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Pregnant Play with other couples/singles??

Thoughts?... read more

ORAL SEX and HPV Throat Cancer

DrZiggy: For obvious reasons, we practice "safe sex using condoms".  Shortly after joining the Lifestyle, we began getting blood tests on a very frequent and regular basis.  We pride outselves in being clean and disease free.  We have confided in our family phys... read more

What is your favoriate Swinging Resort and Why?

Hello Everybody, We'd love to get your recent feedback on what your favoriate swinging resort is. We're planning a small group vacation and have never been to any of the resorts. So your feedback and commens would be so appreciated. Love to hear all the good and bad from your experience. Thank... read more

single male on cap de agde

i am looking for freind with couple it will my first time on cap de agde from 20-9 sasa... read more

single male on cap de agde

i am looking for freind with couple it will my first time on cap de agde from 20-9 sasa... read more

how does she know

My GF is a beautiful 44 year old blond and very conservative. I have asked about swinging and she said no. Ok dont say "if she said no its no" cause I know that but all the signs tell me maybe. we are in love and we have good sex but she says another lady or Bi gals just makes her sick, bu... read more

Party in London

Will be in London for 4 days looking to have a great time as all ways, also will go to the Notting Hill Carnival. Staying at the CrownHotel Hyde Park. See U ... read more


How do you respond when a co-worker whom you find sexy asks are you and your husband swingers? I was recently asked by my co-worker this question and it took me by surprise. My husband and I find her very hot and have often talked about her during sex. Not quite sure how to follow up on this. Any o... read more

cuckolding my sub hubby

  Hiya really hope that you in SDC can help us with this ......not sure if this will attract you or not ....... but we were just browsing the messages &  profiles in SDC and saw the  cuckold community - where have all the open minded couples gone to ? - so I had to... read more

Swing clubs in Bogota

I'm currently in a relationship with a mature verrrry sexy lady and we want to go clean decent clubs in Bogota that will be appropriate for mature couples. While the pages that they set up look fantastic, the comments I've read on several sites don't speak very well about most of them. We would appr... read more

Wet & Wild Tie up Texoma

We are headed out to Texoma this weekend for the Wet & Wild tie up and was hoping to meet some people out there.  It looks like a great time and we are ready to get wet and wild with everyone out there.  Message us if you plan on going  and would like to meet.... read more

Labor Day at Caliente Tampa

Can't wait, we will be there Thursday night through Monday......he has taken me every holiday weekend for the past two years and I love it.......hope lots of you will say hello - susan and jerry from dothan, alabama!... read more

Using Blindfolds

It's time to make your sex life a little more exciting and interesting with the use of blindfolds. Couples tend to get bored with their relationship when the bedroom sessions become predictable. Emotional, intellectual and sexual boredom can leave partners feeling like they're lacking something i... read more


In Brussels for 3 nights from 3rd Nov 2010... read more

Kissing Women:their Favourite Places

Chances are good that you are not using one of the best tools in your sexual arsenal to its full potential. This secret weapon is your mouth. We’re not just talking about oral sex here, although you should be giving her oral pleasure on a regular basis if you want to be a good lover, and we&rs... read more


# 10 – To be wealthy enough to have a beautiful home and have hired help to clean and maintain the place so I can play. # 9 – Be a celebrity, like a movie star, have my name in lights. # 8 – I would love to have a sensual dance partner to sweep me off my feet. # 7 – To hav... read more

Unwanted advances...

I would love to know how men and women at SDC handle unwanted advances. I was at a lifestyle club yesterday night and a man (who was a perfect gentleman all night) hid in the locker room area and tried to force himself on me at the end of the night. My friend came to the rescue just i... read more

Miami Velvet SDC Parties

Has anyone noticed a difference in the music for the SDC events lately at Miami Velvet ? Good - Bad ?  What do you think ?... read more

My lady say...

Why are there so few pics of men in profiles? There's plenty of hot ladies but then we don't want to go with a couple unless the man suits her tastes too! Sort it out you naughty boys! That is all. :-)... read more


She said THAT'S HUGE! How big is that? well, 265 divided by always 24.5=10.82, then 10.82 times always . The percentage, decimal point 75 = one sidewall 8.12, then 8.12 times 2 sidewalls =16.23, then 16.23 sidewalls+16 inches rim size =32.23 thats how tall the tire will be... Any tire si... read more

So, who's gonna jump on that GM Stock?

By TOM KRISHER and KEN THOMAS, Associated Press Writers Tom Krisher And Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writers – 1 hr 44 mins ago DETROIT – Thirteen months ago, General Motors was fighting for its life in bankruptcy court. Now, the automa... read more


We would like some ideas for interesting fantasies!  How to create new and interesting fantasies?... read more

SDC takeover July 5th to 12th, 2011

Who else will be there.... read more

Polyamory - are you for real ?

