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Halloween at the 13th Floor October 29th.

Good Evening and welcome to the 13th floor’s annual Halloween Party On October 29th, 2005 WE Welcome you to join us in Keeping the ghouls and goblins at bay on this all Hallows Eve! The spirits encourage you to dress in costume Prizes will be awarded to 1st. 2nd. & 3rd. place winners 1st. plac... read more

A word to the wise visiting Brussels

Tonight Liz and I went to the new and improved "under new management" Club Cocoon in Brussels.  At midnight, 3 hours after the club opened, we paid our €75.00 only to discover that the "heated" swimming pool was cold and the sauna was not functioning.  When we left the "management" (cou... read more

Hedo or Desire or wherever

We're thinking of a trip to one of the above just after christmas but cant decide because we've never been to either before. Any advice would be very grateful. What are the positives and negatives of each one?  We're also not that keen on being stuck in the same place 24/7, so which would... read more

ST. Thomas VI Couple Saying 'Hi' with an open invite...

Good morning, afternoon, evening and good night (just so we cover all time zones...) Wanted to introduce ourselves here to you let you know that there is at least one couple in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands who's open to meeting and seeing where things go from there. We haven't been in th... read more

"The 13th Floor" Sept. 30 & Nov. 1

Thank goodness the weekend is finally here!! We can take a break from packing and unpacking and enjoy fun times with all our friends. Come join us for a regular non themed party Friday night, then rest up on Saturday so you will be prepared for the Black & White event of the year. Saturday ... read more

Any bi-parties goin on soon?

Hi, DFW cpl here ready very interested in bi-parties.   We would love to meet another bi cpl and practice a little 3 on 1 for everyone.  Can you imagine 3 mouths, 3 sets of hands, 30 fingers all over your body.  ummmm!! Well be checking this forum hoping to see something pos... read more

Meet n Greet

Yeph - wrong topic agin - so bite me. (Please do - it would feel great probably) Again - all Central Texas area swingers are invited to a Meet n Greet on Saturday, October 1, 2005 at 800pm at the TGIF's at the Arbor in Austin. TGIF at the Arbor is located at 10,000 Research Blvd. Look for tab... read more

Disabling Able Danger

In April 2000, Able Danger, only months old, was abruptly shut down. Caught violating Reagan administration Executive Orders and Defense Department and Army regulations restricting intelligence agencies from collecting information on United States "persons," the highly compartmented cell within the ... read more

Rotterdam in November

Hi there... we are heading to Rotterdam in November for a long weekend and would really like to visit the club scene there. We will prob visit the famous fun4two but would also like to see what else Rotterdam has to offer. Can you recommend some clubs or even let us know if you would like to say hi... read more

Potential for Poly Swing..

OK, here's the lowdown... We've had quite the run on single bi-females as of late due to the Perv Dinners, and are actually thinking of giving one or two a chance to see if they're worth the trouble.. (We've also had our share of chicken heads (unicorns) that think they're gods gift to the world) We... read more


We'll be in NYC, Midtown Manhattan, Saturday Oct.1 thru Tuesday Oct.4. Any Bicouples want to party with us at our hotel?... read more


Hi Everyone, I guess it could be a suprise to see me here...    Mrs essex said she has invited me on a trial basis,  i.e. I have to behave myself and attempt to be more civil and polite. I thought I was, just goes to show how wrong we can be about ourselves. Anyways, some of you... read more





The Erotic Zone

This Sept 30th TGIF Friday is for all the Nascar fans! We just want to soup it up a bit! *grinz* Race on over to The Erotic Zone for fast FUN and lasting friendships! Dress up as your favorite Racer or just a sexy race car Fan! Just be ready for great TIMES without the pit stops! Our Friday Contes... read more

Alright, you guys are going to kill me but here it goes anyway....

