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Burlesque for Breasts

This Saturday I'm working some very talented ladies to raise money in support of walkers of the Susan G Komen walk for the cure. Several local Burlesque performers will be putting on a show at Ad Libs Saturday night (October 2nd).  Doors at 10:30, show at 11:15. Send me a message if you h... read more

Fan club

Hey anyone want to be in my fan club?... read more

London Swing Club

Traveling to London in a few weeks... Does anyone have any recommendations?... read more

A lesson from Kindergarten

There was a kindergarten class full with 30 children attending.  The teacher allowed each child to bring a toy to play with at recess.  They were only allowed to bring one toy each just one time and were to leave the toy at school.  One child in the class who was a year older than the... read more

Homemade Chastity Devices

Anyone know of any good homemade chastity devices? We like the ones online but we would like to hear some ideas on what others have done. If you have pictures then thats even better :) Jason & Jacqui... read more

Mas mixed couples??

Hola sexy gente! We're what you'd call a "mixed couple" (the mister is Mexicano and I'm a blondie from the States). We were just many other couples out there are enjoying that deliciously tempting grass from the other side of the cultural fence?? If that's you, what turns yo... read more

London Clubs

Which is the best Club in London? Going next month and would like to work it in as part of the trip.  Most likely it will be a Thursday night we have free.  Thanks.... read more


We are new to the Cuckold seen, I am not even sure if Cuckold is the right term for what we are wanting...heres what we are wanting.... We have recently been talking about what it would be like to have the husband tied up (possibly with a chasity device on) and the wife bring in another well hung... read more

Sav's anger

 Please post your Ideas here to help Sav ... read more

Caribbeans Radiance of the Sea

Nov 13-18... read more

"La Mirage"

Anyone been to La Mirage, Gran Canaria. We are planning a trip in the beginning of December.... read more

34' Motorhome

34' footer here. We take the Motorcycle and the RV....... read more


 hello all... read more

looking for a dirty weekend

Hello everyone we are looking for a swinging weekend away in the middle of november any ideas? Ideally in the south west, maybe a hotel that has been taken over that holds parties in the evening. If you can help please get in touch, many thanks... read more


Dear SDC Members from Holland, We have to admit that the Dutch people are just great.  We have met many Dutch Swingers and they are fantastic in every aspect.  Great friends, great lovers.  They speak excellent English and have no communication problems. However, Whenever we try... read more







No response to chat - why blocking right away?

It is amazing how some people on here react when you don't accept their chat request immediately. Sometimes technical difficulties prevent an immediate reply or don't allow a reply at all. Why is it, that the person that was attempted to be reached get blocked, when he/she tries to... read more

How much has swinging helped your marriage

Most people agree that swinging helps a good marriage get even better. However, the question is how much better? Your feedback is something we look forward to hearing.... read more

Malaysia Swingers ? or Swinger clubs ?

We are going on holiday to Malaysia, Penang has anybody come across swingers or swinger clubs ?... read more

Back seat action

I can see you met my good friend Rick. That sounds amazing. I would love to do something like that sometime soon :)... read more


 Help...I'm trying to find someplace for my birthday (11-15th Nov), Desires is booked, Hidden Ranch is under renovations, Hedo 2 is booked.  I've never been to Caliente it worth the November? Thanks Scott & Shelley... read more

luv it

I love it, the thought of watching drives me crazy, just glad I am not the only one.... read more

Interracial Relationships, what's the problem with them? ANYONE !

I have been in Texas for 2 years and this is one of the weirdest places for interracial couples and the Taboo looks they get and the talking behind there back. " You can't do that in front of them, they might not like me anymore!  Who cares what people think! F*ck society, and her rules..... read more


We would jult like to say a big thankyou to all the lovely people we met at Hedo II. This was our first visit and everybody was lovely and very welcoming. Will deff be going back next year. Love and hugs to you all. Sue and Andie... read more

American Women

Since allamerican doesn't like the flaws in his "why dont American men like American woman" blog being pointed out. Anybody that tried to post a comment in it just to have it deleted feel free to post it here. I promise I won't delete anything.... read more

Watching or partaking. What's the greatest frill

Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love the frill of a group of us all getting hot & intimate together. We have enjoyed many foursomes. However, there is something that really excites us when the lady is watched by her man being seductively seduced by a single guy or girl. We can't... read more

