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RoofTop Resort and new Margaritaville next door

Hi All  Jimmy Buffet broke ground for a new Margaritaville resort in Hollywood, Fl. The new resort will have 17 floors, have ocean front access, employ hundreds maybe thousands (employees ofsuppliers) and bring lots tourist and tax dollars to the city of Hollywood., flThe Margaritaville resort ... read more


We are now in Miami for a few days before back to the UK. Off to Miami Velvet tonight give us a wink if your going xx randdxx ... read more


Hello to the community!If you want to laugh for a while, see the blog DISCREETGUYNGAL posted: "100 reasons why I know I'm SW."All are great.I laughed so hard I almost fell out of bed!!The humor in the LifeStyle is a delicious condiment.I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.RegardsS... read more

I changed my number

Due to the fact that a member from here has been harassing me, I've changed my number.  ... read more

What part of "sexual orientation: straight" don't you get?

Is it me or does being straight no longer mean one is straight?  Does anyone else on here get winks or nudges from bi members of the same sex even though you clearly list that you are straight?  This week I've gotten 3 nudges from bi dudes.  A while back, I got picked up at Harrison's... read more

South Beach weekend

Headed to South Beach this weekend, any suggestions for restaurants and fun bars? Tanks, Mik... read more

Swing Clubs are perfect for Couples on Vacation

We have been in the lifestyle for about five years, we love vacationing in South Florida and we find that swing clubs like the Roof Top and Trapeze are perfect for finding new friends in a short time frame. Everyone's at the club for the same reason, drink, dance and fuck someone you've never fucked... read more

Desire Resort in Cancun

I posted this Blog because when we were planning our vacation w asked several members of SDC about the different resorts and we never got a clear answer from anyone about the ups and downs of the limited number of Lifestyle resorts in the Caribbean to choose from.  We have been to Hedoonism in ... read more

Looking for squirter in DFW

My husband has a fantasy of being with a squirter and I am bi. Anyone out there that would like to meet for drinks and see where it leads? I would also like to experience DP as well. But this is about him. ... read more

Positive Blog About Single Men

Time for a positive blog about SMs.  Our profile gets read by at least 12 SMs daily, and they must actually be reading what we have carefully written. 95% of the time, we only get contacted by SMs that fulfill the criteria that we have established.So thank you to those SMs that respect our... read more

Judgment or Jealousy?

If swinging by definition is recreational sex and an activity of fun? why do some swingers act holier-than-thou when someone is having more fun than them?... read more

Nobody cares about STD's?

Today I was posting some new pictures on my profile.  Well since I took a std test recently(8/26/2013), I decide to take a pic of my results and post them up as well on my pics.  To show that I do get tested on the regular and I'm disease free.  Not just writing so.  Well th... read more

When Your Guy Fucks You From Behind Please Do This He Will Absolutely Love It

Pop Your Ass Out and Poke Your Back Out! ... read more

Can you be to fit?

I (the male half) am wondering if couples do not contact another couple that is really fit because they don't feelthat they are good enough?  Not that I am that 6 pack guy that just walked out of a action movie and have no one contacting us. LOL Just would like to know if there i... read more

Dungeons and ??

Hello, We have been in the lifestyle probably ever since we met. Seems like our second date was at a swingers club and as much as we "debate" that we should probably try more "vanilla" activities when going out, we always come to the conclusion that a lifestyle club offers the best of everythin... read more

Erotic Massage in Athens ,Greece

Shed the notions that society has pressed into you about your own beautiful body. Explore and understand your own desires in the positive way they were given to you upon your very birth. ~It's your body... Enjoy it ~                     ... read more

Swingerclub in Amsterdam

Hi :) Going to Amsterdam next month, anyone that can recommend a good club for us?... read more

Chat apps

GroupMe? Ever tried it?... read more


Hello to the community!!Almost all of us understand the reasons why we entered and remain in the LifeStyle.Signing into this alternative form of life for the right motives can become very rewarding both in the individual's life as in their relationship as a couple.But what happens when people walk i... read more

"Molly" - What's your take???