*WARNING!! TRAVEL TOPIC AHEAD!!! EDIT: We will be there on the 8th. More details inside. We are going to be in the Houston area in a couple of weeks for a motocross race. We would love to meet some of the forum regulars from there. I am too lazy to email all the posters in that area so here I am. I... read more


Massive thanx to all that attended Arousals 4th birthday bash........ busy & eventful to say the least. there will be a few changes in the cummimg weeks........ improving the venue for you!! cya all soon Arousal xxxxxxxxx... read more


Subject: Houston Evacuation PlanCity officials just announced the updated official Houston 2005 Hurricane Evacuation PlanHispanics: Use I-10 West to San Antonio.Cajuns: Use I-10 East to Lafayette.Rednecks: Use 59 North to east Texas.Republicans: Fly Continental to Washington D. C.Longhorns: Use 290... read more

Ski lodge sex parties

So does anyone have a great story about sex on the ski slopes? Does Club Xcite sponsor anything like that?   (and does anyone else have that silly non-Robin Williams essay as the message that shows up for this board even though it isn't listed in this topic?)... read more

Separation of Church and State is a good idea

Can I get an "Amen!?"  ... read more

Genetics, environment, or choice

I am wondering what everyone's thoughts are regarding bi-sexuality and it's origination.  My experiences are fairly new explored territory for me, unfortunately.  I think I must have always been bi-sexual.  Looking back,  I can remember getting turned on whenever ... read more

Chameleons Mon 11th oct

Anybody going to chameleons monday 10th oct(bi) nite, if yes drop us an line as we'll be there too....B+J... read more

Birmingham 8th-11th oct

We will be in Birmingham 8th-11th oct if anybody would like to meet in some of the local clubs mail us back...... B+J... read more


hi,, we are going to visit Madrid from 5\10 till 9\10 we need a couple too show us the city at night and day and to have fun the 4 of us let us know if you are interest thanks lodmar... read more

Anyone here from our friends

I have been working out at the lease for the last 2 days. ( Just a little jab at No Show Jones). Ahs anyone heard from Truck, Mrs. Way, Vix, Ruff, Robin, or any of the others that were in the path of Rita?   Jerry... read more

The Erotic Zone

ISaturday nite , Sept. 23rd, 2005, we will be having our PAINT DEM TITTIES WITH FLUORSCENT MARKERS CONTEST! We are carrying our RETURN TO THE SIXTIES WEEKEND theme for ALL weekend! TALK ABOUT A WILD TIME!! For those that have been here before, you know exactly what I mean!! It gets WET, it gets WILD... read more


PARTY TONITE  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  OURPLACE4FUN  NO WORKING GIRLS REAL PEOPLE REAL SWINGERS REAL SEXY PLAY SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON Tonite couples single girls n ( as always polite guys in moderation) 9pm til 5am Londons  Finest and ... read more

latest news on me

I could not found a full-time job. I am in working three careers to keep steadying income: Movie Merch Rep, Computer Tech, and Catering Gigs.   I had bump above my right eyebrow.  I saw the doctor this week and the biopsy reveal that I have skin cancer.   I got surgery sched... read more

American Red Cross

I wanted to let people know that if you are going to give any more donationsto please give them to the Salvation Army. On my search for answers that some on asked me I found out that only abour 40% of all donations that the ARC get reach the ones who needed it. Also durning WWII the soldie... read more

Friday night dinner club...

Hey, anybody awake in here?  How about alittle of that oldtime friday night dinner club bullshit session we used to have?  Who's got some juicy gossip or outragious behavior just bursting to be unleashed... Got a bitch or complaint, drop that nugget right here.... Have some jui... read more

Chatroom Etiquette

Hi all. We are just coming up to our 1 year anniversary on SDC, and having a great time, attending some really fun parties and meeting some wonderful people. We like most aspects of SDC, especially the chat room, where we love to keep in touch with what is going on in the UK SDC scene. Our profile ... read more

CoCoMo and CamelToe

  this is cute stuff... http://poststuff4.entensity DOT net/091605/media.php?media=cameltoe.wmv  ... read more