Lots of Swingers herein seem to think they qualify or at the very least express interest by clicking the ole 'Polyamory' button in describing themselves and their interests. But do they really know what it or even they mean?? How many times have we seen 'Water Sports' gleefully clicked, and yet when... read more

I Agree about Caliente

We agree about how great Caliente is.  We enjoy hanging out at the pool, going to all the fun parties in the club and meeting hot, fun, sexy people each and every time we visit.  You can definitely tell who the nudists are and who the swingers are. Cammie & Gregg... read more

Update August 2010

As a reference to anyone who is interested in how our ideas, reactions, thoughts and musings have changed along the way!  This is our profile from June/July 2010.  Updates will be added as and when our profile changes! ----------------------------------------------------------- Profe... read more

Still curious???

'Bi-curious'. ............So exactly how long does it take for one's 'curiosity' to be met??? ;-) There's countless profiles that list the female as 'curious', but yet they've been on the site for multiple years. ...ummm, O.K.,lol!!! Just seems to me that after being in the lifestyle f... read more

Having a positive aura and having an impassionate life

We all have one impression to leave on a person and in life.  I always try to my best efforts forward with a firm hand shake, looking in the eyes and erect posture. Having a good sense of humor and letting people know how you feel in a constructive manner. Let your personality radiate... read more

Sept 27th for 5 days

We will be there for 5 days rockin it hard....again yeeha come join us :-)... read more

Hard rock hotel fetis ball Vegas..31/10/10

We will be staying at the Hard rock Hotal in Las Vegas from the 26th October until the 2nd November! Is anyone going or has been?...Can you let us know if the after party ball is any good for some serious naughty swinging fun? ;) xx... read more

Hard Rock Swinger's Party... This Saturday ?

Can anyone give us any more details on this ? I heard it was at Gryphon night club THIS Saturday ?... read more


We have not been there for many years, but it is very beautiful place, On every island there is only one hotel. Only in these hotels you can get drinks. The main island Male is a "dry" place. Do not forget, it is a strict Muslim country.... read more

single men disguised as couples

single men / just wondering what the swinging world thinks of single men hopefully nothing too bad we are human beings after all some good some bad and some who are perfect gentleman out there, those who chose to do not so nice things gives us single gents a bad name. Also i have experienced ... read more

The Musings of the Frustrated...

Why is it that when you meet someone and have a great time, they inevitably disappear? I mean if we both have a great time why can't it continue on to other great times? This has happened with single women as well as sometimes with couples though couples are not the focus here either, since that is ... read more

Ibiza Swingers Village

 Hello All,I just finished one week of staying in ibiza swinger village and i would like to share with you the experience. Usually i prefer writing about the good things but here there were just a few so there is not much to talk about.However i will keep my review as neutral as possible althou... read more

lets play girls!!!!!

hi ladies, we are a brazilian couple looking for a girl to iniciate she in the new lifestyle, if you be interested, let we know ok, kisses Marcus . ... read more

STD and foreplay

This is an interestic topic. I belive our "official" position if that i's safer to do intercourse (with a condom) than all teh foreplay, Altough without foreplay a lot of the fun is gone. So this is what we know: By doing or recieving oral sex without protection, you are prone to many... read more


I found the Orlando Love Loft an enjoyable place to swing........ read more

Cayman Islands

Hi All, I'm a naughty school girl living in the sunny Cayman Islands. The island is ultra conservative but I am not. I am bi and very openminded. I am very bi and love girl/girl but also love a good hard man, who is likewise, openminded and likes to have fun.  I have a busy life, but when not ... read more

Addicted to swinging or can you stop

 I've been swinging for around 15 years now and have met a great number of people in this lifestyle.  Generally, there are 3 categories: Experimental Couple, Hardcore Couple, Occasional Couples, yes I know not everyone fits into this mold. But my question is, 'what happens when one part... read more

Some hair is great!

I agree with TwoForSex. Personally, I like some hair on a pussy. It really makes a woman look and feel like a woman. Not that I am averse to a shave snatch, but there is definitely something erotic about a beautiful pussy that has some character to it! :-)... read more

Holidays in Thailand 25 August-10 September 2010

We're an italian couple (both) and we stay in Thailand , BKK and Ko Samui from 25 august to 10 september. Madame have 34 yo , Mister have 40 yo , we are both caucasians , pretty and trimmed , she is bisex and loves plays with girls , womens and the males of the other couple , he is straight but n... read more


FUCK MACHINES--- Doe anyone have one? What do you have ? And where can one obtain them ? Wanting to locate something for a photoshoot.... read more

Carival Cruise Leaving 8/14 from Miami - anyone else?

If anyone else is on this cruise, please drop us a note.... read more

Which type of mens underwear do you prefer?

Ok this is something we ve been trying to figure out. What is considered sexy when it comes to mens underwear? Slip, boxers, see through, leopard, tiger print, normal briefs, normal boxers, funny shorts, silk, thong, no underwear????? So far we went for the normal every day boxers, tried the thon... read more

Ladies or Gents?

Who do you feel takes better care of themselves (physically) when it comes to representing the lifestyle? In other words who's doing a better job as far as appearance? Is it the ladies or the Gents?... read more

Lifestyle cruise

We will be going on the Lifestyle cruise in November13,2010 leaving out Tampa. Any other couples that are going that want to try and share any hot ideas or attempt to connect? This is our first Lifestyle cruise and we want to make the best out of the entire experience.... read more