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Swingers bar in Marbella area ??

 We are visiting Marbella in September and looking for a nice bar where we can meet like minded people, fairly new to this and like to have a drink and take things slowly. Maybe even meet a couple for a glass of wine and see how things go ........... Any advice ?? ... read more

International Swinger Symbol

Hi fellow swingers! We're really keen to develop a symbol that others in the lifestyle will recognise but those of the vanilla persuasion would not. We have found a few online, but they tend to be either too subtle or too obvious/gaudy. One we like a lot is the "Switch" symbol - www.... read more

Question About Profiles

You see an interesting profile, you read it completely. You see this couple expects you to have a face photo on your profile, but on theirs, they do not even have a silhouette of their male half. What? Are they serious? ... read more

Newbies to this site

 So i'm curious to know how well this site actually works to meet people...We are new to the site and to be honest, not sure if this is the way!?  Do people actually find and meet friends on here?  I (female) thought why not try this and see how it goes, nothing to lose and we could p... read more

If a cock shot is your profile picture are you, um, weird?

I love cock. Well the really little ones are annoying. But pretty much every other dick interests me.  So Yummy. There are a lot of men that put themselves in a women's shoes so to speak and actually think about what a girl is looking for. Gentleman writing those profiles stand out. On th... read more


 You seasoned Vets out there must have accumulated a few tidbits of swinging wisdom "swisdom" to share with the newly initiated or those folks that are contimplating dabbling in the lifestyle.  Why don't you share some of it to give the "newbs" a leg up (or open) .... read more

Are there enough angry white guys?

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said yesterday “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”   Do you agreee with him? If yes, how do we make more white guys angry, so that Republicans can stay in business for the long term? If you... read more


 Soon we will be going to London. On the 25th of september for 3 nights. Does anyone know where we can go to? Are there some hot clubs with beautiful peoples during the week? Thanks...Rob and Lisa... read more

Emails cancelation from history

We should be able to cancel any email, not only incoming ones, but sent ones as well. Either by canceling the whole email history of a member or selected emails, the same way we can in the incoming box. This is a must considering the highly sensitive matters discussed in emails, and obvious privac... read more

Emails cancelation from history

We should be able to cancel any email, not only incoming ones, but sent ones as well. Either by canceling the whole email history of a member or selected emails, the same way we can in the incoming box. This is a must considering the highly sensitive matters discussed in emails, and obvious privac... read more

5 More Questions

1-Is dirty talk in bed very important? I ask because I'm not very good at it and it always sounds like "oooh yeah, ooooh I bet you have a very low credit rating" or "yeah, yeah that's it, your vagina feels like wet sand". From personal experience, too much talking in bed can ru... read more

Give or get oral stimulation for 10 seconds

Swing poker action cards are fun, sexy activities that the winner can request or receive from any or all of those players that called the hand. The winner could also ask the losing players to perform the task on each other. With action cards we find out who the Poker sluts really are! Swing Card... read more

Do you Tell People you are a Swingers?

So the question is do some of your Co-Workers-Family-Vanilla Friends Know you are a Swinger?... read more

Swinging at Wal-Mart

 Recently I was shopping at Wal-Mart and noticed this gentleman noticing me. Surprise! Surprise! we always ended up in the same aisle.  AND he eventually approached me and asked me if I was "Lusciousndfw."  WTF? I was so shocked that someone would recognize me, and actual... read more

Lap dancing Club in York

We are meeting a sexy cpl on Saturday and we want to go to a Lap dancing club before we play Does anyone know of any lap dancing clubs in York that they cold reccommend Happy swinging... read more

Portrait (partiel et partial) de Serge Victor (English & Fran├žais)

I do not particularly used to talk about myself in the third person, but to comment on the reflection of the mirror, it's easier. Victor Serge is in his sixties, a period which has its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages: the first attacks of age, mustache, abundant shoots while the white ... read more

one night prostitute

My wife want to be come prostitute for one night in club? Anybody do this?... read more

couples only rule!!