I know there is a bit of a generation gap for swingers and the vanilla party scene but what is your take on "Molly"?If you have to Goggle it, then you're probably not in right demographic to give an informed opinion...... read more

Swingers Clubs in London

We are heading to London in mid-September and only have 1 or 2 nights to go out and party.  We are staying in central London - near London Bridge - and were wondering what clubs are recommended for those in the lifestyle.  ... read more

Club cliques?

I have heard so many times where people claims there are too many cliques in clubs and that people visit clubs and sit around and people watch. We were brand new to the lifestyle in December when we visited a club for the second time and were sitting there watching several other couples sitting by t... read more

Verification for Single ladies

As we all know the thought of a unicorn (single girl) is something very exciting to all of us in the lifestyle.  We also know that on here the single guys outweigh the single girls 10:1 We are just wondering aside from that one gem you can find from time to time, how many couples have actually ... read more

Liza's Sensual Boutique and Bar for Hire!!!

Hi friends, Liza’s Lounge is now available for hire! From private parties, bachelors parties or just a venue to have some fun for the evening. We have a bar, dance floor, sound and Jacuzzi facilities. To book or find out more please give Marco a call on 082 491 1402 or email .... read more

Sales Representative at Liza’s Sensual Boutique

Hi Friends, we're looking for young ladies that wish to earn a part time income as a sales representative for lingerie and toys for our Sensual Boutique. This is an ideal opportunity to work with your friends, have fun and earn while you learn! Candidates should live in the Cape Town area, be te... read more

Cruise ship

Today we sail on the Carnival imagination for four nights if anyone else is going let us know as we are looking to have some fun :-)RandDxx ... read more


hi,can anyone clue us in for cheap place to stay in cap dagde either in,or adjacent to the funspots.any info greatly appreciate,or anyone going there to split costs etc.... read more

was I wrong?

Me : HelloThem: Does our profile say we are interested in single malesMe Quoting their profile: " Her favorite thing is two or more at once, can't wait to fulfill a huge gangbang fantasy"Them: Again we did not ask for single males, read our preferences moron, go fuck yourself!Me: didn't say no singl... read more

Sorry, we meant Open Minded

We originally wrote this on our iPad, and we did not catch the auto-correct.  Often we see Profiles from couples with straight men and bi wives that are searching for Bi Couples, or say they are "very open minded".What does this mean?  Is this another code phrase?If they like bi play, why ... read more

Profile and pictures

We see lots of profiles here at SDC, of all people from all over the world. We notice in a lot of those profilethere are only pictures of the female. Or 34 of the female and 1 of the male (far away) one other thing is pictures with only parts from below the waist. But is it not true that females lik... read more

Open mined

What does open mined mean?... read more

Day 2 of my attempt to meet more kinksters.

Hi Guys, Day 1 of my blog has reaped its rewards, with a sexy cpl from only 50 miles away, connecting and liking my profile, and you know what ?, they are into the same stuff as me, hopefully we will get to know each other and have some horny fun. Looking around Facebook there is a big opening up ar... read more

Coming to Cabo?

We are Cabo residents, let us know if you need any information. We are here to help.... read more

Bi Couples/ Straight man

Why do couples say the husband is straight, but say they are interested in playing with Bi Couples?... read more

Is this a code?

What does "straight", but not homophobic mean?  ... read more

Is this a code?

