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A clever blog in Spanish invites readers to tell their fantasies.Next is the one we told, to be shared between 2 couples...To chose a center table in a fashionable restaurant, where everybody goes to see and be seen,Girls (dressed with good taste, but definitely sexy and hot) begin to seduce to whom... read more


How many couples enjoy DVP? It is anamazing feeling! Please share pics if you can.. ... read more


How many couples enjoy DVP? It is anamazing feeling! Please share pics if you can.. ... read more

Are looks important?

Someone commented in a swing club the other night that `real` swingers will swing with anyone. &nbspThey said looks are not important to `true` swingers. &nbspDo you agree or disagree?... read more


I have an IRONCLAD rule about being filmed of photographed: No. I have walked away from play situations in the middle of them, from people who can`t respect this rule. I know a lot of husbands (never wives) obsessed with taking pics and video and they always say it`s for their private use, but I don... read more

A week in Cap D`Agde- is bush back?

As regulars to Cap D`Agde for almost a decade now, we are used to a few sights and sounds. If you haven`t been- make the effort!This year, the stand out observation was the return of the female bush. Over the years we have seen the demise of hair in the pubic region or at least some very creative pu... read more


How is the new Flirts club in meeting single guys?We are that unusual couple where she likes to meet with single guys at a club. Any input on how it is or worth it to meet single guys there? We have some time next weekend and want to check the club out. ... read more


To the lady last night who said I was confident for stepping out in my bra and panties at a swingers club and wished she could do the same....I do not believe it is confidence, I am not a size 2, nor do I look like Barbie. I am still shy and not the conversationalist everyone else seems to be. I`m t... read more

Chat Rooms

Hello everyone, Most of the time the chat rooms looks full of interesting people to chat but all there is to it is just attaching pictures and no communication. I am a bit different I rather communicate wit people than sharing pictures. what is you opinion on this?... read more

Desire vs Desire Pearl

Hey there guys.. We are thinking about going to Desire or Desire Pearl but wanted to hear from some people who been to Desire or Pearl. If someone been to both thats great. We would like to know whats the difference between the two..? And which is the best?.. Thanks for ur help.  ... read more

Who removes the Flirts blog????

Why and whom removes the Flirts blog?What happened in Flirts last night?According to the blog police cars were flashing their lights on the front door .Are we censored in any way?... read more

San Francisco area Clubs

We`re headed to the SF area in Sept. Napa and SF. . We`re wondering about on premises Clubs. Any suggestions regarding this? ... read more

Attn: Professional Couples

Mrs. Ego and I have been on SDC with some level of activity for more than a decade. If there is one thing I have seen in the first sentence of a profile the most is the term `Professional Couple.`I, for one, would like to know how one moves from amateur couple status? Presumptively, professional cou... read more

Help me to help her with body image!

We`ve recently met a great couple that`s new to the lifestyle with hopes of getting started soon. Take a look at the husband`s comment and tell us what you think! Thanks!My wife and I are very interested in the lifestyle, but she has an issue with her body image. She is a breast cancer survivor and... read more


Each time we see a couples profile that warns  `just girls to girls` we spend some moments trying to figure out which is the idea If both girls are going to have sex, what are they expecting the guys will do ?Take pictures ? Chat on sports? Become gays right then ? Hard to understand...Those coup... read more

Nice and Cape D Agde

Hi Guys,Our friend Pattrick and Stella (49-21) will be on holiday in nice and cape d agde from 6th Sept for one week, they are not on sdc, we were supposed to travel with them but due to some urgent work we are not travelling.Pattick and Stella are looking for good couple in these area who can host ... read more

The Ashley Madison fallout could swinger dating sites be next?

