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smoke and mirrors

Hello readers of the SDC blogs. As are many here, I am well aware that the local environment is not very conducive to open, honest and mature dialogue. Blogs subjects are irrelevant, the same faces are well known to quickly turn matters into a mudslinging hatefest of little or no substance. Sin... read more


dddd... read more

wpb couples

me and  my wife in down town wpb and we go to swinger partys in miami or fort larderdale every weekend have to hit us up to find the next one 561-572-6863 Lori and Lucky... read more

College basketball in the States...

Hiya Guys, Hope this is ok cos its NOT about swinging. My son Luca is now just turned 15 and he has been playing basketball since the age of 6. Hi is now starting to play this year in the Italian D league (we live in Roma) and his coach is a guy called Roberto Castellano ("Chaste") who ... read more

Cruisin on Carnival

Heading out on a cruise on the Carnival Liberty Nov 5 through the 12th out of Miami to the western Caribbean.  Give us a shout if you are going or thinking about it.   Vanilla cruise that will need some spice.  ... read more

new to swinging

Hi, we are new to this lifestlye and are really excited to try new things. We are looking for some new friends to explore and teach us.  We live in the phoenix area and would like to attend a private party with another couple or couples to share some fun with.  We don't know how to... read more

new to swinging

Hi, we are new to this lifestlye and are really excited to try new things. We are looking for some new friends to explore and teach us.  We live in the phoenix area and would like to attend a private party with another couple or couples to share some fun with.  We don't know how to... read more

Las Vegas' Green Door

We will be traveling to Las Vegas this coming weekend and was curious if anyone here has been to the Green Door and what their experiences there were like. :)... read more

Club suggestions

We are looking for the best clubs in Europe. Please advise us!... read more

Friday Night's NO PANTIES Review

 Last Night I was running around with NO T-shirt or panties on, contrary to the song ;).  the night started off al ittle slow because of the rain, but it picked up around 11 when several sexy couples and singles came into the club.  At first I was walking around making sure everyone w... read more

100% MILF Night @ Venus 8/27/11

 Calling all Hot Moms ..... Come to Venus 8/27/2011 at 10pm - 4am for a steamy time with smoking hot Moms You Would Love to Fuck.   Where:  1405 Dutch Valley Place              Atlanta, Ga 30324 When:   10pm til 4 am How Much:  Wi... read more

Camper van?

Hey...bit of a long shot this one, but does anyone in the Dublin area have a camper van (with loo & kitchenette) we can rent next weekend? You'd be doing us a MASSIVE favour, we'd be so grateful. Please let us know as soon as you can if possible. Thank you. D&L xxx... read more


We are both staright but love to play MFM, he loves to watch her play wiht other guys. It is a challenge to find a guy that is easy going, shows up and does not have a story or game. Are the any other couples that re obsessed with another guy?... read more

Maybe the Obama budget plan will work for you. ... read more

NON RESPONDERS to invites and mail, RUDE or OK

Are we the only couple out there who hates it when someone invites a couple to meet or invites people to a party and they open the mail then just delete it with NO RESPONSE! How hard is it to cordial in life AND the lifestyle? How much time does it take to say "No Thank You" or "Ap... read more

Invitation to Nikkis next Stockings get together, London 19th November 2011.

Hi All, The next Nikkisnylons get together will be held on Saturday 19th November, (Erotica Weekend)2011, at the "Old Nick" pub 22 Sandland St, London, Holborn, WC1. Please see the link below for details of the venue with pictures and a map. read more

Invitation to Nikkis next Stockings get together, London 19th November 2011.

Hi All, The next Nikkisnylons get together will be held on Saturday 19th November, (Erotica Weekend)2011, at the "Old Nick" pub 22 Sandland St, London, Holborn, WC1. Please see the link below for details of the venue with pictures and a map. read more

The unicorn exists...but the poachers are killing her off

I've found the unicorn!!! as a matter of fact several......she's professional... educated ..sexxxy... fun.... and adventurous just looking for a good time away from the madness the world throws her way!!!  She loves to party and meet new people... however she's not a swinger..just swinger ... read more

Sex Protection in Swinging: when it comes to women, how can they be protected?

