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Need A Room In West Houston

I have been contracted to work for a roofing and rhab company in Houston. I am looking for a place to stay in West Houston, but have found no rooms available. Anyone know of a room I can rent? Thanks... read more

italy 23/9 to 11/10

hi we will viset italy from 23/9 till 11/10 start from milano , venice , verona , torino , florence end with rome and lovely singel females or sexy couples are so welcome for a drink and what will happen let us see kisses lodmar... read more

CARTELS CLUB-Bristol. Is it still around

Does anyone know what happened to the Cartels club in Bristol UK? I almost got excited that there was a club nearby only to find it's disappeared. Any Clues?Mike... read more

A Special Party Weekend at The Silver Minx

Friday Night   Fall has arrived and the fun continues as we have so  much planned and new things in store. Come join us for a fabulous Friday at The Silver Minx. Meet new friends, enjoy the mix of new and old friends We have more music for you to enjoy also.   Saturday Night   J... read more


Hay Guys, We are in TENERIFE 30th Sept to 7th October... If you are going to be there too, please drop us an email.......... read more

Tenerife Holiday

Hay Guys, We are in TENERIFE 30th Sept to 7th October... If you are going to be there too, please drop us an email...... read more

A great weekend of fun at The Silver Minx

this Friday and Saturday at The Silver Minx                   Friday Thats right , its Girlz that wanna have fun night! dress in you favorite theme night clothing, no matter what. Everything from slinky, to school ... read more

Fantasy Fest 2008

Halloween in Key West atFANTASY FEST 2008"Pirates, Pundits and Political Party Animals" with FRISKYPEOPLE and friends Friday, October 17th thru Monday, October 27th Hello Frisky People!  We would like to extend this invitation to any of you who would like to join us at Fantasy Fest 2008 in Ke... read more

Stockholm visit

Dear all, I am planning a trip to Stockholm for the first time next week. So I need advice where to go and have fun.  All the  proposals are very wellcome. Best regards,... read more

This weekend at The Silver Minx

                       Friday Night Show your wild side and come on out and get a little, or alot freaky, either on the dance floor or upstairs were here for the party and can't wait t... read more

This weekend at The Silver Minx

                       Friday Night Show your wild side and come on out and get a little, or alot freaky, either on the dance floor or upstairs were here for the party and can't wait t... read more

Is your opinion real?

The left/right charade is an elaborate farce, intended to keep Americans pinned down fighting in thousands of meaningless election skirmishes, naively hoping their candidate will be different than all the rest. What most have failed to recognize is that the very same gang of bloodthirsty globalists ... read more

Join us this weekend!!!!

Laid back Friday at The Silver Minx . Bring yourself and a party attitude. Relieve your stress from the week. As always we are BYOB and by reservation only.         Saturday Night   Come join us at The Silver Minx Weekend of Sinful pleasures and delights. Kathy will b... read more

Blonde Mortician.........

A man who just died is  delivered to a local mortuary              wearing an expensive, expertly tailored black  suit.              The female blonde mortician... read more


A guy calls his buddy, the horse rancher, and says he's sending a friend over to look at a horse. His buddy asks, 'How will I recognize him?' 'That's easy; he's a midget with a speech impediment.' So, the midget shows up, and the guy asks him if he's looking for a male or female horse.   '... read more

Swinging in Paris

Traveling to Paris next month. Can anyone recommend a good swing club there?... read more

Parejas Disparejas

Tocando el espinoso tema de las parejas disparejas, hemos notado que al menos en la comunidad latina de cada 10 parejas en 6 ellas son muy bellas y ellos desgraciadamente no se preocupan por su fisico, 2 donde ambos no son precisamente gente que se preocupe por cuidar su apariencia y solo 2 en las q... read more

Nudist Resorts in Texas????

Hello!!!!!! My BFF of 10 yrs is wanting to get away and do something fun and different for her B-day!! And i thought of a nudist resort of some type! Does anyone know of any that are in the state of Texas? If so pleas email the name, website, number or anything that would allow me to check it out... read more

Temptation resort cancun

We are heading to Temptation Resort in Cancun and would like to know if anyone has been and what we should expect!   Thanks....... read more


Hi, Were looking for a guy to take some erotic pictures of J.   Living in the North West of England (Cheshire), travel to us for an unhurried photo shhot and for the right guy/girl fun for a reward.   J & R xx... read more



If you can't see the irony in this, you've been missing out!!!!

Fri Sep 26, 10:55 PM ET Lonnie Laster of Oxford, Mississippi, (R), takes a picture of Les Spenser (L) and Tony Pressman (C) from Rolla, Mo., holding a sign 'Rednecks for Obama' before Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee John McCain take the... read more

35South - Public Debate

There has been alot of debate about 35South, which is a night held at the F Club in London aimed at people 35 and under, in the UK chat room. Blogs may be a better forum to discuss the issues, feel free to pipe in and we'll try to answer any questions. BACKGROUND: The night has been running for 3 ... read more

Paul Newman RIP

Very sad... read more

Becoming a dominatrix

Dear Elvis, I would like to explore becoming a dominatrix.  Do you know of any resources on the web I might explore?   ... read more

Fallen in love with another women

Male ½ here.  My wife and I have been married for 10 years and together for a total of 15. We’ve been active in the lifestyle for the past 2 years and have enjoyed some great times and have gone so far as to decide to have an open marriage for about 1 ½ years, meaning that we both see and h... read more

how will the wife feel,

hi elvis,we are a indian couple,,my wife and me been to a few swinging clubs,want to how will she feel once she trys swinging,she jokes about white cocks,and when she drinks she does act wild ,but not yet swinger,she started to dress accordinglt in the clubs,which took years,do women enjoy swinging,... read more

Vacations, Fertoventura......?????