The Ashley Madison fallout could swinger dating sites be next? — Swingers JewelrySomething we should probably consider as most people outside the lifestyle don`t differentiate between swingers and cheaters...... read more

Copacabana- Costa Rica

Anyone been to Copacabana in Jaco Beach Costa Rica??? Planning a trip there and would love to hear info about it! I know that it used to be not so nice but it`s undergone a great deal of improvements and renovations.... would love to chat with you if you`ve been recently!Thanks... read more

SDC worldwide

SDC is only good if you are in UK, USA and Holland apart from that pretty disappointing...... read more


I wanted to post a blog and obtain varying opinions on this Ashley Madison scandal that has been on the news lately. &nbspTheir slogan is `LIFE IS SHORT, HAVE AN AFFAIR.` &nbspWhat has society evolved to when we have a website that advertises and advocates marital infidelity. &nbspWe won... read more

Party Weekend in Umbria /Italy: 18/8 to 24/8

18/8 Monday morning and woke up feeling exhausted and continued feeling much the same way all day. Rita got stuck into washing and ironing and I worked on office stuff till early evening. Tried to stay up for a while but gave up, hit the sack and fell asleep. 19/8 Woke up refreshed and after we g... read more

The Nudge

Like it or find it annoying? Sending and/or receiving? Why or why not?... read more

Halkidiki, Greece

Looking for exciting people who are in this lovely area of Greece between Monday 31st of August and Sunday 6th of September. If you are around, give us a sign.Hugs T and A... read more

Rejection: How do you do it?

It`s no secret that rejection is not the easiest topic in this, or any other, lifestyle. Having compassion for our fellow sex enthusiasts is very difficult in a culture such as this. We all know what it feels like to be rejected, which makes rejecting others even more difficult. So, my questions is:... read more


hi we are just about to book for desire in february can anyone let us know the differences between the two resorts and which one they would say is better and for what reasons... read more

Snow Skiing

We are looking into going snow skiing this year.  Does anyone know of any resorts, towns, groups, or&nbspclubs where lifestyle people hang out!... read more

Party Invite SPAM

For several months now we've been back and forth with HELPDESK and PARTY regarding the current broadcast (private party invites) system. The current system they have in place is flawed, in our opinion. As it stands any profile can add you to their broadcast list and send you party invitations.  You... read more

What entices fellow couples to go on a date from SDC?

We`ve been swinging for a while, and we live in San Angelo, TX. We have a small swinger community here, so we understand the difficulty in meeting other couples that may get along with us enough to move to the next level. &nbspWhat we don`t understand is the difference between what people will s... read more

Def Lepard Dallas 9-21

Anyone else going to the concert tonight? If so hit us up?... read more

Swap Type

Just out of curiosity, what are everyone`s reasons for deciding to be full swap vs soft swap? And how many at some point started with soft and then went to full? How many went from full to soft? And how many don`t actually swap at all but just like to hang out with like minded people so they can ope... read more

Windows 10

Installed Windows 10.  No navigation instructions, but with a little time, got the hang.  Actually very good.  But since the installation, have had a few problems on SDC.  Only.Photos do not appear, sometimes only half the blog apprears, and if I scroll across a photo on a profile, it disappears... read more

How would it affect you if your info was hacked?

Concerning the recent hacking of the Ashley Madison, Target, Home Depot, Sony, al, how would it affect you if hackers leaked info as you being a member of any adult based website? &nbspWhat safety measures should we be assured? &nbspSome of us won`t give a damn one way or the other but... read more

Genesis Club in Memphis, TN

Has anyone got any experience with this club? We are looking to attend soon. Need to hear of any reviews. Thanks... read more

Heading to Ireland in a couple of weeks

Anyone know of any good clubs? Will be in Dublin, cork and killeny. Or if any sexy couples, single f`s or very select single M`s see this hit us up. My husband and I want to make this a fun trip -)... read more

Nette Deutsche Paare treffen

Ich würde gerne mit Deutschen Paaren treffen. Ich bin ja ein bisexueller Mann, aber ich suche Mann-Frau Paare für heterosexuellen Spaß (wir beide teilen die Frau, es gibt keine Aufforderung für Mann-Mann Spiel). Wenn der Ehemann auch bi ist, dann gibt es auch kein Problem. Ich mag eine entspannt... read more


we are coming to Milan next week can someone suggest please best clubs to visit..... read more

cum kissing ?

