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Swinging is like a box of chocolates

It is definitely a turn-on for my boyfriend and I to entertain non-swingers with stories of our adventures in the swinging lifestyle. The lifestyle is more exciting precisely because it is taboo. So, occasionally, when a vanilla friend says: “We never see you on the weekend. What... read more

23 amazing years and the journey continues

Let us introduce ourselves.We are Gill and Mike, a married couple from the UK. Picture the scene,a warm mid-summers evening in London.  It was 23 years ago that we had our first swinging experience albeit that we never knew what the term swinging meant nor had we ever heard of the term 'swing... read more

23 amazing years and the journey continues

Let us introduce ourselves.We are Gill and Mike, a married couple from the UK. Picture the scene,a warm mid-summers evening in London.  It was 23 years ago that we had our first swinging experience albeit that we never knew what the term swinging meant nor had we ever heard of the term 'swing... read more

International Sex and Technology Festival

The alternative sex-meets-techno conference now in its third year, kicks off in San  Francisco, CA.The conference/ festival takes place Oct. 1-4 at locations throughout the city, including Roxie Theater, Center for Sex and Culture, Noisebridge, Femina Potens Gallery, and PariSoMa. The annual fe... read more

It's only the beginning

A great fire roared in the large stone fire place.  Hisses and crackles seemed to draw Dale’s attention deeper into the flames and bright ambers burning atop the heavy iron grating of the hearth.  His thoughts seemed to wander from the ideas churning over and over in his head about t... read more

Royal Caribbean, Enchantment Oct 8-12

Heading out on this cruise next week and wondering if any other lfestyles will be roaming aroun the boat! We love meeting like-minded people whether we play or not. So drop us a line if you are going to be on this cruise... ciao!... read more

First Fuck-fest - Les Libertins in Montreal

I have been with my husband, Rocco, since we met in undergrad when we were both 19.  We were always extremely sexual and fucked like rabbits all over campus.  Elevators, parking lots, study halls, closets... you name it, we fucked there.  Even as college students, we frequented the lo... read more

Screwball Love: A Virgin, a Threesome, and a Reconciliation

Screwball Love: A Virgin, a Threesome, and a Reconciliation   "I don't believe it. I just don't believe it." Kate, my estranged wife, never trusted me, but now in the midst of this phone call--about our least favorite topic, sex--she has ratcheted up her doubt. She thinks she kno... read more

Its Hot In Here!!!!!!!!!!

We just joined SDC And didn't Know what to Think when we got Invited to players Club, In San Antiono Tx, We was all exited could not wait till that night to cum. nothing would have ever prepared us for what was waiting behind the doors . We arived around 9:00 pm And went in,... read more

Room Service

 It all started with just a talk between hubby and I about fantasies. We have done a few things (3 some with a girl, then a guy). We wanted to try something exciting. He mentioned that video taping me from a lobby of a hotel while I get groped by 2 guys in a glass elevator is something he would... read more

A Night To Remember

It was a Saturday night about 13 yrs ago, my gf at the time Lisa, invited her best friend, Karla  and Karla's new boyfriend over for drinks and to watch a couple of rented movies.  Lisa was 30 I was 23. I am 5'9", and about 170 lbs. Lisa was about 5'7", 130... read more

Women vs. Men XXX Videos

My wife and most women I have been with do seem to like'talk and words' more than 'visual.' Most videos it seems have litte dialogue and sensual appeal to women other than the ongoing "...ews...ahs...ah...ah.." etc. If women are more verbal and men more visual then what women have found wh... read more

Mapping the Sins

A follow up to the Lustful Cities post....Someone at Kansas State University created density maps based on the seven deadly sins. read more

Our First Date

We had discussed our desire to be in the lifestyle on many occasions.  We had a list full of fantasies but did not know how to get started.    After doing a search on the Interest one night, we discovered and a list of local clubs.  We felt that the club scene might be... read more

The start of our journey

 It was a month now since summer had lay on the huge bed in that five star hotel, champagne in hand and dressed in the most stunning black lingerie I had ever seen, her blonde hair striking against the red velvet headboard.  As I approached the bed she said in her huskiest voice that she h... read more

Our First time

We had been talking about it forever, years even. In bed, out of bed, we even role played it many times. Finally, after joining SDC 7 years ago , we met a couple and our adventure in swinging began. He was latin, dark, tall (much taller than hubby) and looked delicious, she was a blinde petite Ameri... read more

