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Temptations Cancun

We are plannign on staying at Temptation Cancun at the end of a trip (Including Desire Pearl) for a slightly different experience.  Anyone else been?... read more

House parties and putting an effort when attending

We have only been to a couple of house parties, but they have been extreme differences!  We attended a party last night that can only be described as a disaster.  First, we accepted a huge risk by going to a party where we only had passing links to a couple via mutual playmates.  Nobo... read more

Cruise in gulf of mexico

Well when college lets out on dec 12 we plan on going on a cruise shortly thereafter. Leaving out of Houston. So how many have made plans for a cruise during this time?... read more

To All Single Males....

.........please read a profile thoroughly and not just look at the pictures.  Even if you do not speak English.  Something has changed, this past 20 days, way toooooo many messages from single males that do not read,  Are there that many men that can not read?Solo los hombres, especia... read more

viewing videos

Is anybody else having trouble?Is it just us (or our computer)?We can't seem to get anyone's, including our own, to play!... read more

sdc new format

Is it me or have SDC done their best to ruin what was a great site with the site chamges where nothing works ,links or opens properly ?... read more

Penis: Circumcised or Uncircumcised?

Circumcision is one of the most hotly debated sexual health issues in the medical community. It is been said that if HIV hasn’t reached epidemic status in the States (circumcision is a tool for AIDS prevention in other parts of the world), the circumcision debate often boils down to sexual pleas... read more


What's the best solution if encountering jealousy in a relationship?... read more

Is she for real?

I joined earlier this month because my wife and I have talked about a threesome for a while. She just turned 40 and is a little nervous about these type of sites. She definitely doesn't want to swing with any of our friends (especially the loudmouth friends of mine) but insists she is up for it. She... read more


I am going to start what is sure to be a controversial blog that I am sure is sure to draw lots of fire from other SDC members and fellow LS.  This blog is about men and performance anxiety.  It would be safe to say that probably at least 60% of all the couples and singles we have played w... read more

Bank Holiday Week Fun: 18/8 to 25/8/14

18/8 Monday morning and after we woke we had breakfast in bed and then I headed out to Osteopath for a session on my neck. After I got back I got ready to go for a run but as I left the door the heavens opened and so abandoned run and did some weights. Checked out things were set up for a new starte... read more

Visting NYC and looking for some naughty fun

Hi all you Tri State swingers out there. We're going to be in North Jersey for a couple days starting this Saturday, and would like to check out the swinger scene. We looked around and think we are going to visit the Bowery Bliss club in Manhattan. Anybody checked it out? What's the vibe like there?... read more

Is any of our single friends going to trapeze on the 6th of september.?

It sondas like a Great nigh to meet singles to have fun with.... read more

Health Fitness & Wellness Tip: Part 2

One of the biggest questions people ask once they find out you work in the health & fitness world is what is the best diet. Well the answer is a simple and complex situation. The best diet is the diet you are willing to stick with for life. People want to over think the obvious, but when it come... read more

Lanzarote in early September

Will be visiting Lanzarote (Puerto del Carmen) with my vanilla friends from the 4th of September for one week. Will love to meet up with other swingers while holidaying... read more

New York

Can anyone advise where the best swing clubs are in NYC for well mannered guys can attend... read more


hi we r indian couple visiting bkk from 5th sept to 8th sept.lookin for some fun.mail me if any one interested.... read more

Party people

Can someone enlighten me about why , you would put your name on a party list, receive numerous mails stating please let me know if you cant make it because there's a waiting list to join, would you not inform or remove yourselves.Then to compound their complete state of obliviousness  by p... read more

Health Fitness & Wellness Tip:

Before you do anything regarding fitness/health you need to make a plan. If you dont plan for success you are planning on failure.1. Set goals and objects to help along your health/fitness journey. a) Make these goals short term (day to day, to 3 months), Medium term (3 months to half a year), Long ... read more

Single Ladies complaining there are no single men in Essex ? It's true !

