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Fun4two Saturday 11-Aug-2018

We have been to the Fun4two on Saturday night the 11th of August. We find it to be a great place despite few matters we didn’t liked. We were like 4 or 5 new couples visiting for the first time and would like to learn more and share thoughts about that experience if you’re here by any chance!&nb... read more

Our Paris club experience

We are first timers posting our recent experience. We were mainly visiting to watch and explore, nothing more! Le Beverley cinema:We visited on a Saturday night as it was supposed to be the couples only show. There were absolutely nobody but us. Very bad selection of movies. Unpleasant atmosphere. ... read more

Royal Caribbean Holiday Cruise

We are going on the Royal Caribbean Holiday Cruise out of Miami late Dec 2018, anyone else going?... read more

Party Weekend: 6-12/8/18

6/8 Woke at 10am. Quiet hot day in front of the PC. Had supper at 5. It was another sweltering day and so early evening escaped to the cooler bedroom with a fan and we watch TV. Watched an interesting film called Mary Magdalene. Rita fell asleep after 35 minutes for the night. I couldn’t sleep - s... read more


... read more


So been out for a while but the mastectomy J had has reduced our confidence- what do you think? Dive in again ? It’s been a long time, all healthy and well but this is a tough one to embark on again! Need some pointers or encouragement x... read more

Archive Photos.

Have you ever met people on here who look very different from their photos? Seriously, why do people use 10 year old photos, if their bodies have changed dramatically over time? That's catfishing. It's dishonest. ... read more

Let’s go, they just want to talk! Our 1st time

Lets Go, They Just Want to Talk - Our First time with Another CoupleMy wife and I talked and fantasized about doing something with another couple for years. We would use toys and act out scenarios and we both got really worked up. This probably went on for 6-7 years and we never did anything about i... read more

Monday`s Pleasure - Her turn

Monday was so erotic.I am ruined by you... wonderfully, totally ruined.I'm spoiled by our lust.I'm spoiled by your masterful fingers and insatiable appetite for my pussy.And I'm spoiled by our newfound pleasure playing in my ever-accepting and firm ass.Monday's pleasure = my pleasure!... read more

Monday’s Pleasure

Maybe it’s because it’s Monday. Maybe it’s because it’s been over a week now. Maybe I’m just horny. It could be any of these but in reality it’s none of them. It’s all your fault. You’re so damn sexy in both body and mind, and that short pencil skirt looks just perfect on you. All... read more

What is the difference between a `select single male` and `single male` ?

We see a lot of postings on speed dating/travel calendars that couples ask for "select single males". So we are curious what is the definition (in your opinion) of a select single male compared to just a single male?... read more

Our MfM interest

We would enjoy the company of a good conversationalist, one that loves kissing, loves giving oral to woman slowly enjoying as her sexual desires build, feeling and hearing her response for 10-30 minutes or longer, realizes this is for both her and for all of our shared pleasure. He does not ... read more

Desire in December

Was browsing cheap caribbean and other discount travel sites and found a really good deal for Desire in December but I'm curious what it's like without an event going on and during the off season. I know it's not going to be jam packed but I don't want it "Dead" either...Anyone traveled there in the... read more

Things to say to your wife after....

After you had a great time (and your wife saw it) but your wife had a terrible time:- «She has a young body but you are the total package, baby »- « no, I did not cum in her mouth »- « you give way better blow jobs »- « she might be 10 years younger than you but she doesn’t move like you »... read more

Happy people

When you are having sex play. Do you prefer that it is silent sex, or do you prefer that the sex play is filled with sounds like moaning, groaning, etc... read more

Party Week: 28/7 to 5/8

28/7 Woke at 7 and read Times before dozing again. We came too around 10.30. Spent time on finalising Rita’s birthday trip next year and catching up on stuff. Mid afternoon, binge watched the new Netflix series on Rome and the story of Caesar. Mid evening we got ready to head to Home House. Arriv... read more

Irving, TX

Looking to host a couple or lady in my suite in Irving TX. Message if interested ... read more

swinger friendly bar

since Harrisons closed i'm not sure where to go,harrisons was small and cozy and i actually was able to have sex in the back area ,i know i'm a naughty boy. but we need another harrisons type bar here in south fla.... read more

A few extra pounds

So, I’ve been mulling over another issue....I’ve recently started chatting to three really nice couples. With the two of them I chat semi-regularly and I’ve even played with one of them. I DO like the fact that this website is a lot more serious about swinging and there is a lot less trolling ... read more

Cruise Hookups

We have a quick question about hooking up while on a vanilla cruise. Is their a website dedicated to identifying other lifestyle members on our cruise? Or can you suggest a method that would help with that?  Thanks... read more

Mixed messages(?)

It has happened to me quite a few times but I really want to know if it happens to you, couples. And what do you think of it?—if anything...So, we all know the part where you look at a profile that interests mail them, they read your email...they look at your reply...ok. Th... read more

Sorry if this has been covered...

I might be completely alone in this, but I’m almost always turned off by dick pics.  The vast majority of the time, a single male will get a toe in the door and ruin it by believing that his cock is going to seal the deal. Here’s the scoop: I like faces. Abs. I nice ass even. But it’... read more