@font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 10pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Through all these years ... read more

Young couple in bled, Slovenia

Hi all! We are a young, 20&25, very attractive couple currently in bled, Slovenia. We would loveto meet other like minded swingers in Slovenia for some fun times! If you are in the area email us on Hope to hear from you!... read more

new in az

Hi everyone We are very new at this and would love to meet people in a group setting for our first time.  My wife is very beautiful and love to meet a couple, especially a lady to enjoy her first encounter with another woman.  I know that all of you started some where and we just need ... read more

Motorcycle Riders

Hi guys, we are looking for couples in the lifestyle (primarily girl/girl and/or soft swap) that live in or around the OKC area that enjoy motorcycle riding.  We have a couple of Harley's and enjoy going on weekend runs and would like to find some floks to ride with.  If interested, please... read more

SPICE Lanzarote

Hey We are going to Spice Lanzarote between 31 Aug and 7 Spet. Anyone else going... Drop us a line xxx ... read more

10/28/2011 Carnival Magic Transatlantic

 We will be sailing on the 10/28/2011 Carnival Transatlantic voyage from Barcelona, Spain to Galveston, TX. If anyone is interested in cruising or will be on that cruise contact us!... read more

Vegas swing clubs

We are heading to Vegas next week, are there any good swing clubs out there?... read more

Anal Plug

Karen, is interested in purchasing an Anal Plug. She loves the pictures of the jewelled but plugs and is wanting more info. She would love any input?... read more

Are any couples actually straight in this lifestyle

We are a horny straight couple that for sometime have been searching for another straight sexy couple for some sexy flirting, fun and hopefully more, but nearly all couples we like the look of seem to have a bisexual female.... we are in Kent, UK, but happy to travel a reaso... read more

what if you could write comments on profile pictures?

Maybe its just me but, have you ever been going through other people's pages just to look at their pictures and suddenly you start having the same thought as this title? I know I have! There are times I wish sdc would put up an option where I could give my opinions on certain pictures. Though my com... read more

Swinging Clubs Near Benidorm / Polop

Does anyone know of any decent swinging clubs near Benidorm ... read more

Paris swinging clubs

Your Help Please We are going to Paris in September for Janes Birthday and are looking for a club we can have some naughty fun in We have been to fun4two and would love to find somewere similar Thank you Jane and james x... read more

Paris swinging clubs

Help please  we are going to Paris for Janes birthday in september does any one know of any good swinging clubs to go to we have been to fun4two and would like to see if we can find some were we could go and be naughty!!! Thank you Jane and James... read more

Looking for a Club

Will be in SoCal area the 23rd thru the 9th. Any GOOD clubs around Orange County area...... read more

New but excited

we are a happily married couple but are looking for a way to spice up our life. We are new to the life style. Seems like a lot of people on here are experienced. Does anybody have any tips. We are very excited but have gotten no replies. Check out our profile. My wife has a gorgeous body? Can... read more

Water Sports FYI !!!!

This is just a friendly 'lesson' from someone steeped in the Fetish Lifestyle; When you add "Water Sports" to your profile as an activity such as porn, it does not mean "We like the ocean/beach".  It means, "I like being pissed on! or I like to pee on people&quo... read more

New York in October 2011

We are visiting New York in October this year. Are there any swinging clubs in NY, or do any couples fancy a night of fun? it is a spesial aniversary so we would like someway to remember it. W&C x... read more

Ab fabs 3 sept

Hi we are off to Abfabs near heathrow on sept 3/4 anyone else heading that way give us a shout.... read more

Our experiences

Iv'e decided to add content to this blog as we experience new things.  We recently went to a meet and greet and found it to be a great thing. Its nice to meet and just relax and talk and make connections. As  we progress and meet new people that are new to this it's nice to know that they ... read more