Ladies and Gentleman,  Before I start I would like to congratulate couple who have found the comfort and confidence in eachother to explore the taboo side of life.  I am Asian who was born in Russia during the Soviet regime, so we never had this kind of opportunities even after the fall, ... read more

New Swing Poker Rules - please comment

We have added some fun twist to our Swing Poker game and would love your feedback and ideas. FunAndGames... read more

Cap de' Agde s/france 15 sep till 27 sep 2012

Again we are of to naturist resort Cap'da Agde for lots of fun, party's and clubs. one week pent house book in 15 sep till 27sep 2012 If you like to meet us then live your contact mobile number, email address. thanks xxx *** we will be in south of france Cap d'-Agde is naturist resort in sep we are... read more

Visiting Seattle

Visiting Seattle on September. I havem't read much on clubs. What goes in Seattle? What's there to do in the lifestyle?... read more

Taking your wife or GF to a massage parlor

 Have any guys taken their wife or GF to a massage parlor? We have done this and it is hot. What do guys think when they see a couple come and go from a massage parlor? It is hot to think what each other are doing when we are in a room alone naked with a girl rubbing each other. My wife likes t... read more

St. Louis, MO

It looks like we will be spending a few days in St. Louis next month.  We've never been there. We would appreciate some tips on enjoying our free time there both in terms of lifestyle and non-lifestyle activities. Any info will be appreciated.... read more

Inspire to open the door

We have been in the lifestyle for over 3 years and been through some great, not so great, sexy, unsexy, fun, unfun, highs and lows and we feel honoured when we are approached by new couples showing the courage to open what must seem like a very scary door to a new world. We will never forget our ... read more

One night hotels

Can somebody tell about one night hotels in Amsterdam? What do you do if you want intimate atmosphere but don't want go into your home?... read more

Travel to Spain

We will be in Spain starting next week.  Please leave us a way to contact you if you. Bene't and Rumi... read more

First time in the Fun4Two

We are going to the Fun4Two in the 8 of September. Is there somebody who is going to there by car? Maybe we can go together without obligations? We will be so grateful and we can pay. We are going there from Amsterdam. Excuse us for our English. )... read more

Contacting Members

So we don't get it - we get contacted by several members about wanting to meet. We go through the messaging back and forth thing, etc then we provide our cells so we can move on to at least texting and voice verifying.  Then nothing!  Never hear from anyone.  Seems it's all "talk... read more

Temptation Resort Spa Cancun

Any opinions guys? Researching holiday options for October / November. We would like to go somewhere nice with a good weather, lively atmosphere, exotic feel, watersports like scuba diving or/and kiteboarding, option of seeing something interesting beside shop malls and drink bars ... We prefer... read more

Actress or Actor you would most want in your threesum

I would like Rosie Huntington-whileley from transformers. Maybe it was because I saw the movie in Imax. My wife would like to have Sarah Chalke from Scrubs and yes she had a choice of man or woman. The close 2nd was Ryan Renolds. Who would you and your wife want in a 3sum or 4sum?... read more

Going on SDC trip to Desire?

We're going to Desire at the end of October with SDC. Are you? We arrive Saturday Oct 27. ... read more

Clubs in Leeds

Looking for recommendations on nice clubs in Leeds.We are widely travelled,but this will be our first visit to Leeds   a radius of 15miles would be fine.... read more

can vanilla friends still b vanilla friends even if we are all swingers

ok so we have some friends we have known for a few years that we didnt know were swingers (or so they say they are lol) untill we bumped into them at a swingers club a few months ago, (now mind you we ALWAYS respect others privacy, we dont kiss n tell, and we dont gossip to our friends about who mig... read more

APRIL`S GB Count 532 Cocks to date

April is rapidly approaching our goal of 1,000 guys... Since starting our adventure on 11/15, April has truly become a slut/sex slave for many cocks... April had fucked and sucked 300 guys before our hiatus in May-June for surgery and recovery... During the later part of June and July April was fuck... read more


Many claim to give great sensual massages but never true. My Honnie gives great sensual massages but always looking to add more fun and pleasure. Any real massages out there ?      ... read more

LL presents Circus Erotica 20th October

Circus Erotica 20th October 2012 A Sultry Night of Hedonism & Performance at Secret Venue Featuring A fabulous secret venue. Circus acts & Performers Makeup artists & other delights Dance & Play Dungeon area Themed play areas with large multiplay area Full DJ lineup ... read more

Exactly how big is "well endowed?"

I see many profiles stating the gentleman is well endowed, or they are looking for well endowed men.  It got me to thinking.... exactly how big is well endowed?  If 5"- 6" is average, is 6"+ considered "well endowed?"  According to my own personal rul... read more

Just When The Blogs Got A Bit More Normal......