Ron the Rooster

Ron the Rooster was the Biggest, Meanest rooster in the world, He spent all his time beating up all the other animals on the farm. One day he picked on the farmyard cat, unfortunately for the rooster, the cat beat the crap out of him, Which Proves.............. NO MATTER HOW BIG THE COCK IS, A PUSSY... read more


Whaddya call a lesbian with Fat Fingers?   Well Hung!!! lol   ....................................................................................................... Whaddya call a Russian prostitute?   Onya  backyabitch... read more

Open Arms

Listening to the news tonight "and you all know that what is on the network news is true". It seams all hotel rooms in San Antonio, Austin, Waco, and Dallas/ Fort Worth are booked due to RITA. Most of the hotel rooms here in Wichita Falls are booked with the evacuees from Katharine. If this is true... read more

Great idea

I'll open a bank account for IDLEHANDS86, you can all donate a little bit of your spare cash and with that cash I'll get tickets for her to come to Holland and show her the Van Gogh museum, the tulip fields, the windmills and the ceiling of our bedroom..........and might even go look for a job for ... read more


Balls to the Wall!... read more


...anyone going to Rubberball - oct 08th? ...would love to hear from you!!... read more

Scandinavian tour

Hi... We are looking for nice people to meet during our tour in north europe. We will be in Copenaghen (7-10th october) and Stockholm (10-13th october)...see you there.. We speak danish and swedish...... read more

Golf Balls

A man entered the bus with both of his front pockets full of golf balls.A puzzled blonde kept looking at him and his bulging pockets.Finally, after many such glances from her, he said, "It's golf balls".Nevertheless, the blonde continued to look at him thoughtfully. Finally, not being able to conta... read more

The Erotic Zone

   TGIF 9-23-05                                               &... read more

Recruits Sought for Porn Squad

The FBI is joining the Bush administration's War on Porn. And it's looking for a few good agents.The FBI is joining the Bush administration's War on Porn. And it's looking for a few good agents.The new squad will divert eight agents, a supervisor and assorted support staff to gather evidence against... read more

Swinger event in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ?

ENGLISH I heard that there is a swinger event in a Puerto Vallarta hotel, Mexico, this coming weekend. I am thinking of going with some lady friends and a couple, but need more information about it. If anyone has more information please let me know. Thanks!   SPANISH He escuchado que hay u... read more

Meet N Greet in Austin, Texas

Ok..first - I know this should NOT be in this category...But what the heck... Inviting everyone to a: Meet n Greet in Austin - on October 1st at 800pm at the TGIF at the Arbor (10,000 Research) Come eat some dinner/have some drinks and get to know some other Austin swingers. Look for the purple and... read more


A guy says, "I remember the first time I used alcohol as a substitute for women." "Yeah what happened?" asked his friend. The first guy replies, "Well, er, I got my penis stuck in the neck of the bottle." ... read more

I will survive...the song

Sung to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" ......... At first I was afraid, I was petrified,When you said you had 10 inches, Lord I almost died!But I'd spent so many years just waiting for a man that long,Then I grew strong, and I knew that I could take you on.....But there you are, anot... read more

Confidence v Arrogance

Which one turns you on and why?  How do you differentiate that same perceived arrogance from total confidence? Does it matter if it's a woman displaying it or a man? Do you treat them differently based upon their gender?  (if you would fuck them or not) ... read more

Are there an Old ST Geezers Still Here?

