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A few good men

Looking to host another party in October. Looking for about 4-6 more guys. I have a few friends already but looking to screen a few good men. Be in shape, polite, references, and not cheap. Also, the worst thing you can do is have a screen name like bigblackcock or something crazy. Have&nbspa pe... read more

South Texas Floodings

I just want to encourage people to make a donation to the Red Cross or any other relief organization thats helping with dealing with the flooding situation going on in South Texas...I know a number of people from Houston or other South Texas locations are on SDC...Lets not forget these folks...we to... read more

Greedy guy here

I will be in Romania close to Focsani town.14/09-18/09Looking to meet cool people for great fun.I like long sessions of quality sex.What`s app for more info +447400255354  ... read more


We travel to Mykonos island, Greece, Europe, for 3 September days (Fri 8 Sept, Sat 9 Sept, Sun 10 Sept). We like to meet a couple (or more) for horny times. Please e-mail us either via community`s blog or our SDC profile. Kisses, Taksim... read more


We travel to Mykonos island, Greece, Europe, for 3 September days (Fri 8 Sept, Sat 9 Sept, Sun 10 Sept). We like to meet a couple (or more) for horny times. Please e-mail us either via community`s blog or our SDC profile. Kisses, Taksim... read more

New Zealand & Australia Before Christmas

We will be sailing on the 12 day cruise, Celebrity Solstice Dec 9 - Dec 21 Auckland to Sydney... We arrive early in Auckland and stay a couple of days in Sydney....  1. Any of you guys coming on the cruise ? 2. Any Frisky/sexy activity in NZ/AUS that we need to check out while there?3. What Sights... read more

From One to Ten: My First House Party Experience

This is something I wrote about 2 years ago and happened even later. A lot has changed, but it is still a good read:My interaction in the lifestyle has been pretty diverse given the short amount of time I have been in it. From clubs to hotels, meet-n-greets to full-fledged extravaganzas, I thought... read more

Clubbing in France

We intend to travel to France for the weekend of 27/10/17, who can advice us of the nearest hotels closer to Moon City, Soireesdejade or Les Chandelles... read more

Week at Home at last!: 21/8 to 27/8

21/8 Slept a long time and woke just before 7.30am. Got up and eventuality left just before 8.30 before heading to tube to head to office. Arrived around 9.45 and our latest recruit was already in office talking to one of the staff helping set up his laptop. Inducted him through the morning and set ... read more

Labor Day Event


The Hunter

Part One: Showtime   When our new neighbor forgot (?) to pull her shades down she put on quite a show for my husband and me.     `Honey,` my husband called to me from the bedroom. `She`s doing` it again. Come watch.`   We had a new neighbor, a si... read more

A Brief Encounter

The New England autumn rain had stopped by the time I drove the rental south on Route 95 back toward my hotel. It was late and the taillights of the few cars on the highway shone on the wet pavement ahead of me. I had traveled back to my home town to visit family. Not a... read more

Sex with my ex

On Saturday afternoon while I was relaxing at home, there was a knock at my door. I answered it, naked like always, and to my surprise, there was my ex-husband. `Wow, you are looking good.` He said. `What do you want?` I replied. “Can I come in?” he asked. “Yes... read more

First MFM and not last !!!

Our first MFM was our greatest sexual adventure yet! Darlene picked a few guys on SDC to start the process of choosing a hung guy to join us. Picked a cool guy from Hollywood who wanted her as much as she wanted him. The two of them flirted on text and then talking making sure that we were all on th... read more


Is there any actual single ladies or actual couples looking for fun....?I`ve gotten nothing besides guys lying &amp faking profiles.. We`re actually looking for some fun...If there is any non fakes here looking for fun you should hit us up for a good time...... read more

SDC SIte features and improvements

Further to my blog on the Last Online feature, I wanna highlight a few other niggles and functionalities of the site that have changed and just gotten worse with site upgrades for me. Or just work funny.  Maybe i`m doing something wrong (I use Firefox on a Mac), and would love to have a solution to... read more

Cypress Cove Resort, Kissimmee?

Anyone ever been or have comments on the place?  Nothing showed up on a blog search.  Looks nice, clean and relaxing.  Not sure about lifestyle friendly.  Welcome your input........ read more

Home from Cyprus: 16/8 to 20/8

16/8 Woke at 8.30. Read Times. Got up - showered - packed our bags - had a little breakfast and around 11am we all left the beach house and took the coast road to Kyrenia in Turkish North Cyprus. Took a detour via the Trudos mountains as part of the coast road was shut. Stopped at a beachside restau... read more

05-08.09.2017. Guayaquil - male for couple or female

Hi,I will  be in Guayaquil, Ecuador form 05.-08.09.2017.  I am seeking heterosexual couple or female for nice adult fun I Guayaquil. Lady will enjoy in good body massage as a foreplay. Please feel free to contact me with proposals. Kind regards... read more

Any dancers out there?