Am I THE only straight guy that enjoys some cum kissing after a bj ? I found a few pornos that show this and am just wondering if any couples enjoy this ...... read more

Play in Italy

My wife and I will be in Italy from Sept 8-18 in Florence, Tuscany and Rome. Can anyone recommend any Clubs we should attend (or stay away from)? Are there any Italians that would like to meet us for drinks and see what sparks we can create? 😀Paul &amp Cathy... read more


Do you make them for others, or for yourselves?I`ve found myself watching my own videos to get off. ... read more

Saint Augustine

Any clothing optional bed n Breakfasts in Saint Augustine ?... read more

Best swinger club in Paris

Hi all.we would like to share with you our little &nbspexperience in Paris.after serching of Paris Swinger club we dicided to go to less chandelles and it was a very special, quite, simple and professional swinger club that we have seen! so does anyone advise which is the best swinger club in Pa... read more


You ( couple, or girl alone ) are visiting a Foreign City, due to work or tourism.Mutual chemistry is felt with a local couple or a guy.You decide to find a room.You can invite the recently known people &nbspto your hotel room, or hire a different hotel room without your personal belongings.But ... read more

Single Females

If any of you couples or singles find a single female here, don`t let her go, Unicorns seem imposible to find, haha. Happy Monday everyone :)... read more

Why so serious?

Back in the day blogs mixed serious discussions and fun banter.  Now everything is attack and defend...when did we lose our perspective? :)... read more

Has swinging improved your relationship?

A simple poll with a simple question. Coments welcome.... read more

Fun in the sand dunes of Maspalomas Gran Canaria

OMG! What are the chances of that???? Walking through the section of the sand dunes that is behind the heterosexual couples` beach section....this is classed as the `swingers` section`. And I come across the same French lady who was gangbanged yesterday! Putain! Lovely woman, she made me nice and ha... read more

short break need some action and lots fun

Hello all we are going to be in Cap D`Agde on 17th September till 26th September 2015. We are hoping to fulfill our cuckold desire to find or meet couples, well hung guys &amp dominant guys to seduce Mrs as she is noty and so honny. We would love to find or meet similar people for sharing same ... read more


New can of worms here. MrH was in chat and complimented a photo posted to the room (I don`t know if it was a private message or to the public forum, and it does not matter).The snarky response was, `Does your wife know you`re flirting with me?`He and I both visit the chat room and know what happens... read more

Charlatan single female

Anyone else been nudged by a single female Boudicca72 ?She is not a single female! Despite the profile and pictures written as such and communication with us in the singular, when we asked to meet having swapped private pictures, we were told no we only play as a couple.... To which we replied, then... read more

How to introduce your partner to swinging.

Interested in introducing your partner to swinging ?Read our guide here !! http::// read more

Las Vegas/ Cosmopolitan&Chandelier Bar

Friday and Saturday August 21, August 22, 2015... Looking for a couple swap soft or Not.... New to lifestyle and ready to meet for yearly Play... Party, &nbspFriends or just adventure.. please contact us....... read more


We are 2 men and 1 lady wish to travel to ibiza or nice, we are looking for couples or single man/woman who can allow us to stay with them and arrange food for us, we can have great sex and quality time. kisss!... read more

Looking to take a vacation

I`m looking to get away for maybe four or five days in the next month. &nbspI have no idea where, but am curious to know if there is anyone in the greater NY area up for a traveling single male to play with? &nbspI`d happily get a hotel room and be a gal`s or couple`s secret visiting playmat... read more

Is it just me, or....

Does anyone else wonder, if swinging is such a `together` thing, why does there seem to be soooooo many selfie pics? &nbspI`ve seen tons of couples` profiles where they each have a ton of selfies. &nbspI don`t get it.... read more

Why aren`t women more active on SDC?

It`s a given that whenever you communicate with a couple on here, you will almost certainly be talking to the male half. Even in meet and greet scenarios all too often the male does the talking for both partners. I wonder why that is? Is it because American culture still has a problem with women fre... read more


This is a poor translation of the blog I wrote in Spanish, with the purpose of getting answers from non Latin American swingers.In a small party of straight couples, a guy receiving a sweet blow job, opens his eyes, and finds out that he`s not being blowed anymore by the girl, but by...her husband..... read more

What is clean, what is disease free?