Just stopping in to say hello and all that there any of the life left in here? How are the new mods? What yall been doing. Get me updated on all the dirt. ... read more


hi we are neil and jayne and were off to amsterdam on thursday nite(22nd) if any other couples are goin over and fancy meetin up this weekend mail us or answer on here cheers xxxxx... read more

the site is up!

www dot 5hplus dot com A while back I quit my job and started work on creating a new vitamin supplement called 5H+.  Just a quick update: The site is UP!!!  The inventory is in, and the product is selling!  And not a moment too soon, the $$ was starting to get EXTREMELY tight. I buil... read more

Mayor of New Orleans

The mayor of New Orleans was asked  about his position on Roe Vs Wade.   He said he didn't really care how  people got out of the city. ... read more

This is Rich

Just got back from Amsterdam and Paris.  Had a fantastic time.  Anything been going on? Message: I Care About the Black FolksONCE Toto parts the curtain, the Wizard of Oz can never be the wizard again. He is forever Professor Marvel, blowhard and snake-oil salesman. Hurricane Katrina, whic... read more


Ok..I am now hours away from my breast augmentation surgery. Having never had surgery before, I'm a little nervous. Can those of you who have had this done re-assure me that the pain will indeed go away?! I have a high tolerance to meds and a sensitive stomache, so I'm worried that the pain meds... read more

New Party Venue coming soon!

Hi there all Just to annouce a new party venue will be coming very soon to the area.  We gather it is long overdue and much needed.  We will keep you all posted with all the details and hope to see you there on opening night. Know to many in the UK from our association with skinn... read more

need fun

we are staying in pensacola due to katrina leaving us homeless so we realy need some fun to lift our spirits i any one would like to play please leave a line... read more

Party Themes

Hello Everyone,  Just a quick note to say Hello and possibly get some ideas on some more themes for the Club.   We are well underway to being very successful.  We have a nice diversity of couples and lots of enthusiasism.  We need to keep the Club in Good Spirits and Fun.&nb... read more

SDC and Dolce Vita

We would like to thank SDC and Dolce Vita for a wonderful party Saturday night. We met some great couples. The club is great!!!   Thanks again! xxxfunstel... read more

swingers party tonite london

PARTY TONITE  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  OURPLACE4FUN   LONDONS REAL SWINGERS PARTIES NO WORKING GIRLS REAL PEOPLE REAL SWINGERS REAL SEXY PLAY SPACE SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON Tonite couples single girls n ( polite guys in moderation)  9pm til 5am Lond... read more

looking for adult friendly place for Bash!

I am on which is an adult amateur website. I am planning a "bash" for next spring. That's when a bunch of sexy women get together and do shoots (pictures) together for their sites. I think that I have created a monster in the fact that I already have responses from almost 30 ... read more

fun4two question

we are planning to go to fun4two for a weekend staying at the cottage- which are the better nights/days to go for action, we unsure to stay friday & saturday or saturday and sunday- thanx... read more

For Mer...

"May all your joys be pure joys, and all your pain champagne..."  To a beautiful soul...  Pat, your friends wish you a Happy and Joyful Birthday !... read more

Milan, Italy

Going to Milan from Sept 30 to Oct 6 and looking to have a good time.  Swingers and/or nice club that people can recommend. Any additional advise on Hotels or activities will be very welcomed. ... read more

Cindy Sheehan calls for Bush to pull our troops out of New Orleans

 You can read the whole thing if you like but the key phrase is in the last paragraph.  Is there any doubt the left has completely lost its mind?   A Bright Spot in Bush World Amid the Miserable Failures on the Same PlanetA Message from Cindy Sheehan It has been one month and one we... read more

Video Profiles :-)

Ok,I know I'm gonna get a ton of abuse for sayin it but some of the video profiles are the funniest stuff I have seen in years. Priceless! I particularly like to split my sides at those ones where some people are attempting to act or talk to camera. Only last night I was watching one and I lau... read more



Show Me Freinds Convention 2006

HI,we are co-host for a 2nd year to a lifestyle convention being held in the Lake of the Osarks area in Mo. We would like to invite all COUPLES to attend, the date will be in Aug 06 in a very private resort by the lake.4 days for fun and sun and 3 nites of hot wild times,if you would be interested p... read more

Xtasia this Saturday

Will all members attending the Xtasia " Back to School " night at Xtasia this Saturday, please print off the invatation from their mail-box and present it before they sign in, to receive their discounted entrance charge. Thanks Marilyn.    ... read more

Enlighten us.