Men's Southpaw Underwear

A breakthrough design in men's underwear made their debut last week at HOM. Apparently left handed men are forced to do the penis fumble. Research ahead of the launch also found that some left-handed men found it 'embarrassing' fumbling around for an opening on the right. The new design features ... read more

Women vs. Men XXX Videos

My wife and most women I have been with do seem to like'talk and words' more than 'visual.' Most videos it seems have litte dialogue and sensual appeal to women other than the ongoing "...ews...ahs...ah...ah.." etc. If women are more verbal and men more visual then what women have found wh... read more

Sex Toys Most Unique Items Stolen in Hotels

Beyond the usual things, such as shampoos and bath towels, the most frequently stolen items were our sex toys, said a member of staff at the Residence, which once offered kinky accessories - at a price - to adventurous travellers. I would call them up to explain that they had been caught taking the... read more

To damm gorgeous ?

When you get mail or come across a profile  ,, where in your opinion the people look clearly absolutey gorgeous , do you think  not real ?,,,,,,,,,, no i wont get in touch as thay are out of our or  my league? or why on earth thay contacting us for ?? or do you think whoopee get in th... read more

Whats your BEST body part or featurs?

Thay say eyes are the windows to the soul, I like my eyes Big and brown all the better too see you with ,, lol What your best body part  xxxx kisses jo... read more

Spring Swing... A Gift Worth Receiving

Our first swinging experience. By ROXundSOX   We had been talking about adding some extra "playtime" to our lives for awhile but never really took the opportunity. Finally it happened. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. About us, the lead characters, and some c... read more

Uma Handle That

Uma Handle That Come on in here girl I'm about to show you Rome's world Stand close let me take this off Damn mama you're sexy and your skin feels so soft Whoa what pretty titties you have Come to the bathroom get undressed I wanna give you a bath Take those jeans off put them over the... read more

Only a man would do this ...... LMAO !

Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary wrote this......( no it wasn`t me.But names have been changed to protect the guilty.) Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop th... read more


The chilly winds of winter bite us, with teeth, cold as ice as I step outside to warm up the car. The  thick blanket of snow englufed me as I headed towards the garage. It was indeed a cold, cold day... but our hearts were warmed by the thought of what awaited us.... As I reached the car,... read more

the science of cuckoldry

The Science of Cuckoldry By sex therapist & relationships counselor Susan Gower After studying human sexuality for many years it has become inarguable to me that a cuckold relationship (in which the wife engages in sexual activity with a variety of men while her husband remains faithful) is mos... read more


hello gyus,how u doing?we going to thailand bangkok and phuket and wanted to know if theres any swinger clubs around there?thanks xxx... read more

mi primera experiencia y unica por ahora

hola fue en la fiesta de sdc en madrid hace 3 años ,fue fanastica ,nunca pense que podria suceder ,ya que fue mi esposa quien se decidio ,no me lo esperaba ...otra dimension... read more

Kissing Indeed

Agreed. Kissing is essential contact. The Kiss related competence and care.  Women seem to conjure loads of information from kisses.  We for two, consider it beyond weird, to allow as much as we share in swinging and restrict the lips.  Trust in this endeavor would seem to include kis... read more

Group fun: Condoms for all?

 Now, this is only really going to apply to couple and fems that enjoy group fun from time to time (MMF or more). Obviously, on occasions where we have indulged in this activity we have always played safe, and we expect and ensure that other male friends wear condoms.  But what when the pa... read more

Polyday UK

Celebrate the 4th. Polyday London on Saturday September 26, in Drago Hall. A one-day event in London for everyone who knows that happy and honest relationships don't have to be monogamous. Polyday combines a day of discussions and an evening of cabaret and socialising to give you a chance to meet... read more

Erotic Arts Museum

The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, NV  is celebrating their one year anniversary. The nonprofit museum is owned by the Exodus Trust, the parent organization for the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. In a recent interview in the Las Vegas Sun, curator Lau... read more

Cool Tool to Measure Your Tool

Sized to Fit, condoms in 70 different sizes, TheyFit condoms in Europe allow men the opportunity to order the appropriate size condom for their penis. Their size chart -downloadable, printable PDF- CONDOMania Fit Kit, provides instructions to custom fit condoms. Are you an L33, E99 or perhaps a G22?... read more

