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Rude Members

 Recently I marked a profile as remember. I'm married and I say so I'm my profile. However, It's listed as single. I consider it extreamly rude to be "blocked" just because I marked a profile a remember. It's not like I sent them an email  If I'm wrong then SDC should give us a w... read more

Cyprus Swingers' Party

I was wondering if there are any private swingers' parties organised in Cyprus. Has anyone organised before? Would love to hear your experiences. Perhaps we can arrange a party if the ground is solid...? Love you all!... read more

I've really got to start blocking trial members

Because the approaches are just getting weirder.  Here's today's: " Hi I like your body, I'm looking for a women to marry here and form an echangiste couple." From a guy quite literally the age of my kids (he's 22, I'm 43), whose profile says he lives over 1200miles from me ... read more

SDC Swingers

Some of the most beautiful peope in the World! Right here on SDC! Gotta love it!... read more

SDC Swingers

Some of the most beautiful peope in the World! Right here on SDC! Gotta love it!... read more

Active or Passive

So, maybe this question has already been asked but i couldn't find it somewhere. Most of the people here are looking for couples or single female. And mostly it's mentioned for single male 'we will find you' so my question is: would being passive work better for me, or i should be actively reac... read more

Used to be a swingers site

I know some of you have probably already had the opportunity to delete this from your e-mail but I think some of our illustrious politicians owe us an explanation as to how they plan on FIXING this problem???  By the way, for you Bankers out there do these numbers really&nbs... read more

Piercing in Austin... Suggestions?

Wanting to get a piercing, but not really sure were to go. Does anyone have any suggestion here in Austin area.  Thanks!  MPTexxas ... read more

First Impressions

So, it looks like 90% of the people around here are looking for couples or single females, why? I thought it's women who can take more number of guys at one time than a man can, i have had many threesomes and found them great, but i don't think i can have sex with 10 women i... read more

Sexting Series - Shauna Part II

Shauna Part II: We are in the room when Shauna knocks on the door. We’ve cleaned up after our earlier bonding session. I’m wearing a black skirt and a leopard tank top with new leopard undies peeking out beneath. I open the door and Shauna steps into the room.  It had been a lo... read more

A little lite erotica.....would love your thoughts.

My hand is on your leg you are kissing my neck teasing me with your hand rubbing my breasts. You're telling me sweet I take your breath away how much you love me...I'm the perfect woman for your soul and how hard I make your dick. I tell you as I rub your cock on the outside of your pan... read more


Just want to comment on a club we have recently visited. We have been to many clubs, Florida, Holland, Paris, Cap,and they all offer something good, some even great, but the whole `club `experience, well, as good as most are, they usually lack something--we find cleanliness is the most missing. We ... read more

vegas baby

heading to the monte carlo 10/11 !... read more

Sexiest Club in Vegas

Hi Folks, It's been some 15 years since I was in Vegas for the last time and I will be there in February with two other friends and I would like to know what is the sexiest club in town (not strip club) to see and "engage" good looking and attractive women. Thanks for all the tips!... read more

Best Swingers Resort

Ok I we are sure this has been done before. We are planning a trip to a swingers destinations for the first time. Which one is best and why? Which one is best for hot single guys?... read more

Is this happening today?

Does this bear some resemblance to what is going on today?  I heard Neil Boortz commenting on this article the other day and just wondered if anyone else thought it sounded familiar.... read more

Ft Lauderdale End Of October

We will be in  the Ft. Lauderdale area October 27 for one week.  Would like to find some private parties that weekend.  Looking for other couples like us. Thanks! ... read more

Erotica 2011

Erotica in London it comes but once a year and yes I know if you been once and all that its not as good as it was BLAH BLAH BLAH !!! what makes Erotica for us is the build up getting the clothes you want to wear, clothes for the show / outfit for the bars that evening and then the whole social si... read more

Sexting Series - Shauna Part I

Sexting Series - Shauna Part I Hubby and I had been talking about playing around as a couple when we met a lovely young lady at a local pool hall. She floored me with her boldness requesting a kiss from me and asking hubby... read more

End of the Europe..