Now Texas vs California?  Geeez... read more

Septmber Swing Poker event now taking submissions

FunAndGames has scheduled the next Swing Poker night for September 21st. We set the game up to correspond with the SDC T-shirt and Panties party at Trapeze on the following evening. The game will be hosted close to Trapeze. We know there are those that are not to familiar with the game of poker s... read more

San Diego Plush Party Takeover

We are going to attend the Plush Party takeover in San Diego at the beautiful Palomar hotel. Who's going???... read more

Visiting Dubai for 2 weeks any suggestion welcome

We are going to Dubai for 2 weeks. At this trip we are looking for lots of sexy couples to meet at our luxury apartment hotel in Dubai. open for party invites.  This is our first trip to Dubai also looking for any couples who wants to show us around and have a good time. ... read more


Hi all, been in the lifestyle for some time and have meet some of the greatest loving females and males. But for the pass year or two, it seem as if writing to say hi or happy birth day to members is a Sin. I could understand if your just in the life style for females only but you never know when yo... read more

swingin' car show

 the wife and i are trying to combine a love for sex and a love for hot cars/trucks, many of us out there have toys to show off, so we were thinking of a swinger friendly car/truck show, does anyone know where a good place to have a meet like this would be in south fl? we would need enough room... read more

For a Good Laugh...

Take a look at this YouTube video about the lifestyle....good fun -  Let us know your thoughts.... read more

London Nights

Staying in London Saturday/Sunday, August 25th & 26th. Welcome any evening recommendations to find a fun, attractive local crowd to hang with (pubs etc).  Thanks. M&T ... read more

Swingers Speed Dating night..Please vote

No matter how good the profile or pictures are there is nothing that replaces meeting people in person to determine desire. To help do this is without the rejection factor we are looking for interest in a "Swingers Speed Dating Night." The idea would be that couples would meet for 5 min... read more

5 Questions

1- Why do women make such a big deal out of making sure their bra and panties match when truth is guys wouldnt care if there was such a big hole in it that the boobie hung out the side and wont kick you out of bed if you have a creame and off white combo?  Victoria Secrets couldnt be for men, b... read more

We are off to Berlin tomorrow for a week

Cant wait to visit the city, all the clubs and hopefully meet some sexy people.   Please email us if you like what you see and want to meet us..........    we are new to this and sure need to meet experienced people to guide us through fantasy world if you know what I mean... read more

the basic principles of Hot wifing

the basic principles of HWing: 1. It always starts with a couple in a good marriage, or as good as they know how to make it. 2. Some husbands have a long-time desire to see their wife being fucked by another man, or series of them. In many cases this seems to be linked to the husband's feeling... read more

I do not get this

If you are a cpl and you set your preference to cpl full swap same room why are they  looking for cpl full swap completly open it is obvious that completly open really mean sep room swap... read more


 thank you Euromexcouple,very nice comment.... read more

more on meet and greet

 thank you all for your input and different points of view, first of all to call me cheap without knowing me isn't fair. I simply felt that raising the price on single guys but not on anyone else was another way of saying you're not wanted here.and to tell me to get a life without knowing anyth... read more

Sensuality and Seduction

Hi to all the sexy & sensual couples and 'swingles' in SDC Land: Our first time blogging here.  I (he) rarely blog but thought we decided to just 'put it out there.' So just to get your brains stimulated - If your driving a car that can move at the speed of light and you turn on the h... read more

Does Language Matter When Meeting?

So you find a couple that appears from their profile and their photos to be that one elusive four way attraction. You finally set up a meeting, and you send a message in advance explaining your expectations.  You also remind them that one of you is not fluent in English. Suddenly, the o... read more

─▒ always prefer 3sum :)

... read more

How to read profiles to create the right invite list

Wife and I need your help. We are happy to say that our Swing poker list is growing fast and we have lots of people anxious to play in our next game. Swing Poker nights are based on small intimate groups coming together to pay for a few dollars and t... read more

Swinging is

Swingi g is the entertainment among engaged couples. The purpose of swinging is mutual entertainment, and not engagement with the others partner, nor should it lead to their disengagement.... read more

Girls just need to have fun!

A wife, a mother, a sensual lover I am. Exciting extrovert is me. Loving to dress up in glam clothes on top as well as underneath even if wearing jeans! Make up and heels at home I have to wear otherwise I just don't feel like 'me'. If I am having a casual moment then I am wearing my lovable 'Ash... read more

meet and greet

 love the meet and greets at harrisons,now they up'd the price to 25.00 for single guys just to come in,is there a hidden message here?... read more

Desperate for help in Germany..........