Toy shops in South Florida

Hi Looking for recommendations for Toy shops  (not refering to toys-r-us, maybe toys-in-us) in South Florida We are located in Broward cnty. Any brands to stay away from?  Some how sending the rabbit back for warranty when it seems the poor thing got used and abused. lol Looking fo... read more

kissing snogging .please xxx

Theres nothing i like better then too be kissed when i am playing and having sex or even flirting. I think you can tell if a person really likes you from there kiss . .................... I know some people that swing never kiss only own partner  ......... i would be put off meeting if tha... read more

First time - a roller coaster ride

Our first time was filled with ups and downs, peaks and valleys, but ended with the feeling of the safeness of having all feet on the ground and heads together. This story has a great message for those curious about the lifestyle, 'the wannabees', and will serve them well to read to know what th... read more

Sexual Partner Calculator Launched

A new online calculator that allows individuals to calculate how many sex partners they have been with has been launched by Loydspharmacy. Based on the premise of Six Degrees of Separation, this calculator has been dubbed Sex Degrees of Separation. According to their data collected from more tha... read more

Census 2010 to Report Same Sex Marriage.

For the first time, the US Census Bureau will count and publish same sex married couples data. The 2010 Census will not be the first time the data has been collected, however it will be the first time it will be reported. In 1990, the Census Bureau added the category of "unmarried partner,&... read more

Fetish Visions- Art Auction for Charity in London

Fetish Visions is all about the fetish world doing something a little special for the cancer support of Macmillan Trust – with ALL profits of this event being donated. To find out what they are all about check out their site at The art world does a lot for the fight aga... read more

nite out

v have booked a room in afive star hotel on 30th sep, any cpl want to join us for fun......... read more

nite out

v have booked a room in afive star hotel on 30th sep, any cpl want to join us for fun......... read more

Valencia y Madrid

Estaremos el 11 de octubre en Valencia hasta el 16. Luego en MAdrid del 17 al 24 Alguna coincidencia?... read more

My first experience in swinging....

My First Experience of Swinging   For Convenience let me first introduce the characters: Hein & Ruth (A German Couple in their early thirties) Robin & Nita (Host & Hostess : Indian in their mid thirties) Alex & Pamela (An Irish couple in their early fifties) Me (mid fort... read more

Toy boys x younger - men.

Why is it some people think its ok for a man 40s  50s 60 s with wifes or girl friends 20s 30s  but for us woman it can be looked down on  here in uk still,,,,, Just look at Madonna and her lovely boyfriend off 22  and she has just Renamed him JESUS OOOOOOO I Can just here her now... read more

So This Is Swinging...

Its one thing to dress up as your best sexy self & go out to party.  Dressing up and going out to Swing is entirely different.  In the beginning I though “vanilla” was a flavor. The club looked like any other.  Admittedly the clientele were dressed a bit more risqu&ea... read more

Memories of our 1st time!

So it was about 2:30am on our first night of our vacation.  It was actually our 3rd anniversary and we decided to take an adventurous trip guess you can say.  The wifey and I had our share of Red Stripe Beer and Jamaican Rum throughout the day which gave us plenty of liquid courage.  ... read more

Instant Pleasure

          Well, my 1st experience came to me sort of a suprise. I heard about crazy sex and I definitely saw it on a few porn flicks, but never real life. I met this female online using the IM. She told me she was a badgirl. I told her I am a badboy. I th... read more

Haloween in NY

Hi all, We are heading to NY ovr Haloween and meeting up with some swinging friends from another state.  We are looking for where will be a fun place to hang out, either a swingers club or a swingers friends bar/club .... any ideas welcome!... read more

My first time

 Well it started about a year ago, I went with my wife to a friends party, it was in a large hotel and was as you can imagine a bit boring. On the way home she remembered that a friend we had met in Dubai had called us earlier that day and told us of a party in a house in Raddlett in Herts, wel... read more

Double Down

I stood behind her, my lovely wife as she placed another bet-another spin of the slot machine.  Both of us knowing it was bullshit, both of us just having a blast not being at work.  It was 3:30 a.m. in Las Vegas, which meant it was really 5:30 on our Chicago heads.  Not that we lived... read more

My first cock

I have had many first experiences since entering the lifestyle with my husband.  First time going to a swinger’s club, first time dancing topless in a semi-public place, but this story is about the first cock I sucked (other than my husband’s).  I’ll try not to sound like... read more