We will be Spain and Portugal at November from 5 to 13.We are looking for some fun.Is there any idea how we can find good friends or clubs Lisboa Porto and Madrid.Thanks for your assistance...... read more

How long you been swinging and what got you started?

Well for me, I've been swinging off and on now since 1990. What got me started, I would say, living in Germany. When I was station overseas, I saw so many things that I only heard about. It took me a while to really get my mind set to accept the fact that women like&nbs... read more

Are we the only ones dealing with informality ?

Hi to everybody!! We are a Mexican couple and we are interested knowing if what has happened to us, happens too to other couples around the world. We consider ourselves polite and respectful people and that includes confirming our dates and going to the places we arrange to meet, phoning the perso... read more

The age game

 So today I was out at a bike meet in bedford for people in a group I'm in on facebook, Meet going well talking to the people i talk to online, flirting as always and I get told I know nothing about sex because im only 22, I was quite offended by this! but aside from that it got me thinking. is... read more


We are looking for a sexy, bi, female to join us as we cruise up the east coast this winter.  We plan to leave from Miami in January, and head up the coast to Maine.  We will spend the summer in Maine and then depart for the Med.  This should be the cruise of a lifetime -- sailing and... read more

ladies how many shoes doy uo have?

Now as a guy i believe that females have just  to many shoes. I want to know this from the couples here. How many shoes do you have for just parties? and how many shoes do you have all together?  How many shoes for parties? 12  how many altogether? 55 The bad thing is she is s... read more

Is there sex in the champagne room?

In the inimitable words of Chris Rock; "No matter what a stripper tells you There's no sex in the Champagne Room.. NONE! Oh there's CHAMPAGNE in the Champagne Room But you don't want champagne.. you want sex And there's NO sex.. in the Champagne Room." Well, hmmmmmmm . . . maybe ... read more

Swinger club/forum - Costa del Sol

New meeting place/forum for swingers on Costa del Sol. I think we all know the problem: going to a swinger club - you don´t meet anybody you know - most couples only have sex with themselves or are just watching others. Furthermore - we need a meeting place for a more international group... read more


Hello to you, we are a Norwegian couple 41 and 43 years old, living in Bergen, who travel a lot. She is bi light and inexperienced swinger but very curious on this lifestyle, he is experienced. We are otherwise a couple who are confident in each other, open, curious and very social, working both i... read more

why is it to mutch trouble to mail back (sorry not intrested).

I'm now a few years member, and I notice that when you write to someone that 9 of the 10 don't take the trouble to write back. Not even (sorry not intrested) we though that swingers were a kind off people that have a code (politenes). Like NO is NO and other things. Please tell us tha... read more

Sloppy Seconds

Getting sloppy 2nd’s is something that is indescribable! If you have never experienced it for yourself, you can’t fully imagine what it’s like. It can’t be “simulated”. If you want to know what it’s like to get a blow job from your wife while another man fuc... read more

What's on your iphone/ipod......

So, what's on your iphone/ipod or whatever it is you use ti listen to music? Anything new and exciting that we should know about? Anything old that we should revisit? Music that excites you? Music that you find emotional? Music that maked you wanna dance like a loon? etc etc..Share it with us!... read more

Looking for Sexy Ladies and Girls Next Door

Hey ladies we're searching for ladies who are fun, attractive, sexy, energetic and can be professional when needed to be part of a promotional and bikini team in North Texas.  Attend events like Bike Rallies, Bikini Bike Washes, Ring Card Girls, Bikini Contest, Club Promotions, Bikini Bar Staff... read more

Hmmmmmmm . . . How about those profile pictures?