What does "straight", but not homophobic mean?  ... read more

Outsiders view of Cap D'Agde

Hi All,Sorry for posting on a well-done subject, we thought we'd throw down a few of our findings from our first trip to Cap D'Agde this August.We were pretty much stuck to high season due to parenting limitations and this was the only time we could get off from our co-parenting of the good lady's d... read more

Encounters that you remember

It was accidental. I was in NY as usual and at a restaurant on my own and literally sat face to face with her at another table. We contrasted nicely and eventually it seemed just silly not to say hello and share a drink. Like all the best moments it wasnt scripted. This happened last year ... read more

Lacy Things

I have an unhealthy obsession with lingerie. It's so dainty and feminine! Lace lingerie is my favorite, it’s so beautiful. Stylish corsets, lace blindfolds and silk garter belts are all so pretty! The balconette bra is such a tease….and I love it. It is fairly revealing but not obscene. Be... read more

Top 7 Lingerie Designers

1) Chantelle Agent Provocateur Mise En Cage: le luxe érotique Lillie: exquisite hand crafted silk lingerie Luna Cosabe... read more

Bend Over

...let me kiss that tight little ass. Relax its alright. I promise to take good care of you. cock teases and caresses ass, insert Slow? I will go slowly. pushing slowly into anus Take all of me. Take my big fat cock. I'm going to fill you up and there is nothing you can do ab... read more

holiday to spain

hi allwe are off to spain on a weeks vacation 1st sep Murcia, orihuela, looking to be very very naughty and dirtyplease help us with our desire's ... read more


Hi!!Since the discovery of the human genoma, more and more often scientits find new evidence about how our genes rule a big part of ourselves both physically and in the way we process information and emotions.Nature vs Nurture...... actually one of the big dilemmas!!The environment modify our behavi... read more

As a single male, have you "taken one for your own team" LOL

Ok, so here is the funny situation that I've found myself in...I've read in many profiles here and other sites I belong to,how couples would not take one for the "team" and that it has to be mutual consent (male and female part); but never in a million years I would think I would found myself in a s... read more

Swinging in the west of Ireland

Hi Kinksters. Im new to this site, and trying to build up connections, not just online, meetings too. Im here just a few days, and already have a couple of validations, and an email....Looking good so far. Ill be on here every day for the next 30 days, and while i know single males are probably the ... read more

"Consensual Infidelity". Has anyone read the book?

Just read this book and wondered if anyone else has. It's well written and entertaining in my opinion. It deals with a couple's experiment to try swinging. I could relate to some of it, but we had somewhat different expectations when we started. LolSuzy... read more


Looking at the blogs of late, I see little of what swinging is, or should be,Leaving the single men, or the simulated couples aside, what is "swinging" about?First off, I'm not too comfortable with the epithet of "swinger". Perhaps it's because of decades of snide asides about those of us who ar... read more

Swingers Flag

Every country has a flag. Villages and cities have flags. Sportingclubs have flags. Kings and queens have flags. Gays have flags. Do we swingers have a flag? And if not why not?And what would the design of the flag be? Which color?... read more

Why are Couples and Single Ladies So Unrelaible?

I am mystified as to why couples and single ladies are so unreliable. They either do not turn up, don't communicate UNLESS they want sex and are rude because you won't webcam when they want you too. If I am feeling horny and want to play, they never answer their emails. Anybody else experience... read more

April's Wedding Night Gang Bang

April and I are getting married in early October after being together for over two years. We are truly in love with each other and realize we are a matching set. April is my partner and fantasy come true. She has truly become the sub, slut/cum slut, sex slave that we both dreamed she could be a... read more

Good naturist spots in October

Could anyone suggest a good naturist/nudist beach/resort to visit during October in Asia/S. Europe? Would prefer to avoid the cold though.... read more

Why are Single Men So Unrelaible?