Hi! We will be in Fuertoventura for vacantion 11/10//08 - 25/10/08Any recommendations or suggest clubs, lifestyle, fun, swinger place where we can find  swingers in the areaThanks, David & Olivia... read more

too old to be a toy boy?

I am just about to celebrate my 29th birthday, which naturally makes most people comment that I am only 1 year away from being 30.  Now hitting 30 is not something that really concerns me, I don't see much point in worry about something I can't change, but a woman I see on a... read more

nude pics in public

Any other couples have fun trying to get risky shots? TOYS-R-US... read more

Nipple piercing

Hey girls I am giving serious thought to getting my nipples pierce?  Any advice, warnings, good, bad, whatever...let me know!  ... read more

Party Games

We've always thought that if you get enough sexies into a room then play is guaranteed, but having attended the odd club night we've found it's not always the case. I think it may be partially as people are shy about approaching people they fancy, so wanted to play some party games to bre... read more


we are going to italy (milano) on the 3-5.otc 2008. we would like to meet couples there. see you in milano.... read more

the sexual grapevine

Isn't it ironic? When you know someone and read about them in numerous blogs,their name need not even be mentioned? I've met some new people face to face,who I'd been corresponding with for a time on here,& we discuss various aspects of the lifestyle,& of this well as the people ... read more

The Perfect Man

No, not really, but we all need a goal to shoot for and I can't think of a higher goal than perfection. And I understand, it may not be attainable, but with that understood it's a hell of a lot of fun trying to get there. Anyway, I think this site is so couples oriented. I've not had a single conne... read more

Motivational Posters

  We have all seen the anti-motivational posters. Let's see some of your favorites. ... read more

I know there are more important things to worry about, just thought it would be funny to see what hand people use to masterbate with?

Do RIGHT HANDED people us there right hand or left hand to masturbate? and Do left HANDED people us there right hand or left hand to masturbate? My wife and I have never put much thought into why we use our opposite hand to masturbate until today (We were bored). We were lying in bed begin... read more

Blog of positivity

In one of my blissful moments, whilst waiting the arrival of my fair maiden, I have come to realise I have much to be thankful for. I thought I contribute some happiness to an otherwise sad day and ask, who are the couples, clubs and singles that you think are excellent and would recommend to others... read more


Now I know I'm no Brad Pitt and it wouldn't hurt for me to spend 15 minutes with Richard Simmons, but I also don't think I look anything like Shrek.  That said,  I'm new to the lifestyle and having a extremely difficult time gaining acceptance on the two sites I am a member of.  I do ... read more

Ready For Halloween???? read more

Juego de Mesa y de Cama

Que tal Elvis!!! Quisiera me pudieras decir con quien platicar referente a un juego de mesa que voy a lanzar en el mercado mexicano,  y el objetivo de este, es hacer que en las reuniones entre los swingers sea mas facil el lograr romper el hielo y realizar las fantasias que todos tenemos, asi ... read more

Shop to Earn

We just started an online business called Shop to Earn. It is popular in South Florida and is growing rapidly. I'm trying to get people in other states to join. It is a great opportunity to use your current contacts and generate some additional income without working 9 to 5.    &n... read more

What if we legalized all drugs?

How does a $50 billion boost to the US economy sound? Not bad? Well, what about all the new addicts we could see pop up on the streets? Theoretically, it's all possible. By Shirley Skeel Every year, about 2 million people in the U.S. are arrested for drug offenses, including using or sel... read more


Hey people, I would like to know is it just me or does anyone else feel this way concerning the ADD A FRIEND REQUEST. L and I(C) enjoy the lifestyle very much. We have met now our best friends here added with numerous others. Friendship has a meaning and/or emotions, at least we thought it did? Ok, ... read more


Shortly after my divorce, my ex-wife and I started talking about her curiosity with women. Over the past few months it seems that curiosity has grown. Today she met, for the first time, with another woman to see if they'd click. When I got home from work my ex IMed me and sent a couple pics of her n... read more

What Is Female Masturbation Called?

Come on, for men it's called many names. Like cranking the carrot, flogging the mule and such. What do you think would be a good term for female self play?... read more


for first time in our swinging life we tried (with a couple we know offcourse) hubby and a friend to cum inside me together at the same time....both my ass and pussy were filled with cum and it turned out to be the most great experience we ever had......... we wonder if anybody has the same experi... read more

Hairy Arm Pits & Bush

Hi ya'll,           We were wondering how many fellow lifestylers either like or don't mind a lady with hair under her arms? What are you thoughts about hairy pussies? In europe it is quite common to see women that are not shaven, so what gives here i... read more

Look good are ya...

I know we all do a little tidying up before a night out, but just how far do you go? Men, for the most part are pretty simple from what I've known all these years. Guys, what do you do that the average guy might not even consider, before going out? Ladies, what do you do that the average w... read more

Las crónicas de simón del Desierto

En homenaje a Buñuel, tomeré este personaje para dar justificación a las pequeñas historias y reflexiones al rededor del fenómeno erótico.   Siendo altamente excitable por la narrativa y muy lalofílico abro este espacio para que compartan conmi... read more

How to approach new couples in a club

How to approach other couples in a swing club? I'm a bit shy & in the swing club that we have visited, men are not allowed to approach other couples, so it's up to me! I don't know what to say! Help! Also, once we do begin a conversation, how to you approach the question... what are you into o... read more