 Ever hear of a name, or event often, but not really sure who, or what it is, or pertains to.  Ask it.  If someone knows, answer it. There are some very creative, enlightened people in here, who can show off their grey matter. There are also some idiots, but I won't fault you folks. R... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday 9-16-05 is ~ The Erotic Interlude!!! ~ This is The Erotic Zone's way of celebrating the LIFESTYLE with class, fun and always, the Erotic! If you are going to the Interlude Convention, come by The Erotic Zone Friday nite for an awesome place to party! We are THE fun place to socialize, pa... read more

This Saturday Night at Xtasia

Dont forget to print of your invatation to receive the discounted entrance price at Xtasia, and present it to the staff before signing in. ... read more


We will go to Miami and Florida for Christmas, 20th of December and two weeks ahead. Anyone wanna meet us?... read more

Dallas Interlude Convention

It is already shaping up to be a great party. We had a grand evening with all the early arrivals. Even though we never made it to the pool, we all ended up wet.....well...just because someone didn't realize that the water glass is designed to hold water only when in one position.  Everyone is w... read more

SPUR-M Does it work?

Seems like ever day I get spam email advertising this bogus product called SPUR-M, this is reported to increse the amount of a mans ejaculation by a large amout (5 times).  Seems impossiable if not even undesirable.  Who has tried it?  How did it work for you?  Liz loves lots of ... read more

living on the costa Almeria

Hi We are moving to the Costa Almeria poss next year but also visit Benalmadena regularly as well Torrevieja, so anyone wanting to get in touch please do but please give us an E address as it will help enormously !!!   Helen & Andy XX... read more

Relaxing Room

hallo every one after what happened at our last room .... we decide too open this room for any one want too say any thing or even scream so every one will relax say it more higher screeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaammmm let us get madddddddddddddddddddd want too hear lodmar... read more

Dallas Interlude Convention and 13th Floor this weekend

             Your invited to join us this weekend at the 13th Floor September 16th. & 17th. Regular non themed party -  Just as nasty as you wanna be!!! this is also the weekend of the Dallas Interlude convention, anyone who plans ... read more

What the heck?

Oh My goodness. I saw this story just now on The View and couldnt believe it. What do you think. INSIDE story Mrs Way  ... read more

Lifted this from another forum...

Sorry Brad...   PATIENTS PUT DOWN The Daily Telegraph September 12, 2005,20281,16566858-5001022,00.html Doctors working in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans killed critically ill patients rather than leave them to die in agony as they evacuated. With gangs ... read more

Robin Williams plan...(Hard to argue with his logic)

Long See Inside... read more


Ok I know there are more of you out there who have to or have had to spend some time away from your spouse. So what do you do to pass the time. I have two children in school and they keep me busy for a while but then the down time ESPECIALLY bed time i miss him soooo much. And i cant just pick up th... read more

OK, since Mermaid brought it up....

I know you all have seen it in profiles before, and as a non white male, I need to get some guidance on this issue... Mer, said this particular couple is racist, (name withheld) they stand by what they say as a preference... The word "preference" is a great way to disguise outright racism, but ... read more


Anyone up for some goofy fun?  You remember harmless fun, right?  Making fun of other people is what some folks appear to do in order to feel better about themselves.Well I do not like making other people feel bad.  But I do love sharing a good laug... read more

Have you ever been someone's first full swap? (newbies)

Were you nervous? Was it awkward getting started? How would you handle a couple that is not sure if they want same room, different beds or separate rooms? We don't want to screw this up for them... We have made it clear they are under no pressure to do anything they don't want to do, but do we compr... read more

What are your top 5 reasons for staying in the lifestyles...

 ... read more

Decisions Decisions, oh what shall we do....