We are mystified as to why single men are so unreliable. They either do not turn up, don't communicate UNLESS they want sex or rude because you won't webcam when they want you too. If N is feeling horny and wants to play, they never answer their emails. Anybody else experiences this or can you singl... read more

Key Parties

Would like to start a party group in the Tampa area using the key party theme. Basically we rent rooms and everyone picks keys and has at lest 45 minutes in the room with whoever is already in there. Then keys are brought back and picked again. Who would be interested?... read more

VA Festival of Fun

OMG what an amazing weekend at the VA ! have to pinch ourselves we didn't dream the whole lot !We have been to the VA before and couldn't wait to go to the Festival of Fun this weekend, we certainly we're not disappointed!Going on last year we knew it would be good and well it topped it by a long sh... read more

Culture Week at Opera House; 12-17/8/203

12/8 Woke and worked from bed. Rita slept through till midday and woke refreshed. I went for a run and pickedup some shopping on way home. Early supper and then having just joined Netflix watched the first 4 episodes of "Breaking Bad" which we thoroughly enjoyed. Headed for bed at 10 and Rita soon a... read more

Resort"s profound emotions!! do share!!!

 Hello everyone!Don"n want to share the most unforgettable experience!!?? Leave your comments about the best hotel location and severity of the sexual emotions with events at each location and place of the resort and do leave your recommendations!Leave pic and your advises!... read more


If you receive a phone call (on Skype) and they suggest they are Microsoft and that your computer has a virus that they will fix for you by remotely entering your computer, NOOOOOOOO, they are not Microsoft, they are a company called Support Plaza, their intention is unknown.After calling Microsoft,... read more

Just moved to Galway county

This week me moved from Dublin to the west coast, to Galway area.  We are looking for like minded couples around here or maybe some meet and greets to get to know some people. It is a new area for us and we just feel so far from all the people we know... So we are looking forward to get to know... read more

When to vaildate someone

We've seen many profiles saying that just because they validated someone it doesn't mean they played.  But isn't validating when you declare that the person/people are real lifestylers?  And isn't just about the only way to know that is to play with them?  Or to be somewhere and witne... read more


In  -Luxembourg on the 18thLusanne 19thTurin 20thMonaco 21stCap d'Adge 22nd - 26th... read more

The Upper Level - West Palm Beach

There is a open house at this facility supposedly sponsored by SDC. They have a website,, but it appears they are a bed and breakfast that as a member you can "obtain" by the hour if you like.So what really is this place?  And who is going to the open house on Thursday... read more


Nothing planned over the weekend, come by the store and get some things to add some fun to your weekend. ... read more


As most of you know we are a group of men and a few select ladies that play together.We have been asked by a few ladies to have a small gang bang, 3 to 4 males and just her. So we tried it, with just 3 guys and it was fun, but she was worn out, she could keep up.. Then it happened again and it keeps... read more

Google camera-toting teams mapping Fla. beaches(including haulover)

Seems the Florida tourism is having Google map/photo the entire Florida beach line. From the Florida panhandle to southernmost beach and including Haulover beach. comes the multi part questionDo you think having a&... read more


Doing some tattoos let me know if you want to get some ikn Estoy haciendo tatuajes pequenes dejame saver si quieres hacerte halgo ... read more

Single Guy At Rooftop

I have been to The Rooftop a number of times as a single guy and have always met some great people and had an amazing time. In the past they have not charged me the "single guy" penalty when I have booked but I see now that fee in now $500! So it seems they are getting more serious.So I am hoping to... read more




Hi!I am pleased to see how, more and more, the number of single women in the LifeStyle both in Mexico and Internationally has increased.By now we cannot be defined as "Unicorns"!Current Women have achieved progress in many areas both socially and professionally and are finally starting to get rid of... read more

FAO Social Cruise

Anyone heard of this life style cruise from West Palm to Bahamas? read more

Desire Cancun

We've planned a trip to Desire Cancun in June 2014 and are excited for our new adventure. We'd love to know your experiences.... read more

The Lagniappe Chateau

Has any one been to the The Lagniappe Chateau  in Shreveport? Any one? ... read more

Shit swingers say have said almost all of this stuff at one time or another... read more

Parrot Heads

Any Parrot Heads on SDC.  We're members of the CHPHC.  It would be nice to know.... read more

Hard Rock in Tulsa Thursday August 15th

We will be at the Hard Rock to see Gin Blossoms, Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray. Any one else going or want to party after the show?... read more