I never thought I would ever hear myself say this but at the club we genuinely have a distinct lack of single men ! I know ! shocking isn't it ?Wondered whether it was the area and Essex had a higher female occupation that males but I'm not so certain.  So am thinking how can be advertise for s... read more

Your opinion on interracial sex

Hello everyone I seem to observe that the trend of interracial sex, looks set to increase, possibly because in large cities, there is a great mix of people, women and men of different races. It may not be a big group, which practiced interracial sex, but what if very striking to see two people pract... read more

To Work the Floor or not Work The Floor

Okay y'all I have a question... primarily for the ladies. If your husband or boyfriend receives a call from one of you Good ol' Friends from way back and they was on the phone laughing and chatting. Now, your friend used to own one of the hottest clubs around, he tells your guy t... read more

then and now

'Am I beautiful?' I'm looking at her. A hot blonde lying in bed. Hot as hell. Besides all, she's one of the most intelligent women I've ever met. Intellectual, fun, open minded and all. One of the things I've learned in this world is that, most of the women are not aware of how hot they ar... read more

Trapeze Atlanta...where to stay

Hello...Im going to Trapeze in Atlanta and not sure which hotel is the best option to stay ...the country INN in Smyrna or the one by six flags ....please locals let me know :)))... read more

Saved for Her / Him

The wife and I were having a conversation last night. So the question came up. When in life style  and playing is there any thing special that you as female or male does not do say just do with your partner ONLY ??? As my wife wi not let guys cum in her mouth or pussy says that it is only ... read more



Validations: Confirmation or Secrecy?

Hello to all!We have been in the lifestyle for 2 years now. During the time, we have share nice and great experiences and some not too nice too. We always like to meet and get to kn o with each couple, female or male in the website by looking at their profile, see their information and get to know w... read more

Considering a Threesome...

When it comes to threesome, what is your biggest concern ? Jackie & I have created a video series to teach the Ins and Outs of a threesome. We tried to answer questions like......Who is it for?Where to start?How does it work?Our first threesome experience.But please let us know what do you want ... read more

When will this cycle ever end?

After speaking to a close female (non lifestyle) friend of ours I came upon the same question.  "When will this cycle ever end? " The cycle I'm referring to is the cycle of cheating.Cheating in general. Young, old, male , female, in or out of his lifestyle is it really that cut and dry? Is the ... read more

Film Week! 9/8 to 17/8/14

9/8 We both woke just after 11am and started to make love. Then got up, packed and had brunch in HH before heading home. At home we had a quiet afternoon and in the evening we watched "Noah" and then headed to bed early and made love before falling asleep. 10/8 Both slept like logs and didn't wake ... read more

Rooftop Esort Hollywood Florida

I wish I could write a good report for the rooftop resort becouse the last 3 times I stood there we had fun.But.things have gone downhill.We went July 13 to 20 and had no maid service our entire stay.We had to hunt down the girl and beg for clean towels.The girls were only intrested in cleaning the ... read more

So many couples on sdc where female half is bi or good to be true?

Hello all,Melita is truly bi lady.That means she could play with other truly bi girl for hours.So, that is what is for us meaning of true bi lady.We would like to hear from couples who played with a lot of couples from sdc society where lady was stated as bi or bi curious how that sex encounters rea... read more

Pros/Cons playing at swinger clubs vs private foursomes

Hello all,after a month of membership time for our first blogs.Be free to share your views on pros/cons on topic playing in clubs vs playing in private foursomes.Before we state our arguments and verdict we must say that swinger clubs scene is not so rich in the country we come from so that can mayb... read more

Tutti Frutti Club in Budapest

There's a kind of club around the corner from us called Tutti Frutti which looks like it might do a live  sex show. It's a long shot, but has anyone ever been?... read more

your are not real

Hello everyone,  on a very humble and friendly note, please advise these newbies. We 've had several occasions where we meet couplee from this page, that are not what we see on their profile pictures.  (completely different)trying to be nice,  we don't po... read more


So, last week I was sitting poolside at the Westin Laugunamar Villas in Cancun…. sipping tropical drinks, sporadically reading a page or two of the book on my iPad when I could force myself to focus…  and otherwise doing absolutely nothing… I had arrived there two days earl... read more


We are new to the lifestyle how do we find the right couple to play with or the right women. Do I let my wife pick the couple or women she wants or do I pick. What rules do you play by in order not to screw up your relationship ... read more

This one's for the girls

A lot has been said about SQUIRTING!  I don't squirt every time I cum and I don't cum every time I squirt. Do you?  Some men, are so obsessed , it feels like they are drilling for oil :( and they don't seem to believe, i can reach orgasm and enjoy it until I squirt. Has this happen to... read more