  &nbspI want to touch on this somewhat taboo question for some opinion and clarity. &nbspWhat is it that qualifies as STD `clean`, DDF? &nbspIs it, not currently active with anything (ie. herpes or hpv), or is it `never had an std, EVER? -my crabs in high school be damned! &nbspObv... read more

Uniting the lifestyle

We have spent the last year traveling around both the US and Europe trying to spread the word about uniting the people in the lifestyle. &nbspSo often in the past people would complain that they don`t like to approach people and ask them if they are swingers (for obvious reasons!) &nbspWith ... read more

Crazy Weekend: 3 to 8/8/15

3/8 Monday and apart from a break at the gym spent the day on mix of work and trading. Watched TV in the evening and went to bed around 11pm but couldn't sleep till around 3-4 am which was annoying 4/8 Walked with Rita up to the hospital so she could get a blood test. Arrived to be told it was tomor... read more

Clubs in DFW

We are headed to the area August 21-22 for the Def Lepard concert and were wandering where everyone parties on Saturday night.  There will be three couples in the group that will partying. Would prefer an on premise club in case our hotel is to far away. Thanks J and C... read more

Club in Chicago

Is there anybody from Chicago or familiar with it, who can tell me if there are any sw clubs, I researched and found one but does not alow single men. Id appreciate if someone knows about one who allows singels too. Thank you ... read more


Me contó un conocido ( juro que no soy yo ) que, en una reunión de 3 parejas en una gran cama, comenzó a hacerle sexo oral a una de las chicas, mientras otra se lo hacía a él...En un momento la que estaba `sentada en su cara` se separó para tener sexo con otro hombre, y mi conocido vió que la... read more

Just a tip for future reference

If you`re a couple/single, please refrain from saying to another couple/single of a different race the phrase: ` I (we) don`t usually play with (blank) but you are hot.` This a backhanded compliment that not only I`ve been told but several couples that I know have and they take offense. Keep that th... read more

Has SWING life made you more sexy in VANILLA life??

I know weird question but I`d like to see if I`m not alone in my thinking...Being in the lifestyle for so long, you see sex, nudity, eroticism all around you. &nbspYou don`t get over excited in matters of sex and eros because you know how to handle it with maturity and class (well we hope even)A... read more

Deenies Hideaway

We were at Deenies Hideaway yesterday, &nbspand along with their new remodel  they now have&nbsptotally redone the hot tub, all new blue tile. very&nbspawesome ,&nbspthere is a nice thin screened TV on the wall and chairs around for a romantic ambiance. The girls served Mimosa in st... read more

When all 4 don't click

Anyone have a situation when meeting with a couple and all 4 didn't click? couple 1 female and husband like couple 2 female but don't like the husband of couple 2? Even after playing? There was no connection to the male of couple 2, But couple 2 husband likes them and thought all was well.   Has an... read more

Fantasy fest

We are planning to visit fantasy fest this octo in key west for 3 or 4 day..can anyone suggest us best days to visit?... read more

new orleans swing clubs

Going to New Orleans labor day week.We would love to hear from people who been to Jasmine or Collettes.which is the better swing club and why.Thanks for the help Luisa n Joe... read more

The Unicorn

Over the last few weeks there have been several blogs started related to Unicorns and how best to engage them. And, while I certainly do not wish to speak for all I do think I can share some insights that may perhaps shed a light on what might improve your success rate.First, it is really important... read more

Is it worth a single man emailing couples and single ladies?

I am new to the lifestyle and this site (also on one other site). I understand from other blogs that a single man is easy to find and that couples `are top of the food chain`. I would like to know from couples and single ladies if you would rather be the one who contacts me (hopefully) or if you exp... read more

Pull up a chair, let`s talk. :)

Hello everyone, Hey, we would like to hear some funny lifestyle stories.  Example : you found yourself in an awkward situation and how you got yourself out. We love to laugh and would love to hear your story. Please, don`t be shy, take a moment and share.Thanks in advance!P&ampK... read more