The Cabin

 The Cabin     We needed firewood. The stack out beside our house was getting a little sparse. A friend of ours, John who owned a cabin in the nearby mountains and had told my wife, Karen and I, to let him know when we ran low because he had more there than he could use. He’d ... read more

My 1st time

This is my story, sorry if its long but got abit carried away while writing it hope you like. lots of lix's Jacquie xxxxx I was at a nightclub with my friend and we were having a wicked nite the only time we left the dance floor was to get a drink and have to admit had a few by&nb... read more

US Largest Lingerie Show

The largest lingerie show in the US opened today in Las Vegas at the RIO Hotel and runs through Sept 23. The show features intimate apparel, dancewear, clubwear, swimwear, sexy shoes, hosiery and associated items. You can also find adult novelties of EVERY kind and description. Fashion S... read more

Do Not Pee on the Bushes

Public urinators were recently cut some slack in Pittsburgh, PA. New Legislation passed "the wee-wee bill" as it's being called. It removes the old state laws  regarding urinating in public where fines we deemed disorderly conduct and lewdness in public and if found guilty, you could ... read more

Fire, Sex and Food

We are the cooking ape , according to Richard Wrangham, a noted British anthropologist and primatologist at Harvard University. In his new book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human Wrangham explains how fire and food were the basis of early marriage-not sex. Anthropologists have documented qu... read more

Sweet as Apple Pie

Sweet Release tells us "Come for the sex! Stay for the Health!" Suck your juicy jizzy fruits kids! No more excuses. Swallowing has never been so much fun. Once your cum tastes like apple pie, ice cream can't be far behind. Or just spew on the ice cream and grab a spoon. Sweet Release o... read more

Belong to us

I remember  a jelous guy, many years ago, the time when I was ensure of me and of the word around, with the years that immage is gone like evry season do it, now I am sure just of myself love, share is love, and the beauty of her pleasure going taking my hands being w... read more

My first swinger experience!

It start in Berlin we have goes there for celebrity a friends 30 years day and this was a suprice. His Girl friends have inform us hotel etc we stay in other hotel and arrange the loan clothes on Theirs hotel goes up with breakfast and knock on the dorr.....She open naked and goes fast in bed again ... read more

Hi there

Hey there...Glad to see the cuckold clib take hold. Love to fuck a hot girl while he watches, hets us drinks and just overall makes us very comfortable to fuck. Watch as I strip off her hot little panties knowing they're soak-n-wet, would actually love to tear the panties off her tight ass, bend her... read more

The Most Awsome Night!

The first time I went to a swingers club was a blast. I was so nervues that I was acually shaking, but that didnt last long. The people at the club we so freindly and kind they made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I can't keep away from the club now. One of the host couples the first night was s... read more

DESIRE December Trip

 There is a guest list for the trip but obviously anybody can put themselves on the guest list.  So, who's really going? Post here. ... read more

De mujer caliente a swinger

  Siempre he sido una mujer muy caliente y compartia algunas fantasias con mi esposo, pero esa noche nunca me imagine que sin estar el presente, mi socio me convertiria en una Putica Culiona.. ... read more

Does Age really Matter?

Just something that I'm thinking about. I get turned down cause I'm not in my 30's a lot of the time. so I would like others input on this subject. Does age really matter? I know there is a point when you are too old but I'm not even in my prime yet lol... read more

international room

Hi Sexies Just wondered, if like us you get a bit umpy with couples or singles from other countries in the uk room, never saying anything or just wanting to cam, wouldnt it be a better idea if there was a International chat room where people from all countries could happily chat and cam to there... read more

Songs that get you in the mood

House Party Music    Hi  We have a house party on a semi regular basis and at each party there is a discussion of what songs are good party vs. that they s..k.   So we are looking to build up our music collection  for what song puts you in the mood Can you recommend... read more

OK so i made a blog to let ladies know i am credible

I started a blog where I attempted to show how many couples I played with in order to show interested couples that I am real and I received some nasty comments.  Was my blog offensive or not.  Vote...."  This was or is my new blog... I am a single Male and i am on here to ... read more

First Swing at a Swing Club

Maria and I have been together for a few years. The sex with her is always fantastic. She is a beautiful 45 year old Latina, 5'6" tall, about 130 lbs., very trim but shapely body with long sexy legs and 34b breasts, shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is comp... read more

Not Enough Super Sperm

From the BBC. Before becoming an official donor, a man must pass rigorous health checks and have so-called "super sperm", which can endure freezing and defrosting. As long as websites do not "procure, test, process or distribute" sperm themselves, they are not doing anything ille... read more

Second Life Lawsuit

Linde Lab, creator of Second Life is being sued for allowing players to sell "knockoffs of their erotic poses, virtural sex organs and other trademarked items."This is not a hands-off approach that Linden Lab takes," said the plaintiff's attorney Michael Aschenbrener of the firm Kambe... read more

Name 5 things

This was done a few years back but with a mainly different group of people. Just for a giggle, name 5 things you've done but would never do again............ ... read more

Validations to show or not?