Hi everyone.   We are going to Berlin next week and the plan was to go to Tempeloase for a vacation deal they offer on their website. I called a number they tell about on the site and booked us a room and a partyticket.  But the person who took down my order spoke really bad english ... read more

SDC cruise reviews???

Hi all of you who have been on an SDC cruise or any LS cruise as a matter fact. How fun is it compared to an SCD Desire takeover? Since people leave the ship during the day, is it more difficult to make new friends? Is there a place on the ship where people can meet and flirt? Is the dance floor ... read more

Temptations in Cancun

Anyone planning on being at Temptations in Cancun between August 18th through 27th? Let us know. Thanks Justin and Cheri... read more


From 14 till 29 september 2012 we spend our holiday in Valalta Croatia, who else is there for a nice meet?... read more

Is Paul Ryan the new Reagan we have been looking for?

Jack Kemp was his mentor, and he is well versed in the principles of Art Laffer and Milton Friedman.... read more

Haulover Beach Today

Hello everybody, we are going to Haulover Beach this afternoon. Any good looking couples or girls up there to have fun?... read more


All you need to do is push "SUBMIT" once! There is a lag, so you just need to wait. Otherwise you end up with the same thread 2-3 times, or like today, something about NYC on two pages. Then immediately check to make sure your thread is there only once, if not delete the rest. ... read more

Can SDC do something about those two empty white boxes at the top of the page?

Looking at it really bothers me. However, I do love many of the new features.... read more

Where is there a good spot in new York city, long island to go???

The 50 million dollar question$$?? My wife and I have noticed mixed feelings about going out to meet people. We are not fake and actually very real. We are looking to explore the lifestyle because we are very in love and in to each other. We accept the fact that we both have fantasies and desires, b... read more

Congrats to the UK

To our friends in the UK we say thank you for a job well done in hosting the Olympics. From the opening ceremony to the closing and all the events in between it was simply spectacular.... read more

Dfw friends

We have been trying to meet people who enjoy hanging out, playing poker, strip poker etc that are in the lifestyle It seems everyone we meet are very quick to jump right in to bed. Even if we want to...we like playtime first! Anyone feel the same way. We are looking for " friends w benefits" ... read more

Pose and pictures

I am looking for new ideas/poses for when I take the next set of pictures of my wife. If anyone has their fav. pose or pic. I would like to see them and possibly have my wife in the same pose. It can be a pose in the outdoors, pool, pool table, shower or car. Please help with the ideas.... read more

needing info

what do you think of a woman having pierced nipples or clits?..............wife is very interested in getting them done, where would be a good place in San Antonio to get them done?... read more

Cap d'Agde Naturiste september 2012

Hello friends of Cap d'Agde naturist, we are from 30.08. until 16.09.2012 in our nice nudist villa in Cap d'Agde and we like to meet hot women or couples! Send us a message for exchange phone number or mail address, so we can meet in CdAN in september. regards from south of Germany... read more

Our First Party October 13, 2012

Hush Partyz Presents  THE BLACK AND RED AFFAIR.  ]On Oct 13, 2012.  for more info go to read more

Clubs in denmark

Any wild swinger clubs for young cpl in denmark?... read more

Condooms vs Bareback

Dear readers, I have a question, I have noticed then i have intercourse with condooms i cannot stay long having intercourse. But when i`m bareback "No Condoom" i can go hourse having sex like 2 hours without cumming and having fun. Please advise me what is the problem here ... read more

Carnival Magic or Disney Magic Cruise November

Anyone cruising in november. We did not decide yet. Any suggestion?... read more

Sdc new look and feel ?

  Hi all   Issue here is the new (Aug/2012) look and feel of the SDC main menu and site. Although I can understand what they are aiming for (I´m an It tech guy myself) ergonomically speaking I feel this is getting worse. Meaning now there´s fixed header plus two menu / subme... read more

Swing Poker is not about Orgies

Swing Poker nights are not about orgies but about a fun night of laughs, sexy banter and the thrill of winning a few dollars by daring to gamble in cards and your sexual comfort levels. That said, we don't discourage whatever plans players want to make after the game. We mention this because we ... read more