Wine Country

We are heading to wine country next week and were wondering if there is any lifestyle friendly places, clubs, etc to see to wind down after a long day tasting :-).We will be visiting both sonoma (Healdsburg) and napa regions (Calistoga).Cheers!... read more

STD/ HIV testing

Earlier this week I had my annual male exam... ( they really need to find a better way to do that freaking prostate exam lol) &nbspI have been in the lifestyle almost ten years now and I have played with several ladies.. Most times I wear protection other times I have not. Because I have the ten... read more

Desire Pearl

We are heading to Desire Pearl in November and would just like your opinion on the resort if you have been. &nbspAny tips for first timers to the resort?... read more

Brutality Honest Blog

A few days ago a blog was posted about how to attract or get a single lady for a bi wife.. In reading the post it was obvious the narrator was the hubbie.  In all honest any half way  nice looking lady can get another lady ...she  doesn't  need pointers on how to attract or get a single bi lady.... read more

Recommendations Needed

We`re new to the site and while we like what it offers, it can be a little overwhelming at times. Any recommendations on how meet more people? Speed dating? Sending messages? Chat rooms? What have you all found that works?... read more

what do you do after playtime?

We`ve been in the lifestyle for 5-6 years and I still wonder what to do after we finish playing with other people. Do I slap him on the ass and say `nicely done`, or just say `thanks`, or what? What do you do after playtime is over?... read more

Great night at Le Boudoir: 27/7 to 2/8/15

27/7 Monday morning and apart from a break at the gym at lunchtime spent most of the day working. Finished early and watched TV and had a quiet evening. 28/7 Woke at 7.30. Rita did as well but soon went back to sleep and I went to my `home office` for a sales conference call. Rita came too around 1... read more

Freedom Acres/Club FA

We are heading to California and would like to check out Freedom Acres and ClubFA. Anyone been to either place? How far apart are they?... read more

Condoms in pictures

I find that pictures with condoms are very exciting to see in profiles. &nbspWhen men are using condoms they are not having sex with their partners, there is a full swap on. &nbspDoes anyone else find this attractive and exciting?... read more

4 day cruise

Is there other people interested in a 4 day 3 night cruise? We can`t do the long 7 and 8 days cruises.Please let us know if there is one out there.... read more

Rooftop Resort

We just came back from a fun weekend at the Rooftop.  For those of you that haven`t been there in a while, they have made many upgrades and updates, our room had a new mattress, new thin screen TV, new dresser,  very nice improvements.   the pool area has been repainted and looks like many new lo... read more

Lifestyle couples, women mostly in shape and beautiful, men totally the opposite (most cases, based

Most men don`t take care of themselves but women do...... What`s up with that? It`s hard for us to find that sex appeal ......anyway we`d like to hear your inputs about itThank you... read more

Best Hotel in Vegas for a Single male

I am planning a trip to Sin City, I am looking for the perfect hotel to meet couples o single ladies. Any ideas??... read more

Any `Open Marriages` here?

Consider this a request for advice from a couple fairly new to the lifestyle. My wife and I have been experimenting with her bisexuality for a few years now, but have only connected with one other woman. She`s quit a hottie, but part of a couple who hosts parties and getting together again has been ... read more

Exceptional Male

Had a&nbspgreat conversation which opened my eyes just a little bit more about the Lifestyle. The conversation in questioned was about the single male in a couples` world and the rap most men get. In talking with this couple, it became clear, if it wasn`t already clear before that as a male you ... read more

Fun, Flirty, sexy clothes... florida

Fort Pierce (0 Miles) Aug 02, 2015 @ 12:38AM ASTGeneral  Are you looking for sexy clothes?I will start taking orders for Fun, Flirty clothing, such as dresses, skirts, rompers, shirts and pants and accessories. Please visit my page. I will be posting more items soon . I will list several pre-order... read more

Learning From Mistakes

A few days ago in these blogs, BODACIAS posted a blog asking for some info for newbies.  Reminded us of a situation a few years ago we encountered, and one that reconfirmed why we do not play with the same couples on a very regular basis.We will do this with an erotic but true story simply to get y... read more

Any bi couple like to meet me on rovinj

Looking for sex vacation on rovinj... read more