Mrs. JBP and I are dancers. Not professionals, by any means, but `serious` about it. We typically dance 5 nights a week - Latin (salsa, bachata, chacha, merengue), ballroom, swing, country, etc. We have taken a boatload of lessons over the last several years and are considered good dancers. We are ... read more

Bring back Last Online!

Who is with me here? The last online was one of my most used functions on the site. There are MANY that I never use - e.g. `Invite` or `Remember this member` (cos I make notes if I wanna remember) or `Refresh` - aha do you even know where that is?? But Last Online - I know there are members who have... read more

Age differences

As a guy who is approaching 63 (yes, my real age), who has for years had a fascination with women older than myself, I wonder how common fantasies, fetishes, obsessions, desires, etc. for partners significantly older than oneself.Clearly, there are MANY men who desire much younger women, and women w... read more

Looking for fun

Hi,I am looking for couples,travellers and ladies to enjoy in swinger club in Milan or Brescia. ... read more

Logon Map

What`s with the map with the big bouncy red star?... read more

Voyeurism or pleasure?

I admit I consider myself gay, even though, women can suck my dick. With this said. I would like to be invited by a married couple, to have the pleasure, to see how the guy or guys fuck her.... read more

First Half of Cyprus Trip: 12/8 to 15/8

12/8 Alarm went off at 4.30am and by 5 we were getting in our ALee taxi, heading to Terminal 5 at Heathrow. We were soon self serviced checked in and baggage tagged and through security and headed to Huxley`s for and eggs benedict breakfast. Then Rita wanted to shop and bought some gifts from Hamly`... read more

Recovery Week after Cap: 5/8 to 11/8

5/8 Rita woke late morning not in a good way. She had a period and the start of a very heavy cold with a bronchial cough. She stayed in bed most of the day. I went out to do some shopping and caught up on a lot of stuff to get me ready for a busy work week. We watched a great sci-fi film `Life` and ... read more


Does anyone know if Erotica London still exists as I can`t see anything online? ... read more

Looking for Couples or Female

Hi, Nice to meet you.I am asian guy with brown skin and very much interested in couples to join as well as for single women.I am very loving, friendly person.I live near Milan,Italy and if any one interested please write me,I can come at your place or we meet in some swinger club.I have very nice ex... read more

Female looking for MFM

Hello I am a single female and I will be travelling in Europe, I plan to visit Prague and maybe Germany please let me know where in Europe I can find clubs that are single male friendly as I am looking for MFM or a gangbang experience. Thank you very much ... read more

Fata Morgana excellent club

We are regular visitors in the Netherlands for playing, and have been visiting many clubs there and in Europe also.  We really like the way Fata Morgana has evolved over the years.   They have totally renovated that place into a very classy club.   Excellent outdoor area for a hot steaming aftern... read more


We are coming to The Hague and Amsterdam for fun things, we are looking for couples to join us for dinner or drinks and we will see what follows We will be in there in the second part of September.this is our plan can anyone comment the best way to search what to do? and also how we can find private... read more

driven out

I guess we`ve all had a few bad experinces&nbspwhile in the lifestyle....flakes,no class players,unclean people,so forth and so on. but has there ever been a situation that nearly chased you out of the lifestyle completly... read more

Our first visit to swingers club.

The Prague.   Little bit about us. So we are in relation since last 7 years and finally got married a month ago in first week of July. We had been talking about this lifestyle since last few years and had good experience with a couple where we did soft swap. We always wanted to do full s... read more

Boston advice please!

We are planning a trip to Boston for late September.  We have never been and have done the usual internet searches.  Would love some tips from those who know the city. So here goes.1 Three things we must see?2. Best mom and pop Italian restaurant?3. Best mom and pop sea food restaurant?4. Best Iri... read more

Single male clubs in Miami

Any ideas about swingers clubs or parties that allows single males on Sunday and Monday in Miami please?... read more


for those of you who KNOW how to appreciate a corny joke (you know who you are) here`s another oneA man with a mask on, walks into a bank and goes to the desk. He pulls out a gun and points it at the lady who works there. He says,`Open the vault, skank`. The woman says, `Sir, this is a sperm bank. W... read more


YOU guys are the BEST! And you know what?This woman`s husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, yet she had stayed by his bedside every single day. One day, when he came to, he motioned for her to come nearer. As she sat by him, he whispered, eyes full of tears, `You know wh... read more

What would you expect for a party with $50 fee?