We keep coming and going from this site and have alot some just friends who me meet at clubs some we have played with from 2004 i did take some off as thinking it looked like we had been around for a long time and there was gaps when we was  not on site ........ Do you think having loads of Val... read more

One of my favorites

A company executive was convicted of embezzelment. The judge was really tired of white collar criminals getting sent to the minimum security facilities where prison life is pretty good compared to the general populus prisons so the orders that the convicted man be sent to one of the worse prisons in... read more

Visiting Desire.

As a single male I would like to visit Desire Resort in Cancun. I am visiting Cancun at regular times and I am always looking to meet nice couples and woman. If you are looking to meet someone nice when in Cancun just contact me and we can have good times together. Desire will always be an option!... read more

What are couples really looking for in a single girl?

As a bi-sexual single female, I am bombarded with e-mails everyday.  I am not egotisical enough to think that you are all floored by my good looks, especially since I recently took down all but one of my pictures on my main profile and hid all but one of my validations (based on the assump... read more

Help Needed

Does anyone know of a nice pub in London that you can meet up with other like minded couples over a drink or two.  We are not into the club scene but would love to find a nice pub that we could meet couples or singles who would like to have some fun.  Is there such a pla... read more

Know this woman???

I'm not sure who this woman is, But she claims she knows you.... read more


my girl friend is a beautiful, sexy and smart lady, she is just turned 41 and so beautiful and looks in 30's. my question is she loves sex but only intercourse. cannot get oral out of her, she says "well talk about it" I love her and weather or not she does it or not is gonna have to be ok... read more

Pre-Party-After Party

Party, Party, like the Kinkster you are at the Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco. There is still time to catch Good Vibrations 4th. Annual Indie Erotic Film Festival, featuring "BDSM- It's Not What You Think!" Sept. 12-17, 2009.   Film makers from around the world ... read more

Sisterhood of THE RED TENT

Cora Emens, a professional sex coach who is well known in the Netherlands as she has spent her adult life studying sexuality. She is known as the pioneer who brought masturbation circles to Holland. Her radio program "Let's Talk about Sex" and frequent TV appearances on "Better ... read more

Iran Permits First Transgender Marriage

Known throughout the world for having some of the most draconian laws on the planet, where homosexuality and adultery are grounds for execution, who knew that transsexuals are religiously permissible under Iran's Islamic laws?Iran is about to allow its' first transgender marriage. A women recently ... read more

Locker Room Syndrome

Size does matter according to Ms. Chan, clinical psychologist, who has measured more than 500 penises in her day. Men 18-76 were surveyed about size, mental health and body image. Overwhelmingly, according to Chan, "That's when they feel they should be bigger, {in the locker room} whereas wh... read more


A man moved into a nudist colony. He received a letter from his grandmother asking him to send her a current photo of himself in his new location.  Too embarrassed to let her know that he lived in a nudist colony, he cut a photo in half but, accidentally sent the bottom half of the photo. ... read more

The last condom

Yesterday I have accidentally deleted a blog, which reminded me of other silly accident - biting off the tip of the last condom. Nice party, nice girl, heat up to the maximum and we have no condoms. The last blow comes in the morning, when after a sleepless night we find out that there was one h... read more

His first time

His first swinging experience I must have been all of 19... living in a suburb of Barcelona. I'd gone out for a night out and ended up with some older English folks in a jazz bar, playing chess with the ty... read more

Cap D'Agde

Cap d'Agde! we went many moons ago (about 23 years)before we knew about swinging- and it was as far as we could see a family nudist resort- we went June n sept 09 this place rocks for swingers the beach for swingers was a great way to start your day- the clubs n the way people dressed in the evenin... read more

Women have Sex to Relieve Boredom

"I have sex to relieve the boredom. Because it's easier than fighting. Plus it gives me something to do," said one of the interviewee according to a recently released book by University of Texas professors. "Research has shown that most men find most women at least somewhat sexuall... read more

Wal-Mart Cards for STD Testing

Federal dollars are spent on Wal-Mart Cards to entice individuals to get checked for STD's in the state of North Carolina. State Health Officials opted to purchase Wal-Mart cards as an incentive to give those who would exchange a blood sample for a $10.00 gift card. Another N.C. STD program "G... read more

Law Enforcement Sex Toys?