How to deal with Beach Hyenas

Here are ten tips for dealing with Beach Hyenas that worked for me. If you do not know what a Beach Hyena is then go back and read the previous blog.1. Do not have sex with your wife on the beach. If you must, and I fully understand the temptation to do so, then employ either the '"Two Minute" rule ... read more

Just wondering

If Wife A is "taking one for the team" by slinging leg for Husband B&Husband B is "taking one for the team" by throwing pole to Wife AThen, do they....(inside)... read more

Beach Hyenas

I never cease to be both amazed and disgusted by the behaviour of the Beach Hyenas. This is the name I have chosen to give to the large herd of men who roam the beach north of Paralia looking for couples engaging in sex. If you have not seen this Cap phenomena then imagine a zebra taken down by a li... read more

Passage Key

We are considering going to a nude beach such as Haulover in Miami but then we remembered we have our very own nude island here in Tampa Bay - Passage Key.  We would like to hear from couples who frequent Passage Key. Pros? Cons?  Being that we've never been to a nude beach (well at least ... read more

Today's (Aug 12, 13) google famous person/couple is swinger

Interesting, today's Google famous person was a swinger (bottom paragraph) and  minor detail, Nobel prize for Physics and dozen other physics awards read more

Dungeon Visit & Little Liaison Party: 5 - 11/8

5/8 I woke refreshed at 7.30 and Rita at 9.30. Went back to bed after conference call and Rita and I made love. Had breakfast inbed and then got call at 11.30 from Ar asking where I was as he said we had a meeting at 11am? Remade for tomorrow. Exchanged photos with P and Rita did same with S fr... read more


My my my. 10 August 2013 was a great night for me and the people involved with me there. So many sexy and people friendly folks that came out. Plus the late night festivities. For all that cheered on the party I was with and the audiences we had for out performances, awww man thanks for helping that... read more

Why the democrats can't be trusted

President Obama decided not to enforce the employer mandate of Obamacare for a year.  There is nothing in the statute that lets him unilaterally do that.  The reasons run the gamut from helping businesses to it is bad politics to hurt business before the 2014 midterms.  So if the Pres... read more

Finally paid membership

Looking fwd to getting to know new people and explore this community :)... read more

10 things you must bring to Cap

1. Toilet paper. Believe me this is the essential item for Cap.2. Decent bathroom towels, unless you enjoy drying yourself and the dishes on a dirty teatowel.3. Mite free pillows.4. Condoms. Twice as many as you think you will need. You will use a few, mislay a lot and most will be taken and used by... read more

10 things to love about Cap

Apologies for not posting this part of the review at the same time as the 10 things I hate about Cap blog. Please read this in conjunction with its sister blog for a balanced view. 1. Nudity - lots of sexy people!2. The beach - big enough for naturists, families, honeymooners and swingers to all hav... read more

Cease fire, please!

I am sure I speak for many others when I say the frequent and repeated blogs about SMs has become not just boring but irritating. It seems no opinions are changed.I suggest a full cease fire and a moritorium on the matter. If all the regular posters will just ignore any new posts on SMs those would ... read more

enough already

wow,with all the recent/ongoing bashing of the single males  that's going on,i've come to accept the fact that some people are going to throw every single guy into the bad apple barrel with all the others,and that's too bad. Now i'll be the first to admit that i had a rough start on SDC,but aft... read more


I hate those people who view/ add your profile and than block you to view......hate them... read more

Why can't we be friends?.... (Singing out loud)

Why can't we be friends?.... I am not asking... Just singing the tune.It seems that lately, in the blogs everything is one attacking the other.... (Couple vs single male, bbc vs no bbc, democrats vs republicans vs liberals vs who-knows-who)... In a site that is supposed to be about fun, freedom and ... read more


i know we talked about wearing a black ring to reconize other people in the lifestyle, did anyone else noticeAndy Dalton of the Bengals wearing a black ring on the HBO show hard knocks?... read more

Anklet wearing

Ok here goes, tried posting this before but without success... As a straight husband with moderate cuckold fantasies (i.e. the dream is to watch her with other lovers, as opposed to being "cuckolded" fully), a while back I came across the supposed symbolism of anklet wearing signifying a hot wife op... read more

Babysitter experience...