OK, so my hubby and I are new to the lifestyle and this forum. We are happy to be able to see real pics of real people we might actually meet and connect with.  However, we're a bit surprised by the graphic nature of the photos.  I definitely understand wanting to attract interest by showi... read more

cruise and sexual appetite

We just applied for a new community; ADRIANAUTI We do not know any better environement that sea and sun for sex... except maybe on a boat! we love the feeling of sun and breeze on our bare skin, the immensity of the high seas and the intimacy of hibden small cove. and we want to share that we simil... read more

NOLA Naughtiness

I had my first "swing" through New Orleans earlier this month. You'd think that living in the Southeast and being a devotee of the lifestyle, I'd have gotten my freckled Yankee ass down there before now, but alas, no. So I had to make up for lost time! :) I met some folks at the Trapeze la... read more

WANTED: you?

 hello fellow swingers, it is I, Bree from BrittBree :) my hubby is the Britt and always melts me away with his accent!   we've just joined this site to see if there are any real females who are interested in a drama free sexual relationship that can also be a friendship? we are a bi... read more

100 ways you know you’re a Swinger!

100 ways you know you’re a Swinger! 1.      You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos. 2.      Half of the numbers on your cell phone are listed only by screen names. 3.      You are r... read more

Was couple, Now single (She died), What advice can you give?

About five years ago, I met a beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly sexy woman through a normal dating site (D). We hit it off immediately and it was non-stop love, mentally and physically from there on. Not very long ago, D died unexpectedly and suddenly. We had spoken about what we would want for... read more

This Past Weekend My Dressing Room Fantasy Was Fullfilled

Well I was minding my own business shopping for clothes at Macys in Port Richey,when out of nowhere I saw this man watching me and he had a devilish grin on his face,I pretended not to notice and kept looking at clothes, meanwhile I did acknowledge to my self how nice looking I thought he was. T... read more

Natural or shaved - where does it end?

In the past 15-20 years the move has been to shave pubic areas - first the women and now the men. Where are we headed and is this the new norm?... read more

Swing clubs

going to Austin and Dallas area. We need names of clubs that a couple of mid 40's people will fit in. Anybody? ... read more

Swing clubs

going to Austin and Dallas area. We need names of clubs that a couple of mid 40's people will fit in. Anybody? ... read more


We're a couple from Norway, and we are planning a trip to the fantastic Fun4Two soon. Hopefully on a weekend, with the last friday of the month inkluded.....sexpertnight...... Two weekends in a row, last of April 2010, we where guest it's on high time fore a new lovetrip/sextrip to... read more

im curious folks

How do I find a single female partner through this lifestyle? It's so hard to get a reply from sending emails enough, and I'm a very good looking/ well endowed black male, at least to those who know me! I'm more of a quality over quantity but still new to the lifestyle technically. Please give me so... read more

Key West visit

 We are  coming to Key West for visit arriving sept30th -oct 2. We would like to meet some good people with casual fun and no pressure. Please message us if you would like to meet!    ... read more

Saints & Sinners in Atlantic City NJ

My fiance & I are relatively new to the lifestyle... maybe swingin' for 6 months or so. We have visited MANY Swingers Clubs in NJ, NY, FL & Las Vegas. They all had their pros & cons/good & bad. But we finally found a club only 45 minutes away from our home.. it is a new swingers club... read more

Pamper Your Wife with Yoni Massage !!!

 Before beginning the YONI MASSAGE it is important to create a space for the woman ( the receiver ) in which to relax, from which she can more easily enter a state of high arousal and experience great pleasure from her Yoni ( Vagina ). Her partner( The Masseur ) will experience the joy of givin... read more

free to meet sat nite with couples

We are free saturday evening and looking to meet a friendly and sociable couple for a fun evening and, if all comfortable, some sexy same room fun... we are a straight couple, been to a couple of clubs but yet to meet a couple on a 121 basis, so very nervous and very excited at the same time. We are... read more

Female Orgasms & Male Orgasms

So we are with a couple and the topic of female orgasms comes up. It has come to my attention women have several different "types" of orgasms. Some are quick, some are long, some make their toe's curl and even more striking some are simply more intimate and overwhelming. ... read more