The Gym Class Nemesis - "Housewives are Decadent and Depraved"

Confessions of a Demented (former) Southern Debutante. Like a latter-day, female Hunter S. Thompson, with the fashion sense; minus the literary success.I'm sure men think that the Nemesis is "Chastity" (actually her real name), the sweet-natured Cameron Diaz look-alike in my Friday treadmill class. ... read more

SDC 3.1

The most recent update is absolutely shocking. I have been with SDC for many years and witnessed several updates over the years, which have generally been good, but the latest one is terrible. Whether I'm using the site from my ipad or laptop, it is equally as bad. The activity log simply does not w... read more

Dipping our toes

Hi all, brand new to here and a possibly to the Lifestyle.We are heading to Amsterdam and planning to go to Fata-Morgana on a Friday night.Neither of us have done anything like this before. though we have been getting more adventurous over the last number of years.But want to see where this brings u... read more

Female orgasms

I the male half, was reflecting on the recent blog about not finding as much excitement during sex as females appear to be having during sex. I have absolutely no complaints that women have so many more erogenous zones than men.  After all the other stuff women have to go through in their repro... read more

First Time In Months

90% of those that "like" or "nudge"  our profile, 95% of those that check out our profile, are single males. In the past, no problem as there have been some great connections, but for the last week, it appears most of the single males that do the above do not even bother to read the entire prof... read more

Sitting here enjoying life!

Today was such a good day, that I felt like telling somebody.  I hope you are enjoying life too!  ... read more

Who eats pussy better?

OK girls! Who eats pussy better?... read more

Great Party at Home House: 6/8 to 8/8/14

6/7 Slept well and a good job too as it was a busy day work wise. Got a disappointing text from A retracting her party invitation as one of her best friends had taken a dislike to Rita and, using the excuse of "tension" between them (Rita wasn't even sure what she had done), she appears to have put ... read more

Get Real

This is a dating site for recreational sex, mostly between couples.  Like any dating site, your profile is the first thing that is viewed by hopefully, the entity you want to attract.So why the lies?Why do you show ages that are absolutely bull shit?  69/ think that is cute? ... read more

Not Satisfied

I'm new to this lifestyle but I'm having the same issue I've had for years now. The woman I have sex with is in complete ecstasy and I'm just pumping away wondering if I'll ever enjoy sex as much as a woman does. I thought this site could lead me to somebody on my level or above but I'm experiencing... read more

PSG Badge

What is the point of the Preferred Single Guy badge that some single guys have on their profile?I understand the process that there has to be 5 validations and then you can apply for it, but whats the point?? Surely MOST people that use this site can count and see if a guy has 5 validations or ... read more

Newbie Nerves - Visiting a club for the first time

Had our first Couples and Single Ladies Only night last night and have to say it was a fantastic night, a new couple arrived who were extremely nervous about visiting a club for the first time but the nerves didn't last too long and before the night was over they had certainly put any nerves behind ... read more

How do you manage your resting bitchface?

This is NOT about purposeful bitch face.  That's an entirely different situation.  This is about resting bitchface.  That look some people naturally have when their face is relaxed and normal but still looks bitchy - unhappy, mad, judgmental, off-putting, whatever. It just seems like ... read more

New acronym for SDC

Scroll Down Continuously ... This new site is simply not as user friendly! Would love to know what the numbers are like; oh wait, that info isn't here anymore, is it?... read more

What a great day for a ride!

What great therapy! A ride on my Harley. Doesn't get any better...... read more

Straight Male? Are you sure?

I have noticed that there are a lot of men on SDC who list themselves as "Straight Males" but have She-Male or Bisexual Male included in their search statuses. I have seen it on married couple profiles as well as single male ones. On the Speed Dating ads based in Atlanta this week there are no fewer... read more

Health and spa trip?!