I was watching a video and the cpl was smelling something In a bottle, being a bit curious I asked what was It and someome mention It was RUSH. What is rush what it's used for Is it consider a drug Is it legal... read more

bad rep

 I must say i really enjoy being in the lifestyle,from the clubs to the private parties, when i first joined sdc things started off slow but have really improved, although there is something that is bit a troubleing.I have been cast into the god forsaken world of the SINGLE MALE!. There are tho... read more

Problems with Messenger

Anybody else havng problems with messenger showing up on profile when online since the change in format.  Says it is on, but disappears at times then comes back.  Very odd... read more

updated version of Swing Poker

We have decided to add another fun twist to the Swing Poker game. With Swing Poker you can't just walk away with the chips after winning a hand. First the winner has to perform the task on the Swing Poker challange chip. If the winner refuses to perform the task the winnings get added ... read more

Are you interested, or just being nice?

 For the most part I am a pretty polite person in the LS.  If someone talk to me, I will respond politely.  One thing I've noticed is that alot of people take that to mean interest in playing.  "Hello" and "thank you" are not invitations.   Believe... read more

How do you liked to be approached when at parties or clubs?

Hey ladies just wondering for my benefit how do you like to be approached at house parties and/or clubs. It seems as if swinging is an open atmosphere but I'm finding it somewhat like vanilla dating. Most men have no idea when the woman is physically attracted to them in the swing world. Its as if y... read more

After8 club in Edinburgh, anyone going there?

Hi you sexy people. We are planning to visit this after8 club on saturday night,  Would love to meet some sexy interesting couple or a woman to meet us there and show us around.   Please contact us if you are that couple or female  ;) And the ones that can share experience ... read more

tampa swing clubs

we are headed to tampa next week wednesday night.  anyone know of a decent club to go to? we are looking to go to club or have some fun at our hotel - let us know if your interested..... read more

HOrnyn lehigh

I am in need asap help... read more

Holiday at lefkada

Hi there. Does anyone know about swingers clubs In/Near lefkada, Greece. Also, we would like to bike-ride (XC) in the island, any Suggestion/Ideas. Thanks :)... read more

Visiting san francisco

Hello lovely people, We are visiting san francisco and the bay area and are wondering about cool places to hang out.. We are primarly interested in 'normal' clubs to party and go dancing, but suggestions for more swinger oriented clubs are welcome too ofcourse (especially bi sexual or lesbienne ... read more

What Swing Poker hopes to achieve

Thank you to all those that have blogged their interest in our "Swing Poker nights". SDC is currently building us a community and we will email you as soon as it is complete. The community will povide a forum for not only the games we host but for anyone else that needs a place to adv... read more

Frightening UK porn laws

We've been following the ongoing #PornTrial which is being tweeted live. For more info on the trial see And for more information on the new CPS guidelines for prosecution, see read more

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Spring Fever

We've decided to go to Montreal for our spring vacation and need some help. We're looking for a four star hotel within walking distance of restaurants, shopping, jazz, dancing, and nightlife. We love exploring cities on foot so thats key to where we like to stay. Any must see local attractions or... read more


Hi guys, I am looking for 3 or 4 fit guys to gangbang me in a Kent hotel on the 15th September , you don't need a massive cock I'm not really interested in size I want hunky good looking guys with a cock that can stay hard ! Who can help a girl full fill her ultimate fantasy of being fucked really h... read more


 We will be in Cap from August 11th...... read more

APRIL'S 8/1 and 8/3 GB and S FL here we cum 8/5-8/15

At our 8/1 GB, April took on 25 guys from 6pm to 10:30 pm (great job guys) and at the 8/3 GB, she took on 35 guys from 6pm to 10pm and the hosts's lady helped out from 6-8pm and was fucked out... April was fucked hard by all and came repeatedly... and afterwards we gave one of our fuck buddies, who ... read more

Hopeless breast implants, embarrassing single men and a lot more

Our Top 3 of the best and worst experiences this year in the Naturist City of Cap d’Agde: Best 1.   Open-minded people: Meeting an abundance of open-minded, tolerant and truly liberal people who want to talk, share and act.  An oasis of broadmindedness in an increasingly... read more

Chic concert

What a night last night shame we couldnt link up with any others but we had a great night at the Senator Spa before and after thew concert which was excellent ....xx... read more

Swingers agency; Chaperone services

We are in the swinging scene for over 15 years. We have extensive experience in European swingers area ... Really bad and also very nice and good experiences. If you have booked a holiday to Europe or the Netherlands  and you want to know more about swingers lifestyle in Europe, the Netherlands... read more