1st time swingers what was your reaction afterwards

what was your reaction the first time you saw your partner with someone else and having a good time.... read more


So if we hosted a hotel party in San Antonio, TX who would show? Thanks, Joey and Lisa... read more


ANYBODY going to be in L.A Sept 9 to 12,  Can you suggest a good swingers club or a place to find sexy ladies for me to flirt with, my bf likes to watch. I want to play so keep up posted if anybody will be in L.A (calif)    Lov Ash!!... read more

Hellfire club was disappointing when we joined last year....

Hellfire club was disappointing when we joined last year.... All the couples were standing around - no real swingers there... Also a few ugly single men were let in... We saw an advert for the Hellfire club here, and we are wondering if it has improved? B & M    August... read more

good host in india

Hey there everyone,any cpl visitng india we would love to host ,please mail us if interested... read more


bonjour everyone.  a subject i'd like to open here. how did you gals deal with a pregnancy. i guess i have 2 major questions. how can i be sure hubby is the dad? i have so doubt of course, you never know, and at what stage do you stop playing? any views appreciated. love loads Linda... read more

going on a Carnival cruise

First time cruiser here.  What are some ways to meet other lifestyle couples on the same cruise?  ...other than wearing our SDC tshirts :) Out of a thousand fun people on the same boat... certainly there are a few other lifestyle couples looking for the same.... read more

Have symbols worked

Hi All! We will be in the Amelia Island, Jacksonville and Saint Augustine area 7-12 September. We are looking for good vanilla bars, clubs and restaurants to dress sexy and get hit on by hot guys. Any suggestions? Also what's the best beach bar in the area? Has anyone ever identified other ... read more


Living this lifestyle as a single men has always been somewhat challenging for certain of us for the most part, especially if you HAVE NOT been validated by others, in some cases by the pro/senior/expert, you name em. When I started sending emails to others it was hard to get a response, most people... read more


We are looking for real Cpl where the bf. Or HUBBY love to see his wife fuck with otber mens...she love to be gangbang and date real Open Mind men or Cpl. Any real CUCKOLD cpl please contact us...we are a latin cpl ....thanks BBC Nira and her Cuckold hubby... read more

Curious about this lifestyle. Can you answer some ?'s

 Please don't think I am stupid but I have so many questions about this LS.   I have a great marriage of 11 years with my best friend and lover.  We have a 9 yr old boy and a 6 yr old girl.  I just want to know how do the women feel about sharing their man for the first time? ... read more

Club Hedonism - Pompano

We have been going to Trapeze for years now (usually couples nights only) and never hit another swing club in the area. Maybe it's because we feel comfortable at Trapeze and we've never really been interested at looking at other clubs. Maybe also it's because the other Clubs we hit outside of FL di... read more

looking for LS friendly male or couple to rent our downstairs

 see our ad on craiglists or email us at for pics etc.  awesome 4000 sq ft home in johns creek ga.  pool tennis community.  I have to return of overseas and would like someone here with her. Bill and Sharon... read more

Blocking post in blogs

Seriously is everyone like 5yrs in the swinging blog section. What's with blocking people from commenting on blog? If you write a blog your asking for people to comment on it, so what sense does it make to block people. Sometimes people think to much of themselves. Its a swinging site. No one ... read more

Euphoria Swinger Competition of 2011

 This Sat night is the Euphoria Swinger Competition of the year 2011, and Club Prestige was selected to represent San Antonio and its surrounding areas. The competition consist of a total official count of Club attendees on this particular night, and the winning city gets the  bragging rig... read more

How would you vote

Since there is a bunch of disagreement over the CA case. I was wondering how people would vote on this. (inside)... read more

meet us in s/france Cap d'-Agde from 19 sep till 27 sep

we are going to be at Cap d' Agde and staing in posh apartment. we hoping to meet likeminded couple group and well hung guys.... read more