We were back in the gym today after 10 days in Cap. The manager of the club mentioned that we looked very healthy. – It is probably the tan, I said. – No, she answered, you look like you have been on a health and spa trip!Trying to keep a straight face we answered that we had kept very active an... read more

Party Week in Ibiza: 27/7 to 4/8/14

27/7 Awoke fairly early and late morning headed into the office for a couple of hours and had lunch with CA while Rita went shopping. When I got back I tool the car and parked it at V's place as the council were starting work on our road. Popped in for a coffee and chat about business and Y's progre... read more


Does sdc crete meet in april accept single maleswill be in italy during april 2015 to attend a conferenceluv to visit crete during sdc meetwhat do you advise... read more

Loss of functionality due to SDC 3.1

Loss of functionality due to SDC 3.1Home button: Does not work anymore. Clicking on the SDC button will lead to a childish icon page instead to the home pageTravel Calendar: Unable to get a list of couples with similar travel plans. Instead of a list, a pop up is shown => function hence useless f... read more

Couples and Ladies Club Night - Colchester, Essex

Having recovered from our amazing parties last weekend, we are really looking forward to our first Couples and Single Ladies night on Thursday, when we were deciding which events to host at the club one of the most popular was a Couples and Single Ladies night, having been to clubs all over the... read more

Dallas/Ft. Worth over Labor Day

We will be in Dallas/Ft. Worth over labor day. Thinking of hitting a club while we are in town..probably on the sunday night. Which one should we go to? Lots to choose from...... read more

Profile Stats

Can anyone point the direction to profile stats, like height, weight, etc?... read more


WE have a couple that we had seen at several clubs many times and became Friends on SDC and they even Validated us. Now they blocked us because     ( as she wrote in a text) " Our entourage built a HUMAN WALL around them at a club and we EXCLUDED them.entourageˌänto͞oˈräZH/nounno... read more

The importance of validations

I usually like to read other members VALIDATIONS, I have noticed that several times, one member/ couple validate someone but they don't get a validation in return. I believe, that if the experience was not pleasurable, at least the other party deserves to be certified as real, unless they are real a... read more

biker couples

Are there any other biker couples out there in the east cobb area? We are trying to find other couples to get together and ride with... A&M... read more

Swingers Lawsuit against Boss read more

Petition to have the option of using the old website format

Let's let SDC know we prefer the old format. The new one is just so cumbersome. If you agree please comment. ... read more

I Support Our Troops

If my husband and I ever got frustrated by the challenges of finding a 4-way match in the LS and decided to default to the hall pass option, where would I think about going? Forget the LS resorts. As an attractive early 40’s woman, if I really wanted to stack the odds in my favor and limit my op... read more

MILFs Cougars!!

MILF pornography ("Mother I'd Like to Fuck") women ages 40 to 55  an age-playdynamic of older women and younger lovers.  A  related term used in the genre is the term cougar, which implies an older woman as predator. Ladies in this age catogory simply turn me on .. There not... read more

Tonight in LA

We are in LA this weekend. Would love to have some sexy fun. Any Party? Looking forward to have meet new friends and have fun.... read more

Destin florida

Hello everyone , we are in Destin, FL on vacation and we need help finding a swingers club a..please post if you know where we can go Or if you are a swinger in Destin email me at we are looking to meet with couples for fun and maybe more. ... read more

People who think they are ready and are not.

We have over the years in the LS run into so many people who state they are full swap, ready to play, want to play, live the life style that are no where near those things. green eyed monster issues, drama issues, ext.ext.extOh we will meet you here at....yea right..oh we will come over Sat. ni... read more

People who think they are ready and are not.

We have over the years in the LS run into so many people who state they are full swap, ready to play, want to play, live the life style that are no where near those things. green eyed monster issues, drama issues, ext.ext.extOh we will meet you here at....yea right..oh we will come over Sat. ni... read more

Mingles Club Colchester Opens !

After many months of planning Mingles Club Colchester opened last night, it was an absolutely amazing night and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past months.We had a full house with some very sexy, fun people and we can proudly say they a good time was had by all !We are... read more

Wife giving BJs at party

Hi everyone,We've been on a bit of a hiatus over the last couple of years, due to the arrival of kids. But recently we've started to get the old feelings back again. Tonight my wife is off to a big, smart party with a group of girl friends; I told her to find a guy she likes and give him a blow... read more

Yes, I know your profile says you are straight!

That is why I contacted you. If I had a dollar for every straight man on this site that I have blown, I'd be rich. Nothing is expected from you except to lie back, enjoy the porn and let me do the rest. Straight men are much more appreciative, and some times grateful, for the bj they receive. Their ... read more