The Alabama Supreme Court on Friday upheld the state's ban on sex toys. The law, passed in 1998, prohibits the sale of "any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs." Exceptions are given for "a bona fide medical, scientific, educatio... read more

If only I could change it

We all have something in our life, if we could go back in time, we would love to change. What is the ine thing you would change most, then you can add the lesser events in a list if you like as there has to be more than one. I'll start with...1. Peeing in my pants in the middle of class in the se... read more

Swinger Friendly places in Chicago

I am looking for bars/clubs in downtown Chicago (and suburbs - near O'Hare airport) that are 'swinger friendly'. The events section here on SDC unfortunately does not show any upcoming event in the 2nd of September in Chicago, but maybe there are places that 'our audience' frequently visits?... read more

Interactive UK Sex Map

Those crazy kids at LoveHoney have just released their UK Sex Map.  They wanted to find out who is spending the most money on adult products and on what variety? Visitors can search their towns to see who's doing what.. Currently according to their demographics, Upminster is Britain's sexiest ... read more

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping, the old school "housewives bible" asked a panel of readers to review vibrators. Categories ranged from "ease of use, instructions, noisiness and satisfaction". The winner was "Delight." The review is in the Oct. issue of the magazine. 87% of tester... read more

Dogging on the Beach

British Naturism has asked for a stretch of coastline in Suffolk be restored to its former glory as a naturalist beach. Naturists had been gathering there since the 1930s, despite a local bylaw prohibiting nudity. In 1981 the bylaw was amended. Residents of the village of Corton were forced to wa... read more

Sexpo South Africa

The annual Sexpo Survey was released this week, with over 3,000 respondents between 25-40 years old. Sexpo is billed as the world's largest Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle Expo. This survey focused on South Africa's sexual habits. Last year, 26% of men said that they would indulge in a threesome. Th... read more

Coolidge Effect

Back in the day.... The story goes that President and Mrs Coolidge were visiting a government farm in Kentucky one day and after arrival were taken off on separate tours. When Mrs Coolidge passed the chicken pens she paused to ask her guide how often the rooster could be expected to perform his d... read more

Swingers Club Harassed

Once again swingers are under scrutiny for their behavior. The Lake George Social Club in upstate New York has caused neighbors to voice their concerns..? Located on a remote property in the Adirondacks, the swingers club is hard to find. "We're not doing anything illegal. We host our partie... read more

Leather Leadership

The Leather Leadership Conference (LLC, Inc.) is an organization dedicated to strengthening the SM/Leather/Fetish community by providing the stepping stones of learning and knowledge to assist in the development of the leadership skills of community members, to aid in the growth and success of organ... read more

STD Question

We had a friend of ours tell us that they caught an STD and they're unsure what to do about their life and the lifestyle. We suggested that the lifestyle for them was pretty much over, but they really didn't want to get out. The three ideas that we talked about were: 1) Staying in the lifestyle,... read more


blocking?: what's up with that, most block out single males, i don't have a probelem with that, but when they IM you and you can't respond///??????????????... read more

swinging in crete

Hi, does anybody know what the swinging scene is like in crete, were going out for a couple of weeks.... read more

Just our opinion

While we have known and loved funfitcouple and funfitcpl for many years  we don't fit into their definition of fit couple. I'm 6'5, 250lbs, active but not a gym rat and Lil j is 5'9, 135 with great tits and a beautiful smile. We do seem to be able to meet a select  group of people that we ... read more

Not A Question of Age

It's not a question of age. We have up to this moment very very limited experience but those up into the 50 to 60 are quite fantastic. They are much more patient, have been there and seen it all....just simply know how to appreciate everything more.... ... read more

SDC takeover of Desire

Hi, I recall seeing an SDC takeover of Desire at Cancun in October, right?  Or was I dreaming.  I can find the one in early December now, but not October.  Can you help? Thanks! Chuck... read more