Hi Sexxxies !We want ask if you have any sexual experience with yours babysitters, neighbours, maids.. ?kissMaya and Jan... read more

Any good nude/lifestyle pool resorts in MIA,FLL/Key West?

Other than The Rooftop or Deenies? Atlantic Shores in Key West is closed right. Is the Seagate resort, next to the FLL W Hotel still open?... read more

Fantasy Fest 2013

FANTASY FEST (Oct 18-27) I know it is early but can we start a list of people heading to FF in Key West this year. We finally booked our rooms for the 25-26-27 of October 2013.We have not been in a few years and of course we want to find out the hot spots, party spots, SDC meeting places if any, wil... read more

Another Successful Wounded Warrior Hunt

I just finished my fifth wounded warrior hunt this year and this hunter was an Iraq veteran that captured one of the Kings in Hussein's infamous deck of cards, but he paid a steep price, suffering debilitating back injuries that have required several surgeries and will require several more. There is... read more

Do Wealthy men give women more orgasms

Wealthy men give women more orgasms, finds study by Dr  Thomas Pollet   by: By staff writers January 19, 2009   12:00AM  Money influences orgasm frequency Women programmed to choose qualityAustralian women disagreeIT'S true, size really does matter.Sc... read more

Cuckolds and Hotwives and the fun that comes with them and Hotwives and the fun that comes with them            Wednesday, September 5, 2012   The Straight Cuckold's Guide to Eating Cum [img width="640" height="388" src="http://1... read more

Pure Eroticism: Women, Books and Orgasms ...

Distinguished SDC community: To all who enjoy the lifestyle, and that also enjoy the sensuality, fine eroticism and the satisfaction of the woman as the maximum premise in sex, I invite you all to visit the following link and randomly see each of the videos, to be witnesses (those who have not been ... read more

Is she really doing it for me.??

Hi folk'sI met a lady that loves dick and DP, I nick named her Oliver Twist because she always ask for some more.. I later left her because she almost worn me out but we later reconnected and was playing once in a while on cam, I was turned on to the highest level one day that I saw her pushing a bi... read more

Couples Cruise Trip

Does anybody attended any Couples Only Cruise Life Style?, we would like to go but we do not know if it is similar to Desire Resort for example. And do you recommend any trip in special?... read more

Speed dating

Wow.  It works; We got to meet incredible couples Sat night at the Chesney Concert that saw our post and reached out!  ... read more

Help understanding first contact

So, almost all the time you read about how rude single men are and that they give therest of us bad names. Now generally I may not get a response back when someone is notinterested, and although I think if I take the time to contact someone then they could have enough respect to simply reply wi... read more

Never plan a quiet Weekend - It Never Happens! 28/7 to 4/8

28/7 Woke at 9 in the Dacha to sound of babies and I asked Rita how many she wanted which made us laugh. Up ,showered and then had breakfast and decided that we'd take public transport home and a taxi to airport tomorrow rather than put Rita's parents out who offered to drive us back to Moscow ... read more

Problems with other profiles.....

If anyone reads my profile, you can tell that I've spent some time on it so that it leaves little to question. When I view other profiles though.... most times I think "boring...." The first thing I always do is read through a profile (if there's even anything written there!). The ones that have "ju... read more

life imitating art...