So I`m thinking about starting up my own parties and I want to get people`s opinions. What would you expect to have at a party that had a $50 couple`s &nbspcharge? ... read more

Desire Pearl

Hello we have been to Desire Pearl, Desire and Hidden beach , we would like to know if there are any other places where we can be naked and have all inclusive resort ,,, if you can please let us know ,, thank you SDC... read more

Really bad joke alert -- click at your own peril

A Martian couple and an Earthling couple have met and are talking about all sorts of things. Finally, the subject of sex comes up. `Just how do you guys do it?` asked the Earthling. `Pretty much the way you do,` responded the Martian. Discussion ensues and finally the couples decide to swap partners... read more

A crass one

I DO APOLOGISE, it`s a bit crass but I couldn`t resist it. :-)What`s the difference between a light bulb and a pregnant woman?You can actually un-screw the light bulb... read more

Fantasy Fest 2017

where do we locate the SDC Hosted Parties, and purchase tickets. We do not see them listed on the SDC Parties link? Any help would be appreciated!... read more


What does the sign of an out-of-business brothel say?Beat it. We`re closed.... read more

Cap 2017 An A to Z

A collection of totally random observations &nbspfrom our visit. Some good some not so. ... read more

Travel Plans

We are relatively new to SDC but not to the lifestyle. &nbspYesterday we posted our travel plans for a conference in Dallas in September. &nbspThat, evidently, triggered notifications to those in the Dallas that we were coming to the area. &nbspAlthough we are flattered, we received a to... read more


What is the difference between a goat and a ram when they fuck? The goat is a really H O R N Y bastard... read more

Dubai Party 12th August

Hello it`s Daniel and Brenda here. Saturday evening (12/08) we are organising a party in our appartment in Dubai downtown. You can read about it on our page, these are nice parties with music, eating, drinking, chatting and who likes some sex, but no obligations and full of respect for each other. W... read more

stockholm visit

We are staying in Stockholm for a while (17th/22nd dec) and would love to meet someSwedish swingers !.... read more

Les Chandelles Paris

Lots has. Wen said about this club but we thought we should add our bit after our visit today. Weve been a few times and prefer an afternoon drink after some shopping or a long lunch. Its `holidays` in Paris during August, so everthing is quiet. We visited today (after a long lunch...and some shop... read more

Reflects on a weekender

   It`s Saturday night and the party is somewhat elusive. I drive I text my friend, she will be at the door. Bingo Bongo. I see her We head up stairs. Soft music enters. The light is softened. What`s to come? Lovely appointed home. A notch above the rest. Gracious hosts. Happy. A few sing... read more

Vegas Aug 8th - Aug 10

Hello LadiesWe`re in Vegas this week. Interested in a good looking sexy body and attitude, fun and not vulgar women that would click with us on the night of the 8th or 10th.We are still kinda vanilla to this but thats what makes it even more fun.... read more

Disney Hotel Cheyenne

We are spending 3 nights in Disneyland Paris with the kids and would like to know if there are any couples in the area who would love to meet up for a drink after the kids are out of our way.... read more

Mature coupled visiting Maspalomas this week

Please contact us if you want to have fun :)... read more

Gay/Bi MM couple in Cap D`Agde--Suggestions?

Ok, it`s LGBT Pride Sunday in Leeds England today and my partner and I were talking to this M/F couple who go to Cap D`Agde every so often. I ask the husband, do they not dislike gay couples there? Apparently they don`t have any problems with gay couples, it`s solo men they don`t like, because, as w... read more

Week 2 Cap D`Agde: 27/7 to 4/8/18

27/7 After we got up, which was late, we decided to try our free pass to the Waikiki pool. When we got there it was pretty empty and we needed towels, which we didn`t have. So we walked to Eden and bumped into MsR and as Rita was hungry we had an indifferent lunch there and after lounged by the pool... read more

Finding a Third

Hello Guys! We are new to SDC and we are still trying to figure it out. Any advice on how to connect  with some people would be greatly appreciated. My husband and I are interested in threesomes with other females. Thanks in advance!... read more

Mail etiquette - does it exist?/

We recently returned to the site after some time away. And, as I am sure all know your friends etc get alerted. Over the past week we have had friend requests, like and direct mails. We have always replied to mails. Even if only to say thanks no tks. We are in New York for a couple of weeks so reach... read more

Change of location due to SDC app

Maybe this has been covered, but has anyone noticed that your location is changed on the website if you open the Laidar part of the SDC app from another location?   &nbspWe couldn`t figure out why our location would show different areas than where we were from until we noticed that the location... read more

Stockholm swing trip

We are in Stockholm from 17th/21st December and hoping to connect with Swedish swingingdrop us a line if you would like to chat.... read more

Seychelles - Do you know this destination

Every year an average of 300,000 tourists are visiting Seychelles and 83 percent of them for holiday purpose furthermore 200,000 out of 300,000 (67 percent) are from Europe. Seychelles is a pearl of the Indian Ocean. Life is quiet, food is good and healthy, beaches and s... read more