In Ft Meyers

Anyone like to meet up or know of any good spots to hangout... read more

In Ft Meyers

Anyone like to meet up or know of any good spots to hangout... read more

Fetish 101

Just what is a fetish and what does that mean to you? Is there something you require to incorporate into your sex play in order to get off? What's your preference with your paraphilia? Leather, shoes, bondage? Oh, such a long list, on a short leash... ... read more

Conception Vacation

Don't know what your plans are for this long holiday weekend.... You may want to consider the newest economic incentive program out there to get the most bang for your vacation buck, conception credits.Yes, that's right, this rewards program offers you a $300 voucher (toward  your next tri... read more

It's Not My Rambla

They have taken it to the streets in Barcelona. Sex that is. Immediate gratification, being serviced on the most famous street in Barcelona, La Rambla. While sex being offered on the street is not new, sex in the street is. Tourists taking photos of graphic sex acts has become "the sight to s... read more

why are men so insecure

we have been in the life stile for a few years and we have met super nice people and had great fun. unfortanantly i was taking one for the team too many times. so i put a picture of my husbands cock with a soda can next to it (he's longer than the can and very thick). A i put on our profile if ... read more

why are men so insecure

we have been in the life stile for a few years and we have met super nice people and had great fun. unfortanantly i was taking one for the team too many times. so i put a picture of my husbands cock with a soda can next to it (he's longerthat the can and very thick). A i put on our profile if y... read more

why are men so insecure

we have been in the life stile for a few years and we have met super nice people and had great fun. unfortanantly i was taking one for the team too many times. so i put a picture of my husbands cock with a soda can next to it (he's longerthat the can and very thick). A i put on our profile if y... read more

Hedo II or Hedo III

Hellos all.. In thought of planning a getaway in the next few months and thought of Hedo.  Now the question lies in which one, Hedo II or Hedo III?  Have looked at the websites and they both look great but looking for some feedback from those that have been to either or both. * Thoug... read more

Another how to quit/time out question

 Hi all...We've been married for a LONG time, and had been swinging for about 8 or 9 years. I read one posting about how to quit, and it's pretty much the same story, but different happenings to why one of us needs to quit.. Okay, When we first started, we agreed that when one wanted to quit... read more


 I now it is a long shot but we will be in Edmonton on 09/05-06. Contact us if you are interested to meet over drinks.... read more

Savpoolza '09

Since everybody has the "no single male" block on. I figure this would be the easiest way to get emails. I thinking about a road-trip to Ft.Laud in Oct and was wondering if a Savpoolza '09 would be worth while. I already have a reason for going so if nobody would like to meet ... read more

vacation or not to vacation

I'm a newly devorced male, and have been thinking to go on vacation to temtations.  My delema: in a world of couples and beautiful woman, is their a place for a 51 year old male?  I'm not sure if I would be acceped or shunned.  I am an easy going guy w/no hang-ups, just looking for fu... read more

Swinger Hotel Update

Moral vs. Oral Proposed plans to reinvent the historic Ram Inn, in Gloucester, UK, to a private sex club has been denied. The planning application states: "The private members' club would comprise an exclusive venue for people with alternative sexual lifestyles such as gay men and women, bisex... read more

Takin' It to the Streets

While indoor prostitution has been legal in Rhode Island since 1980 (who knew?) Providence Mayor David Cicilline submitted an ordinance to the city council yesterday banning indoor prostitution. The proposed Code wants to impose a $500.00 fine and or imprisonment for anyone committing commercial se... read more

My List of Random Thoughts...any of your own to add?????

Random Thoughts From People Our Age -I wish Google Maps had an “Avoid Ghetto” routing option. -More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can’t wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story that’s not only bet... read more

Agreed !

Couples should have the option of allowing Single Men to look at their profile. Who knows what theyre doing with those naked shots ? Weird cats out there...... read more

I wish I lived in florida

... read more

Burning Man Rule Change

If you plan on attending "Burning Man" this year, be advised the nude photo rules have changed. The new policy went into effect yesterday as the cultural desert festival kicked off and runs through Sept. 7th. No third parties may use nude photo content as all copyrights belong to the ... read more

Dancing at swingers clubs

Having just returned from Cap D'agde has made us realize what so many clubs in England lack....a party dancing...having fun....surely that should'nt be too much to hope for? Maybe it is expecting too much but we despair of turning up at a club where people sit down in... read more