What do you do when you get an email from a couple that is relatively attractive, has an OK profile that's not too impressive but doesn't turn you off either, and just generally leaves you with the impression that they MIGHT be OK for you, but might not?... read more

Berlin 2-3 Praque 4-5 November

We shall be in Berlin 2-3 November and Praque 4-5 November only four nights.We would like to meet new face who could tell us which swing club is best of the own city for going to fun.(May be together if u want too...) We prefer swing club which is close to old town or city center. Please write us if... read more


Allthough I'm not very impressed with what our cousins from the other side of the Atlantic have to say, I do like the nicknames they give members. Nice to know that there are creative people overthere. I'm not half as good as you but I'll have a go too........ Savcpl   -   Sadcp... read more

GRAN CANARY- Maspalomas

We will be there (Maspalomas-Playa Ingles),next 20 Jan.-10 Feb,intersted?We meet couple.Bye... read more


Somebody check out JENNIBUNZ and tell me what you think. Maybe I just need bifocals, but it looks like a new angle on an old problem to me.... read more

silver wedding bash

We have been married 25years in two weeks and thought we would throw a bit of a bash at a local swinging club that we go in bolton. Any peeps wishing to come along please put your names to this post and details will be posted out very soon. Please no single guy's as the club only allow a few of the... read more

Whats The deal???

Ok So I guess I just dont understand the bashing of the people that are down on the coast busting thier chops to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Whats up with that? Im not talking about pointing fingers or blaming one gov or anything like that. I am speaking of the volunteers and the Ntnl ... read more


Hi We are going to fun4two 28-30 okt. If you are going at the same time we could perhaps meet :)  ... read more

That explains that

Mother is in the kitchen making supper for her family when her youngest daughter walks in.Mother, where do babies come from?Well dear...a mommy and daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their room...they kiss and hug and have sex. (The daughter looks puzzled.) That means the da... read more

National and international ideas on colour

 FIRST THIS IS NOT A USA v Brits... What I really need to know is: Does the colour of a ladies underwear really have a dramatic effect on the kind of response she can expect from a guy??? If so, which colour has what effect and if known, why? Answers to be non geographical and only the nat... read more

The Erotic Zone

Get ready for something so totally EROTIC, it could only be at The Erotic Zone! This is our awesome Saturday nite party ~ Sexy, full of eroticism and ready for an evening engorged with desires met and surpassed! Ladies typically wear club wear and have sweet lil nothings to change into as the evenin... read more

November Trip

We will be there Nov 17-20 for some sun, snorkeling and sex.. :-) ... read more



Help.. off to Amsterdam...

Off to Amerstamdam whats the  best club to visit and  are there any  good hotels  near them............... read more

A get together

I know it is a long long way off, but every year the firstb week of July, rita and I go to Daytona to hang out on the nude beaches and just have some down time. Maybe we can long range plan for a get together there. There are plenty of hotels, reasonably priced, and everyone has plenty of time to ma... read more

Pictures of New Orleans

You'll have to take the spaces out. http://  ph/hurricane_katrina08_2005/  album?.dir=/19a8 These were taken over the last 10 days or so.  I'll get more posted when I get the chance to send the film home. We're going to be in New Orleans for the next 30 to 9... read more

Oci 1st Party at The Sans Souci

More inside... read more

Saturday Party Night with Juliet and Swing4ever on Oct 1st

This is the night to put on your sexy best club wear, bring your erotic attitude, and come party with your friends on the best night of the week. Be sure to arrive early as we always have limited seating later in the night. Table reservations are available by calling after 6pm on Wednesday. Wit... read more

is the 3 world war will start from SDC

                                                  ... read more


TGIF Friday 9-9-05 theme event is a farewell to summer! Wear your short shorts! Be sizzling HOT, fabulously Erotic!  For any additional info about us or our parties, feel free to call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 We are THE place for FUN, Friends and Frolic! It doesn't get any better than... read more

Porn Star Fantasy

Well, let us start by saying, it's a great idea, this game and all. It shows regular people that Porn stars are people just like us. They eat the same, they sleep the same, and they fuck the same too. Everyone wants to get off whether it's Angelina Joli or a woman you just met at church. It doesn't... read more

