire River Maya?Having been to Desire when there was just holiday makers there, we found it a bit quiet and tame, compared to the SDC takeover week.Also, being at the upper age range for Lifestyle, obviously we like it when th... read more



Why We Lie About Our Age

Personally I am not cheatting about my age, but the title is in the first person becouse i am not sure if after 10 years i will be immune to this practice. In this life style many people cheatting about their age, sendig old pics, that don`t reflect the real body, most of the time it results in a ve... read more

Murder at the supermarket

Fuck, I couldn´t resist that one. Here it goes.The police chief has been called to the town`s supermarket. There`s been a serious incident at the breakfast food aisle. All the Kellogg`s boxes have been savagely torn apart, the corn flakes have been smashed to dust.The police chief says grimly.....`... read more

Road accident

Two digestive biscuits cross the road.One digestive biscuit gets killed by a car.The other digestive exclaims in horror: `Oh, crumbs!`... read more

Can you guess this?

What melancholy song did Anne Boleyn sing when she was executed?... read more

Alert.... Alert....

Upcoming Events. SEE WEBSITE FOR LIST OF WEEKLY EVENTSWed, Aug 16`VEGAS` Soiree 4 Day Summer EventsTakeover of Pool Parties Sexy Club &amp Roof Top Night PartiesSun, Dec 31NYE White Ball 2017 &amp Free Mega Suite After PartyParty &amp After party in Same hotelWed, Jan 24Touch Las Vegas A... read more

Some Advise

What is the best approach to couples or singles that keep looking at your profile but won`t make a move. Say hello or ignore? Appreciate your comments.  ... read more

Aruba trip

Going to Aruba Nov.15 to Nov.22, anyone know of any&nbsplifestyle clubs or events on the island. Is there any nude beaches that we can head too and send us a message if you will be in the area, ... read more

A Week of Sex and a Wild Party: 3/7 to 9/7/17

3/7 We woke at 9am after a great night`s sleep. Read Times and we chatted and had a light breakfast . Got up and worked through till lunchtime and then I went to gym. When I got back Rita popped out shops. We had a quiet evening watching TV. Rita was tired so early bed and sleep.4/7 Woke at 9. Read ... read more

Personal Trainer

Looking for a male personal trainer- a real personal trainer (you actually have clients/a personal training business) in Houston and Austin.  ... read more

Beach Party Tonight

Beach Party at Colette in Dallas tonight 7/7/17. Ladies, no panties get you a $20 discount. Come on out tonight and let have a great time.... read more


hi how are you i am from negril jamaica nice wife pic when jam like to meet up at hedo are any hotel you are i live on the beach my info email montiquedenva@gmail.com number 1876 984 6528 ... read more

The Rooftop Resort vs Trapeze Ft Lauderdale

I need some help...from our South Florida friends...you came through for me big time during the Bliss Cruise 2015...with some sports bar recommendations...thanks again...My lady friend from the Pacific Northwest and I will be in South Florida this August to attend a hotel takeover party weekend...Ho... read more

Classy Masquerade Swinger parties

I was wondering about some things to do in Miami!My husbands birthday is next month and we will be in Miami august 15-19! I want us to have a blast and have yet to go to a Swinger club/party, We are more of a type of couple to want to experience a classy/non pressuring/kind of upscale swinger party ... read more

Hiring Escorts

I was wondering about people`s experience with escorts.We spent part of our honeymoon (1991) in Amsterdam and, on the spur of the moment, thought we`d go to a brothel and hire a woman to join us. We had had a few FFM experiences by then with a few friends of A but were feeling especially horny that ... read more

The etiquette of Swing Life

As Newbies you step into the lifestyle thinking about its all about sex.. it`s more than that it`s about etiquette respect do`s and don`ts what you allow what you don`t allow with your partber husband wife lover.. if you don`t talk about what do`s and don`ts before you come into this lifestyle.. you... read more

planing to travel Greece in the month of Sep 2017

Hi all freindsWe planing to travel to Greece for relax and fun for a week. Any one please advice how to plan to spend quality time as well as sight scene. As we will travel first time to Greece. &nbspSo night life and best island. &nbspcan email or reply here. indtxcpl@gmail.com... read more

Ended up with one of those horny weeks!: 26/6 to 2/7/17

26/6 I woke at 9am and read Times and reviewed emails. Later when Rita woke I moved into the spare room- now an office - and worked for 3 hours and did an exercise regime as gym still closed and no idea of when it will reopen. Rita left to go to the Russian embassy to start the process of renewing h... read more

Got SDC clothes !

We ordered SDC clothes and got them now !We would like to show some of them.This is a spaghetti tank which SDC logo and `Threesome?` text are printed on the chest. If people don`t know neither of them, then it has no meaning for themWhile people know either of them, they will ask Nao, then ... ... read more

First Of The Month Birthdays

Amazing how many people have birthdays the first of the month.  Great timing by their parents.... read more