Incredible, a single guy moaning about being blocked by couples on a blog, and then doesn't have the cojones to allow a civilised discourse without resorting to cheap insults and removing posts/blocking couples from replying!Yes Jardinseven, we're calling you out as the reason why SOME single males ... read more

Landing Strip (Ladies)

Would like to hear from the ladies on why most are completely shaved down below........ read more

Cali Colombia

Any suggestions on which swingers club is the top rated. I see multiple ones in Cali, would like a real review if anyone as one. Traveling in late August.... read more

couples or singles

It's funny, I started as a single female, hey it was all about me, I can pick and choose. but being with a couple that is hard, so know he wants to pick,  I feel he don't care who he plays with, but me hello I still have standards, . I told him that I would look for a single female, but he woul... read more

When it isn't Porn?

Porn has become yawningly predictable.  I think this is because the camera always records the same view, what film makers call the sight line. The rule in porn is that "it's always about the girl," so the focus is always on what the girl is doing, because the audience is considered to be nearly... read more

Fantasy Football

Hi everyone. Fantasy football is here again. If you want to play let me know. We had 12 people last year. We had 8 couples and 4single guys. This year we have 7 so far (the others were not serious) and we need 4-5 more people. Email me if you want to do it. It is so fun. You do not have to be from H... read more

Matching member emails are wrong!

Half of the time I open them and it's ladies or couples that are not looking for a single male.  How is that a match?  Whatever algorithm they are using to match really sucks.  At least in the single male world.  Anyone else notice this?Most of the time ... read more


Ok Its happened again........... I met someone online. Their pictures seemed good. Then again nothing showing below the boobs.What the Heck! So when I meet I can't believe the physic.......... I have learned a hard lesson. For now on I have to see 100% naked body and will need a dated picture. Am I ... read more


Ok, how many people can say this has happened to them?  One night recently, the wife and I were having "relations".  It wasn't a holiday on any calendar we are aware of.  It wasn't even a weekend, it was a Wednesday.  But right at the moment of our mutual climax, (and yes, it was... read more

Our Private Rodeo With My Little Pony

Re-Post from my blog, Indiscrectionsblog.comOur Private Rodeo With My Little PonyPosted on July 31, 2013by shalynneWe did a little of this, a little of thatWith little effort, Rick and I found a unicorn that was willing to be the filling of our love sandwich. (Fortunately, she also ha... read more

Trying Trapeze Ft Lauderdale need advice

We typically enjoy MMF and are planning on visiting Trapeze while in town on a Saturday night when single males are not allowed. What should we expect, will we be able to find other males to assist us or is it strictly couples play and MFF? What layout can we expect and what approach should we take?... read more

Houston advice for a hot wife please?

We are looking for great upscale bars in the Galleria area ofHouston where I can dress to impress, get hit on by hot guys and take one backto the hotel.We have never been to Houstonbefore.  Looking for Vanilla clubs not toloud where people go to see and be seen. Any serious advice would be grea... read more

Is this the ultimate strapless AND backless bra? Stick-on InvisiBra glues on to give cleavage a boost

Is this the ultimate strapless AND backless bra? Stick-on InvisiBra glues on  to give cleavage a boost 10 models  hit London's Regent Street today wearing just jeans and a bra  Surprised  tourists and shoppers stopped to stare and take picturesStunt to  promote the new backl... read more

No pics of the men! Turnoff...

Ok couples.  I (the wife) love looking through the profiles and seeing all the hot sexy pics of the ladies.  I've noticed that a lot of times the male half of the couple has either a dick pic, an ass pic or no pic at all.  The lady has 20 pics (full body), different outfits/poses. &nb... read more

10 things to hate about Cap d'agde

1. Nudity - lots of people you would have rather not seen nude2. The Beach - not big enough that the middle aged bloke insists on putting his suspiciously stained and crusty towel down right behind you so he can see up your wife's pussy.3. The ' mousse' party rules. Ok I understand you have to have ... read more

Closet Bi Guys

Why is it so many guys who say they are 100% str8 are not being truthful? We have had several men tell us they aren't into guys when they are with their wifes, but only later have them want to hook up with uswithout their wifes and play bi. You think it is because a lot of guys can't be honest with ... read more