Travelling to Tha Cap

Hey everyone :) I (along with partner if she can get the time off ) will be visiting Cap d'age next year and am looking for some advice. We/I only want to go for 3-4 days so am looking at a long weekend towards end of summer. Does France have any holidays like that in August/September ? Whe... read more

addicted to BBC

 hello everybody....I am a french woman ,i came in states 6 months ago and for the first time i made love with a black man ......! it was wonderful ans i never had before so much orgasms....and now all my lovers ( men or women) are black.............i am really owned black! am i a slut?????that... read more


I love it when my wife squirts on me... read more

Going to Hedo in Dec...looking for partner

Hi.....don't know where else to put this.... Had a friend who was going to go but she has some family health she has to attend to and won't be able to go....This was to be my first time going.  Don't want to go solo.  Would like to see if there is a brave soul (female of course) who would ... read more

Halloween party Oct. 30th 2010 8pm

You are invited to our 9th annual Halloween Costume Ball. This is our biggest and funniest party of the year. The Ranch is decorated to scare everyone, for those who came last year and the year before, Freddie will be back slicing school girls in the boat throwing the body's in the poo... read more

World's Largest Breast No More (38 M)

Hi   For all of you Super Sized  breast lovers out there, the woman who did have 38 M breasts, had them reduced (they were implants). Wonder what the M stands ..Massive or the thought process to have them made that large.. But 38M, the breasts were in the next room 38 ... read more

cruise oct.25

We are booked on NCL out of Miami to the southern caribbean for 10 nights on Norwegian Star. Anyone else going?... read more

Big clits

Big clits are the best. Something to nibble on when eating at the Y.... read more

Friday night party?

How many of sexy swingers here would attend a Friday night Halloween Party? We have one planned for Saturday, but were thinking of having one on Friday night also...would anyone come? Please give me your thoughts. ... read more

NCL - Norwegian Dawn-Oct 31-Miami

Just looking to see, if by chance anyone will be attending this cruise. We are going with our kids and our vanilla friends and would love to have some extra fun while on board. Let us know!... read more

Invitation to next Nikkis Stockings get together, London Dec 4th 2010

Hi All, The next Nikkisnylons get together will be held on Saturday 4th December 2010, at the "Old Nick" pub 22 Sandland St, London, Holborn, WC1. Please see the link below for details of the venue with pictures and a map. I have ... read more

Anyone up for some tent fun at Bestival this weekend?

Hey all, We're heading to bestival this weekend so if anyone else is going, drop us a line! Email us via sdc then we can swap pics and maybe numbers, and then get naughty in some tents together! :-) xxx ... read more

House Parties VS "The Club"

I posted this in the wrong place methinks, so am going to post it here in hopes of some good lively opinion! We thought we drop a quick post here to poll you sexy swingers on something. My wife and I have been on the fringes of the lifestyle for 5+ years. Most dabbling until really the last 3 y... read more

House Parties VS "The Club"

Hello All, Thought we drop a quick email to poll you sexy swingers on something. My wife and I have been on the fringes of the lifestyle for 5+ years. Most dabbling until really the last 3 years when we dove in the deep end for awhile. We've had amazing experiences and are always up for keeping i... read more

NCL Cruise, Oct 31

We are going to be on the Norwegian Dawn leaving out of Miami on October 31. Looking to see if by chance anyone will be on the same cruise. This is a regular cruise not affiliated with SDC. We are looking to have some extra fun while on board.... read more

Body painting

Does anyone know of someone in the Orlando area who does body painting?... read more

bisexual swingers in London

hi all, Wondering if anyone can recommend a good bisexual couples party in London. One where both Male and female are bi and everyone is pretty open to experiment. I know there are a few out there. We're keen to hear about your recommendations and why. j&S x... read more

biggest clit

we happen to love huge clits,,,, anyone out there also love a huge clit? and lets vote on who has thee biggest clit on sdc,,,,... read more

Who has the largest clitoris?

Sometimes size does matter! My wife has a rather large clitoris and it protrudes from her labia. She claims (and I know for sure) that she gets turned on almost instantly when someone starts playing with it. Specially the touch of a woman. She says the stimulation with her panties is almost con... read more

Aftersummer partying

 Tuesday we will get back on our favorite place on the globe: Ibiza. Looking forward to be there permanent... We use the first few weeks of september to have some good parties, in our house along the pool or outdoor... Remember that the ibiza summer will last untill half/end october, say we h... read more

'You nailed it

Sweet what perfect words to describe out lives at home here!... read more

SDC takeover July 5th to 12th, 2011

Don't miss this... read more