We Need Your Vote on CLUBISHATAR

Hello,   I am opening a new swing club to bring you nothing but the best for less. This club will be set up like a fitness center with charging you a membership fee each month rather than each time you come in. It will have a private card access for a security revolving door to allow you 24/... read more

Maledives , Reethi beach

Hoi, We are planning to go to the Maledives,Reethi Beach from Aug. 18th till 2d of Sept. Someone else who would be there at that time ??? We would be happy to meet other swingers over there. Let us know... someone any advice abouth the Maldives. Some people told us not to bring erotic stuff l... read more

The Grove in Miami

We will be at the Mayfair on Saturday. Would love to meet new friends for drinks. ... read more

The Grove in Miami

We will be at the Mayfair on Saturday. Would love to meet new friends for drinks. ... read more

Best Clubs in Paris

We are going to be in Paris for a week very soon, and we would like to know about any clubs or events where can enjoy sensuality and have fun. A high-end real classy club would be great, but we are experienced and we try everything at least three times. Merci...... read more

Double Dipping

When with Two women or in a group situation do you Double Dip (go from one woman to the other with the same condom on)? or do you change it in between?... read more

Seattle in September

We will be on vacation in Seattle in mid September. Can anyone suggest an on premises club? Thanks for your help..... read more



What Condom do you use?

Do you have a favorite brand? Style? or Color (there are people who like colored condoms only)? Or will any condom do?   Magnum Lifestyle  Trojan Durex Tuxedo Billy Boy etc........ read more

Valalta 17-31 August 2012

Hi, we will be in Valalta, Croatia from 17-31 August 2012. Anybody else? Kisses, j&o... read more

Speed Dating for Busy Couple

We will post a note that we are interested in speed dating on here from time to time. It is usually short and sweet (i.e. We are looking to get out and have some fun.  Let us know if you are interested in meeting us for a drink to get acquainted).  Since we do not get notices from SDC that... read more

Wet dreams, at my age?

I think the "sexual prime" thing is kicking in for me.  Lately I've been having these wildly erotic detailed sex dreams.  I get very turned on, and in the dreams I wonder why I can't feel anything during the sex.  Of course I wake up extremely turned on.  My Doctor... read more

Wet dreams, at my age?

I think the "sexual prime" thing is kicking in for me.  Lately I've been having these wildly erotic detailed sex dreams.  I get very turned on, and in the dreams I wonder why I can't feel anything during the sex.  Of course I wake up extremely turned on.  My Doctor... read more

Calienteresort Cairbe

 Do anyone  know Calienteresort Domincan Rapublic  How open is there now? I was there 2005 and no sex visible that time. Is there now allowed to have sex in the pool and on the beach like as Hedonism ll Jamaica. Freemann... read more

Swing Poker set for Aug 31st.

Next game is scheduled for Friday, Aug 31. We will determine the Game "sex level" by the request that come in. Levels are: 1.Voyeur poker – We bring together players that would like to be part of some sexy fun but prefer to keep touching to their partners only. 2.Fluff Poker &nd... read more

we off to Cap ed' Agde in sep 15/9/2012

We are off to Cap ed' Agde naturists resort for noty fun and party's on 15 sep till 27sep/2012. We are staying in best apartment at the resort and we would love to meet likeminded couple guys and group. Fill free to contact us via SDC or our email please leave your full pics and contact details ... read more

we off to Cap ed' Agde in sep 15/9/2012

We are off to Cap ed' Agde naturists resort for noty fun and party's on 15 sep till 27sep/2012. We are staying in best apartment at the resort and we would love to meet likeminded couple guys and group. Fill free to contact us via SDC or our email please leave your full pics and contact details ... read more

we off to Cap ed' Agde in sep 15/9/2012

We are off to Cap ed' Agde naturists resort for noty fun and party's on 15 sep till 27sep/2012. We are staying in best apartment at the resort and we would love to meet likeminded couple guys and group. Fill free to contact us via SDC or our email please leave your full pics and contact details ... read more


Off on holiday on Monday the 6th August for a week, staying at St George south Corfu and looking for some fun on the beach, apartment, anywhere, anyone interested ???? x... read more

What brought you to the lifestyle....

When you think of the REASON you entered the 'lifestyle' what comes to mind.  What made you say OK ? What was missing?  or WHO? Was it a recent relationship breakup and limited time to date and just wanted a FWB that you could kick it with occasionally then have some fun too?  Was it ... read more