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Friday Night and Saturday School Girlz Gone Wild!!!!!

No theme tonight as we let it all loose this Labor Day weekend! Join usfor dance, friendship and so much more.Remember we are BYOB and by reservation only.For reservations call us at 972-225-6792 or 972-754-8768Rhonda and RuelSaturday NightSaturday night School girlz gone WILD! Sexy and Naughty and... read more

Who just sucked my....?

Ok, so I'm borrowing a few blog topics to create an topic that might allow us to have a laugh..   So, you and the Mrs. are out having a laugh and decide to head on over to a swing party you heard about. You get there and the party is hopping and everyone is getting sexed up all over the place.... read more

Does a president need to able to recall how many houses they own?

And they want to call a self made man like Bama elitist? Why the f*** would anyone want to elect a twice divorced 72 year old kept man? McCain has no honor judged by the so called morals of the republican party. He is a womanizer from way back when wink/wink was still in style and got where he... read more

Torrevieja 22nd Sept till 6th Nov

We will be staying at our holiday home in Costa Blanca between above dates. We would love tomeet like minded couples for a drink see where it leads. M & D xx ... read more

bad news

bad new from hong kong after a big blow the hong kong zoo lost there ding-a-ling with the death of there panda's ding and ling... read more

This weekend at The Silver Minx

                                                  ... read more

This weekend at The Silver Minx

                                                  ... read more

This weekend at The Silver Minx

Fridays are more laid back , but just as fun here at The Silver Minx. There is no theme tonight. Just alot of great music people and fun. If you haven't been here in awhile join us and get back in the groove of a fantastic Friday.As always we are BYOB and by reservation only .   Saturday Augu... read more

A great weekend of fun at The Silver Minx

Who is coming out this weekend.? We have a very sweet couple that willbe moving from Texas to their home state so we are having a goodbyparty for them Friday night and Saturday the outside fun starts at 3:00p.m. With water slides, pool fun and water ballon toss. The regularparty starts as usual Satu... read more

Au-pair or other job?

I am trying to help the daughter of a friend of mine. She is 22 and Swedish and she wanna live abroad for a year or so. She is looking for au-pair-jobs but also other options. She can speak Swedish, English and some Spanish. She is very, very fun to hang out with, and very honest and kind as a perso... read more

Las Vegas Sw Clubs

Wich one is the best Sw club in Las Vegas?... read more

Is there life for us great guys

Maybe I want my cake and eat it too, I dont know but I am just divorced, 50 but looks and acts much younger and very nice looking. My question is,,, can a guy find a sexy lady, that would enjoy the lifestyle and also be a terriffic wife and love me with it all? I have a successful life, money toys a... read more


This isn't first time we checked out chatrooms and web cams. Seems always there are several guys jerking off in front of their cams. Now, this stirs up a question. 1st let me say "I do not enjoy watching another guy jerking off" but it does create a question. Are they exhibitionist? Do... read more

drowning in bullsh*t

Am I the only one who reads the blogs and often despairs at the hate and the bullshit that fills many of them? I hold strong opinions on pretty much every subject and I also believe that I am right on pretty much every subject as well, however, I understand and respect that not everyone agrees with... read more

I remember...

Here we are again.  It's another anniversary, but this one is different.  This one hurts even more than the last.  The memories are stronger now, because the future is being told in the past.  The images are similar and repeating. It's almost scary.   No, it IS scary. &nb... read more


anyone interested in this fantasy...?... read more

Desire and not swinging

I was wondering for all those who go to Desire...Does anyone go there and NOT play??   I ask because I was told by a co-worker that they go because they have such GREAT service and the staff is so outstanding, and that is the only reason they go there.   I think they are swingers and jus... read more

Mixed Desires

Dear Elvis,First time using the counselor forum. Find it a fascinating tool to our lifestyle. My wife and I have full swapped in the past, and have had a great MFM experience from here as well. I tend to get off to her enjoying herself. It isn't about me nearly as much as watching her. It is so bad ... read more

Who is the record holder?

With the Olympics over I wonder who is the record holder on SDC for the most certifications? I see one couple from Texas with 40. ... read more


A man was laying in bed with his new girl friend.......After having great sex with her, she spent the next hour just stroking his cock.....something she seemed to love to do. Enjoying it, he asked her "why do you love to do that?" She replied......"because I miss mine"  ... read more

More Penises experiencing ED

Could you please expain why sc a high rate of men over 50 are experiencing ED now? It didn't apear to be so prevelent a few years back. WebOne  ... read more


Seems that "THESWINGER29" started a blog called squirters. If you will notice, he deletes all responces that does not support his view and he also blocks the responder. Sad that someone would try to twist a blog so as to support his views only. Can't really call that much of a blog,,,,,... read more

Hitachi Magic Wand

I just wanted to tell women out here that the Hitachi Magic Wand is by far the best vibrator in the universe! I have always had trouble having orgasms, sometimes to the chagrin of Matt's tired tongue and sore jaw. With the Magic Wand, I NEVER fail to cum! I am now officially a squirter as wel... read more

Female Ejaculation, the Female Prostate

                       Female Ejaculation, the Female Prostate, and                     &... read more

Puff Puff, Pass Pass..