Public Access channels

What would you do if one of your wild swing partie, went over the airwaves at 12am, and you find out that it's been broadcasted for the last month or so? Not that it happened to us, but we were watching it happen last night, so I decided to read the disclaimer on what can be shown.. Talk about ... read more

Marvellous new forum

Fab idea this forum   Love it!   A & J... read more

An Apology

Please see inside !... read more


I am interested in some insight and opinions from you folks.  I started discussing this with my husband but it became apparent that some of his responses might hurt my feelings.  He had no intention of doing so, he just does not have a way with words.  So he suggested I ask the b... read more

Should NO be rebuilt?

I've spent a few years in the construction business and have my personal views on the feasibility of rebuilding NO, and I'm finding it through my own experiences, a fruitless adventure to say the least.. In the last few days, we have (the Mrs. and I) spoken to evacuee's from NO., and their des... read more

Who said the Yanks were stupid?

They build and entire city below sea level then fill it with "African Americans" CLASSIC !!!   Mr Boop... read more

Change of name?

Who thinks Swingers Talk should be renamed `Abusive or Abuse Talk'? Please discuss. (I bet the ugliest people on the site will make the nastiest comment here..he he he)   xx Beth and mark ... read more

New Swing Club In Orange, Ca

 Club Amnesty is a new up-scale lifestyle on-premise members only association. With 8,000 sq. ft. of air conditioned play area. We offer you a discreet place to come and meet like-minded couples in a safe and clean environment. We provide entertainment & dancing, including a stage complete... read more

Pro Football Starts Thursday Night!!

Who is setting up the pool this year??? Jules... read more

Bush's Ark

"Finally today convoys of troops and aid started to arrive along the Gulf Coast. Five days after the hurricane hit. Kind of makes you miss the innocent days when Bush only sat on his ass for seven minutes. It only took him four days to make a plan, but finally today he said he had a plan. Unfortunat... read more

Venus & Mars

... read more

Love,Honour & Obey 60s style

see inside...... read more


We are in barbados from the 13th of sept  for 10  nights  are there any other cpls going  at that time ?   or does any one know of any good places to go ? Cheers xxx ... read more

How can you tell if someone is in this lifestyle?

         My husband and I went to the grocery store yesterday and I saw this HOT woman.  I went to go look for something on another aisle and ran across her.  We made eye contact and spoke to each other with smiles.  Some how we happen... read more


Hi, I will be in Kemer/Antalya from Sept 11th until Sept 15th;)  ... read more


When our sites joined up rosie and i(ian)thought great a chance to converse and exchange views with our allies across the pond.It was once said of us that we were two great nations divided by a common language.we now know how true that other people feel the same?... read more

Mallorca Nudist Resort?

Does anybody know if there is a swinger och nudist resort in Mallorca Spain? Tried to find something on the net but havent found anything of intrest.      ... read more

Swinger Rules....Advice....Ect

What swingers should do, not do?? Silly  Serious  Bad  and the Good....   I am so bored.... read more

Formentera: 9 to 11 September.

Formentera is only 30 minutes boat trip away from Ibiza. We (Mar, Tino and Josep, 41, 53, 53, a beautiful bisex woman, straight, straight) will be there from Friday 9th morning to Sunday 11th afternoon. We would like to meet swingers there. Some of the options in Formentera night (besides sex, we ... read more

After Midnight club

We are thinking of going to After Midnight in a few weeks... we've never been before... How is it?  Is there a hotel close by (we don't like to drink and drive)?... read more

Turkey - Bodrum & Yalikavak

Hello. We will be in Turkey from Sept 5th until Sept 11th. We are staying in Yalikavak and will be touring the Yalikavak and Bodrum areas. We would really like to meet up with a nice Turkish couple who could tell us where the fun places are in these areas and perhaps have some fun together. Please ... read more