Robyn Beck / AFP-Getty Images Nice Dreams: Marin (left) and Chong CULTURE Light Me Up More than 25 years after their breakup, high-flying comics Cheech & Chong are back on tour again. Cheech & Chong, the iconic stoner comedy team who began their career on the stand-up circu... read more

Black Guys Who Hate BBC

Sorry to dissapoint, but this is NOT a blog about the television licence fee but rather about "Big Black Cock". We get a decent amount of mail (usually as we are young and Mrs B is a hootie, well mainly Mrs B) but have noticed we've recently been getting alot more from women after BBC, whi... read more


The Sporting Life - - 1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL. 2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING. 3. The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL. 4. The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL. 5. The sport of choice for m... read more


pussy squirting how to do it  ... read more

New to the lifestyle

Hi everyone!    Well are new to the lifestyle, well we kind of jumped into the lifestyle at Swingfest... It was a LOT of fun, we didn’t even play with anyone other than each other...  But we came to the conclusion we want to :o)       ... read more

Code Words

Are there any universal Code Words to ask and see if a person or couple is in the lifestye. I have heard of "Do you know George" or "Do you know Dorothy" Any truth in those?... read more

Esto.....lo vivimos

A mediados de Marzo, habíamos terminado con María una dura temporada de trabajo veraniego y programado un descanso reparador, disponiendo del tiempo apropiado para hacer realidad una de las fantasías que entre ambos veníamos teniendo desde hacía ya bastante tiempo:... read more

Anal Sex and Sallow Cum

Hi Doc,   My Name is CJ I have question, my girl friend hate doing anal and hate sallowing cum or giving blow job. I never pressured her, we agree to watch pron movies and look so simple as they do in the movie, but when comes doen to real life it seems to very hard. I am at the point don't e... read more

To allow or not to allow escorts on the sdc web page

My dear dear counselor: As u know, the swinging style is for couples, by couples. We have recently discovered that one girl with an SDC profile is an escort. And not only that, her partner is her pimp. We know many couples that have been going out with them. Can u give us your advise weth... read more


Het valt mij steeds vaker op dat mensen  niet hun ware leeftijd in hun profiel zetten leeftijden als  81 jaar oud en  105 jaar oud ,  hoezo waarom? We zijn toch volwassen mensen he onder elkaar laten we er ons dan ook naar gedragen. Ik vindt dan ook dat  de adminis  h... read more

Tour before staying at Desire

We have booked a holiday to Mexico next Easter.  We want to make the most of it while we're there, so we'd like to do a tour to see the Yucatan sights and then spend a week at Desire.  Trouble is, it's really expensive and a bit boring to book a tour just for 2.  Would anyone else be ... read more

Sexual "Hangover" or unresolved jealousy?

Dear Elvis, My girlfriend and I had an incredibly sexy weekend with another couple.  We are not a full swap couple, and I take more of a passive role as I like to watch her enjoy herself. A few days after our time together with the other couple, I felt really insecure..  almost like ... read more

Alphabet Blogs

How many letters are there in the alphabet? Noel, noel, noel, noel ... the angels did say... E.T. went home. Get rid of X. There's too many unknowns in the world already! (Only one vowel left, or is that "Anly ana vawal laft" This may be stretching it a bit, but not unless you ... read more

Soft Swappers Horror Stories [LONG]

Hello to everybody! This blog follows after a few opinions exchanged on another blog, where the author was wondering about the deep meaning of "girl on girl only" couples or "soft swapping" couples. We got involved in the discussion and we explained that we basicly don't care abo... read more


where can i find clinics in miami for the operations of the pennis to get more bigger?... read more

Swinging with an Ex.

Hi,My wife and I have been married and together for 14 years. We are new to this lifestyle and we recently received a suprise message from my wifes ex-boyfriend of 15years ago. She was really amazed to hear from him and also that he was into swinging!She now wants to get together with him and his gi... read more

Swinging with an Ex?

Hi Elvis,My wife and I have been married and together for 14 years. We are new to this lifestyle and we recently received a suprise message from my wifes ex-boyfriend of 15years ago. She was really amazed to hear from him and also that he was into swinging!She now wants to get together with him and ... read more

Greatest Thing Ever

This is genuinely the funniest thing I've ever seen, talk about airing your dirty linen in public. This is the first speed date: "we'll be on a boat to the south of scunthorpe on friday night, after mooring up in a quiet little spot, it might be nice if there was someone there to have some fu... read more