Turkish couples - Bodrum & Yalikavak

Hello. We will be in Turkey from Sept 5th until Sept 11th. We are staying in Yalikavak and will be touring the Yalikavak and Bodrum areas. We would really like to meet up with a nice Turkish couple who could tell us where the fun places are in these areas and perhaps have some fun together. Please ... read more

The do´s and dont´s

We are meeting a specific couple regularly, having 2,3 and 4-somes. We are non-pushy and believe things will evolve when time passes and confidence is gradually built-up. That implies we neither are people in the sense of hit the sack inmediately and that´s it, but in stead like a lot the additiona... read more


We are off to Mallorca on Sunday 11th September for 10 days. If any full swap couples or single ladies are on the Island at the same time and fancy some fun in the sun please contact us.   Lin & Mick xxxx... read more

The Sans Souci

It is the end of summer and you know what that means? It’s time for a Beach Party at The Sans Souci! Put on your summer, beach, resort, shorts, swimsuit, dress for the beach and come on out and party with us until Sep. 10th. The normal dress code does not apply during this period. Beach, Sum... read more

Beach Party

It’s the end of summer and you know what that means? It’s time for a Beach Party! Put on your summer, beach, resort, shorts, and swimsuit, dress for the beach and come on out anf party with us until Sep. 10th. The normal dress code does not apply during this period. Beach, Summer and Resort wear... read more

Speed Dating

Is it just me, or is there something a bit phony about the Speed Dating feature? I mean, its it REALLY speed dating if you are listed in there EVERY day, with the same posting, "hey, let's have drinks and get a room". I mean, isn't that what your regular profile is for? Isn't the idea of a profile ... read more

Great to have this type of forum

Hi: We just wanted to take a minute to thank the moderators for this forum. we always believed there were more bi-cpls who, for whatever reason, did not want to share their desires. Hopefully, more couples will let others know how they feel? Thanks, Dan_lori... read more


The people that have come to Dallas really need alot of help..The children most of all....We are going to be collecting donations for example-  clothes,food,ect....for about a week..we have a huge empty dining room that could be used to store everything...if you are interested email us, so we c... read more


Hi, we are a both bi couple very interested in meeting friends who are also both bi.  Yes we can play straight and that is great fun also, we just think the ultimate playmates would be another both bi couple.  There would be many more orgasmic combinations.  The ultimate experience a ... read more

balloon debate

                                                  &nb... read more

11 to25 Septembet

Hi,  we are off (two couples, ourselves and garysan88) to the Benalmadena / Torremolinos area of Spain from 11 to 25 of September.  Are there any other couples who want to play and have some fun at the same time.  We also hope to visit some of the swingers clubs in the local area.&nbs... read more


In here the text, description, location etc we are going to fun4two on the 10-12 sept anyone else going..we are meeting up with a nice uk couplke and a couple from utretch...get back to us...also las vegas at christmas, love to meet some sexy usa couples... read more

Xtasia Back to School Party.

Hi all,        This is a question for all the UK based people going to Xtasia for the back to school party. Are the guys gonna be getting their mischievious school boy kit on ????? School nights, are the naughtiest of nights,mmmmm See ya there peeps, Donna ... read more



what is the US without.............or CAN we be the US ......without.New Orleans

We sit here in our apartment in the fucking lost land of west Michigan and our hearts and prayers are with out bretheren in the south.   We are separated by miles alone but our feelings are in the heart of the relief operations.  All we have done for the past 4 days is watch the deve... read more

killing their kids

All you see on the news are families that are stuck in LA and in MISS. watching their kids die, or get sick, Why? Because they thought they would be bad-asses and stick around to see the hurricane, and then get a hand-out from the Gov. Doesnt make any sense to me, but thats just me ... read more

Bush's guitar gently weeps

Before everyone rips me a new one, keep in mind that I NEVER start political posts and rarely even respond to them.  I'm due one. With the devastating events of Katrina on Monday, Bush announced that he was cutting vacation short and returning to D.C.  Tuesday, he was at Naval Base Corona... read more